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      08.02.2010 20:28
      Very helpful



      I will use it forever

      I'm a fussy person when it comes to perfume, I refuse to buy perfume unless i've smelt it, the perfume shop must think i'm a pain in ther backside lol but I have to try different ones to see if I like them.

      It wasn't until a friend came round the one day and I asked her what perfume she was wearing, it was lovely, she told me that it lasted forever and lingered on your clothes even after washing them. She told me it was Jean Paul Gaultier for women.

      That was it, my mind was made up, I had to go and buy some, off I went to the perfume shop in Shrewsbury. I asked for a tester first so I could check that it was the right one, It smelt gorgeous on my skin, I was so delighted that I bought a 50ml Bottle, I new that I would be happy with this one and would be coming back for more.

      The bottles start from a 30ml upto 100ml, and come a clear bottle shaped like a woman's bodice, the front of the bodice is actually smoked glass, very classey and makes the perfume interesting to look at, when the perfume is finished the bottle would actually make a nice ornament.
      The perfume itself look like dark orange in colour and blends in well with the bottle.
      The perfume is made up of Orange Blossom, Vanilla with a blend of Rose.

      Bought from The perfume shop at the price of £44.99.

      I have to say that my friend was right it does last on your clothes even after washIng them. It's a perfume that you don't need to put alot on as It's very strong, there is no need to re spray later on in the day as It wIll last you all day and more.

      I have tried some of the other perfumes from Jean Paul but nothing compares to this one it is my all time favourite and no other brand in the shops beat this one.

      For anyone out there that is looking for a strong and long lasting perfume, this is the one to buy in my opinion. My husband likes it on me and will always buy me a bottle for christmas and birthdays as he knows how much I like it.

      It is one of the most expensive perfumes on the market and lasts a long time. Im very glad that I bought a bottle. Any new perfumes that come available in the shops I will find very hard to compare.


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        07.02.2010 00:36
        Very helpful




        Two of my sons have special needs. They are both boys one is 12 years and the other is 10 years. As yet I still haven't got a proper diagnosis for either of them, which can be quite frustrating. They are very loving boys and i'm proud to be their mother, but one thing they both lack in is their conscentration, they have both got short attention spans, they also have co-ordination problems which can cause difficulties for them throughout their lives.

        A few months ago on a visit to see the local peditrician, it was suggested that both boys were to be tried with some Eye Q fish oil capsules.

        I asked the peditrician what the benefits of taking these was, I was told that these capsules help with the functioning of the brain, eyes, concentration and co-ordination.

        These capsules can be taken from the age of 5 and upwards. For any child under the age of 5 it is recommended that liquid formula should be given. They can be very expensive and range from liquid formula's to caspules.Depending on the quantity depends on the price you pay. They can be given on perscription too from your doctor. They can be bought from any chemist, Boots, LLoyds etc .

        The recommended dose that I was given to start my children on was 3 capsules twice daily for 3 months and then 1 capsule twice a day there after, the reason for a large dosage when starting, was so that they would store in the body quicker, and hopefully make a difference sooner than later.

        Equazen Eye Q capsules naturally contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils.

        Nutrition information

        Fish Oil (omega-3) 800mg
        Elcosapentaenoic Acid(EPA) 86mg
        Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 58mg
        Evening primrose Oil(omega-6) 200mg
        Gamma Linolenic Acid 20mg
        Natural Vitamin E 3.6mg


        It is important to take the amount suggested on the bottle or whatever has been perscribed by your G.P, never take more than required.

        Keep these in a dry place and out of reach of the children.

        These capsules should not be used as a subsitute for a varied diet.

        Since my boys have been on these capsules I have noticed a slight improvement, they are not dangerous in anyway, only if misused.
        I would highly recommend these capsules.


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        • The X Factor / TV Programme / 32 Readings / 30 Ratings
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          05.02.2010 00:50
          Very helpful



          Fantastic entertainment

          This is a programme that I look forward to every year, I know it's not everyone's cuppa tea but I think it is fab and am a huge fan. I would love to be in the live audiences, maybe one day I will get to be there.

          I love the auditions they are so entertaining and make me chuckle, I very often think to myself that they must know that they sound terrible, but maybe they don't, they could just go on because they know people are going to laugh. I don't think that I could show myself up like that though, but it's surprising how far people will go to get onto the TV. Thousands turn up each year to see if they can be auditioned, it must be so nerve racking for those that succeed and disapointing for those that don't.

