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      17.08.2007 13:18
      Very helpful



      Its movie is coming soon, so why not the game?

      The professional famous assassin in game’s world, whose nickname 47 has returned with Blood Money. Still glacial and transcendent, he is ready for new missions follow style of the Hitman action game series. Although game play is still similar to 3 previous versions but with those action scenes with open-ending in Hitman: Blood Money will sure be interesting for you. 47 will have more moves in a storyline which may excite your curiosity and cinematic-like missions, especially when it’s on Xbox 360.

      Although known as the fourth in the series Hitman, Blood Money doesn’t require any experience or knowledge from the players about its brothers-3 previous version. Actually, you can feel more impressive if this is the first time you meet this white baldy. After receiving lots of missions from the beginning of the series till now, 47 step by step, find out that it’s him and his boss who are in danger with a secret organisation. Everybody knows, in his career, ‘danger’ means ‘dead’. 47 can only find out more about this after his missions are completed and all lead to a flabbergasted ending as well as always higher the contradiction.

      In the first chapter, player controls 47 to carry out a mission exactly in Hitman style: Kill the manager of an amusement park. This man, only because of his carelessness, has killed many innocent lives. Swing King-the manager was also a part of an organisation which sells heroin, to save the park from bankrupt. Passed through many guards, used lots of ammo, his last job to do is just way to easy when the victim is only a weakling, kneeling and praying for forgiveness.

      Gamers can finish this chapter without having any difficulty just by follow the instruction on the screen. However, this is only a kind of demonstration to show players how it works as well as help them to get used to the game, at least, knowing what to do. Therefore, after the first mission, as the game go on, it’ll be more and more difficult to get through and next missions always contain surprises.

      There are 12 missions in the game, mostly in US, from a carnival of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a casino designed in Egyptian style in Las Vegas, to a clinic in north California, a cruise on Mississippi…The game is really impressive with all life-like scene, immense, sophisticated and lively. Especially in the carnival of Mardi Gras, where every street is a river of people and colourful dancers dancing, all are very detailed. Every location in game is full of citizens and guards with fully equipped ammo and amour. Therefore, you have to prepare carefully for each mission to finish the victim and get away easily, without any realisation. If you are detected, there will be big trouble but it’s not the end with 47, he can show his shooting ability to run away from them.

      Like other versions, in Blood Money, sneaking is the best strategy but you can also run and shoot in need. Player’s angle can be changed between the third (from the back of 47) and the first (like normal FPS games). Besides, lots of new weapons are added to the game with shotgun, machine gun, all have different shape and look exactly like the model in real life. There are also poison, dynamite, blade and many more…In particular situation, you can finish your enemy off without any blood in your hand by lure them to be jailed or stuck and then be hit by some heavy objects. You will earn more money and have higher ranking by doing that in every mission (if possible).

      Making plan is not so difficult in game when you have the help of maps in each part of building which looks like GPS. Just by a press, maps will appear and you’ll the position of every single one around your area (only at normal level or lower, not included at higher level). But at hard level it’s opposite, enemy will know where you’re standing and of course, easier to be found and got killed.

      Game’s AI is not so high and can be said at satisfied level. You can see them talking with each other, guarding around…Some of them sometimes go to the toilet or get out to have some cigarette and know nothing about the danger around them. They will have to pay for their separation from others. Like other professional assassins, 47 is master of masquerade. He can disguises him to any one he want; make it much easier getting in the danger zones.

      After each missions, 47 will be more ‘famous’, therefore can be found easier and it’s harder to complete the mission. Between chapters, Hitman: Blood Money allow player to pay to lower their fame in the underworld. As well as this, money can be used to buy weapons, equipment upgrade them to bigger, have more space to store or attach laser telescopic sight, IR to your guns…

      Another remarkable thing is after each mission, player can read an article about what his character has done, well described and detailed. This make player feel good when reading comments about his ‘show’. In every mission, it is necessary to hide in the wardrobe, use dead body as a shield, and throw knife or broken glass as well as destroy the evidence by throwing dead body in the bin…

      A special soundtrack of Hitman: Blood Money was composed by Jesper Kyd with beautiful mix between anthem backgrounds and electrical. Sound effect is remarkable with dubbing in the underworld’s way, making conversation between characters in game sound very cool.

