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      06.11.2009 14:48
      Very helpful



      Good if you use a pushchair alot!

      I bought one of these last year for my son from the Early Learning Center to occupy him when we were out in the pushchair, although we tend to drive everywhere and I didn't really think properly when buying this!

      I only used the actual pushchair once a week and even then he was not in it for long so this toy was barely used for that purpose and was generally used at home, just like any other toy.

      ***What it does***

      So the purpose of this toy is to be attached to the pushchair while out and about to keep baby amused and generally to give them some entertainment especially if you are a person that uses a pushchair a lot, I would say this is a brilliant strong toy to keep your little one amused if you are on a shopping trip or fairly long journey by pram.

      It is really easy to use; there is some screw on attachments at the side which grip the pushchairs frame, so you can adjust the tightness and position of the toy, making it the right height for your little one.

      This toy makes lots of little noises, when you turn the ignition you get an engine noise, indicator lights, side mirrors, and a gear stick. I find the steering wheel is nice and chunky and great for little ones to turn at ease.

      Now if you are in a quiet place I would turn it off as it can be quite loud and annoying, and I would not use it if I was in a quiet environment like a cafe as I wouldn't want to be annoying people nearby with all the noises that come out of this!

      Elc seem to make really strong toys, the plastic is very strong and durable and the colours are bright and attractive. It's visually nice to look at and you can get it in a unisex colour as shown in the pic above or you can of course get it in the girly pink.

      I bought this when my son was just over a year, I think this is more suitable for a baby who is 6 months, so we didn't really get that much playout of it, especially as we don't go out much in the pushchair and when it was on the floor at home it never got played with as there was more interesting toys to play with.

      We decided to sell this on eBay and got £9.00 for it and we only paid £15 as ELC had a special offer on. Although they are now selling at £20 in store. I would recommend having a look on eBay as I've seen them going for as little as £5.00.

      This toy takes 2 AA batteries from what I can remember and they do last quite a long time.

      ***Overall Opinion***

      My overall view on this toy is it is brilliantly made, it is strong and keeps baby entertained, but I would only recommend this toy if you use your pushchair a lot as otherwise it's not really worth it.

      They recommend this toy for children 3 months to 2 years.


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      • Reggae Reggae Sauce / Sauces / Soups / 56 Readings / 53 Ratings
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        03.11.2009 13:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        If you have not tried this yet! Go and get some! £1 at Asda at the moment!

        Reggae Reggae sauce is something quite unique, I will go into much greater detail later on in this review. But for now I will tell you where Reggae Reggae came from and the person behind it.

        **Where's it from?**

        Levi Roots is the man behind this amazing sauce, There is a TV show called "Dragons Den" If you have not heard of it, basically people go on there to get funding for a business or product and to help them get there foot in the door relating to getting the business up and running.

        He got funded and within 6 weeks his sauce was on the shelves and you can find it in most supermarkets.

        He started making the sauce in his own kitchen and selling at Notting Hill Carnival, and it comes from his Grandmas recipe and it really does taste unique.

        ***How does it taste?***

        The sauce comes in a glass bottle with Jamaican colours on the label it is very bright and colourful and also eye catching compared to other sauces on the shelves

        Reggae Reggae sauce is totally different to anything you have ever tasted before, I have it with bacon butties, with burgers and with chicken. It simply adds so much flavour to a bland meal but also adds something a little special too.

        It has the consistency as any other sauce like Heinz, but it has so many flavours it is really hard to describe how it tastes as it's so unique. But it does have a bit of a kick with spice but it's not too spicy in the way it blows your head off and you can't taste your food.

        You can use this sauce for what I mentioned before to spice up your bland butties or dinners, for dipping in chicken nuggets, fish fingers or anything else you can think of, But what it's fantastic for is a Jerk chicken and you can find all the recipes on http://www.reggae-reggae.co.uk/go/recipes but I have not tried any as yet but plan to make some of the Jerk Chicken some time as it looks mouth watering.


        Water , Sugar , Barley Malt Vinegar , Tomato Puree , Onion , Red Scotch Bonnet Chilli (1.5%) , Modified Maize Starch , Salt , Colour: Plain Caramel , Garlic , Ginger , All Spice , Spring Onions , Black Pepper , Mixed Herbs , Coriander , Paprika , Nutmeg , Cinnamon , Basil , Thyme .
        Other information

        ***Dietary Information***
        Suitable for Vegans. Suitable for Vegetarians.

        ***Allergy Advice***
        Contains Barley. Contains Gluten.
        Contains gluten: barley.

        It states once opened you should consume within 4 weeks but I have had mine in the fridge for months now, I didn't even realise, and I am still alive. You should also keep this refrigerated.