          The whole idea of the programme is to find a new popstar. The judges which are Louis Walsh, Danni Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell travel around the UK looking for auditioner's. They go to London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff where they will find people from all over the UK.

          There are only so many places that can be filled,they are looking forward to 48 acts that are then split up into 4 groups of 12. They are then split down again into 24 and divided into 4 groups of six. Boys, girls, over 25's and the groups.
          Once the judges have picked who they would like to go through to the X Factor it is decided who mentors who. This is all decided at Bootcamp.

          The next level is when all catergories get to go to the judges homes and are then selected, leaving just 12 which are divided into the fo
          ur catergories. Where they will perform on the Live shows.

          The host of The X Factor is Dermot O'Leary, he has been hosting the show for many years now. Each year gets more and more tense and exciting for the judges and viewers.

          Its all upto the viewers at home to decide who stays and who goes, sometimes it's unfair as acts are kept in when they should go home. Out of all contestants it comes down to the finalists to which one person or group will be inline to win a Million pound record contract. A 1 chance in life to be a star.

          This programme is very entertaining especially when the judges argue and Louis Walsh gets put in his place, it's not the same without Sharon Osbourne they should bring her back as she was very good.


          A good programme that I hope will run for many years to come.


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            03.02.2010 14:35
            Very helpful
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            Absoutely Brilliant

            I have bought my children all the V Smile range, they have not been disappointed. It started with the V Smile console, then the V smile Pocket and now the V Smile Motion. Absoutely brilliant, my little boys love it, It connects to the tv just like the V Smile console but instead the contoller is wirless, It's just like a kiddies version of the wii.It allows the children to get motivated whilst playing a game, and ables them to interact with their favourite characters.

            It's all about learning aswell, not just playing a game. It teaches colours numbers, letters, and all the things that you'd want your children to learn. It also comes with an Action Mania game which has a range of sporting activities such as tennis, car racing and bobsledding.

            There is a wide range of games on the market like Thomas the tank for instance, and the good thing is that all the games that are used for the other V Smile consoles can be used on this one too, how cool is that.

            The V Smile Motion comes with one colourful contoller which will switch to both left and right handed players, this is done by simply turning the dile underneath the controller and then turning the contoller around. If you want another controller you have to buy that seperate, but can be bought off the internet, so not a problem.

            It can run on batteries but also can be run by an adapter which you can buy in argos For about £8.

            As like all the other V Smile Consoles you will not be disappointed with your purchase, its great fun for you and the kids, so glad that I bought one for the boys now. So much to do and learn and they will not get bored.

            The graphics are brilliant very good quality, just as good as any console on the market for children.

            I bought ours from argos a few years ago now when the first came out, and as i remember it was around £50 then but they have come down alot in price now so if your interested in buying one , shop around to see what deal you can get.

            The console and contoller is blue and orange but i think now you can buy them in pink, this was the same with all the other consoles, it started off when they first came out you could only get them in one colour but now you can buy them in girls colours too, which is great.

            This console is well worth the money and a great toy for learning and having fun, I cant wait to see what the next invention is going to be.


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              01.02.2010 10:59
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Brilliant well worth the money

              My two lIttle boys are huge Roary fans, so for Christmas last year I decided to buy them one each as the would fight over it. Their little faces as they opened them was a picture. Since having them they have played them non stop.

              Roary is very sturdy. My children have dropped him crashed him into the walls and placed him at the top of the stairs so he can come down and he is still in one piece. He is easy to use, and doesn't have any small parts that can be taken off and put in their mouths for them to choke on.
              He is Red and White with eyes and four black wheels. He makes sounds and says fun phrases. He Comes with a Black and Red steering wheel with bright Yellow buttons to control him, he goes forward and backwards and left and right and will drive you around the bend lol.

              I would recommend this car to any little Roary fan as he is also good for teaching hand and eye co-ordination. When working Roary is really speedy, so be careful that the kids dont trip you up.

              I bought both of mine from Amazon for £30 each.

              Roary is manufactured from Vivid Imagination Toys.

              Roary can be used from 3years and up.

              Roary requires 4 AA's and 2AAA's batteries.

              I am very pleased with Roary and the boys love him too, I also think that this toy would be suitable for little girls too if they liked Roary.
              Great fun for all including the mums and dads.

