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    • Pasquier 8 Milk Brioche Rolls / Snacks / 9 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      26.10.2011 22:41
      Very helpful



      Perfect for those little snack attacks without the bad effects on the waist line.

      I am lucky I am not a major chocolate lover but when I get a craving for chocolate stand out of my way!!!!

      Generally I try to keep my snacks low in calories as I only have to look at high calorie foods and somehow my dress size always increases.

      My little boy found these at the co-operative costing £1.77 for 6 of these snacks which I thought was fairly expensive but as he'd been good for the day I thought he deserved a treat.

      The bag says chocolate flavour filled Brioche baked daily in France. (Note when you read the back it says it is a chocolate and hazelnut filling which seems a bit contradictory.) As a package it is fairly boring and standard. There is a picture of the bread like item cut in half to show the chocolate it is filled with and as always the best before date on the front. I turn to the back and all the details are there including

      per 38.7g brioche
      high levels of sugar - 8.8g
      fat - 4.2g
      salt - 0.41g
      caloreis - 132 kcal

      132 calories??? well most chocolate bars contain at least 250 calories. Mmmm now my little boys snack has me intrigued.

      I decide to try one. Inside the big bag are 6 little bags with a brioche in each. Each brioche looks like a little bread roll measuring about four and a half inches/ twelve cm long rather like a hotdog roll in shape colour and overall visual appearance.

      I open the plastic wrapper and the smell is of bread with the tiniest hint of chocolate. I bite into it and it it like eating a sweet bread roll with chocolate spread in it. It doesn't to me taste of hazelnuts (and I love hazelnuts) just of gooey chocolate spread. For me it definitely hits the chocolate craving but I'm not so sure if it will satisfy the most determined chocolate lover. I found as it is quite dry I need a drink with this but I'm not too concerned about this as it means I take more time eating which means I am not rushing it.

      I enjoy every mouthful and have not only had my chocolate fix but unlike other snacks and nibbles I feel quite happy to continue throughout the afternoon without feeling that awful gnawing in my tummy.

      Good things?
      Ideal for picnics as the chocolate cannot leak out of the roll on a hot day.
      Satisfying like chocolate.
      Feel as though you have eaten it rather than that need for more like some snacks.
      Low in calories compared to chocolate.
      Nice smell and taste.
      Could be used for a child's lunchbox but be aware of the high levels in the guidelines.
      I can keep one in my bag during the day for a snack when you see one of the many adverts for chocolate and I don't need to worry it will melt.
      Works out about 30p per brioche which is cheaper than a chocolate bar or bag of crisps.
      Suitable for vegetarians.

      Bad things?
      For true chocoholics I doubt this will touch the spot.
      Lots of wrapping which is great for picnics but not so great for the bin.
      Can create the same effect by using chocolate spread on a bread roll or hot dog roll but not as convenient for taking out.
      Most have their filling throughout the entre but occasionally I find one that is filled a little lopsided so one side is more bread than chocolate.

      Allergy label on the back is clear and under the ingredients list and says this item contains eggs, hazlenut, milk, soys and wheat and may also contain traces of peanuts so definitely NOT one for allergy sufferers with dairy or nut allergies or if you are on a wheat free or gluten free diet.

      My personal opinion - my guilty pleasure. Hits the spot, curbs the chocolate craving and so far hasn't expanded my waist line.


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      25.10.2011 23:09
      Very helpful



      If you want a good clean fresh feeling then this product delivers this.

      I have always suffered from spots and oily skin. I have tried most products on the market to try and find a way to cure this but with my job being in a dirty dusty environment for long periods of time and my skin tone being generally oily I am fighting a never ending battle.

      This product costs around £4.20 for 150ml from Boots but I have found is occaionally on offer in Tescos. I saw it on the shelf and like the blue colour and the writing saying "invigorating scrub" which "cleanses deep into pores". On the back it says it is a gel which will lather into a bubbly foam giving a cooling feeling while effortlessly dissolving dirt, oil and make up. Maybe this will work. So I bought one.

      It comes in a long tube which you stand on the lid so the liquid will drain down to the bottom after each use. The tube is very easy to squeeze. The liquid looks light blue with dark dots or specks throughout it. The tube is seethrough about halfway down so you can see how much is left in the tube at any time.

      I open the lid which is like most shower lids, it just flips up to reveal a small circle which keeps the liquid in until you squeeze the tube. It has a very fresh smell to it. Very light and almost overpowering like it would make your eyes water if you inhaled it too deeply. I have no reason why but it reminds me of the ocean. I think this is more to do with the colour than the smell but it makes me feel relaxed either way.

      It says to wet face and apply scrub by massaging gently avoiding the eye area and then rinse thoroughly. It also has a lot of what appears to be technical information about energising microbeads but I have no idea what that means.

      I wet my face with warm water and put the gel onto my hands then directly onto my face. Not the best way for me. I found it felt gooey and sticky on my face. After the first few tries I have found I far prefer to wet my face with warm water then when I squeeze the gel onto my hands to add water and lather in my hands before applying to my face. This changes the feel dramatically and feels very similar to washing with soap.

      My face starts to tingle but not in an unpleasant way as soon as I apply it. I can feel the little dark blue beads I could see in the light blue liquid as I massage it into my face but its doesn't feel abrasive or rough and I don't notice these after the first few seconds.

