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      11.02.2011 22:54
      Very helpful



      Health Grill

      My family have always had every healthy appliance possible. My mom always seems to habe the family on a diet even though we eat healthily anyway and so we have always had a George Foreman grill.

      As a teenager this was something I couldn't live without. You always feel so much better when you know you've cooked your mixed grill or fry up using the grill (even though you know you should be eatting porridge or salad instead but you just can't help yourself). When I decided to head off to uni I got given a budget for any appliances I might need and just as I came to buy my George Foreman I realised I didn't have enough money.

      Shock Horror!! it seemed that I would have to use a value brand instead... how on earth would I cope?

      Well quite well actually.

      I brought my tesco health grill on offer for £12 about a year ago and I assume that the price is pretty much the same now.

      -- Looks--
      Now I know looks aren't everything but being a girl I like to have things that I use everyday being quite pretty. This just isn't the case, the grill is plain white with a red light and green light on top. The inside is black with the grilling ridges... but really what on earth did I expect from a budget brand.

      As I said before I have always been used to a George Foreman which is just brilliant and will cook chicken, steak, sausages etc to perfection. The first thing I decided to cook using my grill was a cooked breakfast to thank my mom and dad for helping me move in. Now I can normally cook 6 rashers of bacon, 3 sausages and mushrooms on my grill at home at the same time but I soon realised that this grill was much smaller and not as powerful. I can fit 4 rashers of bacon on at a push so it took me 2 attempts to cook the lot (I suppose the fact that the grill is just for me makes it better now as I only need to cook enough for one not 3). Another problem I have found is with power. I am really fussy when it comes too cooking chicken and sausages and never had a problem with the George Foreman but with my health grill I have to cut the items in half so that I am sure they are cooked through. I cooked a piece of chicken and it looked done and the grill said it was done but when I cut it open it was still pink in the middle so I have been put off a bit.

      The grill is perfect for cooking steak and I always use it to grill mushrooms and peppers as it gives them a smoky taste which I love.

      -- Perfect for --
      I would not reccomend this for families as Its just too small to feed more than 2 people and the worry that the food might not cook properly really puts me off using it to cook for children. Its a perfect grill for individuals or couples as its big enough to cook 2 chicken breasts even when theyre cut in half.


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      • Tesco Value 2T07 / Toaster / 58 Readings / 58 Ratings
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        11.02.2011 19:08
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        • Reliability


        Good little toaster

        Now when I decided I wanted to move away from home to go to Uni the most important thing was to buy those eveyday things I was going to need.

        The first thing I brought was my little toaster. With going to uni I didn't want to spend too much as no doubt I'd get drunk one night and decide to make toast which would leave a disasterous result for my poor toaster so I decided to 'settle' for a value range. I looked around all my local supermarkets and decided I like the Tesco version most of all and as it cost just over £4 it wouldn't be that expensive to replace if I did have a little drunken mishap.

        --- Asthetics ---

        The toaster is quite cute. I always wanted a black or red toaster so I was a little bit upset that it was white but for £4 I dont really have much right to be picky.

        -- The Toaster --

        I have never had any problems with my toaster at all. The slider to lower the bread works very well and the fact that there is a timer on the side which allows you to choose how you want your toast cooked is really handy for me as I like my toast hardly cooked and my partner loves his almost burnt. I eat seeded bread and have never had any problems with the seeds burning in the toaster or had much trouble with crumbs either. There is no crumb tray so I end up tipping the toaster upside down into the bin to clear it out but its still fine 6 months after its first use. The bread toasts perfectly and my only problem is if I set the timer too low but thats my own fault ( I find 3-4 minutes cooks the toast perfectly for my taste).

        I would reccomend this toaster if your on a budget or are looking for something to take to uni as I have unfortunatley ended up using it when drunk and to my suprise it has with stood everything, I have even dropped it on the floor a few times by accident with not a singe crack in the plastic casing.

        I love my little toaster but I dont think I could keep it permanently.


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          10.02.2011 15:30
          Very helpful



          What your reviews are helping me towards

          Although I have been a member of Dooyoo for quite a while now I have only credited my miles once and that was for the £50 cash ofcourse.

          I am throwing myself back into dooyoo now after a long while out and hopefully I will be able to get a few more cheques.

          --- My Aims for my miles ---

          Well as many of you probably know I have recently started uni but far from being a normal student I try to save as much money as possible. I don't really go out often and have 3 jobs to date along with studying for my degree so my money all goes into my beloved ISA.

          There is a main reason for this and that is I recently found out that my partner will be leaving the army in the next few month and with our best friend buying a new house we have agreed to go and move in with him. A bit of a change from student accomadation (its a 3 bedroom, 3 story house .... expensive eeeep!!!!) so we're really saving hard. We're also saving towards getting married in the next few years (yet more expense... I might just give up and go be a lazy student it seems so much easier). So there you go.

          I tend to read other peoples reviews more than I write my own but whenever I get the time I will start writting a few more especially around July when we start furnishing the new house so there will be plenty of furniture and gadget reviews to look forward to.

          All My Love



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            07.02.2011 21:14
            Very helpful



            Disney Store

            I have always been in love with Disney since I was a small child. Where I was brought up my closest Disney store was at the Merry Hill Centre in Dudley which was about an hour away from my home so my mom used to take me as a special treat. Because the store was my treat it always seemed wonderful with sparkly floors and as many teddies and dressing up outfits as a little girl could want.

            I will admit now I still get all tingly when I see a store, just yesterday I dragged my boyfriend through the White Rose centre in Leeds so that I could go to my favourite store. Needless to say when he saw the flourescent red sign he knew where I was dragging him.

            --- The Store ---
            The store can be found in a multitude of large towns and cities and can be found in pretty much all shopping centres. Some stores I can recall are; York City Centre, White Rose Centre Leeds, Birmingham Bullring, Merry Hill Centre Dudley and of course Oxford Street London. The stores are normally dark blue with glitter and a huge flourescent red signature of Disney (mainly in the shopping centres) on highstreet stores the red signature can be replaced by signs with mickey mouse on with the signature aswell.

            --- Products ---
            There is a vast amount of products to be found in the store. Regular items include cuddly toys in all sizes ranging from £6 to £25 but the quality is brilliant. Character mugs and glasses range from £4 to £15. The mugs are good quality ceramics and the glass is sturdy, my cousin has repeatedly dropped her glass and as yet it hasnt smashed. Other regular items include pin badges which are £3 for basic items and £5-£10 limited edition, keyrings from £3 and other little pocket money items.

            The vast majority of the products in the store are representative of the time of year and of what Disney themselves are doing at the time. At the moment the store is full of Tangled items to link with the release of the new disney film, Bambi items to link with a new edition of the film being released and Tron mechandise linking to the newest version of the classic film. The store also dedicates certain sections to boys and girls. The boys area is full of items from the film Cars and the girls area is full of Faries items for the new Tinkerbell film.

            I love the disney store at different times of the year as they really try to make it link into whats happening. New winnie the Pooh teddies have just been released dressed as cupid to link to Valentines day priced at £15 and the cutest little kissing couples have been created with lady and the tramp & simba and nala teddies linked together and when you push their nses together it makes a kissing noise. These are £9 which is good for a teddy that makes a noise and is of such good quality. Other special events that disney create items for are Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I must have spent about £100 in the shop at Christmas on decorations. They are expensive but theyre so worth it as they are a fantastic quality and will last for years.

            Some areas of the store are too expensive for even a keen lover of disney to be able to pay. The baby area is extortionate with baby grows selling for £15-£20 which for something thats going to last a baby about 3 months is a lot of money. The dresses are also expensive with even the cheapest being £30 but I suppose if your child will be wearing the item all the time its worth it and they are very very cute.

