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    • Sony MDR J10 / Headphones / 44 Readings / 42 Ratings
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      08.08.2007 14:37
      Very helpful



      A cheap well designed earphones.

      Just a short review on these earphones.

      After my bad experiance with the Philips SBC HE590 in-ear head phones which you can read my review on them here


      So after much searching and looking for the headphones that best suited my needs i went for these sony ones.

      For the main reason they had the ear clips, i know there not very fashionable but considering i've just started boxing again after a 18 month layoff due to a hand injury i neede the earphone to stay in my ears.

      The other reasons was they where sony and to be honest sony don't really make bad products so i knew i would be getting my moneys worth and the fact that they was white and grey to match my iPod, and of course the price which was quite cheap.

      My makeshift earphones kept falling out off my ears which is very annoying when trying to do bag work.

      Right the earphones have suberb sound quality with crisp clear, rich sounds and deep bass and the design is really good with the ear clip just sitting over the ear and the speaker just resting inside the ear itself making the earphone very comfortable and effortless to wear.

      They have a 1.2m cord allowing you to put your MP3 player in your pocket and not have the pain of it pulling the earphones down straining the cord.

      THe earphones also come in two colors black and also white & grey so if you have a white or black iPod you can match them.

      The only problem i have found with them is they are not noise cacelling so if you have your MP3 player on loud everybody else can hear what your listening to, Which i know is annoying for other people on the bus but then again i don't want to hear everybody else on the bus talking.

      The price of the earphones can range from

      £5.99 on ebay.
      £15.99 in argos.
      £4.19 at amazon.co.uk


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        27.07.2007 13:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        With boxing in a decline MMA is here to pick up the baton.

        MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) AKA Cage Fighting.

        There’s a big debate raging at the moment suggesting that MMA is a mindless brutal sport roughly translated it’s being called human cockfighting.

        There are a lot of people in the boxing industry(Barry Mcguigan, Bernard Hopkins) making claims of this nature and I think personally it’s because the people in the boxing industry are scared, and they are scared because the talent is drying up, yes there will always be excellent boxers coming through but not in abundance like MMA.

        With boxing turning into a farce and being basically run by the promoters who push the fights they want, the fights they can get the most money from and not who actually deserves the fight.

        What I mean is a second fighter would get a title shot instead of the number 1 contender because the second rate fighter has the same promoter therefore making the promoter more money(need I need to remind you of Don King) so the boxing is not really showing who is the best fighter in his division.

        So I think many boxing fans are turning away from it now and looking at MMA.

        The latest figures show that MMA is also attracting bigger PPV. With UFC having 800,000 more viewers than the latest ricky hatton fight.

        And this is why Boxing industry people are getting worried.

        Right that being said, how can MMA be just mindless violence MMA Means Mixed Martial Arts so that includes –


        Muay Thai.

        Kick Boxing.



        Brazilian jiu jitsu.


        So How can a sport that boasts all these disciplines be just mindless violence when all these have to be learned, it’s not like your average man or woman can just walk up to somebody and put them into a rear naked choke, arm bar, key lock or any other submission no this takes teaching, mindless violence in my eyes is walking up to somebody in the street and whacking them for no reason(Happy Slapping comes to mind).

        Maybe when Cage fighting first started when there were no rules or weight classes and known has Vale Tudo(Portuguese for anything goes) but that’s all changed now.

        The major force In MMA is the UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship) they introduced rules

        No head butting.

        No football kicks to the head.

        No shots to the groin.

        No fishhooks.

        Are just to name a few if you want the full list go this website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixed_martial_arts

        The UFC also brought weight classes so know there are no more 180lb men fighting 265lb men although there’s no reason the smaller man couldn’t win the match up and could win from many different submissions without seriously hurting himself or his opponent.

        MMA is statically safer than boxing Ok MMA looks more violent but fighter aren’t taking head trauma for 15 rounds like in boxing and there have been no recorded deaths or any long term injury’s from MMA Unlike Boxing(Steve Watt, Michael Watson).

        So is Which sport is more violent really MMA in which a fight can be over within 60 seconds from a submission with none of the fighter being injured or knockout or boxing where a fighter takes punishment for has many rounds the referee or corner allow him too.

        Conclusion –

        It’s human nature to be entertained and that’s what these sports do whether it be boxing or MMA the true question and ultimately what it comes down to are these a sport or not and if they are a sport are they to violent?

        My Answer would be that as long as there are men and women willing to put there body’s on the line for the sake of proving there the best and to entertain the crowd then there will always be combat sports and is Boxing and MMA a sport then I think yes sport is about putting on a show and competiveness and they don’t come more competitive or more exciting than watching either of these.

        I also don’t think MMA is just human cockfighting there is a lot of skill involved that people don’t appreciate, the training, the dedication to train every day, the discipline, this also applies to boxing who are we to say what’s right or wrong if you don’t like it don’t watch it simple but for every one person who doesn’t like it there’s 3 that does.

        I think MMA is not going anywhere and will only get bigger and eventually overtake boxing has the leading combat sport in the world.


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          25.07.2007 15:57
          Very helpful



          Straight forward gig DVD.

          A Band Bio can be found on my Wolves among Sheep review or at this website-


          This Is live, This Is Murderous is a bleeding through gig at the Glass house, Pomona. And consists of this set list.

          1. Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire
          2. Revenge I Seek
          3. Rise
          4. Our Enemies
          5. Sweet Vampirous
          6. Number Seven with a Bullet
          7. Turns Cold to the Touch
          8. Murder by Numbers
          9. Wake of Orion
          10. Savior, Saint, Salvation
          11. Insomniac.

