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      04.10.2013 17:10
      Very helpful



      This aladdins cave of an shop is what all pets shop should be like.

      Noah's Ark Pet Shop Edinburgh

      Being a family that loves pets, it's always been very difficult to find what in my opinion is a decent, reputable and value for money pet shop. We have a rabbit, Guninea Pigs, Rabbit and a snail and Noah's Ark pet shop caters for them all.


      Noah's ark has been trading from the same premises on Granton Road in the North of Edinburgh for over 25 years.

      ** Shop **

      From the outside you can tell straight away that this is an Aladdin's cave for animals, the windows have a great varied selection of products. Venturing inside the shop you are greeted by what I describe is a pot of gold- Absolutely everything one would need for your animal's needs.

      Catering for all animals, from wilds birds through to exotic fish all the sections are laid out very well making it's easy to locate the items you are looking for.

      From floor to ceiling is dedicated to animals and their requirements. At the back of the counter the area houses many items such as flea treatments, fish tank treatments etc etc. It's very displayed and easy to understand.

      Massive range of dried foods for many animals, tins and sachets certainly give the customer a fantastic variety to choose from.

      Cages galore in here, they have cages of all sizes and needs, many of which are on display for you to actually see. Failing that they can order them in.

      Through to the back of the store they have a designated pet room which is bright and airy. Range of animals varies but I have seen Guniena Pigs, Birds, Hamsters, Rats & Mice. The cages are always very clean and unlike other pets shops (Reviews to follow) the animals have room to move around. Anytime I have seen animals in they always seem happy in an animal way.

      Fish wall - Housing approximately 8 medium sized fish tank of which they sell cold water fish from. I do the "Dead Test" every visit. You know, look up and see if any fish floating or trapped in the filter. Delighted to say they have passed the test every time. I am always very pleased which how clean and fresh the tanks look.

      You can pay for goods in Cash and debit or Credit Card ( No Charge)

      They will deliver locally to you for an amazing £1 - You can arrange this all over the phone.

      Open 7 days a week form 9.30 am


      Being a small independent shop always gets me worried, well thankfully their prices are very competitive. Some items are slightly more than the likes of Pets at Home or similar, but nothing is more than £1 dearer. I have often bought multiple items just when they are on offer, their offers are very good and it's certainly a time to stock up. Like many companies, buying in bulk is often better and cheaper. It's the same here, you can purchase large cases of food, bags of cast litter etc and you are more than likely to get a deal.


      Having used this shop for the best part of 5 years, I would say I have been served by all of their staff. 4 females, who are easily identified by their name badge all wear company branded T Shirts. They are very knowledgeable and appear to know their customers' needs very well. All the staff come across very professional and talk passionately about animals. It's clear that these staff enjoy their job and in my opinion they represent the company in a very positive manner.


      This lets the company down, it's very basic and outdated. It is clear they do not depend of custom from the website. I feel that so much more could be added to the site to make it more customer friendly. Have a look yourself at www.noahsarkedinburgh.co.uk/


      Noah's Ark will remain my favorite pet shop in Edinburgh, the fact that it is unlikely for you no to find the item you want amazes me a lot. Even if they do not stock it, they will order what you want. This independent shop is leading example, the staff are excellent and deal with customer in a very professional way.
      I would have no problems what so every recommending this pet shop.

      I also respect them a lot more as they do NOT sell cats, kittens or puppies.

      For more information call them on 0131 551 2570 or visit their website


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      • Swinton Insurance / Car Insurance / 85 Readings / 78 Ratings
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        16.12.2009 13:10
        Very helpful



        Please see full review

        *Why choose Swinton Insurance!

        It was the dreaded time for me to look for car insurance again as per usual I check all the price comparison websites. Swinton came up the cheapest on two of them, so I decided to go direct to their own website to see what price was available and read a bit more about them.

        The main reasons I decided to go with Swinton was:

        *Competitive price - Some £38 cheaper than the next best price and over £50 cheaper than my renewal price.

        *Local Shops - I am one of these people who try to keep local companies open, well Swinton has office up and down the country so rather than call the dreaded call centre you can call the local shop.

        *Cash back - As usual I always check the cash back sites, and to my delight Swinton was on Quidco. So when I taken the policy out online I got any additional £50 cash back.

        *Finally looking online, Swinton sounded very positive and from what I could read many customers were happy with the service they provided.

        *Applying for the car insurance!

        Just like many companies there are many ways for you to obtain quotes and subsequently take up the policy.

        Swinton appear on all the comparison websites such as Confused, Money supermarket, Tesco etc. I would always recommend going through all these sites and then do a full quotation with the top company on their own website as often that can be cheaper.

        Swintons website is very easy to follow and within 3 minutes you can have a price which will be guaranteed for 30 days. It's always worth while checking what offers Swinton have on, just now they offer £40 cash back per motor insurance policy.

        You can call Swinton on free phone number 0800 138 2412 to obtain a free no obligation quotation.

        The best thing is that you can walk in to any Swinton branch and get a free quotation; in addition to this if you buy the policy you will get all the documents straight away.

        *Paying for your policy

        *In Full: It taken out online, over the phone or in person at one of the branches. You can pay in full with a debit or credit card. In person in the branch they will also accept cash as payment.

        *Monthly: You can pay monthly by direct debit, pay the initial 10% deposit on a debit or credit card online or over the phone and the remainder will be spread out over 10 monthly payments via direct debit. As this is seen as credit they do charge for that and you can expect to pay 32.1% per annum. Swinton also sign up to the direct debit guarantee and you can choose what date you wish the direct debit to come out of your account.

        *Cheque- Swinton do still accept cheques, if this is the preferred method ask the advisor when you call what address to send the cheque too.

        *What options do I have available?

        As you would expect Swinton offer a huge variety of products, But as this review is about insurance I will cover that. I am in particularly referring to car insurance, however they do offer other insurance too.

        Three options available for any customer to choose:

        Fully Comprehensive

        Third Party Fire and Theft - Covers you for the basis road traffic act as well as Fire and theft of your vehicle.

        Third Party Only - This is the minimum requirement for any car to be on a public road.

        *Fully Comprehensive
        I have a fully comprehensive policy with legal cover with Swinton but the actual policy is underwritten by Provident insurance. Some benefits are provided by Swinton and some are provided by the insurer direct.

        Fully comprehensive covers you for many incidents including: Total loss of your car as a result of theft, fire, or accident. You will receive a courtesy car in the event of your car be unroad worthy after an accident.

        You have peace of mind knowing that you have total glass cover, for a high excess of £100 you can have your windows replaced if smashed. This excess is not that competitive in comparison to other companies.

        Driving Other Cars- This is provided free too many policies, but you need to check if your policy allows you to drive other cars on a third party only basis. Things to remember is that this cover only cover damage to the other vehicle or property, and the vehicle you're driving must have a valid MOT, Tax disc and be insured by someone else. I would only recommend using this benefit in an emergency and not a regular thing.

        Foreign Travel- Depending what insurance company you have been placed with you will have the great benefit of this.

        Guaranteed courtesy car in the event of any accident.

        Like all policies sold by Swinton you also have 24hr access to their own claim lines, this is manned by staff in the UK. It's a free phone number so it will not cost a penny from a landline.


        If you're like me then you have to be the unluckiest person alive, I was involved in a non fault accident when some idiot reversed in to me. I called the dedicated free phone number and gave them all the details about the accident. During that same call I was passed to Drive assist who work alongside Swinton. They asked some more questions and advised me what will happen. The first thing the lady told me is that my hired car would be with me at 2pm which was less that 2hrs after the accident happened. I was a little taken a back when she said that but I was like yeah that's great.

        I went off the phone and true to their word a hired car was delivered, my old clapped out fiat had been replaced with a brand new top of the range 207. My car was not road worthy as the registration plate had been damaged.

        Two days later I got a call from my insurance company called me to say my car would be written off so I would have to hand the hired car back and they would provide me with a courtesy car. I was a little lost but hey I could not complain at all. They arranged for my hired car and courtesy car to be swapped over on the same day.

        Then 6 days later I received a call from Provident to say that my car had been written off and I was to send them documentation. I sent that to them and within another 2 days they called to advise me what they would offer me for my car and explained I could keep the car as it was a Cat C write off. I received the cheque a few days later. The cheque taken 5 days to clear and I had the courtesy car for an additional seven days after that.

        I have to say that I am delighted with what Swinton/Provident have done so far, from the time I reported the accident to recovering the cheque was less that 19 days. It really was hassle free and they kept me on the road. The only thing I have to say which annoyed me was the fact I had to change cars. I can't see why I never got to keep the same car.

        *Price comparison

        Swinton appear on all the comparison websites, However I have noticed that it is cheaper maybe by a pound or two if you go direct. I am sure Swinton are attempting to hit the market as there prices are very generous compared to others.

        *Contacting Swinton.

        You can contact them by phone, in person, by email


        I received my documents within 2 days of taking the policy out and all I had to send back was proof of my NCD, This is what I would expect to sent back anyway.

        *What are their contact centres like?

        Now this is the part I have been looking forward to writing, as I have said many times Swinton has many offices in your local area. So when you need to call them, your usually calling a local number i.e. often just to the town you live in. So it means you're talking to people who will understand you and no big ques to be held in either.

        Down fall is they work office hours and if you need help out with that time, you're going through to the dreaded call centre, Now that I have had a bad experience I just dislike call centres. All the staff I have dealt with in the local office, claims line and on the out of hours lines has been very pleasant and helpful.


        Like most insurance companies they attempt to auto renew your policy which means they sent you the renewal letter 6wks before and you forget to cancel and they simply renew it for you. I always check the price against a few others and so far I have been happy. When you renew you get your documents at the time of your renewal letter so make sure you keep hold of that.

        *Making changes and contact details

        A simple phone call and you can have your details changed; remember insurance premium will change if the risk insured changes.

        Queries regarding a Car Insurance Quote - call 0800 138 2412

        Car Insurance Claims - 0800 040 7019

        Breakdown assistance - 0800 015 5083


        What to remember, When you take out a policy online with Swinton your details will be transferred to your local branch and they will deal with your policy from then onwards.

        *Final thought

        I have been with Swinton for a short period of time, but I have nothing but praise for the company. I have always been dealt with in a professional manner and the staffs make you feel valued as a customer. There price was very competitive when I joined them.

