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      25.02.2013 00:03
      Very helpful
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      A great opening series

      I discovered Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel during its second season so my girlfriend bought me the first season so I could see it from the start. There are 3 discs in the box and it cost £10 in Tesco at the time, they only seem to have the later series at the moment but this can still be bought online for even less. I think that under £10 for 8 hours of entertaining TV is a good price, it isn't something I would watch over and over again but the dvds have been passed around to everyone in the family so were good value for money.

      For those of you who have never seen the programme, it is a documentary following the lives of truckers in Alaska. These are not any ordinary kind of trucker though, these are ice road truckers! They drive over "roads" which are basically frozen lakes and rivers to transport loads to remote towns and villages which cannot be reached when the ice melts, until it freezes again the next year.
      The loads seem extremely heavy to be driven over less than one metre of ice, the trucks carry mining equipment to gold mines, jet fuel and other building supplies.

      To make the show a bit more interesting it focuses quite a lot on the competitiveness of the drivers. The drivers each one to complete the most loads in the short 2 month season, as each load means more money. The drivers can earn a whole years wages in this short time.

      You are introduced to the drivers, there are six of them in this series, as the episodes go on you get to know each driver a bit more. My favourite is Alex, he has a huge family to feed with his wife and 11 children. You want him to do well as he is a likeable character, you see him praying for a safe journey and winding up the man everyone loves to hate, Hugh "The Polar Bear" Rowland.
      Hugh is a real pain in the backside, he thinks he is the best driver around, is extremely competitive and is absolutely desperate to get the biggest load count. It seems that he loves to see other drivers have problems as it means they will be delayed and it will be one more load for him. Alex, on the other hand, would stop to help anybody with problems on the road.
      T.J is a young trucker who is new to the ice roads and does nothing but moan, as does Rick.

      I do think Ice Road Truckers is edited a lot, almost to force your opinions of the drivers by making Alex the good guy and Hugh the bad guy, but it is entertaining.
      Also edited are scenes such as drivers being a bit cocky saying they are great drivers, immediately followed by a slip up of some kind. I'm not too sure the events happened immediately after them blowing their own trumpet, it seems far too coincidental but it does make good watching.

      The early episodes introduce the drivers, explain what their job entails, what loads they are carrying and a bit of information about the ice road itself.
      As the series goes on we see the problems they face, there are oil spills, injuries and speed limit problems, mechanical issues, closed roads because other trucks have had accidents and the drivers competing to get the loads.
      The later episodes see the drivers rushing to squeeze in the last runs of vital supplies before the road starts to melt, it's quite gripping to watch the drivers taking trucks with 100 tonne loads over melting ice.

      This was a very good series, especially being the first series as it was something not really seen before. I saw the second season on TV and had no desire to go out and buy it, the seasons then seemed to get worse each time around, well not that they got worse, I just felt "I've seen this all before". For that reason I wouldn't buy any of the other seasons but I am glad I got this one as it was good to see it from the start and see how it all began.

      I would never have thought I would enjoy a programme with a trucking theme but it is really good. I have heard a lot of people say that this is a man's programme but I watched it with my girlfriend and she enjoyed it, as did many female relations. It's well worth a watch.


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      • Condemned (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 32 Readings / 30 Ratings
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        02.02.2013 21:07
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        Not a bad game

        Condemned is a game for the Xbox 360 console which I bought used, along with Condemned 2 costing £5 for the two games.

        The age rating for this game is over 12 years old. There is a bit of bad language and violence in the game but I personally wouldn't have a problem with under 12's playing it, there would be very few games available for them to play if we all took notice of the age rating.

        You play the character Ethan Thomas, who is investigating murders and crime scenes. You will meet many enemies along the way and can pick up weapons along the way to defeat these. The weapons are quite interesting, you can pick up guns including a shotgun, machine gun and a range of pistols. There are not many guns and you cannot pick up ammunition so if you run out you must find another gun. If the gun is out of ammo you can use it to hit enemies.
        Along with the empty gun, you can also hit with your hands. You may need to pick up a crowbar to open doors and you can also use this as a weapon. A fire axe may also be used as a weapon and as a useful tool to gain access to areas.
        You can find some sort of weapon just about anywhere, planks of wood with nails can be collected, a pipe from a wall and even a crutch and prosthetic leg can be collected in the hospital and used to whack an enemy.
        A taser gun can also be used and a meter will be on the screen to show when it is fully charged and ready to use.

        You will be taught how to perform combos to increase the amount of damage you inflict on an opponent. Some combos may also be used to knock out or stun an enemy rather than killing them which will be required in some missions when you have a secondary goal not to kill anyone.

        The enemies are also something a little different, there are some guards, plenty of zombies and also some funny enemies like a zombie with a huge pigs head.