              Well worth the money spent.


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                30.01.2010 14:43
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Will use this forever

                A few months ago my best friend Kimbles was telling me all about the Tobi Steamer and how brilliant it was. We very often sit and talk about things we have bought and have a discussion about them. I have listened to other people before about certain items which I have actually bought, to find out they were actually a waste of money and no good at all, but everything item that kimbles has told me about has been true to her word, so I thought to myself when I could afford it that I would treat myself and purchase the Tobi Steamer. My husband recently bought the H20 steam mop for me which Kimbles told us about, It's absoutely fantastic, amazing and well worth the money that was spent.

                Anyway the other day when I was browsing the internet, I decided that I would take a look at the Tobi Steamer, I had some money in the bank which was spare and I thought to myself shall I buy it or not. I kept thinking to myself that it would make life alot easier and would save me alot of money in the future, so that was it, my mind was made up, so I clicked on the buy now button and it was ordrered, yipee at this point I was getting excited and couldn't wait for it to arrive.

                A couple days later what should arrive but my Tobi Steamer, I couldn't wait to get it out of the box. I was so excited, it was like Christmas all over again lol. My husband put it together for me, although I probably could of done it myself, it was hardly rocket science.

                After my husband built it up, which didnt take long at all, I couldn't wait to try it out. So I decided that I was going to steam my pile of clothes that I had waiting to be ironed. I couldnt believe it, for many years ive stood standing doing the ironing which I absoutely hate, but I actually enjoyed it, It was effortless, and now I don't even have to go to the dry cleaners, as this amazing machine will do it all for you, how cool is that.

                Im so amazed at what this machine can do, every home should have one, honestly if you dont like ironing, buy one of these you will never complain again. There is no strain to your back at all like there is when your standing behind the ole ironing board. No more wrinkles ever again.
                Isn't that fantastic.

                I bet your thinking what else does the Tobi Steamer do, well it cleans Kitchen and Bathroom tiles, will clean your curtains, it removes odours from your upholstery, linens, beds, pillows and your clothes from silk to denim. There is no harsh chemicals needed, just water, you can however use abit of fabric conditioner if you wish to do all your upholstery and fabrics. The Toby Steamer is enviromentally friendly and will last you for years.

                Seeing is believing, believe me you wont be disappointed, I wasn't. It's a miracle made in heaven. I wish I'd bought one along time ago. Thanks to Kimbles I wont be struggling again. Any tures in the home can be frustrating and hard work but not anymore, thanks to this wonderful invention.

                ==Bought From==

                I bought my Tobi Steamer from Thane Direct.


                I bought mine as it was on offer for the amazing price of £49.95 plus £9.95 postage.
                Original price was £79.95 plus £9.95 postage which has saved me £30. Even if it hadn't been on offer I would of still bought it for the original price as it is well worth it.

                ==Description of The Tobi Steamer==

                Base unit with wheels
                Easy fill water tank
                With ejection button for portability
                Shoulder strap
                Telescopic pole (adjusts from 2" to 5" )
                Flexible hose
                Ergonomic handle
                Hanger hook
                High volume steam nozzle

                The water tank is detachable from the base unit, so you can carry it around with you, rather than taking the whole unit.

                ==Whats included==

                Tobi Steamer
                upholstery brush
                Lint/pet hair remover
                Free travel bag.

                Well I think I've covered everything that you need to know about the Tobi Steamer. From now on I will be checking out Thane Direct website on a regular basis to see what other wonderful gadgets are there to buy.


                Top marks 100% to Thane Direct, very satisfied with my purchase. Unbeatable prices. Money well spent.


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                  29.01.2010 11:16
                  Very helpful
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                  Would recommend to all the girls.

                  Im very fussy when it comes to shower gels and lotions, whenever im in the supermarket mainly Morrisons, iI look to see what offers they have and usually go smelling the full range of shower gels, to find out which one smells the nicest. Im like this with perfume too very fussy.

                  About a year ago now i came across Imperial Leather Skinbliss Renew with Exotic Monoi Oil, which is made by Cussons there are several different skinbliss lotions, which i dont like, but this one is great, it smells wonderful and lasts for ages and ages on your skin, it makes my skin smooth and soft and locks in moisture. I find some shower gels or lotions tend to dry my skin out but this one gives me 100% soft skin. I would also recommend this to anyone that has sensitive skin.