          The set list mainly contains songs from there Portrait Of The Goddess, and This Is Love, This Murderous albums.
          The DVD wastes no time and kicks right into the action and instantly shows the bands intense and energetic live show that concentrates on the band and the music rather than a light show or fireworks( well bleeding through are not millionaires like Metallica and proberly couldn’t afford an extravagant lighting or firework show).

          Straight away brandan(Vocalist) is stage diving and doing commando rolls across stage.
          The band interact well with the crowd by letting the crowd sing into the mic with brandan.

          The camera work cuts between the band on stage and the crowd surfing, swaying audience that are going all out.

          The sound quality is actually really good and is not that far away from the bands albums gleaming production, although brandans voice gets lost a little and sounds weak in places but they are overall a tight well oiled machine.

          Overall –

          This DVD is just a straight forward gig with no extras, no interviews and no music videos and just shows what kind of experience you would get from going to a bleeding through gig.

          I think this DVD only applies to hardcore fans of the band or fans that haven’t seen them live and need something to tie them over until they can catch them on tour.

          For metal fans looking to get into this band I would recommend the wolves among sheep DVD or the This Life, This Is Murderous cd.

          Run Time -
          50 Minutes

          Price -
          New £12.99 a little steep.
          Used £1.98 Thats more like it.
          both from amazon.co.uk

          new £10.99 play.com again a little steep for what you get


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          24.07.2007 17:00
          Very helpful



          A complete guide to Bleeding through.

          Brief Band Bio –

          Bleeding through are a metalcore band from Orange County, California that also mix gothic keyboard effects into the music alongside movie samples usually from the movie The Boondock Saints. And have released 4

          albums to date.

          2001 – Dust To Ashes.
          2002 – Portrait Of The Goddess.
          2003 – This Is Love, This Is Murderous.
          2006 – The Truth.

          The band members have changed over the years and recently Guitarist Scott Danough left and was replaced by Jona Weinhofen who bleeding through befriended whilst on tour with is former band I Killed The Prom Queen who hail from Australia and the current line-up is now.

          Brandan Schieppati – vocals.
          Brien Leppke – Guitar.
          Jona Weinhofen – Guitar (Formally of I killed The Prom Queen).
          Ryan Wombacher – Bass.
          Derek Youngsma – Drums.
          Marta Peterson – Keyboards.

          Former Members –

          Scott Danough – Guitar.
          Marc Jackson – Bass.
          Troy Born – Drums.
          Molly Street – Keyboards.
          Mick Morris – Bass.
          Chad Tafolla – Guitar.
          Vijay Kumar – Bass.

          Has you can see it took a long time to get the right bass player.

          DVD summary And My Opinion -

          Wolves among sheep takes a real in depth look at the band and the origins from what they started from, with interviews with all the members from the band at the time and also interviews with pat members you get to hear just about everything this band could tell but it doesn’t stop there has other bands such as Eighteen Visions and throwdown which Brandon also used to be in give their views on Bleeding Through and what makes them stand apart from an overcrowded metalcore scene.

          The DVD is not only gives in-depth interviews but the band members don’t shy away from anything from their past and are very open about their experiences in fact at one point Brandan starts to cry during his interview(now this man is not a kind of guy that looks the sensitive type and was a shock to see him cry).

          Wolves among sheep was directed by long time friend and occasional guest on their records(Featuring on city of the condemned from the album This Is Love, This Is Murderous) Ryan Downy and I think this why the band are more open and giving has they are comfortable with him, which is good because we get to see the real and truthful Bleeding Through and not some guarded, protective band.

          This DVD is excellent value for money with live sets that have been recorded on the bands performances in Los Angeles And san Diego for the strhess tour in 2005, Which showcases never before heard songs from the not then released The Truth Album but also mixed with old favourites like “Love lost In A Hail Of Gunfire” and “Revenge I Seek” the sound from the gigs are not that great so I think that it wasn’t edited in any way or form so you get the really sound.

          Again if this wasn’t enough they also include the music videos, out-takes and footage of their near fatal van crash and clips from the Japan/ Australia tour Hijinx.

          Overall –

          I think if you’re a fan of this band or are looking to get into this band and you haven’t bought this then you’re in for real treat the DVD runs for 5 hours approx and covers everything from the start up to where they was when they made the DVD and is really a warts and all show for about £3.18 from amazon.co.uk so that works out at about 30 pence a minute who can grumble at that.


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        • Disturbia (DVD) / DVD / 32 Readings / 29 Ratings
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          20.07.2007 19:47
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A rainy day nothing better to do movie.

          Before the Cynics come out to play saying it’s not out yet I went see this film whilst on holiday in Orlando.

          Film Only Review.

          Plot Summary –

          The film starts with kale(Shia LeBeouf) and his father fishing to a backdrop of rolling mountains and lush fields.

          Kale loses his father in a car crash returning from the said fishing trip and over the next year goes into melt down which culminates in him punching his Spanish teacher and Kale being put under 3 months house arrest.

          Whilst on house arrest his mum Julie(Carrie-Anne Moss) cuts him off from his Xbox 360 and iTunes forcing him to venture around the house and even the garden.
          Whilst on one of his visits to the garden he notices the new very good looking girl next door this would be Ashley(Sarah Roemer) and sets upon spying on her with best buddy Ronnie(Aaron Yoo).

          Upon spying on her while she works out and swims he notices another neighbour with the same car that is linked with the abduction and murders of young women in Texas.

          After Ashley figures out that Kale is spying on her she goes around and joins in kale and Ronnie on spying on the other neighbours, this where the flirting and teenage hormones kick in and the obligatory side love story starts.

          Things start to heat up when Kale sees the neighbour Mr Turner(David Morse) return from a night out with a young women and after whiles see’s running frantically around Mr Turners house in a state of panic, after trying to film this happening Kale accidently flashes a camera after hiding looks out of the window to see Mr Turner looking straight into his room.

