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      05.04.2012 21:17
      Very helpful



      A Brilliant effective household product that works like magic.

      I was first introduced to the Doktor Power Magic Eraser many years ago whilst I was studying my level 3 qualification as a Nail Technician, My highly respected tutor always had one of these in her "bag of tricks" and introduced us to it on our cleaning rota whilst cleaning the gleaming pure white Nail tables and the stubborn nail varnish marks and various other equipment that tended to become stained with nail art products, I was so impressed with the results and versatility of the Doktor Power Magic Eraser that I decided to purchase one for myself for home use, I have to say that I have never looked back and continue to use this fantastic product to this very day.

      == THE PRODUCT ==
      The Doktor Power Magic Eraser is a large soft squishy sponge that comes in cardboard packaging in the form of a specially constructed foam block ready for you to cut into your own shapes and sizes to suit your needs, the packaging has some good useful and detailed information on it's uses.

      It is a product from JML and prides itself on being "just like magic"

      It is an all purpose non abrasive cleaning product that requires No DETERGENTS to be very effective at removing marks and stains from any surface, it only requires you rinse with water to remove the most stubborn of marks and stains around the home.

      It weighs 59g

      Size 32 x 13 x 4 cm

      Price is £4.99

      Available from www.jmldoktorpower.com
      www.amazon.co.uk (free delivery for all uk orders)

      == IT'S USES ==
      This product can be used on almost anything but is particularly brilliant for use on Chrome, Plastics, Walls & Floors, Trainers & Shoes, Glass, Wood, and simply for use in washing up those pots especially the pans and casserole dishes.

      Over the years I have discovered a lot of things I can clean using this product, one of my best discoveries were when the skirting of my car got marked with that horrible sticky and hard to remove tar from road re-surfacing, I tried everything to try remove it without damaging the paintwork of the car but to no avail, the magic eraser worked like a dream and removed it straight away with little effort and no damage to my paintwork! I kicked myself for not trying to use the magic eraser first to save myself a lot of trouble.

      I use it for removing the limescale on taps, cleaning tiles and grouting, I was surprised at how easy it is to use and without using any other cleaning products at all felt a little strange the first few uses but I soon got used to it, it was a revelation that I no longer needed to use harmful chemical laden products in the home, not to mention the money I would save by not having to buy specific cleaning products for specific jobs as this sponge works on everything effectively.

      I t makes an easy job of cleaning Baths, Sinks, Shower Doors, Fridges, Freezers, Ovens, Hob Rings, Skirting Boards, Doors, Flooring, Wallpapered walls, Painted walls, Cars, Caravans, Bikes, PVC Windows, Alloy Wheels, Crayon & Pen marks, Iron, Trainers & Shoes, and possibly loads more to boot, these are the things I use my Magic Eraser on with the confidence that it does not leave any scratches.

      The ability of being able to customise the size and amount I want to use means the hard to reach nooks and crannies don't get missed out and the product is adaptable and versatile enough for any household and makes light work of removing marks from all sorts of things that otherwise wouldn't budge.

      == MY THOUGHTS ==
      I have tried a lot of so called natural cleaning products over the years but this product beats them all for one reason which is the fact that I only need to use water to get the same results if not better results than when I used abrasive strong smelling products laden with various irritating chemicals.

      There is no mess at all with this product, no residue, and no smell it is so easy to use it is laughable really, you simply cut off the amount you wish to use using a pair of scissors or a knife then rinse the piece under the tap and hey presto its ready to be wiped or rubbed over the area to be cleaned or marks to be removed.

      I have noticed that tougher marks like the scuff marks on laminate and vinyl floors from teens scraping their trainers do need a little more elbow grease and require a firmer rubbing action to make the marks disappear but it does work very well.

      I have also stopped buying shoe and trainer polish and cleaners as this product works so much better especially for bringing the whites of trainers up like new and easily removes scuff marks from shoes whilst cleaning them at the same time.

      This product has been a god send with having two boys (one a teenager) in the house and has many uses that has probably yet to be discovered! I have never been let down using this product and although £5 seems expensive for what seems is just a sponge in my opinion it is worth every penny and pays for itself with the savings of not having to buy specific cleaning products, the sponge tends to last up to 6 months and it is easy to tell when its time to buy new one as the sponge starts to disintegrate and crumble when its had its day, much like a normal cheap scourer' sponge does except this product far out lives and out shines any other I have ever tried, I continue to be impressed by this product and how effective it is and tend to use it almost every day for some job or another it definitely comes in very handy and if I had a choose a household product for its most usefulness then this would be the one I chose every time, I cannot sing its praises highly enough and every household should not be without one.

      I definitely recommend the Doktor Power Magic Eraser

      I rate this product a fabulous 5 out of 5

      Thank you for reading J

      My reviews appear exclusively ONLY on Ciao and Dooyoo under the user names



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        07.03.2012 14:34
        Very helpful



        An innovative solid shampoo bar that does what it promises to do.

        Those of you who regularly read my reviews will be aware of how much of a huge fan I am of Lush's fabulous company and products, they have fantastic moral ethics and actively aspire to reduce our carbon footprint which is highlighted as a very important step to the preservation of our planet now more than ever and people finally seem to be acknowledging just how important this is as it impacts on our future generations and is something Lush takes very seriously, as they not only invent but hand make all their products using only the most natural and safest ingredients to effectively aid and complement our daily cosmetic and hygiene needs and wants with a touch of unique luxury.

        I have suffered from a dry, flaky and itchy scalp with oily roots since my teenage years which are partly due to various allergies, I have tried every available medicated and prescribed product on the market to try combat and alleviate this annoying itchy problem.

        Whilst some products worked initially they never worked to even a satisfactory level, the effects never lasted beyond a few days and still left me with un-balanced hair that needed washing daily which was not the results I was hoping for so I was less than happy with my experience with chemical laden products that my GP had prescribed to ease the discomfort of an itchy flaky scalp, I decided to do a lot of researching into product ingredients and I came to the conclusion that using only products that contained natural and safe synthetic ingredients was perhaps the way to go, this is the main reason I started to shop at Lush trying out their innovative naked and natural products, they have invented a shampoo bar in the form of a solid circular 559 bar which is equivalent to 90 washes, it promised to restore my scalp to a healthy condition.

        I was sold on the whole idea of the invention and intrigued at the concept of using such a product, it was exciting and I could hardly wait to get home to try it out, four months on I feel I have good experience of using the product and able to provide a balanced review.


        Soak and float is described by Lush as an effective anti-dandruff shampoo bar that smells like rich tar and works to alleviate bothered scalps that are dry and itchy.

        "Don't struggle with itchy and scratchy; bring calm to your scalp" ( www.lush.co.uk )

        I wont lie, my first impression of the soak and float was that it absolutely stank very strongly of tar, it had a medicine herbal scent that was very overpowering and quite off putting to be honest, not particularly unpleasant but nor did I find I wanted to keep smelling it like I do with other products from Lush, but I was assured by the shop assistant to not let the smell put me off trying it because it was a best seller with customers who had the same scalp problems as myself, I was determined to give it a fair chance.

        The circular bar is 55g in weight and is a rustic pale brown colour with plant petals visible within the bar, the bar is the size of the palm of the hand and is roughly an inch in thickness, it feels smooth but looks rough and as I have already mentioned it really does smell to high heaven.

        The bar costs £5.00 and is suitable for vegans


        * Water
        * Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
        * Cade Oil
        * Lavender Oil
        * Marigold Petals
        * Rose Petals
        * Limonene
        * Linalool
        * Perfume

        Is an opaque, thick liquid and it's consistency varies depending on it's concentration levels, it is used in very minimal amounts and is a surfactant which means it is part water soluble and part oil soluble, it is this quality that allows oil and water that do not normally mix together to become dispensed, it traps oil based dirt from the hair and allows it to be rinsed away.
        Sodium lauryl sulfate gives thick rich foam but foam alone is not responsible for removing dirt and the purpose of foam is to allow the product to be worked by the hands through the hair helping the mechanical removal of dirt and oil.
        This is however is an ingredient which has cause for concern, I have broached the subject with Lush and they have assured me that they use this as an ingredient at such a low bare minimum concentration that only people with an especially extra sensitive allergy to sulfates are affected, Lush are confident that most people even with sulfate allergies are safe to use this product without any adverse affects despite it being a known skin irritant when used in high quantities, also there is still yet no solid evidence that sodium sulfates can cause cancer and is currently still regarded as a perfectly safe cleansing agent when used in the correct quantities.

        CADE OIL-
        This is what is responsible for giving this product its distinctive smell, Cade Oil is a species of juniper that grows in rocky areas, also known as juniper tar and is obtained through distillation of the wood of the small shrub.
        The Oil is a red-brown colour and has a very strong smoky aroma, Cade Oil is a highly effective fungicidal and has excellent antiseptic qualities, Cade Oil deals with the microbes at the root of dandruff and itchy flaky scalp conditions, it helps to alleviate the symptoms as it soothes irritated eczema prone dry, itchy and flaky scalps.

        Lush use French lavender oil which comes from Provence and from a hybrid plant crossed with true lavender and lavender spike, Lavender Oil is the most versatile essential oil ingredient and is obtained from the flowering tops of the lavender plant by steam distillation, Lavender is thought to help heal and repair damaged skin, it has properties that balances oil, has antiseptic, antimicrobial, deodorising, relaxing and soothing benefits and is included in the soak and float shampoo bar for these reasons but also for its conditioning benefits to sensitive scalps and to help improve the scent of the bar.

        ROSE PETALS-
        The Damask rose is a shrub with thorns, leathery leaves and fragrant flowers, the roses are grown globally and it's the rose petals that are the source of Rose Oil which has a sweet distinctive perfume like aroma and is particularly suitable for mature, dry, and sensitive skins but are also excellent for all skin types, it is included as an ingredient in soak and float for it's soothing and calming properties on the scalp.

        Is basically pure lemon juice and used to improve scent and as an astringent.

        Is a colourless and liquid with a soft sweet odour, it occurs naturally in many essential oils such as the listed ingredient Lavender Oil included in the soak and float bar and Linalool naturally occurs within these oils and it is required by law that this is included and listed as an ingredient in products containing essential oils for allergy reasons.

        Is mostly naturally occurring within the already listed ingredients and most companies close guard the exact perfume ingredients as a secret as they regard this as an important element of brand recognition and lush feel that it is reasonable not to publish the exact perfume formula.

        ==HOW TO USE==

        Having used bottled shampoo's my entire life the shampoo bar was a new concept to me so I was intrigued on how to use this product, I initially thought it would take some getting used to but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to use.

        There are two ways to use this product, you simply wet the hair as normal and wet the shampoo bar before gliding it down the length of your hair a recommended three times, then you work into a lather using your hands, you can leave it on for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing.

        The second option of usage is to hold the bar in wet hands flip/rotating a few times then rubbing your hands together to work into a lather before applying to your hair, I prefer to use the second option as I like to work the product into a thick smooth froth before applying to my hair and I have found that this method works best for me personally, I think the length and thickness of your hair also depends on which method would work best, my hair is shoulder length and very fine.