                  ==Bought From==



                  The Skinbliss Renew comes in a 250ml oval shaped bottle, it is a pale pink in colour.
                  Dermatologically tested.


                  Aqua,Glycerin, Urea, Lauramidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate,
                  Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sullosuccinate, Sodium Magnesium Silicate,
                  Glyceryl Oleate, PEG-6 Capric/Caprylic Glycerides, Lactic Acid, Parfum, Xanthan Gum, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone,
                  Methylisothiazolinone, C1177891, C114700.


                  If this product gets in your eyes, rinse well with warm water.


                  Fantastic product, Does what is says on the bottle, value for money.


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                  • Sky Plus (Sky+) / TV Channel / 31 Readings / 28 Ratings
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                    28.01.2010 12:04
                    Very helpful



                    Would recommend to everyone

                    I have been a customer with sky now for 7 years, since being a member I have always had the full package every month, so many channels to choose.

                    My only critism of sky is they repeat alot of the programmes which is abit naughty really, who wants to keep looking at repeats all the time.

                    Last year i decided that i was going to upgrade my sky box to Sky Plus, its the best thing ive done it is amazing, there is no tUrning back for me.


                    You can record 2 different programmes at the same time, but you must be watching of them, otherwise it wont work.

                    You can stop, pause, rewind a proramme your watching.

                    You can set the box to tape a series of programmes.

                    There is upto 40 hours recording time.

                    Send a text from your mobile to your sky plus box to record a programme if you have forgotten to set the box.


                    Charge for installation is abit pricey.

                    Too many repeated programmes.


                    On the whole im am very pleased with sky plus would recommend this to everyone.


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                  • Stargazer Hair Dye / Hair Care / 33 Readings / 30 Ratings
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                    27.01.2010 16:24
                    Very helpful



                    Are Used Reguarly

                    My husband and I love colouring our hair all different colours, being a hairdresser myself i know which colours are good and which ones arnt, over the last year i have been using the Stargazer range, they are semi permanent, conditioning and Ammonia Free hair colours which are best used on pre lightened hair, but also can be used on natural hair, but will not take on grey or white hair.

                    The colours are so vibrant and last very well on pre lightened hair, i love to use the pink on my hair, as im such a pink fernatic lol.

                    These colours are so easy to use, as im writing this review im colouring my hubbys hair, i have pre lightened his hair with bleach and then im gonna pull his hair through a cap and use a selection of Stargazers, as he wants a few different colours, so its Coral Blue, Golden Flame and African Green we are aiming for, i must say my hubby really wants to stand out and likes to be different to everyone else lol.

                    Depending on how much you wash you hair and your hair grows depends on how long the Stargazer will stay in your hair.


                    Range about £4

                    ==Bought From==

                    Sallys Hairdressing Wholesalers.

                    ==Colour Range==

                    Shocking Pink
                    Baby Pink
                    Golden Flame
                    Royal Blue
                    Coral Blue
                    Ultra Blue
                    Blue Black
                    Pitch Black
                    Egg Plant
                    African Green
                    Tropical Green
                    Foxy Red
                    Hot Red
                    Rich Wine
                    Silver Look

                    These colours can also be mixed to make a wider range of colour. In each box of Stargazer there is an instruction booklet on how to use it, with a pair of gloves. The gloves should be worn as colours would stain your hands.

                    As with all colours there are cautions to be aware of.


                    May cause skin irritation.
                    Is advised to do a preliminary test on sensitive areas before use.
                    If in contact with eye wash out immediately withj warm water.
                    Not to be used for dying eyebrow or eyelashes (can cause blindness).
                    Avoid spillage on clothing, furnishings, carpet and enamel surfaces(permanant staining can occur).
                    Always wear gloves as will stain hands.
                    Keep out of reach of children and pets.

                    ==Directions Of Use==

                    Prepare work surface with sufficient old towels, if colour contacts the skin rinse immediately to stop staining.

                    Shampoo the hair (not conditioning shampoo)
                    Dont use conditioner.

                    I prefer to apply this on dry hair as i think you get a better result.

                    Cut off the tip of the bottle, if you are gonna use the whole of the bottle.

                    If only using a little do not cut the tip off ,there is a top inside that can be put back in after use, this will mean you can re-use the colour that is left at anytime.