        You can pick a bottle up 310g for just £1!! at Asda at the moment.

        ***Overall Opinion***

        This is 5 out of 5 it is my favourite sauce and I buy it constantly, The Bottle lasts ages as you don't need a lot. The family love it too and it just goes with lots of different dishes.


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        • Always Ultra Normal / Sexual Health / 42 Readings / 40 Ratings
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          02.11.2009 16:34
          Very helpful



          Cant find another product as good as these!

          When I was a young girl at primary school probably the year before I started secondary school, we got the sex education chat, then the girls were taken into another room with a teacher and we were given some sanitary products and booklets.

          I didn't have a clue what was going on, trust me not to listen when it was actually something important. Back then I was innocent (not that I am anymore) but kids these days seem to be growing up quicker but anyway it took a while to click what the hell these things were the teachers had just given us.

          I remember someone calling them socks! Socks? urmm am I missing something, the boys were all asking, what have you got? urmm socks! Right ok!

          Anyway when the day did come for me to transform from a girl to a lady at the age of 13 (many years after receiving these weird looking socks) It was a shock and my mum gave me one of her giant pads that were so big and bulky I could barely walk, If I was wearing tight trousers people would have wondered what I had down there.

          That was a sad day for me, not only had I started my period with no warning I now had to stick what felt like a pillow down my knickers to absorb the flow..So this is what being a woman is all about? How depressing!

          I think soon after that something must have changed; maybe my mum gathered I couldn't walk comfortably with this giant sanitary towel inbewteen my legs and got me some Always.

          I remember the relief when first trying these; they are so, so thin, especially compared to the giant thing I had to wear before. They all come individually wrapped in a green plastic wrapper.

          I tend to go for the one with wings, as they stay put and don't ride up or down and also offer a little more protection.

          To use them you just pull the sticker strip off the back and place as required, I won't go into such details but I am sure you can figure it out.

          They are extremely absorbent and take a lot of the fluid away. They are also very comfortable for a woman that has to move around a lot like myself.

          Always have a wide range of sanitary wear depending on your flow as everyone is different, so the thinner the pad the less the flow and vice versa.

          Another great idea with these is once you are ready to dispose the product you can wrap it in the wrapper it came in so it is a little more hygienic.

          I have tried the Purple Packaged Always Ultra with Wings; this is currently my favourite one as I feel it gives me the most protection within the first couple of days as it is longer and slightly thicker.

          I also have tried the Always Ultra Normal with wings which is just slightly smaller than the purple; I use this one the most between the two.

          They also so night towels and liners but I have not needed to try these as yet.

          Always are not cheap, especially if you need to buy 2 packets a month, so it's worth checking out the special offers in Boots and the supermarkets.

          They normally cost £1.50ish for a pack of 16!


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          02.11.2009 13:35
          Very helpful



          4/5 Overall

          I use a few different brands of baby wipes, it all depends what is on offer and what is the best deal, with having a 3 year old who is in nappies at night and a 18 month old I get through a lot of baby wipes! Sometimes I feel like they are on a conveyer belt in the morning and let you tell you my house stinks!

          I normally tend to buy the multipacks, and I also find this is where to get the best offers.

          So recently I saw a big multi pack of 9 packets of Johnson's baby wipes for I think it was about £6 I can't remember, Must be the mummy brain! But it was the best deal in the whole store.

          Johnsons Baby wipes come in a plastic type packaging and on closer inspection it has a recycle logo which is always a benefit.

          You get 64 wipes in a pack, they are rectangular shape, very strong and quite thick. They also have little grooves in the wipe which is great as this helps getting the poo of your babies bum! (Just telling you like it is)

          They smell quite strong I feel compared to other wipes I have used. It is not a bad smell, quite fresh water spell combined with the smell of the Johnsons baby lotion.

          I also find these wipes are wetter then Huggies. And especially near the end of the pack they can make your babies bum really wet after wiping, maybe this is why some people complain that they give a nappy rash to their babies.

          My kids have never had any sort of reaction to these I find they are very wet though, so prefer Huggies over Johnson's but only slightly.

          These are very gentle on the skin and Johnsons state they are made with 97% of pure water and the only essential cleansing ingredients and provide our purest care for your baby's delicate skin.

          Fragrance-free, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, they are suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

          I would have to disagree with the fragrance free statement as I think they do smell stronger than other brands.


          Aqua , Glycerin , Coco-Glucoside , Glyceryl Oleate , Glyceryl Polyacrylate , Carbomer , Lauryl Glucoside , Polyglyceryl-2- Dipolyhydroxystearate , Citric Acid , Sodium Hydroxide , p-Anisic Acid , Phenoxyethanol , Sodium Benzoate .