        The game isn't all about killing enemies though, you must also investigate crime scenes with the help of some tools such as a cell phone, GPS, UV scanner and camera. You may be required to take photographs of evidence (fingerprints, fibres etc.), follow blood trails and collect information.
        This aspect of the game could do with some improvement. On one particular level I was asked to find out where a wheelbarrow came from. No more instructions or hints are given - you need to turn on hints on the main start menu, which I stupidly didn't do. After battling enemies for the previous half an hour I forgot all about the investigation and wandered around a room for ages before remembering the UV scanner and using it to follow the tire trail from the wheelbarrow.

        When gathering evidence, especially with using the camera you may need a couple of attempts as you have to zoom in and out until and adjust the focus until the picture is good enough.
        The evidence collected will be processed by Rosa who is on the other end of your cell phone and will get back to you with results and further instructions.

        Also on your screen is a health meter and endurance meter. Endurance is used to sprint, this meter builds back up when you are stood still. The health meter obviously decreases when you are injured when being attacked. You can pick up health packs along the way to use to replenish health. Some health packs are in glass cabinets which you will need to smash to acquire them.

        The graphics are quite good, although the game is quite dark in a lot of scenes both indoors and outdoors. You will need to use your flashlight quite a lot.
        The music and sound effects are also fairly good and do build up quite a bit of suspense, it's one of those games where you know someone is going to jump out on you but still have a bit of a jump when they do.

        I enjoyed playing this game, I did expect the investigative side of the game to be more interesting than it was. The game took quite a while to complete and by the end I had got a bit bored of it. It has it's good points though, the ability to use a lot of items from your surroundings as weapons is good and the difficulty level is also good, not too easy or difficult.
        You can choose between three difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard.

        The game is also available to play online with Xbox live.You can't play multiplayer with 2 controllers on the same Xbox though which is annoying.

        This game would be a good choice for anyone that likes zombie shooting games, with a bit of extra investigating included. I personally prefer something which requires a bit more thought and tactics. I like to have a map on screen all the time too as I don't find the gps very useful and wander around until I find what I'm looking for.

        It's not a favourite of mine, but I know many people who really enjoy this game and it was definitely worth the price I paid so I'm going to give it an average 3 stars.


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          21.01.2013 15:20
          Very helpful



          Good game

          This is an Xbox 360 game recommended for over 16. It contains bad language and violence, which is not too graphic so I would think it was suitable for those a bit younger than the recommended age.
          The game is by Ubisoft and was released in 2006. I picked up a used copy for £5.
          You will need 6.14mb of space on your Xbox to save this game.

          You can choose to play single player or multiplayer with up to four players. You can also play the game online through Xbox live for up to 16 players.

          The game easy easy to set up, entering your name and selecting a mode and a difficulty.

          The game starts with your character Jack Carver in the jungle. There are several jungle missions and levels before you get a change of scenery and start to enter camps and buildings. The jungle levels are not bad but get repetitive and I don't like the graphics. It is hard to see enemies hiding in trees but this also works to your advantage as you can use your environment to hide and protect yourself.
          The graphics inside buildings are much better, although on later missions you will be in darkness a lot and have to rely on your adrenaline to see in the ark. When the adrenaline runs out you will be back in darkness and will have to either pick up an adrenaline pack or wait for the adrenaline meter to fill up again which can be quite frustrating.
          You can also use your adrenaline to track by scent and to see surfaces you can climb up such as cliff sides and rocks.
          Your health also fills up with time which is useful if you can't find any health packs, if you can stay out of sight of enemies long enough for it to refill itself.
          You can also pick up armour which will reduce the damage you receive from being attacked.
          If your health is at max (100) you will not be able to pick up health packs. You can't carry packs around with you to use when needed.
          You can also pick up detonation packs, ammunition and weapons. There are also hidden maps to collect.
          Some locations may require you to use access cards to enter buildings or rooms, these can also be picked up.
          You can pick up binoculars too but you won't need to use these too often.

          There are the usual weapons you would expect in a shooting game such as pistols, machine guns and grenades.
          The sniper rifle comes in really useful, as do the grenades. There are often explosive barrels to shoot at to make them explode and kill several enemies at one time.
          As with most games, the amount of ammunition available to pick up decreases with higher difficulty modes.
          If you run out of ammo you can also hit enemies to kill them if you can get close enough to them without getting killed. This is called a feral attack.

          On the screen you will have a radar and compass. The compass will show you which direction you are heading in and the radar will show where your enemies are which will come in especially useful when they are hiding or around corners / in buildings.
          A number will be displayed to show your amount of health and armour remaining. There is a bar to show how full your adrenaline meter is and a breathing bar for when you are swimming or holding your breath to steady a weapon.
          Your stance will also be shown. You can stand, crouch lie down and roll.

