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      29.07.2008 21:52
      Very helpful



      One of my favourite bath time treats

      have memories of Radox always being on my Grandparent's bathroom window, my Grandad still uses the green version to this day & it is also a firm favourite of mine on my windowsil now.
      The Radox muscle soak variety is my favourite and one I have used for 4-5 years regularly, mainly because it does ease and soothe my achey muscles, it smells lovely and I get lots of foam from a small amount, so here's my review of one of my all time favourite bath products....

      Radox started life in 1908 as foot bath salts product that apparently RADiated OXygen, hence the name RADOX. In the 60's the company was into TV advertising with their slogan 'Relax in a Radox bath' and the first liquid versions of the salts was launched, a blue liquid in a glass bottle. The 70' brought the first shower gel made by Radox, which was incidentially the first shower gel to feature a hook to hang it up in the shower. In the 80's Radox developed their liquid soap, calle 'Suersoap' as an alternative to soap bars. The 90's brought the new, richer bubble baths called Radox Solutions, these cotianed essential oils and very much caught on to the market at that point, I can certainly remember everything with eseential oils being trendy and new back then. Now we have Radox 'Calm Me' bubble baths & Radox Heavenly bath velvets & bath silks that offer us a rang of exotic oils and minerals to bathe in...sounds good to me!

      Radox is now manufactured my Sara Lee H&BC UK Ltd.

      *~*THE PACKAGING*~*
      I can't say Radox changes much over the years. My bottle is a 500ml clear, plastic bottle with a blue cap embossed with 'Radox'. The liquid is a lovely sea blue inside. A label with a picture of some bubbles on. The Radox logo is clearly in place at the top, a green leaf with 'Radox' written on it in white lettering. Underneath you have 'Muscle Soak' & 'Herbal Bath', 'Proven to relax' also in white.

      A further logo of 2 leaves in a circle with the words 'Blend of natural herbs and minerals' is in place on the right hand side of the front label, about half the way up from the bottom/top.
      Further writing includes 'with Clary Sage, renowned for soothing tired, aching muscles' and 'With a blend of natural herbs and minerals' (Again). Now, if you ask me, this natural herbs and minerals claim doesn't need to be made twice on the front of one bottle.

      The sides of the botle are inverted inwards from the bottowm, to halfway up, I assume for ease of pouring, although I find it can become slippy around these areas!

      The back label is in blue and it contains a hell of a lot of writing, I'm actually NOT going to go into what it says word for word and just concentrate on the main points raised, which are:

      *The Radox 'Proven to relax' claim, Radox claim a bath in one of their products sigificantly reduces tension then a bath without Radox and it has a little bar char to show you!
      *Relaxing Fragrence of Clary Sage

      *Contains calming essential oils
      *Sponsers of the Spa Business Association.

      *~*THE LOOK & SMELL*~*
      The bottle looks normal, it's not an unusual looking bottle, it's not particularly eye catching either but it serves a purpose.
      The liquid is a lovely rich sea blue, it appears to me to have become a slightly less dense liquid over the years, maybe to accomodate more oils, maybe thorugh product evolution, I don't know, but the blue is pleasing to the eye (unless of course it goes in your eyes).

      The smell is plesant, you get a old Radox aroma in conjunction with the smell of Sage, however I cannot place the other smells, the apparent inclusion of other essential oils is not credited in the ingredients list, nor can I find hem listed on their website, which is puzzling as the claim is made but no substantive list is given anywhere of what exactly these essential oils are! Never mind, maybe I am too picky but it would be nice to place the scents.

      *~*THE POUR & BUBBLES*~*
      This liquid pour out fairly quickly because it is a 'loose' liquid and the bottle opening is fairly wide, this ensures you actually get enough of a 'Glug' to get a decent amount of bubbles. The water turns a nice shade of sea blue that then get covered in bubbles, my tip, if you want plenty of long lasting bubbles, pour it under the running cold water and swish around, otherwise you get a mediocre amount of bubbles that are slightly more creamy in consistency.

      Bubbles are in general, quite long lasting with this bubble bath, the more you agitate the water thet more you get. They are pleniful no matter how much or how little you use. I am fond of the bubbles so this pleases me & there are always bubbles left in the bath after I have let all the wter out, sometimes there re still some left the following morning if I have used plenty of Radox!.

      I went walking with Dexter the dog around South Wales last weekend. Being the hot weather, I was wandering about in flip flops which is just asking for trouble! I do suffer with knee pain following a cartilidge tear as well. So after my day out, my legs were hot, sore and ached badly, time for a Radox bath....

      After pouring in the Radox and agitating the water, I was pleased to be greeted with a large amount of bubbles.
      I got in and soaked myself for 45 minutes, whilst lying there I could feel the aches begining to leave my body and my joints began to feel looser, now whether this was actually due to the water taking the weight off my joints or the Radox, I don't know 100%, but I certainly do not get this sensation with many other bubble baths, if any. The smell itself is long lasting and one can sit of lie there and inhale and smell the Radox too, hopefully this also proves relaxing for you, it does for me.

      I think this is where Radox differs from other products I have used, they work on your senses as well as on your muscles, which would also help you feel more positive about any aches and pains you might have.

      Certainly, after 45 minutes, I felt in much better shape than when I got in, my muscles felt much better, especially around my knees where I felt they were hot and tight. In my lumbar area the cramping I had felt was reduced, although a slight ache was still present. My ankles also felt less achey and a slight swelling I had when I got in, had also disappeared.

      My mood was lifted too, I felt so much better, maybe a case of mind of matter but I think the smell of the Radox played a small part too.

      *~*THE PRICE*~*
      I do notice Radox is frequently on various offers, 2 for £2, BOGOF, 99p to name but a few. A bottle will typically last me 10-12 baths, depending on the amount I use per bath.

      Yes, also available in the Radox range are shower gels, some especially for men, which are also supposed to be good for relaxing those muscles. The 2 I would shortlist are the Radox 'Awaken' shower gel & The Radox 'For Men' shower gel, which would probably do the same for you, but in the shower.

      Yes, providing you don't have particularly sensitive skin, as the ingredients list contains rather a lot of chemicals. The bath soak does what is says on the bottle, it relaxes and soothes my muscles and I do feel less stressed after a bath in Radox, but whether that is soley due to the Raodx, I can't say, it may be due to just having a bath, which is also relaxing. However, Radox won't break the bank, it's nice to have as a good all round bubble bath to keep on the shelf & if you don't like this one, there are plenty more varieties to choose from, including a 'Sleep Easy' variety & 'Stress Relief' variety amongst others.

      Thumbs up from me!

      Recyclable Pack: Yes
      Shelf Life: 12 months
      Web: www.radox.co.uk

      *~*Thanks for reading xx*~*


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        29.07.2008 20:39
        Very helpful



        A false economy!

        I gave up biting my nails almost a year now and I am quite proud of myself, as I really don't have much willpower!

        One of the issues I had when I was trying to grow my nails initially, was that they were very weak, bendy and would break a lot. About 6 months into my non nail biting mission I wanted to invest in buying a nail strengthener product.

        I had heard of Sally Hansen products by word of mouth, a lot of people I know had used various products from this brand and although I didn't get a recommendation for this product itself, I decided that when I saw it for £2.99 in Bodycare, it would be as good as anything you could get for that price.

        I have to admit, the liquid isn't the most appealing colour, it is a lurid green colour, not unlike a lighter version of the medicine, Night Nurse, if that doesn't put you off before you even get to buy it, I would hardly called this a 'Natural' colour!!

        Unfortunately, Dooyoo have used a different picture to the one I sent them, my nail products didn't come in a box as shown in the Dooyoo picture, it came on a cardboard backing with a plastic shell covering the bottle and it's top. Unfortunately, because of this, I ripped the cardboard with the instructions on, in my impatience.

        The bottle is 13ml in volume, which is fair for nail varnish, in my opinion. The applicator, like most nail varnishes, is a brush within the top, this is a good brush, it has a nice long handle, enabling you to get a really good grip and it is a nice thickness too. In addition, it's also in a swish silver colour too. The bottle has curved shoulders but that is about as much as I can describe the bottle as! The label is all in white, so you can see the description clearly above the watered down Night Nurse! Overall, my opinion of the packaging is good, it wouldn't be something I would say is revolutionary but it isn't something I'd hide away in my make up bag in shame either.

        One of the reasons I had bought this product, other than the price was because it has Calcium in, something I associate with stronger nails. The box also promises extra fortifying protection to help nails grow long and beautiful; it also states that this product can be used alone or as a base coat under nail varnish.

        Obviously, I felt pleased to hear all of the above and decided to go ahead and use the product. I normally only apply one coat of a protector or base coat and this is what I followed with this product.

