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      01.10.2009 14:01
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      very god card for the money but the new 58xx series sheds a new light on the matter

      I bought this two weeks ago now to upgrade my old 8600 gts and what a step up this was, armed assault in very high quality,batman arkham asylum in highest quality and fallout in the highest quality all at 1280x1024 which is the resolution my monitor supports. It eats all these games for breakfast and still has room for more.
      My only gripe about this is the fan noise which is real loud,not quite hairdyer loudness though but the loudest card i have heard.
      The card comes with 1gb ddr5,850 mhz core clock and a memory clock of 975 MHz. I have read that these are great for overclocking with up to 14% performance increase which is huge i have yet to try this out though.
      the card is very easy to install i recommend at least a 550 watt power supply for this though as it is a beast of a card,it is dual slot design and requires two pci-e power connectors which is a strain. The box set comes witha a few handy convertors, it has a dvi to vga adapter for older monitors,dvi to hdmi converter and the card has an onboard sound controller so it is the only graphics card to support both video and sound through the hdmi dongle, also supplied is two pci-3 to molex adapters for those with older power supplies which only has molex adapters.
      this card is really impressive and at the moment i have no hold backs in any games even crysis warhead is on high detail.no complaints at all except the noise.
      One last thing is that now ATI have relased the 58xx series these cards will be ati's new flagship range supporting the upcoming directx 11 and stunning performance,people who want to future proof or are hard core gaming enthusiasts should look to these cards.

      edit:i have noticed this is for the OC edition,it should be for the standard refence 4890


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    • General / Discussion / 12 Readings / 9 Ratings
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      18.09.2009 15:40
      Very helpful




      Advantages: get to know a little more about me

      Disadvantages: none

      1. Which do you prefer - shower or bath? And why?
      Bath only have a bath so not a lot of choice ha

      2. What do you swear you'll never do?
      support birmingham city in any way

      3. What's the most embarrassing thing you ever done?
      got drunk in ibiza and thought it would be a good idea to get in a boat that was moored up and head to africa i untassled 4 ropes then this big seachlight came on me so i legged it,i would have made it to africa easy

      4. What is your favourite quote?
      It's so damn hot... milk was a bad choice

      5. What was your favourite holiday? And why?
      America hit the east coast at christmas lots of driving and sightseeing,for 3 weeks brilliant

      6. What was your favourite childhood toy?
      my stuffed roland rat

      7. Do you have any pets?
      oe dog

      8. Savoury or sweet?

      9. Hot or cold?
      id much rather be cold

      10. What's your favourite drink?

      11. What's your favourite food?
      the 2lb steak i had in salem

      12. Who do you hate the most?

      13. Do you have a crush on someone? If so, who?

      14. What is your favourite colour?

      15. What did you do last night?
      played with my son then put him to bed

      16. What's your favourite thing to do?
      spend time with my family

      17. Favourite movie, T.V Program, Book?
      Movie commando, Tv programme lost ,book - slash's autobiography

      18. Who's your hero?
      gabriel batistuta

      19. Favourite song of all time?
      23 by jimmy eat world

      20. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

      21. Favourite Sound?
      any guitar music from metal to soft rock

      22. Favourite Smell?

      23. Favourite place to be?
      driving in the car with music on and its getting dark with a nice view

      24. Happiest moment in your life?
      watching my son being born

      25. Saddest moment in your life so far?
      My granddad dying

      26. What is your dream job?
      combat pilot

      27. What would be your idea of a perfect date?
      anything as long as the fun was mutual

      28. What's your favourite Newspaper/ Magazine?
      micro mart

      29. Which celebrities do you like the most?
      will ferrell

      30. Do you have any siblings?
      2 brothers

      31. Have you ever been in hospital? If so, why?
      broke 3 fingers on seperate occasions,and when i damaged ligaments

      32. Have you ever broken a bone or had stitches?
      yup above

      33. Do you believe in Angels/Ghosts/Demons?.
      in some form or other

      34. Are you superstitious?
      no but the feeling is getting quite strange

      35. What colour eyes do you have?

      36. What colour hair do you have?
      dark brown

      37. What religion are you?
      church of England

      38. If you could change 1 thing about you , what would it be?
      be a bit shorter

      39. If you could change 1 thing about your personality, what would it be?
      i would be less care free

      40. What is your biggest fear?

      41. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they?
      too many to mention

