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      20.11.2011 17:18
      Very helpful



      About a magician discovering their powers and people trying to help her. Brilliantly written

      The Magician's Guild.

      Note: I am trying not to give away too much of the storyline at the start, if it becomes too confusing or vague then please let me know and I'll edit as necessary.

      This a story of two separate cultures intertwining after the accidental discovery of young girl possessing the gift of magic. Once a year the King "cleans out" the city, where the lower classes are forced from their temporary homes of that year back into the slums. This is known as The Purge, and as a ritual, those who live in the Slums tend to throw things such as rocks and rotten fruit/veg at the Magicians who are there to make sure nobody gets hurt, whilst protecting themselves with a magically enforced shield.
      It is during The Purge that somebody with magical potential is discovered. The young person who discovers their magic is so scared and shocked at finding themselves in possession of the powers of the "enemy" that they run. The start of the book follows the young magician from the perpectives of both the Magicians, who are trying to get the young magician into their Guild, or at least catch up with the youngster so that they don't cause harm to themselves or to others, and from the perspective of the said youngster.

      The plot of The Magician's Guild has been said to be predictable. However, in my personal opinion I don't think it is overly so. There are places where it needs to be predictable or there would be no continuation of the story. Therefore I would say the predictability of the book is a good point.
      I found that, although The Magician's Guild is part of a trilogy, it has the potential of itself being 2 books. There is so much that happens, and so much excitement and tension that you are surprised, when, looking back, how much material the book actually covers.

      The two main characters I would consider to be Sonea and Rothen. These two characters are explored very well, and you feel for them both at different times, and you understand their reasoning for their polar-opposite opinions. Canavan writes the first instalment of her Black Magician Trilogy with perfect clarity and precision. Being set in a completely fictional world, it is necessary to make sure that she describes the setting sin perfect detail. I believe this is done, and sitting here now writing this I can picture the Guild grounds, the Slums and other areas with perfect clarity thanks to the in-depth descriptions of Canavan.

      Whilst being serious in some parts, the book is balanced by the amusing anecdotes of other characters, especially those of Dannyl and Cery. These too are big characters, and it's not until later in the series that you see just how big. It is from this that I say my next point: although found in the young teens section often, this book is suitable for adults too. In fact I have owned this trilogy for 5 years, I have read it 8 times in that time, and am currently rereading it for a second time in this actual year.

      Being a completely fictional piece of writing, you would expect unfamiliar words, such as names of animals. Luckily, I found that Canavan used these words in such a precise context that it didn't matter you had never heard them before, you knew roughly what it was on about. However, it wasn't until after I had read the book that I noticed it contained the glossary, so it didn't affect me, but it could be helpful for those who may get a bit stressed over the unfamiliar words.

      It has the potential of being compared to, inevitably, Harry Potter. However, I couldn't compare these two books. Even though they were both written by women, and they are suitable and enjoyable to both adults and children alike, I find that the two books are separates, where the only noticeable comparisons are Harry and Sonea being orphans (although Sonea being an orphan is not drawn out in the slightest, which makes it a positive over H.P although I do understand that Harry's being an orphan is a major factor to Harry Potter series.) and that both stories contain magic. The magic portrayed in this book is portrayed in almost a poetic way, which I much prefer than the thoughts of chanting random words that happen to cause certain effets.

      Overall, I would highly recommend this book and if you enjoy it, then carry on with the trilogy, no doubt you'd feel you'd HAVE to. And upon finishing them, read further into Canavan's works. They are truly brilliant.
      One negative point I would make it that you're not completely sure of how to picture Sonea in terms of age, sometimes it seems as though she is very mature and others it seems as though she i very young. However, i have put this down to her background.


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      04.10.2011 19:58
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      see advantages.

      when you first move in on your own/ first move in with a boy/girl friend you are most likely to forget about what are basically the basics of electricals; iron, microwave, vacuum etc.

      The first place me and my boyfriend didn't need a vac as there was already one there. So when we suddenly had to move to a new place, we didn't think about needing to buy a new one until all of our budget was basically spent, especially as we had already spent all of the insurance money on kitting out the rest of the new place.

      So we went to a supermarket (cant remember which one) and found this vacuum for about £40!! It looked sleek, colourful and compact.plus it was cheap! aha.

      It says it is able to get up dog and cat hairs, and not having those pets, I wouldn't know, but my long hair falls out all the time (my boyfriend is ALWAYS complaining about it), and it managed to get that up pretty good.

