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      18.01.2012 00:30
      Very helpful



      An expensive experiment that doesn't guaranteee results.

      Around 2 years ago I became aware not only in my mind but by the comments of others that infact my hairline was in the process of re-ceeding. I was aware that baldness was something that ran through one side of my family with my 35 year old uncle bald around the front and on top of his head, my grandad and great grandad suffering from the same thing and my dad having a fairly thin hairline at a relatively young age. Of corse I hadn't really noticed, but literally from the second someone made a comment mentioning the fact that my hair was thinning out and in the process of re-ceeding it instantly became an issue.

      Throughout my life so far, ive always hated the hair thats been given to me. Naturally since a young age i've had thick,wavey and curly hair impossible to style, impossible to keep stable, impossible to keep looking good. I've always been a person seeking the best hair style, the best hair gel and in general the best hair accessories, but actually I didnt realise how the first signs of balding would affect me so badly. Never in my life have I taken advantage of anything I have. A good family, solid back ground, a young-ish single parent mother who couldn't give me everything I wanted but more than made up in love and attention, a healthy family and living arrangements, a chance to prosper as a young man at university and a steady financial income working in local stores and restaurants. But perhaps having hair was one?

      In the weeks pro-ceeding the comments made to me, I became considerably more aware of the situation. Spending 5 or so minutes in the mirror before leaving the house to attempt to make every strange of hair perfectly cover my re-ceeding patch so that people wouldn't make a comment about it. Combing my hair would take 5 minutes longer than in times gone by because of silly little worries in my mind that combing too fast would pull extra hard on my hair and only provide more help for it to fall out.

      I remember one night feeling particuarly low about the situation and researching all over the internet into diets and how eating would affect me. I remember one day in boots being asked by the sales assitant why id take so long reading the ingridients on the back of a bottle of Gel!! I understand how stupid and silly some of thoose comments would look on the face of things to most people, but for me personally - the prospect of going bald is and was terrifying.

      I decided finally to pluck up the courage to book a doctors appointment. I had been apprehensive for weeks and weeks about doing it. Afterall, what exactly am i going to say as I walk in? 'Morning doc, im going bald can you help me?' I was fully expecting to be turned around and sent away with a permanent banning order to that specific doctors practice, but infact much to my surprise and dismay the doctor was very, very under-standing of my siutation and spent 15 or so minutes talking the siutation over, explaining why male pattern baldness occurs, how it works and how to help prevent it.

      He recommended me - Regaine. At around £60 per box I was very un-sure as to how the product would work and whether infact it would be a waste of time. Regaine itself contains 'Minoxidil' a substance that was originally utilised as an oral drug to treat high blood pressure, however over time was found to have the added use of causing hair re-growth. The doctor explained that Regaine would come in 3 small bottles for every box purchased. Inside these bottles would be the chemical solution that I would have spray where my hairliness reaches baldness twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before rubbing the solution in and allowing it to dry. The doctor also informed me that the process would not be successful overnight and that it may take 6-8 weeks to notice a proper change of any sorts and in some cases that it may take a full course of regaine to do the trick and in some cases it didnt even work all together.

      I took the bottole and left. The next morning I awoke chipper and excited to start the process. The solution itself is clear and smells very chemical like, almost asif it has a very strong alcohol content. I continued this process for well over 3 months, purchasing a second batch of Regaine after the first had ran out. My results were, well un-staggering to say the least. I noticed absolutely no hairline improvement, no re-growth, no thickening and no increase in strength in my hair. Infact i'd dare say that the Regaine solution made things worse for me than it did better.

      When your hair comes into contact with the solution it becomes very greasy and shiny looking, as well as sticky at the route. This doesn't lead to a very good look. I also had 2 small red patches around the lobe of my head where I had been rubbing the solution in. That aside, I had showed no signs of anything the product should be doing.

      I've since headed back to my doctors and haven referred to a hair specialist who has taken me under his wing. I have an operation for a hair transplant booked for August 2012 and am now 95% of the way there to saving the money and paying for the operation.I honestly can't tell you how excited I was to initially use 'Regaine' only to be lead up the garden path and open the gates of dissapointment.

      Wish me luck - 2012 coudl finally be there where I get rid of my re-ceeding hairline.

      My advice to thoose thinking Regaine, would be dont. It £60-£70 a box. The box lasts about 2-3 months if correctly applied and the results for me were abysmal. That being said, perhaps a trial period for most people would be fine. I've also heard of tablets named 'propecia' in recent months that are apparently far better than Regaine. I'd advise asking your doctor about these.

      Remember - anyone thinking that doctors will be dismissive of something seemingly 'pointless' like a re-ceeding hairline, just ring up book an appointment and explain how you feel. There's nothing to be ashamed, embarassed or angry about.

      Good luck. - Steer Clear from Regaine though.


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      17.01.2012 21:24
      Very helpful



      This is the joint worst PPV of a brillant 2000

      Producers - World Wrestling Federation
      Location - Boston, Mass
      Date - June 25, 2000
      Venus - Fleet Centre
      Attendance - 17,000
      Brand - Raw Is War/Smackdown

      The Card

      KOTR Quarter Final Matches
      Rikishi v Chris Benoit
      Val Venis v Eddie Guerrero
      Crash Holly v Bull Buchanan
      Kurt Angle v Chris Jericho

      Four Corners Tag Team Match for the WWF Tag Team Titles
      Edge & Christian v Too Cool v The Hardy Boys v Test & Albert

      KOTR Semi Final Matches
      Rikishi v Val Venis
      Kurt Angle v Crash Holly

      Hardcore Evening Gown Match for the WWF Championship; Pat Paterson v Gerald Brisco

      Handicap Dumpster Tables Match; Dx & Torri v The Dudley Boys

      KOTR Final
      Rikishi v Kurt Angle

      Six-Man Tag Match for the WWF Championship;
      The Rock, Kane & The Undertaker v Triple H, Shane McMahon & Vince McMahon


      11 matches on one card, 7 of them being King of the Ring Matches and all together they took less than 40 minutes to complete. I think that says everything we need to know about this PPV. 11 matches for any card is far too much, but the biggest issue is not only the overally clustered booking, but the lack of interest in the KOTR tournament, nevermind the lack of quality of matches and competitor. A Pay-per-view with Val Venis, Crash Holly, Bull Buchanan and an evening gown hardcore match for the hardcore title between two 55 year old men is always going to suffer. The fact that this event comes sandwhiched between probably the Best Judgement Day ever and a very solid outing at Fully Loaded (The review i'll be writing next) doesnt do much to boost the reputation of this event.

      There are some positives on in this event however, we have an entertaining dumpster table match which is full of the 'fun' spots that made the attitude era as renound as it is today, a good enough four corner tag team match involving the best teams currently available to the wwf and a main event bound with personal rivalries, involving 4 superstars dominating the company in the peaks of their careers. Dont get me wrong this Pay-Per-View would be viewed as a classic against most of the dross served up since 2004, its just the sheer standard of event during the attitude era which highlighted this as a poor event


      The Matches Themselves.