          Now it states you can use them on your face too so you could use them for taking make up off, I have done this before, and it does work really well but I don't like the feeling of how my skin feels after. It's just too wet!

          Be expected to pay about £2.50 a packet however you can get multipack buys especially from Boots, Asda and Tesco as well as other supermarket chains and this tends to work out a lot cheaper.

          Overall I like these, I just wish they were not as wet as they can make your child's bum quite damp!


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        • Tommee Tippee 1st Beaker / Nursing / 37 Readings / 36 Ratings
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          30.10.2009 13:53
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          3 out of 5!

          When your baby is around 4 months or so it is recommended to give them a beaker to get them used too drinking from the spout and using the other muscles in their face, rather than getting too attached to the bottle.

          I have used these beakers for both of my children, my oldest is nearly 4 and my youngest currently uses these to drink out of and he is 18 months.

          We don't just have these cups, we also have a Tesco branded cup which is a different design, which I think is made a lot better than this Tommee Tippee Beaker, but there is still a lot I like about this beaker.

          We have 2 of these beakers in blue and green, but you can also get them in Red and Yellow.

          The size is just right for a small child, and the handles at the side are brilliant designed so your child can pick the drink up themselves. I have seen so many drinking cups meant for babies but with no handles! And I didn't realise this till I had children myself.

          I also like the spout part of the cup, although it is not non drip (so if you lay it on its side or tip it upside down the liquid will come out) it provides just enough juice for a small child to get out of the cup.

          The spout also lays back down flat so when transporting nothing will come out of it. But there are some many downsides to the design of this cup.

          Don't ever just put this in your bag, the chances are it will leak and make everything wet, trust me I have done this a few times, you would think I would have learned the first time but no I thought maybe it was my fault as you have to push the top down really hard otherwise it comes lose.

          I think they should make it a screw top lid as it would be a lot more likely to stop those drips.

          This is the ony real design flaw of this cup, You really need to make sure you keep an eye on your child drinking this, If they drop it from the highchair it can actually make the top of the lid come off! Then if it's tipped to the side, again it spills. Not a good idea if you have light coloured carpets!

          They are really easy to clean and very durable.

          You can pick these up in most places I got mine in Asda or Tesco for about £2

          Would give this 3 out of 5!


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          • Tomy Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs / Baby Toy / 40 Readings / 39 Ratings
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            29.10.2009 19:49
            Very helpful



            Make a nice stocking filler or pressie for little one

            When my Husband got back from his Stag do the month before our wedding he bought one of our sons who was 16 months at the time this toy.

            It is basically 6 eggs and they split apart and when you push down on them they squeak! They are also different colours and on the base they slot into the place of the egg case from the shape. So at the bottom you have a heart, a star a circle, a cross,square and a triangle.

            My 3 and half year old son also took a interest in these too, I am not sure if it was because it was not his toy, or that it reminded him of a kinder egg but he also likes to play with this.

            What is great about it is that it is just the right size for little hands. And it also teaches them how to put the egg together again, and where to slot the eggs back into place in the case.

            I find that they are very hard wearing plastic and very appealing for any baby or toddler. In fact even for adults the little squeak is like little birdies, and not annoying, well it wasn't to me anyway.

            I had never even seen these before my husband bought them back but now I have seen them in a few places, mainly online. You can buy some for about £5-6 and I think they make a great gift, at first you look at them and think oh what a rubbish toy but for the price I think it's a pretty good deal, especially as so many toys are available for a lot more then £5-6 too. I am thinking about getting them for a friends baby for Christmas as they are a toy that not many people would buy as they are not as popular as others so less chance of a duplicate.

            The only annoying thing about this toy is the fact that because the egg separates into two that you are always looking for the pieces, my kids have been playing with these this week and I can't find half of the eggs! Probably under the sofa and in various places they shouldn't be!

            The only downside I really see about this toy is when the case is shut little hands cant open it up again which annoys my 3 and a half year old.

            I would rate this toy 4/5 for how well it has been made and the price.

            Age:- 6 months onwards (more suitable for a 12mth old)


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              29.10.2009 15:53
              Very helpful



              Every once and a while...

              Fast Food places seem to be springing up all around us, although in the area of Rossendale we don't have much choice of fast food except the usual Chinese and Indians and kebab houses but I never really fancy those mainly because they seem like dirty places and I don't really trust them.

              So we have one Mc Donald's as a big chain fast food joint. Our nearest KFC is about a 20 minute drive away. I actually prefer KFC but maybe this is because I can't just have it when I want.