      Thank you for reading.


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        12.08.2007 18:42
        Very helpful



        world heritage site,worth visiting.

        In the northern side of Vietnam, apart from Hanoi-the capital, Sapa, Halong bay is another worth visiting address.

        __How to get there__
        Located near Vietnam's north coast.The nearest city called Halong ( just the same name). If you were in Hanoi, it just take two hours on the bus to go to Halong- the city and then one more hour on the cruise to the bay. All cost about 10$( if you want a nice cruise, you'd better pay more).

        Known as Natural World Heritage site, Halong bay consists of over 2000 islands and islets as well as some limestone rock with hundreds of different shape. As you are on the cruise , you can see them closely and relise that they even have their 'soul'. Each of them has its own name such as:
        *Hon Trong Mai ( the cock and hen islet ).
        *Hon Thien nga ( the swan islet).
        *Hon Dau nguoi ( the human's head islet)
        *Hon Am ( the kettle islet)
        All these name just base on their specialised shapes, have been made by Mother nature through milions of years.

        There are also caves on some of the islands. Those caves are full of mystical stalactites which were shaped through million years of water erosion. The leftover become stalactites and the mineral which has come out , dissolved in water, makes the color green.
        Halong bay looks just like a mystic emerald of the sea makes it the most beautiful bay in the world. Therefore, remember to bring lots of film , you might have some good shot.

        __Hungry ? where are the restaurants?__
        Well, you might feel hungry after going around the bay for hours but coming back to the city now finding some restaurants isnt a good idea though. But don't worry, you'll be surprised, there are two or even three restaurants just around the bay( of course, it's all 'man made'). They float on the water's surface just by some huge sponges. Sea food there is really cheap, fresh , so how can it be better, enjoying good meal, fresh air and beautiful scene at the same time!
        ....restaurants just in the middle of no where so you might think the environment there can be polutted? No way!, all the trash and rubbish will be send back to the mainland ,keeping the sea environment clean.

        There are many other interesting things about the bay that I'm about to say but i think it mghit be better if you could find out by yourself.
        Thank you for reading.


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          10.08.2007 17:28
          Very helpful



          a good game but won't last for long.

          Naruto, name of the manga from Japan talk about the little ninja boy name Naruto has become more and more popular in all over the world. As well as its anime, the games also attract lots of fans, appear on different consoles. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja on PS2 is very interesting with many inproments: Eye-catching 3D graphic, fighting system and methods.

          Obviously, who was the fan of Naruto will love to see their lovely characters on this new version. As they had expected, all of the character in manga is there: Naruto little boy with orange hair, Kakashi- the tricky, mysterious teacher, Sasuke-Naruto’s friend as well as rival, Sakura- Naruto’s puppy love and many others ninjas. Also, as the game go on, you can open some new characters such as Haku, Zabuza and Orochimaru by finish the story mode with each of main characters. Namco Bandai also add two new characters that you only know when start playing.

          The fighting methods in Naruto:U.N. quite similar to other game such as Super smash Bros or Power Stone. However, the ninja’s world has its own depth. Each character has the basic button to make the normal moves and combine them to do the special attack. You can moves very fast suddenly, charge chakra, throw dart, shuriken, set a mine (special one) or even running on the wall or water. You can also dodge a dangerous attack and cost lost of chakra by replacing your position with some other objects (normally a piece of wood) or make double jumping in the air. As well as shuriken and dart, you can throw some poison to make your enemy slower for a while, unable to jump or run out of chakra, then you can make your moves. Especially, the game allow fighter to move between space just in no time making it difficult to find attacking your enemy or dodging their attack. They can be up on the tree throw darts toward you or throw a smoke bomb and appear right behind you.

          Moreover, in the match each ninja has a company; they are hiding somewhere waiting for your command. You can call them out to distract enemy before making a special move and make sure that they’ll get hit. Chakra is kind of your magic point and when it’s full, you can do stronger and more affective attacks.