        The varnish was easy to open, however, the smell from the varnish was absolutely vile, it smelt like paint stripper, I kid ye not. I almost felt as if I was getting high simply from having the bottle open. I decided the best option was to place this on the coffee table whilst I painted my nails.

        I began to apply the varnish to my nails, it was OK to apply, it felt a little bit thick when I felt I had enough varnish on the brush but if you took some of the varnish off the brush, it didn't apply very well and became patchy, unfortunately there didn't seem to be any happy medium with a one coat application technique. After one coat for both hands, which took about 5 minutes, the varnish was touch dry but it looked very patchy and uneven, so a second application would be unavoidable.

        After waiting again, I applied my second coat, sparingly. I felt with this, that whilst I was applying my second coat, the varnish was becoming thick and tacky. Sure enough, despite applying the varnish really carefully and sparingly, my nails had the look of being over painted.

        What could possibly get any worse with this product, well, believe me if you haven't been put off my plastic looking nails, you soon will be put off because once I had applied the two coats and they had been allowed to dry, there was no mistaking the green tint my nails took on, how attractive!

        With my green nails, I set off for my work. I was sorely disappointed that the varnish chipped severely whilst driving and whole nails had their varnish coming off when I later washed my hands.

        I decided at that point to remove the varnish, which came off with very little effort, to which I was relieved!

        I did try this again on 3 further occasions but the same things kept happening, the varnish would flake off for no reason, chips could appear if you simply touched your hands.

        Did it offer any strengthening? I can honestly say no, I didn't notice any kind of improvement in my nails at all and I certainly don't think I was unfair to the product whilst testing it, I did try and sadly, green isn't my colour and I certainly wasn't going to have the most confidence in a product which flakes off at the drop of a hat. My nails still broke, very easily whilst I was wearing the varnish and also after removing the varnish too.

        I don't believe I was in any way at fault in applying the varnish, I always made sure my nails were clean and dry and not oily, so I fail to see where the issue with this product could come from, bar the product itself.

        I found this product really, really disappointing, I always had confidence in the Sally Hansen brand and this just let me down!
        I suppose you get what you pay for though and there are other Sally Hansen products on sale which claim to do similar things to your nails but they are on the market for £7-£8 and this was only £2.99.

        I have owned the product for about 5 months now and it says you can use it up to 12 months after first opening it. Despite keeping a tight lid of the bottle, the varnish has now gone really thick and I wouldn't be able to apply it now even if I wanted to as the brush has splayed in the liquid and it is almost glue like, so I am about to throw it out now.

        I wouldn't and couldn't recommend this varnish, even as a quick fix, it is simply not worth it, I am not sure what would work but certainly, it isn't this. I felt that this varnish was a false economy and it's only minor plus point was that the brush was initially a nice brush.

        Thanks for reading xx


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          25.07.2008 20:13
          Very helpful



          A nicely priced pack of basic tumble dryer sheets

          I do believe some supermarkets can see me coming when it comes to household products. I use Ironing Water, my Mum never did, but it smells nice, I now use Asda Easy Iron Tumble Dryer Sheets with Ylang & Jasmine, no, Mum didn't use those either, but I have a good reason to do so.

          The reason is my fantastic little Creda tumble dryer, which I reviewed earlier in the year. As wonderful as my tumble dryer is, it does make my clothes smell a bit, well, processed at times.

          I used Bounce for a while but at £3 for a pack, I swiftly stopped using them and moved on to these Asda sheets at a bargain 97p for 40 sheets.

          The packaging promises that it will make ironing quicker, it adds freshness and fragrance and it also softens clothes.

          The packaging isn't what is shown in the Dooyoo picture, it is attractive and appealing, lilac, white with flowers, stars and a picture of a tumble dryer and an iron, it is feminine and my other half doesn't like putting them in the basket when he goes shopping and tell me 'I can't buy those, the checkout people will think I'm weird', well I'm not sure they will analyse your shopping that much, but it is aimed at the female shopper! The box has a tear/flip lid, which has and little cardboard tab so you can close the box to prevent the fragrance fading.

          The pack contains 40 sheets, infused with Jasmine & Ylang. The direction are pretty simple, load your dryer, place sheet on top, remove when finished, I love simplicity like this.

          The sheets themselves are about the size of an A5 sheet of paper once folded out, the directions on the pack don't indicate whether you should fold the sheets out or not but I have tried both ways and cannot see any difference, though my preferred method is to fold the sheet out. The sheets were fairly stiff and looked like compressed, fine threads of material, with lots of areas of scent and conditioner impregnated within the sheet. The smell is beautiful but I can smell much more jasmine and a lavender hint, rather than a ylang and jasmine, but this doesn't matter much when they smell so good anyway!

          With a full tumble dryer of clothes just begging for a tumble dryer sheet, I popped one in with my clothes, shut the door, turned on the dryer and sat back and waited.

          After the machine ran it's cycle, the tumble sheet was easily found at the top of the load, the sheet had obviously lost their impregnated scent and conditioner and now was soft and resembling the wunder web type material you use for hemming trousers and skirts. Unloading the dryer, there was no obvious, overwhelming smell which was immediately noticeable. However, individual clothes did smell nice, but I couldn't really detect a definite smell of jasmine, ylang or both, but they smelt fresher than they normally would when they would come out of the tumble dryer.

          As these also promised a crease busting action, I reached for the iron, minus my Comfort Ironing Water, to really test these sheets out. Taking a creased blouse, I began ironing. Well, if there was any crease busting action, it was severely lacking here but the smell became slightly more noticeable, which was nice but again not overpowering or particularly noticeable. The fragrance did last but only for a day or so once things were ironed.

          I used these tumble sheets on my towels too. The tumble sheets made a really big difference to my towels, the smell really infused within my towels and as I don't iron my towels, they stayed scented for a good few days before fading. However this wasn't the real bonus, the real bonus was the softness of the towels which a real difference to how dry my towels normally feel after tumble drying.

          After using the tumble dryer sheets on full and half loads of drying, it became obvious to me that the sheets worked best on towels, hand towels, tea towels and bath towels and on half loads of light cottons, like t-shirt, lightweight shirts and underwear. I can't understand why they work fine on a full load of towels yet they don't work as well on a full load of light cottons. With synthetic clothes, these pick up so little of the scent and make very little difference to the iron ability. As with synthetics, heavier weighted cottons pciked up very little scent but did have a few less creases than normal, but not that much less to be frank.

          Despite keeping the box open, accidentally, for a few days, the sheets lost none of their fragrance.

          Another purpose I used them for recently was on my trip to Las Vegas, I took one sheet and placed it in the middle of my suitcase, the sheets made my clothes smell really nice and I used the sheet again as a drawer liner in my hotel too, which equally worked as well.

          I believe these are good tumble dryer sheets, I don't use them on every load anymore and I don't believe they have any kind of crease busting action, but they are fine for giving light cottons and towels a decent fragrance and they do keep your clothes fresh and leave a light scent on cottons and a slightly deeper scent on towels for a good few days.

          At 97p, I really don't believe you can go far wrong with these if you just want something to take away that tumble smell you can sometimes get, if you want more crease busting and a guaranteed softness on every type of fabric, then I would suggest investing in one of the other brands that are available.

          Easy to use and not expensive, definitely worth a try but don't expect the world with this but I really do recommend using them as drawer or suitcase liners if you don't get on with them!

          Thanks for reading xx


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            25.07.2008 19:18
            Very helpful



            A decent make up basic.

            I am a big fan of make up, I have to admit and I really enjoy trying new make up products, even more so if they are free.

            Last year, I ordered a number of products from my friend's Avon catalogue, having spent over a certain amount; I received a make up bag full of goodies, free. Within that bag was an eyeshadow, called 'True Colour' eysehadow.

            The eyeshadow was one of Avon's single eyeshadows and in colour 'Chestnut'. These are currently on sales in Avon's latest book for £4 or 2 for £7. There was no choice in shade as it was included with my freebie bag but there is a selection of 10 shades available.

            I had put this eyeshadow away for a while as I wanted to finish a number of other shades I had on the go before opening this one, so I have only recently opened this one.

            Packaging wise, I have my usual gripe with Avon's over-packaging, yes; it was presented in a box, which was within the make up bag. However, moving on from there, we have a slim and sleek round plastic case. The case is in black and has a sturdy and secure flip opening. The word 'Avon' is embossed on the top. On the back of the case, there is a use by date of 24 months. I felt this packaging was simple and inoffensive. In addition, when holding the eyeshadow case for application, the case feels nice in your hand.

            Opening the eyeshadow case, I noticed a very subtle and fresh scent, not overpowering, just enough to convince you this is a decent item of make up. There is no mirror, as you would expect, with this single eyeshadow, however there is a small eyeshadow applicator.

