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      05.09.2012 22:54
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      A great meaningful album!

      Aiden are a rock band from Seattle, America. This line-up of the band has changed dramatically as Aiden progressed; now leaving them with only 4 members, 2 of them being 'original' members. I'm a huge fan of Aiden, I have seen them live 17 times, 13 of which I met them afterwards! They are the most down to earth band I have ever met, and I thoroughly recommend you give them a listen!
      This album was released in 2005 & was one of the most successful albums every made by Aiden. Although many people think that this was their first album, it was in fact their second, their first being "Our Gangs Dark Oath" released in 2004. With this being said, although it was their second album, it was the album that made them come through to the music scene. Nightmare Anatomy only had 3 singles released, "Knife Blood Nightmare", "The Last Sunrise" & "Die Romantic".

      The band members for this album were: WiL Francis (vocals), Angel Ibarra (lead guitar), Jake Wambold (rhythm guitar), Nick Wiggins (bass) & Jake Davison (drums).

      1. Knife Blood Nightmare
      What a way to start the album! It makes you stop and really listen to what they're about. I love this song, and I think that it is really catchy (no matter how morbid it really is), they make the song upbeat and the vocals from WiL are just fantastic. Primarily this song is about nightmares (if you hadn't guessed by the title!), but I think there is more to it than just a nightmare as the lyrics could relate to something else. At the beginning of the master version of Knife Blood Nightmare, WiL says "There is no real me, only an entity, something illusionary, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable, I am simply am not there" and some of you may recognise this from the very beginning of the film "American Psycho", which leads me to believe that this song is actually about murder...by a serial killer, not just nightmares.

      2. The Last Sunrise
      This song, yet another upbeat one (maybe to hide the morbid lyrics?!) is another one of my favourite songs off the album. The lyrics "This nightmare won't last long" and "Sunrise, sunset will you wash away the pain" suggest that this was about WiL's past, when he was abused. Like I said, morbid, but you really don't notice until you really listen. I seriously recommend you listen to "The Last Sunrise - Dusk Remix", it is amazing, and in ways I do prefer it over this song. It is a darker, grimier, heavier version of the song, but it works so well, I love it!

      3. Die Romantic
      Another upbeat song, and the guitars are awesome, yet simple. The one thing about this song is how catchy the chorus is! I love the song, but the chorus will be stuck in my head forever! This song has a clever title, "Die Romantic" is actually about a teenage love of WiL's who committed suicide, with lyrics such as "I sat and watched your heartbeat fade with every breath" & "Your last words to me tonight's the night, meant redemption was harder than it look" show the emotion that has gone in to this song. A great, incredibly catchy song!

      4. Genetic Design for Dying
      A slower song now and it definitely has a different feel to it. Granted, not one of my favourite songs off the album, but still fantastic! Each verse starts with "Dear Mother" and the title "Genetic Design for Dying" does in fact suggest that this song is relating to his family. I do think that this song is an apology to his family. WiL had a tough life, become a drug addict and an alcoholic, dropping out of school and being homeless, and the song is actually based on a letter he wrote to his mother whilst he was homeless. You can feel the emotion in this song, and it makes it that much better.

      5. Breathless
      An acoustic start to the song, yet sooner than you know, the Aiden we know kicks in, and it's just as great, and catchy as the other songs on the album. I like the different levels in this song, it is really upbeat one minute, then the next it is completely different, it's very different throughout the whole song and it really works. Believe it or not, this song is actually about a soldier at war, although it really doesn't seem like it, the lead singer WiL has said this various times. When you listen to the song and realise what it is truly about, it's a touching song that I'm sure many soldiers could relate to.

      6. Unbreakable (I.J.M.A.)
      Yet another emotional song, this song was written about a friend of WiL's (Ian J.M Anderson) who died whilst drink driving, lyrics such as "Get ready for the impact, I promise you won't feel a thing tonight" relate to this incident. I think the lyrics are strong enough to get across the pain WiL felt when losing his friend. The song itself isn't the most stimulating, it's a little boring, but the meaning behind it makes it that much more enjoyable.

      7. It's Cold Tonight
      I like this song, it's catchy, the guitar is simple yet exciting and WiL's vocals match perfectly! I think that this song is quite inspirational too, it's reaching out to everyone who has struggled with their lives, and it feels like the band are trying to tell fans they've been where they are now, and look at what Aiden have done with their lives when they put their minds to it. Admittedly not my favourite song on the album, but still great.

      8. Enjoy the View
      This song sounds like it should belong on their first album "Our Gangs Dark Oath", to me it sounds like a completely different type of song compared to any other on this album (not that this is a bad thing!). I love how this song has 'almost acoustic' verses, and then the heavier chorus kicks in, it works well. Lyrics such as "I have found a fast solution to the pain" and "Injection filled with contempt" make me think that this song is about WiL's experiences when he was a drug addict, yet another meaningful song from Aiden!

      9. Goodbye We're Falling Fast
      Another of my favourite songs now, and yet another morbid song that seems that much 'happier' from the up-beat rhythm. I personally think that WiL's voice matches the instruments perfectly in this song, nothing seems out of place and it really is such a great song, this song is a little like 'The Last Sunrise' & 'Knife Blood Nightmare'. This song, as I said, is a little morbid "On 3, we're jumping from this ledge, this buildings tall, I'm sure we'll wake up dead", "I gave you one last kiss before the fall" & "A picture perfect attempt at a quick and painless death" suggest to me that this song is about a couple who have made a suicide pact together, they can't live without each other so it's easier to go together?! That's what I read into it anyway!

      10. This City Is Far from Here
      An almost 'industrial' beginning to this song, it starts with a very faded drum beat and vocals from WiL. I was personally a little disappointed as I expected the 'drop' to be heavier; instead it was a big build up for what seemed like nothing. The song, for me, is very much hit and miss, I have to be in the mood to listen to this song as it's really not 'Aiden' style. To me, this song does make me think that it's about being in an abusive relationship with lyrics such as "Look what I've done now, you're dying from love and you're bleeding" & "This is the last attempt at a mere goodbye".

      11. See You In Hell
      The final song on the album and it seems like it's going to be a good one! It's very much 'new' Aiden when comparing it to "Our Gangs Dark Oath" album, they have changed their style a lot, but for the better. This is another song that is very catchy and the melodic chorus will go round and round in my head for hours! The song to me doesn't really say anything, maybe it's an 'angry at the world' kind of song, but either way, so much effort was put into every single song on this album that there is probably a meaning somewhere in there. It's a great way to end the album, and I thoroughly suggest you give it a listen!

      With a total running time of 37minutes and 9 seconds (not including the hidden speaking from Jake Davison) this album has some pretty hard hitting songs on when you really listen to the lyrics. I think that this makes the album that much better because you can feel the emotion and thought that has gone in to the song, instead of just 'throwing' some lyrics on a page to make them sound good. This album is about Aiden's experiences, and I think they have done fantastically well at this album!


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        03.09.2012 21:53
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        Ronnie's vocals make this album worth listening to!

        Escape the Fates very first album, and the only album featuring Ronnie Radke as lead vocalist. Although this was their first album, they certainly hit the music scene and got everyone's attention! It was first released in 2006, and 6 years later I am still loving this album!
        Unfortunately, from this album, only 2 songs were ever released, these being 'Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliché" & "Situations". The reasoning behind this was because Ronnie Radke was put in prison, leaving Escape the Fate to be left without a vocalist (Ronnie was later replaced by Craig Mabbitt).

        The band members present for this album were: Ronnie Radke (lead vocals), Max Green (bassist, backing vocals), Bryan 'Monte' Money (lead guitar), Omar Espinosa (backing guitar) & Robert Ortiz (drummer).

        1. The Webs We Weave
        Starting the album with a hard, yet at the same time, soft entrance, Escape the Fate really make your ears perk up and make you want to listen. When Ronnie's vocals kick in, they're like nothing you've heard before. They have a certain uniqueness which makes me want to listen to his voice all day (& there are many times I've had this album on repeat!). It has an awesome guitar riff in from Monte, who shows how talented he really is so early on in the album. I love how they mix the screamo with the melodic vocals and it really makes this song something.

        2. When I Go Out, I Want to Go Out on a Chariot of Fire
        A slower start to the song now, but still as effective. The song, admittedly not my favourite off the album, it still is a great song, the meaning behind it makes the song all that more powerful. One thing that a lot of people may not realise is that this song has reference to Edgar Allen Poe "Your heart beats under the floor" a line in this song, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "Tell-Tale Heart" . I also think that this song sums up the bands name, it's primarily about fate, and that it's meant to happen and you cannot escape it.

        3. Situations
        One of my favourite songs on the album now. This song was the second to be released as a single from the album, and you can definitely see why. It has a dramatic start to the song that makes you want to keep listening. This song has quite a obvious message to it, it's about the girls, the flirting and the one-night stands. It's catchy and I can guarantee the chorus will be going round in your head for ages! This is one of the songs that doesn't require Ronnie's screamo edge, it's a great song on it's on.

        4. The Guillotine
        A heavier start to the song now, and after the brief melodic vocals it goes straight into the screamo. This song makes Escape the Fate sound completely different to any other songs on the album, the only way you know it is Escape the Fate is Ronnie's unique vocals. This song is about a battle (Escape the Fates second album "This War Is Ours" has "The Guillotine Pt 2", strongly referenced on the battle between Ronnie & Craig), although it's not clear why, although the lyrics "We fight to live, we fight for proud" leaves me to think that they're fighting for what they believe in, and to not conform.

        5. Reverse This Curse
        I personally love this song, the build up to it makes it intense. Although this song sounds happy and upbeat, it has quite a sad and dark meaning behind. The lyrics "A deadly wish but it should have come sooner. A corpse and a funeral that I will never attend" it feels like it is trying to say that Ronnie was in love with a girl (possibly while in prison, as he couldn't attend) but she took her life. Lyrics that make me believe it was possibly suicide "Now I see you've got something to prove, and nothing to lose, so let me tell you the truth". I love this song, and I like how they've made it upbeat, even though it's pretty morbid.

        6. Cellar Door
        A relatively different start to a song, and Ronnie's vocals yet again sound different, it's a more mellow song, and has chilling guitar from Monte. You can tell that this song is sad, just from the start, it's completely different to any of the other songs on this album so far. I do think that this song is somehow linked in to "Reverse This Curse", it is still about death, yet it doesn't have the same endearment, I shall not mention some of the lyrics as they could be offensive, but it's a good song that really gets you thinking when you truly listen!

        7. There's No Sympathy for the Dead
        For a second you think that you've been listening to a different album before this, but then you realise the typical Ronnie voice, and the scream which Escape the Fate do so well. A upbeat song, and has some awesome guitar and drums. Although this song isn't really that great, it's still good and they still manage to keep you listening.

        8. My Apocalypse
        I love the beginning of this song, the guitar is soothing, and Ronnie's voice matches. It's kind of deceiving as you really don't expect the song to get heavy, but it soon does. With lyrics like "Don't fall asleep, you won't wake up" & "I walk with shadows" makes me think that this is about one of Ronnie's experiences on drugs, which is quite freely admits to in many interviews, and I think that this song semi-portrays what he went through.

        9. Friends and Alibis
        Again, not one of my favourite songs, it's good, but nowhere near as gripping as previous songs on the album. As the title suggests, the song is about friends, and I think that this song is trying to say how hard it is to have friends whilst under the influence of drugs, with lyrics like "I just keep feeding my addiction" and "You were the ones that stood by side, and I was the one that fought all of your fights". These lyrics also indicate how friends can soon turn in to ex-friends, through Ronnie's actions maybe? I'm disappointed as this song had such great potential, but it's rather boring.