      KOTR Quarter Final Match; Rikishi v Chris Benoit.
      Rikishi had a brillant 2000, the best year of his career without a shadow of a doubt. Coupled in the much loved Too Cool, he became a fans favourite (until the end of the year that is) and in doing so picked up some big victiories. Benoit of corse, started out 2000 with the Radicals however by this stage of the year had become an upper-card singles wrestler in search of some of the more prestigious titles. The match itself is completely dominated by the 400+ pounds of Rikishi in the early going, before the technical ferocity of Benoit takes over. Benoit locks the crossface in, but to his frustration Rikishi makes it to the ropes, this in-furiates Benoit who earns himself a DQ after taking his frustrations out using a steel chair.

      KOTR Quarter Final Match; Val Venis v Eddie Guerrero.
      Sadly, Mr Guerrero (RIP) was really a newbie at this stage of his career, still attempting to establish himself as a known and named superstar, aligning himself with Chyna and dominating the lower standard championship belts. Venis has always been a bit of a jobber and despite a somewhat illustrious role as Raw Gm Eric Bischoff's assistant in 2003, never really fills anyone with much inspiration. The match itself went back and forth without really entertaining, Venis got the win after Guerrero was distracted by Trish Stratus and Chyna allowing Venis to get the role up. Bore.

      KOTR Quarter Final Match; Crash Holly v Bull Buchanan.
      Dud, is there any point this match occuring. Sure Crash Holly has his moments in the hardcore league, but really him and Bull Buchanan as a QTF match? Bull dominated the match but Crash snook the win after a quick role up.

      KOTR Quarter Final Match; Kurt Angle v Chris Jericho.
      Finally a match worthy of being listed in the KORT tournament and along with the Rikishi v Benoit a match that at least has competitors that can entertain and put on a good match. Angle is still in his early stretch as a WWE competitor and still has his geeky over olympic theme, however his in-ring ability has increased and he is only a couple of months short of the love triangle with Triple & Stephanie McMahon that lead eventually to his first WWF Title reign. Jericho is and always has been the charistmatic bleached blonde haired cheeky personna with a smooth in ring style. This match isnt in the same zone as the match they had at Wrestlemania or even NWO, but its a reasonable attempt. Angle picked up the victory to after an interuption from Stephanie McMahon allowing an Angle slam to Jericho.

      Four- Corner Tag Team Match for the WWF Tag Team Titles; Edge & Christian v The Hardys v Too Cool v Test & Albert.
      Well, if one thing stood out during the year of 2000, it was how the tag team division shone beyond the relms that it not only should have, but beyond a point where to even during the 2012 we've never seen a tag team division as excellent and as fierce as we did back here. We had these 4 teams all relatively young, all relatively new to the industry and all ready to compete at the highest standard. I think the best aspect of this match and the tag team division is the contrasting style between each and every team. You have the high flying Hardys, the tag team style of Too Cool, the sly and sneaky Edge & Christian and all out power attack from Test & Albert who imo are the most under-rated tag team of the attitude era. Any road this match was decent and fast paced from the outset with Test & Albert being the first team elimnated after Jeff Hardy hit the swantom bomb to Test. Next to be eliminated was the Hardy boys after Christian gave the impaler to Matt. That left Too Cool to battle it out with Edge & Christian. Of corse the match back and forth but however was decided by an example of the different styles early. The sly Edge & Christian won the match after Christian smacked Grandmaster Sexay with the ring bell allowing Edge to pick up the 1-2-3 via pinfall.

      KOTR Semi-Final Match;Rikishi v Val Venis.
      After picking up the victory over Benoit, Rikishi got dominated with a steel chair, picking up what looked to be like a painfully bruised injured shoulder. Venis took note of this and homed in on the shoulder for a second round of abuse. Rikishi however turned things around and picked up the victory after a big belly-to-back-suplex. Venis attacked him further after the match.

      KOTR Semi-Final Match; Kurt Angle v Crash Holly.
      Pretty obvious who was going to win this match. Would Crash Holly realistically ever feature in the KOTR final? It was over within 3 minutes anyway as Angle picked up the victory after dominating the match and finishing Crash off with an Angle slam.

      Hardcore Evening Gown Match for the WWF Hardcore Championship; Pat Paterson v Gerald Brisco.
      Is there even any point commenting on this match? At 3 minutes this match is just not worthy of comment. Any road, Brisco and Paterson went to a no contest as a result of an interruption from Crash Holly, who picked up the victory using the 24/7 hardcore rule and in the meantime became the new Hardcore championship.

      Handicap Dumpster Tables Match; Dx & Torri v The Dudley Boys.
      Finally, a match that really re-presented the attitude era. A tables match, involving dumpsters and some really really good spots. Dx still together after numerous years had been looking tidy, but not tidy enough to be in the tag team championship window for a few months now and the Dudleys boys infamous with tables in hand put on a really good match. The Dudleys dominated pushing Road Dogg through a table. Dx fought back through X-pac but it wasn't enough as D-von suplexed X-pac from the top rope through the table below. Tori attempting to hide from the impending Dudley attack, hid in the dumpster placed at ring-side. The Dudleys were distracted chasing Tori, allowing DX to recover and take them down with steel chairs. The Dudleys were then placed in the dumpsters and the lids shut, giving DX the win. The Dudleys did however get some revenge on Tori after.

      KOTR Final; Kurt Angle v Rikishi.
      So finally, the big final match up takes place. The winner gets a championship title shot at Summerslam. I have to say on paper its fairly balanced, but if you were lucky enough to have been able to follow the storylines in WWF at the time, it would have been fairly obvious as to who was going to win. Anyway, Angle also homed in on Rikishi's shoulder and exploited it to his advantage. After a period of being dominated, Rikishi turned the tables on Angle, giving him the samoan drop, neckbraker and the stinkface. Rikishi however couldnt put Angle away and even though he kicked out of the Angle slam, Angle picked up the victory affter a belly to belly suplex from the top rope to crown himself King Of the Ring 2000 and earn himself a title shot further down the line.

      6-Man Tag Team Match for the WWF Championship; Triple H & The Mcmahons v The Rock, Kane & The Undertaker;
      Well now this was some battle. For most of 2000 the WWF title had been in Triple h & the Mcmahon-helmsley regime's hands. They and DX had completely dominated Monday night raw and Smackdown to the extent that they had stood on virtually every competitors shoes in the whole roster at some point during the last 6 or so months. That being said, Triple H had lost the title to The Rock at Backlash only to re-gain it at Judgement day.

      In the weeks building up to KOTR, The Undertaker had returned and earnt himself a huge new contract from the ceo of the company and wife of Vince, Linda McMahon. He declared upon his return that his aim was of corse to win the WWF title. This didnt go down to well with any of the McMahon regime. Things took an even bigger turn for the worse as Kane returned at the end of an episode of Raw and completely destroyed everything in sight, declaring that he also was returning to win the title.

      Im going to leave my description out of this as im sure thoose of us reading and with the intention of watching the event in the future dont want everything to be completely wrecked. However, let me just say there is some brillant wrestling in the match, some great spots involving the announce table and a hair-raising end.



      Overall PPV Rating - 5/10
      Best Match - The Main Event
      Worst Match - Holly v Buchanan, Paterson v Brisco, Val Venis v Guerrero, Angle v Holly

      This is a decent PPV, wrecked by a stupidly booked card that should have only involved the Semi Final matches and a normal card thereafter. This isn't the worst PPV but anyone who has frequently watched WWF during 2000 will release that this is below par on the usual standards set from the WWF. The DVD can be found in either Region 2 or NTSC format on Amazon at around £10, Play for £15 and is frequently auctioned on Ebay for varying price ranges.

