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      02.07.2010 22:00
      Very helpful



      Great place to relax

      Fig Tree Cottage is a little cottage that we hired from a company online; it is available to rent out all year round at different prices.

      The Cottage
      There is parking for one car just outside the cottage on a drive that is shared with the house next door, reversing into the drive can be a little tight when the other person's car is already parked up.

      When we arrived we had paperwork telling us where to get the key from, there is a key safe on a wooden beam outside the cottage which has a code which you type into get the key. This is a nice and simple system, once you find the key safe. The only problem we had with the key was opening the door, after the second day of struggling we called the owner and he came out an gave us a different key and did say he would have to change the lock at some point as it was worn, was impressed with how quick and helpful the owner was.

      The cottage itself sleeps four people, there were only three of us and I think it would have been a little cramped if there had been four of us.
      The downstairs is open plan, when you open the door you go into a very small lounge which has a sofa and a single chair, there is a television that is on the back of one of the kitchen wall panels! An odd area for a TV, it was only small but was level to the sofa so was adequate, to the right is a galley kitchen and just above that is a dining area. There is a downstairs bedroom with an en suite WC. There is also a downstairs wet room which makes the cottage suitable for disabled people. The upstairs is a loft room, very spacious and has an en suite bathroom.

      The Kitchen was fairly well equipped, for a five star cottage I would have thought there would have been better cutlery and plates. There is a washer/dryer, cooker, microwave, kettle and toaster. There was also so tea, coffee and sugar supplied which was well appreciated.
      The lounge had a sofa and a chair on wheels, handy to move about where needed. There was also a small cupboard with some board games in. One thing that was lacking downstairs was lighting, there are only a couple of lights in the ceiling which are on high beams so they don't light the cottage that well, there are also a couple of lamps that give of a nice orange glow!

      The upstairs loft room is very spacious and has its own television and plenty of storage, there is an en suite bathroom with toilet, sink and a bath, the only problem with this is that the bathroom area was open plan with the bedroom, its off to one side in an L shape but there is no door or curtain, luckily there was only one person staying in that room, but if there was a couple the use of the en suite wouldn't be very private.
      The bed is massive and extremely comfy, just what was needed after long days out exploring the surrounding areas.

      The downstairs bedroom is a little smaller but has an en suite WC; there is minimal lighting in the downstairs bedroom which can make it tricky with a disabled person. There is a downstairs wet room which is lovely, wet room style shower, bath, WC. The only fault that could be found by the wet room is the lack of none slip tiles, they are none slip until you get them wet!

      Despite its little faults the cottage is very cosy and a typical country cottage in style, all wooden beams and the décor being the same. It is a lovely place to relax on an evening after being out and about all day.
      There was plenty of clean bed linen and towels and the cottage as a whole was exceptionally clean.
      Outside there is a little courtyard with garden furniture, the court yard is a perfect little sun trap

      The cottage is in a small village called Findon in West Sussex. The village is about ten minuets away from Worthing in the car and there are also busses that leave the village regularly to Worthing and other areas.
      The Cottage is in the centre of the village opposite a place called Henrys Inn, easily accessible.
      The village itself has good facilities, a village shop, newsagents, post office and a shoe shop! There are about five pubs, three of which serve food and the village has an amazing Indian restaurant that does take away, If you like Indian food it's defiantly worth a visit.

      If your looking for a few days or a week away in a nice country cottage with lots of places near by then Fig Tree Cottage is a good place to stay, it says its five star but I would rate it at four, a week was enough for us but I did come back from a week away nice and relaxed and the cottage grew on me as the week went on.


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        06.05.2010 14:53
        Very helpful



        A great wet weather atteaction

        Kernow Mills, the cornish word for Cornwall, is a unique shopping experience at the entrance to Cornwall in Saltash.

        The shop.
        Kernow mills is designed like an old mill, there is even a working water wheel outside.
        The shop sells a variety of locally made produce, ranging from cakes, biscuits, apple pies, ice cream, chutneys and of course Cornish beers and cider.
        The shop also has an Edinborough Wollen mill fashion section for both men and women, there is alos another clothing area sells mostly outdoor clothing.
        Other shopping areas within the building are the 'Tavern Dewas', a little store that sells all the Cornish ciders and ales. There is a shoe department, which sells some awesome wellys! There is even a section dedicated to all things golfing, clubs, balls and clothing! Other areas in the building sell ornaments, bedding and jewellry. Kernow Mills is one of those shops you can go into for a look and always leave with something.

        The parking at Kernow Mills is free and there is plenty off it. The building is fully accessable to disabled people. There are a couple of steps up to the coffee shop but they do have a side entrance from outside which is flat. The building has toilets situated near the coffee shop.

        Coffee Shop.
        The coffee shop at Kernow Mills sells a selection of hot and cold items, the majority of which is local produce. All the hot meals are prepared to order and there is a chill cabinet with lots of cakes and sandwiches.
        There is plenty of seating in the coffee shop, the few times I have been there we havent stuggled for a seat. The prices are average, certain things seem quite pricey such as the cakes, but the drinks and other meals are reasonably priced.