          The story of the game isn't that good and isn't easy to follow with their being only a few cut scenes (which I don't mind) and the talking is hard to hear. The graphics in the jungle seem quite blocky and not too good, a lot of jungle scenes seem repetitive and sometimes you have to shoot someone about 20 times at point blank range to kill them which is very annoying.
          Aside from these negatives I enjoyed playing this game. It is a good length which represents good value for money, nobody wants to buy a game and have it completed the same day.
          The missions vary in difficulty and some require the use of vehicles such as a jet ski, boat or car which can be fun.
          I think there is a good amount of save points - not too many to make the game easier, but not so few that you have to play for an hour to reach a point where you can save.
          I thought this game was really good and a bargain at a fiver!


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          17.10.2012 14:30
          Very helpful
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          Excellent Game

          I couldn't wait for the release of this game on October 2nd. I had been a little disappointed in the previous 2 installments of this game so decided to rent this one out before deciding whether to buy it.
          I think as soon as the price comes down a little it will be one to go into the collection.

          From the start the game is difficult and the graphics are fantastic. The only problem I found was that when starting the game it tells you to set the brightness by moving a slider along until you can barely see the number 6 displayed on the screen. I did this and for the first level of the game could see nothing but darkness so I had to ajdust the brightness which was easy and continue (now able to see the excellent images).

          The story is similar to that of other Resident Evil games, revolving around people who turn into strange creatures and zombies after coming into contact with the T Virus through the umbrella company. This game sees the return of some old characters going back to the first ever resident evil and for those who have played the early games you will find the story very interesting and enjoyable.

          There is a good range of locations and weapons but at first I find it very slow to reload the ammo in the weapons. Collecting skill points as you go through the game you can use these to improve your whichever skills you wish including strengthening your melee attacks, your defense and improving the speed of reloading.

          There are plenty of checkpoints in the game which means when you die you o not have to go too far back. There is a good range of actions in this game including driving, riding a motorbike, flying a plane and swimming.

          As with all of the resident evil games I don't find the writing on the screen very clear to read at all. Also it doesn't stay on the screen very long and this can be an issue at first as a lot of the actions require you to tap the sequence of buttons shown on the screen. It didn't take too long to get used to this but I don't understand why this part of the game hasn't improved in all these years.

          I was playing the game and thought it had finished when credits came on the screen, I was starting to get a bit moody as there was no end to the story and I'd only been playing it for a few hours and then I realised that this was just the end for the character Leon who I was playing. You can then play the story of other characters, these are completely new levels, the weapons and layout of the screen are different for each character and it's like a new game for each character. There are four in total.

          By the time I'd played all of the characters I thought the longevity was good. I didn't try the xbox live feature which allows you to play online against others across the world but would be interested in giving it a go when I pick up my own copy.

          I thought this game was a big improvement on both Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil Raccoon City. The game is difficult and requires some thinking, there are a few puzzles and you will need to use a good range of weapons, the grenades come in useful as I seem to run out of ammo a lot.

          You can choose the difficulty of the game that you would like to play, the harder the difficulty the less ammo is available to pick up and the more damage your enemies inflict upon your health.

          I really enjoyed this game and it is one I will be getting. I do find new games a bit too expensive, this one is between £35-£40 new.


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            08.10.2012 23:54
            Very helpful



            one to rent

            While I wait impatiently for tomorrow to come so I can get the new Resident Evil 6 game I thought I'd have a quick look back on the last one.
            The old resident evils were quite unique when they were first released, with a good mixture of puzzles to get the brain working, searching every room thoroughly for keys and missing puzzle pieces and of course the shooting and violence.
            When Resident Evil 5 was released it started to change a bit, there was more shooting and less items to collect and puzzles to solve which I was a bit disappointed in. I expected that much of the feedback of this game was similar and that when releasing the next game the creators (Capcom) would put back some more puzzles when creating the next installment - Resident Evil Raccoon City.
            I was sadly wrong, if anything they cut even more out and I found there to be even less, with virtually none of the interesting puzzles of the early games.

            If I could manage to stop comparing this game to previous Resident Evil's it is actually a good game. The graphics are good, as are the scenes although I find some scenes very dark and there doesn't appear to be as many locations as I would like, perhaps due to the darkness they all seem similar. The story is good and the game increases in difficulty with a good range of enemies and different methods of defeating them. There are plenty of ugly looking creatures and zombies and from the start I found it difficult and a game where you will have to replay levels to pass them and cannot walk through it with any ease.

            The story behind the game is familiar, in a new location - Raccoon City. The game again revolves around creatures that have been infected with the T-Virus, again from the Umbrella company. I didn't find the story as interesting to follow as previous games either (there I go again comparing).

            The boss fights are not as exciting as with other games and your team mate happens to be, as usual, not much help at all.
            At the end of the game you have a choice of two ways to end it. I selected one and then loaded a saved point to try the other and stupidly both choices have the same end result anyway so it seems a pointless option.