      I would recommend this PPV to only thoose that are following the storylines.



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    • Vans Era / Shoes / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      16.01.2012 18:32
      Very helpful



      Very good and reliable shoe, protective and worthy of a reasonable retail price.

      Well, just like the brand Toms, Vans came from nowhere in the shoe market to the point of establishing themselves as some of the most well known, frequently worn and best referred to pieces of footwear. Just like the Toms brand I was also apprehensive about the product before I purchased my first pair. Apprehensive in the sense that the actual style of shoe was bold, the colours bold and combination of clothing that would be required to suit them, was perhaps not something i'd been used to.

      The shoes themselves, are pump like trainers with a thick 2cm soul that provides great protection to the bottom of the foot as well as a sense of comfort. The top of the shoe is infact a canvas material with block stitching in certain patterns around the top of the shoe as seen in the picture above. The material is flexible and so comfortable, but also protective against water and snow as well as providing breathing space in a more hot climate.

      Originally Vans only retailed in certain stores amongst the market, however as the ever-growing celebrity community took notice, the younger generation and in particular the teenage and young adult generation took notice, the brand spread like an infection. From being available in only specific stores at a reasonably high price, to almost impossible to miss in the space of a year. Certain types of Vans have been associated with Skating/Gothic kind of looks. However generally speaking most people I know where there Vans on nights out round the city now.

      When my Grey vans arrived I was pleasantly surprised as I placed my foot inside the shoe to find that the rigid looking nature of the shoe was actually much easier on the foot than expected. Almost 8 months later, I now have 6 pairs, including, black, white, red, purple and orange. My daughter has 3 pairs and my soon to be wife has 2. I'd most certainly recognise these as one of the most comfortable and flexible shoes on the market.

      Vans can be found at virtually every big shopping centre in the country these days and as soon as you google 'Vans' millions and millions of links will come up. I'd recommend Schuh actually as one of the best providers of Vans, not only at a cheap price but in many different sizes, colours and pattern schemes. However, you will find the shoes on the 'vans' site, as well as in different household names such as topman and occasionally Next.

      Advantages of the shoes
      - They are very, very comfortable
      - Are acceptable to doss around the house in and go out on a big night in
      - They are a shoe of high reputation
      - They are very well protected against Rain, Wind, Snow or Shine
      - They retail at a respectable price of £30-£40

      - They are occasionally worn quite easily
      - I washed a pair once it completely diminshed them as a shoe
      - Certain pairs aren't as attractive as others.

      Overall 9/10


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    • Cricket 2004 (PC) / PC Game / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
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      16.01.2012 17:18
      Very helpful



      Good game patched, with some character. Bugs wreck the un-patched game.

      Name - EA Cricket 2004
      Release Date - March 12th 2004
      Genre - Sports
      Developer - HB Studios



      - Officially Licensed
      - 56 teams with over 1000 players
      - 61 stadiums around the world

      - Change the weight, look and playing attributes of your

      - Practice Nets
      - C&G Trophy - Frizzell Championship
      - International Tour - County Championship
      - TV overlays and statistical graphs
      - Expert commentary from Jim Maxwell & Richie Benaud
      - Infinite camera angles and instant replays of your best and favourite moments


      Available Teams/ Tournaments

      - Australia (A side also available)
      - Bangladesh
      - Canada
      - England
      - India (A side also available)
      - Kenya
      - Namibia
      - Netherlands
      - New Zealand
      - Pakistan (A side also available)
      - South Africa (A side also available)
      - Sri Lanka
      - West Indies
      - Zimbabwe


      - Pura Cup
      - ING Cup
      - New South Wales Blues
      - Queensland Bulls
      - Western Warriors
      - South Australian Redbacks
      - Victorian Bushrangers
      - Tasmanian Tigers

      England & Wales
      - C&G cup
      - National First Class League

      - Derbyshire
      - Durham
      - Essex
      - Glamorgan
      - Gloucestershire
      - Hampshire
      - Kent
      - Lancashire
      - Leiecestershire
      - Middlesex
      - Northamptonshire
      - Nottinghamshire
      - Somerset
      - Surrey
      - Sussex
      - Warwickshire
      - Worcestershire
      - Yorkshire


      Well cricket 2004, the follow on from the very dissapointing cricket 2002. Produced and developed by the ever-growing HB studios. The game itself, is very hard to describe. The opening menus are very easy to use and finding your way into a game is fairly simple. The choices are far and wide and there is many, many different and interesting game types. The gameplay, whilst having short-comings has a sense of 'character' to it. The players faces are un-defined and have 99% of the same features a play from a different county of a similiar ilk has, the bats are blurry around the edge and its hard to actually define the crowd from the outter boundary rope and yet through all this the gameplay is utterly addicting.

      Im not sure whether its me and just me that enjoys the game play but that I certainly do. Whether its the pleasure of a Glenn Mcgrath length ball thundering through the covers on the 1st morning of a lord's ashes test match or a sweep to Murali saving a game on a dustbowl there is a certain feeling of enjoyment throughout the game.

      The over-riding issue though is infact the sheer scale of bugs this game has. The original release is perhaps one of the most bugged up games any company have ever released. Had it not have been for the instant possibility of patching this game up, im fairly sure HB studios would have been put under severe scrutiny for releasing a game blatantly short of the finalised product that we've come to expect of games in the 21st century.

      I'l go into the bugs themselves after I give a detailed run down on all aspects of the gameplay.

      The batting itself is enjoyable, but only enjoyable for a short period as batting against the computer AI in easy or normal mode becomes a strole after the first few overs and in some cases, I find myself hitting 300+ in the first sesion of a test match. There is an array of shots available to the batsmen, that can be toned and practised in the practice nets (on the main menu, gives tips on batting, timing, shot selection etc). We have the leg glance, sweep, straight drive, square cut, on drive - basically all the clasical and recognised batting cricket shots. The statistical options are of a good standard, with numerous different ways of summarising your batting performance, the spider etc.

      There is also an option to autoplay should you become bored either an over, a session or the whole innings if you wish to do so.

      Advantages - The batting is easy to control and if your looking for a run-fest there's not much playing in to do before it becomes easy to bat, even on hard level. Genreally speaking the batting is ok, the quality of shots is good and on the outfields are realistic in the sense that the weather affects the speed at which the ball runs.

      Dis-advantages - The batting becomes boring after a while because of how easy it really is. Its impossible to play certain deliveries such as the yorker, even if your 200 Not Out off 400 deliveries. The AI's bowling is to predictable and the field settings are abysmal.


      This is the really big let down in the game. Bowling with fast bowlers is ridicolously hard and bowling with spin bowlers is horrifically easy. For example, As i once played on normal I bowled only fast bowlers at the Aussies from the lunch break to the tea break with the Australians finishing 108/0 from 29 overs, I then bowled only spin bowlers from Tea until the end of play and the Australians finished the day on 154/8 with all 8 wickets coming from my 2 spinners and 4 batsmen being dismissed within there first 20 deliveries.