            The colour- obviously I am reviewing the colour 'Chestnut' rather than elaborating on any other colours. The colour is a bronze based medium brown. It has quite a gold base to the colour which makes it ideal for highlighting your lids for summer. I would certainly say this is much more of a summer colour than a heavy chocolate brown would be and the colour does look fab with a tan. The colour is able to be built up from the lightest of shades to a slightly heavier colour. It you use the applicator, you can get a greater depth of colour than if you use an eyeshadow brush. I think this would suit those of us who have brown or hazel eyes.

            When it came to applying the eyeshadow, I used the in pack applicator. The colour was easily picked up by the applicator. The eyeshadow didn't feel hard and I didn't need to press with any effort to pick up the colour, in fact 2 or three sweeps of the applicator across the eyeshadow picked up enough colour to cover one eyelid.

            Applying the colour to the eyelid was simple; the applicator is nice and soft, so again, very little effort is needed to transfer the colour from the applicator to the eyelid. The powder is very smooth and doesn't drag on your eyelid. The colour applies smoothly and evenly across the eyelid.

            To get a decent level of colour, I applied two coats to my eyelids. I have noticed on several occasions, that if I make an error, the colour is easily rubbed off with a finger or tissue.

            I have been using this on and off now for 3-4 months. I have to admit that although the coverage initially is great, within a few hours, there is a high level of colour transfer to my brow bone. By the end of the day though, there is very rarely much colour left, except within the crease of my eyelid, so a reapplication at lunchtime if you want the colour to last all day is advisable. I have also found if I am applying powder to my face, I often use a small amount of powder across my lids, I have found that this helps the eyeshadow cling for a bit longer but I don't do this on a regular basis as the powder clogs my pores!

            When it comes to removing this eyeshadow, it is very easy to remove, either with cleanser or eye make up remover, that is, if there is any powder left on your eyelids, no rubbing or dragging needed.

            The eyeshadow caused me no irritation whatsoever, so this is a great achievement for me as many eyeshadows and mascaras cause me some minor irritation.

            Overall, this is a good eyeshadow but not a great one. I think it is fine for a good, basic, staple eyeshadow. The range of colours is good and will suit almost every taste and complexion. I did feel however that this isn't going to be my favourite eyeshadow brand, purely due to the rub off factor, I prefer my eyehsadows not to have to be reapplied throughout the day, although I will definitely use it until it finishes. I can also see this last a long time as I have hardly touched the top in 3 months.

            Certainly great value and a fun range but not as hard wearing as I would like.

            Thanks for reading.

            Colours Available:
            Icy Blue
            Metal Rose
            White Pearl

            Also on Ciao- Thanks for reading xx


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              17.07.2008 22:57
              Very helpful



              My Take On The Dooyoo Site

              Q1. How did you discover Dooyoo?
              I write on Ciao and used to keep seeing 'also on Dooyoo' at the end of member reviews. One of my 'buddies' on Ciao suggested I also try Dooyoo, as the rewards were better and had less technical glitches than Ciao. So, I registered and here I am now.

              Q2. Why did you join?
              I think in a former life, I was a frustrated writer. I've always enjoyed creative writing and I won prizes in secondary school for my writing. As an adult, I didn't have as much opportunity to write as I had at school. I joined Ciao after clicking on a link through another website and found that I could write and I could make money and that was the same feeling I had when I came here!
              I'm also quite opinionated and I like to tell people when I find something that is great but equally if something is awful, I want everyone to know so they can save their hard earned cash. Dooyoo gives me an ideal opportunity to combine all of these factors.

              Q3. What was your very first opinion on?
              My Capital One credit card, it got a crown too, so I was over the moon!

              Q4. Did you find it easy to get the hang of Dooyoo?
              Yes, although I quite often find that I can't find products I want to review. I make regular suggestions to Dooyoo but I do find that recently the process hs been slower, one request has been outstanding for nearly 10 days now.

              Q5. Did you read other opinions before you posted your first one?
              Yes, it is good etiquette to. I wanted people on Dooyoo to get to know my 'face' first, so that when I came to write, they wouldn't think I was some rude newbie not interested in rating people back. I used my Ciao name so people would recognise me too.

              Q6. Do you write no/some/many comments?
              I probably don't write as many comments as I should. Sometimes I find if a review is dire, it is kinder to send a private message than write a comment, especially if this is someone's first review.
              I sometimes find I get into 'chats' on the comments section, which I should really save for the private message facility!

              Q7. When you click on the list of Newest Reviews, do you read your friend's opinion no matter what they're on/according to subject no matter who has written it/preferably the opinion of new members?
              I read everyone I can from the newest review list, I don't pick out my 'friends' and rate them first, I try to go through everyone equally. I try to at least read the latest 2 reviews from the members in my circle of friends, depending if they are active or not.

              Q8. Do you write your opinions in one sitting?
              No, I normally write once in the morning and once at night, unless I am in a real writing mood. Sometimes I don't feel like writing on Dooyoo or Ciao but feel like writing so I'll write a review in word to post at a later date and this is certainly the case with products I am waiting to be approved from my suggestions list, as soo as it is approved, it's ready to go on the site.
              Due to my uni work, I can't always write in term time so when the holidays come, I really get going!

              Q9. Do you use a spell check?
              You have to, you might think your spelling is good but if your grammer doesn't go together logically, putting your work though a spell check is a vital part of successful Dooyoo-ing. It is amazing how sloppy work can look if your spelling and grammer is bad.

              Q10. Do you thirk you can improve your chances of a crown if you suck up to a guide?
              No, though I try to read guides reviews as they generally are quite good at the reviews in their categories.

              Q11. Are you a member of a forum or chat room?
              I am a member of the Dooyoo-ers group on Facebook

              Q12. Does it get to you when members praise or condemn you?
              To be honest, no, but unsubstaniated remarks and comments that boarder on the fable side of things really gets my back up but hey, opinions are like bottoms, everyone has one and no-one thinks theirs stinks!
              In general though, I take on board comments but I do feel that if you want to make personal remarks about people, don't do it on their review, do it privately.

              Q13. What did you do with your spare time before joining
              I write for Ciao, I also do a lot of online shopping too. I walk my dog, Dexter still. I play music too, my main instrument is Flute but I can also turn my hand to the clarinet, cornet, piano and tenor horn!

              Q14. What do you wish for the future?
              To have a lovely family, would like to get a first in my degree and lecture eventually. I would also like to write an educational textbook relating to Building Surveying.

              Thats all folks!


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              • Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard / Make Up / 22 Readings / 20 Ratings
                More +
                17.07.2008 22:17
                Very helpful



                A Girls Best Friend!

                There are many thinks I like in this world, Gok's Fashion Fix, Iced Gems and beef OXO cubes but something that tops the list for me is anything sparkly.

                When I mean anything sparkly, I mean anything sparkly, shoes, clothes and of course, make up. That is what attracted me to purchase this lovely Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard eyeshadow in a beautiful Regard blue glacier, shade 15.

                Paying about £8 from Boots, this is a little bit above my normal eyeshadow price range but Bourjois is normally a range you can depend on for a decent quality product.

                The eyeshadow itself is a loose powder eyeshadow not a compressed powder. I usually go for the latter because I find I get a good level of coverage but I am willing to give anything a try.

                I was prompted to buy this for a special occasion where I was wearing something blue and this immediately stood out as the blue is a gorgeous glittery baby blue with an essence of silver running through it. I was also impressed, because I was in a hurry more than anything, that it came with it's own little brush within the pot. The pot and lid are all clear, so you can easily see what's in the pot.

                Opening the pot, you'll find an easy to remove and replace, screw off cap before delving in to pull out the built in eye make up brush. I was really impressed with this brush; the tip is the exact same sizes as my favourite eye make up brush that I use, although the want is significantly shorter. You do get a nice, sturdy plastic tip to hold, which you can hold between your thumb and index finger.

                This eyeshadow is completely unique to any other eyeshadow I own. Yes it is a loose shadow but more unique than that is how the powder is dispensed. Now, I've described a loose powder in a pot and that conjours up a dip pot in my mind. No, not quite with this, it is a dip pot, yes, but the powder is dispensed through a really small hole at the bottom of the pot. The eyeshadow is contained within the 'walls' of the pot at a conical angle, to dispense, simply shake and your powder attaches itself to the brush, et voila, no mess eyeshadow and more importantly, no wasted eyeshadow.

                I used this for a night out, so I applied foundation and loose powder to my eyelids prior to applying this. Shaking away, I managed to load the brush really generously. I swept the shadow onto one lid, which gave a really subtle colour, I then returned my brush to the pot, using what was remaining of my last shake and with a second application I built up a strong and sparkly colour, using what was left on the brush, there was enough to highlight my brow bone and the contrast between the two shade was beautiful, not striking and not subtle but a definite contrast, I was amazed that one colour could have so much variation. I then continued to do this on the other eye, so I would repeat myself with that.