      It is pretty simple to empty, but i would advise to do a trial run (before using the vacuum) as the first time emptying it is pretty tricky and i ended up spilling the contents all over the floor, so obviiosly had to re-vac it all up! But once you know how, you know how.

      the on/off switch is quite big, about 10 cm long and 5 cm wide. This is a really big advantage as you dont even need to bend down to turn it down as you could just press it with your foot. The same goes for the power-lead-retraction button, there;s no faffing with a wind up button/dial and you could step on it to make the lead pull back in quickly. the lead also extends quite far out, it has a yellow peice of tape on it to warn you when it is going to run out and stop extending, it then has a peice of red tape to tell you when it cant extend anymore.

      the noise is just what you would expect from a vacuum, if you have a hamster it will scare them so put them in a different room to where you are vacuuming.

      It has a large pole (as can be seen in the display picture) so you can stand whilst vaccuming. However, to get close to the skirting boards i would recommend that you take off the pole and go on your hands and knees to be able to get the last bits.

      there is a special attachment for the animal hairs.
      it has hepa filters.
      Overall, i would say this is a really good peice of equipment, it is a lot better than any of the fancy-dancy ones that my parents or family use, espcially as it is quite small so fits in the parts of my poky little flat.


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    • Maybelline Falsies Mascara / Make Up / 19 Readings / 18 Ratings
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      04.10.2011 18:52
      Very helpful
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      it is easy to remove, it lasts a long time, it isn;t expensive. it looks good.,

      I've used quite a few mascaras in my time. This is the only one that i have chosen to stick with.

      For the first few applications, quite a lot of the actual mascara comes out on the brush. Rather than moan about it, like a few people have in their reviews for this product, the problem can be resolved by simply wiping the brush along the opening of the mascara tube.
      Due to there being so much fluid inside, Maybelline Falsies Mascara lasts AGES! I use mine between 4 and 7 days a week and I've had it for nearly a year!!
      On their website it claims:
      "* False lash glam, instantly!
      * Patented Spoon Brush fans out lashes from corner-to-corner and together with our Pro-Keratin formula, instantly build up to 3x more volume.
      * Suitable for contact lens wearers.
      * Also available in Waterproof ."

      I have long eyelashes, and they're quite straight, so the length wasn't really noticeable. After applying this I immediately noticed a change in my eyelashes, they instantly became more "distinguished". I wouldn't say they are made to look like false lashes, but to me this is a lot better as I personally think fake lashes look cheap and tacky.
      I agree mostly with the second bullet point, the fact that the brush "fans out lashes from corner-to-corner" allows the eyes to be given a wider, more outstanding look. However, i disagree with it building 3x more volume, but they covered their steps by saying "up to..." which I do agree with as they actually do give 2x more volume.
      Not being a contact lens wearer, I wouldn't know whether it is suitable for them, but I've said in the Speccific Criteria that it sometimes irritates my eyes, but that is only because I have not wiped it off properly before reapplying it, all because I am too tired before bed, or because in the morning I'm in too much of a rush to get out of the house. so it's down to my own doing that it ""sometimes"" irritates my eyes.

      As for it being also available in Waterproof, it is not needed to buy it especially in waterproof as if it gets wet it will not just start streaming down your face. However, if you are in a ""reaaaaally"" wet, and wipe your face, you will get it on your hands and cheeks.

      Often, i only have to apply one coat of this on and voilà! Volume! However, when it starts to run out, don't just chuck it, it still lasts a long time after, but you will need to invest in a eyelash curler to get the extra looking length. Also, it will take a couple of coats to be able to get the desired look for your lashes. It also doesn't start to clump up as it starts to dry out.
      Removal of this product is pretty simple, obviously the more coats you put on the quicker it is to remove.
      I've also never had to reapply my mascara whilst wearing it.

      at one of the more reasonably priced mascaras, i would definitely recommend this to a friend


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        19.09.2011 22:28



        Absolutely amazing food! Brilliant staff. Everything about it was perfect.

        I've been told that my review didn't give any idea of what the food is. The only way to sum it up would be to say: Thai food is very similar to Chinese food, but tastier. And unlike Chinese restaurants over here, who cook for western tastes and not as they'd cook in China, Thai food is cooked as you'd usually find in Thailand.

        ** So now onto the actual review: **

        I love Thai Orchid. I walked past there once a week for two years and i never went in there, but always wanted to because it smelt fantastic; very aromatic, where the smell alone would make your mouth water.

        Then one year my boyfriend and I went in there and we were both blown away.