      I also find the pitch and the way the ball reacts to be as equally frustrating. There are 5 pitch settings, Normal, Green, Hard, Damp & Dusty now just for an example. On a normal wicket around the world, the new ball will still swing for the first hour or so and then perhaps die down and the batsmen will setlle in, however on Cricket 2004 the new ball does precisely nothing on a normal wicket, with not even the slightest hint of swing. Its unrealism like this that just wrecks the bowling side of the game for me.

      Advantages - There really aren't many. I suppose you could say that if you want to win a game by taking 20 wickets then you; certainly do that if you bowl your spinners

      Dis-advantages - The AI batting goes into complete defensive mode the second you move your field settings and thats that then, they either collapse to your spinners or the run rate goes down to 1.00 at most. The pitch reacts poorly in comparison to real life, normal wickets are horrific to bowl on and literally offer nothing, whilst the much touted green wicket dont swing as much as they should in real life.

      The BUGS themselves
      - The fielders catch balls that have either seemingly passed them or are 15 yards wide of them.
      - The wicket keeper lets the ball go through his hand horrifically frequently
      - The AI batting isn't realistic enough to the situation
      - Frequently bowlers bowl more than the amount of overs they are allowed to in a 1 day game
      - The commentary is horrific, explaining how an over was so expensive when the over was infact a maiden
      - There's no edges in the game to the wicket keeper
      - The middle order of 99% of teams crumble
      - New batsmen repeatedly get out via the same dismissal with the spinner bowling
      - Fielders drop a ridicolous amount of catches
      - The AI field settings dont change until you are 90 not out from 30 balls.


      Like I said, if you find a patch that has the bugs removed or patched out then this is a great game, but until then enjoy the character it offers, but be prepared to get seriously frustrated with the incredibly poor amount of system bugs that HB haven't sorted out.

      Overall Rating Un-patched 3/10
      Patched 8/10


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    • Lethal Weapon 4 (DVD) / DVD / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
      More +
      14.01.2012 07:36
      Very helpful



      Good end to the sequel, must buy.

      Release Date - July 10th, 1998
      Producer - Richard Donner/Joel Silver
      Director - Richard Donner
      Budget - $100m
      Country - USA
      Film Length - 127 Minutes

      Mel Gibson - Martin Riggs
      Danny Glover - Roger Murtaugh
      Joe Pesci - Leo Gettz
      Chris Rock - Detective Lee Butters
      Rene Russo - Lorna Cole
      Jet Li - Wah Sing Ku


      Many questions were asked in the lead up to the release of Lethal Weapon 4. Would the ageing duo of Danny Glover and Mel Gibson be able to re-create the charistmatic, thrilling and yet entertaining performances of 3 previous films before? Would the producer and excellent Richard Donner produce a script worthy of the Lethal Weapon brand? Would the world be interested in seeing a 4th installment to the film set? Well, we most certainly

      Key Characters.

      Mel Gibson - Martin Riggs. Over the first 3 movies, Riggs has shown himself to be a full blooded, swashbuckling man and federal agent, driven on by the loss of his previous wife to prevent and punish crime using his wit, using . We've seen Riggs as the under-dog, we've seen him fight his way out of impossible situations, we've seen him pull off the hero act. There is however a different side to him. The charisma of the character allows him to not only show a humouring side, but a charming one also. During Lethal Weapon 3 we saw a relationship develop between him and internal affairs officer Lorna Cole. From the onset of this film Lorna is pregnant with Riggs's baby and the pair have found themselves a home looking over the seafront.

      Danny Glover - Roger Murtaugh. 'Im too old for this shit' kind of sums Roger up. A middle aged detective looking forward to retirement, only to be repeatedly put off by the pull of cracking a few more cases with his younger partner Riggs. The more old school of the 2, Murtaugh and his family have been put through the mill in the previous films, usually saved by the same partners that get them into the mess in the first place. Glover portrays himself as a strict, but proud and loving father and is very, very protective over his younger daughters as we find out during this film. He kind of plays a backseat role to Riggs but is equally as important. You can't have one without the other is the kind fo phrase use to represent Riggs and Murtaugh and that sums up perfectly how important the role of Murtaugh is to the character of Riggs.

      Joe Pesci - Leo Gettz. Perhaps one of the most famout quotes in any sequel? 'Whatever you want, Let Gettz'. Most certainly the funnyest if the most annoying character in any of the films. Leo is the typical mid 40's man, small and going bald with a horrifically loud pitched voice that could get under the skin of even the most straight-faced of people. The character Leo portrays is an annoying one, he spends most of the time getting under the feet of Riggs and Murtaugh trying to feed off any scrap of importance they send his way. Dont get me wrong, the character of the man is hilarious and he's given the perfect script by the impressive Richard Donner. After getting in the way, generally frustrating Riggs and Murtaugh and causing more trouble than he's worth during the first 3 films Leo adapts a new role in this film, a handy one too. Leo decideds he's in for a career change, a career change to a private detective. Personally he's not my favourite character, but he adds to the film las much as any other in the whole cast. Watch out for the cellphone conversation towards the end with Detective Butters (Chris Rock), its probably the best moment in the entire sequel.

      Chris Rock - Detective Lee Butters. This is the first we see of Detective Butters, but although its only one film performance its certainly a memorable one. Through the early segments of this movie Butters sucks up alarmingly to Murtaugh to the extent that at one point Murtaugh asks Riggs if he thinks Butters may be homosexual. Little do we or Roger know at that stage that Butter is secretly the father of Roger's daughter Rihanne's baby and soon to be husband. For me personally its the voice of Chris Rock that makes him so, so funny. One of my comedy preferences is the exact voice he possesses, its just too funny. Watch out for some funny segments of the film between him and Leo.

      Rene Russo - Lorna Cole. Lorna Cole is currently involved in a relationship and is pregnant with Martin Riggs baby. Rene joined the lethal weapon cast during film number 3. At first she comes across as a stubborn, by the book internal affairs officer, but as the film goes on we see a ever increasing softer trend from her. Throughout this film, we see the typical pregnant woman. Hormonal and hostile at some moments, yet loving and calm at others.

      Jet Li - Wah Sing Ku. Calm on the surface but evil in the core. Wah is a companion and friend of local Chinese business man Benny Chan (the bad guy in the plot of the film, more on him later). At first site Wah seems like a calm, quite non english speaking man but as the film grows longer we see a violent, manipulative and un-forgiving side to him. Some of the marcial arts on display are something to truly behold, although it is Jet Li, we shouldnt expect any less.


      The Plot itself.

      On a fishing trip one night, Riggs, Murtaugh and Leo are interupted by the site of an unexpectedly large ship hurtling towards them with no warning and no intention of stopping. An intense gun battle insues, with Riggs hopping onto the ship to investigate further, whilst Roger swims towards shore with Leo. After killing virtually everyone on board, Riggs investigates the freight of the ship, much to his dismay he finds what can only be described as a wave of Chinese people locked in the under-belly off the ship. On shore Murtaugh discovers a large Chinese family, little do we know at this stage that Murtaugh takes the family (The Hongs is the family name) home with him.

      The following days the pair investigate the matter further. They get pushed in the direction of 'Uncle Benny' the local Chinese dodgy business man who was thought at the time to be the man with the most links with importing Chinese immigrants. It is here where we meet Jet Li who is on-looking as Riggs and Murtaugh give Uncle Benny a visit at his restaurant downtown. The meeting is however futile as the pair manage to squeeze absolutely nothing out of Uncle Benny. The pair do realise however that they are onto something, as they leave the restaurant they spot the captain off the ship from the previous night, they chase him but lose him quickly only to return to the police HQ and find out that his body was later found not far from the area that he had been chased from on top off a building, having been choked to death.