                As I mentioned, I was wearing this for an evening out, a curry disco, so lots of chat, lots of dancing and most of all lots of laughing.

                Over the course of the evening I was frequently checking my eye shadow either in my compact of in the loo's and quite honestly, after arriving at 7pm and leaving at 1am, I had absolutely no creasing, no colour loss and no colour transfer to my cheeks. I then proceeded to commit the cardinal sin of make up and after coming home, I didn't take my make up off before going to bed.

                This flaw in my skincare routine actually led to a really good overal impression of the eyeshadow, by 9am the next morning, I still had what I would consider to be a good level of coverage on my eyes. Certainly about 40% of the eyeshdow had come off overnight but it left a lovely, soft and subtle coloured sheen across the main eyelids, which looked really dewy and fresh, despite being 14 hours old.

                Taking this eyeshadow off with eye make up remover is an absolute breeze, both when most of it is still on and when there is only a little bit, it comes off without leaving any glittery residue behind.

                I have used this eyeshadow on so many occasions since my purchase last summer both in the day and for my night time adventures and each time, it stays put, it doesn't crease and it doesn't end up on my cheeks. I have about 95% of the eyeshadow left so at £8 it represent fantastic value for money and I really can't see myself running out before it reaches it shelf life of 24 months.

                I would absolutely recommend this eyeshadow, there is such a wide colour range in stores there is bound to be a colour to suit everyone.

                I feel value for money wise, although it might be a bit more expensive than a normal single eyeshadow, it is well worth it, and you get outstanding colour, outstanding longevity and a fantastic quality eyeshadow.

                I'm off at the weekend to buy myself a new colour!

                Thanks for reading xx


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                  17.07.2008 11:13
                  Very helpful



                  An awful product from Avon!

                  I am really trying to keep up with the make up trends, I promise. However, I am a bit behind on the concept of mineral make up, which first emerged onto the market in a big way last summer. It has taken me until this summer to buy any.

                  Mineral make up is supposed to give you all the coverage of liquid foundations, without clogging your pores and supposedly, according to Lorraine Kelly's show, it is also supposed to feed your skin goodness too. I somehow doubt that to be honest.

                  My friend is an Avon rep and I buy bits and pieces to support her business as she is a young Mum, she's busy and like being able to earn her own cash around the children. It's also a good chance for a gossip when she comes to deliver the goods.

                  I decided on a recent catalogue browse I would try this mineral foundation, by Avon, at a special offer of £5, it wasn't going to break the bank if it was no good. I chose the shade 'Ivory' which is the same shade as the foundation I use, which I also buy from Avon.

                  The catalogue blurb reads like this, which I felt was promising:
                  Dust-on powder foundation made with 100% pure mineral pigments. Creates a luminous, flawless finish that doesn't settle in lines and wrinkles. Ideal for sensitive skin.

                  The product came in a black box, typical over packing! Within the box was the clear plastic tub with the powder and a black lid sits on the top.

                  The powder, on first inspection through the clear packaging, looked strange, there was elements of powder which looked coloured in the ivory colour, some were darker and quite obviously darker at that and some bits were white. The texture looked extremely powdery, obviously, but it looked like it had the consistency of talc, which didn't bode too well.

                  Opening the make up, a huge cloud of powder flew up when I unscrewed the lid. The smell was really chemically, I felt it smelt of paint, quite honestly. I was also surprised that the product picture in the catalogue is advertised, visually, as coming with an applicator sponge but mine didn't, which meant I couldn't apply it immediately, I had to go out and get a big make up so I was able to apply it.

                  The powder is dispensed through several holes on a plastic barrier between the main tub and the lid. The holes are fairly big, so inevitably, there is some wastage here because these holes are quite big. It would have been better to make them marginally smaller, in my opinion, so you have to control the amount of powder you use.

                  The powder at this point, looked the same as it did when I viewed it through the tub, lumpy, strange colours and a horrible smell. This didn't bode well.

                  Anyway, I decided I would give it a whirl and loaded my brush with the powder.

                  When I mentioned earlier that I bought the same colour as the foundation I use from Avon, I really thought I was buying the same colour. I couldn't have been more wrong. This colour was horrible, it was pale in places and dark in others and to be honest, I wouldn't have looked out of place in a programme such as The Munsters. The colour really didn't work. I had shaken to mix the colours earlier and there was no logical reason which I could think of as to why the colour would be as it is.

                  The other problem was the smell, I've mentioned it before. I would have thought that you would get a stronger smell when all the powder was in the tub but no, once applied to my face, I could smell nothing else but paint and to check, no-one was painting near by!

                  Application wise, the powder attached itself to the brush quite well, I only needed to sweep the brush around twice to load enough colour to cover both sides of my face. However, there was a lot of powder left in the tub after sweeping the brush round that you can try to shift back into the holes, you probably wouldn't have enough left to leave it for the next application. In any case if you did leave it in the top layer, whenever you lift the lid off again, whatever is in the top flies up everywhere!

                  The powder did apply very smoothly with the brush. Out of interest, on another test, I applied it with a puff pad, this wasn't so good, the coverage was terrible, it was patchy and orange, not a good look to be honest.

                  After the application, I immediately began to feel the skin on my fact felt blocked and very uncomfortable, as if I had put far too much make up on. In addition, my skin began to feel tight. Looking in the mirror, I was horrified to look at my new look, the powder had become talc like and made me look as if the skin on my cheeks and forehead was peeling off. As time quickly passed it began to look clogged, chalky and the colour was absolutely appalling. My skin also began to redden, not that I normally suffer from reactions from facial powders or foundations, so it was time to remove the make up, it lasted less than 15 minutes on my face before it HAD to come off.

                  Removing it was a bind, despite using my normal facial wash, there was still powder clogging my pores and trapping itself within my lines, something it promises it won't do. It took me a good 3 or 4 attempts to remove the powder with a facial wash, cleanser, cleansing wipes and an exfoliator!

                  Afterwards, inevitably, my skin felt dry, probably from the over washing to get it off.

                  As part of my little trial, I applied some to the inside of my forearm, an area of skin which is quite smooth and soft. The make up couldn't even cope with that, it looked horrendously yellow in the light, it looked like talc and it actually only lasted 2 hours before it wore off.

                  I am normally really pleased with Avon products but I have to admit this is the worst every Avon product I have ever used and I really cannot recommend this whatsoever.

                  If however, you want to give it a try, you can buy the make up for £7 for a 15g tub in the following shades:
                  Warmest Beige

                  It hasn't put me off trying mineral make up in the future, though I do believe this is the type of product you need to go in and test in a shop.

                  I also think that you get what you pay for and if you want to buy a mineral make up, investing in a better brand would be advisable.

                  My advice...steer well clear of this mineral make up foundation.

                  Thanks for reading x


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                  • Asda Flying Saucers / Sweets / 33 Readings / 33 Ratings
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                    16.07.2008 21:43
                    Very helpful



                    A real blast from the past!

                    When I recently came home from work, after a pretty stressful day, I was quite bemused to see Andrew had bought me a selection of what I can only describe as kiddies sweets from his recent trip to Asda.

                    Amongst his offerings, which were by the way because he had been naughty the night before, were these 'Flying Saucers', a real blast from the past for me.

                    I'll tell you why, I haven't had these in year but when I was a toddler, my Grandma used to look after me in the day time whilst my Mum went to work. We would always pick my Grandad up from the RAF base where he worked and on certain days, I was allowed to go with him to the NAAFI to pick some sweets from the pick and mix. Flying Saucers were always my favourites but I used to call then 'ecckies', because the sherbert was a little to sharp for my immature taste buds and they used to make me go 'eck!'.

                    So, with those happy memories in my mind, I grabbed the flying saucers without hesitation and settled down to reminisce about my childhood.

                    The packaging is aimed at the children's market, blue with some pictures of flying saucers sweets and green writing and the offer of 3 for £1 at the bottom of the pack. Obviously Andrew has taken advantage of this offer but I believe these are 39p on their own.

                    The pack was a little small for my mucky mitts, but at 20g it is aimed as a children's sweet more than the adult eater but not one to be undeterred I opened the bag and dived in.

                    Well I would have dived in had the bag not split, sending 3 saucers flying, quite literally, unfortunately Dexter caught these and that was me, now 3 flying saucers down.

                    I immediately was struck that I remembered these sweets as all one colour but these flying saucers had coloured tops and white bottoms or two different colours stuck together, whilst this make no difference to the taste whatsoever, I was a little deflated by this, how things have changed since 1984.

                    The saucers themselves are a good size, just over an inch across. The flying saucers felt nice and firm to the touch, not the soggy feeling you get with cheap flying saucers at time. In this pack, I was quite lucky, there were no broken flying saucers, so, aside from the three I dropped, I had 16 flying saucers all to myself!