        Would I recommend? Most certainly


        Thanks for reading - Marcellep

        Also Posted on Ciao


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          14.08.2009 22:59
          Very helpful



          See Review

          **Lego City 8401 Minifigure Collection**

          If your child likes Lego then this is something that will be well received by them, this set can be added on to any current set to enhance the child's enjoyment whilst playing.

          I am reviewing Lego City 8401 which is the mini set of people and posts

          This is now my third review of a Lego product and as always I will include a link to the Lego website at the bottom of the review to allow you to obtain more information on Lego.


          Firstly parents this particular product is aimed at children over the age of 5, Even if your child is over 5 I would always recommend you supervise them when assembling.

          This set is different from the rest as it has many little items to be made up; when you open the box as usual you will have a very colour full instruction booklet which will detail how to assemble all parts.
          Before too long your child will soon have 11 different item which they have just assembled and then that when the fun begins.

          The set comprises of - 4 new people, ranging from a police officer to who my sons calls old granny.

          Other items include: Water hydrant, traffic lights, speed limit sign, bench, and a fantastic life like stereo (No sound)

          Assemble time is approximately 20 minutes and your child will have hours of fun with these items, adding them to there current collection of Lego.

          There are a total of 60 pieces within this set.

          **Play Time**

          When this set is completely assembled, your child can soon have there on city on your living room floor, I strongly believe that these additional sets really allow the child to use their imagination to create their own little world out of Lego.

          My son can sit for hours, changing the design and lay out of his Lego from a road to a full city and all in between.

          **Design and overall opinion**

          As I have said in all my Lego review, I am a firm believer that Lego has studied the market and release sets to which will sell well. Lego have really thought about all aspects of the city set. There instructions are very easy to follow and not to mention that all boxes and bags with the small boxes are recyclable.

          This set is very small in size, they are easily stood on and that will create one unhappy child. When the products are assembled it is normal to have 5 spares pieces this is just in case you lose any. It's always worth while holding on to them

          Please remember that Lego is relatively small and children can easily choke on small parts, so if your child is one that enjoys eating all sorts then I would recommend that you watch your child when playing with this item.

          **Price and availability**

          Lego.com and Retails at £6.85
          Amazon - £5.43
          Ebay - £7.00

          It's worth shopping around as there are some good deals on Lego at present.

          **More Information**

          From Lego.com: http://shop.lego.com/Product/?p=8401

          More information about Lego- http://www.lego.com/eng/info/

          Lego customers have rated this 4.8 out of 5.

          Thanks for reading my review

          Marcellep Dooyoo 2009


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            14.07.2009 22:59
            Very helpful



            See Review

            *Lego City 7741

            My son has now moved on from Thomas the tank engine and seems settled on Lego, It possibly due to that large variety of Lego available.

            **I am reviewing Lego City 7741 which is the Police helicopter**

            If you want to read any of the history of the Lego company I have included there link at the bottom of this review for you.


            This is the part that all children and adults alike enjoy very much, this particular product is aimed at age 5 and over.

            When you open the box for your child, you will be pleased to see easy to follow instructions. I tend to pour all the pieces on to a tray to stop them going missing and then turn them all over the correct way so it is easy for my son to follow.

            As your child works the way through the book he/she will soon be holding a helicopter.

            What I really like about the Lego Company is that they include easy following instructions for children and in addition to that there large and clear picture on the front of the box really helps the child too.
            Assemble time is approximately 20 minutes and your child will have hours of fun with it.

            There are a total of 94 pieces within this set.

            **What has my child just built**

            You know as a parent it's so good to see your loved one follow instructions step by step and then have a Police Helicopter which is 18cms in length and making all sort of noises, the helicopter comes with its own police man who doubles up as a pilot. It's just unfortunate that the helicopter does not make the siren noise as my son is always running about with the helicopter in his hands shouting "NeeNaw NeeNaw". The fantastic thing is that the blades actually spin around for real adding to more enjoyment for the little ones.

            **Design and overall opinion**

            I have to say that Lego have really done well in the market, the design of this product makes it suitable for children over the age of 5, now I believe that there is no upper limit as many adults still enjoy Lego to this day. I like that fact that all Lego's sets mix with each other really well. The box they all come is in recyclable and to be honest I tend to ensure that my son keeps hold of the box, so when he wants to dismantle he knows how to assemble it next time.

            Another good thing is that all the set's mix and match so what that means if you do not want to make the actual item you have bought you can simply build a bigger and better item. I really think Lego encourages children to use there imagination. Kids will be happy for hours when playing with either of these sets.

            Please remember that Lego is relatively small and children can easily choke on small parts, so if your child is one that enjoys eating all sorts then I would recommend that you watch your child when playing with this item.

            **Price and availability**

            Lego.com and Retails at £8.79
            Amazon - £7.75
            Ebay - £7.99

            It's worth shopping around as there are some good deals on Lego at present.

            **More Information**

            If you want to see the instructions and how easy they are : http://city.lego.com/en-gb/BuildingInstructions/police/Police-7741-G

            More information about Lego- http://www.lego.com/eng/info/

            Lego customers have rated this 4.5 out of 5.

            Thanks for reading my review

            Marcellep Dooyoo - 2009


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              03.07.2009 22:02
              Very helpful



              See Full Review

              This review is on "Emerge Energy Drink"

              As I sit here and write this review I wonder how this drink can be sold for 24p which is a saving of over £1.00 if compared to its nearest rival. Now is that because it's poor taste, nasty ingredients or something else! Well I hope to explain that to you during this review.

              I am not someone who often reviews food and drink products, so sorry for the layout. I am just reviewing it in the order I like to read.

              *About Emerge

              Emerge is sold in the UK in most supermarkets, coming in single cans or as part of a multipack you can expect to notice this drink in its bright orange can.

              Emerge is manufactured and distributed from Derby in England.

              The company responsible for the production of this drink are Cott, on their website they claim to be one of the largest non alcohol drinks. Cott commit themselves to delivery high quality product at low affordable prices and from what I have seen so far I would say they achieve this.

              *What do I use it for

              Now as it's an energy drink, its ideal for when you're extremely tired or in my case when I have not woken up. It really does give you the boost you require to get you through the next few hours. Now this drink does not work miracles and I do not recommend any tired drivers using this and then continuing to drive.

              Lately I have been using it as a alcohol drink mixer when I am at any house party or I have a few in the house, I tend to use it in vodka and it certainly keeps you going for a lot longer and tones down the adverse affects of vodka! Yeah I mean getting drunk. Don't worry you can still get very merry whilst using this as a mixer.

              *What does it taste like

              I don't think anyone will be shocked when I say it is very sweet as that's the whole point of this drink, I can tell you that this drink tastes disgusting in my opinion when it is warm. When ice cold I find it very smooth and refreshing to drink. It is a rather fizzy drink but there again you would expect that. After you have drank a can you feel as though your teeth a coated with sugar and have the desire to brush them straight away. When mixed with alcohol the taste is still very refreshing, I tend to forget that alcohol has been added to the drink.

              *The ingredients

              Emerge drink contains all the ingredients that you want to avoid to be honest,
              Carbonated water, sugar, Glusose-frutose syrup, Citric acid, Taurine, Glucuronolactone , Flavouring (including caffeine , Acidity regulator (sodium citrates), Inositol, Colours (sulfite, ammonia, caramel, carmoisine), Vitamins niacin, B5, B6, B2, B12, Preservative (sodium benzoate).

              Energy kJ/kcal 179kJ/42kcal
              Protein Trace
              Carbohydrate 10.0g
              of which sugars 9.8g
              Fat 0.0g
              of which saturates 0.0g
              Fibre 0.0g
              Sodium Trace
              Salt equivalent Trace 0.2g
              Niacin 7.2mg (40% RDA*)
              Vitamin B6 0.8mg (40% RDA*) 2
              Pantothenic Acid 2.0mg (33% RDA*)
              Vitamin B12 0.2µg (20% RDA)
              These values are typical per 100ml

              *Cost and availability

              Prices for this drink range from as little as 33p for a can of 250ml from Asda up to over £1 at other retailers. If you like your energy drinks then it's defiantly worth considering this drink.

              As I have said it is available at most supermarkets that includes, Asda, Morrison's, M&S, Boots and many more.

              *The packaging

              I have always bought the can version of this product and for those who have not seen it; it's in the similar can which you find red bull in. Tall and slim, orange and silver in colour it stands out well from the others available.
              You can also recycle the can too.

              *How does it compare to others and final thought's

              Personally I think that Emerge compares very well to the likes of Red Bull, It's so much cheaper but does what it says on the can. Looking at the ingredients I tend to think your paying the higher price for red bull just because of the name. Given the fact we are in a credit crunch and all out to save a few pennies I would certainly recommend this drink to anyone that normally drinks red bull.

              I have been drinking this particular drink for a few months now and I believe that its time that pubs and clubs started to buy it in bulk and sell it on to customers, as yet it is not possible to buy this is a mixer in any public houses which is a pain in the rear.

              *Further information

              For this review I have taken the ingredients from Asda.com


              I hope you have enjoyed my review,


              ***This review has already been posted on Ciao under my other name Marcellep2***


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                05.05.2009 17:07
                Very helpful



                See Review

                Blood Sweat & Tea

                Working with the Scottish Ambulance Service, I have always had a keen interest in blogs about the ambulance service whether than be London Ambulance service or Scottish Ambulance Service. I stumbled across a Blog written by Tom Reynolds an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) who works with the London Ambulance Service (LAS). Tom wrote fantastic blogs and always had you checking back for more updates until one day I went on to the site and seen a post " Read my stories in a book" . I think back then you could pre-order the book. But I waited until the price came down and then ordered it.

                Cost and availability

                I know that many of you will either go over to his blog and check his work out or even order the book, so here is a quick rundown of prices.
                All prices are for online and brand new

                Amazon - £3.99
                Play.Com - £5.99
                Waterstones - £5.99

                A little about the author/blogger

                We are all under the impression his name is Tom Reynolds, when in fact that is not the case at all. His real name is Brian Kellett 36 years old who is a qualified technician with the LAS. Tom began working with the NHS back in 1998 where he worked as a staff nurse at the Chase Hospital in London, which would lead him to work for the LAS. He joined the LAS 2002 were until today he remains as a Technician.

