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Member since: 12.08.2012

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      12.08.2012 21:23
      1 Comment



      Bad experience ruined my holiday. Look after your belongings because Butlins will not!!

      I have just returned from my Butlins holiday & I am furious. I was in a silver appartment with no cleaning service. 24 hours before our departure a member of the cleaning team let themselves in while we were out without warning/contacting us for permission. All of our personal possessions were on display inside (although curtains closed!) and we had £200 cash hidden on top of the kitchen cupboard out of sight of our children ready to spend on our final night (for a decent family meal, drinks in the evening venue, a day at the funfair & arcades & to get the kids Butlins merchandise to take home you need at least £200!) we noticed the money missing almost immediately and contacted a member of the security team. It took them over 12 hours to investigate & search the cleaners property to find nothing. Due to data protection they were unable to confirm to me if they had admitted taking the money or not but as the money had not been found there was nothing else they could do. If I wished I could contact the local police of my own free will but with no proof I didn't have a leg to stand on! This incident left me & my 3 children with nothing! I feel the whole incident was handled very badly, I was promised call backs which never happened, not offered an evening meal or the option to have my final 24 hours refunded if I went home early. The previous time I went to Butlins In Minehead my purse was stolen by another guest. The security staff were unhelpful then too. Instead of offering to look on CCTV they said I needed to contact local police. I feel they have a duty to keep guests belongings safe which on my 2 visits to Butlins they have failed to do. Such a shame it ruined what could have been a fantastic holiday.


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