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Member since: 05.08.2000

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      06.08.2000 05:13



      I think that the “slagging off” of the Millennium Dome is completely unreasonable and unfair. It is instigated by the press and carried on by people who have never been. The Press are biased at the best of times but they have a chip on their shoulders because there was confusion with tickets at the New Years Eve party. Any one who’s been to the dome will tell you what a thoroughly enjoyable time they had there. Obviously no ones going to go and say they enjoyed every single zone because of the dome’s diversity. There’s something there for everybody whether you’re 5 or 95. For a liberated Western nation, we are incredibly enslaved to the press, millions of people hang on Pierce Morgans every word and treat his and other journalists word as God. No one’s slagging off the wheel and that only takes up half an hour of your time for £10 where as you can spend all day at the dome for £20. What is wrong with the British? I’d say to any one that’s keeping away from the dome to go there and decide for themselves!


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