        The shampoo bar works into a rich smooth lather very easily and is very frothy, you don't need to aggravate the bar very much at all to get a good thick lather, and the smell becomes less overpowering when wet and much more pleasant and herbal, the shampoo feels very soft and soothing when applied and instantly calmed the itching on my scalp, the tiny bubbles popping on my scalp feels like a lovely mini massage, I tend to leave the shampoo on for roughly around 5 minutes each time before rinsing to get the maximum effects, rinsing the shampoo is easy and does not tangle my hair unless a tiny petal comes of the shampoo bar and into your hair, although this does rinse out quite easily with no problems.

        It is highly recommended that you use a Lush shampoo tin to store your bar in between uses and to store it in a dry cool place, I don't use a shampoo tin and have found that leaving it to dry on top of a flannel works fine, this also allows some of the smell of the dry bar to fade a little.

        After use my hair always feels cleansed, soft, silky, shiny, has body and is easy to style and manage, it does not dry out my hair which I thought it would particularly having oily roots and dry ends, it balanced out the condition of my hair and most importantly my hair never smells of the shampoo bar once dried, something that did concern me with it having such a strong distinctive stinky smell.

        ==MY THOUGHTS==

        Four months on I am very please and impressed with this product, the first week I used this bar daily until my scalp showed improvements and after the third day I noticed a vast improvement in both the itchiness and the flaking, I was really happy with the relief it gave me from constantly itching and scratching at my scalp something which is not at all attractive when a flurry of flakes always followed a satisfying itch!

        I found I could go longer between washes which was a first for me, I have had to wash my hair daily for years due to having oily roots, the soak and float had balanced the problem out and now four months on I use soak and float to wash my hair three times a week, something I never thought would happen, obviously I increase this when I need to during flare up's but to be honest I have noticed a vast reduction in those too and I am so pleased with this product and how it has improved not only the condition of my scalp but my hair too, my hair looks and feels so much more healthy and strangely it feels slightly thicker too which is a huge bonus that was not expected.

        This product has worked wonders for me, my scalp feels great, the smell of the bar itself has grown on me over time and it was definitely worth persevering with to get the results I have, I cannot imagine ever going back to using bottled chemical laden shampoo's ever again after using this, I would definitely and highly recommend the soak and float solid shampoo bar to anyone experiencing dry, itchy scalp conditions because it really does work and the only advice I would give is to persevere with the stink and allow time for the ingredients to work their magic on your scalp, the results are worth it in the end and this product has beaten all the prescribed products I have tried over the years hands down in every way and also lasts for such a long time too, I am still using the very first bar I bought and there is still quite a bit of usage left in it yet before I need to re-purchase, which I definitely will be doing when the time comes.


        * Lathers Well
        * Cleans Thoroughly
        * Improves Scalp & Hair Health
        * Suitable for daily use
        * Suitable for all hair types
        * Leaves NO residue
        * Adds volume & shine
        * Is Gentle
        * Is not drying
        * Lasts Ages
        * Handy transportable size


        * The stinky strong smell of tar

        I rate the Soak and float Solid shampoo bar from Lush Fabulous Flake busting 5 out of 5.

        Thank You for reading J

        My reviews appear Exclusively for Dooyoo and Ciao ONLY



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          29.02.2012 15:15
          Very helpful



          A Great storage solution

          At the beginning of each year I have found I need to find more space for organising items during the big pre-spring clean, finding storage space that is practical and effective can be a difficult task especially if you're like me and you like to have the clutter hidden, stored away, tidied and organised safely but being able to recall where things are should you need or want them again for any reason, I have been slowly organising my home for months now and have found the plastic storage boxes a godsend, especially the underbed variety.

          ==THE PRODUCT==

          Underbed Transparent Storage Box with Lid

          £5.00 each or £12.00 for Three

          * Depth 40cm
          * Width 60cm
          * Height 18cm

          Wipe clean strong and sturdy plastic

          Actual colour of lids may vary

          Available from various Homestores, I purchased three of these from www.wilkinsonplus.com

          ==IT'S USES==

          These strorage boxes are exactly what they claim to be, they are very versitile and can be stored anywhere and not just under the bed, I have three under my double bed that contain extra bedding and linen, besides freeing up drawer and wardrobe space this is a practical storage solution as the boxes each have their own lipped lids that click into place which means the lids will always stay fixed on so I can be confident my bedding and linen stay dust free and protected, The capacitiy of each box is impressive, in just one box I have placed several ironed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers ready to be used when needed.

          I have also used these for under my childrens beds allowing them to store their bits and pieces making their bedrooms look less cluttered and enabling them to always know where their items are, they are great for toys, figures, lego and for storage of magazines and comics that children like to collect.

          Also used to store summer/winter shoes and wellies along with gloves scarfs and hats ect, one box fits perfectly at the bottom or at the top of inside a wardrobe, perfect for seasonal organising.

          Personally I have been using these boxes for anything and everything, I use one for storing photo's, one for storing labelled plugs, chargers and batteries, one I keep baking equipment in and another I keep small handy tools such as scissors, blue-tack, tape measure screwdrivers, nails, drawing pins, cellotape, masking tape and glue etc, the possibilities are endless and the ability to store the boxes anywhere is a bonus, I have these boxes everywhere, the garage,the shed, the attic, boot of the car, under the bed and hidden inside cupboards.

          ==MY THOUGHTS==

          I love these storage boxes, i plan to buy more too and would definitely recommend them for storing various miscellaneous items away securely protected form dust, the lids fit very snugly and are perfect for storing non-hangable clothing and keepsakes, I have a box for each of my children's school work and keepsakes that i cannot bare to throw away and my oldest child has even taken to storing, organising and even labelling his boxes which is a welcome surprise indeed from a moody teenager!

          I have found these to be very strong and durable as some conatining tools or toys have been bashed about a bit and still survived and going strong, I have had no problems with the lids warping or any leakage into the boxes I have stored in the shed, garage and cellar so they have proved to be very waterproof and easy to wipe dirt and dust off before opening, the boxes are also stackable which comes in handy for multi-storage solutions and due to their size are light enough and easy enough to pick up, carry and lift due to the lippped edge on both sides,being transparent it is also easy to see what is stored in each box, I have found them to be a godsend, a perfect size and design with excellent storage capacity and very versitile to be used anywhere for anything, a flawless product I can find no faults with at a cheap affordable price that is worth every penny.

          I rate this product a flawless 5 out of 5

          Thank You for reading :-)

          My reviews appear Exclusively on Dooyoo and Ciao ONLY



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            25.02.2012 01:50
            Very helpful



            A bargain buy that does a good job of keeping teeth clean.

            I had been struggling recently with getting my youngest son to brush his teeth adequately as he has co-ordination difficulties, I often had to re-brush his teeth for him as he only seemed to manage the sideways action of brushing which did not result in a full clean right to the gums and this often left his teeth only half brushed, at 9 years old I did not want to deflate his confidence as according to him I was "treating him like a baby by brushing his teeth for him!" The teeth brushing routine always took double time and always ended in an argument about him being "too old for me to help him!" I decided to buy him a rotating battery powered toothbrush to try and allow him the independence he craved whilst also ensuring his teeth were brushed adequately day and night.

            However whilst shopping in Argos I was stood in the queue waiting for my turn to be served and browsing the products on the shelves next to the service desks when I spotted this Argos Value Range Rechargeable Toothbrush, the packaging was pretty plain and basic much like the rest of the Argos value range products, it was selling at £7.99 which I thought was cheap enough as electric toothbrushes can be very expensive, it had to be worth a try so I took a box with me to the desk and purchased one.

            ==THE TOOTHBRUSH==

            Once home I opened the box and immediately set it on charge ready to be used that evening as it states it needs an 8 to 12 hour charge, the unit looked of reasonable quality considering the price tag, it is mainly white in colour and made of toughened plastic and it has some blue features, the toothbrush comes with a shaving pin plug attached so it was lucky we had a shaving socket in our bathroom, those who don't though would have to buy an adaptor before being able to charge and use the toothbrush.

            It was easy and simple to set up even without reading then re-reading the very short instruction leaflet that is included with the product, you simply plug it in the socket and place the toothbrush in the docking station, the indicator light glows red and turns to green when fully charged, there are two rubbery soft on/off buttons that are blue and situated above the indicator light, the unit comes with two brush heads that have their own nifty little hygienic compartment behind the toothbrush and when the lid is lifted the brush heads rise up and out of the compartment, a feature I really like on this product and certainly did not expect for such a cheap product.

            The heads click into place easy, fast and feel secure with no wobble at all and the toothbrush measures 6 inches tall with the brush head attached, the heads are quite small and round, they rotate quite fast and vibrate when switched on and although the vibration sounds a tad noisy I would not describe it as being very powerful, its definitely more buzz than brawn! The bristles are quite soft compared to most adult toothbrushes, good for the gums and not too soft as in flimsy either; overall the unit looks a decent compact value product.


            * Replacement Head
            * Recharge Indicator Light
            * On/Off Modes
            * Fully Rechargeable
            * 8 Hour Full Charge
            * 2-PIN Plug
            * 90 Min usage (Based on 2 minutes use twice a day)
            * Built in NiMH Battery
            * Round Rotating Brush Head


            The toothbrush does what is expected of an electric toothbrush, my son loved using this to clean his teeth with and he said his teeth felt cleaner than what they did when using a manual, which figures as the fast rotation of the circular head also vibrates as you brush which meant so even with the only side to side action of brushing that my son had become accustomed to he was still getting a thorough clean, its an ideal size for a small mouth and is not too abrasive, we were both impressed by how well the brush cleaned with little effort other than the usual back and forth up and down actions, the toothbrush has a loud buzz when brushing but my son seemed to like this where I would find it a bit annoying.

            We found the toothbrush needed charging around once a week for a full twelve hours to get the best out of it, you can tell when the brush needs a charge as it starts to slow down and the loud buzz turns into an annoying low drone.

            ==MY THOUGHTS==

            In my opinion this toothbrush is more suited to children over the age of 6 as a great first introduction to electric tooth brushing, it would also be ideal for those who do not like hard or abrasive brushing or someone who has sensitive gums as the bristles are soft without compromising the quality of the clean, for under £10 this is a great purchase and has helped make teeth brushing times faster, more effective and less stress so therefore worth every penny, I have been informed that when the time comes you can buy replacement heads by using heads designed for other brands but they are a lot more expensive so it would be cheaper to just buy another whole set and I cannot complain at this price really.

            It does what a toothbrush should, it is a good design that works very well and is very easy to use,i am very pleased and happy with this product and my son gives it the thumbs up too, so anything that encourages good effective teeth brushing with no hassles gets my vote and my recommendation.

            I rate the Argos Value Rechargeable Toothbrush a very good 4 out of 5


            Thank You for Reading J

            My Reviews appear Exclusively on Dooyoo and Ciao ONLY



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              24.02.2012 00:38
              Very helpful



              A fabulous luxurious smooth drink enjoyed and loved by everyone.