        The surroundings and the atmosphere in the restaurant were lovely, the service was very warm and friendly and the food was sublime.
        The decoration consisted of mainly wooden pieces, everyone of which were intricately hand-crafted. They were on the walls and if, for some reason, you ran out of small talk, you could easily get absorbed into the pictures and become amazed by the detail, accuracy and care that had been put into them. Similar details are found on the table top.
        As I said, the service was very warm. They were willing to answer any of our questions about their food, their culture, and they also talked to us a little bit, as if they were trying to get to know us personally.
        The place has light music in the background, I say light because it isn't obtrusive, you can talk at a normal volume and if you wish to talk quietly you can, and will be able to hear each other perfectly.
        I've never seen it extremely busy, but that is a lot better than having it massively crowded.
        However, there are a lot of tables in the place and they range from big circled tabled that accommodate 8-10 people to small ones that accommodate 2 people. I would ring up or walk in a few days before if you definitely want a space,just in case it is busy as they do take bookings.

        The restaurant is only on one floor, and the tables are spaced out and not pushed up right close together, and so I would assume it is ideal for disabled people, but not being, or not knowing anyone who is, disabled I wouldn't know.

        * The food: *
        The drinks are expensive but it's the perfect place for a lovely night out with a spouse or even with a group of friends, the food is well worth the money, coming in at around £26 per person with two drinks each and 3 course.
        And the dessert Cart: WOW!!! just....WOW!!!
        I don't remember what was on there but mainly because there was so much to choose from, we asked to have a bit of two different puddings each and we were basically given a whole portion of both for the same price as one, so if you have a sweet tooth then brilliant!
        Although, the second time we went we asked for less and they were perfectly willing to do so.

        I don't know if they cater for people with allergies, as I don't suffer from any so I wouldn't've needed to ask, but they were so friendly that if you asked for it to be cooked without some sort of ingredient then they'd most likely be willing to do so, unless it would compromise the food itself.

        The menu itself is very large. It is split into different categories, starters, mains, and sides. The mains themselves are split into different meat groups; chicken, beef, duck etc, just as you'd find on a Chinese or Thai takeout menu.

        Thai Orchid is the best thing to do with the town of Rugby, even their toilets are pristine and comfortable. I would recommend it to anybody! After visiting there, i have fallen in love with Thai food :D


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          19.09.2011 22:14
          Very helpful



          Completely brilliant.

          I remember the first time I read this book about 6 years ago, I couldn't put it down. Since then I have re-read it 6 (at least) times and never get sick of it. Even though I know what is going to happen, I still want to not be busy so I can keep reading it.
          I do agree with some other people that the characters aren't very deep, although that only really applies to tone of the characters; Frannie. This can be excused for the fact that Patterson gives a deep insight for 11 year-old Max, where he doesn't write as if she's younger than he says or then tried to make her too much older.

          It is also quite clichéd in some ways, but doesn't distract from the originality of the story, and it is because of the uniqueness of the storyline that I am still hooked, and still call it my favourite book to read.

          Beware: may be spoilers!
          The storyline is about a "school", which is actually later implied to be a government organisation, which experiments on human beings, trying to make the "superhuman". The main focus is permitting humans to fly, however further on it allows insight into other experiments on them.
          It is not told from the point of view of only one character, but from the point of view of 3 of the main characters and then sometimes from those who perform the experiments. This makes it so that it's not biased and actually makes you connect to the story even more.

          This story is heart-warming and unlike others authors who may have wrote stories like this, doesn't go into too much scientific reasoning or complicated language to make the reader feel lost. #
          I repeat; it allows you to feel more connected to the characters and to the events that unfold.

          As far as recommending the author, James Patterson, I would definitely. This was the first book of his that I had read and I enjoyed it so much that I went ahead and borrowed a few more. This is one of his bests, but if you enjoy this, then I would recommend the Lake House (the sequel to When the Wind Blows), and the Alex Cross series.

          Likewise, if you enjoyed the Alex Cross books, I would recommend this book.


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          19.09.2011 22:11
          Very helpful



          brilliant food. brilliant instructions. Top guy!

          All you need to do with this book is to flick through the pages and you will immediately see food that you will take a fancy to.
          And then you think to yourself, oh well he's a top chef he knows how to resent it, he has the money for special effects to be put on food that may not look brilliant in real life, he has equipment that we don't necessarily have... blahblahblahblah.