            --- Sales---
            One of the best times to visit the store is during the sales. I have had so many bargains its amazing. I collect Nightmare before christmas mugs and brought one in the sale for £1 when before hand they were £10 so its quite a dramatic difference. The sale is probably the only time i would buy baby clothes as I managed to buy my cousin a baby grow for £2.50 rather than £15 so it was a lot more affordable. Look out for the sales and they do seem to have a sale on all the time its just finding what you want for a bargain.

            I will talk about York City Centre store for this part as it is the one I have had the most experience with. The staff in this store are phenomenal and I say this without hesitation. Even during busy periods like half term when the store is swarming with children the staff still manage to ask if your ok and offer their help even though it seems to be one member of staff to about 20 people. I collect the pin badges and the staff are more than happy to partake in the badge swapping that is so popular in America and the disney land parks. One memebr of staff had a badge I fell in love with so much that she gave it to me as a present because she said ' I came in so often its about time the store gave me something in return for my company' which i thought was really sweet.

            Overall I would reccomend the Disney store to anyone, whether you have children or not we all have a little child in all of us screaming to get out and play with a few toys even just for a minute.

            You can also access the disney store online, the store online has many more items including collectable figures and snowglabes so its all depending on if you want toys or decorations. Also look online for special offers as they tend to be very good deals.


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              16.01.2011 21:25
              Very helpful



              my home away from home

              Having lived in York for 5 months I think I'm just about qualified enough to give a little information to my fellow dooyooers.

              I was born in York at the city has always been a favourite of mine, even before I started living here I have stayed here quite a few times with family and my partner.

              One of the key points that most people like about York is that there are 365 pubs so your never short of finding somewhere to stop off an have a drink and even better if you live here it lets you set yourself a challege of a different pub every night. Some notable pubs are;
              * The Golden Fleece - supposedly one of the most haunted pubs in Britain and although its a little bit expensive its worth it for the atmosphere.
              * Vudu Lounge - quite a good cocktail bar which is full of booths and a pretty cool sparkly wall.
              *Evil eye - yet again another bar for the younger people which again serves cocktails and the best thing about this bar is the fact that the seating for the bar is beds which is pretty surreal.

              As well as pubs, every budding tourist needs a good restaurant and York is hardly lacking. The most famous place to chow down has to be Betty's but as I've never been there I can really comment. Some better restaurants are Oscars and Akbars and of course we have Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut. I would like to add more about the restaurants but I never really visit them so unfortunatley I cant give any more details.

              Of course with York being quite a mojor city it has all the normal shops like New look, Hmv and Rymans but because of laws in York the city has kept its historic look as it is not possible for any building to be built taller than the Minster. This is amazing as it means you can see the Minster from all around the main centre. Some stores that are key features in York are The Disney store, Browns department store and of course all the little independently owned stores that can be found dotted around the back streets.

              As well as the city centre stores there are three local outlets;
              Clifton Moor - Good Cinema, Normal stores like Tesco's and Lots of Restaurants.
              Monks Cross - Lots and Lots of stores! has a lot of industrial estates around and has a brilliant Go-Karting track there too if your feeling like being an adrenaline junkie for the day.
              Designer Outlet - Cheap designer brands, this place is always bustling and its no wonder. I managed to get a dior handbag for £50 down from £300 so a brilliant saving. Well wrth a look if you like your brands.

              *Tourist Attractions*

              -- York Minster--
              Construction on York Minster began in the 1200's making it over 800 years old, this is very impressive considering that its survived the reformation, civil war and both world wars. The Minster is one place I would reccomend to everyone it's not one for anyone to miss.
              Regular addmission to the Minster is around £8 which is good value as the ticket lasts for a year. Inside the Minster it is possible to enter the Crypts and Undercroft (which has a museum about the history of the Minster) and to walk around everywhere, there are not many places that are off limits and even if they are its just for safety purposes and you can normally see whats going on anyway. For an extra £4 it is possible to climb the tower of the Minster. I really do reccomend this as the view is phenomenal and you can see the whole centre and the expanse of the city walls.

              --York Castle Museum--
              A museum which actually has nothing to do with castles but its still worth a visit. Queues are normally quite expansive so either get there early or in the afternoon when the queues have died down. York residents get in free but my mom brought a pass for York Castle Museum and the Yorkshire Museum for £14 and again the ticket lasts for a year so its good value for money. One part of the museum focuses on the more traditional histories of the georgians and victorians. There is a pretty phenomenal victorian street which is brilliant for kids and big kids alike (not great if your a history student though because its not really very historically accurate). The other side of the museum is much more fun looking at the history of toys, the 60's and even exploring the history of the old castles dungeon (where Dick Turpin was locked up before he was killed for his highwayman activities).

              --Yorkshire Museum--
              The path to the museum is magnificent. The Yorkshire museum is situated in the Museum gardens which I consider to be the most beautiful place to walk in the city. The museum itself looks at the history of York from pre history through to medieval times. There is a lot of focus on the Romans which I enjoyed as York was originally the Roman city Eboracum before the Vikings were even though of. The yorkshire museum is more of a traditional museum with lots of artifacts so its quite difficult to state much different from other museums.

              -- Railway Museum--
              Good news!!! ITS FREE!!!! I love this museum and me and my partner always end up going for a walk to have a look at the trains. Its such a good place to go to let out your inner child. From looking at the Hogwarts Express (which is absolutley huge!!) to just pretending to be a train driver its great fun. Christmas is always a good time to goo as the team work really hard to make the museum a winter wonderland. This is a brilliant place to go and let the kids run wild because the trains are so big there is no way they could possibly break anything and if a big kid like me can run around then a little kid has no problem.

              --York Dungeon--
              Unfortunatley because of my fear of the dark I am yet to pluck up the guts to go here yet but I can tell you what my friends have said. The Dungeons are run by Madame Tusaudes and each one is unique to the area. York dungeons are full of witches being burnt, the evil Dick Turpin and of course plenty of Vikings!. Its advertised as a family attraction but I've only ever seen adults or teenagers going in so im not sure how children would react.

              -- Jorvik centre--
              Yorks major Viking Centre. the place stinks to high heaven and thats the first thing you notice when you get near it. Its £13 per person to get in and I think this is a rip off considering what it is. Its a replica viking village which is supposed to be 100% realistic and it is but it's very expensive. If your going to the Jorvik centre Its one to only do once, I'd even look for a voucher if possible.

              Some other things to note are
              *the Richard III museum which a cute little independently museum about the 'hunchback king' and it even has the final remaining portcullis which is quite a sight.
              *the city walls - something everyone has to do. Its totally free and is just the most amazing way to see the whole of the city and you can always see the Minster which is a bonus.

              *Getting there*
              I always travel to York from the South and find the easiest thing is to follow the signs to Leeds then get onto the A64. Leeds to York is abut 25 minutes by car. North Wales to York is about 2.5 Hours and London to York is about 4 Hours so its not too far.
              Nationwide coaches stop off in York but its probably easier to get one to Leeds as there are more of them and then get the train to York which takes about 20 minutes and the train station is right by the centre of york.

              *near to*
              *Leeds - 20 - 30 mins
              *Scarborough & Whitby - 40/50ish mins

              Some good Hotels are
              *The Hilton
              *The Royal York Hotel
              and if you dont mind a 10 minute walk int town there are some amazing bed and breakfasts to be found in the Fulford and Acomb areas of York.