                The format of the book

                This book is ideal for anyone that enjoys reading short stories/paragraph. Often the stories last only one page, however it is very easy for you to put the book down and pick up from where you left off. The format is very easy to follow and the stories are all broken up so you know you are starting a new story. It is basically paper version of his blog without all the dates and times etc.

                The Book

                The author gives you a real insight to the on goings of an EMT within the LAS, and to be honest I strongly believe that his account is a true reflection of most if not all ambulance services around the United Kingdom. Written in such a way that you feel as though you are part of the actual story it is the author has you gripped from the word go. This particular book covers Tom's career from 2003 to 2006 inclusive.

                Tom paints a picture in your mind that when you see an ambulance racing through the streets under emergency conditions that its life threatening. Well that is far from it as detailed in this truly superb book. Dealing with drunks is a regular occurrence for any EMT, but we can all forget about the smells and abuse what they have to deal with. Well Tom reminds you of all the details and often in graphic accounts.

                The book details how the LAS deal with relief staff, when any new member of staff come "On the road" they are placed in relief which means they worked with different partners most shifts and can be placed at any station within the division. Tom continues to tell the reader how when he is singled crewed all he does is sits on station, this seems bizarre to me that an EMT who has no partner is not allowed to respond to emergency calls on their own!

                Throughout the book Tom does cover some of the most interesting facts of the LAS, often out spoken and controversial with what he writes, but all credit to the author he always back's his argument up with some sort of evidence.

                There are many highs and lows within this book, but we do have to remember that this book is based on real life events, often life changing too. Tom describes dealing with children in cardiac arrest (Death) which is very harrowing to read, but within a few pages its back to dealing with drunks and regular callers. Your emotions will be all over the place with this book that's for sure.

                During reading the book there are pages you really will laugh at, Example. When Tom and his partner arrive at an emergency and have to park the ambulance on the street causing an obstruction, cars blast there horn and one person even goes up to the rear of the ambulance asking them to move. Now let's think about it, there could be someone fighting for their life, being given emergency life saving treatment and some toffee nosed person bursts the doors open. Luckily that was not the case and Tom taken longer before he moved away just to annoy the person even more.

                There is also a section within the book that covers "ORCON" which is the government standards for response times, every life threatening emergency should have a ambulance, First Responder or qualified personnel on scene within 8mins, but if the crew get on scene 9 mins after the call came in and successfully resuscitate a cardiac arrest patient who survives that's a failure!!!

                Tom shows how he is dedicated to his job as an EMT and he is now a full time member of the LAS on a rota, so he works with the same partner every shift unless there of sick.

                What do I think

                This book is truly remarkable account of what really happens with the ambulance service; Tom writes very well and has a fantastic way of describing certain incidents. The book is written in such a way that you will feel angry, sad and happy all within a few minutes. I really believe that this book should be given to all new recruits to any ambulance service as it reality.

                I am someone who does not read a lot but I can assure you that I have enjoyed the 288 pages of this book several times. It taken me only two days to read the entire book.

                Point- This book is graphic and certainly not for all to read, I would not advise any children to read this book.

                Further information

                For more information on the author please check out his blog, Tom is currently of work sick and still updates his blog on a weekly basis.

                This book was published by - Friday Books - Release date 2006

                ISBN: 1905548230
                Next book is released 28th May - Pre ordering available @ Amazon.

                Thanks for reading my first ever book review
                Marcellep Dooyoo
                Also posted on other review sites.


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                  24.04.2009 23:33
                  Very helpful



                  See Review

                  **The Jam House Edinburgh**

                  After several visits to Edinburgh Jam House I thought I would attempt a review. I have been lucky enough to attend "Jam House" twice in the last 6mths. Since I live in Edinburgh I find myself trying different places from time to time, so rest assured I can happily compare this venue to many others within the city. This review is based on a visit that I made on the 11th April 2009. We were in a group of 7.


                  Set in a prime location on Queen Street, the jam house is only a 10 minute walk from the city centre. Taxi's are always nearby so you would have to wait long if that's your preferred method of transport. In Edinburgh we are lucky enough to have 24hr bus service which runs from Waverly Bridge, this is a 10 minute walk when sober so add another 10 at the end of the night. If you able to go to a public house and not drink then there is parking nearby too.

                  Tip- Cheaper night, get the bus to the pub and taxi home. Edinburgh Taxi's can be very expensive.

                  *The building (Inside and out)

                  On arrival you will see that the lovely stylish Georgian property is home to the Jam House, the elegant foyer is very welcoming. As soon as you walk in to the place you feel at home, the sound of the live music and the fact it's just so cosy makes most feel happy.

                  *There are 4 steps outside the location which may cause problems for wheelchair users.

                  After you have walked in past the main reception area you are able to place your jacket in to the cloak room at a cost of £2 per item. Which aint too bad in comparison to other venues around Edinburgh.

                  The wooden flooring and high ceilings make the place feel very spacious despite this public house being an old house. The fantastic array of lighting is just outstanding and adds to the overall mood which is created by all the fixtures and fittings.

                  Seats and Tables: If you're like me then you like to get seat, well that's until you have had a few vodkas at which point the dance floor becomes my home. Set all-around the out skirts of the dance floor are tables and seats of all heights. Right next to the dance floor there are low comfortable seats, yeah the ones you sink in and can't get back out of. As you walk around the Jam House you will see against the wall they have a breakfast bar style table around the entire venue, with nice comfortable seats. My only complaint is that the seats are a little too high in my opinion. Now I am no short ass but I like to keep my feet on the floor.

                  The stage- It's big enough to hold the resident band every weekend which comprises of 5 members, and all their equipment. The lighting is very good and precise at all times. At the side of the stage a member of security staff stands all night just to stop any dancers getting on the stage. When you're sitting listening to the bad from a distance, the sound is very good. Now I am no music specialist but in my opinion there is a good balance of voice vrs equipment. I also have to add that the music is not too loud either which is also good.

                  *Upstairs has the Restaurant which overlooks the dance floor, I can say that I did not enjoy sitting there too eat my dinner. I am not one for heights unless I am strapped in. But on a plus not the food was really well present and at very good prices. The staff where very professional at all times and always asking if everything was ok. The cost of the meal was very inexpensive in comparison to other restraints within Edinburgh. I had Fish and chips followed by a Chocolate cake with ice cream and of course a vodka and the cost was £15.60. I thought that price was very fair as I soon learnt that the vodka itself was £3.40. You can pay using all major debit, credit cards and of course in cash. The restaurant can seat 84 people.

                  *There is a VIP area which can hold 80 people; I have not been privileged enough to use this part of the Jam House. I am told by staff that you can hire that in advance for your own functions. The cost does change depending on what time of year.

                  I have to add a small piece about the toilet's as let's face it we all do use them when we are out. Can I quickly add that this only refers to the Male toilets. They are very spacious and clean and oh and there is no smell. The floors are clean and certainly not covered in urine. I did notice a check sheet which staff need to sign to say they have checked the toilets on the hour.

                  *The Bar- where we spent most of the time! Well not really as service is very quick indeed. The bar is a decent size and always had 3 members of staff working which helped get the customers served quickly. They have a huge range of beers, wines and spirits at town prices. Unfortunately I do not have a full comprehensive price list to add to this review. As we were in a group and always ordering the same the staff gave us a receipt with all the drinks on it and all we did was handed that over every time which made ordering drinks so much easier especially as the night went on and we got a little drunk.

                  *My Experience

                  I have to say that I was delighted with the Jam House on my last visit. The live band where fantastic and really got the crowds going when they were on stage. When the band were having a much earned break the onsite DJ played some quality songs which were also very welcomed by all the patrons of the Jam House. We entered the Jam House at 9pm ish on this occasion and it cost us £5 per person. This is well worth it as the live band itself would charge you more too see them. Live bang sing a really good mix of covers ranging from Beatles too modern Killers, what I really enjoyed about the band it was their own version. Staff were all very professional and always offering assistance were possible, anytime I walked towards the front door they would open the door and close it again behind you, staff would apologise for delays at the bars too.

                  Thought I would add this little bit in, I did notice that the majority of patrons were over the age of 30 or just looked a lot older. There were no young idiots causing trouble what so ever. So in all it made for a better night.
                  I would highly recommend the Jam House

                  Dress Code- No trainers at all, I still do not understand that one, and its smart casual. I wore my jeans no problem at all.

                  Entry Cost - Before 8pm Free - Between 20.00hrs and 23.00hrs £5 and after 23.00hrs £8

                  The whole look and design of the Jam house makes it unique, I don't believe there is any other place like it in Edinburgh.

                  As I write this review I am disappointed to say that someone seems to have hacked Jam House website and it's been temporally taken down. But keep checking back for future events.

                  *Opening Times and full address

                  Food is available - Wednesday-Saturday 18.30hrs until 22.30hrs

                  Bar open: Monday-Thursday 18.00hrs until late

                  Friday and Saturday 18.00hrs until -03.00hrs

                  Sunday 19.00hrs until 01.00hrs

                  5 Queen Street
                  EH2 1JE

                  Phone: 0131 226 4380
                  Website: www.thejamhouse.com

                  Mind and get in early as the Jam House sells out most weekends.

                  Thanks for reading
                  Marcellep Dooyoo

                  "This review also appears on other review sites"


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                  • Lego 7241 City: Fire Car / Lego / 109 Readings / 105 Ratings
                    More +
                    18.04.2009 22:15
                    Very helpful



                    Price, Fun,

                    Lego has been around for as far back as I recall, as a child I remember playing with my logo for many hours. Lego has come so far since I was a child in the 1980's
                    This review is on the "Lego Emergency Rescue Fire car"

                    Part Number 7241
                    Before I go in to detail of the actual product I thought I would share a little information on the manufacturer Lego.

                    **History of Lego**

                    The story began back in 1932 when founder Ole Kirk Christiansen created the well known name Lego, he taken the first two letters from the Danish word Leg Godt which mean play well. All of Lego products taken from films or books are licensed which means they own the right to copy the product. To date the biggest year for sales for Lego was 2006 when they net a profit of 1,562m (Danish Krone) - Lego have approximately 5000 employees throughout the world with the majority being in Denmark. Lego creators believe the more bricks you have the more inventive/creative the child can be.

                    Lego is made in Denmark but as a multibillion pound company they also have depots in Munich, Barcelona, La and Tokyo. They monitor the current trends and forward any idea's direct to their head office in Denmark. There is over 120 designers working full time on Lego products, they come from 15 different countries throughout the world.