        10. Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliché
        I love this song, and with it being the first song released from the album, you soon realise why. Not only is it a catchy song, but it is also such a great song to start your band off with. "Sitting in this room playing Russian Roulette" & "This blood on my hands is something I cannot forget" suggests a couple of things, you would think that the blood on his hands indicates he killed the "Dear Juliet", however the mention of Russian Roulette could indicate that he felt guilty/responsible for someone dying yet was not in fact the reason why? There's a lot to read into this song, yet I still love it, and I could listen to it over and over and never get bored!

        11. The Day I Left the Womb
        Finishing the album off with an acoustic track, it makes Ronnie's vocals sound raw and different, yet still as great as they have throughout the whole album. I think the title is quite explanatory for this song, it indicates his birth, and throughout the song it explains his family. It indicates that his mother left his brother and him at a young age "The boys you left are men you didn't raise", "And daddy, how are you today? You must be proud of the boys that you have raised". I love this song, I think it's the first song (with Ronnie's vocals and the acoustic) that Ronnie has fully expressed his emotions, and it works. Such a great way to end the album.

        With a total running time of 43minutes and 21seconds, this album really sets a high benchmark for Escape the Fate, especially with having to battle for popularity with a new singer coming on the scene. It is an impressive first album, and I can listen to it over and over. Ronnie's vocals never get boring, and he has such a unique sounding voice that it's worth listening to!


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        01.03.2012 21:51
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        A great first album, definitely worth a listen.

        Aiden are a rock band from Seattle, America. A 5 piece band (well for this album anyway!) consisting of WiL Francis (vocalist), Angel Ibarra (guitarist), Jake Wambold (rhythm guitarist), Jake Davison (drummer) and Nick Wiggins (bassist). This line-up of the band has changed dramatically as Aiden progressed, now leaving them with only 4 members, 2 of them being 'original' members.

        'Our Gangs Dark Oath' was their first of six albums and was released in 2004. The album itself had a huge range of reviews, some good, some bad, so I felt it was necessary to give my review as I personally love Aiden (I've seen the 17 times, and met them 15! Angel even remembered who I was!!!)

        1) Our Gangs Dark Oath
        A really bizarre starting to an album, what seems like loads of whispers, followed by an electric guitar...shortly followed by (maybe the band members!?!?) chanting 'Our Gangs Dark Oath'.

        2) The Dawn Breaking Tide
        This song shows their post-hardcore genre right through, it's heavy, it's fast and it's a great first song for the album. The lyrics are simply about drugs "Well it's drugs that are breaking us down now", which really does make sense as WiL has lost friends to drugs. The song it quite de-motivational really as the lyrics are showing how WiL gave in to temptation from the drugs "It's not time to give up". The song has a very abrupt ending...which leads perfectly into the next song.

        3) I Set My Friends on Fire
        I love this song, it's so up-tempo and you can see why I say they are unique...it's not really like another band I've heard of, although I wouldn't class them as punk personally, I would maybe say post-hardcore. This song, although sounding morbid with lyrics such as "I set my friends on fire", is actually a really good one, its definitely worth a listen and I encourage you all too. It has some awesome guitar in and WiL shows his ability to 'scream'.

        4) Pledge Resistance
        The guitar at the beginning of this song gives me goosebumps, its so electric, and with WiL's edgy voice over the top it makes it that much better. This song is simply about how much America has changed, and I think that the title shows that. With lyrics such as "America might change it's timeline if the media f*cked off", it really does make you think that this song is purely about how messed up America is in their eyes. The song itself is a good one, WiL's vocals vary so much and it's amazing how diverse he is.

        5) Bridge of Reason, Shore of Faith
        A rather distressing start to the song, which is a film excerpt from the great film 'Stand By Me', I do think though it works well. The song is another heavy one, WiL once again showing his diversity in his voice. The beat is a good steady one, and the message behind this song?! Well, with lyrics such as "We're all righteous, we have lost our faith", "Faith here we go, here we go, well it's all washed up", it doesn't really leave you to think much else apart from the fact that this song is about religion and having faith in something that doesn't make sense.

        6) Life Left Behind
        The beginning of this song is lovely, the lone guitar is beautiful and the soft drumming with WiL's soft yet raspy voice over it all. It's a relatively slow song for Aiden, which slowly picks up. I must admit I'm not a huge fan on the first change with the guitar in the beginning, it sounds wrong, but when the song picks up I think it's a great song. As mentioned in 'The Dawn Breaking Tide' about how WiL used to do drugs etc. well this song to me sounds like he is just looking back on his life, seeing how much it's changed, and how much he has achieved, the title of the song obviously shows that!

        7) Looking Glass Eye
        A heavy, yet fast track now, it's almost metal. I must admit I was very disappointed it went from being that heavy, to the very slow soft beginning...it really wasn't blended in well, but as the song progresses it gets its heaviness back, and it works really well. With lyrics like "I remember times when skies were grey", "I have found life" and "I've found a better life I promise you" kind of indicate that it has the same meaning as 'Life Left Behind', about how WiL has left his 'bad' life behind to make something of himself.

        8) Fifteen
        Another heavy-ish song now, it has a very similar feeling to the previous song. This song though, when you listen to the lyrics is basically WiL's life story, fifteen he was kicked out, sixteen saying goodbye to people for the last time, seventeen living on the streets, I think this song also proves how hard WiL's life was, and how hard he has worked for what he has done! I love the use of the phrase 'Live fast, die young' within this song and I think it works really well. I love this song, it's so meaningful and you can sense it, give it a listen and decide for yourself!

        9) Kid Becomes The Dream
        I love the guitar solo at the beginning with the drums over the top, its a great start to a track and when WiL's voice kicks in, the whole song picks up. I think that this song is great, mainly because it shows WiL's singing abilities and not just his 'screaming' abilities. The song itself is showing how even though bad things happen within life to not give up on what you dream about, and to still go for it. With lyrics like "I won't resist this life, become the dream" and "You'll always make mistakes in life, become the dream" to prove the meaning of this song.

        10) Cold December
        A slower song now, followed by a steady strum of the guitar, with WiL's mesmerising voice over the top. I love the way this song really does build up right from the beginning and it still shocks me when the song actually kicks in, and WiL's voice completely changes. The lyrics kind of show that this is an unconventional 'break-up' song possibly? "I will never trust again", "I will never love again". This is one of my favourite songs off the album, and I really recommend you listen to it!

        11) World By Storm
        This song actually starts off with a sound clip from an American film 'Boondock Saints', bit of trivia right there for you! Yet again another up beat song from Aiden, and I love this song, possibly one of my favourites ever by them, and may I just add this song is absolutely amazing live!!! I think the thing that makes me love this song so much is the meaning behind it all, my interpretation of the song is people standing up for what they believe in and keeping hold of their dreams and not giving up. I love it so much, bravo Aiden for creating one of my favourite all time songs!

        12) [Untitled] (HIDDEN TRACK)
        Now, I've put this as a separate track, mainly because it's a song within a song...this track is hidden at the end of 'World by Storm' and you have to wait about 11minutes to hear, but it is so worth it! It's a purely acoustic song, just an acoustic guitar and WiL's stunning voice. This track does contain some dark lyrics, "I can see those bloodstained sheets", however it is such a beautiful song. My interpretation of this song is a view on death, mainly due to the lyrics again "Where'd these demons come from tonight?", "Where'd these halo's come from tonight?", "I guess just one last trip to set us back, and tear us apart". I think this song is so beautifully made, and it does make me shed a tear it's that beautiful!

        With a running time of 34minutes and 3seconds it is a relatively short album for what contains 12 tracks. Overall though I think this is a fantastic first album from what was an unheard of band. They have a very unique punk rock feel to them, and WiL's voice is fantastic! I would definitely recommend this album over any of their other albums, not because this is their best, but mainly because it shows how much Aiden have evolved with their music over time!
        The songs themselves are very meaningful, each song has its own meaning, which is pretty obvious when you listen to the lyrics. I think that Aiden have proven that they're not just about making the music, but also spreading their messages via their amazing lyrics.


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        01.03.2012 18:04
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        A very dark album, but a great one!

        William Control, you may recognise him if you're in to the rock music scene, and you would be right to as he is from the punk/rock band Aiden. In 2008 WiL Francis decided that he was to take a break from Aiden and in fact pursue his own solo career, which to date has now had a total of 2 albums released, with a new one upcoming in 2012. WiL's main reason for breaking away from the band (although this did not mean Aiden were no longer!) was due to the fact that the solo project he had in mind was very different to the music style Aiden were, thus not wanting to change the bands reputation.

        One thing about this album already just to warn you guys before you listen! It's very, very dark, there are some quite upsetting lyrics in the album, and also a real life 911 call, which is distressing to listen to. I was lucky enough to see this album on tour, and I must admit it was probably one of the weirdest gigs I have been too, which in away made me happy because not only is the album dark and obscene, but the stage show itself compliments the album beautifully.

        1) Prologue
        The beginning of this album, this prologue, really just sets the dark tune for the whole of the album. With lyrics like "You will not like me now and you will like me a good deal less as we go on" and "I am William Control, and I did not want you to like me", it kind of makes you worry about how dark the album really is. I think WiL has such a great way of setting a mood for an album, and although this Prologue makes you anticipate what is to come, even though you know it's going to be one hell of a dark album.

        2) Beautiful Loser
        Now, this is probably the happiest song on the album, maybe to perk you up a bit after the Prologue!?! Even though I said its happy...I was referring to the backing of it all...the lyrics are still messed up in times "F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, I wanna f*ck til we bleed". This is one of my favourite songs, and I think this song completely proves how different his solo stuff is to that of Aiden's. It's a great first song to start off with, and this was also the first ever song anyone had heard by William Control as he in fact uploaded it on his MySpace profile for all to listen to...for free!

        3) Strangers
        This song just has a dark feel to it to begin with, the guitar and the bass is just deep, slow and gives a 'creepy'. When the lyrics kick in, yes, it confirms it is in fact a very dark song, "He picks her up and ties the rope, so tight her cuffs are swelling black and blue", oh dear, this really isn't a song for the feint hearted! This song does have a rather 'happy' chorus when comparing to the rest of the song. Now, if you're listening to this song around friends or family...I would probably mute it or turn it off at 2minutes 30seconds...mainly because there is a very 'sexual' part to the song...which last for like 35seconds, and from first hand experience, it's an awkward moment when someone walks in to you listening to this song!

        4) Hate Culture
        This song does have a very similar beginning to the previous song...but it is slower and still sets the dark mood. This song does have a very slow feeling about it, as well as a very electro feel throughout the whole song. The lyrics aren't as dark as the previous...but then again the lyrics couldn't get any darker in the last song!! The song, although being the albums name, is slow, and if anything a bit boring! I like the song yes...but there's not so much excitement in it.

        5) Tranquilize
        I love the start of this song, in fact, I love this song altogether. It's a very electro feeling track with a really soothing beginning, yet again WiL is proving how different his solo career is to Aiden. A track like this makes me really confused if this is in fact the same WiL from Aiden...his voice sounds so different, very deep and mesmerising. The lyrics aren't that dark considering previous songs, but there is still that dark element "I've made a trade for your soul, I'll give you mine". This song is relatively short, and does seem to be over the second you started listening to it, which is unfortunate, but it's a good song...mainly just a repeat of the chorus, but still a good listen!

