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Member since: 11.09.2012

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    • Streetshirts / Online Shop / 12 Readings / 9 Ratings
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      03.01.2013 00:12
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      A real company - yet simply unable to offer customer service, a finished acceptable product.

      Firstly I have no doubt this "outfit" employ a company to make up reviews on this and other review sites. Other review sites have a location feature which shows all reviews 5* reviews coming from America - not bad for a company that only sell to Europe! Once you notice this you will find that 95% of all the genuine reviews are slating the company.

      They have pulled thier Facebook page as they were getting so many negative reviews placed on the site, on Facebook it must be too hard for them to create false profiles (having friends, having photos, posting status updates etc).

      Back to my story.

      I uploaded my image and it looked great on the preview on the site, yet when it eventually turned up, some 3 weeks after the original date, and even late after the 2nd estimated date.... It was the wrong size, it was printed in the wrong position but worst of all they managed to flip and mirror the image.

      The image was actually an image with text embeded in the image - so what appears on the preview screen was readable - it was english not some arabic or other unknown charachters. The text within the image was not hidden or confused with the image. It was around an inch from the image and in basic Arial font as the idea was that it could be read upon the T-Shirt as people passed by.

      The quality control was either blind, drunk or can't read, possibly all 3.

      My initial attempt to resolve the issue was to call them - they didn't pick up the phones at all, then I decided to email them - they sent an automated "blanket response" reply back claiming to be very busy, apologising for the delays in any orders. They have yet to respond personally to the email. I messaged them on Facebook, no reply, a few weeks later they remove thier page completly. Luckily I paid by PayPal and rasied a dispute which they didn't respond to at all so PayPal refunded in me full without question. I would guess from the number of complaints on the Facebook page before they took it down that PayPal may ban them if they all put claims in so raise your dispute now.

      The owner of the business is "Steve Winn" good luck if you can contact him, I couldn't get anyone to respond to any communication.


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      • direct.asda.com / Online Shop / 9 Readings / 6 Ratings
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        11.09.2012 15:58



        63p per hour S.Africa call centre staff unable to help, still awaiting resolution...

        My partner is heavily pregnant and I'm doing all the running around getting things ready for our new baby.

        My partner ordered from Asda Direct Maternity Jeans, the website allows you to pick sizes from dress sizes 8,10,12,14,16,18,20. My partner selected her size and paid for them together with various other Maternity clothing and also a selection of Baby Bottles, Teets, Warmers, a Steriliser, Brushes etc.

        Everything bar the Maternity Jeans turned up correctly as advertised, however the jeans came in a "LONG" leg length, not even an option that could be picked.

        I thought it would be simple to contact Asda Direct and swap over the wrongly picked product with the original item ordered.

        First the 0800 952 3003 helpline is based in South Africa, now normally I hate overseas call centres as both parties can not understand each others accent, but as South Africa speak English as their first language I didn't expect there to be a problem on this occasion, however technology got in the way as they route the call through the Internet so the beginning and ending of each sentence both spoken by me and the Asda Direct staff were lost as the it is compressed? transmitted? or what ever the reason behind the poor audio levels. When neither party spoke the line was completely silent, but as soon as they spoke it was digitised and cropped. I assume they had the same problem their end as for the first few minutes of the call every other word they used was sorry (as in pardon) when they could not understand either.

        Once I got to understand that the first second and last second of each sentence is lost I could construct sentences with padding both at the beginning and end to allow the meat of the sentence to be heard.

        I was told that even though Asda Direct had made the mistake I had to find the time to time to take the goods to a drop of point and make a new order, I explained that I would prefer that they send out the original ordered goods and their delivery company HDNL can collect their mistake at the same time - a service offered as standard by any other online retailer in such cases.

        They refused point blank, and that was even confirmed by a so called supervisor. I do not have the time to run around after Asda sorting out problems they create.

        I have learnt after the call that the reason they have chosen South Africa over UK based call centres is due to the South Africa minimum wage is only 0.63 pence, so they would rather offer sub standard customer service and save some money. Obviously the 0.63p will not be the final price as they will need to pay for the overseas call routing and I'm sure other aspects to the service but the saving is obviously big enough to decide not to employ British workers.

        I phoned Asda UK phone number 0800 952 0101 and managed to speak to a member of Asda staff based in the UK who were sympathetic to my request and acknowledge she was aware of the South Africa call centre problems.

        She managed to transfer the call back to South Africa Customer service without the Internet routing audio problem. She spoke to a manager and requested that they deal with the problem correctly.

        Speaking with Sean from Asda Direct in South Africa he claimed he would try to resolve the problem and call me back but admitted as he was some 12 hours by plane distance from the UK there is little he can do apart from send an internal message back to the UK for them to action within four days.

        He suggested that we were to keep the "LONG" jeans and he would credit us by £6. I explained that my partnet was pregnant as I didn't think that saving £6 was worth risking my partner falling over the trousers incorrectly delivered as that would not only harm my partner but also my unborn baby.

        In the meantime I'm left waiting, never mind plenty of things to be getting done in preparation for our first baby, but getting the frustration of my chest is a relief in the knowledge that one other person may think twice about using Asda Direct just in case they have a problem.


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