                    Taking a bite, I was struck by how firm these were, the wafer shell was firm to bite, a nice feeling, yet it melted in the mouth within seconds. There was a small amount of sherbert in the flying saucers, again I think the small amount was toward children there.

                    The sherbert however, wasn't as how I remembered it to be. This particular sherbert was quite sour in taste and the texture was very grainy, you could really taste the sugar in the sherbert. I didn't find this particularly pleasant with the first few saucers I tried but this didn't stop me finishing the whole pack, and then deciding it wasn't so bad after all! That said, 15 minutes after finishing the saucers, I had a slight chemically after taste, which I can only put down to the flying saucers.

                    My last test was to see how easily they came apart, as I used to split the shells and lick the sherbert out, I am happy to say that these flying saucers came apart easily, without tearing either layer of the wafer shell!

                    There is a huge plus to these flying saucers; each saucer only contains 5 calories with no fat or saturated fat, making them a great little treat if you are on a diet.

                    I found these a great blast from the past, I really enjoyed them but they just weren't the best flying saucers I have had in my lifetime. I certainly felt they offered fairly good value for money, especially if kids are buying these with pocket money but for an adult, there wasn't enough flying saucers my liking.

                    I felt the quality was OK, the sherbert taste being the only major factor which I found disappointed, it just made the saucers feel too processed, too cheap and disappointed my childhood recollections of the saucers.

                    That said, I do recommend them as they are a great blast from the past, they are low in calories and fat and the small issues are just down to my personal tastes and not a major reason for not buying these.

                    Thanks for reading xx


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                      16.07.2008 20:24
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                      A decent self tanner to make up for the British blues!

                      I don't think, realistically we are going to get a decent summer in the UK this year. In fact, I think we may have had it in May, or at least, as close as we are going to get to summer. So no chance of a tan this summer then.

                      Not that getting a tan is actually good for you, I don't advocate going out in the sun, getting burnt and potentially putting your future health at risk but that isn't going to stop millions of people worshipping the sun. However, I like the sun but always take precautions to cover myself in sun cream, hats, t-shirts etc, therefore, inevitably, I look, well pale.

                      Self tanner is not something I have always used, in fact, only maybe in the last two years have I started using a self tanning lotion to add a bit of colour.

                      I came across the Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel whilst I was buying two other Clarins products in House of Fraser. With my purchase I got a free beauty bonus and got to choose 2 midi sized products, the assistant recommended this self tanner as one of her favourites, so I took it and decided to be brave. Without giving too much away at this point, I finished that midi size and returned to purchase more.

                      When I returned to buy the full size gel, there was a decent offer on, the self tanner, refiner (exfoliator to you and me) and an SPF 15 facial tanning gel, in a box for £21. Given that the tanner alone costs £15.50, I felt this was great, especially since they were all full size products, not samples or half sizes.

                      Whilst the exfoliation process is a vital part of the self tanning process, I will avoid talking about that too much here and write another review about the refiner.

                      The packaging is quite swish, I feel. The tube is 125ml and in bronze, although you won't go this colour bronze unless to bathe in great vats of this on a twice daily basis. As with most Clarins products, the French product name is given above the English. The cap is a secure flip up top, there is a satisfying click when closing so you know it is secure, and the last thing you want is self tanner leaking over everything else on your bathroom shelf or make up bag.

                      The tube feels quite full, so I was cautious not to squeeze out too much, in case it shot out and left me orange. However, I feel that Clarins have made a good effort to represent a good amount of product for the money. The tube is quite 'squeezable', again so you don't need to put too much pressure on the tube to squeeze out the gel.

                      I patch test all my leave on skin products 24 hours before I use them and I tested a small amount on the inside of my elbow and I would recommend anyone does this with any new product.

                      After a successful, uneventful patch test, exfoliation and investing in a pack or surgical gloves, it was time to get tanning.

                      The gel is coloured bronze with a very small amount of shimmer in the gel, this aides putting the gel on the body, you can see where you have put the gel on, this sheen rubs in well, so you don't end up shiny. I apply this in a downwards circular motion, working upwards from my legs, if that makes sense. I generally only apply tanner to my legs, arms and décolletage. If I am going out or have a special occasion, I will do a whole body application.

                      There is a slight scent to the gel, but not the normal, vile self tanner that can put you off using fake tan forever. This is a fresh and floral smell but really, unless you get very close to the gel, you'll hardly notice it.

                      The consistency is lovely; the gel is a decent thickness, not thin to be watery and patchy to applied and not thick to be tacky and difficult to rub into the skin. The gel rubs in very well and doesn't feel tacky on the skin, it also doesn't dry my skin, which I have found can be an issue when using gels on the skin where you have to rub them in quite well.

                      As there is tinting to the gel, you get a very subtle colour immediately, not unlike if you had used a bronzer, but this also avoids the patchiness you can get from a clear self tanner. You can also dress immediately afterward with no colour transfer, or if you do it before bed, no coloured sheets!

                      Application took me about 25 minutes, I am meticulous and I hate orange of streaky patches so I make sure everything is rubbed in evenly, no areas are left untouched. If you are an expert self tanner, I suspect it wouldn't take you that long to do legs, arms and chest. Another bonus after application, it doesn't smell at all, so no evidence you have been applying tanner if you need to go out afterwards.

                      I would recommend, after you finish applying the self tan, you wipe the top of the tube as once the colour develops; it also develops on the tube. I go caught out by not wiping the top, squeezing more out and having old dried tanner in my newly squeezed out gel, not nice.

                      Colour developing time is brilliant, just one hour gets you a gorgeous tan, it doesn't get deeper than it is at that point, so you at least know within a short space of time whether you want a deeper colour.

                      Coverage is great too, because it is a gel and it has a colour, you know exactly where it is going on the skin. With any tanner, cheap or expensive, you do get a bit of a deeper colour on your dryest skin areas, such as your knees and elbows, however, I have seen this to extraordinary degrees on some people and it has put me off self tan in the past, I must be honest. However, I cannot say this gel is completely flawless itself, it does give you a bit of extra colour on your knees and elbows but not enough to be noticeable to anyone but yourself. I personally don't have many people coming up to me for close inspections of my elbows and knees, so I am not about to be too worried about this, I feel it is an inevitable part of self tanning. Just remember to decrease the chances of this happening, exfoliate and moisturise your skin well all well time, not just in pre self tan mode.

                      The gel has, in my opinion, a decent level of longevity, with the tan gradually fading over 5-6 days, so I would certainly be pleased with that, as I haven't used a self tanner other than this gel, I am not sure what the best longevity of a self tanner is. What is great about this is it doesn't go streaky, patchy or orange whilst is is fading out, ot fades like a natural tan would, which is everything you could ask for from a self tanning gel.

                      Just to add, if you do get orange palms or knuckles, use a coarse exfoliator and soap to get this off, it comes off fairly easily with the refiner I bought it with and that is medium coarse consistency.

                      As I don't use this gel in great quantities, I bought the gel after Christmas in the January sale and I still have about a quarter left after fortnightly- three weekly tanning sessions, which I feel is fine in proportion to the cost of the gel.

                      Overall, I would highly recommend this self tanning gel, it is really sunshine in a bottle and it is safe too. I realise the price will put some people off, but it is worth every penny and you can pick this up on ebay or discounted online beauty stores around the £12 mark.

                      Very easy to apply, a lovely colour with no self tan smell, you can't get a better taste of summer than this!

                      Thanks for reading xx


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                      • Whiskas Cat Milk / Cat Food / 33 Readings / 33 Ratings
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                        15.07.2008 22:21
                        Very helpful



                        A nice treat for the cats, without too much lactose.

                        On the 12th June, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Thomson, who was 14 years old, after suffering from cancer. Whilst Tom was alive, we daren't have any kind of dairy product down for the other 2 cats, Baxter & Ziggy. Tom was severely allergic to anything dairy, so that put paid to any milk treats, including this cat milk for the other two.

                        After a trip to the doctors, whilst waiting for a prescription, I popped over to our local Co-Op, always one for a bargain, I found 1 bottle of cat milk in the bargain bin for 20p, and this was because the sell by date was a day away. I thought I would try this as Baxter had loved this as a kitten and he was actually in for an operation on his paw that day, so I thought I'd treat him!

                        The milk comes in a sweet curved bottle, with a sturdy lid. Beneath the lid is a foil seal, ensuring that nothing is spilt before you get it home. As with all Whiskas products, you have the fat, grey cat on the front. The bottle is ridged, giving a good grip and the instructions are to shake well. Storage instructions are once opened to keep in the fridge and use within 4 days, that's if it last that long! Before opening, it can be kept in the cupboard.