            I only play the campaign mode of xbox games and do not have any interest in online gameplay, I rented out this game for a week and was finished the story mode in a couple of days so I was rather disappointed with the longevity and find with a lot of games now they focus more on the online xbox live part of the game and less so on the story mode.
            The controls are simple enough to use. There are some decent weapons but in my opinion a lack of ammo around to collect for the weapons.
            Although I was disappointed with the lack of puzzles, and frustrated with some parts of the game it was still good and I'm looking forward to trying the next one tomorrow.


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            20.09.2012 01:46
            Very helpful



            a social game

            The good thing about this game is that the age is over 3's so it is one that all the family can play.
            The game is by sega and costs £11.77 new on amazon, I think this is a bit much as the game gets dull quickly but if you can pick it up used for £5 or less it's worth adding to the collection.

            There are 10 sports you can play, with 38 events. These include running, swimming, cycling and javelin.
            In training mode you can learn the controls you will need for each event before competing.
            In competition mode you can play single or multiplayer. The multiplayer is good fun to play when you've got friends round, especially when you have competitive friends who are sore losers!
            In olympic games mode you play as if it was an actual olympics, each day in the game you will take part in a different event, trying to win as many gold medals as you can for your country.
            You can also play online with events having up to 8 players.

            At the start of each event it will give you a quick tutorial of how to us the controls for this event, once you have the hang of the controls you can just skip this tutorial. You can also watch a replay or skip this too.

            To do most of the races and events you just have to tap buttons or move the direction stick as fast as you can, on certain events you might have to press the buttons at the correct time. Your hand soon goes dead from all the button pressing as does your brain as it gets boring quick if you are playing alone.

            My overall opinion of this game is that it is not one that I would sit and play alone, I couldn't manage to play it for too long anyway as it does give you sore hands from the frantic tapping and twisting of the controls to try and win a race etc.
            I do enjoy playing it with friends though as it adds that competitive interest more than you would get from playing against a computer.
            Any children in the family love playing this one so I would recommend it for those that want a game the family can play together.


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            16.09.2012 23:23
            Very helpful



            I had a love/hate relationship with this game

            This was one of a couple of games that came with my XBOX260. The cost at the moment is from £3 used and £10 new including delivery on amazon. I think it is worth £10.
            The game came about after the Tomb Raider films and you play the main character Lara Croft. From the start I found the game a bit confusing, you are in the middle of a jungle, the mission objectives are vague and I found myself wandering around aimlessly for a while.
            Then I realised that you need to use items in the environment to help you to move around, you need to climb up and swing off vines, move and jump over rocks to access certain areas of the game.
            You can pick up health packs and use them when you need to, the maximum you can carry is three though.
            The game involves you shooting people, figuring out ways to gt through the jungle, buildings and finding hidden rewards. Some parts are difficult and need some logical thinking. Sometimes you have to run away from falling rocks by pressing the right buttons that appear on the screen. If you don't do it fast enough you will have to try again.

            There are checkpoints often through the game and you can save it at any time and start from your previous checkpoint upon loading.
            This game was on the whole very good but there were a few things that annoyed me about it, the first was the cut scenes. I found they gave a good story to the game but they couldn't be skipped and on one level I was stuck on every time I died (lots of times) I had to watch the cut scene all the way through again before attempting the level again.
            Another thing that annoyed me was that I didn't find the aim of the levels very clear. Also you often need to use the flashlight which runs out and you have to stand around like an idiot doing nothing waiting while it charges back up.

            Upon completion of each level you will be given a time, a time trial time and any bronze, silver or gold rewards you have picked up.
            In all I found the game quite good, although I thought it had the potential to be even better. I found the graphics very good and the game lasted me a long time before I completed it, I did lose patience with it and had to put it away for a few times on several occasions due to the annoying cut scenes and difficult levels that seemed to have no help at all. On one level I was in a pitch black room swinging from pole to pole for around an hour before I spotted a ledge and even then I had no idea how to reach it. I did it in the end though but I was ready to pack the game in so I cheated and found the solution online!

            I don't think there's anything in the game that makes it unsuitable for under 16s. I would think over 12 would be more appropriate.


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            14.09.2012 20:50
            Very helpful



            A good game

            I used to be a big fan of the early Resident Evil games on the playstation 1 and 2 which now seem so old and the graphics so poor, but the games are still very enjoyable.
            When I saw this one for the XBox 360 I just had to have it but couldn't bring myself to part with over £40, so I waited and waited and eventually got a used copy for £10.
            The game is for over 18's, I think this is a bit high and younger gamers could play it. There rating is due to bloody gore and violence but a lot of games have the same and are only 12 or 15+.

            You play agent Chris Redfield, who is also in the previous games, and your partner is a new character, a woman named Sheva.
            You can play this game alone, or with another player being Sheva. You can also play 2 player online.
            You start the game in a village in Africa where the residents have turned into zombies and you and Sheva are to clear the way by shooting enemies and make your way out of the village. You have various weapons and can collect more along the way. You can collect herbs and first aid spray to use when you health is low, you can also use this to heal your partner when she is dying.
            If your inventory is full you can order your partner to pick up items. Other items to collect include coins which can be used to buy first aid sprays, weapons and ammo, you can also collect ammo and weapons and information.