          Kale then has the shock of his life when awaking the next morning to find Mr Turner has helped his mother at the grocery store and then proceeds to play mind games with the young Kale.

          Kale, Ronnie and Ashley’s suspicions are aroused even more when they see Mr Turner Pulling a bloodied bag into his garage.

          This gives the friends a brain wave of breaking into the garage and finding what’s going on.
          Form this point the film go’s into a sort of A-Team montage of Kale getting and setting up electrical equipment to catch Mr Turner.
          I will leave the plot there so not to spoil the film.

          My Opinion –

          D.J. Caruso does a good job with this suspense thriller and never really gives anything away and when he does there’s always something to take it away, never letting slip if Mr Turner is a killer or not or if Kale has just been wanting something to happen to take away the boredom of being kept under house arrest for 3 months.

          The feel of the film is claustrophobic keeping in with the house arrest plot and how everything revolves around the two houses.

          Shia LeBeouf who seems to be everywhere at the moment(Transformers, Bobby, Surfs up and the new Indiana Jones Movie)Plays his part well, playing the geek turned paranoid, angry teen who happens to be in love the girl next door but is still likable and you want him to succeed.

          Carrie-Anne Moss is criminally underused has Kale’s mother and you have to wonder where she is all the time Kale and his friends are spying and doing their best inspector Morse impressions.

          David Morse is great as Mr Turner his performance is dark and has that slightly unhinged look about it and also come across like there’s something strange about him but you just can’t put your finger on it type of person, is he the killer they all think he is or not?

          The girl next door Ashley is played by Sarah Roemer and really could have been played by a host of good looking Actresses and doesn’t really enhance the story apart from what she’s there for to be spied upon until Mr Turner’s involvement in the film.

          Overall –

          I enjoyed the film although it lags a little during the set up of the teen love story which really the film could have done without if it had a better script.
          So then this film is for a rainy Friday night when bright lights of the pub
          seem far away.

          Director –
          D.J. Caruso

          Run Time –
          104 Minutes Approx

          Main Cast –
          Shia LaBeouf - (Kale)
          David Morse - (Mr. Turner)
          Sarah Roemer - (Ashley)
          Carrie-Anne Moss - (Julie)
          Aaron Yoo - (Ronnie)
          Jose Pablo Cantillo - (Officer Gutierrez)

          Official Release Dates –
          7th August Region 1 DVD
          7th September UK cinema Release

          Prices –
          15.99 for region 1 DVD from Playusa.


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          • 8MM (DVD) / DVD / 27 Readings / 22 Ratings
            More +
            20.07.2007 13:40
            Very helpful



            One Of Schumachers Best Films.

            Plot Summary –

            Tom Welles(Nicolas Cage) is a surveillance specialist who has a basic family live and makes modest living from his home business.
            Well respected within his business circles but is still waiting for that big case to blow his professional career into orbit.

            When he approached by a lawyer Longdale(Anthony Heald) representing a millionaire widow Mrs. Christian(Myra Carter), he is soon accepting a job leaving his wife and new born daughter behind to search for missing girl that he had watched get murdered on a single role of 8mm film owned by the millionaire widow’s husband from this his life and career soon start to take him deeper than anything he has ever thought off , throwing him together with aspiring musician but porn store clerk Max California(Joaquin Phoenix).

            With his new found help they enter the seedy and disturbing world of pornography to find out if the film he had seen is a bonafide snuff movie or a fake.

            His search takes him to the family of the missing girl on the film where he finds that she has been missing for a couple of years and promises to find out the fate of the girl not only for his case but for the missing girl’s mother who has fallen apart and turned to drink.

            As his obsession with the case grows Welles and California’s lives become more in danger has they move closer to finding the truth.

            My Opinion –

            I think this one of Joel Schumacher’s best films his depiction of the seedy pornography industry is very good and shows that for every mainstream porn video that is one the selves there’s 3 more horrific rape, snuff and sadomachism videos to takes its place in the underground movement.

            Schumacher use’s the music score very well to build the tension and also knows when to use bands like Aphex twins music to good effect to get across the sczhophrenic, demented mind of the killer and how fragmented it is and things only make sense in his head.

            The sets are very good ranging from darkly lit basements and underground tunnels, abandoned houses, dirty casting offices to Hollywood Hills condos and everything in between.

            Nic Cage and Joaquin Phoenix work well together and build a good friendship in the film making them likeable, making you want them to find the maker of the film even more than you already do.

            The supporting cast of Peter Stormare(Dino Velvet) and James Gandofini(Eddie Poole) are great has the porn film maker and porn caster playing their roles has eccentric, seedy, very low on morals very well.

            Overall –

            This a dark twisted, gritty thriller that is very entertaining but not for the squeamish and moves along steadily piecing together the case from information from many sources and dedication from Welles.

            And keeps you thinking about the film and if this actually does happen in real life or are snuff movies a urban myth.

            Director –
            Joel Schumacher.

            Run Time –
            118 Minutes Approx.

            Special Features –
            Behind the scenes featurette.
            Directors commentary.
            Theatrical Trailer.

            Main Cast –
            Nicolas Cage - (Tom Welles)

            Joaquin Phoenix - (Max California)

            James Gandolfini - (Eddie Poole)

            Peter Stormare - (Dino Velvet)

            Anthony Heald - (Longdale)

            Christopher Bauer - (Machine)

            Catherine Keener - (Amy Welles)

            Myra Carter - (Mrs. Christian)

            Amy Morton - (Janet Mathews)

            Rating – 18

            Price - £3.97 amazon.co.uk


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              19.07.2007 13:28
              Very helpful



              Brutally Honest look At Metals Best Bands.

              Introduction –

              Elegies is a Live concert DVD.
              Lauded by many has the best live metal band, Machine Head rip through favourites from their debut, Burn My Eyes to their then new release Through The Ashes Of Empires.