      Leo the usually frustrating and annoying character is hired by Riggs and Murtaugh in his newly found private investigator role to follow Uncle Benny and see if not only he can find out any useful information, but if he can link Uncle Benny to anything relating to importing Chinese illegally. As the trio turn up the heat on Benny and Sing Ku they almost pay the price for getting to close as they return to Murtaugh's family home one day to find Lorna (Riggs pregnant partner), Murtaughs wife, daughter, son and the Chinese family tied up. After a small battle in the household Riggs and Murtaugh are to tied up and the house is set alight by Ku and his men. After escaping the price they nearly paid for information pays off as Leo finds out that Uncle Benny is booked in for a dentist appointment, giving Riggs and Murtaugh the opportunity to speak to him again.

      Riggs and Murtaugh take the opportunity to do so, they also take Butters. During the dentist appointment Leo provides the distraction to allow Riggs and Murtaugh into the same room as Uncle Benny. In order to exstract information they notch up Uncle Bennys Nitrus Oxide, sending him high in the process. Its here that Butter reveals that he is actually the father of Rihanne's baby, but more importantly Uncle Benny reveals cryptic information about the 'four fathers'.

      From there on in, I shant explain anymore as ill wreck the film for most people and as a frequent review reader I dont like it when people reveal the endings of films.


      My Conclusion

      This is my favourite installment of lethal weapon. It doesn't have the perfect plot, nor does it have the storyline of any of the previous 3. However the action and storyline are still perfectly acceptable and the excellent Richard Donner found himself exploiting different character portrayals than seen in previous films. We see a calmer more sane Riggs, a solid performance from Murtaugh, a new look on Leo and the input of humour into the films in the combination of Chris Rock and Joe Pesci. Considering this is the last of the 4 films, Donner ends it in the perfect way, maturing characters like the films themselves matured, adding more humour to the film etc. Its certainly a must buy, especially if you enjoyed the first 3.


      Language - There is frequent use of bad and foul language in this film. It could be worse however and the films is only listed as a certificate 15

      Sex & Nudity - Virtually null, there are some references but nothing at all offensive


      Quality of Acting - Excellent as per, All 6 of the main cast play important and excellent roles in their own right.

      Quality of Direction - Superb. Donner is famous for his ability to script and produce thrillers, yet again here he excells himself applying change to certain characters to not only end the lethal weapon story well, but give the all important changes to keep the crowd interested

      - Amazon
      - Ebay
      - Play
      - The Hut

      Generally speaking a copy will cost you £2 or £3 today, especially if your buying from a seller and not the site itself.

      9/10, excellent film and certainly worth the money and time spent watching it.


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      14.01.2012 06:02
      Very helpful



      Very good purchase, recommended if you'd like to pass your theory exam.

      I think the title says it all. Having reached the age in the last few years where driving has effectively become a needed essential for everyday life, learning to drive was something that I myself needed to do, just to be able to complete the bare basics of life. I have a job that I must commute to twice a day, 6 days a week. Upon taking up the first steps of learning to drive, I was recommended to purchase either the Highway Code or one of the 'Theory Test Dvds' that have become readily available during the 21st century.

      The book itself was very accessable, not only in terms of purchase but in its very cheap price of £2.50. I purchased mine from the local post office, however The Highway Code is easily to find on most online stores, Amazon, Play and The Hut all have copies for a price somewhere around the same mark as mine.

      The contents of the book are actually split into many different sections, covering virtually if not all the possible segments of revisional aspects required in order to succesfully pass the theory exam. Here is an example of some of the section names;

      'Rules for Pedestrians'
      'Driving in Adverse Conditions'

      These are only a couple of examples as there are at least 30 different sections and listing them would make reading this even more boring than im sure most people will find reading this anyway! The sections themselves are broken down into diagrams of the contents, which have informative paragraphs around the outside delivering the correct information that the diagram can illustrate as an example. The writing however, whilst on the face of things is fairly detailed there are some sections of the book that can be slightly confusing and not detailed enough in description to clarify certain matters.

      The most detailed section of the book is the one that covers the road signals. There are 3 of 4 particular smaller sections to this. These being, Traffic signs, Road Markigs, Signals from other road users and Light signals controlling traffic. As these are probably some of the most important sections the writers of the book have done very well to make this the most in depth part of the book.

      Overall, the book does exactly what it sells as. If you read this book from cover to cover your far more likely to pass your theory exam than if you shouldnt. The book covers 99.9% of bases accurately and correctly, even if the detail at times is lacking. Its certainly a purchase I'd advise to thoose whom are thinking of part-taking a theory exam anytime soon.


      Price; £2.50
      Availability; Amazon, Play, The Hut & The Post Office
      Publishers/Editors; Driving Standards Agency
      Date; Edited 2007
      Length; 145 pages.


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    • Toms Classic / Shoes / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
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      13.01.2012 00:10
      Very helpful



      A good purchase, dont be afraid to give them a try.

      Having seen the crazy Tom rush during 2011, I took it upon myself to purchase a pair. With little expectation in mind, id always asked myself the question? How can a piece of footwear, so flimsy and thin not only be trendy, but be comfortable to the extent that people are happy to wear them walking down the local off license on a Sunday afternoon.

      The second I put my brand spanking new white toms on, I found out. To my very pleasant surprise, they were not only comfortable but suited certain items of clothes I already had in my wardrobe. The bottom whilst thin and flimsy held relatively strongly against my 'bend' test and despite the thin protection at no point did I feel any sense of dis-comfort whilst wearing them infact the sensation was the complete opposite.

      Toms retail at about £40. Originally you could only find them online, or at specific branded 'toms' stores in expensive shopping centres in the middle of big cities. However as the trend has spread not only countrywide, but now continent wide access to toms is not only quick, but very easy. If you google toms pretty much every big online store that's either reliable or a well known name will have them. Schuh in particular are commonly known to retail toms and retail a large extent of them too.

      Colours generally range from something as simple as Black and White, to red, orange, purple and in some rare cases, patterned black and white spots. Generally speaking the price ranges from £30-£40 per pair. If you check Ebay and Amazon and see them retailing for anything less and you think to yourself 'wow thats a good price' the old adage of 'if something looks to good to be true, it generally is' should come to mind. There are plenty of fakes flying around, in some cases for less than £10 per pair. Steer clear, these are either fakes or are from companies that will take your money and send you nothing in return.

      Since my first purchase, my mom and younger brother as well as 90% of my friends and my girlfriend having at least 2 or 3 pairs. Dont expect miracles, but for the price range and product type they are, they are more than acceptable.

      Rating 7/10.


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      1 Comment



      Superb , must buy.