                        Whiskas Cat Milk is complimentary milk for cats; it shouldn't be given in place of water. What makes it special is it has a much lower level of lactose in the milk that ordinary cow's milk. It also has a special formulation of vitamins suitable for cats.

                        Each 200ml bottle gives four servings of milk, 50ml each, so between Baxter and Ziggy, enough for them to have two servings, however, I wasn't going to start measuring it out for them, but both of the cats had two bowls, so that was equal enough for me.

                        Opening the foil seal, I was immediately hit by a sickly sweet smell, this obviously appeals to cat as Baxter who was feeling very sorry for himself in a chair came bounding through to the kitchen. The milk is a lot thicker than cow's milk with a yellow colour, I am not sure how this appealed to the cats but to me, it looked like a kind of lightly coloured banana milkshake which had gone off!

                        Pouring into the bowl, I noticed that the consistency wasn't as thick as I initially thought, it was the consistency of single cream and once poured the sweet smell all but disappeared, but this didn't appear to put either Baxter or Ziggy off.

                        I was initially a bit cautious about giving the cats this, as the last time I gave it to Baxter, he was a kitten and sicked up a little bit and never went back to the bowl. Ziggy had never had any kind of milk, cows meal or cats milk and he isn't as fussed on cheese as Baxter is, so I wondered if actually this was going to make them both ill.

                        Baxter seemed to be especially taken with the milk but whether this was initially because he'd been starved for his operation and was generally feeling sorry for himself, I'm not sure, but he lapped it up within seconds. Ziggy wasn't quite so keen and left half of the milk. Baxter then swiftly made a move on this and lapped it all up.

                        After storing in the fridge overnight, I gave the cats the remainder of the milk for their breakfast. The milk hadn't suffered for being in the fridge but both cats turned their noses up at the cold milk and for a good few hours, the milk was left untouched.

                        At this point, I felt that the milk, even at 20p was a waste and that I wouldn't bother buying it again.

                        However, once the milk had lost it's chill, both Baxter and Ziggy returned to their bowls and started drinking the milk. Both bowls were licked clean within seconds and Baxter was crying for more. If I did buy this again, I would take this out of the fridge a good few hours before serving as neither liked it cold and had they not gone back to it, it would have been wasted.

                        I have hesitated in buying this again, for a start, it's not cheap, for a 200ml bottle, in Tesco, you will pay 63p for one or a 3 bottle pack will set you back £1.79. I also wonder about the fickle nature of my cats too, knowing they like something once doesn't mean they'll like it again.

                        Neither cat suffered any sickness and not to my knowledge, any running tummies, although Ziggy goes out and I am not one to go hunting his poopies. Baxter, who is an indoor cat, didn't have any upset tummies in his tray.

                        Overall, I can't vouch for the cat's actual experience with this milk, I do think they enjoyed it as they won't eat or drink anything they don't like. I don't think I'll be buying this on a regular basis because of the price and there are so many other things they like as well. However, if I see it at a reduced price again, I will probably buy a bottle for them.

                        I would recommend this to cat owners, as long as you feel your cats can take the small amount of lactose in the milk and they don't have any severe intolerance to dairy products.

                        Nutritional Info:
                        Protein 3.2
                        Fat 3.3
                        Ash 0.8
                        Moisture 87.0
                        Calcium 0.1
                        Lactose <0.2
                        Vitamin D3 100 IU/kg
                        Vitamin E: 20 mg/kg
                        Biotin 30 µg/kg
                        Taurin 700mg/kg

                        Milk and milk derivatives, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Minerals.

                        Suitable for cats and kittens over 6 weeks old.

                        Thanks for reading xx


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                        • Vicks Vapor Inhaler / Health Product / 38 Readings / 33 Ratings
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                          15.07.2008 17:56
                          Very helpful



                          Cheap and cheerful for minor colds and irritations

                          It's hay fever season again for me, living near lots of grassy areas and being a dog walker, I am quite affected by the grass pollen particularly.

                          It affects my nose primarily, blocking it up and making my nose feel a bit 'heavy' I normally reach for the Piriton but due to issues with my kidneys, my GP advised me to take it this year. Instead, he recommended, strangely I thought, a Vicks Vapour Inhaler.

                          Surely, this is only used when you have a cold? No, he said it was the best thing he had found and was a lot cheaper than a lot of alternatives, so off I went to my local pharmacy and bought one for the very respectable price of £1.99.

                          The inhaler was mounted on a cardboard backing but the main packaging is a simple, 2 and a half inch tube, which a screw cap, I am sure that most people are well aware what this product looks like though!

                          Coming to use the inhaler, I did pause to read the instructions this time, as it must have been a good 5 or 6 years since I last used one. The instructions are for adults and children over 6 years old, the inhaler isn't recommended for children under 6 however. Very simply, the instructions advise the user to stick the inhaler up their nose, close the other nostril with a finger and breathe in deeply. The inhaler claims it will make your breathing feel clear and cool.

                          The active ingredients in the inhaler are Siberian Pine Needle Oil, Camphor and Menthol, so expect this to be very fresh when using this inhaler.

                          So, following the instructions, I stuck this up my nose and inhaled.

                          Oh my word....I was completely blown away by the inhaler, it was much, much stronger than I had imagined it to be and I almost felt as if my nasal passages and eye were on fire. I cannot possibly describe this as a pleasant experience; certainly a stuffy nose was slightly more preferable to this initial feeling. However, I soon realised I was probably at fault with this feeling. I had stupidly used this whilst my nose was fairly clear, not fairly blocked and I am sure that this contributed to the horrible feeling!

                          Undeterred, I decided I would carry on using this but in the proper way, not just some made up way that I had decided to implement and suffer the consequences of.

                          Using this first thing in the morning before going out was an altogether a more pleasant experience. Following the same instructions, I managed to inhale the vapour without burning my nostrils and the result was very good. My nasal stuffiness cleared quite quickly and left quite a pleasant, cool feeling, as the blurb promised.

                          The effects last a good 2 or 3 hours before I felt I needed to use it again, which seemed to be the amount of time of relief that I got from this inhaler.

                          My one issue with this that I had on more than one occasion and I do feel it was caused by this. I felt as though the back of my throat was burning after inhaling, this feeling was quite unpleasant and when I stopped using this recently, that feeling went immediately.

                          That aside, it did work on my congestion and it gave me a nice, clean, cool feeling in my nasal passages but I don't feel it is the best product I could be using for hay fever, so I have now changed to Beconase. It is relatively short acting and because it is effectively a herbal product, it is likely to be suitable for most people.

                          I recently had a heavy cold whilst in Las Vegas, yes, a cold in the dessert, and I had taken this with me as part of my travel medicines and I have to admit it really didn't touch my blockages, though my companion had a slight cold and used their own with good effect.

                          I've had my one inhaler for about 3 months now and it is still quite 'smelly', the vapour hasn't died off yet and it is OK to use on minor sniffles but for anything tougher than that, I've move on to one of the more advanced nasal sprays such as Sinex.

                          That aside, it's great value and small enough to slip discreetly in the pocket or in a bag for use throughout the day.

                          I would recommend this as a product for very minor sniffs and snuffles.

                          Bless you for reading xx


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                          • Revlon Eyeglide / Make Up / 16 Readings / 15 Ratings
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                            15.07.2008 16:59
                            Very helpful
                            1 Comment



                            A real beauty must have.

                            As you can probably tell, I am working through the contents of my make up bag to review. I love make up and it is so much easier to write about something you like.

                            A few weeks ago, I was browsing on eBay and came across Revlon EyeGlide. I'd never heard of this before and as a rule, I don't normally buy anything I haven't heard of. I paid 99p for the EyeGlide in Champagne and had no real idea of what this product was, aside from a 'Shimmer Shadow'.

                            Whilst eagerly awaiting my delivery, I decided to do some research on Revlon's website and found this product with the following blurb:
                            Get creamy eyecolor that glistens all day, easy as: Twist. Glide. Shimmer! EyeGlide® Shimmer Shadow smoothes on easily with a light powdery feel, resisting creasing and fading. Available in 5 shades.

                            At least now I was in the picture of what I had actually bought!.

                            When I received the product, it was shrink wrapped. After unwrapping, I got to the tube properly. The tube is about 6 inches long and has a nice, easy to hold, thickness. The actual content capacity is 1.9ml, so not bad for 99p.

                            The tube was a light gold colour and was quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The cap pulls off and pushes on; it is very sturdy and has a satisfying click, so you know you have put the cap on properly. The cap also fits snugly at the top of the tube, so you don't loose it.

                            There are very little instructions on the tube, primarily, the only instructions given are 'Keep on twisting until colour appears' and so, it relies upon your comment sense to know how to best apply this product.