      42. Have you ever been in love?

      43. What's the most important thing to you in the world?
      My family

      44. What is your most treasured possession?
      my computer has lots of photos on

      45. What's your job?

      46. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
      too many to list

      47. What's the worst thing anyone has done to you?

      48. Dream car?

      49. Favourite celebration?
      christmas with my family

      50. Where do you hang out?
      i havent hung out since i was like 16 lol

      51. What School did you go to?

      52. What/ Who annoys you?
      stupid drivers

      53. Do you recycle?
      no,no incentive,could at least give us 10% off electric or something which would get more people to recycle

      54. What's your favourite sport?
      football rugby golf

      55. Who was the last person to upset you?
      My partner

      56. What are your hobbies?
      football rugby golf,watching the villa,playing guitar,relaxing

      57. What was the last joke you heard?
      Havnt heard one in a while

      58. What is the best joke you've heard?
      cant remember

      59. What's the worst joke you've heard?
      too many to list

      60. Name 3 places you have been on holiday:
      flordia,east coast america,canada,greece,spain

      61. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
      in a bigger house and debt free

      62. Favourite Season?
      winter and dressing up for the cold

      63. What's your favourite website?
      newsnow avforums

      64. What's your favourite shop?

      65. What's your worst habit?
      not being tidy

      66. What's your favourite animal?

      67. What is your ultimate fantasy?
      dont like hte sound of that question ha

      68. Can you cook?
      a little bit

      69. What is the last lie you told?
      cant remember

      70. Favourite flavour ice-cream?
      caramel chew chew

      71. Favourite take-away?

      72. What do you hate doing the most?

      73. What do you like doing the most?
      sitting with my son

      74. If you were a Super Hero what would your name be?
      the amazing tall man

      75. What is your favourite name?

      76. If you were an animal what would you like to be?
      cat,they have things easy

      77. What would your animal name be
      corky the cat

      78. If you could go back in time, what time would you go to?
      1939 just to see what it was really like

      79. Any person alive or dead - who would you meet?
      gabriel batistuta for a kick around,steve vai for a jam and motley crue for a bender

      80. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

      81. Favourite musician(s)?
      steve vai/steve stevens

      82. What was/is your nickname?

      83. Have you been to college?

      84. What is the wildest thing you've ever done?
      a hell of a lot in my youth
      something on a golf course

      85. Can you play an instrument?
      yup guitar

      86. What's your favourite Disney Character?

      87. Favourite theme park?
      Drayton manor

      88. What size feet are you?

      89. If you were King/Queen for a day what 3 changes would you make to the world?
      1. send more troops,better equipment,take benefits away from the scroungers and give more to the hard working.
      make friday a new day of the weekend

      90. What is your favourite Night Club?
      Which ever one is serving alcohol

      91. Name one thing that most people don't know about you?
      dont know

      92. When was the last time you cried? And why?
      dont know

      93. If you could have 3 wishes, What would they be?
      1. a lottery win to sustain a nice lifestyle yet not go over the top, bring my family up in a nicer enviornment, make my parents retire

      94. Would you ever have plastic surgery? If so, where?

      95. What are you most ashamed of?

      96. What pet would you love to have?
      no more

      97. Blondes/ Brunettes or Red heads?

      98. If you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?
      an average house and live life comfotably and not work

      99. If you could have a super power/ ability, what would it be?
      the ability to rewind decisions

      100. Did you enjoy doing this quiz?
      yes work sucks


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    • ArmA 2 (PC) / PC Game / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
      More +
      17.09.2009 16:40
      Very helpful