                    *True fact about Lego- There are over 2200 different elements in the Lego range in a over 55 different colours.
                    How is Lego Made

                    I could not do a review on any Lego product without explaining just how Leg o is made,
                    During the moulding process, the plastic is heated to 232° C until its consistency is about that of dough. It is then injected into the moulds at a pressure of 25âEuro'150 tons. It takes seven seconds to cool and eject new elements. The moulds used in production are accurate to within twoâEuro'thousandth of a millimetre. Accuracy of the moulding process means that only 18 elements in every million produced fail to meet the high quality standard that Lego strive to maintain.

                    **Lego Emergency Rescue Fire Car**

                    The Lego is suitable from age 5 plus, however my son was 4 when bought this particular set for him.

                    When you first pick the set up , it comes in its little own boy which a picture of what it is suppose to look like when the child builds it. The box is recyclable which is definitely a great idea as there are so many sets available.

                    Building the product- It comes with step by step instructions which are illustrated well with colourful pictures. This particular one is completed in 14 steps from start to finish. My son lays all the 46 pieces on the floor and the follows the instructions, there has been occasions that he needs myself to offer assistance to select the correct piece.

                    The set come with its little own fire chief, Axe and yellow water can. He securely fits in the vehicle allowing the kids to whiz around the room with the fireman within. The vehicle has blue tiles which represent blue lights. The wheels that are included actually turn very easily unlike many other companies. Fortunately the vehicle does not make any sound so other than the possibility of your chid making siren sounds there should be minimum noise.

                    The lego is strong and sturdy and even after my son smashing it up, it can easily be built again. It dose not get damaged easily.

                    My son who is now 5 can spend hours playing with this item along with others; I don't believe that one Lego car is enough for any child. I strongly believe that when I child starts getting Lego you need to be willing to expand on there sets. Lego can be fun for all the family and can give many hours of enjoyment for all.

                    *Average build time - 10 Minutes -

                    *Playtime - each to their own

                    **Possible Problems**

                    Lego is made up of small pieces and can be a choking hazard.
                    Small pieces can easily be lost.

                    When dropped it smashes in to pieces (you then have upset child)
                    Young children need to be supervised when playing with Lego.

                    **Cost and Availability**

                    I actually got this Lego free from one of the National Newspapers

                    Lego website - £6.15
                    Amazon - £6.99

                    Ebay bidding from £0.99 with £2.49 Postage - BIN £2.99 plus 1.99 Postage

                    I would have no problem recommending Lego to anyone, it's a fun product to play with and it encourages children to use their own imagination when playing. I think Lego is excellent value for money.

                    More information - Lego.com
                    Thanks for reading


                    Be advised this review will also appear on other sites under my name or Marcellep2 which is my other user name.


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                    • Morphy Richards 42296 / Iron / 120 Readings / 114 Ratings
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                      14.04.2009 18:07
                      Very helpful


                      • Reliability


                      See Review

                      For years we had been using a normal run of the mill iron that was until Mrs P decided she wanted a steam iron. So we started to look around for a steam iron, we had been buying cheap and cheerful irons for many years now and thought it was about time to shell out.
                      Knowing nothing about steam iron, we did like many consumers done and googled steam irons to see what we were looking for. To be honest there was not all that much information available to someone who knew nothing.

                      So in the end we decided to go to Comet and look at there limited range of steam irons. I was shocked by the prices of these items, surely there can't be that much of a difference.

                      We decided on a Morphy Richards 42296 Elite steam generator

                      *Why Morphy Richards and who are Morphy Richards*

                      This is a company that I know has made many household appliances for many years, after some research I can now tell you that they have developed and manufactured products for over 70 years. To be more exact the company started back in 1935 when two friends Charles Richards and Donald Morphy formed the name we know and love so well today. The first product going under the name of Morphy Richards came of the production line in Kent back in 1936. There first product was a radiator.
                      Personal Opinion - Morphy Richards is a name that I can trust and will continue to trust for years to come, there reliable and provide excellent products at affordable prices.

                      *Cost and availability*

                      This particular item still sells well on the UK market and can be bought from many outlets; here is a quick glance at the market:

                      Choice Brand - £79.99
                      Amazon £99.99
                      Tesco £114.00

                      I really believe that this item compares well in the current back, especially given the fact not so long ago this was priced at over £150.
                      I bought mines for £100 on a bank holiday special from Comet

                      *what it has to offer*

                      We bought this particular model for a few reasons and the main one being the fact it was a good price, but now taken in to account what it offers I think we got ourselves a good deal.

                      * Large water tank - This can hold 1100ml of water which allows for longer time without having to refill.

                      * 2 minutes to heat up- From filling the machine and the turning it on you only have to wait a maximum of 2 minutes this is regardless of how much water is in it.

                      * This beauty has a big hose! Ladies calm down, - its cord is a massive 1.8 meters. Caution this gets very hot too.

                      * Stainless steel sole plate - as it a steam iron the actual iron is very light in weight.

                      * 2200watts in power- according to the instruction booklet the higher the watts the better the performance but I also think the more electricity you will go through.

                      * Continuous refill - Meaning you will never be without the iron when in use, the iron will alert you when the water is running low and you can add more to allow continuous play.

                      * Non Slip feet - Giving the fact it's a tank I strongly believe that all of these items should come with this feature.

                      *First Use*

                      Not long after we got the item home we wanted to try it, so out came the instruction manual. After filling the tank with fresh water we plugged it in to the mains and selected the setting you require, your actual iron is just like a normal iron with regards to the settings. So you can adjust it to suit yourself. When the iron is ready you light will go green to highlight this to you.

                      Now that's your ready to iron! Well just before I would definitely recommend that you just press the trigger just to clean the iron of any dirt that may be lying within. Bearing in mind this is the first time you have used it.

                      The cord which carries the steam from the tank too the iron is very hot so be very careful when using it.

                      When we first used it we ironed one of the kid's covers just for the sake of it.
                      But it was not too long until Mrs P put the new addition to the test, so out came the black back full of clothes that required ironing. Water tank full and ready to go.

                      Mrs P was amazed with the performance of the iron and was happy to say it did cut down the time she taken to complete the iron, she also loves the fact that you can have your shirts on a hanger and iron them in up upright position. No more having to spray a the clothes wet and then going over and over the same part with the iron as you force all your weight on it, this steam iron just glides through the creases and really does leave them crease free.

                      When the iron is in use you are required to keep your finger pressed on the button under the handle to generate the steam. When you take your finger off it simply stops. Or you can do want my loving wife has done and has a piece of string that is tied around the handle and all she does is simply slides it and over the button when in use and when not it slides back.

                      Only thing that annoys me about the iron is the size of the base, its bulky and does take up some space on the shelf underneath the iron board.

                      *Different settings/Warnings*

                      The iron has different settings available to use:
                      You can vary the rate the steam comes out, three different settings allows you to adjust.

                      Setting one - 22.5G of steam per minute
                      Setting two - 45G of steam per minute
                      Setting three - 90G of steam per minute

                      When the scale cartridge at the rear requires changed an audible bleep will sound, now as yet I have never heard this and I have been using the machine for the past 4 months. I can only assume it likes my Scottish water.

                      *Technical Specification and further information*

                      Now I am no expert about the technical side of things so I have taken the information below from the instruction manual which was provided with the iron.

                      Appearance - Mostly purple in colour with a touch of white.
                      Weight - 3.88KG

                      Dimensions - Depth 19cm - Length 37cm - Height 29.5cm
                      More information is available from www.morphyrichards.co.uk
                      Morphy Richards provide a standard one year's guarantee with all the products, if you need to contact them during the initial 12 month period there details are as follows:

                      Help and support - 0844 871 0953

                      Spare Parts - 0844 873 0719


                      I would have no problem recommending this particular item for a family; I would say it's not suitable for an older person or someone on their own. It's ideal if you have lots of ironing to do but if it's just the odd item I would just stick to the conventional iron. The performance from this iron is fantastic and its does especially well on upright items such as curtains. It does reduce the time one spends ironing but unlike they claim it does not cut the time in half.

                      Worth £100? Yes in my opinion as we have 4 of family so we benefit from it.

                      Thanks Reading

                      *This review has also been posted on other review sites*


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                        09.04.2009 16:44
                        Very helpful



                        See Review

                        I thought I would review a site that I check on a weekly basis, it's called "Annual Credit Report.co.uk"

                        With the increase of identity theft on the increase I think it's a good idea for every single person to check there credit file.

                        I received an email from Annual Credit Report back in January inviting me to look at my credit file for free!!! Yeah I said for free. As the website suggests it was my annual credit report and the best thing about this site that it is free. The reason I received this email was exactly 12mths before I had viewed my account for free too.

                        Nowadays we are all sceptical when we are asked to put our personal information in to a website! Are they really what they say, will they abuse my information, or will by mail box be full of spam. Well you can trust your information with this company.
                        Established back in 1999 they have over 10 years of experience when dealing with people's information.

                        They claim to be the first in the UK to provide online credit reports to us the consumer.
                        IN addition to that they currently serve over 1.5 million consumers via their website.

                        The number of customers alone sells this site for me. What also I love about this site there fully independent and also have been awarded many awards in there industry.

                        They are fully registered as a Credit Reference agency and a information and databank administrator. They have a licence from the Office of fair trading.

                        **The website**

                        First impression of their website is it very basic and has lots of claims and no all that information to back those claims up. The homepage has a map of the Uk and then lots of reasons why you should join the site.

                        Down the bottom of their website is very interesting in my opinion, it contains lots of useful information on the following:

                        Top 10 Credit Cards - Independently checked they will break down what is the best card and for what reason.

                        Latest Data Loss - Who knows when you will be affected, but this site will tell you the latest company to lose data, clicking on the link will take you to the web page within ACR to allow you to read so much more information.

                        Coverage in the press - another helpful part of this site, it shows you when the press have been writing about CRA's or anything relating to credit files.

                        There are so many different options when you're on the site, along the top you have most of your choices and it's from here you can become a member (see below), login to your account (see below), read all about the company, read what customers think of the site and how its help them and finally you can read the help section.

                        There site may be basic but it is easy to understand it all the information one should require is in one place.

                        Hitting the register now will take you to a page where they will explain the difference between the two options available to you. When I first joined I taken the "free" option.