          In the story mode, you will play like in the manga, doing some misson, going to another country.It’s fun but quite tough actually, like ‘you have to defeat him/her in 3 minutes’, complete the misson with more than 50% health point…but if you don’t like it much just change to the versus match, can be player vs com or player vs player. In addition, after finishing a misson or a match, you’ll receive some cash. These cash is for buying some special equipment, upgrade or learn new technique…from the candy shop-like ^^.

          Characters in game move freely and I’m sure that’s make you satisfied, especially when flying in the air, making your moves or running on the wall and suddenly disappear. As well as this, game’s interface seems to be smooth while choosing stage, character or moving between different mode and between different spaces in the fight. However, martial art looks wonderful in every angle which is really impressive. The graphic looks so good when you make a millions punches kick the enemy to fly in the air. And make sure your volume is max cause the music is so nice and this is a fight!!

          As the fighting game, it won't be able to last for long and just when you want to relax, have a match or something, so, have fun!!

          Thank you for reading.


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            09.08.2007 14:09
            Very helpful



            excellent game in famous series,well, worth buying.

            Start on the PS2 from 1996, although the versions are not all good but Resident Evil has always been on the top of action and horror genre. Follow the way that famous Alone in the Dark had explored, Resident Evil now surpass it and become the king in this genre.

            In 2005, Capcom continued to release Resident Evil 4 with break through development. The company used more intelligent and faster enemy instead of old, slow zombies. In addition, Resident Evil 4(RE4) has perfect graphic and sound, makes it become the best not only of its series but also in the Horror game genre.

            *** Face with Fear ***

            6 years had passed since the event in RE2; the Umbrella Company is completely collapse. 6 years ago, when Raccoon city was full of T-virus, US government destroyed all the area, and stopped any negotiation with Umbrella. After that, company's stock price had gone down and it had to stop every action, hidden in the dark. Meanwhile, character Leon S.Kennedy started working for the government and become a great spy.RE4 start with the event when Leon is told to join the secret mission to rescue the President's daughter in Europe.

            The game quickly brings you in with really fast rhythm. Right when you started to step in the first house of the village, Leon was attacked not by a mindless zombie like other previous versions but by a crazy villager who doesn’t care about any of Leon warns as well as his gun. Next, Leon started to be followed by many more villagers. They are all much more intelligent than Zombies in the past. Therefore you’d better begin the fight as soon as possible.

            *** Leon and new techniques ***

            All the traditional horror elements still remain but much faster with many remarkable improvements. Some enemies hide in the dark, roaring and start chasing you; some others just knock down the door and attack you in the room. There are lots of kinds of monster and you’ll be surprised because they are all very detailed and unique. The most challenging part is when you control the character name Ashley; she has nothing but a light and has to close and open doors in order to avoid the enemies. The horror atmosphere is all around; make you feel nervous all the time, which inherits from previous versions. The different is, in other versions, zombies are slow so you can keep distance with them but not in RE4. In the game, you’ll have no time to rest cause have to deal with all the intelligent and very fast villagers. Some moments in the game even make you feel like your heart has jumped out!!

            However, the biggest improvement is character’s actions and equipments. Leon has various kinds of weapon: from shotgun to rifle, machine gun and even bazooka or grenade. Each one is affective to particular kind of monster. One new detail is in the game, when you hold R, Leon will aim and you can use analog to control the red point. This is another good development in game. It changes the playing method. When making aim-shot, although you can’t move or dodge enemy’s attacks but it’s useful sometimes. When you’re running out of ammo, you can aim enemy’s knee to slow them down and then finish them just by a kick. Leon can also be a sniper, kill enemies from distance or use different kinds of grenade. In Resident Evil 4, not only you can pick up weapons but you can also buy them from the shopkeepers. You will have to consider whether you should upgrade your weapons or buy the new one. In terms of upgrading, you can enhance your shooting power, range, ammo and many things else. Moreover, the quantity of weapons and equipment that you can bring will be increased as the game go on.