          Just refer back to the title of this review: helps around kitchen as well as just simple cooking.
          He explains it step by step; what you need to do, when it needs to be done in accordance to the rest of the recipe and how to do it.
          It has helped me to be organised whilst cooking, and trust me I needed it! When cooking a simple lasagne, my kitchen used to look like 3 bombs had hit it, and just using his simple tips from other recipes, it has helped it to be a lot tidier, cleaner and more organised (granted tidying still needs to be done after, but you can't completely change a person can you?! )

          Now I have finished talking about how it helps in the kitchen, back to the "simple cooking" part. His recipes don't use extremely expensive ingredients, and he doesn't go perform miracles by making fresh pasta, pastries, anything else that some home cookers think they maybe should do. No, he buys readymade pastry cases for his deserts, he buys lasagne sheets from the supermarkets.
          A lot of the time, the recipes are literally slap-dash recipes; whack such-and-such in a pan/oven for a few mins, whilst that's cooking do this, and/or whilst this is marinating do that.
          It makes the thought and making of a 3-course meal exciting, non-stop but stress free.

          However, (yes, there is ALWAYS a however with this sort of thing), don't be disappointed if you can't finish it all within 30 minutes, he actually says that in part of the book himself. A few things may be new to you so it may take longer because of that. Or you may just not be used to doing 3 courses at once, in this case just start off with one or two of the courses and do another one later on in the day/night or even another day so you can get the hang of the trickier recipes before joining them all together.
          A MASSIVE help would be to search for his programs, and see if he has actually "performed" that particular recipe on his channel 4 show. This helped to boost my confidence that I could actually do it, as you actually see him prepare everything fresh and it flows perfectly. Also think; those shows were supposed to last half an hour, but with the 5 minute breaks in the middle (well here in the uk anyway, I'm not sure about anywhere else) and the chatting at the end, it is really a 25 minute recipe.
          It also helped to see how he did something in particular, and then if you're thinking you've been doing it wrong, it could show you the correct way, or even an alternative way of doing it.


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          19.09.2011 22:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          the only thng bad about it is that food can be pricey

          first came across the joy of a Café Nero in the small town of Rugby. I was recommended by a friend to have their hot chocolate. We had it to go, and with fresh whipped cream on top. It was delicious!
          Unlike other coffee shops I have visited before and after that time, this hot chocolate was what it said on the tin: hot and chocolatey; I hate drinking a hot chocolate that is luke warm, an enjoyable thing about it is being able to nurse it.

          Suffice to say, it doesn't just sell hot chocolate! It has many a cold drink, their own fruit drinks, regular soft drinks and iced coffees. Nero also sells a selection of different coffees and teas. It has its own pasta, sandwich and wrap selection. It has a selection of pastries and cakes on offer. It also sells biscuits and chocolates.
          Before visiting Nero, I had never tried a latte or even a chai latte. The former because I wasn't a coffee drinker, and the latter because I didn't have any idea what it would be like. Nowadays, before an exam I make sure I have a cup of Nero's latte (if I'm tried) as it is the perfect thing to wake me up and it is really tasty too. And the Chai latte is perfect for a cold winter day accompanied with a succulent winter-y dessert (yes just my own excuse to be able to indulge in naughty things! ).

          The customer service I have always found to be remarkable (even in Rugby!), I've visited every Nero in Nottingham, (obviously) the one in Rugby, and one in York. Every time I have been in one, the staff have been friendly and willing to help with anything, they don't feel the need to rush you in making a decision if you aren't sure what you want, and they don't mind if you sit in there with one drink for two hours whilst revising (yes, that's what I did, every Thursday for 2 months as an exam-time treat).
          In everyone that I have gone to, they always make sure that they thank you for your custom as they leave.
          They are never just standing around doing nothing; cleaning, tidying, serving, checking on the toilets.
          The music creates a perfect ambience for relaxation, I often go just to sit and read a book if I've had a tough day and want to escape for a while, or if I want an excuse to have their shortbread! It is never too loud so that you can't hear what your friends are saying. The decorations are not too dark or imposing, and this helps to give a light feel to the rooms and helps you feel more comfortable.

          The place is always clean and unless it is extremely busy, in which case the staff can be excused, there is always a clear table, or a table being cleared for you to sit at.
          The price is not extortionate but it is not relatively cheap either, but going to any other decent coffee shop would still put a whole in your pocket/purse/wallet. I like the use of their loyalty card; get it stamped once for each drink that they personally brew or mix and you get a stamp, collect 9 and you get a free 10th drink!