        Kernow Mills is just off a round about in St Germans, Saltash.
        To get to Kernow Mills from Plymouth you need to take the A38 head over the Tamar Bridge to Trerulefoot, Kernow Mills is signposted and can be found just of the A374 on the road to Kingsand and the mill can be found just of the roundabout, It may sound complicated to find but the mill is signposted with the Brown signs right from Plymouth.

        The Mill is Open all year, Open daily, Opening times vary through out the year so may be worth checking.
        As this is a shopping place Entrance is free.

        As a whole Kernow Mills is a good wet weather place to go, there is plenty to see and buy but some of it can be pricey.. But always worth a look around.


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        • Holidays For Dancers / Travel Agent / 96 Readings / 96 Ratings
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          30.04.2010 15:23
          Very helpful



          A good company, little room for improvement

          Holidays4dancers is a company that I first found on the internet whilst looking for the Vincent & Flavia Strictly come dancing stars shows.

          The Company
          Holidays4dancers specialise in dancing holidays around the UK. The types of dancing the holidays are aimed at are Ballroom, Latin and Folk Dancing.
          The holidays are aimed at both beginners and experienced alike, some of the holidays offer tuition and others just offer evening dancing. The weekend breaks tend to have dancing on a Friday night which is smart casual and on the Saturday they have a Gala ball, the perfect opportunity for dancers to dress up in ball/cocktail gowns and DJ.
          All the holidays are on a dinner, bed and breakfast tariff.

          Quite a lot of the holidays offer tuition during the day time. Holidays4dancers work along side some of the strictly come dancing stars such as Vincent and Flavia, Darren and Lilia. They also work with ballroom dancing champions. The tuition workshops are aimed at different levels, there are beginners and then intermediate/Advanced, this means that every ability is catered for; the tuition is always given by some ballroom dancing stars.

          The Ballroom dancing stars that gave the tuition always do a cabaret on the Saturday night at the Gala ball.

          The Hotels
          Holidays4dancers use a variety of hotels. They use the Wessex hotel in Street, The Durrant in Bideford, The Carrington in Bournemouth, The Paddocks in Ross on Wye, The White Swan Stratford upon Avon and the Burlington in Kent. I am unable to review all of the hotels as I haven't attended them all.
          The holiday format at the Durrant hotel in Bideford was arrive by 4pm at the hotel, greeted by Paul and Carole Eden, who own the company, followed by a drinks reception.
          The evening's meals are very well organised, seating plan is made out, an excellent way for you to meet fellow dancers. All the tables seemed to be the same age range so as a whole people had some things in common and mixed well.

          Dancing for the evening started at 7.30/8pm till 11.30pm. The music is from the Eden Nights music collection, which seemed very varied. People dressed in a smart casual evening and was informal, a well organised evening catering for all sorts of dances, and the dance floor was full most of the night.

          The Saturday was an empty day to do as you please. Breakfast was 9am.
          Saturday evening was a formal evening, a Gala ball, great opportunity to dress up. The dancing started at 7.30/8pm and went on till 11.30. There was a cabaret at 9pm by Warren and Kristi Boyce, National Ballroom dancing stars.

          The Sunday was breakfast and check out by midday. That's the general format for the weekend breaks. They do however also do midweek breaks Monday-Friday. And some of the weekend breaks are also Friday-Monday.

          The Website
          The company have a website www.holidays4dancers.com, the website is very informative and has contact pages where it sends an automatic message to the office for brochure requests or questions.
          You can book the holidays online and pay for them using PayPal, or they send you a booking form and you can send it in with a cheque and a deposit of £35 per person.
          The holidays have various different prices, depending on the hotel, the event, weekend or midweek. You are looking at between £109 - £259 per person. The company also do New Year breaks and one holiday abroad a year. The only down side is the website colours are a bit dated and the layout isn't brilliant.

          The communication is brilliant when booking a holiday and after paying the invoice I received an invoice 8 weeks before the holiday, that was then followed by an Itinerary so that I was aware of what was happening, times etc..

          Holidays4dancers are a good company, I never knew of dancing holidays till I stumbled upon their company. They do holidays and events related to the ballroom dancing world which is a lot bigger than I could ever have imagined.

          If your looking for a break with a difference, are a dancer or want to learn to dance then its worth checking them out.


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            13.01.2010 16:08
            Very helpful



            Yummy jelly in a pot that are a perfect size

            Hartley's Jelly is the main brand of jelly to be found in Supermarkets and they sell many different jelly products including jelly crystals, the solid jelly cubes, the quick set jellys and the ready to eat pots.

            Im a big jelly fan, always have been since a kid when my mum used to make jellys for my birthdays.. now that im an adult jellys are no longer just for birthdays..they are an all year round thing...

