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Member since: 25.04.2012

People that trust me

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    • babyandbump.com / Internet Site / 13 Readings / 11 Ratings
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      25.04.2012 09:26
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      Gross Little Cove on the Internet

      The worst parenting website known. The people are rude and unfriendly. The "staff" is vulgar and unappreciative of their members whom have put 1000's of free work hours of open advice. Which they will hold hostage to any content you provide. Many good members are banned for no good reason. I would log on to find friends missing each day. I learned to just stop visiting the site all together to save myself the pain of losing another bond. I can not say strong enough to avoid this site babyandbump as if it were the black plague and SARS combined. Please use my advice to save yourself from misery, parenting is hard enough you do not need to be abused by anyone, online or otherwise. I am not the first with this view or the last from what I have read. Have a good day everyone and stay off the bump!


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