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Member since: 12.10.2012

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      12.10.2012 22:06
      Very helpful



      A very reasonable light-to-use foundation often available as part of bargain deals.

      Cashmere. Mmmsoft. Softly soft. Like its slightly older sibling, this is basically the gel-powder MagiX but with colour. Avon says it's a liquid mousse, which is still true, I think, and that it gives a luminously flawless finish.

      It has all the qualities of the first-born, including the 30ml flat squeezy tube, a pleasing and not overwhelming smell, a supersoft texture, SPF protection (10), and a superb blendability. I found that, as much as I shook the tube, the texture of this Cashmere version of MagiX was runnier, more drippy-ploppy than the other, and there was always rogue liquid. Imagine, if you will, the extra "juice" that comes with cottage cheese, and you'll have a slightly distorted idea of what I mean. MagiX isn't in the least cheesy; it's just that the liquid is annoying and, if you forget it might be there, it may well run down your hand.

      My pale fair pale cool-toned pale skin can be annoying to match a foundation, concealer, powder, or other to but the ivory shade of this seems to be a fairly (ha, pun) good match. It's not perfect, but nor does it make me look orange. It does give a nice, "healthy" (a rare thing for me, but that's a whole big, long story...) glow/look/appearance/whichever word you might choose.

      Again, like the colourless MagiX (but not the Illuminating one, as I've not bought or tried it... yet)), this Cashmere version of Magix seems to magically smooth away pores, making them look blurred, which would be the soft-focus look referred to by Avon in the product description. It really do do that! It really does. It blends very easily, giving light coverage. Like other foundations or concealers, if your skin is just a tiny bit dry and/or flaky - have you met my face, reader? - Cashmere will probably have a tendency to look cakey, but I think it'd be quite hard to apply it heavily, such is its lightness and thinness when blended. Happily, it's one of those products that will last a fair old while, and a little squirt of it will go a long way.

      I bought this when it wasn't sold at its full price, as is usual for me, but I think it was about £4, as an introductory offer or something similar. This is good, for me, but I don't think I'd pay the full price of around £10 for it, since I don't regard it as a staple, undoubtedly necessary, utterly vital part of my face. But it's more than a nice enough thing to use, certainly.

      (Also on Ciao as Lucypop.)


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