            The Hartleys ready to eat pots come in a variety of flavours, raspberrys, strawberry, orange, lemon and lime.

            They individual pots are 125g
            Water, Sugar, Glucose-fructose-syrup, citric acid, gelling agents( locust bean gum, xanthan gum, gellan gum), Aciditiy regulator(potassium citrates), flavouring, colour (carmine).
            On the front of the pot it also states its a new frutier flavour. These jellys are also available in sugar free.

            These little pots of jelly are full of flavour, a little sweeter than the ones you make up yourself from the jelly cubes but very yummy.

            The pots have a peel back foil top which keeps them nice and fresh and easy to open. They are the perfect size to fit in lunch boxes for children or adults!

            The price on these pots tend to depend on the supermarket, the local supermarket where I purchase them are 36 pence a pot but are offering 3 for a £1, some might think these are pricey but I think they are excellent value for the quality of the product.
            They also have a long sell by date on them so it doesnt matter if you have them in the cupboard for a few months...

            Will continue to buy these jellys...


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              13.01.2010 15:44
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Totally yummy childrens sweets for all ages!

              The other day when I went into a sweet shop to get some bon bons for my dad I spotted a packed of Jelly Tots by the till I used to always eat these when I was younger so I opted to buy a pack..
              The pack cost me 35 pence, which seems a little steep for a little bag of sweets, but in comparison to chocolate bars they didnt seem so bad...

              Nutritional Information for a 42 g bag:-
              Energy 619kj/146 Kcal
              Protein 0.1g
              Carbohydrate 36.4 g
              of which sugars - 35.3 g
              Fat Nil
              Fibre Nil
              Sodium Trace

              On the front of the pack it also states that there are no artificial colours or flavours and they contain 25% fruit juice...surely that makes them good sweets!

              So i emptied the bag out into a dish, the bag is easy to open which is especially good for children. I then counted the sweets and there was 47 jelly tots and a mixture of colours.

              Jelly tots are small jellys coverd in a sugary substance.

              The colours are Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple and Red all of which have different flavours.

              Yellow = Lemon flavour
              Green = Lime Flavour
              Orange - Tangy Orange
              Purple - Blackcurrant
              Red - A mixture of Strawberry and Raspberry!

              My favourtie flavour has to be the purple ones, they always seem to be more softer than the other flavours and my least favourite one is the Lime flavour, they are harder and seem to have a different texture than the others.

              I really enjoyed eating the Jelly Tots and it reminded me why I used to eat them all the time when i was younger... much more preferable that a sticky bar of chocolate and I just love the left over bits of sugar at the bottom of the bag that i can dip my finger into..

              All in all a fantastic pack of sweets for a good price.


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              • Teddy Bears / Discussion / 45 Readings / 42 Ratings
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                12.01.2010 21:01
                Very helpful



                Cuddly bears that stay with us for life..

                Like most children when I was little I absolutly loved cuddly toys, I had every sort you could imagine, animals, bears, disney.. this love of cuddly bears has followed me on in life..
                In my 30's I still have many of the bears I had when I was little in the spare room in our house piled high on a big rocking chair and there are even more of them in my parents atic, I just cant bring myself to throw them away, I partially think this is because when i was younger they meant so much to me, every bear has a name and I can still name them all..and there are a lot.. Im sure most people can remember the names of there bears they had when they were younger.

                There is on bear who has been with me for years and still comes to bed with me which my husband finds most amusing.

                I do still love cuddly bears but wouldnt go out an buy them anymore...not until Bear factory was invented!
                I just love this shop, a perfect place for all bear lovers, its fun how you can choose your bear, see it get stuffed and even a llittle heart is put inside it. You can then dress the bear and name is and get a birth certificate.
                This store is probably aimed at children but both my mum and I have a few bears from there that people have bought us as presents...these ones dont get cuddled though!

                Something about cuddly bears that just make you smile... and I believe that if i was to ask you all to raise your hands if you still have a teddy bear I think there will be loads of people that raise their hands with me.


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                  16.12.2009 23:02
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  A great place to go to get gifts, plants and have some lunch!

                  Telawny Garden Centre is more than just a place that sells plants, its a shopping experience with something for all ages.

                  Like all garden centre's there is a wide selection of plants, the outside garden Planteria, half of which is under cover, is well organised and well kept and the prices are very reasonable.
                  Also outside is a large adventure playground, perfect for keeping the children entertained.

                  From the outside area you can also access the cafe, this is a lovely cafe that serves home made food. You can stop off for a cream tea to relax or have a full on meal, on Sundays they serve a sunday dinner. The food is good quality and you get a lot for your money. A Sunday dinner costs £5.95 and all the other items are fairly reasonably priced.

                  The indoor part of the garden centre is divided up into three platform levels, all joined together so its disabled friendly.