              Elegies find the band fighting to be heard over the loudness the singing crowd and the scenes from the raging pit.
              Their tight near perect album sound translates well to their live set has been crafted and strengthened through many years of playing non-stop worldwide.

              This DVD was recorded live in front of a sold-out 5000+ capacity crowd at London’s Brixton Academy in December 04.

              Elegies is the ultimate and only official Machine Head live DVD on the market and documents the abilities of the ultimate metal band.

              Set list –

              Song. Album.
              1.Intro. (Omen Soundtrack).

              2.Imperium. (Through The ashes Of Empires).

              3.Seasons Wither. (Through The Ashes Of empires).

              4.Old. (Burn My eyes).

              5.Bulldozer. (Supercharger).

              6.Days Turn Blue To Grey. (TTAOE).

              7.The Blood, The Seat, The Tears. (The Burning Red).

              8.Ten Ton Hammer. (The More Things Change).

              9.The Burning Red. (The Burning Red).

              10. In The Presence Of My Enemies. (TTAOE).

              11. Take My Scars. (The More Things Change).

              12. Descend The Shades Of Night. (TTAOE).

              13.Davidian. (Burn My Eyes).

              14.Block. (Burn My Eyes).

              DVD Features-

              90+ Live concert

              Exclusive Behind the scenes footage.


              Interviews .

              My Opinion –

              Machine Head are hands down my favourite band so I may say a little in their favour.

              I had been waiting years for an official live DVD and on October the 10th 2005 my wish as granted with the release of this DVD and oh my god it’s great.

              The sound and production of the live set is fantastic, Robb Flynns Voice in top form as well is the band and is everything you would expect from a Machine Head Live gig with the band absolutely going for it with a great light show and firework display also put on .

              The camera flashes between the band and the crowd showing them in the mosh-pit and crowd surfing for the whole of the 90+ minutes the gig lasts there’s also the option to watch just the concert or you can watch the concert that cuts away with interviews in giving the best of both worlds .

              Mike Sloat who edited the DVD has somehow manages to make the sound seem heavier with some like grainy effects edited into the shots.

              The DVD also features the Music videos for Imperium, The blood, The Sweat, The Tears, and Days turn Blue To Grey and also the making of documentaries for these videos.

              But what makes this DVD really stand apart from most other bands is the complete honesty of the band in the behind the scenes interviews in which they openly discuss the problems they faced after being released from their record deal after the Supercharger album and how they had been courted by other record label telling them that hen roadrunner records let them go they would instantly sign them which as not to be the case and had left them with no money has individuals or has a band, and how Robb Flynn(Lead Singer & Guitarist) had to borrow money from his mother to finance the bands video for The Blood, The Seat, The Tears so the band on a whole could make some money to take them on tour.

              Overall this is a very in-depth look at one of metals best metal bands and how they have struggled to get where they are today and the sacrifices they have made to bring us great albums and gigs, they are not a band of millionaires and are very honest in telling their story of band conflict’s and money issues and not covering it up and takes you into their world for the 120+minutes this DVD runs for.


              Current Band Line up-

              Robb Flynn – Lead Vocals & Guitar.
              Phil Demmel – Guitar.
              Adam Duce – Bass.
              Dave McClain – Drums.


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              • Nokia 6280 / Mobile Phone / 29 Readings / 25 Ratings
                More +
                18.07.2007 13:33
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Nokia step backwards with this one

                Product Review and Opinion –

                After much trekking around trying to find a shop to unlock my Nokia 6630 and being told numerous times there was no chance due to a new coding system called BB5 and would cost upwards of £150.00 to unlock from the service provider I decided to invest in a new phone and that phone would be the Nokia 6280.
                So the Nokia 6280 is a 3G slide phone although it is not a smart phone(but has all the capabilities, the difference being it don’t have a symbian operating system).

                The main thing that attracted me to the phone was the big screen which was 262k colour screen and has a very high resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, I thought to myself great bigger screen better for viewing pictures and videos.

                The phone also has a very good Mp3 player and has a really good sound even without the head phones the sound is really clear, in addition the phone has a fairly good memory card allowing room for about 25 tracks and numerous pictures and videos.

                The phone is easy to use with the same exact layout has all fairly new Nokia phones so finding things is easy.

                However this is where the party ends, has I has previously said about the big screen, well this would be great if the quality of the camera and video was any good to say it’s a 2.0 megapixels it’s actually far less superior to my Nokia 6630’s 1.3 megapixel camera which was superb.

                The video is even worse with the inability to actually film a clear video it’s always blurred even when filming something that was stationary.
                I also found problems with sending texts I had to change my settings from 3G to GPRS to get the thing to actually work why have a 3G if it don’t work.

                I have had the phone about 16 months now and with being a student I don’t come into contact with much dust or muck like I did when I was a builder but the phone somehow is like a beacon to dust and is always dusty behind the screen so there’s no way of getting rid of it.

                So overall I was disappointed with the phone especially with the fact it was a Nokia which have been the forerunners of mobile phones for years.
                And to be honest have taken a step back with the 6280 due to the fact it’s not a patch on the 6630.

                Thankfully I now know of a place that can unlock the bb5 coding for as little has £10.00.
                So I’m off to get that unlocked.