                        For the benefit of this review I better confirm this is actually called "Standard"

                        So before you decide to enter your personal information here is what you will get with the free option.

                        * You will be able to view your credit file as it is today! Means it will not update as your credit file updates weekly/monthly. I call this a screen shot of your credit file.

                        * It is 100% free for this option, they do not even want a credit or debit card at this time. You will only be asked for this information if you wish to upgrade to the premium option.

                        * It will show you information such as payment history for past 6 years, electoral roll check, any fraud alerts shown at your address, CCJ's and insolvency

                        Ok so you're now ready to join! Just how easy is it?

                        Possibly the easiest site I have ever used to be honest, click on the standard button and you will be taken to a page which requires your information

                        * Name - Inc middle names and surname
                        * Date of Birth
                        * Email address - I would only use one that you can access
                        * You then need to put in your current post code and how long you have lived there, once you have completed all that you can then hit fit address. Just by magic your address populates unless you live in a flat which can be problematic. But it's very easy to overcome just manually enter the address.

                        Once you're happy that you have filled all the required details in all you need to do is press confirm details! At this stage you will not have access to your credit file!

                        You will receive a pin number through the post that will give you access, that takes approximately 5 days to arrive.

                        It's now a waiting game as you run to check each day if the postman has brought that pin number.

                        Well whilst you wait let me tell you all about the "Premium" option.

                        Firstly if you choose the premium options from the start you will be required to put a debit or credit card number in for the payment. It's a one off payment which I will go in to more detail shortly.

                        As well as having the benefits of the standard option you also have the added benefits of:

                        * Seeing your credit score based on your actual information! Now this numbers varies from 0 which is very poor to 1000 which is the best. I so wish I was there

                        * Detailed interactive reports on your credit accounts, active graphs show you through the period of the year how your credit has been managed.

                        * Access to qualified staff via email, I have used this service and I had a response within 24hrs and I have to say it was in words that I could understand, none of this legal jargon. I was mega impressed with this.

                        * Free access to identity theft centre, should you fall victim of this mindless crime be assured you will have some help available.

                        * Annual update reminder.

                        * Shows you based on your information what credit card and current accounts you will most likely be accepted for.

                        Cost - This cost of the above is a one of payment of £4.97 which in my opinion is fantastic, it gives you really good analysis of your credit file and not only that but you get free assistance from qualified staff if required.

                        Now that I am a premium member I can upgrade to a monthly customer which means I will see the live updates on my credit accounts that would cost me £3.97 per month on a rolling basis. As I have no issues with my current Credit Report I am happy not to upgrade at this time.

                        But just so you all know here is a quick comparison:

                        Experian - Free 30 days - Then £6.99 per month - Plus £5.95 to see Credit Score

                        Equifax - Free for 30 Days - Then £7.50pm - Plus £14.95 for Credit Score

                        Call Credit - Free for 30 Days - Then roughly £5 per month - They include the credit score.

                        remember- for £2 you're entitled to a paper copy of your credit report from the above companies.

                        So as you can see if you compare the prices of Annual Credit report I think they are excellent and with the information they give you it's the same as many of the others.

                        Cost breakdown at a glance

                        Standard - Free - NO credit card required
                        Premium - One off payment of £4.97

                        Premium with live updates and full credit score - £3.97 per month.

                        **So what information can you really see?**

                        I was really shocked with the amount of information that I could see about me, it shows all sorts of information. Once your logged in you can easily select what you would like to see. I clicked on my credit accounts and before my very eyes is the information of some of my credit accounts.

                        Credit accounts - Shows you full information on credit limits, your current balance, how much credit is available, how many payments you have missed. It also contains full contact details for your creditor and it tells you your worst status. There is a colour graph on the right hand side of the screen which shows you a very detailed account of your payment status, broken down on a month to month basis.

                        Public Record - This is where your information on your electoral roll is held, it shows if you're on it or not, it will details your CCJ's and any insolvency you may have on your account.

                        Alerts- Something I always check the first time I log in, it potentially shows anything out of the ordinary. However I usually can say oh that's me and that's mines etc. For some reasons the alert section shows my accounts I have opened at previous address, I can only assume as these accounts are no longer used it still shows against my previous address.

                        Matched Credit Cards and Matched Current accounts - Based on your credit report they will show you the best suited accounts to you. They do not guarantee that you will be accepted but do believe you have a better chance of obtain these accounts.

                        Your credit rating explained- Everyone of use has a credit rating, it ranges from person to person for so many reasons, missed payments, defaults, not on the voters roll and many more. Now this site gives you an easy to understand rating. You're giving a number out of 1000 - and also a star. Below is a breakdown of how it works

                        5 Stars - Very Low risk of defaulting
                        4 Stars - Excellent
                        3 Stars - Your Mr or Mrs Average
                        2 Stars - Needs improved - You will have problems getting credit.
                        1 Star - Very Poor
                        The average is 750

                        **What if I see an error on my account?**
                        It is highly likely that you will find an error on your account at some stage and need to get it sorted, whether that is the wrong address, a default that you do know about or a credit account you are not aware of. Now if need something updated then you need to email/write to Call Credit. Yeah I said call credit, they provide Annual Credit Report with this information, but as ACR are not able to update information they will advise you to contact Call Credit.

                        ***Contact Details**
                        Annual Credit Report
                        Chynoweth House,
                        Trevissome Park
                        Truro, Cornwall
                        TR4 8UN.

                        I have mentioned other Credit Reference agencies in my review; there addresses can be found via Google.

                        **Final Thoughts**
                        I have to say I would recommend this website whether that is on the free option or the premium option. I truly believe that they provide an excellent service and make it easy for the consumer to have a look at their credit file. The only down fall on this site it does not show you how has searched your credit file, this information is only available direct from the CRA in question.

                        Annual Credit Report do not bombard you with unsolicited mail whether that is email or personal mail through your door.
                        CRA - Is Credit Refrence Agency

                        Thanks for reading
                        Marcellep Dooyoo - Be advised this review has and will also be posted on other review sites


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                          15.03.2009 17:14
                          Very helpful


                          • Reliability


                          See Full Review

                          Last month saw me upgrading my phone as my contract was now at an end; I had searched many sites and decided on the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.

                          Why Nokia 5800 over all the others

                          I choose this model for a few reasons, I like the fact it had a huge memory, it is touch screen and to be honest I think it looks the part too. Given the fact it was a Nokia too I thought I really can't go wrong. In my opinion they are a huge contender in the mobile phone market. I also think it's very similar to the IPhone but for a much better deal.
                          Cost and Availability

                          I got mines on contract, now my contract is with Orange but when it was due for renewal they were trying to charge me £120 for this phone. I had no intention of paying that so I called the Car Phone Warehouse who upgraded my contract and gave me the phone for free.

                          Prices vary so much for this phone

                          CPW - Is £219.99 for it on O2
                          Nokia shop online - £249.99
                          Phone Corporation - £307.00 for it on Orange

                          Thinking of the cost, if I had to pay for this phone then I would without hesitation. Can I just say I am now saying this after I have used all the features and realized how good a phone it really is.

                          Networks- As far as I am aware the phone is available on all UK networks, if you purchase the phone from CPW then it's unlocked and can therefore be used on any network.

                          It's here, now what's inside

                          At last it was here and I got right in to it, it comes well packed in the small black box.

                          * Nokia 5800 Xpress and battery - Wrapped up nicely and looking very shiny.
                          * Usb cable to allow you to connect the phone to your PC
                          * Uk wall charger
                          * 8GB Memory Card
                          * Carry case, very sturdy and fits well
                          * Additional stylus
                          * Stand for you to use when playing music
                          * Headphones and also an antenna to allow you to use the radio feature
                          * Stereo connections - to allow you to connect your phone to a stereo
                          * Nokia software (Never ever used)
                          * The instructions are very clear and concise, made for idiots to be honest. I did do my usual and have a quick glance through them whilst I figured out how to switch the phone on. The quick set up guide is very useful and I would advise all to read first. It has simply diagrams and straight forward instructions on how to set up your phone for the first time.

                          The above list is what is included in a brand new phone; items are subject to change if you buy second hand.

                          Look of phone and overall design
                          This phone looks the part and definitely fits well in with the current market, it's over all dark sleek look does it justice, its shiny appearance suits the entire design and I can honestly say Nokia have done well to design this phone.
                          Around the side of the phone is the band (colour) which will make it stand out, you can choose red, blue and black.

                          I also love the fact that this phone is not too wide; in comparison to other touch screen phones they can be very wide.
                          The stylus is well hidden in the phone but also easily taken out for use. You can also attach the plectrum to the phone, if attached by the cord it hangs free from the phone.

                          Size - Height 111mm - Width 51.7mm - Depth 15.5mm

                          The weight of this phone is also fantastic at only 109g you soon forget you have it in your hand.

                          Features of the phone

                          As I have already mentioned this phone is a touch screen and with a massive 3.2" screen it makes it so easy to use. The touch screen is not too sensitive but enough to work first time. You do need to double click on icons to confirm that you want to select that feature. Oh one thing that I found really smart is when you turn the phone around the screen automatically turns too. I still have fun doing that.

                          This phone has so many features; I will go over a few in detail and list a few.

                          Music Phone- The main reason I bought it, so I have to tell you all about it. Its massive 8gb memory will allow you to add as much music as you like. Well if you need more than 8gb worth of music on your phone then I would worry. Well it does not matter how much music you can store it's all about the quality of the playback; I can say the quality is very good and the volume can be set very loud too should you wish. It's so easy to access the music at just the touch of a button you're in your library and then you can select what songs you want to play. Whether that be a play list, random songs or just song after song. If when you add music to your phone you add the album cover, the phone will also display the picture. You also have a snazzy little stand to place the phone on too.

                          3.2Mega Pixel Camera- Ok it's not the best camera available on a mobile phone, but I bought this for the music, the quality is ok for what I need it for. You can also edit pictures too and send them via MMS and Bluetooth. The phone also has the ability to take videos too and I have to say the quality when you view them back on a laptop is fantastic. Technical side 640 x 480 pixels and up to 30 frames per second. Up to 4 x Digital zoom and depending on what memory you have on the phone you can save up to 90 minutes of video. I have tried using the camera in the night as it has a built in flash I can report that it failed miserably.