              When I was a kid I never went to Mc Donald's except for some parties that I was invited too. Occasionally my Mum would take me as a treat in the holidays.

              It is one of those places you go for a treat, as the calorie content is really very high compared to the RDA of what we should be consuming. Before many years ago I didn't care what I was eating, but I try and take good care of my body these days and I don't want to put on weight.

              Mc Donald's sell lots of various beef burgers, chicken burgers and variety meals. I will give you the reviews on the ones I have eaten.

              **Kids Chicken Mc Nugget Meal***

              I use to eat these when I was a kid as the occasional treat but I ate them till I was in my early 20's when I realised I probably needed to eat more than a children's meal.

              For your money of around £2.00 (can't remember the exact cost) you get 4 chicken nuggets, some fries and a drink of your choice. I always use you get a coke. The cokes always seem a little flat and not as nice as the bottled or canned fizzy drink.

              The chicken nuggets now are made with chicken breast and feel like there is real meat rather than being really processed.

              I really love the chicken nuggets at Mc Donald's, they seem somewhat different tasting and very Moorish. My kids always have these happy meals when we go to Mc Donald's for a treat. My Oldest son is also very amused that he gets a nice little toy and also the packaging is very exciting for a small child.

              ***Quarter Pounder with Cheese***

              I always opt for this burger as I don't like sloppy mayonnaise in my burger. With this you get 100% Beef Patty with 2 slices of cheese, onions, pickles and mustard and some Heinz tomato ketchup.

              I think these are quite tasty but I have to be in the mood to eat them. I probably eat one a month if that and I tend to go for the meal option as you get Fries and a drink. I always like to get a Tropicana Orange Juice as I don't really like fizzy drinks anymore although I do still have a coke on occasion just not with my meal as I find them too gassy. I also love to treat myself to a milkshake which is something I will go into more depth in a moment.

              These are 490 Calories and that's just for the Burger!

              ***Chocolate Milkshake***

              When I am feeling in a particularly greedy mood I go for the Chocolate Milkshake, They are so thick I remember when I was a kid loving these as they are like ice cream and very filling just by themselves. They are a massive 545 Calories for a large milkshake. You can also get them in Strawberry, Banana, and Vanilla. Although I am just keen on the Chocolate.


              Mc Donald's have those typical American style Fried chip, skinny and appealing but so salty! I wish they would let me add my own salt as I don't like how much salt they pour onto them. Large Fries are 460 Calories!


              Maybe a couple of times a year I will organise myself to go and get a Mc Donald's Breakfast. My Husband always wants one of these when he has been drinking the night before.

              I like the Sausage and Egg Mc Muffin meal they also do a double version but I tried that once and found it too much for me, but if you are really hungry then go for it.

              The sausage comes all flat and so does the egg, The Muffin is nice and very filling overall, You also get a hash brown and an option of a drink, I always get a coffee. The Sausage and Egg Mc Muffin is around 460 Calories and the Hash Brown is 130 Calories. I find this is very high in calories and fat for a breakfast but no harm in having it once in a while, I think it's about £3.69 or round about for a breakfast I never really pay much attention when going through the drive thru.
              I must say the downside is this tastes so, so salty!

              Mc Donald's has a really wide choice of items you can order from the menu, you can also drive thru at our local one or you can eat in, But I like to eat mine at home as its only a few minutes away.

              When you order your food you always get the Cashier asking if you want to go large instead of regular. I always say no as I can't manage big fries and a big drink on top of my burger.

              The prices are good for what you get and it is a nice treat but if you ate Mc Donald's lots you would notice the weight gain no doubt as the food is extremely high in calories.

              Some people detest Mc Donald's and everyone has their view, I think the food tastes ok, better then my local kebab house.


              If I had more fast food options I would not opt for Mc Donald's over KFC but I do like to go there every now and again, The Food is really very filling, stodgy and I think it tastes nice when I fancy it.

              The downside is the amount of salt and also the amount of calories and fat.

              Also always check your order before leaving; so many times I have got home to discover they have forgotten part of my order. It has happened so many times now.

              Mc Donald's do have sauces but you have to ask for them, they don't do Mayonnaise though but do Tomato and BBQ and I am sure they do a few more but I never know what they have as they hide them behind the counter!

              The Packaging is all paper and cardboard which is great as you can recycle it all afterwards.

              I find the staff to be mainly quite young, Teenagers in most cases. Although I have been served by some enthuastic cashiers most of them seem like they would rather be doing something else.

              Better then they use to be!