      I have found you only need a relatively small amount for it to lather up. I would say about the size of a 50p coin on the palm of your hand. As directed keep well away from your eyes. I got it close to my eyes and it did make my eyes water and although it didn't sting I am very sure that direct contact with my eyes would be painful and irritating. It says dermatologically tested on the tube. I have very sensitive skin and have had allergies to some skin products in the past. This one has had no adverse effects apart from the wtering eyes if used to close to them.

      I take a fair amount of time washing my face with this as it does feel like it is clearing away the dirt from my day at work. I take my time gently massaging the lather into my face as directed before washing it off with warm water.

      During the wash and after it had been washed off my skin feels tingly and fresh. I definitely feel more revived and much more importantly clean after a long dirty day at work.

      As for the spots and oily skin? I use this daily and for the first week my spots became worse. This didn't last much longer than a week and my skin improved dramatically after that. My skin is not as oily as it was and the clean feeling is fantastic. One tube lasts about one and a half to two months which I feel gives good value for money as I use it daily.

      I love this product but the only drawback is if I wear makeup I use a different product to remove it which is suitable for use around the eyes. It doesn't appear to have any drawbacks if used before applying make up if anything I can go out without wearing much makeup as I rarely get spots anymore and my face has a healthy glow after using this product.

      Persevere with this and the results are clearer healthy looking skin. I still have no idea what the microbeads are though.


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      25.10.2011 22:33
      Very helpful



      I couldn't live without this now and great value for money

      i have always suffered from split ends. I often colour my hair and as it is very fine and dry even without the extra damage colouring causes i suffer a lot from looking rather like worzel gummidge. My hair is without question my very own blonde haystack.

      My hairdresser grumbled at me every visit about how dry my hair is and when am i going to look after it properly. She doesn't believe my excuse of 12 hour shift work as justifiable for not caring for my hair like i should.

      I use herbal essences shampoo and conditioner regularly as i like the smell and it always washes well out of my hair. I went into boots to buy some and noticed a fairly large round tub labelled beautiful ends - split end protection intensive mask. This sounded too good to be true.

      Firstly the cost. It cost £4.07 from boots for 200ml and occasionally is on offer with other hebal essences products. The tub is round and fairly large and bright red with the hebal essences logo on it and the information on the side although the writing is a little on the small side. Definitely need my glasses for this one.

      The information describes it as for dry/damaged hair, to be rinsed out, and will leave your hair strong and voluptuously velvety. Directions instruct you to pamper your hair with the "beautiful ends" shampoo, then "lavish from root to tip" with this intensive mask then leave for 5 minutes and rinse away. For use once a week. I wasn't sure if this meant to use this once a week instead of the conditioner or as well as so i use it instead of.

      It says red raspberry and silk extracts. When you open the pot which is very simple just unscrew the lid the smell hits you instantly. It is not unpleasant but rather sweet. I'm not sure i would say raspberry smell but it could be described as a berry sort of smell. It is a deep pink colour and if i tilt the pot to one side the liquid is quite thick but does run slowly to that side. It feels quite moist to the touch and slightly oily which I assume is a good thing for dry hair to replace the lost oils.

      It doesn't say how much to use but as it said lavish i used a good handful and generously applied it as directed after shampooing and rinsing. It feels very pleasant. I start at the roots and massage into my hair until i reach the ends. I have hair halfway down my back so I need to use a second handful to concentrate on the tips of my hair. This has taken about an eighth of the potful but as it is recommended for once a week I am not too concerned.

      I sit back and leave it in for the 5 minutes as recommended. My hair feels quite slimy with the mask on and very flat - not like it normally does as I am washing it when it seems to still stick up. The 5 minutes are up and I use the shower to rinse it out. It washes out very easily and my hair is still flat which is not usual for me. Next I comb it. To my surprise it is all but tangle free. This is a first. My hair has normally tied itself up into a million knots by this point and takes ages to untangle.

      It feels wonderful as the comb easily glides through my hair from root to tip and I get out of the shower feeling happy and content without the normal tangle removal fight I have which undoes any relaxation in the bath or shower.

      Sometimes I use the hair dryer to dry my hair and sometimes I air dry it. I have done both after using the mask and my hair is no longer frizzy or scarecrow looking like it used to be. In fact it looks silky and tamed. I still need to use straightners to take the curls out for a completely sleek look but either way my hair doesn't look dry and my split ends although some are still there are nothing like they used to be.

      You can still smell the mask in your hair even once it is dry. It's lovely to smell the gorgeous scent as your hair moves. The smell does lessen over time but defintiely lasts throughout the day.

      Even my hairdresser has noticed the improvement. She doesn't totally approve because she keeps trying get me to buy expensive professional hair care products but she can't argue about the change.

      For me this is just what I'bve been looking for. My only down side is I make sure I use it when I know I am going somewehere special and I can't use it every day. I love the effect it has on my hair. I notice that after washing my hair without it by 4 or 5 days later my hair is definitely trying to do its own thing again so I use it every 5 days rather than a week but this doesn't seem to have a bad effect on my hair.

      The tub lasts for just over a month for me which works out about £1 per week. I can cope with this cost for the effects it has. Overall I love this product. If only it were usable everytime I wash my hair instead of using conditioner it would be absolutely perfect. Even once a week this is still a must have product in my bathroom collection.