            Fighting with bosses in RE4 is really interesting. They are all well designed and lively. You will face various kinds of bosses, from the sea monster which is 5 times bigger than Leon’s boat to the giant which looks like just stepped out from The Lord of the Ring.
            As you go deeper in the game, your fighting method has to be more flexible. You cannot just always aim and shoot but have to observe the terrain and your enemy to find the best way to fight.

            Besides, the game has some innovation to make every scene seems to be more lifelike. When Leon is next to an object, you will know whether he can interact with it or not and how he can do it, with a button a combination of buttons. Pressing buttons appropriately, Leon can jump from roof to roof, fly out of the windows dodge enemy’s attack , kick them when they fall…The quests in game are quite easy to solve, mostly before going to another part of game. I’m sure that you wouldn’t find solving them any difficult.

            As well as this, to decrease the difficulty level, Capcom has thrown the ribbon system away. Now you don’t need to think about how many ribbon that you have got left, how to find them. If you want to save game just find the nearest typewriter. You’ll also have lots of set point on the way go so don’t worry if you die suddenly, you don’t have to go all the way around again any more.

            *** A monumental masterpiece ***

            Resident Evil 4 has incredibly perfect graphic. Every detail looks just beautiful. From the a giant monster to the masked man using chainsaw, all to prove the creativity of the developer. Characters have perfect body with smooth manners and actions especially the full-of-emotion face. Flame burning on the torch makes the air around smoky…not even a tiny little designing mistake. When the sun set behind those mountains from distance, the dark gradually cover the village and the torches are then lit up… You will never believe that you are playing a horror game, it’s the real movie!

            In addition, the sound is good too. No complains about the dubbing, music and other sound effects and can even surprised fans of this genre. Background music is so suitable with every single scene. Roars, explosion, yell, and even the sound when you breathe are supported by Dolby Pro Logic II. You may not know Spanish but you can understand what the villagers say just but their manners and emotion on their face. It’s hard to say sound or graphic, which one is better because they are both impressive.
            After approximately 20 hours playing, facing the fear, you really don’t want to stop!!!

            Thank you for reading.


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            • StarCraft (PC) / PC Game / 50 Readings / 46 Ratings
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              07.08.2007 11:14
              Very helpful



              Very good game to play.

              Star Craft, the second son of Blizzard entertainment after War Craft in the Real Time Strategy-RPG game type.Released in 1997, through years, it has become the most successful RPG game in the world with millions of player in nearly 100 countries. Especialy in some Asian countries,like Korean or China where Star Craft is the most popular game, competitions are held every year and attract lots and lots of gamers.


              Years after the century, technology developed with unimaginable speed, even Third World's countries know about nuclear power and modern computer science. The world devided into factions, they stop science from developing, especialy evolution and robotics. In the begining of 23rd century, world's population reached number of 23 billions .With the need of resources, land and fuel, the world is full of terrorists, violence, and very unsafe. Therefore, world's leader decided to set up some colonies on others planet, out of the solar system....and the story begins.....

              -----Game play------

              Like most of other RPG games, Star Craft has its campaign section based on the story line which begins with one of three civilizations( called races in the game). They are Terran, Protoss and Zerg. Each of them usually has their Command Centre which can produce worker, build near the resources.

              There are two kind of resources : Mineral and Gas. Mineral appear as crystal while Gas look just like some volcano with green smoke. Using those resources, workers can build building for getting army and upgrading them. Different kind of unit has different statistics and ability, not all of them is for fighting or shooting the enemy.

              Normally, they can be devided as Air unit and Ground unit which is flying in the air or running on the ground. Moreover, they can be discriminated as long range and short range( for attack range) or big or small(for size) which is very important in the game when the ground is not always flat.When having enough amy, of course, they start attacking others as well as defend their base. You will lose if your race has no building left( not the army) whatever how much army has you got. As well as this, your army is limited in the begining and can only be increase by some building (Terran and Protoss)or unit(Zerg) and the most you can get is 200 species so try to use them properly.Now lets see what each race has:

              *** Terran***

              Is the way they call human in the Star Craft universe. Terran seems to have psychic ability but through many generations, they have lost it. Terran stuck in the middle of the battle between Zerg and Protoss, try to survive as well as to deal with the civilwar. Using Human's technology, Terran has to build the Supply Deport so they can have more civilian to join the army in oder to increase their unit's amount.

