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Member since: 23.07.2000

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      23.07.2000 09:17
      Very helpful



      I have been going to this particular holiday break for many years now and each and every time have enjoyed its vast and varied facilities. It has a wide range of activities that when you hear about puts you in mind of a pontins style of holiday. However i can assure you that whilst the basic concept is the same, how it is actually achieved is very diferent. You aren't herded about like a bunch of cows who have already paid, instead you are greated with a smile and even the madame sounds sincere. Opportunities for trying out new experiences, such as clay pigeon shooting, horse-riding and line dancing are available for those who which to try them. The aqua sauna is their version of a health farm with massages and facials, amongst other things, to help you relax if you wish to take things at a slower pace. That was several years ago and whilst the activities are mostly the same, the standard at which they are deleivered is not. Don't get me wrong they are still excellent but the smile is a little strained and the maintance lacks something. So whilst i would still recommend this to a friend i would advise them not to always believe that the staff know what their talking about or to expect it to be in a good condition as it could be.


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