              Mc Donalds provide a full menu list that includes calorie and nutritional information at www.mcdonalds.co.uk


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                29.10.2009 14:54
                Very helpful



                Ok if there is nothing else...2/5

                Greggs is a bakers that is widely available throughout most towns. We are in a tiny town I mean it is so small and we still have a Greggs the Bakers. We also have smaller bakers too which in my view provide better tasting items then Greggs.

                When I go to Greggs I only tend to go in there for the cakes, as I have tried the sausage rolls and the sandwiches and I must say I am not impressed. The Sausages have a cheap taste to them, relating to the meat that they put in them, I have been trying to find out how much the meat content is but after looking at http://www.greggsthebakers.co.uk they offer no ingredients of what is actually in there baked products.

                In fact the website is pretty useless it holds no information that is any use to anyone, why can't they just tell me how many calories, fat etc is in what I am eating?

                When I go to my local town I get my sausage roll from a family run bakers, as you can tell they are real meaty and taste divine too. Although I don't know the calorie and meat content from that place, I have a clearer idea of what I am eating has more meat inside then a Greggs sausage roll.

                What I like about Greggs though is the cakes, I love the Iced Fingers, and the cupcakes are pretty nice too. They are also very cheap. I think an iced finger is about 20-30p ish, I can't remember. They also have deals on cakes like buying 5 for £1 etc.

                Also what is a good option are the meal deals, for £2.99 you get any Bloomer Sandwich, any cookie, jam or ring donut and a drink. Which is good value compared to some other places.

                The thing with Greggs is, they just heat the food up in the oven so they are not real bakers really, not compared to the local family bakers who are in first thing baking and making those yummy treats.

                The staff are all in uniform, always friendly and I always feel I get a quick and efficient service, also the prices are good. Nice and Cheap.

                I also think they have lots of choice and the places always seem really clean, the only downside is not knowing the nutritional information of what you are eating and the food does not taste that nice anyway.

                I just go there for the cakes!


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                • Pom Bear Crisps / Snacks / 36 Readings / 36 Ratings
                  More +
                  28.10.2009 23:04
                  Very helpful



                  More for the Toddler or Big Kid :-)

                  With such a huge range of crisps to choose from these days, we are lucky to have the option to eat any flavour, texture and brand.

                  I have for the last year or so been cutting back on the number of crisps I eat, I only tend to eat a packet or two a week. Instead I opt for Snack Jacks which I have also reviewed.

                  ***About Pom Bear Crisps***

                  My children love these crisps, mainly because they are shaped as little teddy bears so are very appealing to a young child. I think this is the main attraction.

                  You can get them in 3 flavours, Ready Salted, Cheese and Onion and Salt and Vinegar. I have only ever had the Ready Salted and Cheese and Onion flavour ones and and it also seems the Ready Salted packs are more widely available then the other flavours.

                  You get quite a lot of crisps per pack of 19G. Not like Walkers who seem to only full up half the pack, or is that just down to bad luck when I buy walkers?

                  The crisps are quite hard and crunchy, and about the size of a quaver but also very light.

                  They don't seem like they are full of flavour, but just a tad of the flavour they are meant to be, I am not a big fan of ready salted but they do taste fairly nice and how ready salted crisps should taste.

                  I tend to buy these crisps as a multipack from Asda as they have an offer on 3 multipack of crisps for £3 and we also get Quavers and then another brand which my husband chooses which is really good value but also not good as it makes you eat them if they are in your cupboard!

                  What I like about these crisps is they are low in calories just 97 calories for a packet (19g) and 1.3g of saturated fat. They also have no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings.

                  I also like the fact on the front of the packets they give the GDA for a childs allowance of fat, salt etc not an adults. As this is very important due to the fact these little kiddies are not meant to have as much as we are.


                  Potato Powder (31%) , Vegetable Oil , Potato Starch , Modified Starch , Salt , Sugar , Emulsifier: Soya Lecithins (with Milk Protein and Whey Powder) , Yeast Extract , Spice .


                  I'm not a big crisp fan, I think these are the better option if you are going to eat some although limited with just 3 flavours; they are not widely available and not as tasty as other brands.

                  Score 3/5


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                • Kellogg's Rice Krispies / Other Food / 34 Readings / 34 Ratings
                  More +
                  28.10.2009 12:20
                  Very helpful



                  Brillant 10/10 one of the best cereals around!

                  This is one of my kid's favourite cereals, and one of mine from when I was a child; they make a great breakfast cereal but also are fantastic as a snack and a lot better than reaching for a chocolate bar in the evening when I have the urge to snack!

                  ***About Rice Krispies***

                  If you have not had Rice Krispies before then I will begin to explain a little bit about how they look and taste. They are basically little grains of rice and very light and have a nice plain taste to them.