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    • Nintendo DSi XL / Games Console / 18 Readings / 17 Ratings
      More +
      16.10.2011 22:21
      Very helpful



      I would recommend to everyone

      DSI XL. A handheld console by Nintendo which you insert games cartridges into to play games, draw, read books etc.

      As a massive fan of the nintendo products i loved the original DS. My only dilema is being a fair bit older than my children my eyesight is not as good as it used to be. I enjoy all of the games Nintendo have created but without being able to play them for very long as the screen has been too small i became very frustrated.

      Then out came the DSI XL. Oh happy day. I rushed straight out and ordered it and awaited the day it would be in. I bought the wine red colour which is like a burgundy red. In the shop i tried the dark blue and the yellow DSI XL they had on display with MarioKart. I found the yellow one too bright and hard to concentrate on the screen and the dark blue one just looked too dark for me. There is a special edition bright red one with the mario pictures on it but I personally wasn't keen. No particular reason why it just didn't appeal to me. The colour is totally personal preference but at least there is a wide variety of colours to choose from.

      What does it do?
      Everything the original DS did but with the additional fun of a camera and fun effects you can add to your pictures but with a much larger much easier to see screen (ideal for me with my not so tip top eye sight).

      What doesn't it do?
      Unlike the original DS the DSI XL WILL NOT play not european games. Any DS games you buy from sites like Ebay which are from America or non european region are no good they just simply will not load onto the DSI XL. There are also a very small selection of DS games that will not play including Guitar Hero. If in doubt look the games up on the internet or ask a game store member of staff for advice before purchasing.

      So it arrives. The box is simple. White with a picture of the DSI XL on it and a stylus (name for a DS pen). You get 2 pens with it one small stylus which slots into the back of the DSI XL which makes it easy to take with you without losing it, and one large stylus which is far nicer to use. Note for drawing games I would recommend the small stylus as the markings are more precise and I found the results far better.

      The console itself is quite large but not too heavy. The console lifts up to open out into a top and bottom screen. The screen is 4.2" which is 93% bigger than the original DS. The top screen is just for viewing, the bottom screen is for using the stylus on to select options. This is a touch screen and you can use your finger to touch it instead of the stylus if you wish. You can buy screen protectors for less than £3 to protect the screens from damage witht he stylus, fingermarks, dirt etc if you wish.

      The console is charged with a charger. This comes in the box. It doesn't take long to charge up. A few hours should fully charge it. The on button is on the bottom front left of the console. Simply push it and the screen will light up. Next use the stylus or your finger to scroll left or right or the left and right buttons and select the option you'd like. This includes settings, games, camera, some preview games or trial games already installed, dictionary, internet, web browser, picto chat, download play, DSI shop and DSI sound.

      What do they do?
      System settings: these change your wirelss internet connection settings, screen brightness, profile details where you can personalise your DSI XL, date and time and alarm (never used the alarm), parental controls where you can limit the content allowed to be displayed, language and updates. There are a few others but I have never needed to amend these.

      There is no slot for the old GameBoy Advance games which the original DS has.

      Game - play the game loaded in the cartridge slot.

      Camera - take and edit photos and view your photo albums

      DSI sound - play music from your SD card or record and edit music and sounds - some of the voice distortions can be very funny to play around with higher pitch or fast or slow talking like a chipmunk or slow motion.

      DSI shop - where you can connect throught you home wireless internet and buy more games or download extra free ones or spend you stars which are nintendo points you find in the box when you buy a new game. These can be exchanged for more games.

      DSI download play - join another DSI player and play together but you must be sat near each other.

      Picto chat - chat to each other by writing and sending messages and pictures. This can be used from one room to the other the children often use this feature to chat once they've gone to bed.

      DSI browser - browse the internet again requires wireless home internet

      Dictionary - look up spellings or compare words in different languages

      Trial games - a sample of brain training and Art and drawing games.

      What now?

      Sinply follow the instructions on the screen for any of the options you want. If at any point you want to go back to the beginning simply press once the power button. To turn it off press and hold the power button.

      The games cartidges are very small less than an inch square and wafer thin. These slot into the back top edge of the console and it is clearly labelled on the console where and how to put them in.

      How easy is it to use?
      Very. Most games give on screen instructions and anything you want to do is very straight forward and if you press the wrong button simply reset.

      Down sides?
      I tend to find this can make your wrists ache a little if held up for long periods of time as it does weigh more than the original DS. Ask in any games shop to hold one to guage the weight.
      Not all games that played on the DS will play on the DSI.
      No GameBoy Advance games slot which the original DS has.

      Up sides?
      Everything. i can enjoy all the games I love again and see them clearly. I was worried they would be more pixelated but you don't notice this as much as I had feared. Some games are worse than others for this.

      I have bought some books which come on the games cartidges and with the background screen lighting I can read in bed or play games without disturbing my husband with having to have the light on.

      It has a slot for headphones so I can listen without everyone else having to listen. The sound quality is good.

      Art games are brilliant on the DSI XL I would strongly recommend Art Academy as it step by step teaches you to draw adn all the skills needed to paint etc. I'm not very good still but I do very much enjoy playing.