      So buggy but worth the patience

      i have been playing bohemias military titles since operation flashpoint,then the various mission upgrades,then armed assault and now this.
      One thing about these games that makes it so unique is the openess of a battlefield many a time i have ran like a girl when it is just me left and jump in a tractor and drive to my waypoint,its just immense. To me these games although buggy have been so good to play for this reason its like a true military simulator.
      when i first played this i was so impressed with the graphics jump from armed assault,which itself looked beautiful these graphics are a good step up yet a little demanding for the average pc.
      gameplay is very similar to armed assault the main quest though is that you are part of a small recon team of the united states marines and you are going in to stop an uprising of militia in a fantasy island with russian names.
      the attention to detail is superb and the ballastics physics are close to real life there are so many vehicles you can use and pick up guns as well as buy them in later missions.
      this is where the negatives come in though,ususally bohemia are in a rush to release the game that they release unfinished work and then release patches to bring it up to date and this game was so buggy sometimes it was unplayable without starting the mission again,i have had my own friends turn on me or the annoying mission where you have to try and get to the rendezvous before a certain time(in previous titles you could find anyway possible to get there)in this game if you get within a certain distance you die instantly with no explanation.This later one is not a bug but rubbish game design. I have yet to try it with the patches as im now upgrading my graphics card just to play this game at a nce setting.
      the last fault is that it is very short you can complete this very easily and just when i thought it was about to kick off big time it ended. i was very disappointed but i love these games enough to persevere with them,i think that the average gamer will not.
      All in all enjoyable military action but you need to be a fan to stick with it,these games tend to live forever as lots of unnofficial modifications come out for them which make it a new game entirely like a ww2 mod for armed assault.


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    • Sony Ericsson W810i / Mobile Phone / 7 Readings / 5 Ratings
      More +
      17.09.2009 14:52
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      brilliant phone for people who want more than a phone

      i have had my sony ericsson w810i about 2 months now after i cracked the screen on my old phone,i bought it because of the brilliant camera on it and mp3 player that i could use when pushing the pushchair.
      Its a lovely design with a nice big lcd screen which shows what your doing very well.
      the phone has lots of features it has a 2 mega pixel camera,walkman mp3 player,memory card slot if you want to fit more pictures or music to your phone,games ,gprs internet and the usual standard of messaging and storing contacts.
      Using the phone is very easy although i find the buttons a bit clumsy sometimes but i have got large hands,using the camera is great its like using a real camera when you turn the phone sideways to take a picture you have a focus and shutter button on top like a normal phone great.When viewing photos you can view them normally or length ways by turning the camera again so you do get alot of image on the screen.
      Call wise is very easy and very clear im on the orange network and apart from some areas i get a strong signal.you can also put speakerphone on if you hands are busy too.
      Texting is very easy it caters for all sorts of levels from single button presses up to predictive texting,you can text off this phone quite fast and i find it easy but as i said i find the buttons a bit clumsy to press sometimes so have to correct myself
      Included are headphones for listenign to your music which goes into the same slot as the charger,the quality of playback is superb and like listening to an IPOD and transfering music from your computer is very easy with or without the supplied software.
      Battery life is great lasts for about 3-4 days for me between charges but i text more often than when i phone.
      All in all a very good ohone and you should be able to pick these up for a decnt price now newer better phones are coming onto the market but this one suits me down to the ground.


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        17.09.2009 14:40



        nice place to visit if you love animals

        me and my family went here during the summer,we went the year before so we knew what we were expecting.
        Parking was very easy and lots of parking attendants to show you where to park in a nice orderly fashion,then was the walk to pay to get into the park. For a family of 4 with one child being 11 and the other 3 months it cost us £26 to get into the park which is well worth it if you consider the costs to go to sealife centre etc.
        The park is very big and lots of animals to show off and some of the main attractions are the monkeys(lots and lots of monkey),the elephant enclosure,giraffes,the borneo walk and many other animals.
        Also by the entrance are notices of what time the animals are being fed which is handy as children love watching animals get fed,so we opted for the lunchtime seal feed. This was very busy and alot of the adults were getting in the way of the children whic his quite annoying but its all done via a microphone and although busy was good to watch.
        Its very relaxing walking around looking at all the animals on show you can spend a good ammount of time just looking at them.
        We then headed to the restaurent which as you expect from a park is expensive but the food was nice and well cooked. The park has many gift shops to buy things from aswell which is always handy for the children
        my complaints are that feeding times get very hectic and the ammount of people that block children from viewing things is very frustrating. The zoo is well layed out and lots of fun to be had by all of the family