                    Apply with a tinting brush.

                    Leave on for 15-30 minutes

                    Rinse the hair throughly and condition.

                    ==Facts ==

                    The lighter the basic hair colour, the more vibrant the end results.

                    For better affects pre lighten the hair first.

                    Store in a cool dry place.

                    All Stargazer colours can be blended together.

                    Always reccommended to do a strand test first.

                    For very long hair 2 bottles maybe required.

                    ==Overall Summary==

                    Stargazer is a fantastic buy, and doesnt have to used all at once, very good value for money, and perfect vibrant colours. You wont be disappointed.


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                      26.01.2010 13:52
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      brilliant place to take the whole family

                      Every summer gets harder on finding places to take my four boys. Last year when my sister came to Wales on holiday we looked at Greenwood Forest Park.


                      Half way between Bangor and Caernarfon. It is 75 minutes from the M56 in the foothills of Snowdonia, a few minutes from the A55 Coastal Highway, just off the B4366 Bethal Road.


                      Y Felinheli/ Gwynedd/ LL56 4QN Wales
                      01248 671493

                      ==Opening Times==

                      Open from - 12th feb to 20th feb 11am-5pm
                      13th Mar to 3rd sept 10am-5.30pm
                      4th sept to 31st Oct 11am-5.00pm


                      School Term Holidays

                      Adult £6.45 Adults £7.95
                      Child £5.65 Child £6.80
                      Senior £5.65 Senior £6.80

                      ==Main Attractions==

                      The Barefoot Trail

                      The Barefoot Trail is 300metres long with a pathway that snakes all the way through the forest. The aim of this is to walk barefoot like our ancestors used to on a number of terrains like pebbles, straw, bark, timber and water.

                      Moon Karts At Lunar Park

                      These pedal powered 1 & 2 seater quad bikes and trikes are on a new circuit where you can pedal your way around Lunar Park, great fun for the adults and the children, but bumping is not allowed.

                      The Giant Jumper

                      This is amazing, the Giant Jumper is a massive bouncing pillow which is 1500 feet square feet and is the first ever Giant Jumper in Wales. This attraction is for the under 12s and is one of the most popular attractions in Greenwood Park.

                      Tunnel Warren

                      A collection of tunnels, slides, rope bridges and towers with a fun animal theme for the children under 7yrs.

                      Tree Top Towers

                      This attraction consists of four tall timber towers which are connected to array of netted walkways and tube slides. There is an amazing blue slide which the adults love aswell as the kids.

                      The Crocodile Maze

                      This attraction is Britains only boardwalk maze, which lyes on the reinforest edge, there is willow cuttings throughout which grow up and around the maze making it harder to see around corners where the crocodile may appear, the risk is yours. This maze has been especially adapted for wheelchairs.

                      The Green Dragon Roller Coaster

                      This was scary for me as ive never been on a roller coaster before, the kids were loving it but my sister and i decided that it was the first and last time that we would go on this ride. This 20 person five car train travels on a 250 metre track with a 360 degree horizontal loop, which will reach a top speed of 25mph. The Green Dragon is the worlds first enviromentally friendly roller coaster which harnesses people power to minimise the use of electricity, this ride will generate more power than it actually uses.
                      Your first walk is upto the loading platform of the funicular and ride down the hillside, with the combined weight of all persons in the funicular, as its going down the hill it will be sufficient enough to pull the empty coaster cars up the hill to the loading station by steel ropes and pulleys. Then by walking up the steps and stepping into one of the cars to enjoy the ride of your life as gravity takes over, great fun for all the family, although not suitable for the very young.

                      Great Green Run

                      The Great Green Run has an amazing 70 metre sledge run which is the longest in wales. By sitting in the sledge with your arms and legs tucked in and listerning to instructions, the time of your life is about to happen, and you wont want it to end, my kids loved this and kept going back for more.

                      The Jungle Boat Adventure

                      This was funny for me as the more i was trying to steer the boat with a paddle the more i ended up getting stuck and holding all the others up that were in boats behind me, I couldnt steer for laughing, great fun, in the summer with all the greenery felt like i was in south america or africa rather than snowdonia. This attraction should not be missed.


                      Ever fancied yourself as robin hood, well the oppotunity is there, with a traditional longbow, you get to shoot three arrows at a time and if you like it go back for more, not suitable for the younger generation though.