              Their units include Marine-the shooter, Medic-the healer Firebat -the fire blower, and Ghost-who can cloak and fire nuke which come from the Barrack. The Workshop provide siege unit like Siege Tank, Vulture and Golliath. Tank can fight as normal or siege mode which increase their range and power but they can't move in this mode. Vulture can run very fast and can set land mine, Golliath can use machine gun on the ground and missle to fight air unit. Terran's air unit come out from Starport, with Wraith the invinsible fighter, Valkyrie-very strong in the air but is the air only unit.

              Detector-Science Vessel and Dropship-transportation. Terran worker is SCV ,for each building on process, you need one SCV, they can also repair the building as well as siege unit. Terran building speed is a bit slow but their siege is very strong so it's exactly suitable for careful and well organized players.


              Is the first product of Xel'naga people(before Zerg).Protoss people are about 3 meters high has two glowing eyes. They walk on their toes, each hand has 4 fingers,there is no info about how they give birth but they live for quite long_300 to 1000 years.They have no nose, ear and mouth but has psychic ablity instead. Also, they receive energy from sun/ moonlight so don't need to eat. Like terran, they have Command Center, produce Probe-worker but their way to build is differrent.They just need worker to create small 'light bulb' and then just leave it there, automatically become a building. Futhermore, their building has to be built near the Pylon, otherwise they won't work.

              People say that their army is far far away in other galaxy so all their building is just like some gateway and power generator to bring them to the battlefield like Stargate, Starport, other buildings are for upgrading them.their units include Zealot , Dragoon, high templar, dark templar...the special thing about them is Protoss has a rechargable shield go along with normal life point and their psychic ability is incredible, fighting using psisonic power , becoming invinsible or moving army for distance just for some seconds so it's about 'quality'.


              Is some kind of insect which can be born with large amount just in a short time.Their strength is quantity and speed. Zerg's building can only bebuilt on purple mess call Creep and one Drone-worker have to sacrifice for each building.All other building apart from the Hatchery(store resources) just for upgrading army, all units come from the Hatchery, mutating from a larva. Zerg can be born or evolved from a cocoon everywhere they want. Their dog-like Zergling is veryfast really good for rushing in the begining of the game.Zerg's Overlord is like a flying Supply Deport+ science vessel+ dropship of terran because can increase the population, detect and transport.

              Each race has their own advantages as well as disadvantages so it's hard to say which one is the strongest. That makes Star Craft become the perfect strategy game. You can choose race just only because you like it , not because of its potential strength. In addition, resources is limited so strongest unit is not always suitable, you will run out of Mineral and Gas so fast.

              After you finish the campaign ,or you feel a bit bored playing it or because of its difficulty, you can change to play some custom game with computer(skirmishes) or see replay of the match that you have played, I'm sure they will have you a lot to improve your skill. One more thing is that the maps you play can be downloadde from Internet(www.starcraft.org) or you can create it yourself.

              In Multiplayer mode, you can play on Blizzard's Battle.net meeting other gamers from all around the world just through very few second of registration right inside the game.You can also play through your LAN or UDP, IPX,.... sure you'll have fun. You can be ranked on battle.net and challange Star Craft competitions.


              For a game from 1997, Star Craft's Graphic is perfect,there's no doubt about it. With good graphic, the game speed is still very fast, making it more interesting. You can prove it after watching the cinematic films in the begining or after each campaign or just by plaing the game. Buildings and units are very detailed sharp and well-designed. Various kind of battle field appear in Star Craft: magmar, highland, forest, wasteland and of course space with different object like tree, mountain, spacecraft, giving the different view.