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          17.09.2009 14:32



          Great place to visit,even better to spend the aday in the sea

          me nad my family were after a day out in the summer holidays so we decided on barmouth,i hadn't been there since i was a child and only have memory of driving through it.
          It was a lovely warm summers day and we got to barmouth for about half 9 and was a lovely drive from where i live through the valleys
          We parked in te main car park by the RNLI station and was about £4 all day...great. We had a walk into the shops for a bucket and spade and all seemed very pleasant the only problem was the pavements are very small and made life difficult with a pushchair. We stopped and had breakfast which was pricey for what it was and then headed to the beach...wow it was the best beach i have been to in the uk. Lovely near whiteish sand and sea so blue it was wonderful.
          I went swimming in the sea with my daughter there was no litter no horrible sea weed or rocks just pure water and sand.Also what was great was the view hills and high peaks and valleys all rolling down to beach. What i found very cool was the RAF using this as a pass for training so you would always hear or see fast jets. My only complaint was that it got a little busy and overcrowded we only stayed til two as we had a long drive back. I was quite down coming back as i knew this would be the last seaside i would see this year and what a nice place it was to visit.
          There was alot of things for the visitor to do,there was a market which you could walk round and view,lots of small cafes and pubs further down the seafront,there was arcades and fairground rides and last but not least donkey rides on the beach.
          One of the best sea side towns i have been to,it was just a shame we were not there on holiday


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        • XFX GeForce 8600 GTS / Graphic Card / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
          More +
          16.09.2009 14:09
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          save your money for an ATI

          I have used this card for over a year now,i bought it before ATI released their now famous 3xxx range which i regret i had waited. A 8800 was out of my range as i wanted something good for the price and this jumped out at me,at first i wasnt disappointed,the specs seemed decent enough and the fact xfx had this one factory overclocked seemed the winner throughout the 8600 series.
          512mb of onboard memory is good, the thing that limits the card are the use of a 128 bit memory bus width compared to the 8800 gts being 320,289 million transistors compare to the 8800 gts's 681 and the shading processing power of 139 gigaflops to 345 respectively. From this you can see where the card is being limited and the problem with this is that it causes a big effect on performance. I have upgraded my computer now to a athlon 250 processor and 2gb of ram and with the games that are coming out now i can hardly play some at medium detail so now its time for me to upgrade again even though i thought i wouldnt have to for another year or so,this shows how the card has let me down.
          For users of the 7800gt + this really isnt worht upgrading to as those cards are still far better than this one. i could only recommend it as an upgrade to low end card users like geforce 6200-6600.
          The good thing about the card are that is a has a half the power consumption of the 8800gts so for those who use a htpc this may be an option,ad for the casual gamer who plays titles from a year or two ago this may be for them.also is Xfx's decision to use a double lifetime warranty with this card which means the person you sell the card to stil can have warranty
          For the gamers out there this really isnt an option even on a lower budget the ati 3850 is really chea now and twice the card this is


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          16.09.2009 13:50
          Very helpful



          good laptop for anything other than high video demnads like gaming or editing

          I work for a school so get to try out a lot of hardware and software,our latest laptop is the Toshiba Satellite Pro L300d-20r.
          first i shall talk about the specs
          processor-athlon dual core ql-64
          Memory-2gb 800mhz
          Hard drive-160gb 5400rpm
          15 inch lcd display
          dvd super drive
          wireless lan 802.11bg