              I always have a nice big litre bottle of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur in my drinks cabinet and often get them bought for special occasions like Birthday's and Christmas celebrations, for me these special occasions just would not be the same without a tipple of the worlds No1 best selling cream liqueur, a firm favourite in my family not only as a drink but as a flavoursome ingredient in tasty homemade cooking and an enjoyable warming and cozy night cap.

              Baileys is a delicious and luxurious Irish spirit made from a mixture of cream, sugar, cocoa and a unique blended combination of triple distilled Irish whiskies, it contains no additives at all and preservatives are not required because the alcohol content does the job of preserving the cream content, it is manufactured by Gibleys of Ireland and was introduced just over 37 years ago.

              The manufacturer Gibleys of Ireland have guarateed the taste of Baileys Irish cream for up to 2 years from the date it is made, in my opinion that is a huge testament to the confidence the manufacturer has in the unique flavour of their product, a bottle of baileys has a shelf life of 30 months and amazingly this does not matter weather the bottle is opened or unopened as the shelf life remains the same either way, it is recommended though that you should store a bottle of baileys away from direct sunlight.

              Baileys contains 50% cream and the cream specifically used in Baileys comes from Glanbia, which is a trustworthy and reputable Irish dairy company of high standards, other ingredients of Baileys are not 100% known but it does include a blend of natural herbs.

              It comes packaged in a distinctive dark brown thick glass bottle with a sealed aluminium screw-on cap, once opened the aroma of the blended whiskies hits you immediately as it is very strong but not overpowering, the colour is a creamy beige and the consistancy of the liquid is quite thick but not as thick as a milkshake, it tastes creamy, milky and out of this world is all i can describe it as with me not being the kind of person who does not have a pallette for detecting distinct flavours in alcoholic beverages, you can taste the whiskey content but i could not begin to state what they are or describe the depth or notes of the flavour, it is simply an absolute pleasure to drink.


              PER SERVING SIZE OF 37ML-OR-1.3OZ

              Total Fat 5.8g - 9% RDA
              Saturated Fat 3.5g - 17% RDA
              Cholesterol 136mg - 45% RDA
              Sodium 33mg - 1% RDA
              Total Carbohydrates 7.4g - 2% RDA
              Sugars 7.4g
              Protein 0.0g
              Alcohol 4.8g
              Calories 94


              * Original
              * Mint Chocolate
              * Creme Caramel
              * Coffee
              * Hazelnut
              * Biscotti

              Also available in various sizes generally in small, medium and large bottles


              Baileys is a fantastic drink to be enjoyed in various ways, it can be enjoyed neat or on-the-rocks ( over ice) which is my favourite way to enjoy a Baileys tipple, it can also be used to create various tempting cocktails.

              My second favourite way to enjoy Baileys is when it's added to a warming cozy night time tipple such as coffee or horlicks, admittedly not the best idea for a night cap due to the caffine but it works for me as a cheeky luxury treat before bed.

              Baileys can also be enjoyed in cooking, especially in desserts as we like it, my favourites are definately Baileys homemade Cheese cake and homemade fudge, I have found Baileys to be quite a versitile ingredient in cooking as it mixes very well and i like to experiment with it sometimes, so far i have made a chocolate Baileys mousse, Baileys cupcakes, and added Baileys to various puddings and custards both hot and cold.


              Baileys Irish Cream is available in most supermarkets and alcoholic outlets and a litre bottle is generally priced around £20, there are regular offers and price reductions on Baileys though so i would recommend shopping around for the best deal as it's not the cheapest beverage on the market.

              ==FINAL WORD==

              I would definitely recommend Baileys to anyone who enjoys whiskey, creamy textured drinks and coffee, i do admit that i am not a huge whisky fan in general and this is the only way i ever consume whisky, i would urge on caution though for those who are monitoring their cholesterol levels as this drink has a whopping 45% of the recommended daily amount in just one 37ml drink.

              I consider Baileys to be a mystical, exquisite and romantic drink that feels luxurious, soft and warming to sip, i have never experienced any after burn on my throat from drinking Baileys, it has always been an absolute pleasure and a treat to drink and as an ingredients it is wonderful for putting an adult twist on those sweet desserts and is so easy to use, i would recommend using as an ingredient and not to be afraid of experimenting with it, its a great versitile drink, liquid gold.


              I rate Baileys Irish Cream Liqueuer an excellent 5 out of 5

              Thank You for Reading :-)

              My Reviews appear Exclusively on Dooyoo and Ciao ONLY



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              • Lush Angels On Bare Skin / Skin Care / 50 Readings / 49 Ratings
                More +
                21.02.2012 20:12
                Very helpful



                A fantastic adaptable product that is bare faced 100% natural

                Everyone who reads my reviews will know by now what a huge fan I am of Lush products, in fact of the whole company as well as their wonderful array of gorgeous smelling products, I love their morals and ethics in general.

                Lush's beliefs are at the heart of everything they do, they only use the best of fresh ingredients and the finest of essential oils buying only from other companies that do not commission animal testing, they make highly effective products from soap to perfume all which are invented by themselves and individually handmade using safe synthetics with the bare minimal recycled packaging or none at all in most cases selling their products naked, this encourages recycling and helps to protect our planet.

                All the morals of only using fresh natural and safe products combined with a determination to make a difference to change the way we use and buy products in the way they are produced and packaged, products that cater for every need and are mostly unisex and are safe and gentle enough to use on children, their determination and strict rules on animal testing and recycling make them a company in which I trust and adore in all that they do and stand for, to add the shop's staff knowledge and expertise on all the products they sell makes Lush a company I will always go back to...

                Angels on Bare skin is a product I absolutely love, I have used this product for a number of years now so I think I am able to review the product thoroughly, honestly and balanced with extensive experience, I think those reading this will have guessed which direction I am going with this product as I have already stated how much I love it, however I assure you that I didn't instantly warm to this product the first time I tried it, if I am totally honest I was not at all keen at first and it took me a month or so of trial and error to really get to grips with it and slowly I learnt to love it as the essential 'must have' facial product I regard it as today.

                ==THE PRODUCT==

                ANGELS ON BARE SKIN

                PRICED at £5.95 For an 100g Pot

                Angels on bare skin is one of lush's best sellers which says a lot rally and it is easy to see why after prolonged use, I have a suspicion that it is a best seller partly to do with this being a preservative free product and a dual effect cleanser and exfoliator that smells wonderful and is suitable for all skin types and also for vegans.

                Originally named Miriam, a name taken from the bible that over time in the early days turned into Angels on bare skin during production, it is basically a solid that transforms into a cleansing milk when warm water is added, by taking the water content out of this product Lush have removed the need to add preservatives which means that Angels on bare skin is 100% naturally produced and contains no nasties and only the safest of ingredients combined with essential oils to make an effective cleanser that is kind to the skin and does not upset the skins naturally occurring delicate balance of oils.

                It is made by rolling Kaolin just like you would roll dough using a rolling pin, mixing all the essential oils and ingredients together to form a slab and is rolled flat, then it is sprinkled generously with Lavender flowers and finally folded and rolled together just like you would a Swiss roll! This is then cut into 100g portions and potted into recycled plastic pots, the date the product was made, where and whom made it is placed on the product using a sticker that is also recycled allowing the buyer to see that it is fresh.

                The Lush description of this product is...

                " As gentle and beautiful as being kissed by angels, made from 100% natural ingredients because when nature is this good you don't want to mess with her balance!"

                ==THE INGREDIENTS==

                Ground Almonds
                Lavender Oil
                Rose Absolute
                Chamomile Blue Oil
                Tagetes Oil
                Benzoin Resinoid
                Lavender Flowers

                Ground Almonds-
                Ancient Egyptians used and valued the almond for centuries for its skin polishing purposes, its exfoliating and softening effect, this ingredient aides the skins tone and colour, the almond is a fruit and is part of the plum family and the nuts are coarsely ground down to a soft floury texture to be used as a raw natural ingredient.

                A clear liquid that completely dissolves in water, it occurs widely in nature, the vegetable oil involved in Lush glycerine is rapeseed oil grown in the UK, glycerine is a traditional cosmetic material that has been widely used for many years because it is so safe and effective, it is very mild and will not irritate in any way and Lush makes sure the glycerine they use is palm-free.

                Also knows as soft clay, it is a naturally occurring soft clay first discovered in the Kao-ling mountains in China, It is a white hydrated aluminium silicate mined from mountains and gathered from tropical riverbeds, Kaolin is used in intestinal medicines for its ability to absorb water, Kaolin cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and also adds absorbency and texture as an ingredient.

                Lavender Oil-
                Is obtained from the flowering tops of the lavender plant by steam distillation, this oil is often used by aromatherapists to calm the mind, aid a restful sleep and for relaxing purposes, Lavender oil has a fantastic anti-bacterial and deodorising property and may also be beneficial in helping repair damaged skin and encourage healing.

                Rose Absolute-
                Comes from the flower petals of the Damask rose plant and is obtained by solvent extraction, the Damask rose is grown in Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, India and China, it is a very popular oil in perfumery and aromatherapy and is thought to have a balancing effect on emotions, the scent of rose is considered an aphrodisiac and an ancient symbol of love and innocence, it is a great ingredient for moisturising products and an excellent choice for mature, rough or irritated skins as it helps improve the skins appearance and also perfumes the skin.

                Chamomile Blue Oil-
                Is sourced from a sweetly scented annual blennial which has delicate leaves and daisy like flowers, the oil is extracted from the fully opened flowers by steam distillation and is a striking blue colour, Chamomile is one of the most gentlest essential oils, it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, used to treat bruises, allergies, and stress and is very beneficial to those with sensitive skins. It also may help to balance hormone fluctuations, a popular soothing oil widely referred to as the oil for everything.

                Tagetes Oil-
                Comes from a plant belonging to the same family as the Dahlia and the Daisy, the oil comes from the tiny pale white and yellow flowers, it is a popular ingredient in perfumery, this oil has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties making it useful for products containing no preservatives.

                Benzoin Resinoid-
                Comes from a tree belonging to the styraceae plant family and extracted from tender evergreen trees of at least 25 feet in height and found in the rich woodland and swamps of Sumatra, Thailand, and Java, the collected hardened gum is stored in pieces then pressed, refined and extracted to produce resiniod used in perfumery, benzoic's two main chemical constitutions are coniferyl innamate (an ester) and sumaresionoic acid, esters are said to have powerful relaxing properties on the skin and benzoic is commonly used to calm irritated, cracked, sore and very dry skin conditions, it has many beneficial components and has been used for many years in various products from incense and oil to shampoo and perfume.

                Lavender Flowers-
                Cultivated from Provence in France, the flowers are picked as they begin to open and they are strongly scented violet coloured flowers that are used fresh, dried or distilled, used fresh as an ingredient for the skin it acts as a natural exfoliant removing dirt and dead skin.

                Is basically a naturally sourced freshly squeezed lemon juice.