      This is easy to use, simple to understand and although I bought it because its larger due to my sight my children love using it to especially showing each other their photos and special effects including my favourite putting Mario's hat and moustache on the photo of their dad. Very funny.

      Overall I love this I am pleased I bought it even if the cost is expensive at just over £130. (was about £150 when I bought it a year ago.) It fits in my handbag and goes everywhere with me purely because it is entertaining and with the games cartridges being so small you can take a book game and a game for the children to play and everyones happy for those moments waiting for school to come out etc.


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        16.10.2011 21:10
        Very helpful



        The hamsters seem to love going in these and are reluctant to come out

        My little boy and I have 2 very small hamsters which are known as Roborovski Hamsters. They are dwarf hamsters and very small. The are very friendly and easy to look after and my little boy likes them because they don't bite. The only problem is I am trying to teach him how to look after them properly as well as just how to handle them carefully as it's all part of having pets. He gets the good and the bad parts.

        Our biggest issue is what to do with them when we are cleaning out their habitat. We have tried large trays on the floor or a card board box just for the brief time it takes to clean their home out but then we are constantly watching them just in case they can find a way out which is not helping me to teach him how to care for their home.

        Then at the pet store we saw these space pod runner balls. We bought 2, one for each hamster as it would be too confined and unfair to put them both into one. These are perfect for keeping them safe while you clean their home out.

        When you buy these they are in 4 pieces all made of see through coloured plastic. 2 halves of the ball and 2 small circles which are the lids. They are quite fiddly to put together. There are lips on the top and the bottom half where they join to make the ball. You have to pull the top edge back and the lower edge forward, then the other way round ie lower edge back and top edge forwrd to slot the 2 halves together. This repeats four times to complete the ball and there are 4 slots on the bottom ball that a piece on the upper ball slots into. It is very obvious when you see them but this did take some time. I am not very dextrous when it comes to things like this but in the end we managed it and it was actually entertaining seeing who could do it first. I lost. It took a good half hour to put them both together and the instructions on the box were not very helpful at all.

        Once the ball shape is complete the 2 circles fit one on the bottom then one is the lid for the top. These are put on by slotting the piece into place on the ball then twisting to the side to slot them firmly into place. To undo them just turn them back the other way and the lid comes off. You may need to pull the lid off with your fingers. As the plastic is see through you can see when it is locked or open.

        All you need to do to use them is ensure the circle is on the bottom and the ball is connected together properly and securely, then hold the hamster on the flat of your hand with the opening to the ball in front . Our hamsters took a little while to sniff and nose the entrance to the ball before they went in but have patience they get there when they are ready.

        I had very big concerns about them being kicked across the floor in these while cleaning out their habitat or that it would be cruel to the hamsters because they cannot go where they want to they are effectively trapped. However i was wrong on both of these. Firstly to keep the balls to where we want them to travel too far we check all of the immediate surroundings to make sure they cannot go anywhere we don't want them to or anywhere they could get hurt or stuck. Because the balls are of a good size even the small ones are easy to watch while cleaning out and far easier than trying to keep track of 2 very small hamsters. Secondly the hamsters love the balls. They run back and forth for ages (we do this in the evening when they seem to be very energetic) they explore and the ball has holes all around for air to get in so they can smell everything and quite often we laugh at them sitting up and sniffing then running to the next part of the room.

        You won't kick them as the colours of the balls are very bright and you can mix and match them. We swapped the lids so our balls are mulitcoloured which looks quite amusing. The only problem i did find the second time we used them was the hamsters didn't seem to want to come out. We left them in them a little while longer and they continued running back and forth.

        To get them out of the balls i found that you can hold the ball level with their bedding area or food bowl and after a minute or two they will clamber out sniffing as they go. We use these a few times a week. Once to clean them out and the others to give them a change of scenery. They have a lot of play things in their home so they don't need these purely for exercise but as soon as they see them they go straight in and start running so i'm assuming they enjoy it.

        As for price these are not expensive - we paid less than £5 each and they have been well worth it. There are different sizes depending on the size pet you have and they are very easy to clean just wash with warm water.

        I would recommend checking them before every use to make sure they are still holding together fully but I have not had any problems with them coming apart except for when we wash them. And they worked. I can now clean out their homes safely with my little boy and keep an eye on them as with the bright colours you really can't miss them.

        The balls are see through which means you can see the hamsters inside them at all times. Overall i would recommend these as they make my life so much easier and the hamsters really seem to like going in them.


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        • Flipshare Ultra HD / Digital Camcorder / 8 Readings / 5 Ratings
          More +
          12.10.2011 19:23
          Very helpful


          • "Ease of use"
          • "Ease of use"


          This is my security blanket. It goes everywhere with me.

          This little camcorder may look small but don't be fooled. I take the children out all the time whether its at the beach or the park or for a walk or to the skateboard park. I love taking videos i have done for years since i had my first huge video camera which was like taking a breeze block with you everywhere.

          I had a pretty good camcorder which my mum had borrowed and i was missing dreadfully and on christmas day to my dismay my husband and little boy had bought me the flipshare ultra hd camcorder for my present. All i could think of is what on earth is that going to be any good for?

