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Member since: 12.12.2012

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    • Ford Fusion / Car / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
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      12.12.2012 00:41



      If you want a practical, reliable car, consider the Ford Fusion.

      I bought my car second hand, and was a little skeptical at first. It's not the best looking car in the world and wasn't what I had been dreaming of, but it ticked all the boxes better than the alternatives. I wanted an estate car which would fit a dog and 2 children. It needed to be a car which was cheap and reliable to run and with good suspension, since I was, at the time, living up a bumpy farm track!

      The Fusion is an estate version of a Fiesta, making it small and reasonably cheap to both insure and run. I can currently (December 12) fill my tank for around £45. It has hard-wearing upholstery, a spacious boot and is comfortable even for long journeys.

      My Mum's Peugeot, which I drive occasionally, used to be the benchmark against which I measured cars, but now, when I have to drive hers, I can't wait to get back to my own little car. It drives well, has good all-round visibility (which is a huge bonus for someone small like me) and has rear-parking sensors. Ford parts, when they need replacing, are relatively cheap. Richard Hammond may have pegged the Fusion as one of his worst cars, but for what it is, I think it's great and would recommend it to others.


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