                Is a colourless liquid with a sweet odour, it occurs naturally in many essential oils including Lavender, Rose Absolute, and Chamomile which are all listed as ingredients in this product, some people have allergic reactions to specific fragrance materials and companies are required by law to list them enabling consumers to identify which products they can use safely. Commonly used in floral fragrances.

                Angels on Bare skin looks very much like a khaki coloured couscous with lavender petals sprinkled amongst it, it feels cool, slightly moist and doughy to touch and is very easily broken up into small chunks, it has a very prominent lavender scent that fills the room but at the same time is not too over powering, once added to water the solid form transforms into an almond milk and the scent of lavender is lessened when wet, it becomes runny with a few solid but soft lumps depending on how much is used and feels just like it would had you just been making a model clay pot, it turns a pale grey mauve colour and feels very smooth.

                ==HOW TO USE ANGELS ON BARE SKIN==

                To use this product is easy so it seems, you dampen the face with warm water then place a pea sized amount of product into the palm of the hand, add some water to create a milky paste then smooth across the face gently massaging using the fingertips.

                As I said earlier I did not warm to this product straight away and I struggled for the first few weeks to use angels on bare skin, this is because it felt odd and rather uncomfortable to get the hang of, as well as a tad messy, I seemed to waste a lot of the product and I found it quite time consuming to use, I felt I was doing something wrong and became frustrated at not being able to get the consistency right to get the best out of it so it did the job I wanted and expected it to do, however I did instantly love the lavender scent and the added lavender flowers integrated into the product looked lovely.

                I am not entirely sure if my initial issues using Angels on bare skin was down to me never using anything like it ever before and it being completely different to anything I had ever used before and comparing to the usual products on the market I was definitely not used to using a 'naked' product, I wondered if I was using it correctly as I realised their must be a knack to using this product for the desired benefits but the truth is as I found out through a couple of weeks trial an error that there is no right or wrong way to using this product, it is hugely dependant on the user and what effects the user requires at each cleanse.

                Through perseverance I gave this product a chance to impress as I continued to use it, I didn't want to waste the whole pot, I was new to using raw products and because I bought this via the online store I only had the product write up to refer to at the time, which I learnt was quite inaccurate, it recommended to use a 'pea sized amount' of product and this was no where near enough of the product even when added to water to do the job it promised or even be enough to use on the whole of the face and neck, using the recommended amount I didn't feel I was getting a good cleanse or exfoliate or even a quick wash to be honest, there was no difference and my face did not 'feel' like I had just cleansed, I could smell the scent but that was about the extent of it.

                I found with a method of trial and error experimentation on applying Angels on bare skin I had found what worked for me personally with surprising results and grew to love this product the more I discovered how versatile and beneficial it was, I found that the design of the product put me in control of what I wanted to use it for, if I want a quick light cleanse I use the pea sized amount and spread it out across just the face before rinsing, this method also worked for removing surface make up and before moisturiser or primer application, for a deeper cleanse I use warmer water and more product allowing the steam from the bowl of run water to help open and clean the pores and gently massage the product across the skin in small circular movements, and to exfoliate I decide if to do a light scrub or a more heavy scrub and adjust the amount of product accordingly, the Lavender flowers are visible enough to control how much is added to each use and I can also adjust the benefits of the product by how long I leave it on my skin and how long I massage it in.

                == DOES IT WORK ? ==

                As a facial product it is versatile enough to be used as a cleanser and an exfoliator where you chose the thickness and texture to adapt it to suit your own personal requirements, I have adapted this product to suit my skin and lifestyle accordingly and I use it on a daily basis as a general cleanser and three to four times a week as a deep exfoliator, when using this product the scent is the most noticeable effect and I have found it is relaxing and soothing to use, it uses just the right amount of scent which lingers both on the skin and in the room used in.

                I have found this to be an effective cleanser and moisturiser that does its job pleasantly, it always leaves my skin feeling clean and baby soft and the longer I used this the more I noticed the difference to my eczema prone dry skin, this became more prominent when I had once run out of Angels on bare skin and used an alternative product instead for a week my skin definitely missed this product and I noticed just how beneficial using an all natural product like this was for my skin, it has worked miles better than the more expensive chemical laden products I have tried in the past, it no longer feels odd or uncomfortable as I am now used to it and I now love the way it feels when using it on my face and the way my skin feels after.

                It leaves no residue and after a good cleanse or exfoliate it leaves a slight tightening effect on my skin which feels really refreshing, I have also noticed a vast reduction in the size of my pores since using this ingenious natural product, the name makes more sense to me now and I can see why Lush chose to call this product the name they did, it feels luxurious and pampering.

                == FINAL THOUGHTS==

                This is a perfect everyday product and because unfortunately our skin is never exactly the same every single day this is a unique adaptable product that can be adjusted and adapted to suit the daily changes in the balance of your skin, I totally love how I can control the effect I want from this and its ability as a multi -use beneficial and effective facial product, it's a huge bonus knowing that it contains no nasty chemicals or harmful additives, it definitely was not love at first sight with Angels on bare skin but was something I learnt to love as I learnt to use it to suit myself.

                I think that Angels on bare skin is excellent value for money considering I only have to re purchase every 10 to 12 weeks, and sometimes even longer, for daily use of a 100g pot costing under £6 this is amazing affordable value for a product of this standard, I am extremely pleased and happy with this product that I now consider an essential part of my daily routine and one that I now would never be without.
                I highly recommend this product for anyone to use both young and aged, male and female, I would urge that if like me you find you are not impressed after the first few uses to further persevere and trust in the product, find your feet with it and experiment with varying amounts and techniques and you will not be let down, I am very glad I gave this product the chance it deserved and is one of my favourite best buys.

                I rate Angels on bare skin a flawless full house of 5 out of 5

                Thank You for reading J

                My reviews appear exclusively on Dooyoo and Ciao ONLY

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                  19.02.2012 11:50
                  Very helpful



                  A lovely unique sweet smelling idea, suitable for all females but its a shame scent does not linger.

                  I was bought two of these leap frog bath ballistics for Valentines Day, from my son of all people who knows how I adore lush products and picked me a pair of frogs up at the same time as he shopped for his lucky girlfriend.

                  The Leap frog is a limited edition product that is only available yearly, this year Lush decided to shake the name of the product up a little and rename as the Leap Frog Prince in honour of this year (2012) coinciding with being a leap year and traditionally being the time women can propose to their partners on February 29th.

                  Lush is a company who believe in making products that contain ingredients that DO NOT conduct or commission cosmetic testing on animals and who also invent their own products by making them fresh by hand using very little or no added preservatives or packaging, Lush will always date their products and give the customer information on where and whom by the product was made.

                  ==THE PRODUCT==

                  The Lush Leap Frog Prince

                  Weighs 95g
                  Costs £2.75

                  Described as 'A fizzy amorous amphibian for a sexy sandalwood, rose and jasmine soak'
                  (Taken from the Lush news letter)

                  Suitable for vegans

                  This curious and very cute looking bath ballistic comes shaped like a little frog, he is a pale apple green colour and he smells delightfully of sweet jasmine, he has a pair of vibrant red cocoa butter lips that look waxy and soft, he is just over an inch in thickness and sits around three inches tall, intriguingly he promises to deliver you the luck of a special valentines kiss from a prince.

                  This product is a limited edition only available to buy at this time of year from all Lush stores and online.

                  Contains a special surprise that is revealed when dissolved.


                  Sodium Bicarbonate
                  Citric Acid
                  Cocoa Butter
                  Laureth 4 (An emulsifier)
                  Almond Oil
                  Jasmine Absolute
                  Rose Absolute
                  Ylang Ylang Oil
                  Gardenia Extract
                  Methol lonone
                  Colours 73360/ 45350/ 42090

                  Jasmine Absolute is extracted from the white blossoms and has been used as a sensual aphrodisiac for centuries; it is considered a luxurious oil and an indication of wealth in Chinese traditional medicine, used as a hair and skin tonic and as a sensual perfume, excellent for use in sensitive skins and for combating stress.

                  Rose Absolute comes from the flower petals of the Damask Rose, popular in perfumery and aromatherapy and recommended for balancing the emotions, the scent of rose is considered an aphrodisiac and is also an ancient symbol of love and innocence, it is a great moisturising ingredient and a good choice for rough, mature or irritated skins, it also helps to improve the skins appearance whilst perfuming and scenting the skin.

                  Ylang Ylang Oil is extracted from the Ylang yellow flowered tropical trees, aroma therapists use it for its uplifting scent and properties.

                  ==USING THIS FROGGY BATH BOMB==

                  As with all of the Lush bath ballistics you simply fill your tub with water of your desired temperature before adding your desired bath bomb, in this case these leap frog prince bath ballistic is designed to be used whole and all in one.

                  The first thing that I noticed with this frog is that it fizzes immediately and quite a lot faster than some other bombs I have tried, then the aromatic scent hits you at the same time as the bath water colour starts to change to a vibrant apple green, it smells still of it's dry form of sweet jasmine.

                  The buttery lips come away from the body of the frog very fast and float away from the fast fizzing frog, this all happens in a matter of seconds rather than minutes which is slightly disappointing as I always enjoy the lasting experience of a lush product, the scent now is a stronger sweeter jasmine aroma, not too floral or musky, very pleasant.

                  The frog fully dissolved fast leaving the buttery lips to slowly melt, there was an amusing cute photo of a 'Lush Prince' with the words 'Daniel was sent to kiss you' written across it.... This was my surprise, my frog magically turned into a handsome prince sent to kiss me, so cute and different, a lovely amusing and entertaining idea that made me smile.

                  The vibrant red lips took longer to melt and made a lovely red swirl through the bright green water, the water felt very soft and silky smooth, it felt relaxing, once the waxy butter lips had fully melted it added a luxurious softness to the surface of the water that felt nice when smoothed on the skin.

                  I found the scent did not last the length of my bath time which is fair to say lasted around an hour as I like to read whilst relaxing in a tub of Lush Heaven, the scent faded very fast compared to others I have previously tried which was also slightly disappointing, the lips bath melt left a red ring of grease around my bath tub that removed easily with a quick rinse using the shower head and a sponge, it did feel very waxy when removing though so if I had left it I am guessing it would have become difficult to remove once it had dried on, the frog bomb itself left no residue at the bottom of the tub.

                  ==MY THOUGHTS==

                  Overall and all things considered I was pleased with this product, I am a huge lush fan as many of you who read my reviews already know, I really wanted to love this product because of its unique design and its magical surprise but I can honestly say at best I was not over whelmed or bowled over by this frog, I think the price is fair for a limited edition one off treat but the scent fades extremely fast compared to others which In my opinion lets it down a little as I always associate lush products with the experience of lasting lingering wonderful smells, although the scent filled the upstairs of my house it did not linger like others have done, I did detect the scent slightly still on my skin after the bath but it had disappeared by the next morning, the experience of the fizzing dissolving bomb lasted seconds, it is most definitely the quickest one I have ever used so far, the smell was amazing as the scents were released while it melted it's just such a shame that the aroma did not last as long as I had expected it to because it has a lovely enchanting smell that left me wanting more.