                  They don't really have a smell as such but once you have added milk they start to make a bit of a popping and cracking noise, Rice Krispies favourite saying is "Snap, Crackle and Pop" and this is also the name of the 3 cartoon characters that are on the box!

                  If you leave them to soak in the milk they go very soggy but i really like them this way and they are easier to eat when they are all drenched in milk because when some are still dry you find they escape from the spoon on to the floor!

                  The individual rice krispie is very small so you do need a good bowlful to fill you up, I find that I need two bowls and my sons normally ask for a second bowl too as they are not very filling really considering most cereals fill me up with just the one serving!

                  If you don't like having breakfast and feel sick with the thought of eating something so early, I would recommend Rice Krispies as they are very light and plain on the stomach.

                  Another great thing about this cereal is it is both appealing to children but not being too over the top with sugar, with one bowlful being 3% of your Daily allowance, they don't taste sweet either but have a nice overall taste.

                  ***Dietary information***

                  Contains or may contain

                  * Barley ingredients

                  ***Suitable for***

                  * Vegetarian
                  * Vegan
                  * Kosher certified
                  * Halal certified


                  Rice, Sugar, Salt, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Barley Malt Flavouring, Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12.

                  One serving based on 30G (does anyone actually ever weigh there cereal?) as I just tend to fill my bowl up but it's very low calorie wise of 115 Calories and then 173 Calories if you have it with semi skimmed milk!


                  I always am the sort of woman to have chocolate cravings so my husband had the idea of making some Krispy Cakes and I have been eating them for the last 2 days. I am guessing they are pretty low in calories.

                  You basically need a big bar of your favourite chocolate, and depending on how many you are making put around 10 pieces in if you are making 10 small rice krispy cakes and blast in the microwave for about 2 mins, now bare in mind if you leave it too long you will burn the chocolate. You may prefer to melt the chocolate in a saucepan.

                  Then once the chocolate is all melted you just add the rice krispies and mix and place in little cake cases, put in your fridge for 30 minutes and you have some nice tasty little treats!

                  My kids love making these as well as eating them, we tend to use Cadbury chocolate and we don't use that much really so it's not too bad for a nice little chocolate treat.

                  You can also add extra decoration such as smarties and other types of sweets! I have not tried doing this yet as whenever we have made them we have not had any sweets in.

                  Overall I would recommend this cereal, it's tasty and kids love it as well as adults so great for all the family, you can also make some yummy cakes!

                  Be expected to pay £2.20 approx for 450g


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                • The Sun / Magazine / Newspaper / 56 Readings / 56 Ratings
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                  26.10.2009 16:30
                  Very helpful



                  Good Value for just 20p!

                  I am not much of a newspaper fan in fact I never buy the paper but when my hubby does I like to have his sloppy seconds at reading it.

                  His first choice is always the Sun and it is a paper that I have always remembered too from when I was a kid and it is cheap at just 20p! And also covers all areas from Sport, Celebrity and of course the news!

                  Some people slate The Sun, saying it is low class and rubbish. But I have a friend who buys the Guardian and just because you buy a huge paper that is difficult to read and that won't fit through most letter boxes does not make you more intelligent then someone reading the Sun, it just means you want to appear and look smarter when you are on the train on the way to work.

                  ***Front Page***

                  Obviously the front page covers the most interesting and important news but you find with the sun that you will more than likely find Jordan taking the front page up with her antics. Although when there is really serious news they do report on this.
                  You will also notice they have a bit of sport on the front page, this paper features sport a lot from Football to Cricket.

                  ***Page 3***

                  The sun covers everything, with the page 3 being a topless woman, Now I must say this is a little dated and although it is some eye candy to the men and there is nothing wrong with it, I don't particularly want to see a woman with her tits out as soon as I open the paper, I am not offended and think it must be great for the guys! Especially teenage boys but for a 28 year old woman I just find it a little unnecessary.


                  If you are into your celeb gossip then The Sun has a lot of dirt on the likes of Jordan aka Katie Price and lots of other celebrities, If those stories are real I don't know but these people need to make news so there is always some drama going on.


                  There are lot and lots of adverts scattered all over the pages of the sun, pretty much on every page!

                  ***Pull outs***

                  I don't know how often this pull out is in the paper, I am guessing every Monday, Although today there is a Super Goals Pullout which gives you all the football highlights and pictures of goals, Not my sort of thing but must be good for those who enjoy their footy!

                  ***Problem Pages/Horoscopes***

                  Near the back of the paper you will find some virals, pictures that people have sent in one is "28 days later" royal Mail which I thought was quite appropriate considering we have a Royal Mail strike on!