              If your after any particular information on York that I havent involved, feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to try and help you out =)


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              • York St John University / University / 34 Readings / 30 Ratings
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                16.01.2011 19:35
                Very helpful



                york st john

                My decision to go to university was a difficult one. I didn't really want all the fuss of leaving home and ending up with all that student debt but I figured what with the government possibly increasing tuition fees in the next few years (which of course they now are) it was now or never. Originally I come from shropshire and although we have a wide range of universities near by including aberyswyth, stafford and wolverhampton but with me being a head strong and ndependent teenager (or so I liked to think) I opted to go further afield and thats when york St John caught my eye. I knew I'd never have the grades to get into York university so York St John started off as a lesser option but one I'm glad I picked.

                *moving In*
                York St John offers 5 main accomodation areas; Percys lane and Grays wharf, The Grange, Limes Court, City Residence and Lord Mayors Walk. Each area is unique and has a vast range of costs. A basis room at the Grange cost £40 a week but a studio flat at Percys Lane will cost £120 a week (unfortunatley I ended up with a studio flat so I am a very poor student as I pay for it all myself). Moving In weekend was easy as staff and a group of student Wardens helped me find the accomodation from the main campus and even helped me move my things into my room.

                My room has a double bed, desk, my own kitchen, wardrobe and my own bathroom so its not too bad.

                The campus is just outside the city walls with a fabulous view of the Minster from most of the class rooms, its also just around the corner from the hospital which might come in useful for any students who might have had a bit too much fun the night before. The reception is large and the receptionists are always helpful. The Student Advice team is situated in the reception area and offers help on everything from finances, accomodation, religious crisis's and they can even organise a meeting with a councillor if required.

                There are different buildings containing different departments these are foss, skell, de grey and temple hall. I spend most of my time scattered all over the university as History doesnt seem to be a very big subject (primary education has the largest number of students).

                The campus has the fountians library which has recently been refurbished and has 3 floors packed full of books. The only problem is they dont seem to have enough of the key texts and as students tend to keep the books for months on end it can be difficult to get hold of a book your after , especially if its one that the tutors have reccomended you use for an assignment.

                The Student Union is found on campus and is actually a lot better than I expected. The student union looks after the needs of the students as well as looking after the clubs and societies. The student union is split into 4 main rooms. The lobby has a large desk which you can go to, to get your NUS card, buy tickets to events in town and even sign up to clubs. The shop is a recent addition and sells basics for studnets from folders to toothpaste. The chill zone is an extension to the bar with a tv to watch sporting events and it als has a stage for open mic night and Finally theres the bar which is pretty cheap compared to other bars in York and its even got a pool table so it doesnt really seem like a student bar.

                This is where I was really let down which is a real problem considering how much I pay. I only have 6 hours of lessons a week which is pathetic. Im not sure if this is true for other History students at other universities but considering as some of my friends have 6 Hours of lessons a day I do feel quite ripped off. The lessons themselves are quite good and the prfessors know exactly what they are talking about I just wish there was a few more of them.

                Overall a good uni just not enough learning


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                • Hercules (DVD) / DVD / 40 Readings / 39 Ratings
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                  16.01.2011 16:34
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  disneys take on greek mythology

                  Now anyone who knows me will tell you I adore Disney films. Since leaving home I have made it my mission to purchase films that remind me of my childhood and family and the main film I could think of was Hercules.

                  When I was a child I had a terrible fear of the dark, something that I still have to a certain degree. My parents knew that noise and light soothed me so put a small portable tv in my room and would put a disney film on each night to help me fall asleep. For the first few nights I had trouble sleeping, what little kid wouldnt when they get to watch tv in bed but one film that always soothed me was Hercules. Noow this real is not me telling you that Hercules is boring because it really is not I think it soothed me because the music is so fantastic I could just close my eyes and sing along, kind of like singing a lulaby to myself.

                  Hercules was released in 1998 and I'm sure most people know that it was one of disneys biggest films before they combined with Pixar.

                  Hercules is based on the Gods of Ancient Greece. The film is quite accurate with the stories it tells and taught me a lot about Greek Myths. Hercules was the Son for Hera and Zeus but was stolen from the home of the Gods, Mount Olympus by Zeus's evil brother Hades (the fact that Hades is Zeus's brother is not mentioned in the film, but it is in the tv series... go figure) and his minions Pain and Panic. Hercules is left in the mortal world and most of his God like powers have been taken from him apart from his Strength. The film follows Hercules' struggle to find out who he truly is with the help of his flying horse, Pegasus, his trainer Philatities and his new found love interest Meg.

                  The film involves all the typical Disney cliches of a love story and the main character battling the odds but it does also contain aspects that can't be found in other stories. I adore the fact that hercules is so focused on Greek mythlogy even mentioning Achilles who was a hero famous for his weak heel.

                  The film is for children and adults alike, with adult content in it that children will find very difficult to understand.. like the horny goatman. For little girls theres the love story, nymphs and the magical flying hrse and of course for the little boys theres the mass of monsters and the fact that hercules is a hero and has a sword!! something my little brother used to love and would constantly attack me pretending I was the Hydra.

                  The film was nominated for a few awards and won one for its music. The music is mainly due to the Muse's (who are actually Zeus's daughters and this is revealed on the bonus section of the dvd but not in the film) who re-tell the life of Hercules through song. My favourite songs are 'Won't say im in love' and 'Go the distance'. Go the distance is one of the most loved Disney films with many famous people covering it, the most famous is the late Stephen Gately from Boyzone who stated that the song helped him realise he could do anything.

                  Hercules is actually quite difficult to get hold of. DO NOT! buy it directly from disney or from the disney shop, they wanted me to pay £20 for it when I went to hmv and brought it for £8. This is the same for all Disney films, you need to shop around for them (I brought the Emperors new grove from hmv for £20 but disney wanted me to pay £45!!!!!!!) You can normally find a copy on Ebay but if you dont feel like being an ebayer you could try amazon.

                  I still use Hercules to fall asleep to even at the age of 18 but I can guaratee that I watch the whole film at least once every night before I can finally switch off and just listen.


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                  • Review of the Year 2010 / Discussion / 29 Readings / 26 Ratings
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                    16.01.2011 13:52
                    Very helpful



                    a brilliant year

                    Well they always say that there is a year you will always rememeber and I do believe that 2010 was that year for me.

                    I started off the year single and facing the dread of A level exams so January wasn't really my month, that was until the final week when my Best Friend admitted he had feelings for me and asked me out... YAY!!

                    Feb 1st I accepted his offer and finally after months of waiting I had a boyfriend again. With my exams over and done with (for a few months at least) I had time to focus on work and just chill out. My dad and brother decided that they wanted to take up scuba diving so my mom and I started looking at an exotic location to go on holiday, considering as we normally go to europe we were extremely excited.

                    The first weekend of March was the first time I'd ever been away for a weekend withut my family and I loved it. My partner is in the Household Cavalry down in London so I went down to Londn for the weekend and had an amazing time. Being a huge History geek I managed to drag him to the Tower of London and he even drove out so I could go to Hampton Court (I still love him dearly for this, its the most amazing place i have ever been). I even got to go into Horseguards and see the horses which was pretty cool. Its quite surreal being surrounded by the soldiers all dressed up and ready to go on parade.

                    By Far the best month of 2010!