          I did the right thing looked happy and said thank you loads and then put it back in the box. It sat there for a few weeks then the question arose. So is it any good do you like it? What could i say? there it sat for 3 and a half weeks gathering dust trying to stay hidden. So i did what any caring person would do. I said its wonderful i love it loads and to prove it i took it out with us when we went snakeboarding at the park.

          Well how simple an idea can you get? To my great surprise this turned out to be brilliant. The little camcorder is not much bigger than a normal phone just a little thicker. In fact its about the same size as a smartphone. Its also not very heavy. But the best part of all is it fits into any bag i take with me no matter how big or small. It takes 2 AA batteries which come included and they just simly slide into the back of the camcorder. Alternatively you can buy and additional rechargable flip battery to use they are around £15 to £20. I am looking into buying one of these but i haven't had chance yet.

          We get to the park and i take out the camcorder trying to look as though i've been using it for ages. It's so easy. On the side is the on off button just press lightly and on comes the screen. This camcorder only has 3 actual buttons. Thats it. When it turns on it is ready to record and the picture comes up straight away. I looked at the big red button in the middle. As I guessed this was record and press again to stop recording. So for a while I recorded the children having fun on their snake boards thinking is that it?

          Then the camcorder zoomed in. At first i couldn't work out what i had pressed so i investigated. Around the red button is a square button which if you press up zooms in and if you press down zooms out. Very handy. Its not the most magnified zoom it doesn't zoom in very far but it's enough to get closer images quickly and easily.

          There are 2 other buttons on the camcorder. One to the left says play. One to the right shows a dustbin. As it says when you press the left play button it changes from record to playback mode and starts playing. The same button around the red record button allows you to press left and right to scroll through to the video you want to watch you can also press left and right to scroll through from the record screen then press play when you select the right clip. The up and down zoom button now puts the volume up or down as desired. Neat. Once you scroll left and right to the video you wish to watch simply press play to view. If it is a long video then press and hold right and it will fast forward through it but this can be frustrating if you let go and it flicks over to the next video clip.

          Next the dustbin. Yes no big wonder here it is of course to delete. Simply find the clip you wish to remove and pres the delete button then it will ask if you wish to delete the clip yes or not. Press left or right to select the option you wish then press the play button to confirm the action. Be careful as there is an option to delete all.

          So thats all the camcorder buttons. Oh except for the clever bit. On the side of the camera on the opposite side to the on button there is a slide button. When you pull it down a usb stick flips up hence the name Flip share. To put your clips onto your computer all you have to do is put the camcorder into your computers usb port and wait. It will automatically load the software onto your computer - this is all on the camera no need for discs ideal for anyone with a netbook.

          The software will open (follow any instructions that come up. To my recollection i don't think there were any but if there were it would only have been to accept the software.)

          The videos will automatically show on the right hand side. Any unsaved clips will say unsaved against them. Now you can watch the clips, select one or two to save to computer, select all to save all to computer or select unsaved to save just your unsaved clips.

          They will all show and be saved in date order and you can pull them up by month as well. There are 3 options in the "share" section in the bottom middle. Email gives you the option to send the selected (whether saved or unsaved) in an email, greeting card i which sends a virtual greeting video card to a friend or loved one again via email, or the online section which allows you to upload straight to facebook, twitter or youtube. Very handy if you like sharing videos. All of these are very simple. Click on the clip you want to select then click the option you want to use it with and follow the instructions. You really cannot go wrong it tells you exactly what you need to do at each step.

          On the right side at the bottom are 2 options. The first is movie which allows you to put your clips into a movie and burn to disc. The next is snapshot this allows you to take a still photograph from you video clip. It splits the clip into frame by frame which makes it very easy to find that perfect picture and save it to you computer to print or share later.

          Finally movie. This is the easiest way to make a dvd you can imagine. Click one movie or select multiple movies then follow the instructions. To add or remove clips click and drag the clips onto the box on your screen or remove them from the screen as required. Then move them around so that they are in the correct order and select magic movie to break your video down into lots of sub clips to make it easy to edit then add credits and titles to you movie, then music and then create a movie file or burn straight to disc or just click full length to keep the whole video as is and then as titles, credits and music.

          I have used a lot of video movie making software and this is the simplest you can get. If you find this too basic and wish to use an alternative software like Nero or Pinnacle (which i usually do as there are more editing options) then just save the files to computer and find them in videos under flipshare and use them is Nero or Pinnacle as normal.

          This is the easiest smallest camcorder you will find to use. Plus it is very robust. I took it with me on my snakeboard and held it in place on a gorillapod (a bendable tripod which attaches it to anything as it has a hole at the bottom to screw any standard tripod to.) and as normal i fell over. The camcorder hit the ground very hard and although as expected there are a few scratches to the casing the screen is still intact and not scratched and the camcorder survived and works as normal which i was very surprised as as it took a big hit. You can also get waterproof cases if you wish to take it in the sea with you which cost around £20 and say they are waterproof to around 5 metres deep.

          Now for details:

          The battery life is fairly good. I use this camera a lot and i've had it nearly a year now and have only replaced the batteries a few times. Will be getting a rechargable battery soon as i think this would help.

          No memory cards or discs required. No added expenses other than batteries unless you buy a rechargable then no additional costs.

          The camcorder itelf is easy to use, light weight and fits well into any handbag, bum bag even my jeans pocket.