                  The melting of the lips took longer and I could feel the bath water becoming softer as it melted, prior to this the water already felt soft from the bath bomb and the buttery lips complemented the water in both colour and feel, it really did feel amazingly soft and silky and looked stunning in bright vibrant apple green colour contrasted with the floaty red strikes, very funky looking I thought.

                  My handsome prince sent to kiss me was a cute and entertaining touch which made me smile, a nice little idea that ties this product in with valentines perfectly and adds a touch of magic and innocence, I think all young girls would love the novelty of this experience and it is certainly one meant only for females.

                  I was glad I had decided to wipe the ring of greasy red residue from the rim of my bath tub straight away as the waxy feel would have been difficult to remove otherwise, however it was easy enough to remove.

                  ==WOULD I RECOMMEND?==

                  I don't think I would actively go out and buy this myself for personal use again but that is not to say I would not like to receive this as a gift again next year if lush decide to keep bringing it back, I would recommend it for a quick touch of luxury for those who prefer a quick dip in and out of the bath rather than those who like me prefer to savour every minute until they resemble a prune before they get out, it is a lovely thoughtfully designed idea with a great smell, it is a shame the smell does not last longer.

                  Priced at £2.75 I think this is reasonable value for money when taken into consideration that this ballistic is a two in one, both a bath bomb and a bath melt in one product that performs well, looks great and smells gorgeous until it fades

                  I have rated the Lush Leap Frog Prince a Handsome 4 out of 5


                  Thank You for reading

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                    18.02.2012 03:24
                    Very helpful



                    A steamingly basic face lift.

                    This product is one that was bought for me a while back in the summer (remember summer?) after i had returned from a holiday abroad my skin felt really dry and my pores were enlarged and clogged, no doubt down to the very hot weather,sweating and constantly re-applying of sun screen as i have very fair and sensitive skin that burns very easy and also reacts adversly to most creams, lotions and potions.

                    I believe this Homedics Spa Facial Sauna was from Argos at the time and is still available today to purchase via Argos for £19.99 with the option of an extended warranty purchased separately as is possible for most electrical products from Argos.

                    ==THE PRODUCT==

                    The product comes packaged in a strong cardbord box and also wrapped in plastic, there is instructions included, it is mains operated with a 2.5 meter cable, there is no assembly required as the product is in one whole piece which makes a refreshing change as these type of prducts can come in several different pieces usually for storage purposes with various attachments, this unit comes as one so is very easy to un-package and set-up straght away.

                    The facial sauna is very light and smaller than i expected it to be compared to the bulk of the box! the nice small size comes in really handy though for easy storage, the circular base is made of toughened hard plastic, It has three rubber nodes underneath to prevent from slipping and slidding whilst in use on a flat surface, there is one rubbery power button with an indicator light right above it, then there is a slidder switch above that at the foot of the face mask which allows for adjustable steam control intensity.

                    The facial guard/mask is specifically shaped to rest the face on during a steaming session, it is also made of toughened plastic and is quite thick with a rubber seal around the lip for comfort during use, the unit looks and feels quite basic and of reasonable quality for the price.

                    The sauna comes with a 2 years Manufacturers guarantee from Homedics who is a company who over the years have worked hard for their highly regarded reputation in health and wellness related products, their moral being that they strive to produce producst that take the effort out of maintaining your wellbeing, i have purchased and been given as gifts many Homedics products over the years and have always found them to be practical and to deliver in doing what ever they are ment to do.

                    ==HOW IT WORKS==

                    Easy, you simply pour a small amount of water on the base where there is a tray, there is no small measuring jug with this product but a guide in the form of a min and max ringed line around the tray where you place the water, you only need a very small amount.

                    Then you plug the cable into the mains and switch the facial sauna power 'on' and wait for it to heat up, this takes a while sometimes and does depend on the amount of water you use but i have found it takes between 10-15 mins to fully heat up ready for use with adequate amount of steam, you use the slidder switch at the base of the steamer guard to control the intensity of the steam.

                    Then you lightly place your fully cleansed face losely over the mask and let the steam do it's job on steaming your face, ii produces a lot of steam for a small amount of water and i have found that it is sometimes too intense to put my face directly over the face guard, it does feel quite hot too sometimes so i probably sit with my face 6-8 inches above the face guard until the steam has lessened in density and cooled down enough to place my face directly on the face gaurd.

                    ==WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A FACIAL SAUNA?==

                    A facial sauna can be used for various reasons, mainly for a deep cleanse of the skin as steam is a really excellent deep pore cleanser, it aides the elimination of toxins by gently lifting out dirt and clearing blocked pores and blackheads by opening them up, a good facial sauna encourages extra oxygen and nutrients to your skin which helps the skins overall suppleness and looks.

                    A sauna can cleanse, hydrate, feed and relax the skin's surface aswel as penertrating deeper into the layers of the skin, the facial sauna can also be used with a few drops of essential oils to increase the effects of the cleanse, i have used a drop or two of tea tree oil to maximise and promote healing, fight infection and clearer skin, Chamomile as an anti-inflamatory calming and soothing essential oil that also helps ease headaches and occaisionally a single drop of olbas oil or a few menthol crystals when suffering from stuffy blocked nose, sinuses or head colds.


                    It is not recommended that you use this product on children.

                    It is not recommended that you use this product for longer than the recommemded 20 minute session.

                    It is recommended that you clean the product after every use by rinsing tray and wiping down.

                    It is not recommended for daily use ( 3 x a week is perfect)

                    ==MY THOUGHTS==

                    I think this facial steamer is good, it works well and does what it is meant to do, also helps medically when needed but there is a missing quality that i cannot put my finger on, it is a very basic facial sauna that does not really look that appealing or of very high quality, some added features would have done wonders with this product, it just seems very bland and boring.

                    As i have discovered it can be tempremental to the amount of water you put in and does have a tendancy to be quite hot, there is ample amounts of steam that goes on and on and perhaps the variable steam control switch could have worked better than it does.

                    I feel it could heat up a little faster than it does do, sometimes after a 15 minute wait you lose interest, this product could definetely have been better an if i am totally honest i would say i personally have benefited more medically from this product than cosmetically, the first two weeks of use after my holiday it did unblock and un-clog my pores and purified my skin back to it's normal look but after that i have never just used it on it's own with just pure water so i cannot say 100% that my clear and good quality skin is just down to using the product itself rather than the products i have chosen to use along side and with it to promote the condition my skin is in today.

                    ==WOULD I RECOMMEND?==

                    I would recommend this facial sauna as a cheaper version of a basic steamer, i am pleased that it has multi-usage and that it is small, light and easy to store, as well as easy to use, it is effective as a product and does deliver what a facial steamer should, regular use leaves your skin looking and feeling fresher, cleaner and a lot more supple but i am not so sure it would deliver this same feeling if used without the essential oils,but still.... for the price it is worth it compared to salon and spa prices.


                    I have rated this product a basic but something missing 2 out of 5

                    Thank You for reading.

                    My Reviews appear on DooYoo and Ciao.



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                    • UMC 19/16 / LCD TV / 36 Readings / 36 Ratings
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                      16.02.2012 20:20
                      Very helpful



                      An affordable HD TV/DVD Player that you can rely on

                      I wanted to buy an extra television set for my dining room which my two boys could use to play their games consoles on, for months my main television had been taken over by either one or the other son for gaming purposes, whilst I was glad that I could monitor their usage and make sure they were playing age appropriate games I wanted to watch the programmes that interested me in the comfort of my living room.

                      Having refused to buy them a television set for their bedrooms due to that being more difficult to monitor the type of games they played I decided the best option was to buy one for the dining room so I could both watch my programmes and still monitor the kind of games they played, having shopped around I decided to buy a television that also had an integrated DVD player which I thought would be a useful addition.

                      I bought this UMC HD Ready Digital LCD TV/DVD in January 2011 from Sainsbury's at a price of £119.00 on a limited special offer, I thought this was a very good bargain and admit to it being an impulse buy as I had been looking elsewhere to purchase a TV set, it just so happened I saw this deal and snapped it up as they seemed to be selling fast.

                      To be honest I had never heard of UMC as a brand name before but was reassured after a quick research on the internet I found out that UMC manufactured their own television sets and that they are a trusted leading brand that is less well known due to other names it produces under (including the Technicka Tesco brand) it is a Slovakian factory and sky media uk (not connected to the popular satellite company) is the distributor of this product and has a very useful website which I will add at the bottom of the page.

                      ==THE PRODUCT==

                      UMC HD Ready Digital 19" LCD TV/DVD

                      Covered under the manufacturers guarantee for 12 months from the date of purchase

                      You can register the product on sky media and if you do this within 7 days of purchase you receive an extra 3 months warranty for free bringing the guarantee validity to 15 months, it states that you must retain all packaging because this will be required in the event of needing any warranty support.

                      The Television is ready to receive the Digital signal due to it having a Digital tuner built in so simply connecting to an aerial socket means it will receive the freeview signal without a problem.

                      It is recommended to re-tune the television every few months to ensure you are receiving the very latest TV and Radio channels.

                      ==WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE BOX==

                      * The UMC Digital Television DVD Player

                      * A User Guide Manual
                      * Stand

                      * RF Lead
                      * Remote Control & AAA Batteries x2

                      * Jack to Phono Cable 3.5 mm

                      ==ATTACHING THE STAND==

                      This is really very easy to do even without referring to the instruction booklet which is a first for me! Of course the television can also be wall mounted via the mounting holes on the rear of the TV; there are instructions on how to do this easily and safely.

                      The Television comes packaged effectively and to attach the oval shaped stand to the base of the TV you simply push the circular tube that has a clipped edge into the corresponding shaped hole on the stand which you then twist 45 degrees into place so you hear a faint 'click' and the stand is the connected, it could not be easier.

                      ==SET UP==

                      Firstly you need to tune the television in, making sure the RF Cable is connected to the aerial and when switched on for the first time the 'First Time Installation' menu appears, you simply press 'ok' and the tune will automatically start, very easy to do and not at all complicated, I noticed the size of the text on the on screen menu's were easy enough to read and the screen is crystal clear and bright.

                      The remote Control buttons and shape are pretty standard and easy to navigate, the remote is small and thin, made of hard toughened plastic that is a glossy black colour and 5 inches in length with oval cushioned buttons that allow you to control every function, it takes two AAA batteries that are supplied.

                      Connecting a television to a games console is at times very difficult (maybe this is just me!) but the user manual has a simplified process in three simple steps depending on the type of cables you have, for instance connection via a Scart, HDMI or component cable, I used an HDMI cable which is said to be the easiest option, you just plug it in the console then into the TV, you set the source to HDMI then its ready to use.