                    My partner and I had been looking at going away and on the first week of April this is exactly what happened. We set off on a week long road trip of Europe, a holiday that I will never be able to top. We travelled through France and stopped off in Belgium for a few hours(enjoying a Belgian Waffle in Brussels!!!) After Belgium we headed to Nurgurg in Germany anf of course with my Partner being a mega Petrol Head we ended up going around the NURBURGRING! quite a few times, it was such an adrennaline boost but unfortunatley I couldnt drive because I didnt have my driving test booked until we got home from the trip :(. After Nurburg we headed down to Fussen in Bavaria which we used as a base to travel all over the place. We visited Neuschwanstein, Innsbruck in Austria and Zurich in Switzerland. All of this we did in a week and everyone is still amazed with how much we managed to do. We arrived back in the UK a day before my 18th birthday, so of course I celebrated my 18th in style... going bowling with the family haha all alcohol fuelled of course. The week after my 18th I finally took my driving test and passed first time!!!! within days I brught my car, a 2003 Ka called Noddy =D.

                    Not much happened in May. My partner took me up to an open day at York St John university and the rest of the month was full f revision for my final A level exams.

                    A Level Exams!!! I was majorly stressed out but I passed so its all good news. June was also the month I went with my family on our diving holiday. With my dad and brother being fully qualified divers we headed out to Nuweiba in Egypt and spend a week all inclusive at the Hilton Hotel. It was an amazing holiday and so unlike anything I'd ever done before. My mom has a pacemaker so cant dive so I stayed with her and gained a qualification in snorkelling instead which was just as good as diving because there are so many fish in Egypt you can see them from the surface.

                    *July & August*
                    I left my old job as a waitress and started working full time making Car seats for Land Rover which was pretty cool as I love cars. July also saw me going between my home and Windsor to visit my partner. We even went to watch the British Touring Cars at Silverstone which was absolutely amazing. Im one of those people that only watches motor racing for the crashes and as all the British Touring cars do is crash I had great fun. I also found out I'd been accepted at York St John University so started preparing to leave home!!

                    I moved from Shropshire to York to go to university to study History. I'm enjoying university and being 150 miles from home. Septemebr also had my Partner telling me hes going to leave the Army in 2011 so hopefully ill be able to do another fab review of 2011 *fingers crossed*

                    HALLOWEEN!!!!! Im a die hard goth and love Halloween so knowing that my partner was going to be in york with me for the weekend we headed out and spent the whole weekend partying!

                    I travelled home for my little brother birthday which was pretty fun and my mm decided to tell me she wants to take me to disney land for halloween next year (excited is an understatement)

                    My partner came on leave for 3 weeks which was amazing and I really didnt want to let him go back. We visited Castle Howard and decorated the flat with so much nightmare before christmas stuff it looked more like halloween than christmas, but we didnt care.

                    2010 has been the best year of my life and im just hoping 2011 brings:
                    * a new flat and finally living with my partner
                    * being accepted as a special constable with the police
                    * Passing my first year at uni *fingers crossed* (my first exams tomorrow lol!)


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                      15.01.2011 21:31
                      Very helpful




                      As a student I eat so much quick food its unbelievable and pasta is by far my favourite food. When I saw the Giovanni Pasta range advertised on tv I thought it would be far too expensive for a student on a tight budget and there is no way on earth that you can cook pasta in a minute... how wrong I was!!!

                      I figured I had to do the weekly shop the other day so I went to Sainsburys and found out that Giovanni Rana was half price at £1 which was a shock for me anyway because I thought it was more expensive than £2 normally. The packaging is a see-thru rectangular container with ridges to make it easier to hold. It also shows a picture of Givanni Rana himself and images of the ingredientsin the pasta. You can see the pasta through the packaging and the fact that the raviolli was quite large pieces really made me want to buy it.

                      I brought two packets, Proscuitto Crudo and Cheese and Fresh Ricotta and Tender Spinnach. On the way home I was concerned that the pasta was quite large and that I'd have difficulty cooking it. The pasta was thin but the raviolli was deeply filled so this made up for the thin pasta. I also think it would be much more difficult to cook if the pasta was thicker.

                      When it came to cooking the pasta it was so simple. I boiled the water in a kettle before pouring it over the pasta and within 60 seconds the pasta was done. I was so impressed with this that I tried it again today with the other packet and I can say the pasta does actually cook in 60 seconds.

                      The average price for the pasta is £2 which is phenomenal value as each pack serves 2 people. Other flavours in the range include Sun-Rippened Tomato and Mozzarella, Italian Basil pesto, Rich italian Beef Bolognaise and Chicken with a hint of Rosemary.

                      I will deffinatley be trying out the other flavours and Ive found the perfect pasta for student.... step away from those pot noodles!!!!


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                      15.01.2011 20:33
                      Very helpful



                      a spectacular film

                      The Nightmare Before Christmas is possibly one of the biggest cult films of my generation. Now im sure everyone knows this film is the brain child of the gothic director Tim Burton who created films like Edward Scissorhands, Mars Attacks and Sleepy Hollow but amazing not many people know the film is a Disney classic. The brilliance of the film is the way in which two childhood favourites, Halloween and Christmas are brought together to create a Christmas that noone could possibly forget.

                      With the film being a Disney film, of course its full of songs. The music is written by Danny Elfman and Elfman manages to create some of the catchiest songs that Disney have ever released including: whats this, this is halloween and sally's song.

                      The story is focused on Halloween town and starts on Halloween when the biggest celebrations in the town take place. The town is full of an eclectic bunch of characters including a two-faced mayor, a crazy scientist, Dr Finkelstein and his creation Sally, vampires, witches and the King of Halloween- Jack the Pumpkin King (who is a skeleton, not a pumpkin... that really used to confuse me when I was a child) along with his ghost dog - Zero.
                      As the story progresses the audience realises the Jack doesnt feel as strongly about Halloween as he used to and so leaves in search of adventure.

                      Its at this point that Jack stumbles upon Christmas town which is lit up and jolly, totally unlike Halloween town so he is instantly drawn into the idea of Christmas.

                      Jack returns to Halloween town and the story develops further. A love story develops between Jack and Sally which is seen as the most iconic love story for a large group of people. As with all good stories a bad guy emerges in the shape of the boogie man -Oogie Boogie and his three henchmen, Lock, Shock and Barrel who are basically trick or treaters.

                      Again im not going to give away any more of the plot as I wouldn't like to be told the whole story in a review.

                      The Nightmare before Christmas is mainly associated with 'Goths' nowadays but it is such an amazing family film I highly reccomend it to everyone. The film has become a huge success and this was a shock even to Disney who originally only wanted to make it into a 30 minute short-film. The film itself was created with puppets rather than being a computer animated film with 277 puppets and the character Jack had over 400 heads because each word and experssion required a different head.

                      The film was put up for numerous awards but unfortunatley was released at the same time as Jurassic Park so lost out to that, however Danny Elfman did win the saturn award for best music.

                      There is a mass of mechandise available for the film. Personally I have mugs, a phone cover, snow globes, a cookie jar, a bag, clothing, badges and a calendar so im quite a fan hehe. Apart from that it is possible to buy a huge! array of things. I also know that recently Disneyland Florida and Paris have brought the characters to life at Halloween and even though I haven't been able to afford to go to Disneyland at Halloween yet I am deffinatley considering going this year so I will let everyone know what it's like.

                      The film can normally be found in supermarkets around Halloween and Christmas for about £5 which is a bargain. I brought my copy from HMV for £3 in the sale so if you shop around you'll always find it for next to nothing.

                      My favourite film of all time!


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                        15.01.2011 18:54
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                        A fantastic fantasy story which would make anyone laugh

                        Hello everyone, it only seems right for me to reintroduce myself. Im loulou and Ive currently moved to York to study History at University. Although University seems like a lot of hard work I've some how managed to get myself on a course that gives me plenty of free time... hense I've taken up reading again.