          For all the reasons stated above, I would always be willing to pay the price that Nero is currently selling their produce; their food and drinks are tasty, their staff are warm and welcoming, and the atmosphere is perfect for any occasion, the accommodation and facilities are clean and tidy unless really busy. I could not say the same sentence about any other cafe that I have been in to, even one of the most well known ones in York, Betty's.
          the only negative is that the prcies for the actual food may be a bit too much, but it is a nice treat sometimes as the food is usually very tasty. and actually stops me spending money on food i don't necessarily need!!


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            19.09.2011 22:06
            Very helpful



            really dislied them

            beware, this contains a few spoilers so don't read unless you're willing to find our bits you may not want to know

            I don't understand how lovers of the books rave so much about these movies?!
            There are so many flaws that don't need to be in it, where things have been taken out that are vital in creating the atmosphere or the need for emotion. Where extra unnecessary things are put in for the use of special effects that I personally find to detract from the storyline.
            Don't get me wrong, I do love the books and I do know that there are some plot holes in Rowling's actual writing.

            The acting of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson is not something I find to be believable in many of the films, but in the final one they have got better. Rupert Grint has just got exceptionally better and better throughout the course of each movie. Where, Watson's character Hermione, is the rope that binds the trio together , I found that the actual acting of Grint made it bearable to be watched; he bought the character or Ron Weasley to life through his perfect way of creating humour, emotion and seriousness in different ways.
            Whereas one of the few times when Hermione and Harry were bought together was when they were about to kiss in the first part of The Deathly Hallows. However, this ruined the scene for me as it was nowhere supposed to happen, Harry even says it himself "I love her like a sister", whey the HELL would they kiss?
            In all of the films, I found that they adults were by far the best actors, as they should be when they were huge stars in other films too. However, I found that in the final film , there was something lacking in all of their performances. Except Alan Rickman's portrayal of Severus Snape. Rickman is known to play the bad guys in many films, and in this one he doesn't fail. He pulls of the role of the sneering, disgusted, nasty teacher perfectly.
            The character of Neville Longbottom, played by Matthew Lewis, really grew in this final movie, it gave a great tribute to the character that Neville had become in the novels. The only thing I had a problem with was where they had added something about him being "mad for Luna", why not make something like that implied, rather than trying to force comedy in at bits where it was meant to be panicky.

            The thing that most ticked me off about the final film was that Harry and Voldermort were able to suddenly feel the horcruxes being destroyed.
            1) This didn't happen in the book!
            2) This didn't happen in the other films leading up to it!
            3) It didn't happen in the book because he wasn't supposed to know that his horcruxes had been destroyed, feeling that much pain, he would have noticed and searched to make sure nothing had happened to the parts of his soul!
            As for creating emotion, don't get me wrong, I love a good cry to a book or a movie, and I have cried many a time whilst reading (and re-reading) the Harry Potter books, but in this final film I felt nothing, except the amusement at Ron at some of the things he says. But the main parts of the book that gave anyone reason to cry; Fred Weasley's death, the way Hagrid felt at carrying the dead Harry to everyone, the noticing of the deaths of Lupin and Tonks, the scene with Harry and Dumbledore (and a few others I can't think of now), were all skipped over or missed out. Instead to be replaced by scenes just to show off the use of the computer , for example, where Voldemort and Harry are flying through the sky pulling each other's faces off after Harry said "Let's finish it how it started, together!", or when Hermione and Ron are practically dancing around the snake, when they didn't need to be, as it was a main part for the character of Neville to actually kill the snake. It would have been a lot more dramatic if it happened as it did in the book; Neville killing snake at same time as Harry jumping out of Hagrids arms (rather than doing a pathetic roll like he accidentally fell) and then Harry covering Neville with the cloak.
            Also, in my personal opinion, it was a major plot flaw not to show the significance of all of Voldermort's spells just missing everyone because the dying of Harry meant that he had cast the protection spell over them all like his mother had done to him all those year ago.

            I'm sorely disappointed in all of the films, bits were missed where they shouldn't have been, and added where they shouldn't have been. I'm also sorely disappointed in Rowling for allowing such changes to be made; shouldn't she have seen just how significant some of the points were?
            I think instead of making the novels into films, they should have been made into a once-a-week television series like Charmed, where bits aren't missed out and people can see the characters grow like they were seen to do in the books.

            As for the end where they needed to age the youngsters by 19 years, the only person who looked older was Ginny Weasley, the others were somehow made to look shorter than they had in the past but nothing else indicated their aging except their clothes, except Ron who I think was made to have a bald patch but I'm not entirely sure if I'm remembering that correctly.

