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Member since: 22.07.2011

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    • Comet.co.uk / Online Shop / 10 Readings / 7 Ratings
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      22.07.2011 14:58



      Poor Poor Poor

      Just a warning, the Price Match Promise is effectively unusable on their extended range products. By extended range I mean the products that are shown as available but delivered direct from the manufacturer such as large cookers. Their reasoning for this is that they don't carry them in stock.

      I tried to purchase a Rangmaster cooker from them (with a Comet card) that I could have bought from Currys at the time for £999 they refused to price match as it was not held in stock at Comet.

      I've had numerous different answers by email and phone some staff think they can match price on these product others that "there is a training issue that needs to be addressed". The MDs office answered my accusation that the Price Match Promise was a misleading advert by offering to price match the cooker at the current price but wont match prices retrospectively.

      So I'm lumbered with a comet replacement card which can only be used to buy full priced products even if I see them much cheaper at Currys!

      It's great to see Comet upholding their reputation for customer service (Well Lack of it)


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