      Company - World Wrestling Federation
      Location - Raleigh, North Carolina
      Date - August 27, 2000
      Attendance - 18,000
      Brand - Raw is War and Smackdown
      Previous PPV - Fully Loaded



      Right to Censor v Too Cool
      X-pac v Road Dogg
      Chyna & Eddie Guererro v Val Venis & Trish Stratus
      Jerry Lawler v Tazz
      Steve Blackman v Shane McMahon
      Chris Benoit v Chris Jericho
      Edge & Christian v The Hardy Boys v The Dudleys Boys
      The Kat v Terri
      The Undertaker v Kane
      Triple h v Kurt Angle v The Rock


      The summer of 2000. The season of heat, sunburn and ice-cream and also in WWF terms the summer of a brillant, money spinning year that will forever go down as one of if not the best year for the wrestling industry. Little did we know that 12 years later we'd be looking back on the year of 2000 and referring to it as the 'attitude era' and era famously recognised as the best period of wrestling arguably in the history of the company.

      Summerslam is just one in a long sucession of Pay Per Views during 2000 that deliver something for every wrestling fan. We have the first ever Tables, ladders and chairs match between 3 of the in-form teams of the company during the year 2000, we have a hardcore match with a stunt so dangerous it literally is 'see to believe' and a triple threat main event for the WWF championship involving 3 of the best superstars not only the year of 2000 but the generally wrestling industry has ever had to offer.


      Right To Censor defeated Too Cool & Rikishi;
      There are lots of matches on this PPV and so most of the under-card matches are short and sharp. This is no exception and only last a tiny 5 minutes. That being said, 2000 and the attitude era in general was associated with 'fun'. By fun I dont mean matches that are going to go down in the archives as some of the best ever, but fun in the sense that the crowd are involved with the match and the match itself is exactly that 'fun'. Perhaps short, mostly sharp but certainly action filled with some good spots to get the crowd out of there seats. This match was a good starter for right to censor as they pick up the victory after a superkick from Steven Richards to Scotty as he was half way through the worm.


      X-pac defeated Road Dogg;
      After so many years of seeing these two in the charismatic tag team Dx it feels kind of strange to see them battle each other. That being said, both had generally started the decline that eventually saw F get rid of them in 2001. Its a shame really as I always felt Road Dogg has good mic skills and was an able tag team wrestler, whilst X-pac could have really exploited the lower level championships such as the cruiserweight, light-heavyweight and european championships. The match itself goes back and forth, but X-pac picks up the win via the x-factor. After the match Road Dogg gives X-pac the pumphandle slam and signals the DX chop as he leaves the ring.


      Intergender Tag Team Match for the Intercontinental Championship Chyna & Guerrero defeated Val Venis & Trish Stratus;
      I have to admit, on the face of things this doens't look like a great prospect. Stratus and Venis are both very restricted in the ring and although Trish improves throughout her career to become one the best womens champions of all time, this isnt one of her best outings. The idea of the match is that the first person to gain pinfall or submission is the intercontinental champion. The match ends anyway when Chyna pins Trish after the military press slam to become a women's intercontinental champion.


      Jerry Lawler defeated Tazz;
      This doesnt look great does it? But thankfully WWF booked it well enough for it not to be a complete and utter total disaster. I mean the match was never going to be particularly entertaining, but it does what it does and is very watchable. In the build up to this match Jerry Lawler had taken offense to Tazz's constant abuse of JR on raw. The match ends itself when Tazz locks in the Tazzmission on Jerry lawler and out of desperation JR hits tazz over the head with a sweet pot, smashing it and splitting Tazz open. Lawler then picked up the win.


      Hardcore Championship match Steve Blackman defeated Shane McMahon;
      Shane McMahon? In a hardcore match? Against Steve Blackman? On one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year? Well, yes and until you see the match you wont actually believe the quality and excitement it brings. Little did we know as we sat watching that Shane'O Mac would deliver us with without a doubt one of the best stunts in memory. I'll leave that for you to watch


      2 out of 3 falls match Chris Benoit defeated Chris Jericho;
      Unlike a match later in this pay-per-view between Kane and The Undertaker this is a technical wrestling fest. 2 of the best upcoming superstars making a name for themselves in the wrestling industry after both struggling early on in there WCW careers. Benoit is just a tenaciously agressive as he always is, focusing on certain body parts of Jericho, whilst Jericho attempts to use his charistmatic in-ring style to oust the over-whelming Jericho. Benoit wins the first fall after reversing offense from Jericho into the crippler crossface, forcing Jericho to tap out. The second fall was won by jericho after he reversed a 3rd german uplex into the walls of Jericho, causing Benoit to submit, however Benoit won the third and deciding fall after he held onto Jericho's tights during a roll up. Great technical match that could only help boost the ever-growing reputation of both men.


      The first ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Edge & Christian defeated The Hardy Boys & The Dudleys Boys;
      Before we start there's only a certain number of superlatives in the dictionary that can describe the sheer scale of excellence shown in this match. All 3 teams at this point in there careers had established themselves a reputation, all had a semblence of importance and all of them had prooven in previous matches that they were capable of very good matches. This however blows anything they've put on previously so far out of water they are now dehydrated. This match has everything, table spots, ladder stunts, incredible agility, excellent tag team moves, chair shots, announce table spots and some of the most risky, death-defying moves you could ever see in a wrestling ring. I dont want to give too many specifics because the match itself needs watching before you can really judge it.


      Kat defeated Terri;
      Not really worth mentioning, only poor spot on a great pay-per-view.


      The Unertaker v Kane (No Contest);
      Well, well, well the brother of destruction on a war-path again, except this time against each other. I referred to it above when I said this match was the opposite to the technical fest we saw between jericho and Benoit and that certainly no lie. The Undertaker fuming after Kane chokeslammed him through the ring the previous week on Raw and he completely dominates Kane for the duration of the match (if you can call if that). To the point that he rips half of Kane's mask off forcing Kane to run from the camera's into the back and have the match declared as a no contest.


      WWF Championship Triple Threat Match The Rock defeated Triple H and Kurt Angle;
      Excellent match. All 3 superstarrs heading into this match has one aim, to win the championship. However Triple H had a very different agenda. In previous weeks Kurt Angle had hired Triple H's wife Stephanie to accompany him to the ring, however as the weeks drew on, Kurt Angle seemed to grow affectionate of Stephanie, leading to arguments between Triple h and Kurt Angle and a disrupted marriage between Triple H and Stephanie. This spills over into the match, as Kurt and Triple H have a good 5-10 minutes fighting between themselves before the Rocks entrance music even hits the arena. At one point H goes for the pedigree through the announce table only to see the table give way under Angle's weight and knock him legitimately out for well over 2 or 3 minutes. The ret of the match is back and forth at a quick pace. I'll leave the ending for everyone to view


      Overall Rating - 9/10
      Best Match - TLC, Triple Threat main event
      Worst Match - Womens match, intergender match

      Region 2 Pal DVD UK
      Running time - 3 Hours

      Extras Include, promos and interviews.

      Price Range £10-£15. Slightly expensive because of the rare nature of the DVD and it availabilty todayy.


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        12.01.2012 00:48
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        Brillant Summerslam, one of the best

        Name - Summerslam 2002
        Location - Uniondale, New York
        Attendance - 14,000
        Brand - Raw & Smackdown
        Previous PPV - Vengeance 2002



        Kurt Angle DEFEATS Rey Mysterio
        Ric Flair DEFEATS Chris Jericho
        Edge DEFEATS Eddie Guerrero
        The Un-Americans DEFEATS Booker T & Goldust
        Rob Van Dam DEFEATS Chris Benoit
        The Undertaker DEFEATS Test
        Shawn Michaels DEFEATS Triple H
        Brock Lesnar DEFEATS The Rock


        Summerslam came at a time where the WWE was in a process of transition. Gone were the days of the WWF and the attitude era and up ahead were the challenges of keeping wrestling entertaining without some of the big names we'd seen in times gone by. That being said, it wasn't really until the latter stages of 2004 that WWE really started to take a dip that it still in 2012 hasn't recovered from.