        6) Razors Edge
        Yet another song with a very electro feel, yet unfortunately this song sounds very similar to 'Hate Culture', not sure what it is but there are huge similarities unfortunately. The song is very dark again, but a bit heavier on the instrumental side of things. The lyrics don't sounds that dark, but when you really listen to them, "Show the world how to fear and blaspheme, here's the rope pull it tight, show me dark and obscene". I love how the song is slow for a majority but does pick up and has a very dark spoken 'rap' by WiL halfway through. The 'rap' builds up to the catchy chorus, not a typical catchy chorus, but still.

        7) We Are Already Here
        This song, if you can call it that is really just a 12second 'skit'. It features children saying 'William Control' and 'We are all going to hell'. It's disturbing...mainly because it's children saying it!

        8) Cemetery
        A very deep bass to start this song, followed by the electro feeling synth. It feels like an upbeat song and doesn't feel half as dark as the other songs, which is nice as it's more like the 2nd track on the album. I must admit though, this really isn't one of my favourite songs by him, it's kind of boring, and easily forgettable! I do love the chorus though, it's upbeat and catchy! This song is mainly about religion, "I don't believe in God, like you believe in me", which is a first for William Control!

        9) Don't Cry For Me
        Another short song now, but a dark one still. The song lacks the electro feel, it's still present but not as much. It's got some hauntingly beautiful guitar in it, and the beat of the song is also a toe-tapper. This song, like another on the album is forgettable, it's worth a listen, but if it came on my iPod I would likely skip the song, it's boring, and really just not for me.

        10) Damned
        Now, the electro feel is back, and its a long intro to the song...which is a bit repetitive and you just want the lyrics to kick in! When they do, they're almost 'acoustic' as there is not really much going on behind WiL's voice. This song has a mixture of emotions in it, it has the anger, it has the sympathy, and it also has a very 'governmental hate' feel to it.

        11) The Whipping Haus
        Now, with a title like 'The Whipping Haus', you kind of know what to expect...it's got the electro start, which is accompanied by a very 'disturbing' sex sound, oh dear, another very dark. The lyrics keep up with the very dark theme, "The whipping haus trades sex for human slaves", "All choked up on vomit", to me this song is more about the bondage 'dominating' sex that many people desire, mainly due to the lyrics, and the backing behind the song of the constant 'sex audio'. I do like this song, it's up-beat, a little weird and above all DIFFERENT. Something you would have never heard of before.

        12) London Town
        I love this song so much! It's a beautiful acoustic song, just an acoustic guitar, chillingly brilliant violin and then WiL's dark distinct voice. It's such a lovely way to end the album. The lyrics aren't actually that dark either, which is really a nice change. It's got a more of a love song feel to it...not like a typical ballad love song, but the whole feel of it. In my opinion this song is expressing his love for London, as it is one of his favourite places (Camden to be specific), and the song is called London Town, so there you go...
        I advise you to turn the album off after the London Town as noticeably finished, if not there is a hidden 'track' which is highly distressing and still upsets me when it's on, it's a real life 911 call and it's not a pleasant one to say the least!

        With a running time of 46minutes and 34 seconds this album is unlike anything you will have ever heard before. It's dark, its different and it certainly makes you worry about what's going through WiL's head for him to think of the lyrics to these songs! It's a great album, and definitely worth a listen if you're into the very alternative music. However, if you are wanting to listen to this album because you love Aiden and want to hear more, don't. It's so unreal at how different this stuff is compared to Aiden, even WiL has changed a lot vocally!

        Three pieces of trivia for you here...which I never knew until 'researching' the background a little bit...so I made sure my facts were correct:
        1) The prologue of this album is in fact featured on the 2005 film 'The Libertine' featuring Johnny Depp.
        2) Beautiful Loser was in fact featured on an advert for "Adventures in Babysitting", a 'flick' shown on Cartoon Network
        3) Strangers was in fact part of the soundtrack for Saw V


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          28.02.2012 18:34
          Very helpful



          A great album, they have many places to improve on though!

          **This is a review of the UK ALBUM Release (without the bonus tracks!)...not the 'standard' release**

          Kill Hannah are a relatively old band...forming in 1993 (when I was just 2 years old!!!!) Now, 18 years down the line (making me 20!) they are still going, and this is probably the biggest they've ever been! I was first drawn to them when I was dragged along to a gig by my sister, expecting them to be anything but good! Instead I was pleasantly surprised, and in awe of their amazing stage show they put on...even for a supporting act! This is the album that really got me hooked on Kill Hannah, I have now seen them 4 times, and am going to see them again in a few weeks :D

          Kill Hannah, a relatively weird, unconventional and name is actually based on the lead singer, Mat Devine's, ex-girlfriend. This album, 'Until There's Nothing Left Of Us' is in fact their 5th studio album release which didn't do so great within the charts, but however the fans still loved it! The members present for this album were: Mat Devine (vocalist), Jonathan Radtke (guitarist), Dan Wiese (guitarist), Greg Corner (bassist) and Garrett Hammond (drummer).

          1) (Sleep Tight)
          Such a bizarre start to an album...it's just really a collection of noise...of god knows what to begin with. Then there's the guitar, the drums and the steady beat...the way it's all collaborated makes it have a kind of 'outer space' feel to it. Mat's voice sounds so lovely on this, it's so soft, and warming.

          2) Believer
          I love the beginning of this album, it's upbeat and as simple as it sounds, it works so well. Kill Hannah have a very 'unconventional' feel about them. Their lyrics leave a lot to desire at times, for example 'Take this heart, it's ticking like a cheap clock', it's not really a genius' writing. It's good though, I personally like this song.

          3) Lips Like Morphine
          Now, this is the song that really made me stop and pay full attention to them on stage. It was one everyone seemed to know, and probably their most well-known, if you've ever heard of Kill Hannah then this song probably springs to mind! Personally one of my favourites by them, the lyrics are a little better than last time...maybe classed as an unconventional love song? "I want a girl with lips like morphine, knock me out every time they touch", a little dark maybe, but cute at the same time!

          4) Boys & Girls
          A very electro feel to the beginning of this song, and when they have lasers coming out of their guitars in their performance you can see how it all links together. I love this song, another one of my favourites. Yet again the lyrics do leave a lot to hope for, with them being fairly simple, and they do seem kind of unimaginative. The song overall has a lot going on...which works great, and Mat's voice sounds husky, and soft at the same time!

          5) Songs That Saved My Life
          A slower start to this song than the previous, and this song kind of proves that within their genre, they are still relatively versatile...it has a different feel to the song than the previous, it's not as happy, but still makes for a great song. The lyrics seem to have improved too...not greatly, but they have.

          6) Crazy Angel
          My favourite by them by far! The beginning of the song builds a little bit of suspense, slowly building up into their electro feel again. This song, though feeling upbeat is a little slower than you'd expect. Mat's voice is astounding, it's so crisp, so mesmerising and unlike anyone's voice I have heard before. I just love the whole way this song has been put together and it's well worth a listen!

          7) 10 More Minutes
          A beautiful guitar solo to start with, and it's soon to be accompanied by Mat's soft, yet cutting voice. This song proves more than any other, I think, that his voice is so distinct, and beautifully mastered. The song itself is a relatively slow one, and I hate to admit, but a kind of boring one too! It's very repetitive, which is what I think makes it boring. I'm not saying I don't like it, it's just not one of their better songs.

          8) The Collapse
          This song is misleading! You think from the beginning that it's going to be a slow song...but it builds up without you expecting it, and when the chorus kicks in it's more heavier and upbeat than you'd think. I do love this song, and it has their authentic electro feel to it...with Mat's stunning voice too. The lyrics...meh, yet again they're really not that good.

          9) Love You To Death
          An unconventional love song now, and I love it. It's the electro feel Kill Hannah are good at, and yet again Mat's voice is mesmerising. It's so hard to explain, but his voice is soft...yet cutting at the same time, I could listen to it all day!!! The drumming in this song is really quite simple...as with the guitar chords...as with (unfortunately!) the lyrics...the only thing that really excels in this song is Mat's voice.

          10) Kennedy
          Now, although I said 'Lips Like Morphine' was one of their more popular songs...it could be argued that this song is, it has in fact been featured on a few TV shows, one being the ever popular 'One Tree Hill'. The song itself has a fast tempo, and for once it has quite imaginative lyrics "Such romantic eyes, got me hypnotised" (probably not the best example!)! It's relatively plain (not boring!) at the beginning of the song, but soon enough the song kicks in and there is their electro stamp all over the song! I can see why it has featured on such TV programmes.

          11) Black Poison Blood
          A slow song now, the second on the album, which is quite nice as I really don't think Kill Hannah do that great at the slow songs. It has a very long, rather boring, lead up to the start of the song...and really, I don't like this song...I'm really not sure why, it just lacks something...maybe excitement? Even though it does build up to the chorus, we shouldn't have to wait until then to get into a song! Yet again the only good thing I can say is Mat's voice is spot on and he never fails!

          12) (Life In The Arctic)
          A bizarre ending to the album...much like the way it was introduced...yet another 'outer space' feel to it! I love how the deep bass comes in too...

          With a running total of 42minutes and 3seconds it's a relatively average running time for a 12 tracked album...baring in mind that there is an 'intro' and an 'outro' on this album, so disregarding that it's around 38minutes for 10 tracks. The album itself is good...it's easy listening. If you're looking for something deep and meaningful this album probably isn't for you as it seems to lack a lot of imagination, and seems to me that they just wanted to produce an album.

          May I also point out that some of the songs on this album (3 in total), previously appeared on their 'For Never and Ever' album...so really there are only 7 new tracks to this album, which is a little disappointing! The 3 songs seen on the previous album are: Kennedy, 10 More Minutes With You and Boys & Girls. Which to me are 3 of the best songs on here....maybe a cheap way to get the album up to an 'album track listing' amount.
          Regardless of these comments, I do urge you to check them out. I still love them, and really, don't knock them until you've tried them!


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          24.02.2012 18:02
          Very helpful



          A good album, not as good as their first though! Certain elements are lacking.

          The second album release from My Passion was one I had waited for for a long time! The line-up of the electro-rock band had changed slightly since their first album too with a new permanent drummer Jamie Nicholls, replacing Jonathan Gaskin who it is pleasant to see a lot more of...mainly because he is so very talented you never got to see how much when he was sat behind a drum kit!

          1) Into The Machine
          When I listened to this song for the very first time, it got everything in me excited, I was like a child on Christmas Eve, I had waited so long to hear this album, and the adrenalin was pumping...it's exciting, and you just can feel the 'My Passion' seeping out of the track, especially when the song kicks in properly.

          2) Seven Birds
          A very electro feeling to this song, I like how it builds up...just to drop straight back down again! Some of the lyrics are quite dark "I suppose I'll survive, but not because you want me to". I absolutely love how Gaskin now has a voice within the band, he puts in a lot of hard work into the album, and the songs, and you finally get to here his voice, which compliments Laurence's perfectly. It's a great song to kick the album off to a great start with! It does have a heavier feel to it, and I love how they've combined the electro style into a heavier rock style too.

          3) The Mess We Made of Our Lives
          This starts with Laurence's beautiful voice over an equally beautiful synth beginning. It kicks in so heavily straight away too...it's an unconventional dance song, definitely feeling the electro feel, but yet again they've incorporated their 'rockiness' into the song too! Yet again Gaskin's voice is so complimentary to Laurence's, they really are such a great band, and they're so talented and unrecognised for it.