                      Size 19 inch width

                      Weight 4.5 kgs
                      Panel Resolution 1440 x 900

                      Panel Contrast Ratio 1000; 1
                      Brightness cd/m 300

                      Input Signal PC RGB
                      RF 75 ohm Antenna / Pal-Secam

                      Sound 1x 3.5 mm Audio jack
                      HDMI (1) up to 1080i

                      Speaker Output Watts (RMS) 2x3
                      DVD Player yes

                      Power Voltage 110-240v 1.5A 60W (Standby 2W)

                      ==GENERAL OPERATION & FUNCTION==

                      The television itself is very slim measuring just over 2 inches thick and is surprisingly light to pick up, it however feels very sturdy on it's base frame which has the ability to be adjusted by tilting very slightly backwards and forwards, right and left, it has a set of side panel buttons on the right hand side for manual control, there are 10 buttons in total and these consist of ...

                      DVD Eject
                      DVD Play/Pause
                      DVD Stop
                      Volume Up and Menu Control Right
                      Volume Down and Menu Left
                      Program/Channel Up and Menu Up
                      Program/Channel Down and Menu Down
                      Display Menu
                      Select Input Source
                      Standby Mode On/Off

                      On the left hand side panel of the television is where all the input connections are located, the TV can be connected to a camera, camcorder and a high definition device such as the audio cables of a music system, and there is also a CI Port.

                      I have found that switching between the different modes is very easy using both the remote and the manual options, all the buttons are clearly marked with clear and bold wording, and there are 8 Source modes which are...


                      Easy to use Sleep Timer that turns the television off after a set amount of time which is adjustable, this is ideal for monitoring amounts of time spent using the TV.

                      This television features a System Lock that allows you to lock certain features of the TV so they cannot be used or viewed, for example you can lock the volume setting or block certain channels from being viewed from this TV, a really useful addition when used for children.

                      Another feature is that this TV can be used as a computer monitor by following the user manuals instructions on how to do so.

                      The DVD Operation is automatic, meaning that when a DVD Disk is inserted it will automatically switch the source and start to play; there is clear bold writing on the DVD unit that instructs the correct way to insert disks.The operating system is really easy to navigate thanks to very clear menu options that are simplified allowing ease of control with the picture settings, adjusting contrast, colour, brightness, tint, sharpness and even noise reduction, I was impressed at the ability to basically personalise the television to suit our needs, the sound setting menu and the system lock being the ones I use most by adjusting and setting the volume for gaming requirements, bass, treble, and balance to maximise the gaming experience and also by controlling the amount of time spent gaming without being too intrusive to anyone else in the same room, I am pleased with the way this is achieved, always smoothly and easily without compromising on the quality of the sound or the images which have always been crystal clear.

                      ==MY THOUGHTS==

                      Overall I am extremely pleased with this television and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality affordable product that does what it is meant to do easily and smoothly, its size is ideal and sits perfectly on top of a single drawer set (mine is usually sat on a single bedside drawer set in the dining room but pictures show it on a stool for picture taking purposes)

                      It has never let us down and has always worked perfectly providing my boys with hours of gaming fun with clear imagery and sound, the occasions they have used it for DVD's and for connecting to their camera's there has never been any complaints from me or them, my only regret is that I did not buy this television sooner as it's a great little addition to my dining room and more importantly it has freed up my main television.

                      It would make a great spare or bedroom television for watching DVD's and I think it is value for money considering its features and quality.

                      Definitely an excellent buy.

                      I rated this a cannot get any better 5 out of 5 Available to buy in most electrical shops both online and on the high street and is available from Amazon at the moment priced at £124.99 (not including delivery)



                      Thank You for reading

                      My Reviews appear on both DooYoo AND Ciao



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                        15.02.2012 03:03
                        Very helpful



                        The new top chef in town who ALWAYS gets my compliments!

                        I had been thinking about investing in a slow cooker as everyone I knew seemed to have one and the amount of praise I had heard about them made me curious as to what all the fuss was about, being a busy single mum of two and a full time career I was known to often have the odd moan and grumble with regards to how hard it was to juggle everything into the daily routine and how there was never enough hours in the day to do everything that needed to be done.

                        I wanted to try make some changes that meant I was able to provide my family with wholesome, tasty, healthy, and homemade dishes at least once a day instead of the convenience foods I had become accustomed to with not having enough time to provide them with healthy nutritious meals made from scratch, I had relied heavily on processed foods, microwave meals, fast foods and take away food, this concerned me due to their much publicised connections to various health related issues but I had never had the time to prepare, make and serve evening meals from scratch every day, evenings are quite often pretty hectic for us and we are sometimes lucky to be seated for our evening meals before 8pm!
                        A slow cooker seemed to be the answer to my prayers as a product that promised to make my life easier , that was easy to use and provided my family with lovely nutritious evening meals on a daily basis that was not too time consuming and was reliable.

                        ==THE PRODUCT==

                        I came across this Morphy Richards 6.5 litre Oval Slow Cooker from Argos priced at a reasonable £34.99.

                        *330 Watt
                        *Oval Shaped Ceramic Pot
                        *6.5 Litre Capacity
                        *Removable Ceramic Pot
                        *Heavy Toughened Transparent Glass Lid
                        *Cool to Touch Stainless Steel Body
                        *Dishwasher Safe
                        *Three easy Heat Settings

                        Low 6-12 Hours
                        Medium 4-10 Hours
                        High 3-8 Hours

                        ==Dimensions- Approx==

                        Height- 25cm
                        Width- 42cm
                        Depth- 29cm


                        Instruction manual
                        2 year Warranty
                        Starter Recipes

                        ==WHAT I LIKED==

                        This was my first slow cooker and my first impressions were that it was huge, much bigger than I expected it to be and quite heavy too, I thought it looked big enough to easily feed a family of 8+.
                        I liked the size and oval shape of the ceramic pot because it made it ideal for slow cooking joints of meat, and this also makes it ideal to be taken straight to the table after cooking for ease of serving.

                        I like that the product is quite weighty, strong and sturdy with rubber non slip feet, the last thing you need when using hot cooking products is for it to be sliding all over the kitchen work tops and spilling hot liquids that could burn.

                        I think the heavy toughened transparent lid is ideal for allowing you to see your food whilst it is cooking without having to take off the lid and loosing the heat it needs to cook thoroughly .

                        I thought it was easy to open and very easy to set up, it was as simple as just removing the packaging and placing the ceramic pot inside the stainless steel body, then you're ready to go, easy!

                        The instruction manual and booklet guide is a nice informative easy to understand read and has some very useful do's and don'ts, hints and tips and also includes some really easy excellent tasty recipes to gently ease you into slow cooking and get you off to a good start, I found these recipes a godsend during the first few uses as I did find it a little odd to be honest at first, getting used to the recommended order of putting different types of ingredients in and what food groups required a littlle more preparation before leaving to slow cook.


                        There is nothing quite like coming home to the delicious smell of welcoming home cooked and ready to be served hot food, I love it.

                        We made a chicken stew this weekend and we got a massive and impressive 10 servings out of it and having used my slow cooker almost every day since I bought it back in October 2011 i have found that this is typical of the actual amount of servings you get from each meal cooked in the slow cooker due to its large size, although this is obviously dependant on what is cooked and the quantity of ingredients used.

                        We also often cook whole chickens for a Sunday roast lunch in the slow cooker and this is useful because it leaves the oven free for all the other trimmings which is usually either crammed in or cooked in relays due to not having enough space for everything to be ready at the same time.

                        I have noticed that you do not need to add as much liquid as it suggests when cooking meats, as the meats produce their own juices during cooking which can add to the overall flavour and results.

                        I have easily and effortlessly cooked beef joints, legs of lamb, gammon, chicken and fish in this cooker and the results are always the same, perfectly cooked meat that falls off the bone and is so juicy and tender it melts in the mouth.

                        Also makes perfect casseroles, chillies, stews, soups, curries and a loads of other recipes you never thought you would be able to make in a slow cooker, there is also a fantastic range of desserts which can also be made in this, our favourite is rice pudding, we even did a homemade porridge over Christmas that was left over night to cook and was just delicious, the possibilities are endless and experimenting is easy once you have got the hang of using it.

                        ==MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS==

                        Well it is certainly the best kitchen item I have purchased in years, an excellent buy, and one which I know has made a considerable transformation to my family's evenings as I am no longer a slave to the kitchen.

                        I prepare evening meals every morning at the same time as I am preparing breakfast, it is always quick and easy to do and buying a few good slow cooker recipe books has helped me to never run out of yummy ideas for meals.

                        Having a slow cooker benefits my family a great deal as far as time and routine are concerned, there is always extra portions left over that I put in freezer bags and freeze, making yet another quick and easy homemade meal that is ready to eat within short notice and in times of time constraints.

                        I honestly do not know how I coped before having this slow cooker and I often kick myself for not buying one sooner, it has made my life so much easier and has added around an hour and half to my time of an evening, it also allows weekends to be more enjoyable by freeing up more quality family time, we just bung a casserole or a chilli into the pot in a morning then we go about our family activities and come home to the wonderful smell of a dish ready to be served, the house smells like I have had an invisible chief slaving away in my kitchen all day who has also done all the washing up due to there being no mess in sight.

                        A stress free meal. Perfect!

                        I will say though that I have noticed a fib in the list of promised advantages, it states that this product, and I quote has 'a cool to touch body' which I have found to be a porky pie!

                        The stainless steel outer body does in fact get quite hot to touch and could burn if you were not careful, apart from that I have found everything with this slow cooker to be just as it promises to be and I am overall very pleased with my purchase, in my opinion it is well worth the £34.99 price tag as a mid-ranged product the quality is outstanding, the cooker itself looks very attractive and stylish, and if I were to work out how much cheaper it has been to prepare cook and serve homemade meals from scratch by using this product then I am sure it would have already paid for itself due to the lower costs compared to the costs of my previous reliance on convenience and fast foods.

                        ==WOULD I RECOMMEND==

                        Yes, definitely, it is a valuable and versatile asset for any family which is convenient, durable, easy to use and a god send for those who find the cooking chores a bit of a daily battle for time as I did.

                        I am guessing that most households already have one of these by now but for the ones that don't I would highly recommend to try this slow cooker and you will not be disappointed with the positive impact such a simple kitchen addition will have on your family's daily routine and how easy and simple it is to provide healthy homemade daily meals with minimal effort .


                        It is worth mentioning that when cooking meat I would recommend to use the highest setting for the best results of juicy and succulent meat every time with no exceptions.

                        When cooking meat joints don't add too much liquid because the meat produces a lot of its own juices.

                        I also recommend that when cooking a chicken or indeed any other meat or joint that has a high content of fat, to use an up-turned heat proof plate which is placed in the bottom of the pot for the seasoned chicken or joint to sit on, this way it does not sit in the fat whilst cooking, there is so much room in this cooker that there is no problem doing this.


                        I have rated this Morphy Richards Slow Cooker an excellent 5 out of 5

                        Thank you for Reading

                        My reviews appear on both DooYoo and Ciao



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                          14.02.2012 16:29
                          Very helpful



                          A good value versitile strees and tension buster for home use

                          I bought this three months ago becuause i suffer from a lot of back and shoulder tension, i did not really have any high expectations that by using this i would have instant relief but for under £10 i thought it was worth a trial at least, if it had the same effect as a manual massage at a salon then it would be a cheap alternative as a regular massage at a salon can be very expensive.