                            Pulling off the the cap, there is the applicator, on the main tube. The applicator is a sponge, angled applicator, quite a decent size, enough to cover an eyelid in one quick sweep but not too big as to be awkward. The applicator has small little holes on the sponge, this is to allow the EyeGlide cream to be applied to the sponge from the main tube.

                            Overall, I'd give the packaging a thumbs up, it really appealed to me.

                            Coming to use the EyeGlide, I was a little nervous, because I had never used anything other than a powder eyeshadow, not a moist eyeshadow and certainly never one out of a tube!

                            It didn't take too many clicks or twists of the tube before I had enough on the applicator to apply to one eyelid. The actually dispensing of the EyeGlide cream is quite controlled and a little amount comes out at a time, so you don't overload the applicator.

                            The colour at this point looked really appealing as well. The 'Champagne' colour is a light gold; it shimmers and sparkles on the applicator, which looks nice and pretty. There is no scent to the product, which is nice; you know that a scent won't irritate your eyes at least!

                            Applying the EyeGlide is actually a technique which needs a little bit of practice, the first few times I used the EyeGlide, I was applying the cream with the applicator's angled edge pointing upwards, which wasn't giving me great coverage and I ending up poking myself in the eye on more than one occassion. I experimented and found the best technique was to apply the EyelGlide from the inside corners of the eye and to have the angled edge pointing sideways towards the bridge of the nose. This also means you can clearly see where you are applying the cream.

                            The cream was, when you perfect your technique, easy to apply and felt lovely and cool on the eyelid. The colour went on evenly and thinly, so you can build up as much or as little colour as you wish, depending on your colour preference. I personally found I had a lovely colour when I applied 2 coats to my eyelid and one coat as a highlighter to my browbone.

                            At this point, the colour looked fabulous, it was shimmery yet subtle, which is the best combination you could wish for when using a product like this. I was nervous, though, about how long this would last. As a 'wet' eyeshadow, surely it would rub off very quickly?

                            Wearing this on a normal day at work, I applied this about 7am before going on my way. I was pleased that by the time I was at work, the EyeGlide was still in place. Later that morning, after being up ladders, in cellars, in the wind and rain, I was pleased to notice that there had been very little of the EyeGlide which had gone walkies. The coverage was still very good, very little creasing in the eyelid creases.

                            After lunch the colour was still in place, with a small amount of creasing towards the outer edge of my eyelids but nothing you could really notice if you weren't looking for it.

                            At the end of the day, there was a bit of colour evaporation from the eyelids, but it still looked presentable.

                            After a hard working day, I came to remove the EyeGlide with my normal eye make up remover. The EyeGlide came off really easily and I was quite shocked at how much my eye maker remover actually removed, it didn't look like there was that much left at 10pm. I can honestly say, after one sweep of eye make up remover, all the EyeGlide was gone.

                            I tried the EyeGlide again the next day and I was greatly impressed that 90% of the EyeGlide cream was still on my eyelids at 10pm!

                            I had no irritation from EyeGlide at all, which was great but eye products are so far advanced that you wouldn't expect any nowadays anyway to be irritant. The skin around my eye also didn't have any dry areas as a result of the EyeGlide, I say this because a colleague told me that she once used a liquid eyeshadow that cracked the corners of her eyes after prolonged use.

                            The colour is highly shimmering, so the actually does look best in the summer and I am sure that if you had a tan, this would be perfect. I am still using my EyeGlide, about twice a week now as I like a change and I still find it fabulous. I don't think I will wear it over the winter unless I was going to a party but with a 24 month shelf life, it'll last for next summer too.

                            I haven't seen this product in my local Boots, so I am not sure if this is a new or discontinued product but there are plenty available on eBay, in various colours:

                            Overall, I am really impressed, I love this EyeGlide and I highly recommend it to all make up wearers, it's great to have in your make up bag and I feel it would be an ideal holiday make up essential too.

                            Thanks for reading! xx


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                              15.07.2008 11:05
                              Very helpful



                              A Decent Make Up Bag Essential

                              I don't think I will ever be graced with particularly great eyelashes and certainly not great enough to bat my eyelashes in the hope of getting my own way like my rather lucky sister does.

                              Due to my incompetent lashes, I am a Mascara addict, I've tried rehab but left after a day when I decided I looked asleep if I didn't have any mascara onand I've even accused my husband of stealing my mascara when in fact, it had run out and I couldn't be bother to go and buy another, so I sent him to do it. Anyway, as you will have gathered, mascara is an essential for me, I like to try new ones and I always make sure I have one in my bag and one at home, you know, just in case Colin Farrell should turn up and want to see me flutter my lashes.

                              Recently, my neighbour has become an Avon lady and as she is a friend and she seems to enjoy doing it, I am a rather regular customer, much to my husband's disgust. I noticed I was coming to the end of quite a bit of my make up and during this time, the Avon book came and it offered a free bag full of make up, including this Mascara, if you spent over £15 on make up and as I can spend up to £22 on one Mascara I felt that this was good for me, however the price is around about £7 normally, although this can change with every catalogue, it can be less or you can get some freebies, which may change the price slightly.

                              2 weeks later, my mascara arrived. I was quite taken with the sleek design of this product, the outer container was a great thickness to hold, but not uncomfortable and the lettering was all in a sleek silver colour and it matches the packaging of other Avon make up products. It doesn't look cheap but it isn't too showy either, perfect for slipping inside a make up or handbag.

                              The mascara is available in two shades, black and black/brown and I received the black mascara, although there wasn't a choice!
                              I then unscrewed the cap, eager to test my new mascara, the cap was easy to unscrew and the handle/wand felt sturdy thanks to the thickness of the cap, it is slightly tapered at one end, although this doesn't help you have a steadier hand like some of the square ended caps you can get, but still it proved to be OK, even in my clumsy hands, so now it was time to inspect the mascara brush itself.

                              I can't help but sniff mascara, as my eyes are sensitive, I always give them a sniff as I find if I can smell obvious chemical smells, I will get irritated eyes, this mascara does have a slight old fashioned make up scent to it, but it is not unpleasant and certainly not one I thought would irritate my peepers, Inspecting the brush itself, I was surprised to see that it looked very much identical to my £2.50 mascara, although looking closely now, the bristles of the brush are a like more tightly packed together, certainly nothing revolutionary here on the face of it. I did notice that the brush appeared to be thickly coated in the mascara with obvious blobs on the brush, which, for me, doesn't bode well as I always find clumpiness with these types of mascaras, so I was prepared for disappointment.

                              I don't have any special routine for putting on mascara, I just whip it on.

                              On my first use, I didn't wipe the brush and I was sorely disappointed to find horrendous clumping of my lashes. I then decided to, before doing my other eye, to wipe the brush lightly in some tissue. This made the world of difference, the effect was amazing. From simply lightly wiping the brush I had a much more lengthening effect and my lashes were nicely separated.
                              The true test for me is how long it stays on. I applied this at 7:30am in preparation of going to work. As I don't have a 'normal' mascara, I wasn't comparing this mascara to anything. At midday, there was no flaking or loss of effect, which I was relatively pleased with. At 3pm, a small amount of flakiness had occurred but nothing obvious and nothing that couldn't be brushed away by a make up brush or finger. In the evening, the effect was still obvious and the flakiness hadn't occurred again and by bed time the lashes still looked great.

                              So now it comes to take it off. I had no problems here, with one sweep of an eye make up remover, all traces of the mascara were gone, so I was chuffed as I didn't have to scrub my eyes away.

                              I am unsure if this is waterproof, I have yet to cry or be caught in rain with it!

                              Overall, since my first use 3 weeks ago, I have used this every day and have had the same great effects, as long as I dab the brush in tissue beforehand, this isn't a great hardship but I wonder if the tube or brush could be modified in anyway to ensure that mascara isn't wasted like this?

                              I am pleased and I would recommend the product, although I am only rating it as 3 stars, my reasons for this are due to the apparent wastage of some of the mascara and the fact to get a great effect you have to wipe your brush, which isn't really how mascara should really be.

                              The packaging is fine, when you receive the mascara it is shrink wrapped with the ingredients list and the products shelf life on it and that is easily torn and ripped and of course you don't get that to hand then.

                              So, all in all, not for everyone but a good, basic lash lengthening mascara that does all it needs to for me.

                              Also on Ciao

                              Thanks for reading xx


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                                14.07.2008 21:12
                                Very helpful



                                Expensive, poor quality lip gloss.

                                I feel like I write a lot about Avon and make up on DooYoo & Ciao. I do wonder why then I remember it is because Avon is my brand of choice because it means I don't have to face Cardiff on a Saturday afternoon trying to find make up and getting truly frustrated by the crowds. I'm also safe in the knowledge I can return an Avon product for a refund if it isn't suitable.

                                A few months ago I bought Avon's Perfectwear Extralasting Lip Colour from the catalogue. I think it was about £5, although I can't remember exactly, I don't normally pay over £5 for a lip colour!

