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Member since: 13.04.2004

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      14.04.2004 02:29



      • "Cool bouncers"

      i first went to 5th Ave on St Paddys day, all i can say WHAT A NIGHT OUT!!! i went with ma sis n a couple of m8s and didnt really know what to expect. id bin told the drinks were cheap on wednesday but 4 manchester i had no idea what sort of price that was. 70p for a straight or bottle and £1 for a JD & coke. amazin. been there about half an hour n theyd already playedsum of my fave bands like blur, transplant, madness, stuff u just cant help dancing to. paddys day was the first time id bin out in manchester but from stories id heard i thought it would be dog rough but from queuing up outside to gettin out at the end of the night id never felt safer. the bouncers were really cool and easy to talk to and once inside evri1 seemed really friendly. everything i can think of (that i can remember at £1 a JD) was amazin. if you like iny punk ska 80s n all then have a night out to 5th Ave. every night theres a deal on drinks so you can get rather marry on a budget!!!! GO TO 5TH AVENUE!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!!


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