                Stay Away from the 6280

                Phone Features –

                3G functionality (including video calling)

                2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom and integrated flash

                VGA camera for video calling

                Display: Active Matrix, 262,144-colours, 320 x 240 pixels

                Music player with stereo output (stereo headset supplied)

                Visual Radio

                Video ringtones

                Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, email (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4)

                Java games

                XHTML web browser

                Memory: 74 Mbytes plus miniSD card

                Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Infra-red
                WAP, GPRS Class 10, EDGE (up to 236.8 kbps) & 3G (up to 384 kbps download)

                Triband + 3G

                Size: 100 x 46 x 21 mm

                Weight: 115g

                Talktime: up to 3 hours (3G) or 4 hours (2G)

                Battery standby: up to 250 hours (2G or 3G)


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                • More +
                  17.07.2007 15:48
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Definitely a cut above the rest of the dull emo

                  Band Members -

                  Josh Latshaw - vocals, guitar
                  Chad Istvan - guitar, vocals, piano, keyboard
                  Matt Krupanski - drums, percussion
                  Nathan Gray - vocals, keyboard
                  Robert Ehrenbrand - bass guitar, vocals

                  Brief Bio –
                  Boysetsfire hailed from Delaware U.S.A and formed in October 1994 they had 1 release before after the eulogy which was the day the sun went out.
                  Boysetsfire disbanded on February 12th 007.

                  The Album.

                  The album starts with the club dance floor mainstay after the eulogy which starts with the battle cry rise, rise, rise and goes on to be a very driving rousing hardcore song with very thought provoking lyrics and subtle breakdowns which can be found in every song on this album.

                  Rookie ups the tempo with more straight forward punky number.

                  Pariah under glass returns to a more bombastic sound that pulls you in and won’t let go until you submit to it but has with every boysetsfire song within seconds you can be pulled in another direction. Again the lyrics are well thought out and have many meanings.

                  When rhetoric dies slows the pace down with its hard rock sounding catchy chorus again Nathan Gray has a lot to over with his vocals and lyrics.

                  Still waiting for the punch line sets off faster than the previous song and settles into a nice mid-tempo song that allows Grays vocals to soars, and be filled lots of emotion.

                  The abominations of those virtuous starts much like the previous track and again showcases Grays vocal ability and lyrics.

                  Our Time honored tradition of cannibalism starts with Gray shouting about politics whilst guitars screech, it breaks down into groove laden drum pounding song.

                  (Compression) As Skull Fragments On the wall again is more of a upbeat tempo song with the drums stop starting and Gray keeping his vocals in time with the heavy guitar riff giving it more effect.

                  My Life In The Knife Trade is my favorite song from this album and is lyrically sublime the guitar riff that starts it off is very somber and sad before settling into the main riff that carries the song and Grays vocals higher. The drums have a military feel to them and work very well in this song.

                  Across five years starts with a punky drum beat and spiky guitar riff that drives the song along until the song finishes.

                  Twelve step hammer program again has a up-tempo spiky stabbing punky riff which evens out and is the base of the song and never really changes until the kick off a great bouncy riff around the 2.30 minute mark that takes us to the finish.

                  Unspoken Request again starts with somber riff before firing off into a more up-tempo riff Nathan Grays lyrics dealing with How somebody copes with being raped and his anger at the assailant, this a very emotional song.

                  The force Majure starts with distant drumming that leads into some great harmonics from the guitarist, Gray is spitting venom on this song, the music is heavy stop start riffage the song calms for few seconds before being built up before unleashing it’s last moments of rage.

                  My Opinion –
                  If you think that boysetsfire are like normal hardcore bands then you would be completely wrong this album drips with emotion, heartfelt lyrics that come straight from the heart and deal with topics from love to politics and if you’re not careful you could find yourself shedding a tear from the pure emotion that comes from the speakers.
                  Let me make this very clear this album is not a self pitying, I’m depressed like many albums out there doing the rounds today this is real and raw.


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                  • Love, Honour And Obey (DVD) / DVD / 24 Readings / 22 Ratings
                    More +
                    16.07.2007 15:12
                    Very helpful



                    Really cheap tongue in cheek gangster film

                    Director –
                    Dominic Anciano & Ray Burdis.

                    Run Time –
                    94 minutes approx.

                    Main Cast –
                    Jonny Lee Miller - Jonny
                    Jude Law - Jude
                    Ray Winstone - Ray Kreed
                    Sadie Frost - Sadie
                    Sean Pertwee - Sean
                    Ray Burdis - Ray
                    Dominic Anciano - Dominic
                    Kathy Burke - Kathy
                    Denise van Outen - Maureen
                    Rhys Ifans - Matthew
                    John Beckett - John
                    Trevor Laird - Trev
                    William Scully - Bill
                    Perry Benson - Perry "Fat Alan"
                    Mark Burdis - Mark
                    Laila Morse - Laila

                    Plot Summary –
                    Jonny(Jonny Lee Miller) has dreams of leaving his dead-end courier job and through his best friend of 20 years Jude(Jude law) who happens to be nephew of the notorious crime lord Ray Kreed(Ray Winstone) he wins his way into the toughest gang in north London.
                    Hungry for some real gangster action Jonny sets off to spark a feud between Ray’s biggest rivals the south London gang lead by Sean(Sean Pertwee) and right hand men Trev(Trevor Laird) and Matthew(Rhys Ifans).
                    So can Jonny disrupt the peace these 2 gangs have agreed to or can he succeed in turning London into a battle ground?