                  Platform one covers all the things you need to do with gardening, such as plant pots, compost, plant care and seeds.
                  There is also a section of artificial plants and flowers for those those that arent so green fingered like myself!
                  This platform also has the pet section, the garden centre doesnt sell pets but it does offer pet treats, beds and pet care items. They have quite a substantial range of outdoor bird houses, bird baths and bird foods.

                  Platform two is all gifts, a large selection is available including books, candles, orniments, clothing, toys and greetings cards. They also sell food items all of which is locally made produce. There is a wide selection and most of it is reasonably priced. The perfect place to pick up something different as a gift.

                  Platform three is always different depending on the time of the year! At Christmas time of year the whole platform is turned into a winter wonderland where you can buy any type of decoration you can imagine, it really is magical. It is also home to Santa's Grotto! Which is obvioulsy very popular with the children.
                  During the summer months the area is host to all things outdoors, bbq's, outdoor furniture and also furniture to use in conservatorys.

                  The staff at Trelawny are very helpful, they have different staff for each section that have a good understanding and knowledge on the items they are dealing with. The garden experts are brilliant and are able to advise what plants are suitable for your environment and which need less work looking after!

                  As the garden centre is spread out they have installed ramps in all areas in order to make is disabled friendly.
                  There are toilets in the cafe area including a baby changing area.

                  Trelawny Garden centre can be found at Sladesbrige which is on the way to Wadebridge in Cornwall on the A389.

                  As a whole Trelawny garden centre is a place to get many things and also a great place to go in wet weather!


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                  • General / Discussion / 55 Readings / 54 Ratings
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                    09.11.2009 20:00
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    How intersting can all about me be?

                    I have noticed this on the new reviews a few time's so I thought I would join in..
                    So if you have nothing better to do have a read ;-)

                    1. What is your middle name?

                    2. Fire or Central Heating?
                    Central Heating, convenient but nothing better than a real fire...maybe in our next house...

                    3. What are you listening to right now?
                    The Simpsons theme tune...its just starting!

                    4. Clubbing or Romantic Meal?
                    Romantic meal with my man...

                    5. What was the last thing you ate?
                    Dinner - Pie, Mash potato, carrots and gravy... lovely cold night meal

                    6. Last person you hugged?
                    My mum, hugged her good bye as I was visiting here in Cornwall

                    7. How is the weather right now?
                    Dark, fine, clear sky except for the occasional fireworks still going off.

                    8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
                    Anthony who is a good friend, I called him when I was on the train to ask him to Google something!

                    9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
                    Hair! I just love long ish hair on a man or a little bit messy...Rob Pattinson style or surfer dude style, unfortunately my husband has to have short hair for his job.

                    10. Favourite type of Food?
                    A traditional Roast dinner with all the trimmings, also love Indian food

                    12. Hair colour?
                    Dark Blonde

                    13. Do you wear contacts?
                    Yes, normally for social occasions. Apart from that I always wear my glasses.

                    14. Favourite holiday?
                    Bali, went back packing for 3 months and then went back for a month with my husband.

                    15. Favourite Season?
                    Summer! Im a heat baby.. love the sunshine and the warmth.. not that we get much in England

                    16. Have you ever cried over a love lost?
                    Yes, think most women have at some point. I was in my early twenties and thought the guy was the best think sliced bed. I look back now and think jeez! What was I thinking.

                    17. Last Movie you watched?
                    Last night on television I watched Shakespear in Love. I enjoy watching films but don't go to the cinema that often. Last thing I saw there was the latest Harry Potter film.

                    18. What books are you reading?
                    Currently reading The Host, a novel by Stephanie Meyer, thought I would try it out as I'm a big Twilight fan. The book is good about human bodies being the host for other beings. No where near as good as twilight sage though.

                    19. Piercing?
                    Ear's, tend to wear them when I go out on social occasions.

                    20. Favourite Movie?
                    Until the last year I would have always said Face Off - absolutely love Nicholas cage, however since the Twilight Saga were made into films I have to say Twilight - not as good as the books but I love it.

                    21. Favourite Sports Team?
                    England! Not that bothered with sports but will watch an England Match

                    22. What were you doing before filling this out?
                    Putting some washing in the machine, I've been away for a week so loads to do before work tomorrow.

                    24. Favourite drink?
                    White Wine and Vodka... not in the same glass!

                    25. Favourite flower?

                    26. Have you ever loved someone?

                    27. Who would you like to see right now?
                    Melissa my best friend, not seen her in nearly a month

                    28. What colour are your bedroom walls?
                    Magnolia! We live in a military house and all the walls are standard magnollia

                    29. Have you ever fired a gun?
                    One at a fair if that counts

                    30. Do you like to travel by plane?
                    Yes, don't get scared like some people. The fact that can get to places so quick is awesome.

                    31. Right-handed or Left-handed?
                    Right handed.

                    32. If you could go to any place right now where would you go?
                    Vancover - really want to go there as a lot of the Twilight Saga films were filmed there.