          4) Asleep in the Asylum
          One of my favourite songs by the boys now (I have the lyrics "This girl is naive" tattooed on me!)...it starts off with a haunting keyboard intro, and slowly in comes the electric guitar, the beginning always gives me goosebumps, and Laurence's voice, almost a whisper encourages the goosebumps more! I've said it before, and I will say it again (& probably again later in the review), but Gaskin and Laurence really are great singers, and I honestly think this song proves it more than any other! Some of the lyrics are a little confusing...they even confuse me "& then the father came, with the washing line", and yes it is "the washing line", it has in fact been confirmed by the My Passion boys themselves!

          5) Come Back to Me
          I love this song, another of my favourites by them, and it is so not like My Passion. A slow song, with soft meaningful lyrics. It's a beautifully composed song, and it really does show how talented Gaskin is (he wrote all of the songs on this album...instruments included!). It's an unconventional love song, and a beautiful one. I love how the chorus gets heavier, and the verses go back to their softness. I can get lost in this song, and I can listen to it forever. It's so delicate, yet so heavy at the same time. Amazing.

          6) The Girl Who Lost Her Smile
          An upbeat, rock style song, this song though, I must admit does lack a lot of their electro roots. It's a great song, and another favourite off the album, but still it lacks that 'My Passion' factor about it. This song does show that they are a rock band though, and I think it's about time that they had a genre to fit into! This song does make me jump up and down, and dance wildly too though, it's still got the unconventional dance track feel to it.

          7) In My Fever
          I love the start to this song, the guitar almost sounds dirty...and Laurence's voice is just mesmerising...especially when it collaborates with Gaskin's. The song itself though does seem to lack something, I'm not sure what, but it feels boring. I do like this song, but I don't love it...it seems like it should be more exciting, but it's really not.

          8) Guilty Light
          Another slow song from the boys now, a good one, not as good as 'Come Back to Me', but still amazing. An almost acoustic song, and Laurence's voice sounds great over the guitar. John and Gaskin also really excel at the simple, yet beautifully soft guitar, the presence of the piano also sends chills down my spine, its hauntingly angelic. This song is relatively short, but it works, everything about this song works. It's amazing, and unlike anything My Passion have done before.

          9) Dance of Life
          I like the steady drum beat to start the song off...it's shortly followed by a relatively simple sounding guitar. This song however does really seem to lack the electro feel, which is disappointing as it's not the first time in the album, and that's what they were well known for, for being a unique electro rock band. This song does have a nice style to it...sometimes boring, sometimes exciting.

          10) Lily White Lies
          A rather dark start to the song...but it soon picks up, in a rather haunting way. Its another heavy song from them, yet again lacking the electro beat to the song. This song really isn't one of my favourites off the album, it can be easily, unfortunately forgotten. I do like the chorus, but that's really about it I'm afraid!!!

          11) Cage
          Now this is what I've missed, from the off it already has that electro feel to it. The lyrics, I must admit aren't that great...and at times Gaskin and Laurence sing at the same time...but different lyrics, it makes it sound messy, and as if it happened by mistake. The beat behind the song is rather boring, it doesn't vary that much within the whole song.

          12) My Confession
          I love this song, it's different, the beat is nice, the flow to the song is great, and it's a happy-go-lucky song. Another indicator here of how Laurence and Gaskin sound so well together. Although the song doesn't really have a huge element of electro to it, it's still there and it sounds brilliant.

          13) Shaking the Dead
          I think this song sounds very generic, maybe just me, but it's disappointing for a My Passion song...to be perfectly honest I don't think you could even tell it's My Passion...even though the chorus is a bit electro it's still not obviously My Passion. I kind of feel like the second half of this album was rushed...and therefore it lacks a lot of what I would expect from them. This song is mediocre...at best.

          14) A Secret Never to Be Told
          A good end to what I thought was going to be a great album but was in fact not as great as I had hoped. This song again has the electro element, which makes me happy...it's what My Passion do best! This is a relatively slow song...the guitar, the bass and the drumming is beautiful, and the voices present on the song compliment each other perfectly.

          With a running time of 47minutes and 22seconds, this album could be classed as a relatively long one, but do bare in mind that there are in fact 14 tracks on the album...so it does kind of balance out. I love My Passion, as I have mentioned before, I'm a bit said that they seem to have lost a majority of their 'electro' feel about them, although not much, you can still tell they're more of an electro band, but at the same time I do believe that they have changed their style slightly since their first album...maybe to gain more credibility? Who knows, they're still one of my favourite bands.


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          24.02.2012 16:48
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          A great 3rd album, worth a listen...or five!

          This self-titled album by Escape the Fate has been the most successful Escape the Fate album to date, featuring Craig Mabbitt as the singer (after Ronnie Radke was forced to leave the band due to prison time), it just proves that the loss of the front man did not affect Escape the Fate making it big!
          The band members present for this album were: Craig Mabbitt (vocalist), Robert Ortiz (drummer), Bryan 'Monte' Money (guitarist) and Max Green (bassist).
          The band have toured a lot with this album, the main tour being 'The Dead Masquerade' tour, unfortunately not featuring Max Green due to being in rehab, and now there is much speculation as to whether or not he will be returning to the band at all and whether or not he is to be replaced by regular touring member (replacing Max's position), TJ Bell, former bassist for Motionless in White, and Get Scared.

          1) Choose Your Fate
          An intro to the album to come...it makes you anticipate the upcoming album, and it gets me excited hearing this...it's always what they open up with when they're coming on stage, which is probably where my excitement comes from, but I love it! It gets adrenalin pumping...

          2) Massacre
          A very rocky start to the song, with deep guitar and a heavy bass line to follow it makes the song exciting, especially after the previous build up. I love the effects they put on Craig's voice, it works, and doesn't actually sound to manufactured. This song does have some dark lyrics to it "I've medicated myself again", I would LOVE to know the meaning behind the lyrics...whether it's personal towards Max or not...I guess something I'll never know!

          3) Issues
          A slower song than previous, but it's good, it builds up slowly to an amazingly catchy chorus. This is a contender for my favourite song off the album. Craig's voice matches the song perfectly, the backing guitar and drums is addictive to listen to. Monte proves how godly he is on guitar in this song too, with a mesmerising guitar solo it's hard not to notice how talented he is!

          4) Zombie Dance
          I love the slow beat to this song...I love this song all round if I'm honest! It has the element of everything you want in a rock song, the heavy guitar, the great singer, and the general epicness of it all! It's a catchy song, especially the "We're already dead" part, and the backing behind it too! This shows Escape the Fate as they are...it's not sugar coating them, and even though it sounds the same as any other band, it really doesn't at the same time, it's unique, and yet again Monte showcases his guitar abilities, mesmerising me once again!

          5) Gorgeous Nightmare
          This song, possibly one of my favourites off the album...again. It's catchy, it's heavy and the lyrics go round in my head all day! It starts with an up-tempo guitar riff...followed by a solid drum beat. Craig's voice is very dark within this song too, very deep and it works so well. I love how the title of the song shows how 'contradictory' the song is...a gorgeous nightmare, two words you wouldn't necessarily put together! The guitar solo is brilliant, its amazing, and Monte yet again shows how talented he really is! This song is dark, but it's sexy, and I think that's the first time I've ever called a song sexy, but listen to it and you'll see what I mean!

          6) City of Sin
          A slow build up into this song now...I say slow, it builds up pretty quickly, but the way it builds up is unlike any other of their songs. This song sounds very experimental, it's not really something like Escape the Fate have done before. It's another catchy song, and another of my favourites, but although it's not their 'normal' music they nail it, and they succeed so much! The toe-tapping beat, the catchy lyrics and the electrifying guitar solo makes this song everything you want and more.

          7) Day of Wreckoning
          This is really the first song where Craig has properly showcased his 'screaming' abilities, and you realise what the previous songs have been lacking. Another catchy song, in my opinion not one of the best on the album, still a great song, I'm not doubting that for one minute, but it still leaves a lot to want. It's a very generic rock song, and I think it lacks that Escape the Fate twist on it.

          8) Lost in Darkness
          A dark song now, the lyrics are really very dark, and the whole song itself does seep a 'creepiness' about it too. Craig showcases his deep voice again, maybe that's what makes the song that little bit darker. Lyrics such as "Her blood runs red all through the street", "She feels his breath down her skin and bones" really do show how dark the song is. The way it has all been composed though makes it a beautifully slow track, another Escape the Fate feel to the song.

          9) Prepare Your Weapon
          An almost 'metal' starting to the song, and it's exciting! You could just imagine a 'circle mosh pit' happening to the beginning of this song, it's heavy, it's exciting and I love it. It's still Escape the Fate although the beginning doesn't really show that it's them too much. I must admit I am a bit disappointed that the beginning of the song promises so much to be led to a mediocre chorus that leaves you wanting more from it. Overall, it's a good song, not great, not rubbish.

          10) World Around Me
          A slower song now, that never fully picks up, but that's not me saying the song isn't good, because it is, if anything it can get a little boring especially seeing as the song is over 5minutes long, it seems like there should be a something to excite you a little bit, but it lacks that completely. I really don't have much to say about the song, it's my least favourite on the album, and that's saying something because I love this album, it just leaves you wanting that bit of extra 'oomf' to the song that you're just not getting.

          11) The Aftermath (G3)
          What a way to end an album! A fast, up-tempo song now, almost could be classed as metal, the playing of the instruments is sensational, and Craig's vocals over the top are amazing! Now, the G3 stands for "The Guillotine, Part 3", which is quite funny, as that means each of the three albums have featured "The Guillotine" on, maybe this song is a 'revenge' song to Ronnie as there are some lyrics which just hint anger "All's fair in love and war", "This battles over, this war has been won", "Raise a fist to fight", either way it makes a fantastic song! The guitar solo by Monte is a very 'Dragonforce' style solo, and if you know who I'm talking about then you realise how fast and intricate the solo is, yet again showing how talented he is...more than any other song! This is why I love Escape the Fate, they're talented, and so very underrated. One of my favourite songs off the album, and one of the best songs I've ever seen performed live!

          With a total running time of 40minutes and 11seconds this album leads you wanting nothing more, except another release from the Escape the Fate boys! You can completely see why it is one of their more successful albums as it has a lot of different aspects within the album! It shows off each members individual talents and shows that they are in fact an underrated band. Give it a listen, you will not regret it and you certainly won't be disappointed!


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          24.02.2012 15:57
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          A unique band, worth a listen, and listen to the lyrics! They're darker than you'd imagine!

          Pierce the Veil, formed in 2006 after the 'break up' of their previous band Early Times. Now although not technically true, this was the first album from Pierce the Veil...even though Vic & Mike Fuentes (brothers both present in the two bands) released an earlier album with Early Times...strictly speaking this is the first Pierce the Veil album. Now, Pierce the Veil are quite hard to categorise...they are definitely a rock band...but defining them to a specific rock genre is hard because they are so unique and so different!

          This album had the following members present: Vic Fuentes (vocalist, guitarist), Mike Fuentes (drummer), Tony Perry (lead guitarist) and Jaime Preciado (bassist). This has always been the line up for Pierce the Veil (NOT Early Times!). All of the songs on this album were written by Mike and Vic...thus proving from the off how talented they really are!

          1) Chemical Kids & Mechanical Brides
          I like the start to this song, it's very soothing, and gently eases you in to the album. It's a very simple start, but it's a start that builds up and does slowly introduce you to Vic's unique high pitched voice..which is to die for!!! I think that's why this band are so unique. This song is a good one...mixed with the slow beat building up to an energetic song. What a song to open your first album under a new band name, it really shows you 'Pierce the Veil' as they are.