                    My Opinion –
                    I think Dominic Anciano and Ray Burdis have done a great job with this film not only did they direct it but they also wrote it and it has a great mix of gangster violence and straight outright comedy and everything in between again as with Final Cut Ray Winstone And Sadie Frost are really the main characters with their impending marriage, but everybody in the film gets there spot on camera with little stories shooting off from the main one, in which they all have intense and funny moments.
                    The film has a great supporting cast that includes Laila Morse(Big Mo from Eastenders), Denise Van Houten(Maureen) and Kathy Burke(Kathy) which have their own story’s to add to the film.
                    The film has some great one liners and some hilarious moments one of my favorites is when the all of the north London gang are in the pub and Jonny is messing about with a butterfly knife and Fat Allen(Perry Benson) says that if Jonny tried to stab him Jonny wouldn’t be able to because Fat Allen has lots of martial arts training and his hand are more dangerous than the knife so after much goading from Fat Allen, Jonny without any notice just stabs Fat Allen in the Stomach not seriously hurting him but proving just how stupid Fat Allen sounded. Another great story line from the film is Ray Who is married to Kathy are having problems with their sex life after Kathy caught Ray Masturbating over the kitchen sink and since then Ray cannot get an erection which results in Ray getting sex advice from Dom and Maureen, which Ray takes by going to a sex shop and surprising Kathy when she gets home to hilarious results, i won’t spoil it by telling you what he gets.
                    Overall this is a tongue in cheek gangster film that is very funny and entertaining, I stumbled across this film by accident after being locked in my ex-girlfriend’s parents house and was bored so I watched it and I’m very glad that I did because this is one of my favorite film of all times.

                    So if you like British comedy’s and sense of humor then this film is defiantly for you.


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                    • The Punisher (DVD) / DVD / 29 Readings / 26 Ratings
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                      14.07.2007 13:47
                      Very helpful



                      Good film with the ability for people to relate to Frank Castle

                      Director –
                      Jonathan Hensleigh.

                      Main Cast-
                      Thomas Jane - (Frank Castle/The Punisher)
                      John Travolta - (Howard Saint)
                      Will Patton - (Leonard Glass)
                      Roy Scheider - (Mr. Castle)
                      Laura Elena Harring - (Livia Saint)
                      Ben Foster - (Spacker Dave)
                      Samantha Mathis - (Maria Castle)
                      James Carpinello - (John Saint)
                      Russell Andrews - (Jimmy Weeks)
                      Edward Jemison - (Nicky Duka)
                      John Pinette - (Mr. Bumpo)
                      Rebecca Romijn - (Joan "The Mouse")
                      Mark Collie - (Harry "Heck" Thornton)
                      Eduardo Yañez - (Mike Toro)
                      Omar Avila - (Joe Toro)
                      Kevin Nash - (The Russian)
                      Marcus Johns - (Will Castle)
                      Russell Durham - (Tatooed Mike)
                      Eddie Jamison - (Nikki Duka)
                      Jeff Chase - (Enforcer)
                      Tom Nowicki - (Lincoln

                      Special Features –
                      The Punisher stunts.
                      The Punisher Origins.
                      War Journal.
                      Music Video
                      Audio Commentary.

                      Plot Summary –
                      Whilst being under cover frank castle(Thomas Jane) he is involved in a arms sale that goes wrong resulting with the death of Howard Saints(John Travolta)youngest son, after which Castle retires from undercover work for a desk job in London before leaving Castle visits his family in the Caribbean for a big family get together, whilst there Saint has found out his true identity and has plotted his revenge upon Castle sending hitmen to kill his family, after coming around and finding he was the only survivor castle plans the downfall of the Saints and those who took his family away from him and so becomes the Punisher.
                      The punisher walks through the world we all know, a world full of crime and cruelty and with his determination avenges those wronged by society’s villains.

                      My Opinion –
                      As a kid I always remembered the original Punisher with Dolph Lundgren and how bad that was and secretly hoped they would remake this and in my eyes even though he is a comic book hero the one thing that stands out is he has no superpowers making him just has venerable has me and you he just has intelligence, years of combat training and determination which makes him more accessible has a human being and therefore the audience can relate to him.
                      The film it’s self has a very simple but good plot which I won’t go into much detail about has I don’t want to ruin the plot.
                      instead of going in with all guns blazing the Punishers plan is well thought out and executed with precision using paranoia, hidden secrets, fear and greed along with the old fashioned guns blazing against his foes. One of my favourite scenes in the film is when Saint hires a hitman known has the Russian(Kevin Nash) to kill castle in which the Russian gives Castle a right kicking and only by luck Castle survives and again shows that he is human.
                      Overall this is a much better and thought out remake that is a enjoyable action film for too watch when you don’t want your brain to hurt from thinking to much.


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                        13.07.2007 15:13
                        Very helpful
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                        Heavy, abbrasive, nasty metalcore very good

                        Band Members –
                        Brendan "Slim" MacDonald (guitar)
                        Eric Ellis (guitar)
                        Aaron Patrick (bass)
                        Mark Castillo (drums)
                        Myke Terry (vocals)

                        Label –
                        Victory Records. similar

                        Run Time – 34 minutes.

                        Band Bio –
                        BYD hail from Worcester, Massachusetts , U.S.A and are a 5 piece hardcore band that have gone through many line-up changes 8 to be precise the most recent being the vocalist Mat Bruso left to pursue a career has a school teacher this leading to him being replaced by Michael Crafter formally of I killed the prom queen from Adelaide Australia, Crafter only lasted 2 months and left citing homesickness.
                        The band are currently headlining venues across the U.K

                        Beauty And The Breakdown –
                        On the review of this album I’m not going to do a track by track review has the band basically stay to the same formula and the songs don’t really stray that far from each other.
                        The album’s song titles are inspired by children fairy tales such has Glass slipper(Cinderella), Let your hair down(Rapunzel), Enchanted rose(Beauty and the beast)and Mirror, mirror(Snow White).
                        I think the album should have been called the beast and the breakdown has that would have been a more appropriate title has there is no beauty here this is a monster of an album that’s harsh, abrasive and choke full of groove orientated breakdowns that could snap necks, chugging guitars and double bass drums drive with energy and passion throughout this album.
                        Mat Bruso the vocalist at the time of recording has a voice that you’ll either love or hate with it being very harsh and throaty with no singing just pure anger, his lyrics range from his childhood to lost loves but not once does he sound like a self pitying person that feels sorry for himself.