                        I have always been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy stories so when my dad introduced me to his old Terry Pratchett books I figuered I'd give them a try.

                        The Colour of Magic is the first story in The Discworld Series of books, a series which focuses on a world nt unlike our own except its a flat disc being held up by four elephants standing on the turtel 'Great Atuin's' back... sounds perfectly normal right. Not only is the world itself a little weird but its inhabitants include wizzards, witches, trolls and plenty of other unusual creatures.

                        The Colour of Magic starts by introducing the town of Ankh-Morpork, home to the legendary Unseen Academy that trains the worlds wizzards. One wizzard however, Rincewind turns out to be anything but an ordinanry wizzard, for a start he's never mastered a single spell. With Rincewind being Expelled from the university its only right that he heads to the local bar (well wouldn't you?) where he meets Twoflower, the Discworld's first tourist. Pratchett proves to be a comedic genius with Twoflower as he makes him the perfect tourist, the kind who thinks speaking very slowly to a foreigner will make him understand you and of course he has lots of money to burn, which is a problem when your in a town full of thieves and crooks. Rincewind takes on the job of Twoflowers official guide (for a rather nice payment might I add) as long as twoflower promises to keep his luggage, a magic chest, as far away from Rincewind as possible. For a chest that luggage is pretty mean... he tackles a tavern full of thieves alone without even a scratch.

                        The second section of the book, The Sending of Eight, takes us back to the Unseen University. The most magical book of all, The Octavo, is playing havoc and releasing vast amounts of magic into the University but none of the wizzards are sure why. While the Wizzards are trying to save the World, Rincewind and Twoflower make a new accuaintance, Hrun the Barbarian. This section of the book is possibly the funniest and I personally know I didnt put the book down until I'd finished reading it.

                        I'll go on to the third section of the book as I dont want to give the story away. The third section, The Lure of the Wyrm, see's Rincewind and Twoflower meeting the Dragon people... even though Rincewind doesn't believe in such silly things as Dragons. The section also focuses on the battle for power at the Unseen University, one of the most dangerus places on the Disc because everyone wants you dead so they can take your place.

                        The final section, Close to the Edge, introduces the Astrologers who are trying to figure out the gender of the Great Turtle. Unfortunatley Rincewind and Twoflower 'drop in' at the wrong time and end up being rather more important to the Discworld than they wanted to be. The ending to the story is left open to make way for the second book 'The Light Fantastic'.

                        I will admit, I loved this book. I watched the tv film on sky which is based on the Colour of magic and The Light Fantastic combined but even the film does not beat the book. I had such difficulty putting the book down, it has everything. It made me laugh, made me create a bond with the characters and even made me quite anxious at times. I am really reccomending this book to anyone who likes a good laugh or likes anything to do with fantasy.

                        My copy was my fathers so it didn't cost me anything but from buying the next few in the series I know the books are £7.99 in most book stores with many offering special deals on them. I have also been able to find a few of the older books in charity shops for a few pounds.

                        The cover of the book is Yellow and orange with the image of some troll like creatures stood in a doorway watching Twoflower's luggage attacking a large group of people. The illustrations on the front of all of Pratchetts books are pure works of art and draw my eyes every time I look at them.

                        Rating 5/5


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                          23.03.2010 17:43
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                          If you have read any of my other reviews you can probably tell that I love musicals and have been in a few myself. A few years ago I sat down to watch the annual tradition that is BBC's Children In Need only to be greated by two women running around the stage singing to a brilliant song which I found catchy and their costumes looks brilliant with one of the women very, very girly and the other one in black with green skin. I now know that these women were from the Hit musical Wicked and were playing the rols of Glinda (the girly one) the Good and Elphaba (the green one obviously) the Wicked Witch of the West and the song that got me so intreagued in the show was 'What is this Feeling'.

                          So I shouted my mom and showed her the set on Youtube only to find that she'd already secretly booked tickets for us to go and watch the show as a family as our christmas presents (God I Love my Mom) and so I sat about waiting for that faithful day. I will also add that I went to college the following day and found out that our English department was going down to watch the show 2 weeks after I was due to go with my parents so of course I paid to go on that trip to watch the show twice in two weeks because from what I had seen on CIN the show was something I was going to love!

                          ***The Story***
                          The musical is based on the best selling novel of the same name by Gregory Maguire who decided that it would be good to look at the Wizard of Oz from the perspective of the witches. The story tell of a relationship between Elphaba the future Wicked Witch of the West and Galinda, who would become Glinda the Good witch of the North.

                          *** The Theatre***
                          Upon arrival at the Apollo Victoria theatre in London a huge poster could be seen advertising the show and because it was litterally 2 minutes walk from Victoria station the area was bustling and had a great atmosphere. The theatre opened at 6pm and we went in to get ready for the 7pm show. the whole inside of the theatre was full of merchandising stands and employees wearing the t-shirts and hoodies from the show. The merchandise itself was expensive but i expected nothing else with t-shirts costing £20 and Hoodies costing £40, snowlgobes for each of the witches were £25, programmes were £10 and most shockingly the original novel was on sale for £15 whereas i purchased it at waterstones down the street for £6.50 so be careful what your buying!!! I did however buy a Defying Gravity T-shirt which has lasted brilliantly and the green colour of the shirt has not faded at all with washing.

                          Upon entering the main theatre the first thing you see from the upper circle is a brilliant dragon suspended from the ceiling which makes you wonder what it will be used for (I was upset that it was only used so the wings would flap, eyes would go red and so it would billow smoke, it seemed much to brilliant a prop just to be used for such a small role). The stage has a somewhat mechanical look with rafters and side walls which the characters use aswell as a bridge all having various cogs on.

                          ***Act I***

                          Act I starts at the end of the whole show with the death of the Wicked Witch of the West with the song 'Noone Mourns the Wicked'. It goes on to have a villager asking Glinda, who has flown in on a bubble, if she had been friends with the Wicked witch at school and so the story begins. Starting with Elphaba's birth and the difficulty her 'father' had with her being Green and the fact that she may not even be her fathers daughter as her mother had an affair. It then sees Elphaba as a teenager attending Shiz University where her father Frex has put her in charge of looking after her handicapped sister NessaRose. Upno Frex's departure he gives Nessarose some Red Ruby Slippers (See the Links ot the Wizard of Oz??). From Here Elphaba Meets Glinda the popular rich girl and the song 'Dear Old Shiz' Commences. With the headmistress Madame Morrible decidingthat NessaRose should live with her this leaves Glinda and Elphaba as roommates and two more difdferent people could not have been put together. Elphaba accidentaly casts a magic spell (Cue 'The Wizard and I') and discovers she really dislikes Glinda (Cue 'What is This Feeling'). The girls go to their first lesson with Doctor Dillamond a goat who states the 'Something Bad' is happening in Oz. On the Plus side however the dashing Prince Fiyero has arrived at Shiz and helps the cast start 'Dancing Through Life'. A munchkin Boq asks Glinda to the dance but she asks him to take NessaRose so she can go with Fiyero (she doesn't tell him this though). Glinda says sorry and offers to make elphaba 'Popular'.

