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Member since: 16.01.2006

People that trust me

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    • yoursecretcode.co.uk / Internet Site / 23 Readings / 20 Ratings
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      05.02.2006 22:06
      Very helpful



      This is a really excellent website which also has a forum where you can speak to other ysc memebers

      Yoursecretcode is a website where you can get many freebies such as Nike footballs, livestrong bands, blank c.ds, Burberry aftershave, amazon vouchers. As you can see there are many really good freebies and there is also many more.

      Stages to join

      1st: Go to the home page of the website and you will see a box where u can put in your initials (your own secretcode) and your e-mail address. You can also put in a secret promo code and if you want you can put mine in SM22. Also remember to go to your e-mail and confirm you want to join.

      2nd: There are seven categories of missions. Click a banner and complete a mission as stated. There are many missions where you can join up for newsletters for recruits.

      5 recruits = Cat 1 reward (example livestrong band)
      12 recruits = Cat 2 reward ( DAIRY MILK 200g)
      20 recruits = Cat 3 reward ( Jelly bean machine)
      30 recruits = Cat 4 reward ( Burberry aftershave)
      35 recruits = Cat 5 reward ( amazon voucher £5)
      45 recruits = Cat 6 reward ( Full size nike football)
      60 recruits = Cat 7 reward ( Powerball)

      The missions are really easy to get recruits and if there is anything you want to buy on the internet let YSC know and they will see what they can do to get you a prize or recruits aswell.
      Many missions are free and involves clicking on banners, joining free websites and even playing games on websites.
      So far on this website i have had many things like £15, Jelly bean machine, Chocolate and many more things.

      The website has also got a forum with many friendly members and alot of things to do. They also do a quiz most days and you can win a cat 1 - cat 7 reward. Also many competitions to wins prizes. Also the best thing is you get rewarded for posting in the forum.

      100 Posts = Cat 1 reward
      500 posts = Cat 2 reward
      5000 posts = Cat 2 reward

      The members of the forum also post many other freebies from other websites on the forum and you can have a good chat with the members. In my view i would say that YSC and YSF are probaly the best website by far.

      To finish off with you can also get recruits for getting people to join the site and if you finish top 5 with the most recruits then you get more recruits. Also same with the most missions.

      Position 1 = 20 recruits
      Position 2 = 12 recruits
      Position 3-5 = 5 recruits

      Warning when you start you cant stop.


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      • Apple iPod (5G) 30 GB / MP3 Player / 27 Readings / 21 Ratings
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        16.01.2006 23:02
        Not Helpful



        Best mp3 player around at the moment and worth getting your hands on this. Well worth the money

        The ipod video is the best mp3 around at the moment. The price is very good with the amount of space available. Videos are easy to put on and can be converted in seconds using this link at the bottom.


        This is free to use and can be put on the ipod video very easily.

        The ipod video is a good size and you wonder how it can hold 30gb. The sound quality is excellent and watching a video is just as good quality as watching a movie at home!


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          16.01.2006 22:53
          Not Helpful



          This album has many songs that you will like and very few that you wont

          Definitely Maybe - Oasis is possibly one if the best albums of the last 20 years. Songs include live forvever, supersonic and up in the sky. Best album i have ever bought and if you like it that much then you can also buy on dvd.

          Definitely Maybe fastest selling british debut ever and you can see why with the great sound. So add this c.d to your collection because you wont get any better.

          FIVE stars out of Five and i mean it :)


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