          2) Currents Convulsive
          An exciting deep guitar solo to start off with...followed by Vic's very unique voice. The lyrics are so dark you just don't realise due to Vic's happy up-beat voice, "She'd rather see me dead than face me". The song doesn't have a very obvious chorus...but it's good all the same! A very unconventional love song, but a great one. A song I could listen to over and over! The guitar solos are tight, the voice over it all fits perfectly and a chillingly great ending to it.

          3) Yeah Boy & Doll Face
          An acoustic Vic to start off with, and it's lovely, his voice is one you could listen to all day. Yet again dark lyrics from them "Another boy without a sharper knife", "How do you know how deep to go before it's real". But you really don't notice how dark the lyrics are again! Vic does such a great job of brightening up otherwise depressing lyrics! This is possibly one of my favourite songs off the album (although it is a contender with many others!).

          4) I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous
          An upbeat start to the song, followed by Jaime's delightful screaming over the top...it's legible screaming though. Dark lyrics again!! "You're so pretty when you dress for the grave", "You love money and the sex in your veins". Probably not the best examples...you can kind of tell that the lyrics are darker...yes Vic is still very upbeat throughout the whole song...but you do focus in more on the lyrics...well I do anyway! The beat is so catchy and the song is overall! It seems like a really short one, and it makes me want to listen to it again!

          5) The Cheap Bouquet
          Another dramatic entrance from the boys...it makes you stop and listen. I like it though, even though there is the dramatic start it soon slows down a bit and is a calmer song than what you expect from the start. This seems to be a reoccurring thing but the lyrics are dark...you don't realised them "Burn, like you've never done before", "This must be the way it ends", "These severed hands are doing the very best they can". Vic yet again fulfils making the song happy! The ending is a very dramatic one too...very abrupt, so it seems the start followed right through to the end! Love it!

          6) Falling Asleep on a Stranger
          A slower song now, after the previous two extremely upbeat ones its a nice change! It's also the first song on the album that doesn't have concerning dark lyrics! It's more like a love song, but a sad love song...It's weird how when the lyrics are dark, Vic makes the track happy, when the lyrics aren't dark, the song itself is dark! I like how they can do this...but it's so confusing sometimes!

          7) She Sings in the Morning
          An extremely great guitar solo and build up to the song to start...soon to be followed by an enjoyably fast song...it's amazing how tight the instruments sound especially at the speed they're playing too! Vic, whilst singing slow, fits in extremely well and it's a good song. The song does seem to lack a chorus...and seems to be VERY short...maybe because the song is so fast that it makes you forget what's really going on in the song. The instruments are really the 'wow' factor of this song as you pay more attention to them than Vic's voice.

          8) The Balcony Scene
          The piano starting this song, while simple is hauntingly beautiful. A slower song...and a short song too, with only 3minutes and 19seconds it really isn't a long song...but it's good at the length it is. I would personally say that this song is one of the most boring on the album...not saying it is, but if the album didn't have this song then it wouldn't go down in my estimations at all. It does have a lovely guitar solo in though. The lyrics again aren't dark...but the song is...CONFUSING!

          9) Drella
          An upbeat song now...and for an upbeat song what follows?! Dark lyrics!!! Granted, not as dark as the previous songs, but still they have the dark element to them! It's another short song, which does disappoint me as I don't want this album to end! I think that Vic's voice is the main part of this song...the instruments seem to have been kept simple compared to previous songs on the album.

          10) Diamonds & Why Men Buy Them
          It makes me sad that this is the second to last song off the album. It's such a great album...and I love this song...it's upbeat, happy and toe-tappingly great!!! The song isn't really that dark either for the upbeat-ness of the song...the darkest the lyrics probably get are "I saw the moon divorce the sky", and yet even that isn't that dark! The song seems short...even though it isn't, I feel it ends too early. I must admit the song does get a little boring and seems repetitive...but only for like 30seconds!

          11) Wonderless
          I LOVE this song, possibly one of my favourites of all time, and definitely my favourite off the album. It's a very relaxed, and acoustic like song. It's a love song, a beautiful one at that! Vic's voice does this song so much justice and it suits the song so much! It seems to lack a chorus, but it really doesn't matter that much. It's lovely to see Pierce the Veil do a slow song and excel so well! A beautiful ending to an amazing album!

          With a running time of 40minutes and 29seconds it's just not long enough! I could listen to Vic's voice all day, it's so mesmerising! I think as a first album under the name of Pierce the Veil it is a huge success! So individual and Vic's voice is something like you've never heard before! I definitely recommend you listen to this album! Judge for yourself, but I honestly don't think you'll be disappointed!!!!


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        • White Butterfly - InMe / Music Album / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
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          24.02.2012 14:53
          Very helpful



          Worth a listen, probably an album to listen to while wanting to kill some time.

          This is the 2nd album from the rock band InMe who originate from Essex, UK. This album was also the last album to feature Joe Morgan who features as the bassist on this album. Now a lot of people went off InMe after this album, mainly due to their style changing, 'White Butterfly' is a much softer album in comparison to their 'Overgrown Eden' album which was their debut. I personally like this album, it's when I first got into InMe, but if you're looking for their heavier stuff this probably isn't the album for you!

          1) 7 Weeks
          It is a great start to an album with a heavy beat to start with, and the lyrics sung very softly. I think this is one of the best songs from the album, and has a very toe-tapping beat with an extremely catchy chorus. It has a very 'poppy' feel to it, unlike their previous 'alternative metal' stuff. The song is catchy and I could repeat it over and over and not get bored of it! I love how raspy Dave McPherson's voice can sound at times; it's very 'hot'!

          2) So You Know
          Such a change from the first song, a very soft, slow song. I love it, another favourite song of mine by InMe! I love how Dave's song in the first verse is only accompanied by the drums, it works perfectly, and the chorus contains all the elements of a 'love rock' song. The lyrics are meaningful, and you can tell that it is a love/hate song.

          3) This Town
          One of my favourite songs of all time now...not sure why but I love it. I think it's such a soothing song...and great song to listen to if you're having a down day...it's one of them songs you can cry to and get all your anger/upset out. I love love love love it!!! It's another slow song, and I think that it's such a great one...Dave's voice is so soft, yet still has his raspiness present. It has a 'break-up' song feel to it which is probably why it's such an emotional song. Listen to it, you won't regret it!

          4) Otherside
          A fade in of a upbeat distorted guitar riff, followed by the deep bass beat. In comes Dave's screaming and you think for a minute it is much like their previous heavier stuff, and yet it changes round so quickly as the beat slows right down, Dave sings and no longer screams. That being said, it's still a very good song, I love how it has a heavier feel to it, yet is a relatively soft song. It confuses the hell out of me! Dave's raspy voice makes another appearance, and it's still to die for!

          5) Faster the Chase
          A very sexy guitar riff, followed by the beautiful voice that is Dave's. It sounds a bit heavier than some of the other stuff on the album. I think it's the verses that make it sound heavier as the chorus is more melodic and softer overall. I think it's an easily forgettable song as there's not really a huge lot of 'wow' factor about the song!

          6) You'll Get There
          This song reminds me a lot of 'This Town' & 'So You Know', it has the slow beat, the poppy love song lyrics and just a general 'poppy' feel to it. I do love it though, I think they suit slow songs, and as the song builds up to the chorus you realise Dave's talents and the raspiness makes yet another appearance! A repetitive, sometimes boring song, but don't let that put you off giving it a listen! I love the almost whisper, almost singing part of the song; it's touching and gives me goose-bumps!

          7) White Butterfly
          Now, personally I prefer the acoustic version of this...but each to their own. I think the song is too 'heavy' for the way in which it is sung. This version is good, and I can listen to it more than once...but still the acoustic version does more justice to this song! I think it's the one time that Dave's voice sounds different to the rest of the album, it works and I'm happy he is versatile.

          8) Safe in a Room
          Another of my favourite songs off the album, I think it's a great, upbeat track that I sing along to for ages as it's stuck in my head...yes another catchy song! I love Dave's voice in this song too...which seems to be a reoccurring thing throughout this album! This is what the band should be doing...this kind of song, it works extremely well and reminds me a lot of '7 Weeks', definitely worth a listen...maybe on YouTube.

          9) Just A Glimpse
          Another heavier song from InMe, they succeed and it does get the ol' excitement flowing...for nothing really though as from the end of this song the album goes downhill. I love how raspy Dave's voice is, maybe that's why I enjoy InMe. His voice is unique and I think this song proves it at its best! A very up-beat song...yet forgettable and not one I would listen to over and over unfortunately!

          10) Almost Lost
          Such a beautiful instrumental start to the song, yet it leaves a lot of wanting from it. It's boring...I feel harsh saying that...but it really is, it's not exciting, it's as if you've heard it before...I really don't have much to say about this song...mediocre, if that.

          11) World Apart
          I think this song, although another slow one, is a very acoustic one, well it is in the beginning but soon gets heavier which you're kind of not expecting. I think it's great with the way Dave's voice can adjust with the heavier parts and the softer parts...even though it doesn't change that much, it fits. Personally, it would have been better acoustic, I think the heavier parts ruin it a little bit.

          12) Chamber
          I love the beginning of this song, it's very calming, and relaxing. Yet again another slow song from InMe, this album seems to be all about the slow songs! Although, that being said, they excel at the slower songs, I think it suits McPherson's voice perfectly. It's an okayish song to end the album on, but with such a great start to the album it seems to have gone downhill. Chamber is quite a boring song...not really much going in, and unfortunately easily forgettable.

          With a running time of 43minutes and 34seconds it's an average length album...for an average album overall. I personally think that this genre they've 'experimented' with works incredibly well for them, and I do personally enjoy how they mix their heavier stuff with this album. However, this being said, I am really not sure if this album works well overall, I'm not sure if this really suits them, or even if they should have experimented with it. I would recommend this album...but maybe borrow it off a friend instead of buying it. This album does however possess one of my favourite songs of all time...it doesn't mean I'm being biased, this album is a bit of a let down with a few golden tracks on!


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          Different, unique, unlike any other band on the music scene!

          My Passion are currently a 5 piece band from London, England...however when this album was released they were only a 4 piece band, lacking the drummer that is now present, Jamie Nicholls. The line-up for this band is: Laurence Rene (vocalist), John Be (guitarist), Simon Rowlands (bassist) and Jonathan Gaskin (the drummer in this album, but now a vocalist, percussionist and guitarist).

          Corporate Flesh Party is the debut album from the ever growing band My Passion. I first got into them when I saw Kill Hannah live in Bristol and My Passion were a much suited support band...and that's where I got hooked and fell in love! Since then I have seen them 7 times, and have met them 6! I also have the 'My Passion heart' tattooed on my wrist...they truly are my most favourite band of all time. They're quite hard to classify within a specific genre, they're classed as rock...but they have a very unheard of unique sound...much like it's hard to classify Muse, My Passion almost give the same predicament!!

          1) Crazy & Me
          Such a statement for a beginning of an album, it's almost a "We're here, pay attention", it is one of their 'slower' songs, but its great. Rene's lyrics are very statement like, but it works. I must admit that this song doesn't have as much of their electro feel as I would like, but the guitar is hauntingly beautiful, with a toe-tapping yet simple beat to it. I love how the song feels upbeat for their slower type of song...then it does gradually slow down to an almost acoustic state...but you feel the build up, you feel the tension, and BOOM, they succeed in the break down and build up. This is why I love these boys, they're unique and do it so flawlessly!