                        My Opinion –
                        I first heard of this band whilst reading the Nottingham evening post who reviewed this album I sat there thinking this must be a manufactured American band until I heard one of their songs on mtv2 and at that point what the hell was the evening post doing reviewing a band like this had they all gone crazy this is not linkin park this band is not pop/rock band this band are heavy, ugly and in your face.
                        Overall if you’re a fan of bands like throwdown, pantera, and hatebreed you’ll have heard of this band maybe not there music but the name and if you are a fan of those bands who have not heard BYD you’ll love this album.
                        And their first two You had me at hello and Cover your tracks.
                        If your a metal fan Go buy now this instance!

                        Prices -
                        They range from £5.00 on Ebay to £13.00 at amazon.


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                        • 28 Days Later (DVD) / DVD / 31 Readings / 28 Ratings
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                          13.07.2007 11:56
                          Very helpful



                          solid,innovative british film

                          Director –
                          Danny Boyle.
                          Main Cast –
                          Bindu De Stoppani as Jemma
                          Luke Mably as Clifton
                          Ray Panthaki as Bedford
                          Cillian Murphy as Jim
                          Naomie Harris as Selena
                          Megan Burns as Hannah
                          Brendan Gleeson as Frank

                          Special Features –
                          Audio Commentary.
                          Deleted Scenes.
                          Alternative Ending.
                          Pure Rage: Making Of.
                          Music Video.
                          Photo Gallery .

                          Plot Summary –
                          A powerful virus has been unleashed from an animal testing felicitation, transmitted in a drop of blood and has a devastating effect within seconds, the virus locks those infected into a vicious permanent state murderous rage.
                          Within 28 days the whole of the country is overwhelmed and a handful of survivors begin their attempt to salvage a future life, little realising that the deadly virus is not the only thing in the country threatens them.
                          So when Jim(Murphy) Awakes from a coma to find a desolate London he wonders around looking for people picking up the endless amount of money and canned soft drinks that aligned the streets, until he stumbles into a church and has his first encounter with the infected which results in Jim cracking a priest around the head with a bagful of canned drinks,
                          From there he is saved by 2 saviours who then proceed to take Jim to look for his dead parents with disastrous effects.
                          Who will survive whilst on the run?
                          Will They find salvation?
                          Who will they meet?
                          And will they be nice?

                          My opinion –
                          This is not a zombie film pure and simple I know it gets lumped into that genre but it is not this is just an Apocalyptic,( man messing with things they have no right to mess with) Horror film, zombies don’t run.
                          So now Danny Boyle has done a fantastic job with film and how he showed London at a standstill was great for a city that never sleeps how he managed to show the landscape that is people and traffic free is an achievement in its self and the story is original moving away from the traditional everybody dies and returns from the dead to wreck havoc instead the masses are turned instantly into homicidal murderers with no control through the various ways of transmitting blood through the littlest of contact my favourite part being a man getting the rage after a bird drops a drop of blood into the eye of a man who within seconds is trying to rip apart his daughter.
                          It’s not all blood and gore there is a deeper story to the film with small group of soldiers trying to restart the human race but not doing it in a friendly way and small glimpse of hope when there is sign of life outside of Britain through the source of aeroplanes flying overhead, there is some humour in the film the supermarket scene one of them.
                          There are no really outstanding actor/actresses in the movie they all do a solid sterling job with a good solid script to work from.
                          The attention to detail is a credit to Boyle who uses it well with little things like a hoard of rats running away from the infected as we know rats will do anything to protect their own existence.
                          So overall this is great horror film and a British one at that which moves away from the over populated Hollywood formulated movies that the Americans churn out.


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                          • Batman Begins (2 DVDs) / DVD / 24 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                            12.07.2007 11:24
                            Very helpful



                            Starting again from the beggining breaths new life into this franchise

                            Director –
                            Christopher Nolan.

                            Main Cast –
                            Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman
                            Liam Neeson as Ducard .
                            Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth.
                            Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawson .
                            Cillian Murphy as Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow.
                            Gary Oldman as Sargeant James Gordon .
                            Ken Watanabe as Ra's Al Ghul .
                            Tom Wilkinson as Carmine Falcone.
                            Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox.
                            Rutger Hauer as Richard Earle.
                            Sara Stewart as Martha Wayne.
                            Richard Brake as Joe Chill.

                            Run Time –
                            134 Minutes Approx.

                            Special Features –
                            Inner Demons Comic.
                            Batman – The Journey Begins.
                            Shaping Body And Mind.
                            Batman – The Tumbler.
                            Gotham City Rises.
                            Saving Gotham City.
                            Genesis Of The Bat.
                            Confidential Files.
                            The special features on this are very extensive with a whole disc dedicated to them.

                            Plot Summary –
                            Director Chris Nolan goes back to the origins of the caped crusader.
                            In the wake of his parents murder, angry and vengeful heir Bruce Wayne(Bale) travels the world seeking the means to fight injustices and put fear into those who prey on the fearful.
                            With the help of his trusted butler Alfred(Caine), Detective Gordon(Oldman) and is weaponry and gadget ally Lucius(Freeman), Wayne returns to Gotham City and unleashes his creation BATMAN, a masked crusader who uses strength, intellect and an array of high tech weaponry to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city from many angles.

                            My Opinion –
                            When I first heard that they was making another Batman I was little sceptical due to the terrible attempts before, and this was not helped by the news that Christian Bale had been cast has Batman has for some reason I disliked him from the film Shaft with Samuel Jackson.
                            So that aside I was intrigued with the fact that director Chris Nolan was going back to the beginning and starting a fresh, this I thought to myself is the way I’d do it if I was a film maker.
                            So Nolan starts by taking us back to when Bruce Wayne was 8 years old and how he was scared of bats from falling down a well and breaking his leg, it was this fear that ultimately lead to his parents deaths when he got scared at the opera and wanted to leave early leading his parents into the dark alley where Joe Chill was loitering, Chill then proceeds to rob and kill Wayne’s parents.
                            After this Nolan moves forward until Chills release from prison And Bruce arrives back from college for the hearing, hell bent on revenge.
                            With Nolan doing this you can see where Batman has come from and why he’s doing what he’s doing unlike the other films before, I personally like a back story.
                            The film is very dark and more gritty than previous efforts and makes it feel more grown up, the film sets include snow capped mountains to the up market hotels and business tower blocks to the very dirty slums and the filthy Arkham Asylum giving us a clear view of the differences of the economic state around Gotham City and the world.