            As you progress through the levels the game saves regularly and there are regular checkpoints which means you don't have to start the entire level again if you die.
            There are lots of locations and environments in the game, the graphics are excellent but some scenes are a bit dark.
            There is a good range of enemy types, some are easy enough to kill and some much harder ones which may require a certain method to kill them.

            The game lasted a long time in story mod so kept me going for quite a while, although it kpt me interested and I kept playing to the end, the one thing I thought was missing was the puzzle aspect that was in the earlier games, it is much more of a shooting game now than it used to be. I used to really enjoy the puzzles. There are a couple but I don't think there's nearly enough. In other games you would really have to think about things, investigate lots of areas and move objects to find items and this game just didn't have enough of it.
            One puzzle they do have is to unlock a door and you have to rotate pillars so the light reflects onto the door, I have to admit I had to look online for the solution to this one as I was baffled by it for ages.

            The game makes you jump in places which is quite funny. Enemies jump out when you least expect it and no matter how many times you've jumped you won't learn!

            This is a game that I have played more than once, it is one that I enjoy although I was a little disappointed that it wasn't more like the earlier games.

            The game is by Capcom and can be bought online for from £4 new or £17 new. I would recommend this game as it has good longevity and graphics as well as an interesting storyline.


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            14.09.2012 12:29
            Very helpful



            a decent enough game

            In this game for XBox 360 you play James Bond, there is a choice to play the single player story mode or play with up to 12 others players online using Xbox Live.
            The game is certificate 12 which I think is appropriate.

            As with all games, the controls take a bit of getting used to and this didn't take too long. The checkpoints are often enough so you don't have to return right back to the start of a level if you are killed.
            There are cell phones dotted around on the floor, walls and table which you are to collect. There are quite a few achievements to unlock on the game.

            The graphics are good and Bond looks very much like Daniel Craig, the sound is good and it is the voice of Judi Dench giving you your instructions.
            This is basically a shooting game, it also involves using cover often. On the screen is your weapon showing how much ammo you have remaining, your health which will build itself back up when you take cover, how many if any grenades you have, and a red marker will come up when you are hit to show you which direction the shot came from. The range of weapons is good and it is simple enough to aim and shoot at your enemies. I found myself using the silencer quite often and when you are taking cover you can still see the scene around you so you are still aware of what is going on without having to pop your head out and risk it getting blown off.

            The difficulty of each level varies, as does the location which each level is set in. The various locations include a moving train, a museum and various rooftops. If you can't find anywhere to go you may have to walk along window ledges or jump from one train to another. The game is good and doesn't get boring but I did find the single player mode a little bit short. I find the difficulty good, it is not too easy so that you get bored or so difficult that it becomes frustrating and it isn't too hard for younger players and doesn't have any really graphic or gory violent scenes. There are cheats available for the game but I shouldn't think you would need to use any of these.

            This game is also available on PC, PS3 and Nintendo DS, I have tried the DS game but find the screen too small and not as enjoyable as the XBox. The XBox game came with my console so I didn't actually buy it, it costs £14.87 on Amazon for a new copy including delivery or about £5 for a used copy. I wouldn't have been impressed with this game if I had bought it when it was first release at it's full retail price but I would recommend it if you can get a copy for £5. I wouldn't pay more unless you intend to use the XBox Live to play online as the single mode isn't long enough.

            There is a good story to this game and I enjoyed playing it but it is not one I would play over and over again.


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            13.09.2012 14:25
            Very helpful



            Worth playing if you can get it cheap

            As with most of my XBox games I wait a while and buy them used rather that paying £30 or £40 for a new one. I was disappointed a few times paying a lot for games that were completed in a couple of days.
            This game I picked up for £4 in a used game store, at this price it was good value. It kept me occupied for a couple of hours and then I got very bored with it.

            Set in hong Kong this game was based on a John Woo film (Hard Boiled), I've never seen the film but I hope it's better than the game. You play inspector Tequila and your aim is to go around shooting everyone who crosses your path. You can use objects such as tables and railings to slide along or to use as cover, you can collect health packages and ammo. Other items to collect are origami figures which fill up your rage meter.
            When you kill people or collect the origami this meter fills up, when it reaches it's maximum you can choose from a few ways to use this. The ones I used most often were to fill the health bar and the slow motion shot which is very useful in boss fights as you have time to line up the shot and make sure it hits a critical spot on your enemy.