          So from the off it is a decent specification ,my only gripe from out of the box experience is that there is no windows xp rollback disk that came with most toshibas until recently,(i can't say i am a fan of windows Vista)
          Loading up the laptop to a windows image is easy and self explanitory you just have to fill in things like the name you want to call the computer,the name of your users etc,this take about 30 minutes to go from turning it on to being set up.
          Bundled software is ok although there is no free trial of microsoft office like other toshiba models (A300).You get a 30 day trial version of McAfee Security centre which isn't a great deal of use unless you want to purchase it. You also get Adobe reader 8 which is free anyway but at least it saves the download,Google desktops which i always uninstall so i cant comment on,my photobook 3.6 and picasa both of which i cant comment on either.Toshiba also throw in their DVD playing
          One thing you do notice is how nice and big the screen is and you can get alot of items on the desktop in the native resolution and one of the plus points about vista is that it is very easy on the eye.The graphics are powered by ATI radeon 3100,which for a lower end laptop does the job but you could not use it as a mid powered gaming machine,simple low graphic games should work fine.
          Another thing to note is the handy boot disk maker which builds the computer image to two 4.7gb dvds or one dual layer dvd. I recommend that uses do this straight away in case anything happens to the image that is on the hard drive.
          Out of the 5 that a i built only one had a hardware issue of not displaying a image through the external device. this however will be sent off to toshiba and will be back working in about 2 weeks.
          the laptop is quite bulky yet robust its not too heavy,the input and out puts it offers are;3 usb slots,headphone and microphone jack,LAN,VGA out,and a modem slot and one pcmcia slot.The 160gb is plenty for a moderate laptop user,both memory slots are taekn up so not alot of choices for expansion. i cant comment on battery life as im not an end user.
          I would recommend this laptop for anyone who is a beginner up to a moderate user,it is great for basic computing it can run 0ffice 2007 pretty well,people looking for more processing power from a core 2 duo will look elsewhere and as mentioned above there isnt a lot of room for upgrade with the memory unless you buy 2 x 2gb sticks of ram. if this was running on xp i would be very happy with it,its just that i am not a fan of vista and for those awaiting windows 7 i would recommend this for that aswell. i would not recommend this to people hoping to play the latest games from the last 2-3 years as this would struggle.
          All in all a good low to middle end laptop with some good specs,easy on the eye.


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        • Eden Lake (DVD) / DVD / 15 Readings / 12 Ratings
          More +
          31.03.2009 14:27
          1 Comment



          good film which suprissd me

          I first ordered this film through virgin media filmflex ,not because i knew the film but the few lines that described it.... A couple get terrorised during a holiday trip. It certainly wasn't wrong and it certainly didnt disappoint. The only frustrating bit was the couples changing accents but apart from that it was a thourough watch for the whole length of the film. Its certainly quite like certain storylines in the press lately about gangs of teenagers running riot.
          The story starts out with the couple heading off to eden lake for one last time before it gets turned into luxury lakeside homes. Once they get there and reax a group of teenagers playing loud music,getting drunk and roudy. The muscular boyfriend of the couple decides to intervene and tell them to stop,unsuccesfully. After a while the troublemakers leave and all seems calm.....
          The film manages to make you believe the film and want to see both revenge and the couples break for freedom. The only problem is a frustrating scene where during an escape for freedom the person hides til morning.
          The film is very violent and certainly worthy of its 18 tag. i will not spoil the ending but it is certainly a film to watch if you like this sort of horror


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          • Cadbury's Wispa / Chocolate / 14 Readings / 9 Ratings
            More +
            03.12.2008 12:03
            1 Comment



            great memories bought back

            wow its back all my days in childhood i used to have these whenever i was allowed .Then as the brand evolved then came the other variants of it eg wispa gold,then the worst news of all was that they were withdrawing the wispa.noooooooo
            But now after popular demand it is back and tastes as good as ever the chocolate is still as soft and just melts in your mouth so easily.The only problem is the price where i have seen these go for 59p what the hell or am i just getting old,i think the shops have cottoned on to the fact these are selling really well.Now if the could only bring back the wispa gold then that would be chocolate perfection.A must for all chocolate lovers especially if your a cadburys lover,so much better than an aero.Just wish it was cheaper but other than that its brilliant and i am so glad they bought it back


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            • Samsung SGH-C300 / Mobile Phone / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
              More +
              03.12.2008 11:36
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              good for the price if you want a basic phone

