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    • Daytona @ Mass (London) / Club National / 0 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      15.06.2000 18:56



      I have reached the awkward late twenties age where, when asked by people where I like to go clubbing in London, I reply, “I don’t really go clubbing anymore, house parties are more my thing”. However if I look back on the last 6 months and tally up the times I have been to this excellent club, it probably averages out at about once a month. Am I a regular clubber? Daytona is a monthly night, which I have had the good fortune to stumble into twice. I say stumble because these days, does anyone plan a club night out? I think youngsters and homosexuals do, but I find that for most people it is a spontaneous drunken pub decision. If you get there around 11-12.30, you will probably be in for a queue, as the pubs around this area disgorge their contents into the Brixton night. Fortunately there are a few hidden gems around this area, such as the excellent Cuban Brixtonian Bar, which means you can hold back, down a couple more Mojitos, get even more twisted, and head for mass a little later than the rabble. I’ve never had to queue after 1am. Once you’re in it’s that long spiralling walk up to the cloakrooms, the expectations growing as you pass the dance floors on the way up. The staircase spirals through the building without going through the dance areas, so you won’t have to wrestle your way across the dance floor to check your coat in. Right now you’re ready to boogie. There are two dance floors, one is characterised by the balconies overlooking a sunken ‘mosh pit’, and the other more brightly lit with a stage. The ‘mosh pit’ generally has harder tunes, and the stage room more housey numbers. I find that as soon as you bore of one, you slip on through to the other, and it seems to be exactly what you needed. Watch out for yourself saying to your fellow masher “Wow, this is a great tune, do you remember this one, I love this tune…etc”
      One time that I was in Daytona, they had this awesome painter in the ‘stage’ room, he started with this blank canvas, and then proceeded to paint this really fucked up psychedelic face thing, it was well trippy man! I don’t know if this arty thing is a regular feature of the Daytona, but it is consistent with the slightly bohemian feel to the place. On the subject of art, there are two chill out rooms off the passageway that joins the two dance floors, where you can finely hone your rolling talents, me I prefer to get sit on the stage, and get chuffed up watching all the bambinos shaking their booties. Respect y’all


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