            There are a few different settings in the game including a hotel, casino and streets and back alleys. One thing I did think I would enjoy with this game is the ability to shoot at objects such as signs or beams to kill people when they drop down which is useful if they are hiding behind cover but there isn't really much chance to use this feature throughout the game. The levels get harder as you progress in the fact that you have more enemies or enemies which are more difficult to kill. Other than this I find each level has the same aim which is to kill anybody you see, there are a few obstacles like laser beams but you just need to shoot at these too. There is one level which was quite difficult and involved shooting down a plane, I enjoyed this level but out of an entire game it was the only enjoyable or memorable level. I don't think the graphics are too good and in some levels it can be difficult to see the enemies. There isn't a lot of thought or skill required to play the game and I had completed it within a couple of days, I wasn't too excited to finish it and only did so as I hate to leave a game unfinished. For the price I paid the game was okay, but it is far from one of my favourite games and it isn't one I would play again.

            Du to the violent nature of the game it has been rated an 18. I don't see any reason why younger people can't play as I don't find it too graphic. The game can be played in story mode which is what I did, or online against other players with network play.


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            10.09.2012 17:48
            Very helpful



            A good family game

            This is one of many golf games named after Tiger Woods which are released and updated on a yearly basis.
            This game was only £2.99 in a used game shop and was very good value for money at this price as there is so much to do on it that it lasts a long time, as well as the fact that over 3's can play it so it is one that everybody can play.

            I've had lots of fun with this game over the last couple of years, paying with friends, in the 4 player mode where the 4 of us can compete on the same course.
            My 4 year old niece always asks for me to turn it on when she comes around, since she had a go one day when I was playing it and now she loves it and gets really excited when the crowd applaud when she gets the ball in the hole or takes a good shot.

            There is a choice of 16 different courses on this game and a choice of 21 golfers to play as. One feature we had a great time using was the 'photo game face' which allows you to import a picture of yourself onto the game and a character will be made to look just like you! Most of these came out really well and looked similar to the player but some of them were a bit unflattering and absolutely hilarious!

            You can play alone in challenges, cups or just playing for fun. You can change the angle of your shot, the point at which you hit the ball, which club you use, the strength which you hit the ball and lots of other technical things which I take no notice of.

            The controls do take a little while to get used to, at first I found myself hitting the wrong buttons and changing a club instead of trying to zoom into the flag but after a couple of days you should have the hang of it.

            The direction and speed of the wind is displayed on the screen which is helpful as you may need to adjust your shot depending on the weather conditions. The distance you are from the pin is also displayed on the screen which you will need to know when selecting your club.
            When it comes to putting you can line up your shot and then use one putt preview to see where the ball is going to end up. I know on some of the other versions of this game you can use the putt preview more than once, this makes putting a little more tricky on this game.

            For good shots, winning challenges and trophies you will earn cash and skill points which you can use to improve your skills and to spend on new equipment including clubs, balls and clothing.

            The challenges are fun as they are shorter than playing a tournament, some are 9 holes, others you may have 9 or 10 shots to complete 3 holes in so you can easily have a quick game without having to do a full 18 hole tournament.
            On one of the challenges you are to play against Wayne Rooney and his character is very good it looks just like him (poor fellow)!

            A good enjoyable game for all ages.
            Can play alone or with others.
            Good range of characters and courses.

            Some challenges are difficult and you may have to complete them to unlock levels and upgrade skills.
            The18 hole tournaments can be time consuming (especially when you don't win and have to do it over again).

            I really enjoy this game and think it's one which everyone can have a go at. I had the 2010 version of this game which ended up getting damaged and I have to say that this game has some features which are better and some which are worse but I have played it on and off for a couple of years and now I'm going to play it again! The new games are quite expensive, so for those that aren't dedicated Tiger Woods game fans I would recommend getting one of these older copies as it has all of the fun of a golfing game at a much lower price!


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              03.09.2012 17:46
              Very helpful



              Fantastic Film that I'll never forget

              For those of you who haven't heard of this film, it is based on Gerry Conlon's autobiography 'Proved Innocent'. Gerry Conlon was one of the Guilford Four.

              The Guildford Four were Gerry Conlon, Patrick Armstrong, Paul Hill and Carole Richardson, who were wrongly convicted of an IRA bombing in the 1970s. The bomb injured 65 people and killed another 5. The four received life sentences after confessing to the bombing (they claim they were intimidated and tortured into confessing).

              There was apparently no evidence to prove that the four had anything to do with these bombings, they requested an appeal in 1987, which was refused and were finally released after an appeal in 1989. They had served 15 years in prison.
              This case did not only affect the four people mentioned, relatives of Gerry Conlon were also sent to prison for related crimes involving explosives. Unfortunately, not all of them got to see freedom again and justice in the end.

              Tony Blair finally issued an apology on behalf of the government in regards to this terrible injustice in 2005 and it is said that Gerry Conlon received a cash sum as compensation.