                    33. Are you missing someone?
                    My Grandparents, both passed away

                    34. Do you have tattoo?

                    35. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
                    No, tend to have a lie in and then do other things.

                    36. Are you hiding something from someone right now?
                    Christmas presents from my husband

                    37. Are you 18?
                    I wish..

                    38. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
                    A picture of a cuddly sheep!

                    39. Are you afraid of the dark?
                    A little, especially in places I don't know.

                    40. Favourite Hangout?
                    The beach when its fine and when its not I like to chill out at home

                    41. Three things you can't live without?
                    My family, my mobile and my internet

                    42. Favourite songs?
                    ooh that's tricky. I'm really into Paramore at the moment

                    43. What are you afraid of?
                    Spiders! And being alone

                    44. Are you a giver or a taker?
                    Giver - so much more rewarding

                    46. What is your dad's middle name?

                    47. What do you sleep in?

                    48. Stuck on a deserted island, and can only bring one thing?
                    My phone so I could contact family.

                    49. Favourite TV commercial?
                    The coca Cola advert at Christmas - that's when you know its Christmas!

                    50. First thing you'll save in a fire?
                    Anyone else that is in the fire

                    51. What is your favourite colour?
                    Blue and Pink - mood dependant

                    52. What are the things you always bring with you?
                    Phone, Purse, Keys

                    53. What did you want to be when you were a kid?

                    54. What do you do when the alarm turns on?
                    Get up like cornflake woman

                    55. What colour is your bed sheet?

                    56. Who do you want to meet?
                    The Twilight cast!

                    57. What do you think about before you go to bed?
                    What I'm going to wear for work and what need's doing

                    Thats all folks!


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                    • Insomnia / Health Problem / 53 Readings / 47 Ratings
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                      08.11.2009 14:15
                      Very helpful



                      Lack of sleep..check out my tips..

                      I have been having sleep difficulties for nearlly a year now, I have even been to see a doctor to be told im suffering from Insomnia - state the obvious!

                      What is insomnia?
                      Insomnia is when you constantly on a regular basis either have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or getting good quality sleep. According to medical information if this happens constantly for a long period of time it is classed as Chronic insomnia.

                      What Causes it?
                      People get Insomnia for all sorts of reasons, medically they say that the majority is caused by stress and worry. However there is no way that I am stressed and worried all the time. It is also stated that different medications or illness can also cause insomnia.

                      It has been nearlly a year now that I have had insomnia, I dont suffer from it every day but more often that not I will be affected once a week - this causes a problem with every day life, being tired for work etc.

                      I have tried various things to help me get to sleep on a night, some have worked and many have not.

                      Hints and Tips on things to help you sleep:-

                      See a Doctor -
                      I did this and the doctor gave me some Tamazapan that is used short term for Insomnia, the doctor advised me not to take many as can be addictive - straight away this put me off, so I haven't used them but do still have them as a back up!
                      Over the counter remedies are worth a try, one thing that personally works for me occasionally is Bahts sleep right remedies. You just put a few drops on your tongue and it is supposed to relax you.

                      Take a warm bath-
                      There is nothing more relaxing than taking a warm bath before bed, red hot water isnt relaxing so just a nice warm bath. I use Lavander bubble bath and the scent really helps to relax me.

                      Drink Hot Chocolate or Warm Milk -
                      You hear about it in storys and in traditions that a cup of warm cocoa helps you sleep! So I tried the hot chocolate solution, didnt really do much for me on the sleep front but did relax me, so worth a try.

                      Bedtime snack -
                      Some times when you go to bed you are hungry and don't realise it, this causes insomnia - so when you have a hot chocolate or a herbal tea try having a couple of cookies with it, works a treat.

                      Get a massage -
                      Not so easy to do, but if you have a nice partner who might give you a massgae give it a go, its a great form of relaxation.

                      Sleep with a window open -
                      I have found over the months one of the main reasons I struggle to sleep is because I'm hot.
                      Having a window open and the bedroom door slightly open makes the room more well ventilated which makes the room cooler and easier to sleep in.

                      Earplugs -
                      I have only used these on certain occasions as I find them uncomfortable, however they are a vey successful as helping me to sleep, blocking any noise out from breathing of others to noise in the distance and then the only thing I am aware of is my own breathing which I find relaxing.

                      There are many ways that people use that help them to sleep, I have even asked myself if my sleep difficulties have become a habbit! I now found that the only way i can fall asleep is by lying on my back despite being all cosy all curled up.
                      Another thing I do is deep breathing, they say to try and blank out your mind so what I do is concentrate on my own breathing, make that the only thing that i can hear.
                      Darkness helps, I have changed my luminated alarm clock to one that isnt as I found light it one of the things that distraced my sleep.

                      What ever it takes to get a good nights sleep I will try it, I have found lately that I am getting more sleep than before and that the dark eyes are slowly dissapearing, but its those random nights when I still lie awake at four in the morning that I find frustrating!