          The children love using it as it is easy and not bulky. They attach it with the gorillapod to their bikes and anything else they can think of.

          One cable instantly connects this to your tv and you can take it anywhere and show all your friends and family your film without having to put it to disc or buy a dvd player.

          I know many people now have a phone with video ability but i would still recommend the flip share as it has good quality and if you are anything like me as soon as you start videoing someone calls and it cuts out. Plus its the memory and easy of saving to disc/computer or uploading or emailing that makes this far more beneficial.

          I know this was just over £100 when it was bought but now is around £70.

          Not so good bits?
          The memory is only 2 hours. This is shown on the indicator on the screen and will flash when either battery low or memory running out. The good thing is 2 hours is usually more than a disc would take and is adequate for a day out. Down side is if you are on holiday then if you wish to take a lot of video footage you will need to save your clips daily and delete them from your camera to start fresh each time. Good thing is to save them doesn't take very long at all. You can keep recording until you reach the 2 hour limit then you will need to delete something.

          The usb i find i worry it might get damaged so i use a usb to usb lead to avoid it hanging off the side of my laptop. This is a very minor quibble.

          The bag it comes with is a very small thin cloth bag with a draw string top. I simply bought a mobile phone case which keeps it safe and protected. I still keep it in the cloth bag but nearly a year on its beginning to show lots of wear and tear.

          Finally this is absolutely perfect if you want quick, easy and simple. Just turn on point and shoot, then play or upload and done.

          If you are after technical capability, maximum zoom, night vision and other features then this is not your camcorder. I still keep my other high tech camera for special occasions but for everyday use i carry this everywhere with me because its light and easy to carry and you never know when you might want to catch something on camcorder (with my lot it could be at anytime and it's wonderful to have it to hand and record instantly.)

          The picture quality is not the best but in HD is far better than the original Flipshare. Its still clear and very watchable but not quite as good as a high quality camcorder.

          It's also brilliant for holidays and theme parks as it is so small. I wouldn't feel happy taking a large expensive all singing all dancing camcorder to a theme park or the beach then leaving it on display for someone to notice. This is descreet and durable and perfect for all the fun things we do.

          Overall this is one item i always keep with me at all times and a definite item i would recommend to everyone the smallest most convenient camcorder i know of. The best bit is its also the best christmas present i could have had. Makes a very good gift for adults and older children alike.


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          10.10.2011 19:21
          Very helpful



          Looks good, feels nice, does exactly what it says it does. My only essential item.

          The item comes in a box which is simple packaging. The stick itself has a lid which you remove to find a round silver ball at the end which as it rolls across the skin leaves the liquid which is very similar to foundations i have seen used. You can roll this straight onto the skin below the eye and then blend in using finger tips. There are different shades so use testers to make sure you get the right shade for your skin tone. The effect is it covers over the dark circles under your eyes. It gives the appearance that the skin is lighter and of normal tone and takes the attention away from how tired or worn out you look but if your circles are reasonable dark they will still show through slightly (the result is still worth while even if the dark circles are still there they will be barely visible and nowhere near how they would look normally.) My personal opinion of this item to every woman or girl who has dark circles GET THIS ITEM. It doesnt feel sticky or gloopy when applied, feels very soothing while being put on and doesn't dry the skin once its on. I would not be without this item now i have tried it.

          Why did i try it in the first place?
          I never have and i doubt ever will be a make up person. I tried for years as a youngster to perfect the made up look and nearly always ended up looking worse than when i started. for about 6 years now i have not worn any make up unless it was a special occasion ( i am in my early thirties). Generally i dont have any issue with how i look without make up on i quite like my natural face but there is one big thing that ive always been conscious of. Those HUGE bags under my eyes.

          I do a lot of shift work and i'm always looking tired. A friend of mine was laughing at me one day saying she would make me a "proper" girl when i'd let her have the chance. You can imagine how long i've avoided that for. In the end she gave up trying to convince me but asked me to try at least one item of make up just to see if it makes a difference.

          Reluctantly i took her up on her suggestion and after seeing the television advert for the garnier anti dark circle 2 in 1 caffeine roll on thought why not give it a go then i can tell my friend i had at least tried. I bought the stick which i might add seemed to me very expensive at around £10 but my friends assure me this is not.

          So i took the stick out of the box and followed the instructions which are as simple as you can get. Take off the lid, roll onto the skin beneath your eye where the bags form, and blend in as required. I was so surprised.

          First thing i noticed was how cool it felt against my skin. It actually felt very pleasant and soothing. Then i noticed that it was actually covering the bags under my eyes. I couldn't believe it. I used my finger to gently blend the liquid around the skin where my dark circles had been and the result was remarkable.

          I wouldn't say it got rid of the dark circles completely but it did make me look less like a zombie. The skin felt softer and soothed and the resulting look was that it lightened my skin from the dark colouration of overtiredness and made me look healthier and not as though i'd just finished a 14 day long shift rotation.

          Is it worth it?
          YES. I would recommend this to anyone feeling the effects of dark bags under their eyes. I am still using the original stick it still hasnt run out yet after 3 months and i use it nearly every day (there are still days where i forget but these are always the days i get comments that i look tired by colleagues).