                          Internet Access - Depending on your package, this phone has the ability to use internet and as I am with orange I have internet access within my monthly cost. It's very easy and straight forward to use. The screen size makes it so easy to browse the internet. If you have a wireless connection in your hosue then you can also use that.

                          Video Calling - It is possible from this phone, I am not sure of the cost involved as I have not attempted this as yet.

                          Phone Lock - I think this is something that all phones should have, on the Nokia 5800 it's a simple slide switch at the side locks and unlocks the phone. Whilst the phone is locked you are not able to do anything at all.

                          Bluetooth- Something that all phones should have in my opinion as most drivers require it for hands free. The 5800 has this feature and it's very easily activated on this phone and it's even easier to transfer files between phones, on the first time you send files between phones you need to pop an access code in.

                          Other features include - Fm Radio, Alarm, Calculator, Diary, Voice Recorder, Flight Mode, and many more.

                          As most people who use a mobile phone do so for text, I decided to go in to a little more details on how easy it is to text from the Nokia 5800.

                          Input Method- You can use your finger and simply tap the letters you require, you can also use the stylus or the plectrum too. Now like many phones this phone also has handwriting recognition. I prefer just to use my finger (well nail) it's very sensitive and accurate too.

                          Predictive Text- Yeah it also has it and it's just like teaching young child to talk all over again, very few words actually in the dictionary. I especially notice that names are not in the dictionary. However it is very easy to add words of your choice to the dictionary.

                          Picture Messaging - Up to a maximum size of 600kb, but what I have found useful is that this phone will automatically resize the picture to all you to send it.

                          Deleting/Mass Text - You can choose all messages or just individual ones to delete, this is so much better in comparison to the IPhone. You can also set up a message group so if you're like me and receive lots of jokes and like to forward them on, all you need to do is select the group and click on Ok. Then it's off. The down fall is that the messages you send; say your group is 20 people. You will now have 20 messages in your sent box; I was hoping that Nokia would have just shown the same message sent to that group.

                          Making and Receiving calls

                          I was surprised how good this phone is when actually making and receiving calls, Easy access to your phonebook allows you to choose any number without minimum fuss, or if it's a number that is not in the phonebook then you can simply place the number in and either hit the phone symbol on the screen or press the green button.

                          Sound Quality - when on a call I have always been happy with the quality, I can hear the caller no problem at all and I need to share that a lot of my friends always ask where I am as there is minimum back ground noise. This was even asked when I was on one of the busiest streets in Edinburgh. So I can't say if this is just the fact it's been quiet or has Nokia installed a new feature! When on a call you can easily adjust the earpiece volume.

                          A hand free- Now you do have hands free on the phone, what I mean is loud speaker and like many phones this is where Nokia fail. This particular feature is not the best and it's much better if you just plug the hands free connector in. The problem is that when you use the loud speaker it tends to cut out a lot which means you find it hard to hear and your caller does too.

                          Battery Life

                          Well let's face it we all look at the battery statistics before we decide on any mobile phone.

                          So here is what Nokia say and what it really achieves.
                          35hrs playback time when listening to music, well as I have not had my phone switched on music for that time I can't give an accurate comparison. All I can say that it does last as long as I need.

                          8.8hrs Talk time - I have spoken for a maximum of 5hrs without the phone battery dying.
                          406 hrs Stand By time - Well that's some time for your phone to be on, 16 days and I guess it means you just laying the phone to the side and not using it. I have used my phoned and had it turned on for 3 days at the most after which time it required charged.


                          I am really pleased with this phone and I can say that Nokia beats all their competitors hands down. The phone has style from the outside and it is full of fantastic quality within. The size and weight of the phone is just fantastic. There is nothing that I would change about this phone. I really think that this phone could even be better than IPhone. The touch screen is just so good it works every time, and the fact it has such a big screen makes it ideal for all.

                          Final - Big Features- Small phone

                          Many Thanks for reading

                          Marcellep Also on other review sites


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                          • George Foreman 13350 / BBQ / 104 Readings / 103 Ratings
                            More +
                            09.03.2009 23:51
                            Very helpful



                            See Review

                            New Year - New Healthy you!

                            I am reviewing one of my George Foreman grills that we use very frequently.
                            The Range available

                            There is an extensive range of grills available to suit each and every household. If you're looking for a Foreman grill then you have a lot to consider before buying.

                            Things to ask yourself:
                            How many portions will I be cooking on it?
                            How much space do I have available?
                            How much money do I have to spend?
                            Once you have answered these basic questions then it's time to look @ the range of grills available.

                            Compact Grills - Suitable for 2/3 persons, Not ideal for a large family. Too Small

                            Family Grills - Suitable for 4/6 persons, this is the baby for the family.

                            Easy Clean Grills - Suitable for 3/6 persons - These plates can all be removed

                            Entertaining Grills - Suitable for 7/10 persons - This is ideal for parties

                            Grill and Melt - Suitable for 3./4 Persons - Ideal for those cheese toasties
                            Multi Use Grills - Suitable for up to 13 persons - Usually has two sides, griddle and hot plate.
                            If you're looking too see this range you can either Google George Foreman or surf over to www.georgeforeman.co.uk
                            The 13350 Model

                            *In the box

                            When you first buy your grill, it comes nicely packed in a box with full instructions and a nice recipe book too. The instructions are every easy to follow and I would suggest that you do read them over, especially if this is your first foreman. Also in foreman are your cleaning tool and the drip tray which needs to be cleaned for the first use, warm soapy water is enough.

                            *The look

                            Like many of Foreman grills this one is silver on the outside and black in the inside, the digital display eliminates in red and the buttons that you can adjust the settings with are also black. The normal "Lean man Fat........" logo is plastered on the middle of the foreman and not to forget that signature of the main man himself.

                            *First Use
                            Using the grill for the first time I would recommend that you wash the grill with warm soapy water this will remove all the new smells from it and make sure it's ready to be used. Once you have washed and dried the grill, make sure it's on a solid flat surface, place the drip tray underneath the grill and switch the power on. With the lid in the closed position, select how many minutes you want the grill on for (Max 30 mins). Don't worry if 30mins is not enough as all you need to do is selected more minutes in a short while.


                            To give you an idea of size you can fit two slices of bread on this.

                            I mostly use this grill for toasties and for breakfast items, I can make two toasties on this at one time, each toastie I make has two slices so it's quite thick. The lid easily comes over the top of the bread to toast it all over. My toastie takes just under 10 minutes and it's ready.

                            My wife has used the grill to cook chicken breasts and not only does all the fat come off the breast but it tastes so much better too.

                            You will be disgusted if you where to cook the breakfast on it, cooking just one sausage will show you the amount of fat what comes off it. I would now never cook a breakfast in a frying pan as the thought of all that fat makes me feel sick.

                            The grills are deigned to slope forward to make it easy for all the fat to run down and drip in to the tray below.

                            I am absolutely delighted with the cooking performance of this machine and the ease of use I would say it's suitable for most people. As this is a cooking item it does get very hot and children should stay well away from it. Another thing to consider is that the drip tray collects all the fat and the fat can be very hot. So teaching a child not to touch that is a good idea.

                            *Item that I cook on mines and cooking suggestions

                            Cheese, Ham and bean toasties - Or why not pop some onions in it.

                            Chicken breasts, Hamburgers, Steaks, Salads and much much more

                            With a Foreman it's a case of if it can fit in it then I can cook it using my grill.


                            Very easy and it always looks like new when you have cleaned it, I always wait to clean the actual grill until after I have eaten the food I have cooked on it as by this time it will be cook. However I always run the cleaning tool over the grills as soon as I have stopped using it. Doing this pushes as much fat and any leftover food in to the drip tray. The drip tray is dishwasher safe but must be placed on the top rack only.

                            Where can I buy?

                            There are many retailers that stock an extensive range of Foreman grill, they include:

                            Argos, Tesco, Amazon and many more places.

                            Retails value of this item is currently - £32.99 from Amazon. I bought this model 6mths ago from Asda for £27.99

                            Final Thoughts

                            Features - Basic, But in my opinion that's all what is needed for this model.
                            Ease of use- Excellent - It's very straight forward.
                            Value for money - How much can you put on your health
                            Cleaning - Easy if you clean it often.
                            It comes with a one year's manufactory guarantee

                            This is an ideal product to help with weight loss in my opinion, as the less fat we eat the healthier we will be.

                            Thanks for reading

                            Marcellep Dooyoo

                            *This review is also published on Ciao under Marcellep2 (That's me)


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                              17.02.2009 23:33
                              Very helpful



                              See Full Review

                              I have always loved Police academy from such a young age, I was lucky enough to be given the full collection at Christmas time.

                              Police Academy 20th Anniversary Edition

                              A Little About Police Academy

                              As this is the 20th Anniversary edition I am reviewing I better set it clear, this particular DVD was released in April 2004.
                              Police academy first started back in 1984 with the release of the original film "Police Academy" But nobody thought they would be making a film each year until 1989 were they stopped filming these superb films. That was until another instalment was released in 1994. Sadly since 1994 there have been no more Police Academy's released.

                              The DVD

                              Sit back relax and enjoy the movie, you will be laughing with enjoyment or with embarrassment.
                              The film starts with looking a different people from different walks of life, you all remember the fat guy in the Kodak photo booth who is uplifted by the crooks and thrown in to the river, or Mahoney the car park attendant who just can't stay out of trouble with the law, or how about the guy (Jones) who can make all those amazing noises. I so wanted to be able to do that. Well these rejects are about to join police academy.

                              The local metropolitan police force wanted more staff and had previously tried and failed to recruit as many as they would like. So they opted to try something different. They allowed people from all walks of life, total misfits, society rejects to apply. Oh and they did. The academy had welcomed them with open arms and now the fun begins. Well that's a slight lie. The new recruits have to work there pace in order to prove themselves as good decent officers and it's a long way before they get to the graduation day.
                              On the day of enrolment all the wanna be police officers are placed in there room and the unlikely too placed together are Tackleberry and Mahoney, Tackleberry is obsessed with firearms and before too long these two become very good friends and cause all sorts of trouble.
                              As the story goes on so many of the new recruits forget there in the academy to become full pledged police officers.
                              Lt Harris has other ideas - he does anything in his power to get as many recruits to leave.