                      My one final tip is, if you have been lying in bed for a long time then get up! Even if its for half an hour to an hour, get out of bed, head to a differet room and have a miky drink or a piece of toast or try reading something thats not too interesting, all of these will relax the body and tire them and when you get back into bed the sheets are nice and cold again and I find I am able to drop of to sleep!

                      I hope my tips are useful for some people... And good luck getting a good nights sleep!


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                        05.11.2009 20:44
                        Very helpful



                        A fun application that many people use, but is a waste of time!

                        Cafe world is one of the many applications on Facebook, this one is very popular with many people.
                        The idea of the application is to run a virtual cafe. There are many tasks that have to be completed within the game. Completing tasks several time results in going up a level in the game. Each time you go up a level there are more tasks to be completed and more perks.

                        When you origionally start the game you are given a couple of stoves and a couple of counters, you also get to hire a member of staff which can be any of your friends on facebook to be your waiter.

                        The game has a cook book and when you click on a stove you can choose an item to cook, each item takes a different amount of time to cook and also sells for different amounts per portion. As you progress in the game other items become available to cook.

                        The game also offers a function to decorate your cafe in a style that you prefere, all of this costs money, which you gain from selling food.
                        You can choose the floor, the wall paper, the tables and the colours. You can also change the clothes that you, your chef it wearing.

                        As a whole the virtual cafe is quite fun, easy to use and you can gift items to other friends that also have a virtual cafe.

                        The application is easy to use, very rarely has problems running and is reliable. There is a sound and music option, both of which you can stop.

                        The downsides being that as any application on facebook it is a waste of time and takes time and effort.


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                          05.11.2009 13:33
                          Very helpful



                          Make up bag is a girls best friend

                          Everybody like's different brands of make up and different items. Some people wear lots of make up all the time and some very basic items and not very often.
                          I class myself in the middle of that spectrum, I always wear make up when I go out on a social occasion and other time's I will just have basic lip gloss on, however when I'm just relaxing at home I wont bother.

                          My make up bag contains quite a few items, some of which are far more important than others.

                          I'm currently using Rimmel sexy Curves Mascara, I have quite small eye lashes and find that this product helps emphasize my eye lashes and makes them look good. The product itself is waterproof, long lasting and very easy to apply with out getting clumpy bits. Very reasonably priced also.

                          One thing I struggle with is dark eyes and as I wear glasses I notice these more when I put my contact lenses in and start to apply make up.
                          Ive tried various different concealers from number 7 to YSL touch eclate, but none of them seemed to work that well. Recently I went ot a Mac counter and explained my situation and they tried out a couple of concealers on me which worked really well. So now I have Mac concealer which I apply using a brush and gives great coverage.

                          I like to make my eyes stand out when Im wearing my contact lenses, so eyeliner is quite important to me.
                          I'm currently using an Avon eyeliner and it is by far the best one I have used, costing only a couple of pounds and yet so much better than some of the big brands I have used in the past.

                          **Eye Shadow**
                          I have a variety of eye shadow colours in my make up bag, I recently invested in a new mac palette on ebay for £24 - a complete bargain! There are ten different colours, some very vibrant and some great for every day use. The other eye shadow I have in my make up bag is Estee Lauder dusty pink, brilliant for everyday use or for a subtle look on an evening.

                          Giving myself a bit of colour to look healthy is a must. I use blusher when ever I go out on a social occasion and sometimes during the day when out and about.
                          I'm currently using an Estee Lauder blusher, a subtle pink tone and it gives me a nice healthy look. This product may be a little pricey but lasts for ages which makes it good value for money.
                          I have used other brands but finding the right colour for my skin tone has proved difficult till I visited an Estee Lauder counter and tried out different colours.

                          I dont always wear foundation, at the moment the foundation in my make up bag is an estee lauder one, has a good coverage and lasts ages. When i do use it I try not to use to much to avoid that caked look. Im currently looking for a different foundation that is more subtle to my skin tone.

                          **Lipstick and Lipgloss**
                          When I go out on a social occasion I tend to use lipstick, I use various brands and colours to suit my mood and outfit. One that im particularly fond off at the moment is a Jane Shilton one which I got free with a magazine. A lovely dark pinky colour which is subtle and suits my skin tones. I also use different colours.
                          As for lipgloss that tends to be used on a day to day basis, I'm a big fan of benefit lip glosses, they have a great range of colours and they give a great finish. One that I do like is the Benefit Crystal lipgloss, a clear lipgloss which can be used day to day or also applied on top of lipstick to give an added gloss look to the lipstick. I also use some of the coloured lipgloss.

                          Only recently have I started to use brushes to apply my make up and what a diiference it has made. The brushes I use are a mixture of brands. I have a mac concealer brush, none brand blusher brush and some brushes for eye make up. One brush I am currently looking for is a foundation brush as from what I have seen it applys foundation so much better.