                  Mystic Meg does her horoscopes in the paper, although they are very generalised and I don't believe in that sort of thing I always like to have a read when I have the paper.

                  Dear Deirdre is another feature of the paper, it's a problem page where people write in, I don't know if these are authentic or if the sun is just making them up but one of the problems someone has took the trouble to write in is:-

                  I'm engaged but can't give up my lesbian flings and also I am worried that my boyfriend will take off my padded bra and realise my boobs are not as big as they look!

                  Quite funny reading really, like anyone would take the bother of writing in

                  ***Crosswords and Puzzles***

                  You will also find a couple of crosswords and puzzles too near the back of the paper; you can also win from these if you don't mind paying the premium price to call to enter. But if you are into your crosswords or just need something to do, it could pass the time quite nicely!


                  You can write into the Sun and express your reviews on certain subjects; the top letter gets £50. Today's winning top letter is about Nick Griffin.


                  Right at the back of the paper is where you will find all the sport news, and there is tons of adverts before you get to this part of the paper


                  I feel for 20p you get a good deal, this paper has something for everyone and covers news topics thoroughly in plain English that anyone can understand without trying to be something it is not. It is put together well and what can you buy for 20p these days?
                  Go buy one next time you are waiting for your train, bus etc!


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                    26.10.2009 15:32
                    Very helpful



                    Waste some more time...

                    1. What is your middle name?

                    2. Fire or Central Heating?
                    Central Heating, but im too scared to use it due to it being so expensive!

                    3. What are you listening to right now?
                    My cat licking its self lol

                    4. Clubbing or Romantic Meal?
                    I hate clubs im more into meals out! They dont have to be romantic though!

                    5. What was the last thing you ate?
                    Warburtons 2x Seeded Batch Toast with Scrambled Egg

                    6. Last person you hugged?
                    My Husband

                    7. How is the weather right now?
                    Cold, Wet, Dark but I love it like this!

                    8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
                    My Mum this morning!

                    9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
                    Nice Teeth!

                    10. Favourite type of Food?
                    Meaty, spicy with tons of flavour!

                    12. Hair colour?
                    Dark Brown it looks black

                    13. Do you wear contacts?
                    Yes -5.00 in both eyes! Would love to be able to see without them!

                    14. Favourite holiday?
                    Center Parcs at the moment but once the kiddies are older I want to go go to lots of different places!

                    15. Favourite Season?
                    Autumn because I can wear boots!,coats and cosy knits! I can also get away without having to shave my legs haha!

                    16. Have you ever cried over a love lost?
                    Yes but we all move on!

                    17. Last Movie you watched?
                    No idea I dont really watch movies much

                    18. What books are you reading?
                    Dont read books really

                    19. Piercing?
                    I have my ears pierced twice in both ears, I also had my navel pierced but took it out after a year as it kept catching on my clothes! plus my belly has seen better days!

                    20. Favourite Movie?
                    hmmm im rubbish with movies...Prob School of Rock?

                    21. Favourite Sports Team?
                    urghh yuck sports no thanks!

                    22. What were you doing before filling this out?
                    Writing a review and rating!

                    24. Favourite drink?
                    Coffee 1 sugar with milk

                    25. Favourite flower?
                    Pretty Red Roses!

                    26. Have you ever loved someone?

                    27. Who would you like to see right now?
                    My kids they are in nursery today!

                    28. What colour are your bedroom walls?

                    29. Have you ever fired a gun?
                    No but i would like too!

                    30. Do you like to travel by plane?
                    Not really...however if i was flying business/first class i am sure it would be alot more appealing!

                    31. Right-handed or Left-handed?

                    32. If you could go to any place right now where would you go?
                    Somewhere I havent been before, far far away with lots to do!

                    33. Are you missing someone?

                    34. Do you have tattoo?
                    Yes a small blue rose on the top of my arm, I dont really like it anymore

                    35. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
                    Yes although its not just Saturday it is everyday!

                    36. Are you hiding something from someone right now?

                    37. Are you 18?

                    38. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
                    Oh I dunno prob just standard

                    39. Are you afraid of the dark?

                    40. Favourite Hangout?
                    Living room!

                    41. Three things you can't live without?
                    My hubby, kids and money!

                    42. Favourite songs?
                    I love upbeat pop music but anything goes with me!

                    43. What are you afraid of?
                    Cancer, dying too early i want to see my kids growing up.

                    44. Are you a giver or a taker?
                    Bit of both the best way to be!

                    46. What is your dad's middle name?
                    I dont think he has one but why would i say on here anyway?

                    47. What do you sleep in?
                    A bed where else?

                    48. Stuck on a deserted island, and can only bring one thing?
                    lots of wishes?

                    49. Favourite TV commercial?
                    The Honda Adverts are wonderfully made!

                    50. First thing you'll save in a fire?
                    My family.

                    51. What is your favourite colour?
                    Red and black, I like them combined!

                    52. What are the things you always bring with you?
                    Phone as if i ever break down i dont have to try and find a phone box!