                              Sgt Callahan - is the fit lady, well she was back in the 1980's - yeah boys the one with the large breasts. All the men love her in this film.
                              The recruits have many physical tasks which the fail miserably; they are all just there to have as much fun as they possibly can.
                              Highlights of the film for me have to Miss Hook's doing the driving assessment; it is just hilarious to say the least. She is so funny going around the track and then runs over the next recruits toes. The new recruit does not take it well when he has his toes ran over and gives Miss Hook's some abuse. Then Hightower comes to the rescue and tip's the car over.
                              The new recruits are now out on the street but still under the academy's instruction when the city starts to riot. In their riot gear they take to the streets to attempt to restore order. Luckily Eric Lassard the chief comes to the rescue, in his car is where 3 of the recruit's hideout and get surrounded by these hooligans that's until Jones and his special effects come to help........ Ill not tell you what happens there.

                              In the end all of the recruits pass out and successfully complete the course. At the passing out parade there are a few extra for the Mahoney.

                              If after the 92 minutes you're looking or more then this is for you then.
                              Bonus material on this DVD include:

                              Commentary of the entire film, now I know this sounds boring but its commentary from the cast of the film. It's a good sight in to the actual film and you can really hear that the cast did have a good time making this film. Running time for this is 92mins
                              Behind the academy doors, and secret files revealed, a real good look at what made them want to make this film, the director and producer go in to a lot of detail telling the viewer all about the start of the academy and how is came about.

                              Theatrical Trailer, the one that tries to entice you to buy the DVD. Still funny to watch.

                              Technical Things
                              Rating is 15yrs
                              Running time - 92 Mins
                              A few extra
                              Languages - English, French and Italian
                              Subtitles - English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Romanian, Dutch.
                              Director - Hugh Wilson
                              Main Cast as below

                              Steve Guttenberg as Carey Mahoney
                              Kim Cattrall as Karen Thompson

                              G.W. Bailey as Lt. Harris
                              Bubba Smith as Moses Hightower

                              Donovan Scott as Leslie Barbara
                              George Gaynes asCommandant Lassard

                              Andrew Rubin as George Martín
                              David Graf as Tackleberry

                              Leslie Easterbrook asSgt. Callahan
                              Michael Winslowas Larvell Jones

                              Debralee Scott as Mrs. Fackler
                              Bruce Mahler as Doug Fackler

                              Ted Ross as Captain Reed
                              Scott Thomson as Chad Copeland

                              Brant von Hoffman as Kyle Blankes

                              Other DVD available

                              There are an additional 6 DVDs to complete this set

                              Availability and cost of this DVD
                              Play.Com - £4.99 free delivery

                              Final Thoughts-
                              For £4.99 I think this is one you need to add to your collection, its easy viewing, yet very funny. I would recommend it to most people. This DVD is not suitable for children and I know that a lot of films released on the 80s have been over aged, but this one has reference to sex so it's definitely not for children.

                              Just a quick extra point if you're looking for the entire collection then surf over to Amazon for only £15 for all 7 DVD's

                              Thanks for reading

                              (c) Marcellep - Dooyoo and also other review sites


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                                11.02.2009 16:34
                                Very helpful



                                Please see full review

                                *This review is also posted on other websites*

                                After a visit to Alton Towers theme park, I thought it was about time I complete a review on my experience there.

                                Why Alton Towers
                                We as a group chosen Alton Towers for many reasons, but mainly because it has many fantastic rides that will take your breath away, in addition to the fantastic scenery. We had heard from other friends that it's an adventure for children and adults alike. We wanted to go somewhere that we would have a fantastic time and also be able to get some memorable pictures and stories

                                Getting There

                                We driven from Scotland (Edinburgh) - It taken approximately 5hrs to drive there, that was leaving at 2am and getting to Stoke at 7am. Alton Towers theme park is a 20 min drive from Stoke.
                                Travelling from the North you need to take Junction 15 off the M6, when travelling on the M6 be aware there are many average speed cameras, so set your car to cruise control and sit back and don't get the urge to hammer it down the motorway.
                                Travelling from the south you need to take Junction 16 off the M6,
                                No direct buses run from Scotland too Alton, so if you need to get there my other methods you can either

                                Fly in to Manchester, Birmingham or Sheffield. Now these airports are not that close however if air travel is the only option then they will need to do.
                                Please be advised if using sat nav to get to the park, your sat nav will take you through the town of Alton. Watch out for information signs as at one point a sign clearly tells you not to follow sat nav. I ignored that sign on day one and went the sat nav route only to be taken on too long, narrow, country roads. This was not ideal for someone who has not driven on them before.


                                Alton Towers has a very large car park available for customers use, and obviously they do charge for this privilege. Your charge £4 per car and you MUST buy the token before you leave the theme park. If not you will have to walk all the way back to get one.
                                Now you can pay £10 for priority parking which will allow you to park nearer to the park and not have to queue as much to park.
                                We used the main £4 car park, you're instructed by car park staff as to which car park you need to park in, I advise all visitors to take note of the car park letter. There are huge signs with the letter, ie A B C. This will make it so much easier to find your car on leaving the park.
                                Once you have parked, simply make your way to the theme park. Don't worry just follow the huge line of people making towards the park. Beware it's a long walk back to the park. I reckon it taken us approximately 20mins to walk back to the park.
                                Note there is no CCTV in the car park, so make sure you remove all valuables that includes your satellite navigation. I would suggest placing them all in the boot.


                                Wow you have made it this far now time to get the ticket. On entering the park you will see several booths that all sell you tickets.
                                Prices will shock you so sit back and take it all in.
                                Adult online £29 saves you 20% against gate price
                                Child online £22 saves you 20% against gate price.
                                Group booking of 10 or more receives a discount - £22.50 per adult and £15.30 per child.
                                Now these are just your standard prices, these tickets give you unlimited access to all the rides within the theme park. But you do have additional options available.

                                One thing to look out for is companies running promotions on tickets' to Alton Towers such as Kellogg's, Tesco and others. They often offer Buy one get one free.
                                Depending on when you arrive at the park you are likely to have long delays at the booth's, from my experience we had to wait approximately 30mins to buy our tickets, then we had to queue another 10mins to get in to the main park.

                                In the main park

                                As soon as you're inside the main gates you given a map of the park which just looks like a colourful sheet of paper with the odd ride stuck in the middle. I strongly suggest that you allow one person to navigate the park using the free map. When you get to term with the map is very easy to use and follow.
                                Within minutes of entering the park you're greeted by stunning scenery, lovely greenery, gorgeous flowers and not a piece of litter to be seen. It's hard to believe at this stage you're in the biggest theme park in the UK. There is nothing to suggest that from initially scanning the park.

                                The park is laid out very well and there are sign posts all over the park too, set in to approximately 10/11 sections it makes it easier to locate your favourite ride. UG Land, Cred Street, The Towers,
                                X-Sector, Merrie England, Forbidden Valley, Katanga Canyon, Gloomy Wood,Old McDonalds Farmyard, Adventure Land is the name of all the sections, clearly marked on your map and clearly sign posted for all over the park.
                                For adults and kids alike, Cable cars go from each named section. Simply using your map and going to the cable station, you can jump on and off as you please. Not only does this give you wee legs from pain but it also allows you to see the park from a good height. This is a perfect opportunity for pictures.

                                The Rides

                                The part I have been waiting for, here is my personal opinion and some facts about many of Alton Towers rides.
                                Name :Nemesis
                                Queue Time: 45 Minutes - Mixture of indoor and outdoor queuing.
                                Positive: Sheer dropped involved
                                Negative: The technical fault which delayed us in the station
                                Location: Forbidden Valley
                                Max Speed: 50MPH

                                Operating since 1994 and at a cost of 10million this is my favourite ride, sitting alongside 3 other friends. The buzzer goes and you're out of the station, a steady climb to the top of the track before you are fired down the drop with tilts in slightly (speed here is 50mph) for that split second your heart is wanting it to be over. But for the next 1min and 20second you're on this ride and the only way is forward. A few more twists and several more loop the loop turns and your back at station. Personally I loved this ride; the first drop does it for me each and every time. There is a height restriction of 1.4mtrs so if short you're unable to travel. Rating 10/10

                                Name: Air
                                Queue Time: 115 Minutes - All outdoor until just before you board
                                Positive: Speed
                                Negative: Just the queue
                                Location: Forbidden Valley
                                Max Speed: 46.6MPH

                                I believe I can fly! Is what you will think the second you get off this ride, once again sitting in with your friends you're titled down to face the floor and then catapulted along the track at 46MPH, the screams of fear can be heard each and every time the ride starts? Your adrenaline is pumping so fast, you're not sure whether to close your eyes or not. The ride takes you around many nasty bends and then back to the station some 1.40secs later. At a cost of 12million it's well worth every penny. When I got off the ride my legs were like jelly and I had to have a wee seat for a few minutes just to reflect what I and put myself through. Height restriction is like many others at 1.4meters. Rating 9/10
                                *Sorry for low rating here- I was a little sore when I came off

                                Name: Rita
                                Queue Time: 70 Minutes - all outdoor
                                Positive: Speed
                                Negative: Just the queue
                                Location: Forbidden Valley
                                Max Speed: 61MPH

                                Officially known as Rita Queen of Speed, she defiantly lives up to her name here, after queuing for 70mins your boarding. Fastened in and double checked you're ready to be "Fired" along the track at speeds up to 61mph, and within 2.5secs you're travelling at 61MPH. That it's self is enough too many anyone throw up. My heart was pumping and my face was pure white, I did try and scream a little once or twice but due to the force I was unable too. Lasting only 25secs makes this ride the shortest ride in Alton Towers, Staff at Alton Towers claim this reaches speed up to and including 100MPH. After doing some research for this review I have failed to confirm this. Rating 5/10 - Too short for my liking.

