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Member since: 29.08.2009

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      30.08.2009 11:37



      not child freindly , in fact not freindly at all !!!!!

      have just returned home from a 2 night break at squirrel lodge . for startered it wes we booked a family room which turned out to be 4 flights of stairs up!!!! so you can imagine how hard it was trying to get a 1 year old baby ,pushchair and all the usual stuff up it was like climbing a mountain . then the room , well lets just say it was in no way child freindly, there was a kettle on the bedside table , and the sash window went down to floor level , so obviously we could,t have it open . there was a leak in the toilet and although the plumber came and fixed it we were told to leave the soaking wet carpet pulled back from the toilet ,well as there was no door leading from th e bedroom to the bathroom it was a bit of a nightmare . we had to wedge the cot in the bathroom doorway to stop our little girl from crawling in .so people if you have little children avoid squirrel lodge at all costs . and even if you dont have kids i,d give this one a wide berth we wont be going back .


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