                          Other items to be found in my make up bag include sponges, tweezers and make up wipes.
                          Thats the standard items in my make up bag but they do occasionally change.


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                          08.05.2009 19:13
                          Very helpful



                          Excellent times that are worth the money

                          From a young age at school education was made out to be the way forward in life. Work hard at school and then you can go to Univeristy to get a degree.
                          At school this seems very important, especially the older you get, when it comes to GCSE's your thinking about whats important and even more so when it come's down to A-levels. Then comes the whole contacting Universitys, the pressure of getting the amount of UCAS points required. Results are out and off to Univeristy you go, whether its one you selected or one through Clearing.

                          When it came to University it was all I expexted and more, a complete different type of education, life education for sure.
                          As the years have gone past though more and more degree's are available and it's meaning more and more people can head of to University from studying English to the BA in surf science at Plymouth - a degree that many laugh at despite the business and science modules there are those aimed at analysing surfing - still sounds difficult with the science aspect and you still need 80 Ucas points to get in.
                          However there are more and more degree's that are easily accessible to people so the amount of people going to Univeristy has increased immensly.

                          I worked hard for three years on my degree - International Tourism and Hospitality Management. The course was harder than i expected, yet was interesting. I have worked since my degree, many of the jobs not really related to the degree itself - does this mean my degree is not worth the paper its written on, what with me not using my degree and so many other people attending Univeristy these days, does it make degree's more commen and not something that only certain people used to be able to do?

                          I personally think that anybody that does go to University not only comes away with a degree...which is on very expensive paper! They also come away with many transferable skills as i have realised myself from working in a job that isnt related to my degree - I have had a job related to the degree and it made my degree worth a lot more than it is now, but at the end of the day I think the transferable skills and life skills make the degree every penny its worth.
                          In my opinion if you have the opportunity then go to University.


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                          • Top Ten Chocolates / Discussion / 44 Readings / 40 Ratings
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                            26.03.2009 20:43
                            Very helpful



                            The tastiest snack that is not good for you!

                            If you were to ask a woman what her top tenn favorite chocolates are im sure you would get a temporary silence...does it include choclate bars or just simple chocolates? And how about the sort of chocolated in tins like miniture heros..after all they are just mini chocolate bars!

                            My list will therefore contain a mixture of both...

                            1) Thorntons Scillian Lemon - this is an all time favorite, you can get them as individual chocolates or they do little bars of them for 69 pence. A creamy milk chocolate filled with the most mouth watering lemon mouse.

                            2) Chocolate Eclairs - a nice little toffee with lots of chocolate inside, absolutly love these, great for in the car on journeys. You can buy these in big bags or if you get a pick a mix they are always one of the sweets.

                            3) Cadburys mini eggs - not sure if they fall into the chocolate catagory, however they are a favorite! Costing the earth and very moorish, can devour a packet in minuets..this makes this a very expensive and seasonal chocolate.

                            4) Orange Creams - Quality street - The Orange creams are my favorite, just love the taste of the orange centre with the chocolate, always the first to go in the quality street tin at christmas.

                            5) Passion fruit and Guava chocolate (The passion) - Thorntons Eden collection. One of the most tasty and tantilising chocolates around, covered in milk chocolate, when you bite into this chocolate you get an amazing taste sensation.

                            6) Cadburys Caramel - Can be found in miniture heros or full size bars in the shops. Wonderful creamy milk chocolate with the most gooey caramal inside. The sensation of chocolate and caramel together is one to be enjoyed.

                            7) Frys Turkish delight - Something simply lovely about the milk chocolate and the turkish delight centre. As a fan of turkish delight i just love it, has acutally made me think that turkish delight is better with chocolate on until i realised that it isnt actullay turkish delight but some pink gelatine which slightly dissapointed me. These can be bought in most newsagents, they are a small bar in a pink foil wrapper.

                            8) Wispa - they bought them back..yay! Wispas are light chocolate and it is all chocolate, no centre no nothing, just a light yummy chocolate bar. Some people say they find them sickly but i just love them. They now cost around 40 pence and can be found in Supermarkets and other shops.
                            The bar is in a blue wrapper with big red writing on the front ' WISPA'

                            9) Munchies - One of the most expensive sweets as you can only buy them in a packet, costing about 60 pence this is an expensive indulgent.
                            They are small squares / piramid shape, square at the bottom and narrowing at the top. The bottom layer is biscuit and then caramel.
                            They taste wonderful, but being so expensive i dont buy them that often as i eat them to quickly.

                            10) Celebrations malteesers. Small biscuit centre covered in chocolate, almost round in shape but not like they are in the packets. These malteesers seem to have more taste and always get eaten first, shame they dont sell them individually.

                            That's my top ten, i really could go on and on regarding chocolate, its all bad for me and yet tastes sooooo good!


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                            • Car Boot Sales / Discussion / 40 Readings / 38 Ratings
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                              19.03.2009 20:46
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                              Brilliant atmosphere to sell seond hand stuff

                              Every house has bits and pieces in that they dont use and most of it fill's up lanfill sites every day. What we all need to remember is that out junk is someone else treasure and gain!!