              THE FILM
              The Cast
              Gerry Conlon - The main character, played by Daniel Day Lewis.
              Giuseppe Conlon - Pete Postlethwaite
              Paul Hill - John Lynch
              Paddy Armstrong - Mark Sheppard
              Carole Richardson - Beatie Edney

              The film also stars Emma Thompson, Don Baker, Corin Redgrave and more. I have to say that overall I was very impressed with the quality of the acting in this film. The film was nominated for seven academy awards, for some reason didn't actually win any though.

              The Story
              The film begins in Belfast where Gerry lives with his parents, for fear of being kneecapped by the IRA Gerry has to flee from Ireland and moves to London. Here he lives in a squat with others, using drugs and generally having fun. He finds some money one night and decides to go home to give his family some of the money. Little does he know that the night he found the money, would be the night when the bombing occured and would change his life forever.
              Gerry is arrested in Belfast and gets sentenced along with three friends, to life in prison. As if this isn't bad enough, members of his family who were in Belfast and knew nothing about the case were also accused and convicted of various offences, as the police believed they were supplying the explosives for the attack.

              The remainder of the film follows events in the prison, with Gerry coming face to face with the real bomber, their fight to be cleared and the eventual discovery of paperwork which is supposed to be hidden from the defence.
              Eventually they see some form of justice, but it is too late for one of the wrongly accused. I won't give away any more information than that.

              Apparently there are quite a few differences between the true story and the film, for example some characters being in the same prison which didn't happen in reality. I don' think this matters though, it just makes the film easier to follow and run more smoothly that if they were to switch from one place to another.

              The end provides some facts and actual news footage from the time of the Guildford Four's release. It makes for quite emotional watching.

              MORE INFO
              The DVD is or ages 15 and over. The film was released in 1993 and sold as a DVD from 1994. It is 133 minutes long It is available for £3.89 on Amazon including delivery, which I think is a bargain price for a film which I would never forget.
              I would definitely recommend the film, although it is quite hard to watch, upsetting in places, especially knowing it is a true story. The film also managed to make me laugh in parts and it is definitely one of my all time favourites.


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              28.08.2012 17:34
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              I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys hidden object games and likes a challenge

              I'm a fan of hidden object games and had this one recommended to me by a friend. I picked it up on CD for PC in a game shop new for £5. It is a bigfishgames game so is also available on their website to download. A free trial version is available or you can get the full version for $2.99.

              I think for this price it is good value as you can set up various profiles so several players can play the game without intefering with anyone elses game. Once installed on your PC, you do not need to insert the disc each time.

              I find some hidden object can get repetitive but thought this was one of the better ones, the graphics are good and the characters when you click to talk of them are actual films of actors speaking (the acting is terrible but it's quite amusing).

              I only played the game on normal mode but there are 3 choices:
              Normal - For the average, normal, everyday player.
              Southern - For players looking for an authentic Seep South experience.
              Snarky - For players who appreciate a good insult between friends.
              You can change the volume of the talking, music and environments and also select subtitles which I always do as I sometimes turn he volume off if I want to play and watch something on television at the same time.
              If you are playing without sound however, you do need to pay attention as certain phone calls can give you information which you may not be able to get any further without.

              Throughout the game you have access to a map and case report reminding you of what you have done and what you are doing now.

              PLAYING THE GAME
              Your cursor is a small arrow which turns into a magnifying glass when pointed near something of interest, when it is a magnifying glass you will get information on the item which may be of no use or may give you a hint that you will need later on.
              The cursor turns into a larger arrow when near doors or areas which you can proceed to.
              The Objective box on the screen shows which items you are looking for, this starts with looking for pieces of a map and some tape to tape the pieces together with.
              Items found will move from the objective box and into your inventory.
              You may need to find items not in the inventory to get the parts you need, for example one piece of the map is in the dog bowl which the dog will not let you near. Clicking on a painting it says you can feel something behind it so you may need other items such as food to distract the dog and a knife to cut behind the painting.
              You can move to various rooms around the manor, clicking on the refrigerator in the kitchen will then give you a written list of objects to find (their fridge is worse than mine, containing objects such as a remote control, a phone and glasses). When you have found all of the items on the list you will be rewarded with an item placed in your inventory for later use.
              Click on everything you see, even if it seems of no use the first time you are in the room, there may be something of use later in the game.

              Hints are available if you get stuck, it then takes time for the hint meter to fill back up again but there doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of hints you can get. There's a few tricky puzzles which allow you to skip the puzzle or get a hint.

              Towards the end of the game you will need to access the case file to find out dates and symbols which you will need to unlock gates etc.

              THE STORY
              The story is based in a manor which Mr and Mrs Dawson and their daughter Magnolia recently inherited. Mr Dawson has disappeared and you are there to gather clues and help to find him. Other characters include Mr and Mrs Lee who live in the carriage house, she is the cleaner and he is the gardener.
              There are other characters you will meet along the way including Cooter, a neighbour with a shotgun who doesn't like strangers and his wife Charlotte who collects scary dolls.
              There is also the man from the library, the bartender in the tavern and Madam Aimee from the Voodoo store.
              Most people think the house is cursed or haunted and this could be the reason for Mr Dawson's disappearance. Most of the characters have never seen Mr. Dawson and think something suspicious is going on.