          Things to be careful of?
          There are different shades so use a tester to check the colour that matches your skin tone before you buy. Most high street shops have testers to try. I am very pale in skin colour and the lightest one worked perfectly for me. It says the shade colour on the box. I bought the same one for my friend before realising there were different variations and it looked very obvious she was wearing what looked like bad concealer.

          It has definitely given me my confidence back in how i see myself. Strange for something so small and simple that it makes such a difference to me and my friends views when they see me.

          The only down side to this item was having to admit to my friends that i used and still use what i see as make up item and like it.


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          09.10.2011 12:00
          Very helpful



          good racing game with good tracks and well known characters

          had very high expectations of this game. bought it for myself and the kids to play.

          this is a racing game with the sonic the hedgehog characters. the game itself is playable enough and you get to choose different characters with different vehicles but it left me feeling like i was missing something. there just isnt the excitement and fun ive experienced with other games of a similar nature.

          choose your character based on their skills - speed, acceleration etc. then choose their vehicle - car, air plane etc. in single player mode complete the tracks and win to unlock new tracks to race on. in multiplayer mode race against your friends or computer to see who wins.

          the kids enjoy it but dont play it very often. when i bought it the price was very expensive and far too much for what i felt it was worth, its cost now is far more realistic and its not bad value for money.

          as a game in its own right the race tracks are varied and quite entertaining with lots to see and items to collect on the way to help you win (by cheating of course).

          the wii controls are simple - accelerate, brake and use item. you can use the control on its side or put it into the steering wheel. i prefer just the wii controller but the children prefer the steering wheels.

          the characters on screen are very responsive to any moves you make with the controller.

          if youve bought this game and you love sonic and racing games you will love this. if you have already played mariokart then you may find this one is not your cup of tea. still a very playable game and great for family and friends


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          09.10.2011 11:44
          Very helpful



          best up to date version of the mario brothers available

          this is an up to date game based on the original super mario bros. aim of the game? run through the levels collecting coins to increase your lives, getting power ups to help you defeat enemies, pipes to find new levels and special items to help you fly/turn into a penguin/ shoot fireballs etc.

          still very expensive but in my opinion well worth the money. this can be played with up to 4 players on the same screen although it can get confusing at times when you all want to go in different directions. the children love this game as when we all play together they can pick my character up and throw him down the holes or into the enemies which they find hysterical.

          very very playable. the old favourites are all still there ghosts, plants, turtles etc. the main boss characters at the end of each level are very cool really made us laugh but some are very tricky to defeat.

          we bought this game over a year ago and we still play it a lot even now. you can save the game on the way but sometimes you have to complete 3 or 4 levels in a row before being able to save which on the harder worlds can become frustrating.

          you also have the ability to fly over some distances and ride on yoshi. yoshi adds a great level of fun too as you can eat the enemies then spit them out at other enemies or as the children do eat a turtle then spit it out so it hits my character!!! still very good fun

          even after fully completing this there are loads of bits ive missed out and shortcuts to find so i have replayed it to try and find these.

          its everything youd want and more from a current super mario game and the controls are still as simple and easy as the original - jump and fire and shake the controller to fly.

          another new addition to this game is the penguin suit which im not so keen on but the kids love to get as he throws snowballs and slides along.

          overall excellent game


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        • Just Dance (Wii) / Nintendo Wii Game / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
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          09.10.2011 11:15



          great for parties but not much fun long term

          aim of the game? keep dancing and copy the moves. you can do this in single or mutliplayer mode. its very simple to get started - just select the song you want and copy the moves. i personally found some of the dances quite hard to follow but did become easier in time. all of the songs show their difficulty ratings so you can choose how hard it is before you start. some songs will be more familiar than others. with a group songs like cotton eye joe can be very amusing to participate in and watch others participating. however i found after a go or two it became quite boring and monotonous. played it for a couple of days and havent touched it since.

          good for parties and having a giggle with friends but not really my cup of tea. some of the moves didnt register even though we were copying them to the best of our ability. even the kids got bored of this very quickly.

          Aimed at?
          its a game for everyone but there are only so many dances to take part in.

          yes initially very playable because its different but the novelty wears off very quickly. unless you have a song you really like to dance to it is very boring

          would i recommend it?
          only to people who like particular songs on this game or if you having a party and want a dance off but for general use i wouldnt recommend it


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          09.10.2011 11:04
          Very helpful



          excellent racing game with the super mario bros characters

          such a laugh. racing game with all the classic super mario bros characters. multiplayer or single player available.

          single player mode. first choose you character - all of which are well known from super mario bros. each character has different skills from acceleration to speed etc. decide which one is the best one for you. next choose your car. some look impressive and some are just plain funny (like the baby buggy for toad).
          now you pick your race. the more races you complete in first place the more race tracks you can unlock.
          oh and there is the extra bonus that when you hit the boxes on the race track you get extra items which hinder or stop your oponents as you go.

          multiplayer mode. race against friends or the computer or both or online to friends who also have this game and an internet connection. any tracks opened in the single player mode are now available in the mutliplayer mode. choose your character, choose your car and off you go may the best player win.