                                Within the Avon catalogue, the blurb promised the following:
                                Lasts for up to 8 hours. The lip colour end gives kiss-proof, even colour... the gloss end coats colour with a super shiny formula. It won't fade, transfer or wear off for 8 hours.

                                I thought this might have been a bit of an exaggeration but I liked the look of the picture and ordered myself one in the colour shade 'Stay Pink'.

                                After waiting for the item to arrive, I was again met with the lip colour in a cardboard box and then the tube within. The product itself comes in two separate sectional tubes, joined by a barrel with Avon printed on it.

                                The colour of the pink initially shocked me, It was a kind of 1980's shock pink and I really thought it was nothing like the shade in the catalogue. However, I needn't have worried unduly.

                                At the other end of the barrel there was a clear gloss with a brush applicator.

                                I came to test the colour on the back on my hand. Unscrewing the colour end, I was hit by a pleasant vanilla scent from the barrel. Attached to the centre barrel is a sponge colour applicator. The sponge applicator head was very soft and only a small amount of colour was on the applicator, which is enough to cover one lip at a time. I also noticed that there wasn't a huge amount of residue on the top of the colour tube either. The colour was a lot my subtle on the back of my hand that it was in the tube, a much more shimmery pink.

                                Opening the other end, the gloss end, there was a slightly more chemically smell, but not unpleasant. The brush was very soft and the gloss was quite thick, although I had thought it might have been thinner to act as a glaze and not be a separate gloss.

                                After confirming I had no adverse reaction to the lip colour, I went ahead and applied this before a busy day at work.

                                The colour end went on and I have to admit to being disappointed as the colour going on to my lips was nowhere near as even as it had been when I applied it to the back of my hand. The colour streaked on both my upper and lower lip and needed a good 4 or 5 coats to achieve even coverage without looking to garish. I felt, in actual fact, I needed more coverage but this would mean the colour would have ended up garish and far too bright. I was, it is fair to say, extremely disappointed in the colour and coverage.

                                Now for the gloss. I commented earlier on the gloss feeling thick, applying this to much lips was not the most pleasant of experiences, the gloss was still thick and although easy to apply, it felt far too thick and I felt my lips were completely stifled under the sheer weight of the gloss and colour but in the interests of giving things a fair try, I decided not to wipe it all off as I would normally with this kind of feeling!

                                Off I went to work for 8am and after the 30 minute journey, the colour was still in place and the feeling was still heavy. The feeling had become tacky and sticky by this point!

                                I decided to give the colour a coffee test and sure enough, there was very little transfer. Water was the same, not too much transfer on the glass.

                                Off I went to do my days work, a job which means I am usually out and about from 9am until 1pm, outside and inside doing property surveys, I rarely get a chance to check my make up during the day.

                                However, by 11am, there was little point in checking any further, the colour had all evaporated, leaving my lips feeling horrible, sticky and dry at the corners.

                                I was seriously unimpressed; however, I reapplied the colour about 11:15am. After having a sandwich for lunch at 1pm, there was no colour left whatsoever, it had all bled off or transferred to my sandwich!

                                Given that it gave my lips the same feeling again, I decided against reapplying and haven't used the lip colour since.

                                Seeing as how I always generally get on with Avon products, I was seriously disappointed that this could not last 4 hours, let alone live up to the 8 hours continuous wear claim.

                                I, personally, will stick to my normal Bourjois lipstick, which does give great coverage.

                                If, however, you want to give this a whirl, it comes in the following colours:

                                Always Mocha
                                Berry Enduring
                                Enduring Terracotta
                                Forever My Honey
                                Forever Wine
                                Pink For Life
                                Rosy Resistance
                                Stay Pink

                                Current catalogue price is £8.50 but the current offer is 2 for £8 across selected products.

                                I wouldn't recommend this lip colour at all, the feeling is horrible, the colour doesn't last and the colour is uneven or garish, there is no in-between! It's now sitting in my make up bag and I will eventually throw it away as I can't see myself attempting to wear it again, maybe only if I had absolutely no other lipstick or lip gloss to wear.

                                Thanks for reading.


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                                  14.07.2008 16:04
                                  Very helpful



                                  A Great Beauty Budget Buy

                                  When I go to the hairdresser and has their hair done, there is always a feeling of dread as you go to pay and they ask if you want to buy any products to keep your hair as lovely as the moment you left the salon. If you are like me, I can never recreate the salon beautiful hair I left with and no £20 shampoo is going to help me. That's why I stay on the good side of my mobile hair dresser, she's fantastic at recommending high street products as she doesn't sell salon products, well, she can't lug them all around with her, so I don't get high pressure sales and I don't get too windswept when I leave!

                                  Recently, having my hair cut, she commented on how dry my hair was, thinking that she had some expensive masque treatment hidden up her sleeve, she told me she was popping out to get some Pantene Ice Shine conditioner. This puzzled me, a few years earlier, I had been told not to use Pantene products as they coat the hair in silicone.

                                  I patiently waited for her return and we went back to washing my hair. After shampooing the conditioner was applied to my hair and left on for a few minutes. After washing out, blow drying and trimming, my hair looked great, so I decided to go any buy some myself.

                                  I went off, to Asda where I found Pantene Ice Shine shampoo and conditioners on offer, a 200ml bottles of both the shampoo and conditioner were 2 for £2 or £1.98 each, so absolutely fantastic value.

                                  Packaging wise, it isn't the most exciting product in the world, a plan white bottle, blue writing but best of all, an upside down bottle, ensuring you get every single as once out of your bottle. The bottle is a lovely width too, great to hold securely in your hand whilst showering, there is a ridge within the sides, so it shouldn't slip out of your hand if your hands are soapy. The flip top cap is also extremely good, it is secure enough not leak out because it is an upside down bottle but is easy enough to flip open with wet hands. Thumbs up for the design here!

                                  The time came for me to try to recreate my hairdressers handy work, with the Pantene, I'd actually bought a shampoo and conditioner, so I used the shampoo first, however, I will avoid commenting on the shampoo and save that for a separate review.

                                  After shampooing and rinsing, it was now time to applied conditioner. Flipping open the lid, I noticed a lovely fresh smell, it smelt creamy but clean and not too overpowering. Giving a small squeeze, a decent amount came out, very cleanly from the nozzle.

                                  The conditioner is a pure white colour. The texture is very smooth and not at all soapy as some conditioners can be. The instructions are simply "Apply from the roots to the ends. Rinse thoroughly", never one to follow instructions on packages, I apply my conditioner from the mid lengths to the ends. I get very greasy roots anyway and putting conditioner on the roots simply makes it greasier and as my hair is long, it is actually the mid lengths that suffer most from being tied back!

                                  I leave my conditioner one while combing through the conditioner. The conditioner felt lovely and creamy when I applied it to my hair and it felt thick enough to be working but not too thick to feel heavy within my hair.

                                  After leaving the conditioner within my hair for 2 or 3 minutes, I came to rinse the conditioner out.

                                  Normally I find, with the thicker conditioners, they can be difficult to rinse out because they are clinging to the hair so much, then that descends into having greasy hair but I found that this conditioner really was easy to rinse out and it took no more than 2 minutes to completely clear the areas where I put conditioner.

                                  Immediately, my hair felt lovely, it was already feeling much softer and less coarse than it had been before washing. All that remained for me to do was to dry my hair.

                                  I also notices there were less knots and tug in my hair after using this conditioner, which, with long hair, is one thing I hate, but my brush went through with absolute ease.

                                  During drying, I noticed my hair was still soft but it looked to be in much better condition and it was easier than normal to blow dry. Unfortunately, it didn't tame the wild strands I get in the mid sections, but then it takes a hairdresser to do that for me!

                                  Certainly my hair looked much better after conditioning with Ice Shine. It felt much softer and looked healthy and shiny too.

                                  Over the course of a day this didn't wear off and the conditioner didn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy.

                                  I have now been using Ice Shine for 2 or 3 months now, as I bought another lot when it was on offer and I am still pleased wit the results, I love the new found shine my hair has and the product is so light yet so effective. I will continue to use Ice Shine until I reach the end of the current bottle I have, as I like to give my hair a break.

                                  My one favourite element of this product comes from my holidays. I took this to Las Vegas recently and the 48 degree heat really frazzled my hair on a daily basis. I used Ice Shine every day and it made a huge difference, where I would have normally had a lot of breakage and heat damage, I had none whilst I was away nor after I returned home. This will now save me buying an expensive conditioning treatment on my return.

                                  I would highly recommend this range, whilst only reviewing the conditioner here, I am also using the shampoo and heat spray and I cam so pleased. It is honestly one of the best buys I have ever made and at such a price, it won't break the bank if it is not quite right for you.

                                  Thanks for reading!


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