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Member since: 24.04.2011

People that trust me

Soon you will find in here a list of dooyoo members that have added you to their Circle of Friends.

People I trust

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    • babyandbump.com / Internet Site / 9 Readings / 7 Ratings
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      24.04.2011 04:18



      look else where

      The adminss, moderators and some of the members on BnB can be very rude. Apparently, BnB is their whole world and they will do whatever it takes to tear people down whom they do not like. From personal experience, don't say anything to upset their delicate opinions because even an innocent comment will cause them to rake you over the coals and ostracize you. then, you could be banned over a silly technicality or they may not even give you a real explanation of why. They will not warn you, you will just be banned. If you ask questions for clarification your ban becomes permanent. This site is not worth the stress. There are much friendlier pregnancy and baby forum available. I developed a few great friendships which carried over onto another internet site but BnB is just so cliquish. It very upsetting that women can treat other women that way.


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