          as you improve you can get extra speed boosts by power sliding and high jumps but this does take time and practice and i still havent mastered it fully yet (much to the kids amusement)

          very playable and to me far more fun with a group than in single player mode. definitely a must have for any super mario bros fans. love bowser, yoshi and toad the most. only downside is i cannot play it for too long as some of the tracks are very bright and i find it can make my eyes hurt after a while trying to concentrate on where to go next. the kids dont seem to have this problem. very fun to play but sooooooo frustrating when you get just before the finish line and someone gets you and you lose. the controller is very responsive - the slightest movement moves the character on screen.

          optional extras?
          you can buy a steering wheel which the children find very useful but i couldnt get to grips with. i far preferred holding the wii controller on its side than using the steering wheel

          value for money?
          i would say definitely yes


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        • Sony Ericsson W995 / Mobile Phone / 4 Readings / 3 Ratings
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          09.10.2011 10:26



          best non smart phone ive ever had

          ugraded previously to this phone. had the bright red version which looks great. found it very easy to use and personalise. only problem i found with this phone was i had to get it replaced twice during my 2 year contract as it kept freezing up which became very frustrating. the third handset i had was brill though.

          has a very good camera on it and very easy to use and video is fairly clear. ability to enlarge, edit and zoom in on pictures after taking them.
          video calling which can be expensive but great if you working away from home
          facebook easy to use but may need to keep logging in as sometimes logs you out
          email easy to use once set up but if doesnt automatically set up can be frustrating trying to do it manually
          the music features are simple and work brilliantly, can even shake the phone while hilding the side button to flick through your songs list.
          with a memory card the strorage is superb plus makes it very easy to save pictures and music to and from your laptop (if it has card reader facility or use an adaptor usb stick if not) to avoid having to connect using wires.
          good variety of games available for this phone
          good battery life
          internet can be a bit slow
          contacts can be allocated with picture and ringtone to make quick identification possible. very useful if its in your bag and you want to know who is calling before you dig around and find it.
          gps with orange maps is good but be aware if you rely on it solely it can cut out when it loses signal which in my experience is just at the point you need it most. i found it best to look up the route and keep a written note just in case it cuts off as you near your destination
          these are the main features other than texting and calls.
          screen display not too big or too small.

          overall a very good little phone. small and light weight without being too small to see clearly. only changed phones as bought a smart phone when my contract was ready to upgrade but this is by far the best phone ive had that is not a smart phone.


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          08.10.2011 19:16



          excellent fun for all the family

          so much fun. this is a must have for any family as the characters are all very well known from earlier nintendo games including favourites like sonic the hedgehog, tails, mario, luigi, princess, toad etc. each character has different skills so look at their on screen data, pick your favourite character then follow the on screen instructions to participate in the mario version of the olympic games. these include high jump, relay, swimming, javelin etc, the games are fun and definitely competitive. laughed so much watching wario running. best bit is the more you play the more games you can enter. good fun competing against siblings, parents, friends etc. some challenges seem much harder than others and takes a while to get used to the controls on some of them like the high jump. make sure you keep a clear space around you as there is a very high chance of hitting something as you swing your arms about. even young children can join in with this one and if there lots of you playing keep a video camera to hand as the results both on screen and of the participants can be hilarious. would recommend this to everyone. not a game which you'll play all the time but can become addictive and definitely one for a family night in

          who is this aimed at?
          everyone. no matter how young or old everyone can enjoy this game. great for family use or for a group of friends. can be played alone if you are determined to beat you own high scores but far more entertaining with others.

          ease of use?
          very easy to use. every olympic activity shows you the controls before starting - usually either shaking the wii controller and nunchuck or flicking them at the right moment to achieve the best results

          extras required?
          far better with a nunchuck and a wii controller. not so much fun without and some of the olyympic games require this in order for the game to be played

          cost and value for money?
          as this game has now been out for a while now you can buy this new or pre owned - currently for less than £20. definitely value for money.

          frequency of use?
          initially couldnt put it down. bought it around christmas as everyone on holiday and spent most days trying to outdo each other. once over the initial amusement this game is still very playable


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            08.10.2011 19:11



            love this game. must have for any problem solvers/sleuths

            definitely recommend this one. has been out a long time. was one of the first games i bought for the ds and i still replay it now. love the story line and the fact that if you dont complete it properly the game ends. very addictive couldnt put it down. some parts and puzzles are very obvious while some really take some thinking about. is a bit repetitive in places going back and forth over the same parts. definitely one for adults and older teenagers. very satisfying when you spend a long time working the nex part out then finding you are right. not one for anyone looking for an easy playable game - this takes time and though and not everything is as it seems. can become very irritating when you think you've got the answer only to find its still not solved the puzzle. clear basic graphics. no bright or flashing colours which i personally like


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          • Hamsterz 2 (DS) / Nintendo DS Game / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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            08.10.2011 18:57
            Not Helpful



            overall a great game for children who cannot have pets at home

            this game is great fun. you get to choose your hamsters name and cages and different toys scenarios and settings. very easy to play but only once you know how. easy to pick but does take time to get used to initially and if you dont save it properly your hamsters or items get deleted (not saved) so all your hard work and time is wasted. very good for children over 5 years of age and ideal if you cannot give them a pet and no cleaning up to do. not a game to play all the time as can get quite repetitive and boring. good if you have a child with lots of friends with the same game so they can pair up their ds games. overall definitely one to conisder if you like small pets but look around as the prices can vary for this game very greatly.


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