            I wouldn't recommend these films to anybody else, where as I would definitely recommend the books.
            I will always remember watching them, just purely for the disappointment I had in watching them.
            as for the others by the same director part, I havent seen other films by that director, so I can't comment.


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          • Durex Play Tingle / Sexual Health / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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            19.09.2011 22:02



            Not tingly at all.

            urex Play Tingle seemed at first glance to be one of the easiest things to help spice things up in the bedroom, only it wasn't all that brilliant.

            As soon as my boyfriend put it on me it felt warm, which was pleasurable, but he had to put quite a bit of it on just to make it a little bit tingly, and the only effect it had on me was needing a wee!
            The "tingly" sensation lasted for about 2 minutes, and suffice to say, was a major disappointment.
            My boyfriend said that he didn't feel much and then we had to apply loads to him, only to have it hurt him!

            It has a minty taste and very pungent minty smell.
            it is very sticky and can be messy.
            i liked the fact it had a squirty bit on the bottle so you didnt have to squirt a load of it onto your hand first


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            19.09.2011 21:41
            Very helpful



            nothing wrong with it, as long as you put the right amount on.

            I never used to use concealer, the only make up i ever wore was eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.
            But a couple of years ago i got sick and tired of doing my eye make up only to have it look rubbish because i had dark circles under my eyes.

            So i walked into boyd shop and bought my usual eyeshadows from there, and was told there was an offer on ( i think it was spend a certain amount and get cheapest free or something), as i was apprehensive about buying it as i'd never used it and it seemed quite expensive at £14 a pop, i decided to go for it.
            I asked the helpful assistant in the shop what would be the best, she actually told me to sit down and she would put it on for me (maybe it was obvious i was a noob?), she did and it looked good, so i bought it!
            i continued using the same one until it ran out.
            The bonus with the applicator for this is that even if you think it has ran out, you can still separate the white plastic bit with the brush on from the clear plastic bit (i will try and add photos later if i get the chance) and then actually use the brush to get more out of it, by doing this trick i was able to get 4 more uses out of it!

            The first couple of ones i had of these was the number 2, when i last went to get it they didnt appear to be selliing it, but i was given a mini-makeover again with the number 4.
            The number 4 is by far the best as it worked even better! and got rid of every dark patch under there.

            I like that you can twist it to get more of the concealer out ot it. i like that it is just plain silver, it makes it less liekly to get mistaken for anything else in my make up bag.
            The only draw back is that when you first use a new one, it can take a while for it puch enough of the concealer through the brush, and often it comes out with too much so you either over-apply or end up wasting it.

            It is easy to apply, either using the brush on the end, a separate make up brush or your fingers. It comes off easily, but seems to be tear-resistant , haha.
            overall, an extraordianry product, i'm glad i finally tried it!


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            19.09.2011 21:35
            Very helpful



            good for the price.

            I love Tresemme products, and so when i first wanted to try out dry shampoo i went straight to their range.

            I got up for work one morning and had about half an hour to get showered, dressed and have my brekkie, and with having such long and thick hair as i do, washing my hair was out of the question so just had enough time to shower my body. My hair was in desperate need of it, so i just applied the dry shampoo as instructed, sprayed it on my hair (not too close) left it for a couple of minutes whilst i prepared breakfast, and then brushed it whilst eating my breakfast (multitasking eh? :p )
            The difference was instantaneously noticeable. It lifted my hair from being lank, and gave it body as well as actually making it look clean. it didn't leave any unpleasant streaks in my hair, and actually smelt quite nice, which was unexpected. i was expecting to smell like hair spray or something!

            My friend had used it twice in a row, and that was a mistake. it made it lank and still looked greasy.
            So, i would definitely recommend using it, but make sure you wash your hair between washes!
            it's easy to apply, just spray it on your hair, leave it for a couple of minutes and then brush it through.
            If you have thick hair like me i would recommend standing upright and spraying it on top and then bending over and spraying the underneath of your hair too!

            You can gt it from most stores, the last time i bought it was from Morrisons (i infact got the green one as they didnt sell this yellow one, but it works exactly the same)
            I have also got it from Boots and Superdrug,
            it was near to £5, if i remember correctly.
            Edit your review


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            19.09.2011 21:34
            Very helpful



            Excellent product

            every winter my lips get incredibly sore so i used to have to buy chapsticks, i would spend a lot of money on them as they're easy to actually lose doh!
            but these chapsticks, although sometimes smelling (and so tasting) quite nice, didn't really work.
            So i decided to switch to vaseline.
            At £1.09 a pot from boots, it seemed very expensive for me and i hoped it would actually help.

            after using it for the first time, my lips were hydrated immediately.
            It helped with the cracking and helped to sooth the bits that had already cracked and were on the verge of cracking.
            It also gives you lips a lovely shine and makes them look healthy.
            so for lip treatment, Vaseline is a definite!
            As i said in the title, it has many uses, i often use it as a lip-gloss substitute as i find lip glosses are just too sticky on my lips.
            I also use it on my eyelids to make myself look a bit more awake if i cba to put actual eyeshadow on.