                          This product is manufactured by a company called Homedics which was founded in the 80's, the comany worked hard to achieve it's reputation in the health and wellness industry, the company belives there is nothing more important than taking care of yourself and they strive to deliver affordable products that take the effort out of maintaining our wellbeing.

                          The massager comes in a variety of three neon colours, mine is the green one, it comes packaged in a transparent plastic box that is not difficult to get into, the massager is quite light and is the size of a small travel iron , it looks a very attractive and fun design, not at all what you would expect a massager to look like because although it is definitely not a toy it certainly looks like one, a good point is that it comes with the required 3 x AAA batteries included, it has a soft rubber coated grip handle directly above the base and underneath is where the four (quad) circular knuckles are, it seems to be made of soft but toughened plastic with chrome effect details, very futuristic looking.


                          * Compact size

                          * 1 Speed Setting

                          * Instructions Included

                          * Portable

                          * Battery operated (batteries included)

                          * Vibration Massage

                          * Manufacturers 2 year year guarantee


                          The operation is really easy and this is down to the simple design of the product, there is only one flat oval shaped power button which is located on the top of the handle and the massager is activated by pressing this, there is no need to continuously hold the button.

                          You gently place the massager over the area to be massaged using light pressure, do not place it over swollen or inflamed areas and if at anytime your pain increases or a rash or soreness appears whilst using the massager then you should dis-continue use and consult your doctor, it is also recommended that if you have any health concerns at all, are pregnant or have a history of diabetes, heart disese or a malignant tumour then you should definitely consult your GP before using the massager.

                          A massage session is recommended not to last longer than 15 minutes at a time and although it states not to use with liquids i do use with a few drops of essential oils or very small amount of moisturising cream rubbed into the area before massaging as this helps the massager to glide across the skin without drag, as long as all traces of oil and moisture are immediately wiped of after use i have never experienced any problems, i have only found it adds to the effects.

                          The viration sound is not overly noisy, it is noticable though and i would describe it as being louder and more powerful than the vibration of a mobile phone device but not loud enough for youto not hear the television, i would not say this is a product you could use discreetly though so be warned, after completing the massage you simply turn the product off by depressing the same button usedto activate, you only need to press this once and the massager immediately stops.

                          The batteries last an average expected amount of time, at times when i use this massager seversl times a week to ease built up tension i expect to replace the batteries weekly, re-chargeable batteries don't seem to work in this product but the cheaper branded batteries work fine, considering the power of vibration this product produces which is pretty strong for a battery operated product then i think it has been good value for money with regards to battery replacement.

                          ==WHAT CAN THE MASSAGER BE USED FOR?==

                          The massager can be used for various reasons, it's purpose is mainly for relaxation and as an alternative form of pain relief for aching or tense muscles when used correctly it can help to ease symptoms and give comfort by soothing and relaxing tired sore muscles, this product is by no means a professionally recomended product but is a good introduction to the benefits of what a massage can bring in a fun and slightly gimmicky cheap and portable product you can use at any time or any place.


                          Vibration massage is applying contorlled pressure to the muscles and joints and is used as a form of therapy, healing, and rehabilitation, the benefits of massage have been known since ancient times and has long been used as an alternative therapy, a vibrational massage is perfomed by using an electronic device, the massage is where the muscle or body part is shaken using a firm but also gentle pressure, generally used for relaxation purposes and also to stimulate blood flow.

                          The vibrational movement relaxes both the inner muscle and the tension, it creates a sense of relief and relaxation, this method can also be used to aid pain relief because the vibration relaxes the muscles surrounding a painful area which then further reduces pain, it is not recommended to use this product directly on painful areas but by using a techniuqe of massaging the above,beneath and either side areas of the pain you can succesfuly help to reduce the pain.

                          Vibration massage can also be used to produce a sense of invigoration, light vibration can be used before events to stimulate blood flow and therefore increasing performance and giving a sense of renewed energy.

                          Vibational Massage Benefits...

                          * Expands Capillaries
                          * Betters Circulation & lymph drainage
                          * Improves metabolism & relaxes muscles
                          * Speeds toxin elimination
                          * Soothes pain
                          * Relieves stress & tension
                          * Improves mood

                          ==MY THOUGHTS==

                          I think that i have benefitted from some of the above features of using this product, it is definitely relaxing to use and does relieve the tension in my sholulders, upper and lower back, i have found it a good product to use although not always practical because a feature of it being portable is that you can use it anytime or anywhere you feel the need to but i would not be whipping this out on a bus journey or in a cafe to use whilst on a break, the noise it makes would make it impossible not to get some very odd looks indeed, it is not overly noisy it is just that the powerful vibrating sound is very noticeable.

                          I am happy to use this at home only so the portable feature is wasted on me personally, when ido use this massager i prefer to use it with essential oils to further benefit from the massage and also to help the massager glide rather than drag when skin is dry ar bare it can sometime create drag which is not as pleasant an a smooth gliding effect, it feels as you would expect it to which is quite firm and vibrational, the quad 'nodes' or 'knuckles' feel very smooth and have no sharp edges or rough parts, i have found that unless my muscles are very tense then very little pressure is needed to feel the muscles relax.

                          The instructions are easy to understand and although very small writing they are helpful, they include a list of cautions which are mainly common sense issues but still handy to have, the product comes with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee which is also good.

                          It is a convenient product and looks rather trendy with its bright colouring and futuristic design, i would say it is very simple and easy to use and considering it cost under £10 to purchase i think it has been a good value buy, it's not something i will use regularly or on-the-go but i will refer to it when i need to as it is considerably cheaper than going to a salon for a massage.

                          Overall i am pleased and happy with this product and although there could be room for improvement i would recommend it at the price it is, for a good value pleasant experience.

                          I rate the Homedics PM-Quad Massager a satisfactory 3 out of 5

                          Available to buy from Argos, Amazon, Ebay from £5-10

                          Thank You for reading

                          My reviews appear on both DooYoo and Ciao



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                            12.02.2012 23:15
                            Very helpful



                            A very affordable product that is excellent value for money, it won't let you down.

                            I decided i wanted to buy some extra duvet covers with the weather being so cold lately and showing no signs of retreating i wanted a two doubles, money being tight so soon after christmas they also had to be relatively cheap without compromising any warmth quality.

                            I regularly buy household item from Argos and came across these whilst browsing the site online, i decided to give them a try at a price of £9.99, i did however feel a little sceptical due to them being part of the value range and also being so cheap but based on the hundreds of positive ratings on the site i reserved two to collect the same day.

                            ==THE PRODUCT==

                            Argos Value range Cosy Sleeper 13.5 Tog Duvet

                            * 100% Spun Banded Non-Woven polypropylene Cover
                            * 100% Polyester Hollowfibre Filling
                            * Non-Allergenic
                            * Machine Washable
                            * Line dry Only

                            Tog Value conforms to the British Standards of Thermal Insulation

                            * Price £9.99

                            The packaging wes very basic and compact, the duvet's were wrapped in a plastic cover that you simply broke into and stretched open to reveal the duvet, at first sight the duvet does look very poor quaility but upon opening the duvet fluffed out,plumped up and actually looked a decent thickness.

                            Admittedly the covering was not too appealing either and was definitely not cotton but it did feel very light and airey, the shape seemed fine though and i think it was the 'cheap look' of the product that put me off at this point so i had to remind myself i had not bought the product for how it looked i had bought it for a practical purpose as a means to keeping us warmer on these colder nights, after all the duvet could be inserted into a cotton duvet cover and no one would notice the overall look of the product itself, and for this price i could hardly complain.

                            ==IS IT WARM?==

                            Wow this product totally exceeded my expectations, it kept us perfectly warm and snug all night, it felt lovely and soft and also very light and comfortable, we were definitely snug as a bug under this duvet, it was surprisingly cozy and did not feel heavy at all which is why the warmth also surprised me, i had paid up to five times as much for products of this size and tog in the past but this duvet beat them all hands down for warmth and comfort.

                            I used to get annoyed at heavy duvets that restricted movement and made you feel pinned to the bed and disliked the feel as they seemed un-breatheable and contributed to making you feel very sweaty after a short time so i was forever throwing the duvet on and off never finding that perfect balance between being toasty but not sweaty, this duvet has cracked it in my opinion, it is reasonably thick but very light enough to still breathe allowing you to be snug at the perfect temperature.

                            I am very pleased with the warmth this duvet provides, it does even feel warmer than a 13.5 tog and i would say this duvet is too warm for the summer months but perfect for this time of year, it gets really warm on a cold night but also as important it is really light and very comfortable.

                            ==FINAL THOUGHTS==

                            Well firstly i think this is a great product at a great price, why pay more than you have to when this does as good a job as products costing five times as much! i am so glad i purchased this duvet and i will definitely be buying more from this range in the near future, it cannot be beated on value for money in my opinion and it totally full fills it's purpose, worth every single penny and very affordable at such an amazing price.

                            I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, just do not be fooled by the initial first impression like i was, there has been times in the past when i have returned products for not 'looking' like good quality products once opened without even trying them out and giving them a chance first, i am very glad and pleased i gave this product that chance to prove to me that it had the ability to do what it said on the tin so to speak and i have again learnt my lesson on not judging products on looks alone in the future.

                            Available to buy from- www.argos.co.uk

                            I rated this product a fantastic 4 out of 5

                            Thank You for Reading :-)


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                              12.02.2012 14:40
                              Very helpful



                              A Beautiful enchanting scent that warms and comforts, A firm favourite.

                              I had so far not tried any fragranced Yankee candles before as I had only been introduced to them by recently joining the reviewing community and reading so many wonderful reviews on how fantastic they were, so thank you to those who inspired me to try these candles by writing such good reviews that made me actively want to go out and buy them, as a massive fan of candles and generally all things smelly and lovely I looked forward to sampling these delights for myself.

                              I was enjoying a very recent shopping trip in my local town armed with a list of products I wanted to try from recommendations I had read on the reviewing community, I ventured into Clintons cards to buy a birthday card and noticed to my surprise they sold the Yankee branded candles, luckily for me they were on a sale stand, never one to refuse a bargain I spent a good 10 minutes choosing which candles I wanted to purchase, then ended up buying one of each fragrance as they all smelt so good.

                              One which caught me eye and my sense of smell straight away was this one 'Cinnamon Stick' the scent was really strong and instantly drew me to it, I bought a medium 14.5 oz jar half price at £7.99 the usual price being typically around £15.99 I thought that was a good deal, the jar is circular and made of thick glass with a thick circular glass lid that has a rubber seal around it and the Yankee Candle Company logo embossed on the top of the lid.