                            Bale has Batman is actually very good and can change his emotions very quickly very well from angry to putting on a front for the public and even his longest friend and love interest Rachel Dawson who thinks after coming back from his long absence that he is just a millionaire playboy with no personality depth after seeing him fooling around with 2 models in a up market restaurants pool that’s only for decoration.

                            Katie Holmes Performance as Rachel Dawson is very muted and really could have been played by a host of actresses and her character is underused and is only used for the cliché bad guy kidnap’s love interest for Batman to save.

                            Morgan Free as Lucius Fox is very good and does well with what is character does being locked away in the basement of the Wayne building making high tech weapons and gadgets for the Wayne corporations military contract and not inquiring what Bruce is up to with all his weapons.

                            Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon is a little bit of a letdown with not much really to do but be Batman’s ally then again this is only showing him has a detective and not a commissioner that he will later become.
                            Michael Caine as Alfred the butler is a great choice bringing a traditional British humour and feel to the butler who also has a wider view on Bruce’s plans that Bruce cannot see has he is too immersed into his alter ego.

                            Cillian Murphy as Dr Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow was considered for the role of Batman but was given this role after he impressed Chris Nolan at auditions and he plays the role well coming across has a sleazy, sneaky, power hungry Crane but then turns into the maniacal Scarecrow using his mask and drugs to use the fears of the person against them, his ego is that big he thinks he is unstoppable which leads to his downfall.

                            Liam Neeson as Henri Ducard comes across as Bruce’s savoir learning him martial arts and how to defend against many foes but this is short lived when Ducard wants Wayne to kill a innocent villager which Wayne Won’t do making Ducard reveal his plans to destroy Gotham, leading to a Fight between him and Wayne.
                            Overall Christopher Nolan has breathed new life into a brand that was flagging and made it good his darker more gritty style makes for better viewing the film still has a few humorous bits but are well balanced out unlike the cheesy, overblown previous efforts. And I hope second film The Dark Knight is also dark and carries on from Batman Begins left off it’s the only way it can work.
                            So well done to Nolan for making Batman how I think Batman Should be.


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                            • I.D. (DVD) / DVD / 28 Readings / 25 Ratings
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                              11.07.2007 13:58
                              Very helpful
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                              Good early View of football hooligans

                              Director – Philip Davis.
                              Run Time – 1 Hr 43 Minutes.
                              Special Features – Theatrical Trailer.
                              Interactive Menus.
                              Photo Gallery.

                              Main Cast –
                              Reece Dinsdale – john.
                              Richard Graham – Trevor.
                              Perry Fenwick – Eddie.
                              Philip Glenister – Charlie.
                              Warren Clarke – Bob.
                              Claire Skinner – Marie.
                              Saskia Reeves – Lynda.
                              Sean Pertwee – Martin.
                              Charles De’Ath – Nik.
                              Lee Ross – Gumbo.
                              Terry Cole – Puff.
                              Steve Sweeny – Viny.
                              Charles R. Bailey – Mickey.

                              Plot Summary –

                              When John (Dinsdale) an ambitious young police officer is assigned to an under assignment he is sent into the hardcore football gangs to track down the ‘generals’- the shadowy figures that run the gangs and orchestrate the violence.
                              But has john (Dinsdale) and the rest of his undercover team are soon dragged into the macho world, where hard drinking, and hard fighting are the rules and proves to be irresistible and john finds himself slowly turning into one of the hooligans that he has been sent to bring down.
                              Not only is john in deeper than he should be his marriage has fallen apart, his drinking spiralling out of control and losing the support of his undercover team Bob(Clarke) is also sniffing old bill.
                              Can john complete his task or will he be lost in the crowd on the terraces?

                              My Opinion.

                              This is a gritty and dark film that takes a stark look at the ever popular football hooligan and how easily you can be dragged into the circles of it.

                              Philip Davis does a great job directing his actors and are some fine performances here Dinsdale’s portrayal of john really good going from respectable police officer to one of the worst hooligans the country has ever seen, his downfall is shown in detail has he battles the boozes and his attraction to the barmaid, whilst trying to maintain his marriage shows what undercover operatives could go through.

                              Johns not the only officer to have a marriage to fall apart with Trevor’s(Graham) going down the pan to which he takes badly and falls apart getting drunk and causing a scene nearly giving away the operation.
                              Eddie and Charlie’s characters are only supporting cast and there to add numbers to the team with them not really having much to do in the film.

                              Bob(Clarke) plays the newly released from prison land lord of the local pub to good effect with a menacing portrayal and is good at taking the focus away from the real top boys who run the show and have more going on for them than just football hooliganism.
                              The rest of the hooligan cast are very good with Sean Pertwee looking very camp with slick back hair and earrings, there is a good performance from lee Ross(Gumbo) who plays a hooligan who was badly injured and left him mentally disabled, but is loved but ribbed quite a lot from the group,

                              There’s plenty of violence in the film from fights with opposing fans and when the Shadwell supporters go into the away end to start fights.

                              Overall I think this is the film that all football hooligan films originated from along with the firm (Gary Oldman) and paved they for future films such as the football factory (Danny Dyer) and Green street (Elijah Wood) and is still the best.

                              Watch it!


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