              I bought this phone after my 3 year old motorola v3 gave up the ghost. First of all that was great was teh price £15 from argos,great buy,now i only wanted a phone to text and phone so i wanted as few features as possible.This only comes with internet via gprs,there is no camera,no bluetooth,no mp3 player.Its small and stylish and slides open,the keys are very easy to use and once inside the menu system its all very straight forward ( i didn't read the manual). I only have a few gripes with this phone,firstly the text system,when you recieve a text you do not get the option to view it as soon as it comes,you have to go through the on screen menu all in all about 5 button presses,instead of the usual open button on most phones.Another one is when sending a text to someone you have to press about 5 options just to send to that person.The final one is when you have the phone in your pocket it slides open if you are not careful although the phone is locked its not brilliant.All in all its a great phone for the price very basic has good tools like a calculator,calender,voice memo,to do list,alarm and currency convertor.Really pleased with this.Voice calls are very clear too.


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            • Research Machines (RM) / Misc System / 12 Readings / 10 Ratings
              More +
              27.11.2008 16:54



              Excellent provider for schools

              Excellent service provided by these guys for school enviornments.They provide networks for schools alos equipment to buy like computers projectors and software excetera.The support is second to none,we buy all our machines from here and if there is a fault there a repaired within two or three days.Our servers have never been down other than a pwoercut in 5 years and have seen this progress well from Community connect 2.4 on windows 98 to connect 3 on windows xp.Connect 4 is currently out but i hear alot of schools are having problem with that due to vista.Knowing RM though that they will have it sorted soon,you can log calls via phone or online and they are very good and knowledgeable staff.They also provide good training for their systems around thier sites in the UK.For network managers they also have technical seminars locally every month or so providing more insight into upcoming products and services. One of the best companys to work for apparently


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              • Halifax / Bank / 9 Readings / 8 Ratings
                More +
                27.11.2008 16:44



                good basic account for those in need

                i opened an easycash account with these as i am currently in a DMP and needed a second account with basic needs ,this is exactly what i needed a electron card,no overdraft and somewhere to pay my wages into.Everything seemed fine until i put in my direct debits and two came out at unexpected times and then the biggest shock getting stung £39 each one that was missed.I hope to claim these back one day but these costs are outrageous i thought barclays was bad. Apart from that though the account has been fine,basic though but my days of credit are long gone i prefer to save up and buy things which is the best way of doing things.Also you can transfer money to other people near enough instantly with faster payments via online banking which is really easy.Set up direct debits and standing orders and really helpful over the phone.


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              • Ibanez GAX30 / Guitar / Bass Guitar / 3 Readings / 2 Ratings
                More +
                27.11.2008 16:37
                1 Comment



                good starter guitar

                Oh i love this,i sold my two other babies when times got tough i used to have a epiphone les paul custom and an SG.I then stopped playing completely then realised i missed my guitar so i set myself up a little budget of £120 to get the best guitar i could which is quite sill at that price but i am amazed at the quality on this guitar it has such lovely tone and a fast playing neck,lost of tone options on the guitar itself.Strings are really easy to replace just turn the guitar around and feed them through the guitar onto the bridge then through the machine heads.I play this through my Boss Gt-6 when i get chance and it sounds superb for the price i cannot fault this guitar,great for beginners or even just as a second reliable guitar.Mine is in a lovely white coulour and is even lighter than my sg in terms of weight


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                • More +
                  27.11.2008 16:26
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  Great home wirerless router selection

                  This is a great router i have had this for 4 years now and its still doing exactly what it is supposed to.This is for customers who have a cable connection (virgin media not the adsl lines like sky,B.T,Tiscali,orange etc) and want to share the internet across the household. I had this set up within 20 minutes and had it fully secured thanks to the easy to read instructions.It has the ability to block out people through W.E.P and WPA technology meaning that unless they have your passcode they are not going to get onto the system although WPA is more secure you can also filter it to block different MAC addressess(each network device has its own MAC address) which are not your own.You can set up port forwarding to so you can improve your perfomance for eg i download with port 110 i tell the router to open port 110 then i can download fine.Its really secure and really basic to use at the same time.


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