        Summerslam is however, one of the big Pay Per Views of the year in the wrestling circuit and Summerslam of 2002 lives up to all expectations and more. We have an action packed under and mid-card with 2 truly excellent main events and a street fight between Shawn Michaels & Triple H that for me still goes down as 1 of the top 10 best matches in wrestling history.

        Onto the card and review itself.

        Kurt Angle defeats Rey Mysterio;
        Wow, what a cracking way to start the event. Mysterio still relatively new to the company here and not given the ridicolous 'underdog' status he's been given in the last 4 or 6 years. Angle compliments Mysterio well here, in the sense that he's a quick mover, is agile and is not a clumsy slow wrestler. I dont think you can say there's a real dominator in this match as we see a couple of finishing moves from both men and near falls on both behalfs. After a very good match, Kurt Angle made Rey submit after sitting down on an ankle lock. Cracking start.


        Ric Flair defeats Chris Jericho;
        This was never going to be a 'catch as catch can classic' due to the age of Ric Flair. But given the age of Flair this was actually a good match. Jericho locked the figure four leg lock on Flair, at one point Flair smacks the mat asif to tap out, Jericho then thinks he has the match won and insists the referee ring the bell. However he doesn't, he restarts the match. Controversially Flair then locks in the same move on Jericho, forcing Jericho to tap out. Decent match considering Flair's age.


        Edge defeats Eddie Guererro;
        Right from the set off of this match, Guerrero targeted the shoulder of edge after making it weak through an early move. Guerrero capitalised on this, reversing a spear into a dropkick to the shoulder and then utilised his frog splash move to the injured shoulder. However despite huge pressure Edge managed to battle through the onslaught. Edge turned the tide and picked up the victory after an edgecution. Pretty good match, more technical than a normal edge match because of Guererro's tactics.


        World Tag Team Championship Match The Un-Americans defeat Booker T & Goldust;
        Admitedly im not a fan of the un-americans, not only is there gimmick boring but the wrestlers involved (Test aside) are very boring. Goldust and Booker T must be one of the strangest tag team combinations I can ever remember, as strange as they are however they were effective for what they did. This match itself didnt turn out the way they expected, but for entertainment levels and filling a card up, there was nothing wrong with this match. Booker T his the scissors kick, only to be given a big boot behind the referee's back thus allowing Lance Storm to pick up the victory.


        Intercontinental Championship match Rob Van Dam defeats Chris Benoit;
        Benoit was the champion heading into this match after a good streak as the champion. Van dam was a fans favourite and rightly so, performing some of the best high-flying, techically difficult and agile moves from any superstar on any roster. The match itself was a great balance of high-flying risky moves from Van Dam and the mat wrestling aggressive technical side of Benoit. Van Dam did come out on the other side though, picking up the victory and a new championship for Raw after a spectacular 5-star-frog splash.


        The Undertaker defeats Test;
        This match was more about personal taste than anything else. Being the American Badass Taker didnt exactly take to Test and his 'Un-american' group/politics. Both men in this match are huge, both standing well over 6'6 and over 270 pounds. It was never going to be a classy technique fest, but was infact a out and out brawl. Despite the best efforts of Test and a run-in from Lance Storm/Christian, Taker was victorious after chokeslamming Storm before giving Test the Tombstone for the 1-2-3.

        Un-sactioned Match Shawn Michaels defeats Triple H;
        Well, where to begin with this? This has to be one of the most intense personal rivalries in E/F history. Both men are brillant performers with huge ego's and wrestling styles of there own. The game with his powerful figure and stature both in the ring and out and Shawn Michaels one of the most classy, slick performers the ring has ever seen. The big question before the match was would Shawn be able to handle being back in the ring after 4 years out with a broken back?

        I think we found out the answer. The match starts with a bleak tone for Michaels as the game completely dominates. We see back breaker after back breaker, chair shots to the back and eventually a DDT to a chair that splits Michaels open around the forehead. The game goes for the Sledgehammer but referee Earl Hebner gets in the way and allows Michaels a route back into the match. Michaels gives Triple H the sweet chin music, in the process sending a chair straight back into the fact of the game and splitting him literally wide open. Thereafter, Michaels feeds off the energy of the crowd and completely dominated triple H, using an array of weapons, including chairs, trash can lids, boots, steel steps, ladders, propane tanks and eventually a table. Michaels wins after reversing the pedigree into a role up for the 1-2-3. I wont give it away, but there's a little sting in the tale of victory. Amazing match, one of the best matches ever. Blood, gore and weapons everywhere.


        WWE Championship match Brock Lesnar defeats The Rock;
        The rise to the top for Brock Lesnar was seemingly a runaway train with the breaks broken. Lesnar only debuted in 2002, but in a short few months he destroyed Hulk Hogan, The Hardys, Rob Van Dam, Ric Flair and many, many of the other big named superstars in the wwe. He beat Van Dam at King of The Ring to earn this title shot against The Rock.

        The big question remained, after the beatings he had dished out could Lesnar beat the enigma that is The Rock? Arguably the best superstar in wrestling history? Well the answer was yes. After a back and forth main event, including a rock bottom through the announce table to Paul Heyman, Lesnar got the job done after numerous reversals before a thunderous F5.


        Overall PPV score - 9/10
        Best Match - Triple H v Michaels/ Rock v Lesnar
        Worst Match - Non

        Extras include.
        - Interviews
        - A match from a raw
        - Un-seen Promos

        You can probably purchase this dvd easily these days. Amazon have it on there seller site for £8 or so and play have it at £14. It is however worth every penny!


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        11.01.2012 20:53
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        Brillant PPV one of the best of 2002.

        Location - Madison Square Garden
        Promotion - World Wrestling Entertainment
        Brands - Raw & Smackdown
        Date - November 2002
        Attendance - 17,000


        The Card;

        Tag Team Tables Match; Spike, Bubba Duley & Jeff Hardy v 3 minute warning & Rico.
        Cruiserweight Championship; Billy Kidman DEFEATS Jamie Noble
        Women's Title Street Fight; Victoria DEFEATS Trish Stratus
        WWE Championship; The Big Show DEFEATS Brock Lesnar
        WWE Tag Team Titles; Los Guerros DEFEATS Edge & Rey Mysterio/ Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit
        World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match; Shawn Michaels DEFEATS, Triple H, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Booker T and Kane.


        Admitedly looking at this card, title matches aside it doesnt look like a brillant card, however looks can be deceiving. This was one of the best if not the best Pay-Per-View's of 2002. Not long after the much needed brand split and WWE is in a good place. Smackdown had its own powerful champion in Brock Lesnar who had just effectively destroyed everyone in his way for well over 6 months. We had Raw in control of the Game Triple H, still putting on great matches surrounded by many many good superstars.

        Onto the event anyway.

