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Member since: 11.12.2011

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      11.12.2011 11:10
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      awesome tablet

      People in the entire universe are now looking to find an Android tablet in 2011, individual products are all going to need some kind of unique selling point. This make the manufacturer tries to produce the gadget so called.

      With products of Android 3.0, this is especially true , because the vast majority of them are all packing near identical innards - the Nvidia's Tegra 2 dual core CPU platform.
      You are able to check out this Android Tablet round-up to see how this slate measures up against three of its rivals:

      The LG Optimus Pad, then, has its 3D camera. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V has its 8MP snapper. And the Android 2.3-toting HTC Flyer comes with its own Sense UI overlay.

      So it makes perfect sense that Asus - the company that gave birth to the netbook - would seek to position its first Android tablet in a niche it knows well.

      Its trackpad dock and detachable keyboard, it's a powerful Android tablet while on the move, and a functional Android-powered netbook when you're sitting at a desk.

      The back of the tablet and the keyboard is covered in a honeycomb-style texture, which makes it quite grippy to hold in your hand.

      The weight of this table is some what heavier, but it is not exactly heavy, as this weighs 680g only. If you add the detachable keyboard, it feels as weight as other netbook.


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