          2) Play Dirty
          A fun and upbeat song that gets stuck in your head straight away! Laurence's high pitched vocals at the beginning get you excited and make you anticipate what's coming up. It has a very dance song beat to it, one that makes you want to dance about. Laurence is a very talented singer, not only can he sing high pitched, as well deep as well as screaming, and this song shows how good he really is as he uses all 3 of his voice talents! It is a relatively short song (I wish it went on for longer) but still a great one, it has a very abrupt ending too, which I think works brilliantly. I love this song, possibly one of my favourites by them!

          3) Day of the Bees
          Here, yet again, they are showcasing their amazing electro beats. An up-beat beginning soon to be followed by a halting "Hold Back", which is great. It's yet again another unconventional dance song which I in fact could dance to! The lyrics are simple, but effective, I love how the song slows down when you least expect it, and picks up unexpectedly too! The guitar in this is extraordinary followed by a chillingly great synthesiser, this band are who they are, and I love that they are so different!

          4) Never Everland
          A flashy, experimental start, which suits the band to a t! There are some lovely lyrics in this song "let's get old and sit in the window", which is not really what you'd expect from the band but still. Another dancey feel to the song, building up and breaking down at random points, but fantastic! Laurence yet again shows his talent, his screaming suits the song brilliantly, and it's legible screaming, you can hear what he's screaming, and you can tell he's actually singing and screaming at the same time! AMAZING!

          5) Winter for Lovers
          I love the beginning of this song, it's very relaxing. This song, although unlike their other dancey feel songs, is still very unique, you can tell it's My Passion even though it is a slow song. The electro beat seems to be lacking, not that it really matters at all, its good that they can show versatility...but still remain themselves all the same. It has an almost love song feel to it, probably because it's slow? I don't know! I love how the beat slowly picks up for like 30seconds, then goes straight back to the slow beat it originally started with, you don't think it's out of place, it's genius and I love it! Another abrupt ending, which yet again works perfectly!

          6) Hot in the Dolls House
          I love the feel of this song, starting off with the single presence of the synthesiser, and then in kicks the drums and the guitar! I love the way its thought and planned out! This song goes back to their unconventional dance feel. The guitar, yet sounding simple sounds more complex with the presence of the voice and the synth. It's quite a heavy track...one that is amazing performed live, and you just jump/dance to the beat.

          7) After Calais
          I'm not really sure if I class this as a song...but maybe due to it's feel of an 'intro/outro' nature. It's slow, the lyrics are softly sung, the synth is repetitive but soothing, the drumming basic and the guitar/bass simple too. Maybe it's to put a soother on the previous heavier track.

          8) Thanks for Nothing
          Now, I know earlier I said that 'Play Dirty' was possibly my favourite song by them, I lied. Not only is this song my favourite by them, it's probably my all time favourite song. A rather mellow start, with Laurence's vocals then making their appearance in an almost acoustic feel. However, the lyrics aren't that uplifting, and at points quite depressing, "There's a hole inside your head", "Life is a drain whichever way you look". It has the electro uniqueness of My Passion the whole way through, and I am always amazed by how talented the boys are!

          9) The Fabulous Blood Disco
          A deep, up-tempo synth, followed by a matching drum beat...then "Disco" and the guitar kicks in and the song picks up. After their previous 2 more 'mellow' songs, this song picks you back up again, and makes you want to dance! The lyrics are simple, many are repeated, but it works and you really don't notice it that much! The beat is addictive, and I could have this tune stuck in my head all day!

          10) Plastic Flesh Garden
          Another synth starting, but instead of the drum eventually kicking in, it's straight with everything (guitar, drums, bass) after the synth. It reminds me a lot of 'Crazy & Me', mainly due to the softer electro feel...it's not their usual upbeat stuff. Probably one of my least favourite songs by them, but I do still love it all the same!

          11) Vultures are People too
          A very rocky feel to this song, with the obvious electro style too. This song showcases Laurence's talents too well again! Screaming, high pitched and deep lyrics, he amazes me every time he can combine all 3 in one song. It's exciting, this whole song is, it's constantly building up to something. I think it's a great way to end an album, they really have succeeded in impressing me constantly!

          With a running total of 42minutes and 35seconds, this song makes a huge statement to the music scene! They offer a unique sound, but you also do realise that they are a rock band at the same time as they just have that feel to it! I think for a debut album it shows hugely promising things for the band, and they need to keep at what they do! They are so talented, and in my opinion so terribly underrated! Give them a listen, and I'm pretty sure you won't regret it! With a great start, a great finish and a fantastic in between of the album, what is there to lose really?


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            Definitely worth a listen, better than the 'Set the World on Fire' album!

            Black Veil Brides, a band from America that have recently hit the UK music scene with something that can only be described as a great success. This album, although not as popular or as successful as their 'Set the World on Fire' album, which followed this one, 'We Stitch These Wounds' was still a great hit, mainly in America, but it was this album that made me stop and tell myself 'I love this band'! Black Veil Brides are often recognised by their 'war-paint', which often resembles the make-up from the members of Kiss as they have a very glam-rock image, which may I say they all pull off exceptionally well.

            'We Stitch These Wounds' was the bands very first studio released album, formally known as 'Alive & Burning', 3 of the songs present on this album were in fact self-released by the band, but the versions on the album were altered...which I will come to later! The band members present on this album were Andy Biersack (vocalist), Ashley Purdy (bassist), Jake Pitts (guitarist), Jinxx (rhythm guitarist, violinist) and Sandra Alvarenga (drummer). Unfortunately Sandra left the band after this album and was replaced by Christian Coma (who can be seen with the band on the 'Set the World on Fire' album).

            1) The Outcasts (Call to Arms)
            Although this is not really a 'song', it's a brilliant introduction to the band, and they album. "This record is for the outcasts, following our stories of love, life and never giving in. We are the Black Veil Brides". It's a great 'warm-up' to the album and gets you ready to listen to the coming album, already kind of knowing they type of band they are!

            2) We Stitch These Wounds
            This is one of the songs previously mentioned, a song that was in fact altered for the studio release. I must admit I personally prefer the original version (or 'alternative' version), mainly because, although it doesn't sound as great as this version, it's better...it may just be me. But back to the studio version...it starts with a heavy guitar riff, and slowly builds up to Andy's voice, which may I say, is to die for! It is such a great song, and such a great way to start an album...it has an awesome guitar solo from Jake Pitts, and they really set the bar high for the album from the off. I love the way Black Veil Brides mixes Andy's harmonic voice with his screaming, and I think the balance is perfect.

            3) Beautiful Remains
            A rather standard guitar solo...followed by an even more standard drum beat, it doesn't particularly leave you wanting more. As the song progresses though it proves that the beginning is a 'don't judge a book by its cover' moment as the song does pick up and is a lot better than you originally expect. It could be considered as one of the more boring songs off the album, and I wouldn't disagree but still Black Veil Brides did make a good song as it really isn't bad...

            4) Children Surrender
            An up-beat electric start to the song, and a very promising start, soon to be followed through by a great song. The lyrics of the song are very short...with it only having 5 sections (3 sections of which are just repeated) of the song it's kind of disappointing as they are usually great with their lyrics, but then again it's a relatively short song at 3minutes and 12seconds anyway, so it doesn't really leave much time as it is less than an average song time. Andy however, does manage to fit in his screaming, which he does so well, and I think it makes this song something, and regardless of the short time available they cram a lot of different styles in, making it a successful song!

            5) Perfect Weapon
            A very well known song by Black Veil Brides, arguably one of the most popular and it is quite obvious from the off why. Starting with a very long, deep scream...what a way to set off a great song! I think that as Perfect Weapon has such a strong start it would have linked in extremely well if it was track 2...which is kind of proven with their music video for it at just how well the two do link in together. The song itself in my opinion is one of their better ones...off of both of the albums not just this one. The riffs to start off with are brilliant and set the mood for the rest song, and in comes Andy's deep voice with a relatively slow verse, building up to a scream, which is still legible unlike some other screaming by other bands. The chorus is catchy, toe-tapping and relatively high pitched for what you'd expect of Andy. I think the way the verses are deep and the chorus is high is a great mixture and the balance is perfect.

            6) Knives & Pens
            Knives & Pens now, another track altered for the studio version. This song as been criticised a lot, mainly because it has very obvious similarities from the beginning of the song, with the riffs that feature at the beginning of 'Knives & Pens' and the riff at the beginning of 'Unholy Confessions' by Avenged Sevenfold. In my opinion, comparing the two songs, the Black Veil Brides riff is stronger than the Avenged Sevenfold one, not only is it faster but the drumming in the background is also stronger, and seems far more 'matching'. The song itself is a great one, the lyrics are average I suppose, good in parts, but lack meaning at others. I think that's the only thing that really lets this song down. Other than that I love it...and possibly one of my favourite by them!

            7) The Mortician's Daughter
            Now, a bit of trivia here for you, this song was actually written about/for the actress Scout Taylor-Compton, the reason being...she was Andy's girlfriend at the time. This song is very slow and beautifully acoustic, it shows off Andy's voice tremendously well...showing how 'husky' his voice is, and really just how talented he is. This song was the 3rd song to be altered for the studio release album...but both are just as good, although Andy's voice sounds a million times better on the studio release version. Such a beautiful love song that just shows Andy's love for Scout. It is also a very unconventional love song, mainly due to the dark lyrics, but beautiful and touching at the same time.

            8) All Your Hate
            A heavy, up-tempo start to the song, but it works well, the guitar, bass and drumming goes greatly together, and when Andy's voice makes its appearance it's sensational at how well it all goes together. The lyrics within the song show a sense of encouragement to the fans to do what they believe in and not give in to what others say about them, "We learn from all your hate", the majority of lyrics however are somewhat religious too...just to pick out a few: "words are holy", "hail Mary" and "when saints are glory I'll die". The song doesn't seem to be very religious in any way unless you do really focus on the lyrics. Part way through the song Andy shows his talent and shows his screaming, which yet again isn't illegible as you can perfectly hear what he's saying. The way in which this song is put together fully is great, and possibly one of my close favourites on the album.

            9) Heavens Calling
            A promising guitar riff and drums to start off with, a fast paced beginning which you just hope will follow throughout the whole song. Andy's voice, yet again, so harmonic and suits perfectly to the rest of the song. The only thing about the beginning few minutes of the song is that it is very repetitive, leaving you to disbelieve in them, however Andy shocks the system when you're expecting the same riff, the same sounding lyrics, the same tone of voice, when he screams, it's fantastic, and such a brilliant twist to the song. In my opinion it's not the best song on the album, and not even in the running for one of the best, but a good song all the same!

            10) Never Give In
            This is one of Black Veil Brides favourite songs, mentioned in many interviews. This song just shows how they like to give their fans support, with lyrics such as "Never give in, never back down". It starts with a beautiful riff by Jake, and it is quite a soothing one...shortly followed by Christian Comas drumming, which sets off a fast pace from the beginning, but the chorus changes the tone a bit as it is quite a slow one. The verses are deceiving, they seem slow, but they're not really, the flow of lyrics is great and yet again Black Veil Brides have excelled with matching Andy's voice to the guitar, bass and drums.

            11) Sweet Blasphemy
            It starts with a lovely guitar riff over some equally great drumming, it's quite a slow start to the song, and seems to follow through in the whole song. The verses seem faster than they are, and the chorus is a slow one. The lyrics are very 'motivational' and yet again show support to their fans, showing them to ignore the 'haters' and be strong and stay themselves "We are young and we are strong, through strength in self we become, something more than they could be, this is our sweet blasphemy". The one thing that annoys me about this song is the fact that there is only 2 verses, the rest of the song is just repeated bridges and chorus', other than that though it is a listenable song!