            I also put it on as a base under my regular eyeshadow. This works extremely well as the eyeshadow stays on ALL day.
            However, if you are a regular eye-rubber then dont wear this as a base under eyeshadow, otherwise it will wipe off straight away, but if you dont rub your eyes alot then this is an advantage as at the end of the night it is then easy to rub off your eye-makeup!
            the main thing i use Vaseline for is for when i am dying my hair.
            As me and my fellow hair-dyers know, home hair dying often results in the hair dye getting on out skin (face., neck, ears) and then that ends up with us scrubbing vigorously at our skin with whatever we can lay our hands on.
            However, by applying this vaseline to your hair line, your neck, your ears and anywhere else you tend to get hair dye stuck to, BEFORE applying your hair dye to your hair, it allows you to then be hair-dye-on-the-skin-free oce you have washed your hair.

            all in all Vaseline is a versatile and brilliant invention and i would definitely recommend it to anyone.
            I even went out and bought a few extras to put in my regular bags so that i didnt actually lose it! and had ti to hand if i ever had a sudden fit of lip-sorness.
            You wont even need to reapply until after a few hours!


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            19.09.2011 21:26
            Very helpful



            cuts time in shower washes off whilst you're in shower. sponge that comes with it isn't very good;

            Tired of spending that extra 15-20 minutes in the shower just because you need to shave? Wish there was something that would work whilst you wash your hair?

            Then you come across this (or something like this) where you apply it to your legs as soon as you've wet them, leave it on for a few minutes and wipe it off, and voilà! you have smooth hair free legs.
            Hmmm, if only it was so simple!
            Now, don't get me wrong, it gets most of the hair off of your legs, but it the odd bits, and they're always in clumps. At least this way, it's easier to shave the remaining hair away. so it still cuts down the time in the shower, you;d still be in there for a little bit longer than non-shaving days.

            Also, the instructions say that you dont need to worry about getting water on the cream as it won't wash away: how wrong this is, i find myself having to keep bending down and reapplying it, and these spots aren;t the bits i have to manually shave later on! which is actually slightly confusing :p

            With other Veet Hair Removal creams, you get a peice of plastic that is supposed to help with application of the cream and then the removal of the cream and hair.
            With this one you get a sponge with the two different textures for the two different jobs.. Personally, I would recommend you use the plastic "razor" as the side of the sponge for the cream application sucks up most of the cream and so a lot of it gets wasted.
            The side that you use to remove the cream and hair really hurt my legs, and in order for the hair to be removed, you had to scrub very hard, and this caused my legs to hurt a lot after.

            It lasts for quite a while, and so i consider it good for money in that it isnt too expensiveThis review sounds very up-and-down. but to sum it up:
            cuts time in shower
            washes off whilst you're in shower.
            sponge that comes with it isn't very good; use plastic razor from past products
            cheaper than other products

            (also on Ciao)


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          • The Lake House (DVD) / DVD / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
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            18.09.2011 20:53
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            a romance, with a twist.

            Brief overview: I thoroughly enjoyed this film, I loved the twist at the end, and could see how there are any different endings that would be possible in this film. If you are a person who watches a film just for plot holes, don't watch this as I watched it for a second time just now and only noticed one flaw, and I was able to over-look it. The acting is extremely well done; the characters are portrayed really well and it is not a clichéd romantic film that I personally don't like. It's a teart jerker and has your emotions going up and down.
            If you enjoy a film with a twist, I would definitely recommend, the rest of the review goes into more detail and gives a few spoilers.

            The Lake House is, above anything else, a romance; a story of love. Questioning whether it possible for love to literally stand the test of time.

            With two exceptional actors, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, the film is more than just a storyline that is made into moving pictures, but the viewer feels aas though it is real life, and gets them sucked in and making them both sympathise and empathise with the characters.