                          Dr Dillamond is taken away and a new teacher arrives with a lion in a cage (the cowardly lion) and Elphaba and Fiyero run away with him to help him. They realise they are attracted to each other but Elphaba thinks shes 'Not that Girl' and Fiyero will never want her. However, Elphaba has an audience with the wizard!! YAY and sings a little reprise of 'The Wizard and I'. Elphaba and Glinda go to the Emerald City and spend 'One Short Day' sightseeing before they go to meet the Wizard who is himself 'A Sentimental Man'. But the Wizard is in fact EVIL!! and uses Elphaba's powers to read the Grimmerie a magic book to create the flying monkeys (because the wizard has no powers himself, some wizard hey). Elphaba realises this is wrng and tries to start 'Defying Gravity' herself and fly away leaving Glinda, Fiyero and everyone else behind her as she becomesthe outcast... The Wicked Witch Of the West (Who isn't Wicked afterall).

                          ***Act II***

                          Elphaba is offiially the Wicked Witch now and the cast sing A 'Noone Mourns The Wicked - Reprise'. Meanwhile Glinda and Fiyero are engaged and Glinda is now Glinda the Good and everyone decides to 'Thank Goodness' that she is there to lead them. Meanwhile Elphaba goes to visit NessaRose and her loyal servant Boq who she is in love with. Boq threaten to leave and Nessa takes the Grimmerie from Elphaba and casts a spell to keep him with her, except it goes wrong (OH NO!) and he turns into , yeah you guessed it, The Tinman! without a heart. Elphaba goes back to the wizard to free the flying monkeys and he thinks its 'Wonderful' that shes come back. But she doesn't want to stay and tries to run away but Fiyero is there to stop her, what will he do?? he runs off with her!!! and GLinda witnesses the whole thing and realises that in fact she is the one thats 'Not that Girl (reprise)'. Fiyero and Elphaba are in the woods and realise that 'As Long As Your Mine' nothing bad will happen for a short time anyway. Elphaba senses that Nessa is in danger but too late as Dorothy's house has already landed on her. Elphaba confronts Glinda for giving Dorothy Nessa'a ruby slippers and the guard come to get her but Fiyero stops them and lets her escape to one of his castles. Here she tries to cast a spell to save his life and realises 'No Good Deed' goes unpunished so she will now become evil!.
                          Boq and the citizens of Oz are arranging a 'March of The Witch Hunters' to get Elphaba! and this links to the original Wizard of Oz with stories of the tin man and cowardly lion. Elphaba realises that Madame Morrible was behind Nessa's death and glinda realises too. Glinda goes to ask Elphaba to release Dorothy and they relaise they are friends 'For Good'. Elphaba releases Dorothy and she throws a bucket of water on her seemingly melting her.

                          Glinda returns to the wizard telling him that Elphaba is dead and he tells her that he in fact was Elphaba's father and she was the product of two worlds, Oz and the Normal Earth. Meanwhile the Scarecrow goes back to the castle and opens a trap door to find Elphaba. The Scarecrow was in fact Fiyero!!! YAY a seemingly happy ending. Followed by the 'Wicked - Finale'

                          The musical is just simply amazing and each character has its own individual quirks that are brilliant.

                          *** Cast ***

                          In my ideal world s would have loved to have seen Idina Menzel as Elphaba and Kirsten Chenowerth as Galinda, but that was never going to happen as both retired meny years ago.I saw Dianna Pilkington as Galinda who had played some huge roles beforehand like Belle in Beauty and The Beast and Grizabelle in Cats. She had the most annoying voice ever when she spoke but it just added to the comedy of the character and I do believe that her rendition of Popular greatly rivalled Chenowerth's. As ELphaba I was lucky enough to see Alexia Khadime who I had seen a few years previous as Nala in the Lion King. For me she was Elphaba and was so much better than Idina Menzel with a beautiful voice and her version of The Wizard and I was brilliant.

                          *** Tickets***

                          Tickets cost between £15 - £60 and some can be brought for even cheaper on sites like lastmintue.com

                          ONE TO WATCH!!!


                          (The songs are in ' ' )


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                          • Top Ten Songs / Discussion / 66 Readings / 61 Ratings
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                            23.03.2010 12:31
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                            Top Ten Songs From Musicals

                            I figured I'd do something a little different and review my Top Ten songs from musicals.

                            I have spent the last few years wandering from stage to stage being not quite sure who I am. This isn't because I'm mad but because I do quite a lot of acting and I'm always fulfilling new parts and getting to play wonderful new character. My favourite shows are musicals and recently I don't actually think I've been in a normal straightly acted show because I tend to look at a musical and go 'Right I will be in that if it's the last thing I do!'

                            I thought I would share with the community a few of my all time favourite songs from musicals and films.

                            1) Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop Of Horrors.

                            I was lucky enough to land the role of Audrey in one of my latest performances and I must say this song was the best in the whole play. Telling the story of two misfits finding each other and falling in love the song encapsulates the story and even made the crowd go awwwwh and made a few cry. My favourite part of this song however is the fact that it has some mighty notes and as I believe myself to have quite a powerful voice I was able so 'Show off my pipes' .

                            2) I Can hear The Bells - Hairspray

                            Now this is one show that I haven't actually been in but I love this song. I watched the film when it first came out and this scene has always stuck in my mind and I can relate to it aswell. It sees Tracy Turnblad walking through school absent-mindedly thinking about her crush and managing to cause mayhem on the way, even though she's not aware of it. The lyrics to the song are also hillarious and involve such beauties as 'Round 3's when we kiss inside his car, Won't go all the way but I'll go pretty Fa-ar' Just brilliant!

                            3) Bring Him Home - Les Miserables

                            I first heard this song on Britain's Got Talent and I instantly fell in love with it. The song is sung by Jean Val Jean in the musical and is about bringing home the boys from the war in the French Revolution. I think this song is the most touching in the whole musical and it does often make my eyes water when I hear it sung.

                            4) Easy Street - Annie

                            Now I'm not normally an Annie fan as I think the whole films a bit cliche but I do have a fondness for this track. I recently returned to my old secondary school where I started acting and decided to go and give some support to a few friends of mine that I'd left behind. They performed Annie so I was a little sceptical but it went perfectly and the kids were just fantastic at this song! Everything about it was funny and had the whole crowd laughing out loud. The film's version is just as good and does tend to be the only part I will watch over and over again.

                            5) Edelweiss - The Sound of Music

                            One of my all time favourite films that I was introduced to as a child. I think everyone knows the story of a nun who is sent to look after a Captain's 7 children and then she and the captain fall in love. This song is the first time you get to hear Captain Von Trapp sing and his voice is beautiful. This is a very touching part in both the film and the musical and is the first time you really see the Von Trapp's as a family unit. A patriotic song for Austria and one I can't get out of my head and will start singing absent mindedly for no reason even if i haven't watched the film for ages.

                            6) He Lives In You - The Lion King

                            I went to see the Lion King in London with my family last year and it was the last time that we did anything together before I started thinking about moving out so the musical itself has a very close meaning to me. This song was phenomenal and by far the best in the whole show. The woman playing Rafiki has one of the greatest voice's I have ever heard and it's no doubt the shows are always fully booked. In the stage show it tells of How Simba's father Mufasa still lives on in him whereas in the Film it focuses more on Simbas daughter.

                            7) Centrefold - Back To The 80's

                            The last play I performed in was Back To The 80's and although I don't rate it very higly compared to some of the masterpieces out there this song was the best scene. It tells of two teachers who are in love and the male deiscovers that the femals has been a topless model in the past hense the use of the classic song Centrefold. The scene see the teacher randomly start singing in front of his whole class who then turn to join in (Cheesy or what!!!!) and the femals teacher comes prancing on in a swim suit (Yes I did play the Female Teacher...And we performed in winter so i was freezing!!!!!). Great scene for a not so great play.