        Tag Team Tables Match; Bubba, Spike Dudley & Jeff Hardy DEFEATS 3 minute Warning & Rico;
        This match reminded me of the attitude era, in the sense that on paper this just looks like a regular opening match to a pay per view, however this is a fantastic tables match. Never did I think id see Jeff Hardy and Dudleys teaming effectively in a table match, but thats exactly what happened. There are many highlights, but the biggest one has to Jeff Hardy's swantom bomb off a ledge half way to the top of madison square garden to eliminate Rosey. We also had the return of D-von Dudley, the Dudleys had split during the brand split. The match came down to Rico and Bubba Dudley, the Dudleys picked up the win after an interuption from D-von allowed a 3D to be hit through the table.
        Rating 8/10


        Cruiserweight Title Billy Kidman DEFEATS Jamie Noble;
        Considering the 2 competitors in this match aren't exactly the most household of names, this match is actually very good. Noble takes control early on but cant put Kidman away, even after a crushing DDT from the middle rope. Kidman comes back into it and despite the interuption of Noble's girlfriend Nidia, Kidman mounts the top rope and delivers the shooting star press and picks up the 1-2-3 to become the new cruserweight champion.
        Rating 7/10


        Women's title street fight Victoria DEFEATS Trish Stratus;
        Its not very often we see 2 women take to the squared circle in a street fight, but this is wwe and anything is possible. Considering its 2 women fighting this is reasonably entertaining and also reasonable gorey. Its a good performance from both women, but under-dog Victoria takes the title and we have a second new champion in 2 matches.
        Rating 5/10


        WWE Championship The Big Show DEFEATS Brock Lesnar;
        Brock lesnar had all the mometum possible heading into this match. He'd demolished The undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Rikishi The Hardy Brothers, Rob Van Dam and many more superstar in previous months. However he hadn't beaten the Big Show. Before the match The Big Show dominated him on Smackdown, throwing him off the edge of the stage, cracking his ribs in the process. Big questions needed answering. Could the Big Show be suplexed? Could the Big Show be F5'd? Well the answer is yes to both. Broken ribs didnt matter as Brock dominated the Big Show from start to finish, until of corse a scummy interuption from supposed to be Lesnar's agent Paul Heyman. I'l let you watch the ending for yourself.
        Match Rating 7.5/10


        Tag Team Title Match Los Guerrors DEFEATS Edge & Christian/ Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit;
        Well, 3 great teams and what a great match. Before the match you could tell on paper we were going to get a bit of everything. You have Mysterio & Edge for high flying, fast paced action, you have Los Guerreros for some great tag team wrestling moves and you have Angle & Benoit for some proper technical wrestling. Thats precisely what we got, a mixture of all 3 above. After 20 minutes of action, the Guerroros picked up the win after a submission victory
        Rating 8/10


        World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match; Shawn Michaels DEFEATS Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kane, Rob Van Dam and Booker T;
        All I can say is wow. What a wonderful match, my personal favourite match ever. A brillant performance from Michaels interfilled with a dominant performance from Kane and Spiderman- like performance from Rob Van Dam and a slog performace from Triple H. I personally love the ending to this. The match comes down to Triple H & Michaels, who had been fueding for a couple of months since Michaels return from a 4 year back injury and to me the 2 best superstars slug it out to a cracking ending.
        Rating 9.5/10


        Overall PPV Rating - 9/10
        Worst Match - Womens title match
        Best Match - Elimination Chamber match.


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      • 24 - Season 1 (DVD) / TV Series / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
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        11.01.2012 17:48
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        Superlatives arent enough..

        Little did we know as thoose words blasted out of our television screens, the level of quality and sheer entertainment we were about to allow into a small figment of our lives, not only for the next 24 hours but 'in real time' the next decade. 24 Is a brillant series, perhaps the best thriller type series of its kind to have ever been maed. All too little do you see in the 21st century a long lasting series programme grip you with the such vigour as 24. Not only do the producers write a plot that only insiders could predict, the quality of acting throughout 99% of the product is sheer perfection.

        For thoose who aren't aware of the back drop to season 1, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is a father to Kim (Daughter, Elisha Cuthbert) and a husband to Terri (Leslie Hope). Jack is a federal agent for the Los Angeles 'Counter Terrorism Unit' better known in the drama as CTU. Jack is portrayed as a brillant agent, ferocious in the interview, well drilled as a result producer and whilst implimenting the same scale of love into his family as he does into his work.

        Kim Bauer (played by Elisha Cuthbert) is the typical late teen daughter. Partial towards her more leniant dad and as bitchy as possible with her mother Terri. There are reasons for the air of disagreement between the two though. Previous to season 1 Terri had split up with Jack for numerous reasons, citing work and general relationships issues as the reason for the split. This didnt go down well with Kim who blames her mother for the relationships failure and thinks her dad Jack had every right to be angry with Terri.

        Terri herself protrays as the kind and loving housewife, that just wants her family to get back to the 'old times'. She does however come across as a person that isn't very confident in herself or her own ability and at times she comes across as quite weak as a person. She's aware that Jack does love her, but still has second thoughts in her head as she suspects that Jack slept with someone else whilst they were on there 'break'.

        Day 1 also provides a deepening storyline outside of Bauer heaedquarters. Day 1 is based upon the 'Presidential election' in which budding president to be David Palmer attempts to make his way into office. Things are not clean cut however as a series of setbacks interupt the progress of the day. David Palmer is portrayed as a man of morales, a man that has passion and a man that is set on doing things 'right' in his life. As the season goes on we see a man become embroiled in a conspiracy storyline involving the death of the man who raped his daughter and his son trying to cover up the fact that he did it.

        Thats not all however, it turns out that the whole Palmer family have been keeping the secret from David, which only fuels the ever burning fire of dissapointment he feels at being kept in the black over such a big issue for such a long period of time. David Palmer decides, much to the dismay of son and meddling wife Sherri that it would be better to come clean to the press before the secret gets leaked to the press and effects the chance of Palmer becoming the president. Things are not easy for David though as his wife and son both turn against in him. David accuses his wife of trying to make things worse through lying. As the day goes on we see the storyline between the 4 un-ravel.

        The 3rd segment to the storyline, belongs in CTU itself. Jack is a man that finds it hard to trust the people around him. But he does put his trust in long time work partner 'Nina Myers' a college of which he as worked with on many projects and is the person that Jack had a fling with whilst his marriage was on hold. Nina comes across as very helpful and attempts to do everything possible in her power to help Jack, in some cases lying to her new boyfriend Tony Almeida. Nina and tony play a big part in virtually all of the storyline.

        I dont want to reveal too much too those who haven't seen the season before, so ill keep my summary brief. Jack goes through a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the day, protecting his runaway daughter and wife Terri from everything that's thrown at them, whilst being the courageous agent he is, trying his hardest to un-cover the details of a terrorist threat against the potential to be president David Palmer, saving lives and managing to keep himself alive despite seemingly looking like defecting the terrorist criminals.

        We see a truly up and down storyline with twists and a never ending catalogue of entertaining events throughout the 24 hour day. Watch out for the earth-shattering ending, with the biggest twist of all and the emotional downfall Jack has to go through in the series after season 1.

        24 season 1, is a truly epic piece of storyling portrayal, with some fabolous acting from all members of the 24 community. I once said 24 was like a bag of Malteasars, once you open it you just can't stop yourself from going back.....


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