            Bullock, playing the leading feminine role of Kate, gives an excellent portrayal of a lonely lady, somebody who has let herself push everybody away and stop herself from having close relationships and so has landed up living alone with her dog for company. She then grows into a stronger character, showing us how her relationships grow as she makes a group of friends and gets back into a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Simon who is played by Christopher Plummer.
            Reeves, playing the leading male role of Alex, plays the role very well, but doesn't seem to deviate from his previous roles in other movies. His voice has the same almost monotone feel to it, and rarely ever lets emotion into his voice. However, when it comes to playing a high-emotional scene, such as when his father dies and Alex is looking through his father's memoirs, you are made to feel as though he is truly sad, and you just want to jump into the screen and give him a big cuddle!
            I mentioned Plummer playing a side-role. His character is important in Kate's role, but on his own he is not needed. This is made clear by the fact that the directors/screenwriters of the film decide not to have him appear a lot in the film itself. His acting is good, where he gives the perfect impression of a man who does things for his own benefit, and doesn't really think of anybody else.

            As mentioned above, The Lake House is a romance film. It starts with Kate, a doctor, leaving her new home and Alex, an architect, appearing to move into it sometime later. It then moves forward through their lives, where Alex discovers a letter in the mailbox addressed to "The new tenant" with Kate leaving an address for him to forward any of her mail that may be delivered to him accidentally. It mentions paw prints in front of the house and a box in the loft, and when he goes to check there aren't any foot prints and isn't a box there. It is later that he is painting something out of the front of his house and a stray dog runs across the porch and leaves front prints, that the intrigue starts.
            It is when they tell each other the dates of where they are that they discover they are communicating over some sort of time-loop, where he is living precisely two years before she is. Despite this time-loop they get close to each other, and fall in love. Alex leads her on a walk on a Saturday morning, via a map he posts in the letterbox (which is their letter time-portal) where he has put numbers to indicate his favourite places in the city, and it has a running commentary as if they are talking to each other there and then. This scene gives an even more romantic feel to the film, and gives you and even deeper connection to the viewer.
            They decide to meet in person, for the day after in Kate's time, and what would be two years later in Alex's time, this is even more special because the viewer gets to see how Kate is reluctant as it would mean that Alex would have to wait and conversely how alex is eager even though he would have to wait two years. What happens from then propels the story along a quicker route. The story up until this point had been relaxed but not slow. It had progressed to allow them to tell each other about themselves at a realistic pace, allowing for breaks where Kate wouldn't've been able to reach the communication point of the Lake House because of her busy doctor shifts.
            As I have mentioned, Alex is an architect and Kate is a doctor. Now, in many films the main male role is an architect, and the female role is a doctor, just to give the impression of somebody who is clever or is a high-achiever. However in The Lake House the two roles are important in the plot, so I applaud and appreciate the use of the two careers.

            Throughout the film you are wanting them to get together, you are waiting for their first kiss, for their declaration of love to one another, and to see where it will all go from there. What will be the outcome?
            The soudtrack is very moving and reinforces your eagerness for the characters to get together. After watching it for the second time I also saw how it relates perfectly to both what has already happened and what is still to happen in the film
            I won't give any more spoilers as anything else I say about the actual plot will give everything away, and I really do want you to watch the film after reading this film. However, like I have said in the brief overview at the top of this review, I will say that there is one plot hole but it is easily overlooked and i would beg of you to not let it ruin the film so don't look out for it. I will also repeat that there are many endings that are plausible and I love the ending that is given.


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              03.09.2011 23:54



              Doesn't work, and hurts to remove the left over wax!

              For me, this product is an absolute no!

              I first used it a year ago. I followed the instructions to a tee, and it didn't work; I rubbed the strips between my hands to warm them up, as it said to do, i applied it to a part of my leg in the direction of the growth of my hairs, i pressed it down and pulled the strip away against the growth of the hair.
              The hair that the strip was applied to was not pulled out at all, not one single strand.
              The only result was sticky horrible wax being left over my leg.
              I then used the wipes that were provided with it to try and remove the left-over wax, and was extremely unsuccessful!
              i was expecting a lot of pain with pulling hairs out (which, being expected, was welcome), however the only pain i got was from scrubbing and scrubbing at the bits with the sticky wax all over it!

              Now, you may say that I'd only tried it once and maybe i should try it again, but i did that, about a month after the previously mentioned episode. And still came out with the same result! so was pretty miffed!

              However, recently i decided to do it again, thinking that maybe it was the pack that i used at the time which had a problem, but i only got the same results!
              Maybe i'm doing it wrong? but if i am then it is only because the instructions are rubbish!

              in my opinion, this is a waste of time and i'd rather have to shave my legs every day than use this again!


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