              Wonderful, the music is well played, suitble with differrent scene, when being attacked, when attacking, win, lose...Differrents voice between units, clear enough for us to distinguish what one is selected.They did even have a song with various voice from all of Star Craft unit and named '12 days of Star Craft' and you can see how good is it----http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0oHMfb7iDo-----


              Many different units of all three race any millions of maps,create lots of strategy and playing method make the difference between every matches so Starcraft will never be boring.


              As you reach this far, I hope you have got some general idea about the game as well as some interested in it,so can give it a try(if possible^^). Therefore, may be some day, we can meet on battle.net and have a friendly match,ok?

              -------Little addition-------

              As I've known, game do work well and can be played smoothly on mostly all platform: Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X and even Nintendo 64

              _WIndows 95 or higher, 90 MHz pentium, 16 MB RAM DirectX-compatible, 2x CD-ROM drive, 640x480 8-bit display.

              _Mac: System 7.6 or better, power PC 601 or better, 16 MB RAM.

              (Source: Wikipedia)

              Good luck-have fun-GL HF

              Thank you for reading


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                05.08.2007 21:42
                Very helpful



                Simple, colorful.

                Somewhere, in your mind, I bet you have always wanted to get away from the busy life for a little while go to the countryside taking your time planting crops, raising animal...but if you don't have time to go too far, just find Harvest Moon: Friend of Mineral Town( FoMT) on GBA, you will have a feeling of purity or coming back to the childhood...

                I met this game on my brother's N64 and liked it immediately.After that, I kept finding another version of it and had played three other version on Gameboy and Gameboy color in turn.The next one is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature on PS( although I don't have PS , I play by emulation on my PC) and now It's FoMT.This version really made me impressed. One of the Harvest Moon series, this game is from the Role-playing ,RPG simulation game type.

                Start the game, you'll be a young guy, on the way back to the countryside from his childhood, with hundreds of beautiful images in his memory.He remembered the green field, the cattle, chikens, remembered riding a horse for the first time, lying on the hill with a girl, looking up to the sky....He must have missed them much....But, unfortunately, when he arrived, he had been told by the Mayor that the owner of the farm has died, no one wanna take care of the farm so It has been left fallow for some months.Therefore, he asked you-young guy to live on the farm and take care of it for a while.And,you accepted, of course.

                Then,the mayor will explain to you some basic things about the game as well as the farm and Mineral Town. How the control work, saving ,loading game and making use of tools.Afterward, you'll meet Zack- the produce collector, he'll be in front of your door 5 pm everyday to collect your product.Now you come in the house, write diary(to save game) and sleep.Next morning, the first day on the farm, you may not know what to do, but the farm look all mess up so just clear it up a bit then.You'll need those tool inside the box in your house included: hammer, axe, scythe, hoe and watering-can.Hammer is used to break stone, axe is to chop the wood, scythe is to cut the grass and hoe is for hoeing the cleared land.Now, it's time to have some plants.With your small money-500G(gold, I think) you can buy some seeds bag. For different season, there are different seed. For example: Turnips, cucumber, strawberry are available in spring where as tomato and pinapple available in summer, egg plant, sweet potato and carrot in autumn and there is no seed to be sold in winter cause simply you can’t plant anything in winter. Each kind of plant takes different time to grow and gives product and normally there are two kinds of plant, short term and long term. You have to water them everyday except rainy day. You also should beware of summer’s storm because it can blow anything up!