                            8) I'd Do Anything - Oliver

                            I Don't Think its possible to do a count down of great musicals without at least once metioning Oliver. The show has it all! A great storyline, believeable characters and phenomenal songs with this one being no different. This song see's Oliver and Fagin's boys singing to Nancy. I will admit I have another reason for liking this song other than the stage show but I still think its the best song in the show.

                            9) As Long As Your Mine - Wicked

                            The Greatest Musical of the last few year by far! The musicval tells the story of Garlinda the Good and Elphaba who turns out to be the Wicked Witch of the West and is the story of the witches in the Wizard Of Oz . I love this song because finally something starts going right for Elphaba and Fiero who is madly in love with her finally leaves Garlinda and declares his love for Elphaba. A touching song that always makes me cry and sing along at the same time, which is so difficult to do its unreal.

                            10) Defying Gravity - Wicked

                            I know, I know I've used two Wicked songs but the play is so good you just can't choose one song. This song is the biggest song in the play and the one that everyne knows and for good reason. The song is used when Elphaba goes against the evil wizard of Oz and flys away to excile. With a brilliant stage performance from the cast including Elphaba ending up actually flying on a broomstick to the top of the stage and a fantastic use of big notes and a little touching introduction this song is by far my favourite song from any musical ever!.

                            Also now writing on Ciao under the same name

                            See You there =)



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                              If I asked you to name me one of the most influential and popular rock bands of the last few years I can almost guarantee that someone amongst you would say Paramore and heres why;

                              1) They are just so individual and different to any other music out at the moment. With a female singer who's voice is edgy yet still feminine mixed with some pretty kick-ass backing music provided by lead guitarist Josh Farro, Bassist Jeremy Davis, Drummer Zac Farro and Rhythm Guitarist Taylor York the band have created a sound that is truly only linked to themselves.

                              2) Hayley Williams! simple as. The girl has everything, an amazing voice, great band and the iconic hair.

                              3) The music....... and this is where the review of the album comes in.

                              *** Brand New Eyes***

                              Brand New Eyes is the third studio album to be released by Paramore and was released on 28th September 2009 in the UK. The Album is named Brand New Eyes because when the album was being written the band had changed a lot since their first album both as people and as a band and decided that they were seeing each other through 'Brand New Eyes'. The album Cover has a plain white background with a black and orange butterfly on that has its wings divided from its body. The image of the butterfly represents the a line from the song 'Brick By Boring Brick' which states 'The Angles Were All Wrong/ Now She's Ripping Wings Off Of Butterflies'. The cover also has a black line running down the right hand side and the albums title and band name written in simple black caligraphy type writting.


                              1) Careful

                              The opening to the song is quite drawn out but quick. The music soon picks up pace and has a good drum beat along with bassline and guitar rhythm. The song seems to be about a relationship break up and Williams' voice works well in both the quick verses and the more melodic chorus. The best line is probably 'the truth never set me free/ so I'll do it myself'. The song is due to be released as the bands fourth single from the album at some point in July.

                              2) Ignorance

                              The first single off the album. Quick paced and incredibly rocky for Paramore. Williams takes on quite a dark role in this song and portrays quite a vixen. The drums are again prominent throughout but the guitar is also much more important than in the previous song. The song is about being ignored. The best line would probably be 'I guess that you can't accept that the change is good'.

                              3) Playing God

                              A slower paced song to its predecessor. The song focuses on staying away from where your not wanted. Although this song is quite slow its one of my favourites on the album because the lyrics are quite agressive yet don't go over the top. My favourite line would have to be 'next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back and break it off'. The guitar is much more prominent in this song with the drum simply being used to keep rhythm rather than create a heavy rock sound.

                              4) Brick By Boring Brick

                              The song the album artwork is based on. The most impressive bit of this song is the video, if you get chance I would take a look on youtube because its just so unusual. It uses a fairytale story but mixes it with a gothic edge and Williams looks completely different with platinum blonde hair compared to her infamous flame orange hair-do. The song is slow yet the backing music is quite quick paced, It's a little difficult to explain. This is a must to listen to if you like Paramore. My favourite line would be
                              ' If it's not real you can't hold it in your hand, you can't feel it in your heart and I won't believe it'.

                              5) Turn It Off

                              This song takes a kind of classic rock turn with a much more prominent bass and guitar line than any of the other songs. The drum as again jsut used simply to keep time. William's voice really get chance to shine in this song and her accent features quite prominently in some of the words which I like as it make her much more unique rather than some of these bands nowadays who think if you bring some of your own individuality to a song that it can't be a hit, take a hint out of paramore's book.... it's all about the originality and individuality! My favourite line is most deffinatley ' I scraped my knees when i was praying, and found a demon in my safest haven'.

                              6) The Only Exception

                              The latest single off the album. A much slower song and my favourite song off the album. The song goes into detail of the characters childhood and her parent break up and how she promised herself not to sing of love if it doesn't exist but she find someone to sing about. I adore this song and do believe it's one of the best love songs that has been released in the last few years. This is more of an accousitc song wiht the encorporation of a piano and percussion rather than drums. My favourite line is a difficult one with this song as I love the whole song but I'm going to say 'I've got a tight grip on reality but I can't let go whats in front of me here'.

                              7) FeelingSorry

                              From the start of this song its justp ure rock. With a big guitar opening to the quick drum line and the quite epic chorus this is one of the best song on the album. The song focuses on the character wondering why she doesn't see someone anymore even though they live in the same town but she decides she doesn't really care. My favourite line is' There's no need to apologise, I've got no time for feeling sorry'.

                              8) Looking Up

                              Again another song with a brilliant opening. Starting with a guitar riff then the drums join in and finally Williams' voice joins in. A good song all around. My favourite line would be 'It's not a dream any more, it's worth fighting for'. I find it difficult to write anymore for this other than saying rocky but this is quite obvious.

                              9) Where The Lines Overlap

                              In this song you can actually hear the males in the song singing backup which I'm not sure I've really encountered before and I like it. Quick paced love song which features A very quick drum line and a quirky guitar line. My favourite line has to be 'Noone is as lucky as us, we're not at the end but, but we've already won!'. Great line! Great Song!

                              10) Misguided Ghosts

                              Accousitic song. A nice slow song which allows Williams' to sing without having to try and sound like a rock chick. I love her voice liek this because she has the balility to sound really feminine but still keep her iconic reputation. The lyrics to this song are truly beautiful with some of my favourites being 'We are misguided Ghost, travelling Endlessly'

                              11) All I Wanted

                              I love this song because it remind me of my partner. The song is a love song with a twist. A slwo song but beautifully executed and about one minute in the song goes from accousitc to a big guitar and drum riff which makes the song start to take a bit of a quicker turn. This song involves some of my favourite lyrics from the whole album; 'When the world treats you way too fairly, it's a shame im a dream' and ' I could follow you to the beginning just to relive the start'. If I had it my way i would release this as a single as its got a slow opening and goes into quite an epic rock song from only a minute in as well as being a love song so it's got a little something for everyone.

                              Overall a brilliant album and my favourite of the last few months! Constantly replayed on Itunes.

                              ***Boring Bit***

                              4/5 Kerrang
                              7/10 NME
                              5/5 Big Cheese
                              9/10 Rock sound

                              5/5 ME!!!

                              The album can be brought off amazon for £5.49 which is a brilliant price for such an amazing album and I pakyed around £9.99 for it when it was first released.


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                                21.03.2010 15:38
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                                As you have probably seen I reviewed Twilight:New Moon the film quite a while ago but I figured that I would review the soundtrack which I recently brought. Unlike the film I actually like the soundtrack but there are a few points I would like to point out;

                                1) Unlike Twilight the soundtrack to New Moon seems somewhat not suited to particular parts of the film and so when it coems to links between the osundtrack and film I am only giving it 3/5 but it gets better don't worry.