              Locations include a kitchen, bedrooms, closet, music room, wine cellar, bathroom and living room inside the manor and a shed outside.
              A tavern in the town, bar, kitchen, exterior.
              Service station, Cooters house, Voodoo store, swamp, graveyard and more.

              The game doesn't get dull as it isn't the same scenes over and over and it isn't too simple. If something is broken, chances are you'll have to find a way of fixing it. It something is locked, you'll need to find a key, if something is dirty you'll have to find something to clean it with. Some of the items you receive may puzzle you but they will all fit into place eventually. The puzzles vary in difficulty with a mixture between the normal listed hidden object screens and others where you may need to pick up objects along the way.

              Overall, I really enjoyed the game, after a few saves and going back and forth to the game my final time was around 6 hours. I have to admit I skipped a few puzzles and got a few hints though so if you wanted to do it without any help it might take quite a bit longer. I'd play the game again to see what the other modes are like and to try and beat my time. I would recommend this if you can pick it up for a decent price.


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            • About a Boy (DVD) / DVD / 16 Readings / 16 Ratings
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              24.08.2012 23:24
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              1 Comment



              worth a watch, better than expected

              I had read the book of About A Boy by Nick Hornby (also author of Fever Pitch and High Fidelity) upon which this film was based and enjoyed it and found it amusing. I did not want to watch the film though, as I can't stand the sight of Hugh Grant and every time I see him in a film it's usually a "chick flick".

              One day my girlfriend was watching this and I had no choice but to look. It was surprisingly good. Hugh Grant plays Will, one of the main characters, who befriends a schoolboy called Marcus, the other main character.
              The two meet when Will goes on a date with a woman he met in a single parents club (Will isn't a single parent it was just his latest way to meet single women). The woman is friends with Marcus's mother and brings Marcus along on the date.
              At first the boy irritates Will, but he soon develops a soft spot for the young lad who is bullied at school and who's mother is depressed and suicidal. Marcus starts visiting Will's flat each evening after school and they chill out together and watch DVD's. Will then starts trying to make Marcus more cool, so he won't be the target of bullies if he has the new trendy clothes and footwear.

              Will then decides to use Marcus as his pretend child when he's meeting other single mothers after the first date found out he invented the child to meet women.

              The film is amusing and there are some funny scenes, one being Marcus killing a duck in the pond throwing a rock hard loaf of bread on top of it, my girlfriend's favourite part is when Marcus is singing 'Killing Me Softly' at the end very badly, so Will steps in with his guitar to help and is even worse.

              The film does a good job of covering serious issues such as bullying, depression and suicide, whilst still managing to remain entertaining and funny.

              It's not a film that I would watch again but I would recommend it. I find Hugh Grant as smarmy as ever, but it is actually required for this part so I'll let it slide.

              The film was released in 2002, directed by brothers Chris and Paul Weitz.
              The film is rated a 12 which is a suitable age rating for the film.
              The length of the film is 101 minutes.
              It is available online for around the £3 mark.


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              • jackpotjoy.com / Internet Site / 17 Readings / 17 Ratings
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                28.07.2012 02:34
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                good site, just too busy for me

                I joined this site a few weeks ago as I had seen lots of advertising for it and they were advertising a 200% bonus on fist deposits.

                There are plenty of choices of games to play including casino games like poker, blackjack and roulette as well as bingo and slot machines.

                When I signed up there was a choice of ways to deposit including ukash and debit cards. I deposited £10 with a debit card and £30 was in my account. I wished to play on the casino games and didn't have much luck. I was down to my last couple of pounds and was browsing the site and realised that because I had opted to receive a bonus there were wagering requirements to be met before I could withdraw. It was my fault I didn't read the small print but playing slots and casino games a lot of the games don't count towards your wagering requirement or if they do it is a very small percentage so you could end up playing through around £200 before being able to withdraw. It seems the bingo games give you the best percentage towards filling up this wagering metre.

                I gave the bingo a go but just found there were far too many players in the rooms, some games are linked games and there could be hundreds playing.

                There is an option not to receive a sign up bonus and to just play with what you have deposited. The good thing is that you can use the bonus on whatever you like as some sites only let you use your bonus funds on bingo.
                There is also a free game, you can choose from one of four each week.You can then select 6 or 7 squares each day on a grid. If you match up so many symbols over the course of the week you may win free bingo tickets, free spins on slots or cash.

                There are also free bingo games throughout the day. There are a couple of chat games too where you can win a small cash prize.
                I like the layout of the website and the choice of games to play but I just find thee are too many players on the bingo games for my liking, this also affects the chat as so many people are typing its had to keep up.

                I would recommend the site for single player casino games.


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