                When you have enough money, you should think about raising some animal because planting seems to be risky sometimes.In terms of animals, you can raise cows, chickens and sheeps.You also have a dog and a horse but they are not for commercial intending, they are just pets and sometimes they can be trained to join in some competition. Cattle and chickens also have their own competition, when they win, their product will be upgraded and can be sold with higher price. Cows produce milk, sheep produce fleece and chickens produce eggs. Eggs and milk can be eaten right away or stored or sold. You can make mayonnaise from eggs and butter from milk as well. Fleece is used to make wool and so can be sold with really high price. When you have more and more money, try to upgrade your farm your house by collecting wood, money and give it to the carpenter in the forest. You will have your building extended in just shorter than 1 week. You have got a big house so now buy some furniture and house hold such as fridge, kitchen table, cupboard ... Now you’re rich, your house is big, and your farm remains stable, it’s time to find out something interesting such as relationship in the town. There are some girls(bachelors) but you also have some rivals. Each girl has their own personalities and likeness. So if you want to date a girl, you’d better find out more about her, her family, her likeness, and even their timetable^^. Some girls like flowers but some don’t, they prefer alcohol, some are quite and some are very energetic, lively and all have different background: Karen lost her mom and now living with dad in their Inn, Elly lives with grandma Ellen and younger brother Stu and works in clinic with doctor, Popuri(I love this name, so cute) lost her dad , lives with her mom and her older brother on their farm, raising chicken… you’ll choose a girl you like most, date her and then get married. There is nothing that you can’t do. Going to church on Sunday, going shopping, going fishing, or spending time with your family on the beach or on the mountain. It’s really peaceful, such a simple life…

                2D graphic with very cute characters as well as the pets, cattle, express different emotions on their face making the game closer to your childhood. Chicken fighting, dog catching Frisbee, or riding a horse in a competition which is really active or cold winter night with snowstorm makes a feeling of loneliness…they are all described very well, very detail. In terms of sound and music, you can hear clearly the voice of your dog, your horse and every single creature, either in your farm, another farm or wild life. Mono but with lively rhythm help preventing the feeling of reptitive.

                However, as the game go on, you will never reach the end. Therefore, whenever you feel bored, or heavy, FoMT wil lift you up, help you see the world around by an optimistic eye. The game wil last forever and seems like it's always there for you, whenever you want it.

                I've stop playing this version but still looking for another one, It's getting better but trust me, never for get to try this game Harvest Moon: friend of Mineral Town.It's just such a wonderful product of Natsume on GBA.
                Thank you for reading!


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                  05.08.2007 21:38
                  Very helpful




                  I have played pokemon's GBA games long long time ago, since the version of red/blue and then yellow followed by crystal/gold and now it's sapphire/ruby. All of them are kind of RPG games-role playing games, begin with main character, can be a boy or a girl. Main character is named by you and you will control him/ her through our the game. In this version-Ruby/Sapphire, after chosing your character, you will then be introduced all the instructions about the game and introduction about the game's world( It's different from our world though^^) by a professor a called Birch who is studying about Pokemon(pocket monster). Afterward, you'll have to face a difficult situation, chosing one of three Pokemon in three Pokeball to rescue the professor from wild-dog Pokemon named Poochyena.Those three are Treeko, Mudkip, Torchic which comes from three elements: wood, water and fire.After beating the dog and rescue Birch, you'll then be given one of three that you chose to take care of and carry out the most important mission: to collect all the information about pokemons on Hoenn region(Pokemon's world) and put it on the Pokedex-pokemon's dictionary....and the story begins.