                      The Forest Theatre

                      A wonderful open air forest theatre which seats up tp 200 people, which is built in a natural amphitheatre in the woods. A variety of performances and shows for all the family at easter and whitsun half term.

                      Mini Tractors

                      The youngsters love riding around on thest tractors, but to get them to work they have to have a £1 coin inserted in them, which i find is quite expensive, as they dont get long to ride on them, can be ultra expensive if the kids want to keep going on.

                      Den Building

                      How about creating a shelter made out of natural materials, fallen branches and logs, great fun for all.

                      Crafts & Activities

                      There are many unusual traditional crafts featured at Greenwood Forest, you can carve your very own gypsy flower from a tree branch and watch the stick maker create wonderful things, there are regular demonstrations for all to see.

                      The Toddlers Village

                      This was built especially for the youngsters, lots of activitys so they cant get bored, with mini houses and a slide, and nearby is a sand play area. When walking around the forest park you will see Peacocks and Peahens and not forgetting rabbits and guinea pigs, yes Greenwood Park is animal friendly too. So for all the kids that like to stroke the animals don't miss out.

                      Adventure Playground

                      There are two of these for the young and not so young, with lots of activities for the kids to enjoy whilst the parents can sit on the seating close by and relax with a few refreshments.

                      Stilt Walking Arena

                      This is located close by to the mini tractors, this is great fun and a challenge for all the family.


                      Free car parking
                      Coaches by arrangement
                      Gift shops
                      Picnic Area
                      Cafe & Snack Bars
                      Toilet & Baby Changing facilities
                      Wheelchair access to buildings, toilets and woodland paths
                      Dogs welcome on a lead.

                      So there we are a fun packed filled day for all the family, we all enjoyed it when we went and it is value for money, i would defitnately go again.


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                        25.01.2010 11:45
                        Very helpful




                        I've recently bought a puppy that needs puppy training; I have looked on the market to see what puppy training pads are available. Ive come across Simple Solutions puppy training pads which I purchased from the local vets, which I paid £11.99 for a pack of 30. I also noticed that can be purchased from Amazon.co.uk at the same price of £11.99, but on top of that would be postage charges, so I decided to purchase mine from the local vets as I would not have to pay the postage charge.
                        They come in a pack of 30, which attract the puppy with a special scent; they a high absorbency and have 100% leak proof quality.


                        Place puppy training pad on the floor with the plastic side down and tissue side up.
                        Make sure that the pad is always in a place available for your puppy.
                        Keep pad away from your puppy's food and bed.
                        Place the puppy on the pad so he or she can smell the special scent.
                        If the puppy doesn't relieve themselves the first time, take them back several times until successful.
                        Once puppy has succeeded reward them with a treat or praise.
                        Replace the pad when a new one is needed.

                        If more help is needed when on training hints, you can visit the website at simplesolutions.com.

                        These training pads are brilliant and good value for money, i'm very impressed as I've bought some before that were a different brand and they were useless, probably because they were a lot cheaper. Sometimes buying cheaper brands doesn't always pay.

                        I would suggest these training pads to anyone who has a puppy and needs to puppy train them.


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                        • JML Ped Egg / Beauty Accessories / 20 Readings / 18 Ratings
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                          25.01.2010 11:33
                          Very helpful



                          Is used all the time

                          I have suffered with hard skin on my feet for years, I have tried so many different products to control this and nothing worked until i came across the amazing JML Ped Egg. This Ped Egg has been on the market for a few years now and is the best thing ever.


                          It started off that you could only buy the Ped Egg in white, but now they have got pink ones on the market which is blooming typical as i love pink. They now have bought out a black one for the men, so these can be used by both male and female.


                          Very good price indeed. I paid £9.99 for mine and was not disappointed, for what i have spent over the years this defitnately beats it.

                          ==Bought from==



                          The Ped Egg is oval in shape, hence why it is called a Ped Egg, It will fit in the palm of your hand and is as light as a feather.
                          It comes in 3 parts, the top part rests against the palm of your hand, the middle part which is the mini grater attaches to the top part, which collect the skin, which by the way looks like dust, this can be emptied easily by just pulling it apart, sometimes there can be skIn that doesnt collect inthe top part and will gather on your floor or wherever yo do this but is a minor problem. Depending on how much hard skin you have depends on how often you empty it. The base part has a rough black pad at the bottom and a spare one to attach if the one on the base becomes worn. Thse are to file over your skin.