                                2) The music itself is great, each song is different and the eclectic mix of sounds encorporated on the album gives at least one song that everyone can listen to.

                                *** The Album ***

                                The album was released on October 16th 2009 to accompany the release of Twilight:New Moon in the cinemas. The music supervisor picked for Twilight , Alexander Patsavas was also chosen for New Moon. I am a little confused how the same music supervisor managed to pick perfect songs for one film and unusual songs for the sequel but its his job not mine and I don't think I could have done it any better. Every song on the album is an original and an exclusive for the album and brings together a vast array of artists and music types to make this eclectic soundtrack. The title song from the album is Death Cab for a Cutie's song Meet Me At The Equinox. The band stated that it was specially written to reflect the celestial themes and motifs that run through the film.

                                *** Songs ***

                                Meet Me At The Equinox - Death Cab For A Cutie 3.44

                                This song is the title song for the whole movie and what a song it is. The song is quite dark with a rockish undertone. The lead singers voice is amazing its husky yet soft at the same time. The song can be found in the credits of the film. the most prominent feature of thie song is the drums and the pretty kick ass guitar 'jam' at the chorus. I do love this song and I liked it even before I realised it was from the Twilight saga, although its pretty hard not to tell that its from the film from the video which features snippets from the movie.

                                Friends - Band of Skulls

                                Friends is another of the songs off the album which is very much based around the drum line and guitar. The singers voice is not unlike that of the previous song but its slightly more high pitched. The song has quite a quick tempo and is one of my favourites on the album if not my favourite.
                                The song can be found on the film where Bella Swan rides on a motorbike with a stranger to see Edward's image again.

                                Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke

                                This song is much more like the songs from the original Twilight film than any of the others on this album. The song relies on sythesisers I believe and has an almost trance element to it. The song is actually very good and I have listened to it numerously even when I haven't been listenign to the album, its one I always find myself looking for on youtube. The song can be found in the film where Victoria escapes the wolf pack.

                                4) Lykke Li - Possibility

                                This is probably the most rmemebered sogn from the album and the film for one reason. It annoying!!! I did like the song to start off with before I watched the film but the section of the film that this song is used in has just ruined the song for me. This is the song that plays when Bella is just sitting in her room staring out of the window pining for Edward. The song itself is quite good and has native american roots so the singer has a fantastic voice. The song is slow and mellow and the only good thing is the singer voice but somehow it works.

                                5) A White Demon Love Song - The Killers

                                One of my favourite bands with one of my favourite songs. The song used bells or somethign of the sort to create an eerie mood which works well with Brandon from the Killers voice. This song is most deffinately about the vampires and I think it suits them perfectly with lines like 'White Demon where's your selfish kiss?'. This song can be found in the credits on the film (why do they put the best songs in the credits so noone listens to them ?!?). A brilliant song and my favourite on the album.

                                6) Satellite Heart - Anya Marina

                                Another song of the album which could easily have been in the previous film and I think it suits the saga brilliantly. The song is simple and compromises of a guitar and the singer for a vast majority. Although this is a slow love song the guitar is quite up tempo and its not the type of song that will make you upset although it could cause you to be quite contemplative. The singers voice is pure perfection and sounds like a husky country singer but with elegance. This song can be found in the Scene where Edward drive Bella home After her birthday party, A brilliant positioning by the music supervisor here! one of the only times I thought the music matched the mood of the film.

                                7) I Belong To You (New Moon Remix) - Muse

                                Because of their usage in the original Twilight film, muse are one of the bands most associated with the films so it seems only right that they should have a song in New Moon Too. The song is more uptempo that most of the other songs on the album but still with holds the rocky genre held by the saga's music. Matt Bellamy again has a perfect voice for the saga and so this song is one of the best. This song can be found in the movie when Bella and Jessica go to the movies.

                                8) Roslyn - Bon Iver & St Vincent

                                Beautiful song. Works so well with the whole imagery of the vampires and their beauty and elegance. The song is haunting with a simple guitar strum and piano playing while the two singers sing with quite high pitched voices but beautifully so. I can't think of any other way to describe this song other than beautiful. This song can be found when Edward breaks up with Bella.

                                9)Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

                                I thought the name of the band was actually pretty perfect for the film considering the problems riding motor cycles bring the rebellious Bella and I have had a few little chuckles at the fact. The song is of a slow tempo but and involved guitar and bass with the occasional drum beat to give it a slight edge. You can imagine the singer dressed in heavy motor bike leathers with a long beard singing into a mic on stage with everyone looking at him. It is a truly great song. This song can be found when the memebrs of the wolf pack take Bella to Emily's house.

                                10) Monsters - Hurrican Bells

                                Another song that would work well in the original film and I consider it to be kind of like 'Tremble for My Beloved' which featured in the original. Thus song accompanies one of the best scenes in the film the 'Robert Pattison Slow-mo walk into school' (not my opinion as im team Jacob but the opinion of many of my peers). The song is quite quick and has a good guitar and drum beat going, you could actually dance to this song which is difficult to say for the song from the Saga. Good Song with a great set of lyrics to accompany the film 'come deep into the darkness where I hide'.

                                11) The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf

                                This was a band I had never heard of before the film was released but I love the song. The song features in my favourite scene of the film, Bella's birthday party. The song is again of quite a quick tempo and arocky edge. The singer voice is quite normal, deep but melodic. I do however love this song and the chorus is beautiful.

                                12) Shooting The Moon - Ok Go

                                Ok Go are one of the biggest internet sensations with their song Here It Goes Again where the video compromises of the band walking and dancing on treadmills, however, this song is nothing like that at all. The song is slow and focuses on a heavy bass drum with a good strumming on a guitar. The song is amazing, but I don't really think it suits the scene that it was used for in the film. The song can be found where Bella and Jacob are in his garage but the song is too slow paced for this 'fun atmosphere' and would have been better suited to the fight between Edward and Jacob for Bella for instance.

                                13) Slow Life - Grizzly Bear

                                Quite a slow start to this song with just the use of guitar and the male vocals being added much later, however, this is another beautiful song. This song has made me cry before when I have been upset so it's one to avoid if your already a bit weepy. The singers voice just haunts you and the chorus reminds me of a waterfall for some reason as its just magical. The song is perfectly suited to its scene as it features when Bella is underwater after jumping from the Cliff. Great song!

                                14) No Sound But The Wind - Editors

                                I have always been a fan of the Editors and I love the lead singer voice. The song is a typical Editors song with a slow tempo and very deep meaningful lyrics along with a beautiful backing track. This song features in the film where Edward drives Bella home from the cullens after the vote over her humanity. This song is a great choice for this scene as it encapsulates Bellas feeling for Edward perfectly in its lyrics ' We are here and we're alone, but i'm alone with you'.

                                15) New Moon (The Meadow) - Alexandre Desplat

                                This is purly instrumental and features in the Opening Credits of the film. The song is iconic to the film but I do not believe it can ever live up to Bella's Lullaby from Twilight. The song Is actually quite somber and is again a piece of contemplative music. i tend to listen to this when I've got some work to do as it helps me focus.

                                Overall A great Album even if some songs don't suit they're position in the film. On a soundtrack all thats important is the music afterall.

                                *** Boring Bit ***
                                The album can be found on Amazon for £8.86. I paid £10 from HMV when It first came out so I'd say the price on Amzon is about right. Howver I'd recommend going on Youtube on the official NEWMOONSOUNDTRACK channel and listening to the songs before you buy the album.


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