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    • Cadbury Crunchie / Chocolate / 26 Readings / 24 Ratings
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      28.01.2013 18:21
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      A great chocolate bar

      Crunchie is a popular brand of chocolate from the Cadbury brand. It comes in a golden coloured rectangular packet which is foil like and so keeps the chocolate nice and crisp.

      The chocolate is thinly layered over a honeycomb base which is nice and crunchy (hence the name). There is the perfect balance between these two parts so that there is enough chocolate without it being too overpowering and making the chocolate just like an other chocolate bar. The combination is pretty unique and the flavour very delicious. The chocolate is gooey in a nice way so that is clumps together and sticks to your teeth. For some this may be annoying but I think it gives a real child like experience where you get a little messy.

      Another good thing about this chocolate bar is that it hasn't shrunk over the years and still remains a nice decent size. In fact sometimes I find myself half way through and then rewrapping it because its a little too much if I'm having a small snack. Like I mentioned before, the wrapper is excellent at keeping it crisp and so it still retains its crunchy texture.

      If you leave the bar in your coat pocket or out in the sun for example, you have an issue on your hands, as like many chocolate bars it requires that you eat it at a certain temperature. If it begins to melt the honeycomb becomes too soft and loses its crunchiness. Similarly if the chocolate is too cold it becomes very hard and so when you bite into it its incredibly difficult and isn't a very nice eating experience.

      The price of a standard sized bar is about 60-80p depending on how expensive your local store is. Its worth buying in bulk as you can get a pack of 4 bars for £1.25 which is very reasonable especially if you really love Crunchie bars like I do. I would recommend this chocolate bar as its a pretty unique chocolate and great for those who love honeycomb. The price is reasonable and the chocolate very tasty.


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