                          Holding the Ped Egg in the palm of your hand, glide the egg back and forth across your heel or calluses, it doesnt hurt at all.
                          This can be done on dry feet or in the bath, i prefer to do mine before having a bath, i do this at least 3 times a week but everyone is different, some people may need to do it more often, but it could make your feet sore if done too much. It is best also to cream your feet with a good moisturiser to soak into the skin.

                          ==Overall opinion==

                          In my opinion this gadget is fantastic, it leaves your skin smooth and soft, top marks to JML on inventing this gadget, i say money well spent.


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                          • More +
                            21.01.2010 01:55
                            Very helpful


                            • Reliability


                            is used everyday

                            I love coffee but get very bored of coffee that you put in a cup and add water so i decided that i was gonna treat myself to a coffee machine that made cappucino's.

                            Off I went to have a search around the shops to see what was on offer, well I came across The Morphy Richards 47008.


                            It's black in colour,
                            Heat resistant glass coffee pot 10cups capacity,
                            Stainless steel milk jug (non stick),
                            Easy clean filter (permanent),
                            Thermostatic hot plates,
                            Coffee strength selector,
                            Filters hot coffee within minutes,
                            Detacthable milk frother,
                            Illuminated on/off switch.

                            Products used in machine

                            Any branded filtered coffee,

                            Price £44.99
                            Bought from Currys

                            This fantastic machine is so simple to use and clean, it is used on a daily basis in my home and have not had any complaints from any guests that have had a coffee from my machine. It is very reliable and takes no time at all to make a wonderful cup of coffee, would recommend this machine to anyone.


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                          • Nintendo Wii / Games Console / 21 Readings / 19 Ratings
                            More +
                            19.01.2010 10:02
                            Very helpful



                            something il use all the time

                            The nintendo wii console is the best thing ever invented, they range from around £150 depending on where you buy them from, most consoles come with one wireless controller it is white in colour although now you can buy them in black, the wii connects to your tv and has a sensor that sits on your tv which picks up movement from you and your contoller pad how clever is that, the wii is good fun entertainment for all the family.They are not only good for excercising your muscles and for helping to lose weight but good for getting your brain going, and its not all about just sitting on your backside with a controller but you can actually get off your chair and move around with the controller and make things happen.The quality is brilliant. They are not that big that you cant take them wherever you may go. There are so many games you can buy on the market for these consoles, you could never be bored ever again. Not only are they good for the younger generation but they are good for the older generation too, they are used alot today in The old peoples home to give them excercise and to keep them entertained and motivated what more could you possibly ask for. They are even used in some schools today, so they must be good, normally consoles or computer games would be banned, as when i was in school the only thing electronic you were able to take in was your calculator lol, seriously though how things have changed over the years personally i believe that the wii fit will just go on and on and, no one will ever get bored of this machine and all the time they are adding things too it, so i say well worth the money, who needs the arcade when you can play on your wii for free with your friends and family.


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                          • LG KS360 / Mobile Phone / 24 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                            18.01.2010 21:21
                            Very helpful


                            • Reliability


                            would use this phone for a good while

                            I have a contract with the orange network, my phone was chosen as an upgrade.This phone comes in a choice of colours (black and aqua blue and white and pink) i chose the white and pink as i love pink lol. This phone can be purchased from most mobile retailers on contract or as pay as you go. It can be bought from argos at the moment for £62.99 which is very reasonable. The lg ks360 is a very easy phone to use and very much a ladies phone, it is stylish and is a sliding phone with a qwerty keyboard, just like a computer keyboard, when sliding the phone open, out pops the keyboard how cool is that eh. It is n adequate size which fits into most handbags. There are lots of features on this phone such as a 2 mega pixel camera for your every moment snaps whether its on a girls night out or in the park with your little one. You can make your own videos with the in built video camera. There is a mp3 player for all your favourite tunes,the sound is reasonable and has a standard memory of 15mb but you can purchase memory cards from most phone retailers, bluetooth so you can transfer music, videos and pictures over from 1 phone to another. This phone is very reliable and if dropped it wont break, i have dropped mine lots of times and it is still in one piece and in good working order, alot of phones only have to be dropped the once and they will break. I think this phone is value for money and every girls ideal phone.


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