            12) Carolyn
            Such a beautiful start to the ending of an album...an acoustic start followed very shortly by the electric guitar which was composed so brilliantly. The lyrics seem very meaningful, almost a love song, "Through pain of heart or loss of mind, your burdens lifted" yet at the same time, the lyrics can also show support to the fans (which they do seem to do quite often), "You're not alone, and we'll brave this storm". The guitar solo within the song is fantastic; the timing of it all and when it comes into the song is just perfect. Black Veil Brides finished this album off wanting you to listen to more of their stuff, which I think is a great achievement for a relatively unknown band (well, at the release time of this album!).

            With a total running time of 42minutes and 37seconds, this album shows very promising things to come for Black Veil Brides. All of the songs were written and composed by Andy Biersack himself, thus showing how talented and determined he is. The band, although pretty much unheard of when this album was released, show that they are going to stick around, with the lyrics and musical wonders they have produced you anticipate the next release from them, hoping that it will live up to their previous stuff.

            I thoroughly recommend you listen to this album, if anything I recommend you listen to this album BEFORE you listen to the 'Set the World on Fire' album, mainly because this is the 'original' Black Veil Brides, not the 'mainstream' Black Veil Brides.


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            Great riffs, great first album with Craig Mabbitt. Highly recommend.

            With the departure of Ronnie Radke after the explosive first album 'Dying is Your Latest Fashion', Escape the Fate had a lot to live up to, especially seeing as they now had a new lead singer, Craig Mabbitt (formerly the front man for blessthefall). Escape the Fate made their debut a big one, and gained many fans and followers because of it, so everyone was a bit sceptical whether Craig could step into Ronnie's shoes and keep leading Escape the Fate in a positive direction. This album proved that he was better than people imagined!

            The members present for this album were Craig Mabbitt (vocalist), Bryan 'Monte' Money (guitarist), Max Green (bassist) & Robert Ortiz (drummer).

            1) We Won't Back Down
            An impressive start to a new album with a new front man. Maybe a statement song? Showing that Escape the Fate are never going to give up, even with the original front man gone from the scene, even with all the abuse received by Max from angry fans at the replacement of Ronnie? Who knows, it makes a good song no matter what the meaning behind it, and it's certainly showing that the war is theirs.

            2) On to the Next One
            A dirty bass to start with, and it's phenomenal, it indicates that the song is going to be a good one, and keeps you listening. There is the 'Escape the Fate style' all over this song, the great guitar, bass and drums topped with the great generic yet unique style to the whole song with regards to the lyrics. It could be forgotten, but then at the same time, unforgettable, it's definitely a great song, granted, not the best song on the album, but still great at the same time.

            3) Ashley
            This song makes me happy, and makes me want to dance. It's so up-beat and so feel-good. Although this song sounds soppy, there are no guitar solos, there are no amazing riffs, it's still a great song, it's still Escape the Fate, it's still unique, it's still like no other song you've heard. So as generic as it sounds, it sounds like something you've never heard before. Escape the Fate are so good at doing this, and it astounds me every time.

            4) Something
            A nice, slow, sentimental song. The lyrics are meaningful and they touch you. It says what you want to say in certain situations. Ever felt like you fell for the wrong person & you wished you were with someone else!? This song says just that, and is a great feel-good sad song, if that makes sense? Even though you feel like the song is building up, it really isn't, but it doesn't mean its a bad song just because it doesn't 'drop' or build up to anything dramatic. The song is great as it is and doesn't need anything dramatic, I do think it would ruin the song if there was anything of the sort present.

            5) The Flood
            The first song released off their album...in a 'competition' format where 50,000 people had to be present on BuzzNet at any one time to unlock the album track...and not only unlock it but Escape the Fate were overly generous and let anyone download and listen to it for free, anyone, not just the 50,000 people who unlocked it! This probably worked so well due to the anticipation of hearing Craig with Escape the Fate. Fans were not disappointed, and it is such a show stopper of a first single off the album. Craig really proves himself in this song. The build up part way through the song is insane, you know the drop is going to happen, and it does, and when it does it really doesn't disappoint.

            6) Let it Go
            This song sounds to me a lot like a mixture of 'Ashley' & 'Something', but then soon changes my mind when the singing starts. It's very abrupt and to the point, but interesting, and fantastic. The chorus is catchy, yet not the catchiest on the album, and yet again not the best song off the album. I really do like the style of this song, it's hard to explain how it is, but give it a listen, it's a unique style, which I have never heard in another song before.

            7) You are so Beautiful
            The chorus is same-old, same-old. You've probably heard this kind of chorus in a thousand other songs before, but the verses are what makes the song. They're the uniqueness Escape the Fate do so well, it's just a shame that the chorus is generic, that's what really makes this song fall a bit flat.

            8) This War is Ours (The Guillotine II)
            My most favourite song off the entire album. Monte gets the riffs down to a t, and makes the song exciting, and new. The build up to the song starts straight away and doesn't back down at all, a great, promising start to the song! The screaming on Craig's behalf is great, as with his singing, they've got the balance perfect. A catchy chorus, in fact a catchy song all round, and may I say, a sensational song to see performed live! They are as great at this song in the studio as they are live...and Monte nails the riff perfect everytime I've seen them! This song proves that Craig really is doing the band good.

            9) 10 Miles Wide (feat. Josh Todd)
            An awesome riff to open the song with, and followed by Craig's equally awesome voice. The song is great...the whole layout of it, the way it rises and falls, the beat, the way in which the way the verses collaborate with Josh Todd from Buckcherry work so well, and his voice is so suited to Craig's for a split second you could believe it was Craig singing.

            10) Harder Than You Know
            A really slow song, a beautiful sung and planned out song. It's meaningful and you do feel every word that Craig sings, it's deep and lovely. You're not expecting a drop within this song, it's beautiful the way it is, it really doesn't build up that much...but why should it when they're trying to keep a simple, beautiful song? Escape the Fate isn't all about the riffs, and they prove it greatly with this song. The fact that this song gets heavier towards the end doesn't ruin it, it's a lovely surprise, and reminds me a lot of a Guns 'n' Roses song for some reason!

            11) It's Just Me
            A 'fun' start to a song, and almost acoustic from Craig, it makes you feel like Craig is 'creeping' away when singing this beginning. The song does pick up, and very well, it goes straight into the chorus after Craig's acoustic part...and the chorus, while short, is catchy and makes you sing along! A great toe-tapping song, that makes you watch the video in your head...even though there is no official music video you imagine your own up. It's a great ending to a great album, and finishes in a dramatic way. Bravo Escape the Fate! You've produced an amazing album all over again!

            A running total of 40minutes and 7seconds you would think is a short amount of time for an 11 track album, but in fact the songs are all great, no matter how short some are, or how long some are. Escape the Fate definitely made their comeback with Craig worthwhile and I can only imagine big things will happen with this band over the coming years.
            The riffs are awesome, Monte is a god of guitar. Craig's voice, although not Ronnie's is fantastic and definitely suits Escape the Fate's style. Listen to this album, don't do the whole "Oh I only like Ronnie so I won't like Escape the Fate", it's worth a listen, and even if you choose not to like it, that's fine, but Escape the Fate are still fantastic no matter who the lead singer is.


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            Could be longer, but the boys have impressed.

            Get Scared are a little treasure of a band, unknown by a lot of people. They are a 3 piece band from Utah and with this album the band members were Nicholas Matthews (vocalist), Johnny Braddock (guitarist), Dan Edwards (drummer) and Bradley Iverston (guitarist), you'll notice that there is no bassist in the line-up, however they only have touring bassists, the most recent being TJ Bell from the band Motionless in White, also seen touring as a bassist for Escape the Fate too.

            Unfortunately Nicholas Matthews has now left Get Scared and has been replaced by Joel Faviere (former singer for Dear Chandelier) although there was the option for fans to audition via a video submission. Not long after Faviere joined the band they released a song featuring Faviere, which had a hit response.

            The Best Kind of Mess does feature Nicholas Matthews, and was Get Scared's first studio album, but a lot of the songs were on previous self-released EP's so may have been heard before this album came to fruition.

            1) Scream
            Now what an opening to an album! It gives you so much hope that the album is going to be as great as the first song. A very catchy chorus which you could imagine being played in rock clubs everywhere. It's a very feel-good sing along track. It sounds recognisable to me, as if the Get Scared version is a cover but in a good way, a way which you've heard this song before but you loved it the first time you heard it. A promising start which seems to follow through the whole album. The lyrics, the tempo and the riffs are great!

            2) Fail
            A very pop-punk feeling to this song, as the lyrics are catchy, the tempo is up-beat and a general all round catchy toe-tapping song! The lyrics "It's like you want me to fail" may suggest that this song is about all the people who have probably told Get Scared that their band is not going to become successful, but they prove them wrong, with this song alone just proves that the doubters had no reason to doubt in the first place.

            3) Mess
            A break up song maybe? A good one if it is, its not the usual slow, 'I'm going to cry until I'm angry at the ex' song, it's the lyrics that are meaningful, and the lyrics alone that make you realise that it is in fact a break up song. Even though this song is called 'Mess', it's the song that's the title of the album "I'm the best kind of mess". It's a feel-good break up song, a great song to listen to at any time in your life, not just when you've broken up.

            4) Sarcasm (feat. Craig Mabbitt)
            A great choice of a feature voice here. Craig's voice mixes so well with Nicholas' and it makes such a good, catchy song which goes round and round in my head for ages. The video too is quite dark, but goes extraordinarily well with the song. The lyrics seem to be quite dark "If you could be the corpse then I could be the killer. If I could be the devil, you could be the sinner", but the way in which they're sang makes it seem happy. I love this song, and think the boys have thought it out well, especially with the guest vocalist.

            5) Whore
            Such a great start to a song, which seems to stick throughout the song. The build up to the lyrics, then the lyrics start...building up to the chorus. Its constantly building up to something, which keeps you in suspense. Yet again, dark lyrics, but they way it is produced vocally and musically makes the song seem happier, and if you're one to dismiss lyrics you would assume it would be a happy song, look into it a bit deeper and the dark lyrics are there, much to your surprise. It's a very short song, but I do feel it is good at this length and doesn't really lack anything.

            6) Hurt
            A soft start, and reminds me very much of 'The Used' for some reason, have no reasoning behind this at all, but they soon redeem themselves and prove it is in fact a Get Scared song. A slow song, that picks up towards the chorus. The previous song a break-up song, and I think that this song is the 'anger towards the ex' song, as the lyrics still seem very sad, but more angry towards the girl. Get Scared are now proving how promising the album is, and the fact that they're not just the one off song that everybody knows!

            7) Voodoo
            Better known as 'If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do', although obviously different than the 'original', the difference is that its better produced and musically sound. This is such a catchy song with a toe-tapping beat, and I love it! I can be singing it for days. The Get Scared boys have blatantly shown with this song how much they have progressed, and that's only from the changes they made from their self-released version to the studio release. The is an unexpected drop within the song, yet it fits so well, some deep screaming, some deep bass and some awesome riffs.

            8) Wrong
            This is such a up-beat song, the tuning of Nicholas' voice is great, it picks up in the right places and gets deeper in the right places too. It doesn't seem like it's all over the place and fits really well. Another short song on the album at 2minutes 42seconds, which I do feel could have been extended. There is the point in the song where it could have benefited from a solo...and they even left the gap as if they just 'forgot' to put it in. Still a great song, but could have been improved before it was released.