                  With an important mission on your shoulder, you'd better leave your town soon( Litteroot town-really nice name , isn't it). After saying goodbye to your mom, you'll start going out of your town, travel all around Hoenn with a friend-named May if a girl or Brendan as a boy, try to figure out everything about pokemon. You will run through every single bush, bump on some pokemons. Firstly you have to fight them cause they are wild, uncontralable, just like when you meet some strange creatures.With a normal fight, you be on the down side of the screen, throwing your Pokeball in order to release your pokemon.Then your pokemon appear with several statistic: Life point, EXperience point,Skill, and info. Your pokemon's life point is very important, if they run out of life point, they'll die and you'll have to either coming back home or to the hospital to heal them.You can use berry or portion to recover the life point during the battle or use medicine to improve it.
                  The life point will not only go down when your enemy attack but also when your pokemons are poison or burned as well, you have to use another kind of berry to cured, of course.Experience point is also special, as your fighting, your pokemon get more experience, it depends on how good of your enemy is-can find out through their level.Everytime they have enough experience, they will automatically level up, their life point, attack, defend, speed, will all increase.Not only that, when your pokemon is level up, at particular level, they will learn new moves to fight, normally stronger and more effective.The thing is they only got 4 spaces so try to hesitate which move should be used or replaced, otherwise you may regret afterward.Moves are divided into types: Physical/psychic, or elements.Firstly, talk about element, there are several elements in the game such as: Fire, wood, water, ice, poison, dragon, fly, fighting, ghost, electric, ground,psychic...and even normal( which is th most). Each pokemon can have one two or even three elements in them. Therefore, it affects their moves. For example:
                  Pikachu is an electric pokemon, therefore, its move are thunderbolt, thunder storm, 10.000 volt. Pikachu's moves can cause paralysation somtimes and especialy affective against water-element pokemon like Mudkip but not very affective against wood-pokemon like Treeko.
                  Actually, on the battlefield, the game is turn-base strategy type,each turn you can force your pokemon to use their particular move, heal them by herb or change the pokemon during the battle( this is very important when it's about element-fight).Pokemon with higher speed will make their move first.Pokemon's level is limited from 1 to 100, after reaching limit, they won't receive experience point from battle anymore. You can bring at most 6 pokemon with you when traveling, all the other have to stay at home, in Prof. Birch's lab. You can only change them through the machine in hospital.Most of the pokemon you have will come from catching-which means they are wild, the other will be given to you by other people.Moreover, you can change your pokemon with other'spokemon as well, then the exchanged pokemon will receive 1.5 exp. point.

                  As well as this, in the game, you cannot just walk through everywhere, the wild pokemon will become stronger and stronger so after visit each town, you will have to fight that town's gym owner.If you win you can go through to other region.There are 8 gyms overall, each gym has its particular pokemon type and its own gyms leader-which is the strongest. When you win against him/ her, you will have permission to get on and will receive a gym badge as a record/ certificate.Also, you be given a special move to teach your pokemon and increase your ability to control them.That's just obvious when pokemon get stronger, they don't want a nooby trainer anymore.One funny thing about the gyms is the 5th gym, where the main character has to fight their own father in order to move on. You have to go all the back to meet him(second town) which make players sometimes get lost. In addition, in the game, there are some quests like that and millions of small trick which you have to solve on the way go,actually very lively and interresting.

                  Also , in the begining, you receive PokeNav from Prof.Birch( pokemon navigator).This small litte thing can help you a lot. It can be a guide which you can see world map and store the FAQ about the game, can be used to record your result, your money, can be used to call your mom and your friend as well.With trainer that you have fought, whenever you want a rematch, just give them a call and they will be very please. Another incedibly helpful thing is your bag. I really don't know how he/she can store that many of things in such a small tiny little bag. Many many things such as berries, medicine, learning disks, tickets and a whole lot of Items: watering can, bicycle, fishing rod. Watering-can is used to water the berry tree after you take the berry, they will grow and you can have it again just after a short time. Along with Running shoe, Bicycle is also used to increase your speed, as well as get through some difficult place like desert or some kind of bridges.There are two kind of bike Mach an Arco which can only be changed by the guy in the bike shop.Mach is really fast just as you ride, Arco is for jumping between spaces.Fishing rod is for meeting those pokemon deep down in the water that cannot be see.Alltogether, they make the game just like a real world-what I like most about this game! Game's graphic is much better than last version(crystal), objects are sharpen and the Hoenn world look more colorful with green field, dark blue sea, desert, caves. You make a tree-house, use your pokemon to fly in the sky , surfing on the water or dive in it, discover the underwater world...game's graphic makes everything look perfect, create some wonderful moments although it's only a game on GBA, incredible, terrific!!!

                  As well as this, game's mono sound/music can make you impressed.Various of songs and pokemon voice, make the pokemon's world become very lively. It's different when fighting, when going around, looking for pokemon, when taking your time fishing or surfing on the water... It just like our beautiful world, a small little version of world!Therefore, it bring up your imagination, creativity and espeacialy good for children at all age(from 4).You can get on with it forever to catch all the pokemon, to grow all the berry trees, to make some more tree-house, to discover the blue sea and to rasie your own lovely pokemons.

                  I love this game very much and used to played every single version of it on GBA.Hope you'll like it!

                  Thank you for reading.


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