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      18.09.2011 21:57



      A good basic Sat Nav

      I don't have a lot of knowledge in Sat Nav's and I don't have a lot to compare this product to.

      We bought this product as we were doing increasingly more longer journeys and we had just moved to a new area. We used to get all our directions from the RAC website but we decided to become more modern and environmentally friendly by not printing off the instructions!

      We chose this particular Sat Nav primarily because it was on offer and it was at a very good price. The Sat Nav comes with a in car charger and USB connector.

      I think the one main criticism about this is that you have to be stationary before the satellites find where you are. There is no point in putting the address in and then starting out in the direction you know it will send you. You need to have patience and wait until the satellites have calculated your route.

      The are some good functions on this sat nav like finding where the nearest cash point is which we have used in an area we were unfamiliar.

      The in-car charger lead is long so you can attach the sat nav on the right hand side of the windscreen if you like. It could be that our car is old but make sure you fully insert the charger in your cigarette lighter and the green light is on before you commence. The battery ran out for us mid journey because we didn't do this.

      The holder is eeasily moveable and the angle can be fixed eaily. The functionality is basic (no volume control) although you can change the voice.

      On the whole, a very good basic Sat Nav.


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      18.09.2011 12:23



      A very enjoyable book for all ages!

      I first saw this book at a friends house and I was intrigued by what a Gruffalo could be. When I opened it and started reading, my 3 year old was spell bound by it. She loves books but this has rapidly become a family favourite.

      I recently bought it (for myself more than for my daughter!) and we even read it for a family friend (who is in her 30's) who is going to rush out and buy it.

      The story is so simple and the rhyming is so effective! It is about a mouse who is walking through the wood and is encountered one at a time by a fox, owl and snake who invite the mouse 'to tea' although really they want to eat it. The mouse says no thank you because he is having dinner with the Gruffalo. At each stage the mouse describes the Gruffalo a little bit more by each animal it encounters. I won't ruin the ending for you - it's well worth a read! The thing I like about this story above anything else is that the mouse manages to talk his way out of all situations by thinking on his feet. It is so imaginative and creative and the story comes together at the end.

      The pictures are lovely and add to the magic of the story.

      My daughter has started reciting this story even when she doesn't have the book because it is so catchy. It has been helpful with her reading because she has remembered the story so she can look at the words and relate to what they say.

      You are able to empathise with the characters (especially the mouse) and I am sure that there is a lifelong lesson in there for children (and adults!).


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    • Samsung Galaxy Mini / Smartphone / 9 Readings / 6 Ratings
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      18.09.2011 12:00
      Very helpful



      For a first Android phone, highly recommended.

      I have read the other reviews and I think it is worth putting this phone into perspective.

      I have recently got this phone as an upgrade and it is my first Android phone. Like many people I didn't use any instructions in setting up the phone and I found it very easy to set up. There is a period of adjustment when using new phones but I felt this transition was fairly simple.

      Within the first hour, I had set up Wifi, added all my contacts, taken a picture, set up my hotmail for easy access and disabled continual connection to the web (which was not easy by the way. You need to go to Settings, Wireless and networks, Mobile Network Settings then take the tick out of Use Packet Data). The last was a personal choice for me as I didn't want it to always be connected and I wanted the ability to use wifi when I was in reach of it.

      I found the screen was very receptive and the usual necessary short cut keys are at the bottom (dial and number, contacts list, messages and menu). You can create short cuts on the main screen (a bit like your desktop on your computer) by pressing and holdy the icon in the menu area.

      The camera isn't great compared to other phones out there but it is acceptable again it depends on your requirements. If you are not using it all the time and just want to catch the moment every now and then, then this is more than suitable.

      This phone has been heavily criticised for the battery life. I do have to agree with this as the battery life isn't great and you can see it visibly going down. As I turned off permenant connectivity the battery life is lasting longer that at first.

      I really like the text message display. You can see the conversation you have with your friends in one screen (your messages as well as your friends).

      On the whole I would say that this is a great first Android phone if you are using it only lightly.


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