            9) Moving
            It has a very promising start, the lyrics vary a lot throughout the whole song, they can be at times be quite motivational, then very dark, but nonetheless they make for a great song. The song is short, to the point and great. The chorus is the only time the song really gets heavy, the verses are a lot softer and calmer. I think that this song could majorly excel with the presence of guitar solos as it is a bit plain, but other than that, it's a fantastic song!

            10) Parade
            Such a great start, with simple riffs, but they sound great nonetheless. The song has some dark lyrics "I'm gonna let this bitch burn", but at the same time there are the promisingly happy lyrics "Tonight, tonight you know I'll save you". The song has a very abrupt ending, which does work extremely well, and does lead well into the next song.

            11) Hate
            I think this song could be easily forgotten, and I'm not sure if it's just me, but I don't think the album would lose anything if the song wasn't present. It is a good song, but still not a great one, the only let down song on the album I think, it's catchy yes, but still sounds very old, and not the usual uniqueness Get Scared do so well to show.

            12) Drown
            This is probably my favourite song off the whole album, what a way to end! I think it's great, the way it starts with soft lyrics, and slowly picks up, to such a catchy song! This seems to be Get Scared's version of a 'ballad' maybe?! But still, great, and could be repeated forever! The meaning behind this song is probably quite sad, but still, a great song, worth a listen and a fantastic way to end a great studio album!

            With the album running for a total of 39minutes and 24seconds it shows that the songs are quite short, and leaving the 12 tracked album to have a less than average running time. Although, this being said, the songs while short do not lack anything a song should usually have. The album itself, for a very frist studio release makes it sad that Nicholas Matthews has left because this album was such a good one and left many hopes for further Get Scared albums with Matthews present crushed. Although Faviere has stepped in, so maybe Get Scared will carry on successfully and not change their tune too much.
            A great album, especially for their first studio release, the boys have improved from their self-releasing days and I seriously recommend it should have a listen from you! I could listen to it over and over (& have on many occasions) and not get bored! Although I do believe that this album could benefit from some epic riffs.


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            16.02.2012 12:56
            Very helpful



            Falling in Reverse is what they do, the style of their music constantly changes, but a good album.

            So, here it is, the awaited album from the ex-Escape the Fate singer, Ronnie Radke. Now, if you know about Ronnie, then you probably already know this, but I'll go over it quickly anyway. Ronnie was the lead singer of Escape the Fate before getting put in prison for a guilty plea to battery charges, and was put in prison, leading to him being kicked out of Escape the Fate.

            After all of this happened, Escape the Fate took on a new singer Craig Mabbitt (formerly the lead singer from blessthefall). The fans didn't like Craig or didn't like Ronnie, so there was a whole Team Ronnie or Team Craig thing going at one point. With many twitter arguments from Ronnie and Escape the Fate band members it made it clear that there was never going to be any Ronnie in Escape the Fate again, bringing us Falling in Reverse to the rock scene.

            The line-up of Falling in Reverse has still had plenty of chopping and changing of members even though this is their first album! Currently you have Ronnie Radke (lead vocals), Jacky Vincent (guitarist), Derek Jones (rhythm guitarist), Ryan Seaman (drummer) and Ron Ficarro (bassist). Previous members are Nathan Schoeffler (bassist), Gilbert Catalano (rhythm guitarist), Anthony Avila (guitarist), Nick Rich (drummer), Oscar Garcia (drummer), Scott Gee (drummer), Mika Horiuchi (bassist).

            1) Raised by Wolves
            What an interesting start to an album, especially the debut of Falling in Reverse, a rocky acoustic start that slowly picks up and you soon realise why Ronnie has such a huge fan. There are some extremely catchy lyrics in this song, and at the same time its not fully catchy all the way through, with the screaming parts in sections, and the synth solo. I hate to say it, as much as I love this song, it sounds a lot like Escape the Fate, and it feels like Ronnie cannot get away from that band, but the rest of the album could give Falling in Reverse their own musical stamp.

            2) Tragic Magic
            A very 'creepy' Ronnie announcing he's back to start us off here, which is humourous as some of the lyrics within this album do seem to be 'hitting out' at Escape the Fate. This song is urm, really slow, and doesn't really leave much for you to remember, it sounds very generic, and yet again leaves Falling in Reverse to still leave their musical stamp.

            3) The Drug in Me is You
            This being the name of the album too, and also the first single off the album leaves you with high hopes, and Falling in Reverse actually fill them! This song has a uniqueness, and also plays Ronnie's voice to the best of his abilities, I could listen to his voice like this for ages! It is such a catchy song, and I believe this is the Falling in Reverse we should expect, and not the previous two songs. The lyrics are witty, and stick in your head, and you're singing the song for the rest of the day, with lyrics like "Running from my past I'm praying feet don't fail me now."

            4) I'm Not a Vampire
            Another Falling in Reverse beauty, I personally love this song, probably one of my favourite off the album and it's just so catchy, with a comedic music video to go with it! Lyrics such as "Hi my name is Ronnie, I'm an addict. Daddy should've never raised me on Black Sabbath" and "I feel like a lady that's pregnant with a baby 'cos I'm always throwing up" you may be led to think that this is a 'spoof' song, but either way, it's a good, catchy up-tempo, sing-a-long song, which Falling in Reverse seem to do extremely well with.

            5) Good Girls, Bad Guys
            Yet another catchy song from the album, maybe the first two songs were them just experimenting? The tune is very up-beat and still Ronnie's voice is as beautiful as ever in this song. The guitar riffs sound very simple, and leave a lot to live up to. The band aren't doing bad for a first album, and this is the 3rd good song in a row. Impressed!

            6) Pick Up the Phone
            Now, this to me is quite a cheesy song. With the way it starts "Pick up your phone. Answer your text". Hmm, seems they may have reverted a bit? It seems tacky just with the start, but as the song progresses and builds up to the chorus, Ronnie seems to do a rap?! Or maybe just fast spoken lyrics that don't really class as a rap. This song has a up-tempo beat, but very morbid lyrics in parts "They're gonna know what's up, when they see the bruises on your face they'll probably take us both to jail." Is this really a good idea to use these lyrics Ronnie after your history? But oh well, not a great song, listenable, but does not compare to the previous 3.

            7) Don't Mess With Ouija Boards
            A very 'show stopping' start, it makes you forget what you're doing and focus on the song. Although that may be a good point, it sounds very much like Escape the Fate...with the screaming, the tempo and the way in which is sung. Yes I understand that Ronnie came from Escape the Fate so obviously there will be similarities, but still he managed 3 songs in a Falling in Reverse style, far from Escape the Fate, so why back there now? The song itself is a good song...it has a good mix of screamo with guitar with soft sung lyrics. The riff in this song too is living up to the expectations and in fact isn't lame.

            8) Sink or Swim
            Quite a 'soft' starting just Ronnie and a guitar...which picks up, and turns the song into a more screamo feel. The song seems to be quite slow, which has some awesome deep bass and guitar. This song could be easily forgettable though as it really doesn't have much of the 'wow-factor'.

            9) Caught Like a Fly
            This song really reminds me of a circus, god knows why, maybe because of the backing to the song, it sounds very circus like. Now this song seems quite vicious, not in a lyric way but the fact that this is blatantly about Max Green, the bassist from Escape the Fate who was the one who ultimately made the decision for Ronnie to leave the band, and Ronnie and Max were meant to be the best of friends. So maybe a envy/revenge/feeling song? There are some very personal lyrics in the song "You left my heart black and blue, just like your father did to you", maybe a little too harsh? But then again, Ronnie obviously has every reason to be angry, but at the same time Max did what he had to do for the band.

            10) Goodbye Graceful
            The start of this song makes you think you may have missed some of the beginning, mainly because it has such a dramatic start but soon softens down, this is the sort of screamo I think Falling in Reverse can pull off as it is very much their own, and doesn't sound like it belongs to another band. This song has such a nice meaning behind it, as essentially it is a song to thank someone, I'm guessing from Ronnie's previous ways? With lyrics as "Goodbye graceful, I'm so grateful you helped me change my wicked ways when I was in my darkest days" it doesn't really lead you to believe anything else.

            11) The Westerner
            The final song on the album, and it has a very hopeful start, and to my surprise it comes with a Falling in Reverse stamp on, and I'm so glad. It's catchy, up-tempo and meaningful. You can only assume it's Ronnie's life story crammed into 3minutes and 55seconds. As there is a lot of reference to addiction, prison etc. which is practically Ronnie's story. This song leaves you wanting the album to go on longer, and also makes you want to replay the album again because you want to carry on listening to Ronnie's voice!

            With a running total of 45minutes and 49seconds, it has a average time for an album with this many tracks. The only problem with this album is you can never tell what Falling in Reverse's style of music is...it varies the whole way through the album. I personally think they succeed more at the pop-punk style songs instead of the screamo style. But that's just my opinion. I think for a first album Falling in Reverse has done a great job, much to be improved on, but Ronnie has definitely shown the world he doesn't need Escape the Fate any more. A good album, not great but definitely worth a listen for the songs that are catchy and Ronnie's voice is definitely one to be heard!


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          • SLC Punk (DVD) / DVD / 5 Readings / 4 Ratings
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            18.01.2012 12:48
            Very helpful



            A good insight to punk for those who never got to experience it.

            *Film only review*

            * Rated 18, this film contains upsetting scenes and language, and I discourage anyone under the age of 18 to watch this film*

            *May contain spoilers*

            Salt Lake City, 1985, the punk scene big yet just starting out in Salt Lake City, and you're about to find out the story behind Stevo's life as a punk kid, and the trials and tribulations him and his friends face. With a quite hard hitting opening to the film, and a violent opening at that, it makes you chuckle a little bit, but then remember, this probably did happen when punk was a big culture. I am too young to have grown up in the punk scene, only being born in 1991 I think that this film gets as close to what it was like growing up around the punk rising.

            Living in a run-down apartment, anything but homely, with 'Heroin Bob', I won't tell you why he's called that, because I found it quite funny, and it's something you want to find out for yourself. This film is very drug orientated, which I assume was a big factor relating to the punk scene. Within the first 5minutes of the film you see the hatred between two 'lifestyles', the 'Mods' and the 'Punks'.

            Stevo has pushy parents...who apparently understand his 'rebellion' and for Stevo to live in such a run-down apartment when his parents were wealthy just shows the lifestyle Stevo would much rather live.

            So there's the 'posers'...the people who say "Anarchy in the UK", people 'faking' being punks, according to Stevo anyway. Then there's the 'real' punks...shown at a crazy punk concert, things you can't imagine would happen, like people having sex, and full on fist-fights breaking out with the band...eventually involving the whole audience. Its bizarre, nut then I guess this was a common occurrence in the punk scene.

            This film captures all the different types of 'cultures'. Specifically the punks (obviously), the mods, the Nazis ('skinheads'), the 'heavy metal guys', the rednecks and the new wavers. Personally I think the film captures each group very stereotypically (except for Mike from the punks...yet again something I'll let you watch for yourself), but I guess the stereotyping was necessary...that's, after all, what the scenes were about, they created the stereotypes we know today.

            With the crazy hair colours to the downright weird acid trips to the hardcore parties, I think this film makes the Punk scene look glamorous, yet at the same time it makes it look normal. This film is clever, and a really great film for an independent film. I would honestly recommend this film, so sit back and enjoy.

            The critics & the facts:

            Awards: Best Actor - Matthew Lilliard
            FIPRESCI Prize - Best Film
            Nominations: Independent Spirit Award - Best Screenplay
            Price: From £6.46 on amazon.co.uk
            Released: 10th March 2000
            Stars: 7.3/10 (IMDB.com)
            Running time: 97minutes (approx)


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