                              The colour of the wax is a deep burnt orange colour, the colour of autumn trees and of course cinnamon sticks, there is a label on the front of the jar with a picture of a bunch of cinnamon sticks and a short description stating 'made with pure and natural spice extracts'. I thought the jar looked very attractive and definitely looks a premium quality expensive candle.

                              The smell blew me away, even before it was tried and tested at home by being lit, I was compelled to keep smelling it all the way home it was so good, slightly sweet, spicy and strong, I loved it, it reminded me of a boiled sweet when as a little girl my grandma used to buy me regularly called Dobson's Voice Tablets, these smelly exactly the same only stronger.

                              Once home I lit the candle straight away exited to fill my whole house with this glorious scent, I found the candle easy to light, the wick caught alight straight away and the wax started to melt, it did take a while for it to get going and I would say it was around 15-20 minutes before I noticed the Cinnamon Scent float around the house.

                              A jar of this size has a burn time of around 65-90 hours which is excellent value for money, I initially let mine burn for around 2-3 hours before extinguishing, the scent lasted a good few hours though and I noticed it still lingered the following day too after waking.

                              Yankee is Americas favourite brand of scented candles and I can see why, it seems this is being mirrored in Britain too and with such an outstanding reputation as well as a huge array of over 100 fragrances to choose from it is easy to see why so many people fall in love with these gorgeous candles as I now have.

                              The Fragranced candles are available in various sizes and prices...

                              A large 22 oz jar with a burn time of 110-150 hours is from £18.49

                              A medium 14.5 oz jar with a burn time of 65-90 hours is from £15.49

                              A small 3.7 oz jar with a burn time of 25-40 hours is from £7.49

                              The same fragrances are also available in other various formats such as tumbler sized small, medium and large jars varying in prices from £8.99, a small sampler form is also available which claim to burn for up to 15 hours, these are small and wrapped individually in plastic and cost from £1.65 each, you can also buy the fragrances in Tea light form in packs of 12, each with a burn time of 4-6 hours and are priced from £6.29, a wax tart variety are also available and these are used in burners which are melted to release their fragrance, these have a burn time of up to 8 hours and are thought to be the most potent of the varieties that are sold, these are priced from £1 each.

                              ==MY FINAL THOUGHTS==

                              I think this fragrance of Cinnamon stick is intended to be a seasonal fragrance which is probably why I got this particular one in the sale as it is very spicy and Christmassy, but I have to admit I would love to use this all year round as its scent is not one I only associate with Christmas, it evokes fond childhood memories of my Grandma and Gramps before they passed.

                              I can honestly say I love this Yankee candle in particular and I will definitely be re-purchasing when I get the opportunity, I look forward to trying other fragrances from Yankee but based on just this one I think I have found another favourite brand of lovely smelly products.

                              It surprised me just how strong the fragrance were and how it lingered, the wax in the jar hardly seems to have moved at all, the overall quality of the candle and its packaging is excellent, I have tried to find just one fault or disadvantage for this product and I honestly cannot find any, I cannot stress enough how lovely these are.

                              Value for money wise I think these products seem initially expensive but when you compare to other household fragrances such as plug-ins and the like, the hours and quality of lingering fragrance as well as the lack of using electricity to operate effectively these Yankee candles far outweigh the other options available on the market and do actually work out cheaper in the long run to use, another up side to using these candles is that they also look decorative and can be placed anywhere to complement your deco and style or be used to create an aromatic atmosphere for those special occasions.

                              Simply Encahnting and Beauitful.

                              I highly recommend this Cinnamon stick Yankee Candle.

                              I have rated a fantastic full house 5 out of 5



                              Thank You for reading


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                                09.02.2012 12:12
                                Very helpful



                                A lovely cheap small but mighty candle that smells divine.

                                I am a massive fan of all things smelly and one of my favourite things are scented candles, they have the ability to lift your mood and soothe away your troubles helping to relax the body and mind, they have an amazing calming influence that noting else compares to.

                                Scented Candles have the ability to create an ambient atmosphere depending on the fragrance you choose ,they are so versatile there is one for every mood an occasion , big and small, and they make fantastic gifts especially for the ladies to be used along side a bath for some pampering 'me time' there's nothing quite like it!

                                I use candles for several reasons but to be honest I do not really need a reason as I use them so often that they are like a cherished member of my family!, I use them to lift my mood, help me to relax, make my home smell lovely, for pampering bath times, as table decorations, at meal times, at special occasions and just simply because.

                                I was attracted to this particular candle whilst browsing in Ikea because of its cute and handy little size, which is just short of being 2" tall it was twice as big than a normal tea light size but smaller than the usual candles deemed 'small', its excellent price of being only 69p, the fact that it was in a thick glass jar and smelt Divine.....

                                There is no indication of what the fragrance is called but there is a little picture on the jar of a white blossom flower, it smelt floral , musky and had a slight tone of almond and vanilla, it smelt almost good enough to eat and I found myself continually sniffing the scent whilst browsing the rest of the shop.

                                The wax is white in colour, a pure clean white not a dirty white and I think its beeswax as it is very high quality and is not transparent or an un-even colour and it was quite weighty for such a small candle. The candle also comes with a sealed clear plastic lid which found very handy as these make scented jar candles more effective if you do not intend to use the candle all in one go, you can simply re-seal it and this will ensure the candle keeps its scent locked in so it smells just as lovely the next time you use it.

                                There is a label/ sticker on the jar states it will burn for 17 hours and that it is made in Poland, it also has the Ikea logo and tiny pictures of do's and don'ts related to using safely such as not putting the lit candle next to curtains etc.. Basic common sense really.

                                I lit the candle almost as soon as I got home, the candles scent was still prominent upon burning , maybe slightly more subtle but you can definitely smell it and I was able to smell it throughout my home, it smelt sweet and relaxing, the whole family noticed it and commented on its calming properties, I left the candle lit for around 5 hours and in that time the little pot was still full, the wax had only gone down by less than a quarter of an inch, the scent lingered in my home for a good few hours after it had been blown out too, I re-sealed the jar with the provided lid.

                                The following evening I went to light the candle again, upon removing the lid it was still as strong smelling as when I first bought it and like the night before I had it on around 5 hours and the wax was nearing the half way mark by this time, it kept its scent throughout though.

                                At the weekend I had this candle lit for probably a further 6-8 hours until it had extinguished itself, I was very pleased with how long it lasted and its ability to hold its scent, I wished I had bought a couple more and knew I would definitely buy them again, at such a cheap price it is what I would consider a 'Grab it before its gone bargain' what a steal at 69p, it may be a small candle but it packs a mighty punch with excellent value for money and a lovely calming scent, I would have paid more for a scented candle of this quality and I would recommend trying it, try a couple... you will not be disappointed it is a diamond buy that you wont regret.

                                The lovely thick glass jar can be re-used as a tea light holder after use.

                                I rated a Fabulous 5 out of 5


                                Thank You for reading

                                Also posted on Ciao under username mojo-mojo


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                                05.02.2012 21:20
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                                A very action packed horror adventure game of survival with huge content.


                                Gaming has been my secret guilty pleasure for years, admittedly it has become considerably less over the years due to other commitments, but I still enjoy gaming for fun on the various games consoles my household has accumulated over recent years of having a constant stream of boys in the family from my own son's to their cousins and the rest.

                                I like using the 3DS to play game on whilst in bed (often sneaked or prized from the hands of a sleeping un-suspecting teen!) it is one of my favourite games consoles may I add. I have dabbled in the Resident Evil games since way back in 1996 when I was barely a teen myself and the original was released for the first edition of the play station.

                                Resident Evil Revelations is the next addition in the series and is game number 6, My son had this pre-ordered from Game and it was released on January 27th 2012, it is brought to us by the Capcom company and is rated a 16 which I agree with as this game contains a lot of horror, terror and is very creepy and jumpy in parts (or maybe that is just me being a wimp, but still!) it is most un-suitable for anyone younger.

                                I will not pretend to be an expert of this game, I have played it 'here and there' and for fun as I am no serious gamer by any means, I am by no means any where near completing the game either and doubt that I will any time soon as it is huge, I like to play various games mainly out of curiosity and because I am interested in the types of games my children spend most of their time on, I am so glad I did with this one as I will make sure my younger son does not get his hands on this until he is older.

                                ==THE GAME==

                                Resident Evil Revelations is a classic horror survival genre game that promises a brand new story line, brand new locations and extra characters complementing the already well established ones from previous games; it is a continuation of the resident evil series.

                                The game play complements the 3DS features and vice versa especially during the touch screen puzzle solving aspects, it has spectacular graphics throughout and is definitely unlike anything I have seen before, I can not stress how amazing the graphics and detail are in this game, the horror really does spring to life in this well designed and thought out game.

                                Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani have been sent to search and find Chris Redfield on a seemingly abandoned cruise ship, regular gamers of the resident evil series will know that things are never as the seem with these games! Terror and danger awaits around every horrifying turn as Jill and Parker explore the creepy ship defeating various creatures and indescribable enemies, they must also use their collective brain power to solve various puzzles which are presented to them and analyze the evidence along the way leading to the truth and the location of Chris but primarily they must survive...

                                One of the new features in this next series is the addition of a new mode of play called 'Raid Mode' and this is separate to the main mission in the story mode, you basically roam around having access all areas attacking enemies and earning points that you redeem for character and weapon up-grades.

                                Another aspect of the game which is present in all the games of this series is the constant and slightly annoying need to always keep an eye on your ammo levels and this addition is no exception, it does however make missions harder, I would not describe this game as an easy game to play, regardless though it does have excellent controls, jaw dropping outstanding graphics and great sound effects for a lengthy action packed strategic game.

                                ==MY THOUGHTS==

                                I think this an enjoyable game for seasoned Resident Evil fans and newbie's alike, it can be picked up and played without having played the previous games and can still be fully understood, for seasoned gamers of this series though this game re-visit's the classic elements of the previous games, bringing back what made the game a great one from the very beginning by going back to its original roots, it also bridges the gap in the story between Resident Evil 4 and 5 and pulls these together.

                                Its all about survival so any huge fan of survival games will totally love this regardless if they like the Resident Evil series, the new addition of characters and locations makes for a more detailed and strategic game play that has extra side missions, considering the sheer size and content of this game I don't think I will ever complete it 100% as I am not a serious gamer, it goes on forever.

                                I liked the new ability to venture actually underneath the water in this one and explore, again the graphics and controls are fantastic here, and also the ability to alternate between first and third person shooters with fast and smooth weapon changes is excellent.

                                This is an excellent addition to an already phenomenal and very under-rated game that can be enjoyed by many, although it is certainly not for everyone's taste I would recommend it to anyone just for the amazing graphics and vast content, I would go so far as to state that this game is the best for the 3DS so far, its like they were meant to be together they work so well together and complement each others fantastic features perfectly.

                                I think the game is quite expensive at the moment but as a new release it can only get cheaper! It is available from all game suppliers both online and in shops from £32.99.

                                I have rated Resident Evil Revelations a happy and satisfied 4 out of 5

                                Thank You for reading

                                Review may also be posted on Ciao under mojo-mojo


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