                                Name: Oblivion
                                Queue Time: 70 Minutes - all outdoor
                                Positive: Speed
                                Negative: Nothing
                                Location: X Sector
                                Max Speed: 68MPH

                                The ride of a life! Fantastic! Terrifying but excellent in all ways. After a huge queue in the sun you're finally getting on to the beast, Oblivion has been in Alton Towers since 1998 and attracts more riders than any others. As the ride starts your climbing up to the sky, well that's what it feels like. That's just before you are fired down the track at 68MPH, Totally petrified I hold on for god dear life and just pray that this ride is over quickly, But to my horror I have a total of 1.15secs on this ride, being fired around its 373meters of track, As you get off you will be surprised to see many riders being sick. It's a fantastic ride but not for the faint hearted. Rating 10/10
                                Now I have covered what is my opinion the best rides at Alton Towers in more details, as most will be aware there are many other rides for kids and rides which do not go upside down. I will list a few more below with a brief explanation. If I continued to write as much as I have above this review would never end

                                RIPSAW- Built in 1997 ripsaw is an ace ride which sees you spun around in the air at high speeds, it lowers you to the ground, face down and yeah you guessed it you get soaked in the face... Avoid this right after lunch. Rating 10/10

                                THE FLUME- Found in the Merrie England section part of the park, this is one for all the family. Jumping in to the bath tub and being taken around the water ways. I was pleasantly surprised who long it lasted. Oh you may get a little wet! Rating 10/10

                                SPINBALL WIZZER- Hated it! In the park since early 2004, you're strapped in to a seat and flung around the track like a ball! I know it's called Spinball, but it's not the smoothest ride. Rating 1/10

                                THE CORKSCREW- an older ride that is not as good as the others, but still good enough to have a go on. Find it in the Ug Land area of the park. This ride does have a few double loops during this ride, and you do go upside down. When I was watching it before I went on it, I never thought for a second it went upside down. Rating 8/10

                                Children don't worry there is plenty for you too, Mini Rollercoaster's, Crazy Golf and Tea Cups. I am sorry I can't add more to this section, but as I had no children with me I really failed to notice.

                                Eating @ Alton Towers
                                Why is it always so expensive to eat when you're in a theme park, well there is no difference here at all. There is a wide range of places to eat including your favourite McD, Pizza Hut and KFC. All have sitting areas within the restaurants and a large area outside too. We all had McD but had to queue for over 1 hr to buy our food. I have to comment that the food was freshly made and very hot. Defiantly worth the inflated price.


                                Each of the main attractions has it very own shop for you to buy your souvenirs after you have been on it, so expect to see your terrified face plastered all the monitors. You have the option to buy Key Rings, T Shirts, Coasters, etc. All at fairly good prices and if you're buying a few then mind and haggle with the vendor too. We did and got a good deal.
                                When it's time for you to leave I shall recommend you pop in to the wee shop on the right hand side just before the main exit. There are many fantastic bargains in there. I bought by daughter a 6 pack of little figures (rides) and it was only £2.50.

                                Anything else

                                This review has covered most of what I done at Alton Towers, but please visit there website for more information with regards to the magical Hotel available on site and also the water park side of things. As I did not stay at the hotel or use the water park I feel it inappropriate for me to comment.
                                Oh! Before I forget there are plenty of toilet facilities around the park and all the ones I used where very clean.
                                Any staff I dealt with where very professional and always willing to assist in any way possible.

                                For all that are unfit like me, there are plenty of areas where you can stop to get a seat and rest your little over worked legs.

                                Well what can I say! Its miles away from my home in Edinburgh and cost a bloody fortune but it's worth every single penny. I think it's great that you pay one fee and that's you in to all the big rides. I definitely think its worth while paying for the fast track passes as it saves you queuing for so long. If the weather is good you and your family will have a fantastic day. Just remember and put some comfortable footwear on. I would recommend you take plenty of cash with you and let the kids and yourself have all the add ons you like such as every key ring and T shirt. It's so good to look back several months later.

                                For more information on Alton Towers:
                                More information on rides : http://www.rcdb.com/

                                I have several video clips available if anyone wishes to see them, just leave me a message in my GB
                                I hope you found my review interesting and will consider a visit to this phenomenal theme park



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                                • Hoover VHD842 / Washer Dryer / 56 Readings / 53 Ratings
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                                  03.01.2009 10:56
                                  Very helpful



                                  See Review

                                  Until a few months ago we had been happy with the indesit washing machine that we had owned for some time, that was until it decided to breakdown and with the expense involved in getting it fixed we decided just to get a new one.
                                  Giving the fact electricity is now so expensive we decided we would replace the old machine with an AAA rated machine and the new machine must be able to take a bigger load. We have two young children who like to get in a mess. I have seen the Mrs doing 4 and 5 washes a day. So we thought if we got a bigger load machine that would cut the number of washes required.


                                  Under £350
                                  Bigger Load
                                  AAA Rated
                                  Cold Fill Only


                                  Now normally I would just go to the retailers and check out the deals they had, but this time we decided we would do it all online. So the search began.... I read many of reviews on machines on Ciao and Dooyoo. I spent numerous hours trailing through the usual websites such as Curry's, Argos, Tesco, Comet and John Lewis.
                                  Most of the sites I visited did have lots of information available to read on many machines but it is still not as good as going in to the shop.

                                  So why this particular model

                                  Hoover Vision 842 was the model for us, now we chose this particular model for a few reasons. Hoover was a name we were familiar with and one which we felt had made an impression on the market with the products.
                                  It is an AAA rated machine with a massive 8kg wash load; superb 1400rpm spin speed and well within our budget. What more could we ask for? Well next day delivery would be lovely

                                  **Cost and Availability**

                                  We bought ours back in September 2008 for £288.36 from a website called kaleidoscope, It's not a company we have used before but as they where the cheapest we decided to but it from them. The price was amazing in comparison to all the other retailers; it was some £40 cheaper than others. And as a new customer I received 10% off which was even better. I placed the order on the Tuesday and taken delivery of the machine on Friday. I was impressed with that to say the less.
                                  Today's Prices - 03/01/2009
                                  Pixmania - £287.87 - Plus delivery of £19.95
                                  That's the cheapest I can find.

                                  It's Here

                                  Ok so it's home and you have removed the transit bolts and its now installed - Hold there I would suggest that you read over the instructions to make sure you are really get the most from your brand new AAA rated 1400rpm spin speed appliance. Don't worry the instructions are very easy to follow and only provide you with a basic understanding of how to use your machine and believe me within a few weeks I guarantee you will be using it without referring to your instructions. Don't be like many other household and stick the washing machine on the same setting each and every time you use it. I find it hard to believe that you only need one setting on your machine. So gets familiar with all the different settings and if your only washing a few items or items which are slightly soiled then adjust the settings accordingly. Doing this will cut down wash time and it will save you electricity and water.

                                  **The Hoover Washing Machine offers**

                                  AAA Rated
                                  - Super low usage on electricity when in use, Top of the class when it comes to wash performance which gives it A rating and with its 1400rpm spin speed you also getting a fantastic A rating here.

                                  Up until now we have always had a standard machine which was able to take 6kg and now we have the fantastic load of 8kg's - To say the least when you have kids this is just fantastic and I would recommend it to all families. We can get a kids single duvet in no problems at all and no t to mention how many towels.

                                  Spin speed of 1400
                                  - Yeah a massive 1400 rounds per minute when in its full spin which gives you fantastic results when taken the washing out after a wash. You also have the option to reduce the spin speed accordingly - at a touch of a button you can adjust the speed to 1200, 1000, 800, 600, and even switch the spin of all together. Me being me I have tried that and all you get is soaking wet clothes. For best results I would suggest having the spin speed set at the highest setting. This will ensure that your clothes come out as dry as possible and it will also minimise drying time.

                                  Huge variety of programmes
                                  - 16 different programmes all together, yeah 16 what the hell am I going to do with all of them. Well unlike many other machines who claim to have 16 or 18 different settings which normally include the spin options and rinse options. This machine actually has 16 different wash settings for you to use. I am not planning in listing all the settings one by one I will just list the ones that I feel you should know about. In addition to your standard settings you also have:
                                  Daily Wash 40c - Fast 44
                                  This is an option that we use most as it's a wash rinse and spin which uses bother soap powder and fabric softener. It's ideal for clothes which are not heavily soiled.

                                  Daily Wash 30c - Fast 14
                                  I love this setting! You know what it's like when you want someone freshened up in a hurry; well this is ideal for you. Washes at 30c and run through a quick cycle which lasts 14mins
                                  Now as well as all the above setting you can also use the feature such as

                                  Time Saver button
                                  - A great little button that I have used a few times, it reduces the wash time by up to 30%- So when you use the long washes which usually take 3hrs this will take 30% off the overall time.

                                  Easy Iron
                                  - at a touch of a button you will have activated this feature, and does it make much a difference. In my honest opinion

                                  Stain removal
                                  - This is once again a feature that we have used several times and it really does work, when in use the machine jets water in at such a high pressure its helps remove any unwanted stains. A definite plus for me.

                                  Delay timer
                                  - Ideal for us - Pop the washing in and at the touch of a button you can delay the start. We often pop all the washing in at night and delay it until 7am. It works each and every time and I feel that all machines should have this to facility as it allows the user to use the machine at the cheapest possible time.

                                  Sensitive care button
                                  - Now I have never used this option but I can tell you from the instructions that if you do use it. The machine will automatically add more water in to the drum to stop the clothes or item being thrown around as much.
                                  With a large left opening door it makes it easy to place your clothes in the machine as the porthole is larger than the standard machine.


                                  Ladies not like that! Behave
                                  We have been using this machine for 3 months now and have to say we are delighted with the performance. We have used the majority of the settings and always been happy with the results, the clothes always come out clean and using the 1400 spin speed always guarantees that the clothes will come out as dry as possible.
                                  Noise - This machine is very quiet when in full spin, it does not jump all over the kitchen (balance correctly) we can put the machine on late at night and close the kitchen door and we do not hear it at all.

                                  Technical stuff
                                  The boring stuff but equally important to a good review in my opinion
                                  Available in white and white only
                                  Sizes - Height 850mm - Width 600mm - Depth 540mm
                                  Water Consumption- average 74ltrs per wash
                                  Energy consumption - of 1.36kwph
                                  You get a standard one year manufacture guarantee for parts and labour - Now after that you get a 4 year part warranty for free to.

                                  **Final Thoughts**

                                  Since we have only had this machine a short period of time I would have to say we are delighted with the performance, the noise, the overall running cost of it. With its huge capacity its ideal for any family who do lots of washing. We would never go back to a normal size machine again.

                                  The instruction manual is very easy and straight forward, full of pictures and easy to read.
                                  As I have mentioned above you get an additional 4 years part warranty however Hoover also give you the option to extend your warranty for labour for the 4years that will cost you £179.80 which can be paid in full or by 10 monthly instalments.

                                  Todate I have not had any repairs carried out on this machine


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