                              I had never really done car boot sales, but when my husband and I got married we sorted out loads of stuff when we moved in to a new house, the amount of unused items and junk was incredible, so we decided to hold a car boot sale.

                              Once we decided to do the sale we collected together all the stuff and also checked with out parents if there was anything they wanted to get rid off, so by the time we got to do the car boot sale we had quite a lot of stuff.

                              The Car Boot Day:-
                              The early morning of 6am on a Sunday was not nice, the definate down side of it all. Piled all the stuff into the car with a wallpaper paste table to put the items on and off we went.
                              When we got there we paid our five pounds to sell and went to set up, whilst we were setting up the amount of other sellers that came round wanting to buy things already before the public came was amazing, so sold quite a bit before the sale.
                              The atmosphere was brilliant, lots of people coming and going and them asking how much stuff was, sold loads of the stuff.
                              Had a little wonder the car boot whilst my husband was selling, the things you can buy at a car boot sale is amazing, had to stop myself from buying anything as the idea of the boot sale was to sell out stuff to create more room.
                              There were plenty of take away vans, so picked up a couple of bacon sandwiches and hot drinks and went back, was suprised how much we had sold.
                              At first change was a problem as we didnt have any but we over come that in time.

                              The first car boot sale we did we made £80 for just three hours of fun, the sun was out and it was a brilliant experience and way to get rid of stuff.
                              Enjoyed it all so much that we have a couple of boxes of stuff already in the garage for when we have enough stuff together to do another sale.

                              If your looking to do a car boot sale to get rid of some stuff then i recommend you take:
                              A Table of some sorts
                              A little container to put the money in
                              A fair amount of change
                              Carrier bags so you can give them to people if they need them

                              Car boots are the best way to make some extra money whilst recycling your goods.


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                                17.03.2009 21:24
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                                Classy modern hotel at a reasonable price?

                                The Cumberland hotel hosts a great location on Great Cumberland Place. Based at the end of Oxford street; it's a great location for shopping and access to the rest of London.

                                Getting to the hotel is easy enough.
                                From Paddington it costs about £5 in a taxi.
                                There nearest tube station is Marble Arch and is about a five minuet walk away if that.

                                When you walk into the hotel you will be met with what looks like an art exhibition, there are sculptures, paintings and different lit up flooring to give it a modern contemporary feel.

                                There are plenty of checking in desks so you never have to wait long and the concierge are very helpful with bags and hailing taxi's for you.
                                When I checked in I was given two room key cards and some other information and pointed in the direction of my room.

                                The room:-
                                The room was facing out onto the street and consisted of two large twin beds (was visiting with a friend).
                                There was a large plasma screen television on the wall and there was also internet access points for wi fi.
                                Plenty of storage space in the room, wardrobes, chest of drawers and a dressing table.
                                The bathroom had a large power shower cubicle, a bath, sink and WC.
                                There were plenty of Molten Brown freebies in the bathroom also, consisting of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath and soap which were all very lovely.

                                The hotel has 1,019 individually styled rooms all at different prices and catering to different needs.

                                The hotel has four restaurants:-

                                Rhodes W1:-
                                Very stylish and renowned Gary Rhodes restaurant in London, his flagship restaurant proves very popular and serves a selection of impressive meals, getting a reservation can be quite difficult.

                                Rhodes Brassiere:-
                                This is a small relaxed brassiere, serving light lunches and evening meals, coffee and drinks. Getting a reservation is very easy here and can quite often just turn up if only after something light.

                                The Market:-
                                Serving the most amazing breakfast. The market is a self service restaurant, once you are seated you just go up and get what you want and as much as you want.
                                On offer are full cooked English, continental, cereals, porridge and juices.
                                Hot drinks are served to you at your table.
                                The breakfast is included in the price of the room and is fantastic.

                                There are also two bars in the hotel:-

                                Carbon bar:-
                                This bar is designed as an industrial chain room and is host to some of London's top DJ's. A very popular and in place to go. There is also a separate champagne room within the bar.

                                Kua Bar:-
                                A quiet relaxing bar with comfy sofa's and a cool décor. The perfect place to catch up with friends over a glass of wine.

                                The hotel also has conference facitilities and seems very popular.

                                The hotel offers many facilities aside from the bars and restaurants, there is a laundry and dry cleaning service and in the rooms they offer room service and a mini bar - both of which are expensive.

                                The hotel is a lovely place to stay, I found the rooms very quiet and comfortable and enjoyed the food and the staff friendly - customer service is brilliant.
                                There are lifts to all floors making the disabled access brilliant.

                                The prices of the rooms vary, I think the cheapest is £160 but the prices obviously vary from date to date and room to room.

                                If you're looking for a hotel in central London then I would totally recommend The Cumberland Hotel.


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