                    53. What did you want to be when you were a kid?

                    54. What do you do when the alarm turns on?
                    get up!

                    55. What colour is your bed sheet?

                    56. Who do you want to meet?
                    hmm peter andre would be nice

                    57. What do you think about before you go to bed?
                    Nothing I just go to sleep, im that tired!

                    There, you can now rest easy tonight knowing all you do about me!

                    Summary: Another wasted 5 minutes of your life reading all about me!


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                      26.10.2009 14:53
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                      Quality 5/5!

                      I recently purchased some female Nike Air Max 90 Trainers for £59 they were in the sale from www.additionsdirect.co.uk. And I picked these trainers up just at the right time as I was just joining the gym so I wanted to have a decent pair that would support my ankle well.

                      I don't tend to wear trainers except for when I am down the gym so I got these solely for this purpose.

                      I got my first pair of Nike air max trainers when I was about 13, they were the first branded pair of trainers my parents had ever bought me and I was so excited!

                      ***About the Shoe***

                      I have heard some people say that these trainers are no good for sport, and I know a lot of trainers are made for fashion but the main idea was for sport.

                      I find them very supportive, sturdy and the sole is nice and thick, it feels cushioned and comfortable and there is an air bubble on the back of the trainer which stops the impact of hitting the ground hard. So definitely suitable for sport!

                      This is a very popular shoe and is suitable for children right to adults, men and women

                      Be expected to pay around £60-£100 for some adult's trainers. And children's are around £30-£50 but it all depends on the sizing. A good tip is if you have a small foot you can buy the children's as I think the size goes up to a UK 5 although not quite sure on that.


                      Overall I believe what you get what you pay for, I know a lot of people say you pay for the name but Nike is a very high quality trainer for both fashion and sport. They are very high quality and in good condition mainly because I only wear mine inside.

                      If you were to wear these trainers every day you would notice they got quite scruffy as they mainly come in white.

                      Mine are white with a lime colour around certain parts of the trainer, you can get various combinations though of colours and I find they are far more attractive then other brands of trainer such as puma and addidas.

                      5 out of 5 from me!


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                      26.10.2009 14:35
                      Very helpful



                      Once your motivated to join the gym make sure you go!

                      I joined my local gym a few months ago, to be honest I don't have any choice it's that gym or nothing at all! Which is a little frustrating as it's not a very big gym and quite often I can't get on a piece of Equipment I want to use.

                      ***About my Gym***

                      My gym is located in Rossendale, it is small consisting of around 4 cross trainers, which is my favourite piece of equipment to use. Quite a lot of running machines, 10 or so, and 8 or so exercise bikes and then some weight lifting equipment machines that works every part of your body.

                      What I like most about the gym is the variety of equipment, for example if I buy an exercise bike for £60 or so it's not going to be as sturdy the gyms exercise bike and it is also going to take up a lot of my space at home and will probably be used to hang clothes off!

                      It's not a very big gym but it seems busy all of the time, which I guess is a good thing but what I find frustrating is the people that are using the equipment, they go on it for 5- 10 Minutes, chatting to their friend not even breaking a sweat let alone needing any water. Like today for instance I heard a woman say "I have not seen any change in my body" urmmm yeah that's because you're not actually working out. Whereas I am there sweating, really getting a good work out as that is what you go to the gym for after all. And also I have seen women come in wearing tons of makeup, now again if your sweating there really is no point in getting yourself all done up.

                      My gym also has a lot of older people, I think this has something to do with the "Fitness on prescription" which is not something I know too much about but I am guessing they get referred by their doctor because of their health or weight issues.

                      When you are looking to join a gym and you have a choice of a few, which I wish I had, you can compare benefits of certain memberships. Lots of gyms these days offer a whole host of exercise programmes, swimming pools and classes.

                      Now with the bigger groups of Gyms they tend to be more expensive I have heard people paying up to £50-75 a month for gym membership which I guess is very expensive but I also think it depends if you are down there 5-7 days a week then it is worth it. But I only can get down the gym 2 x a week, I sometimes try and stretch to 3 x but it's hard with work commitments and 2 small toddlers.

                      ***About my Gym Membership***

                      My gym membership is £24 a month, with this I can go to all the classes they have on such as spinning, aerobics and also use the swimming pools within the Rossendale area. The swimming pool is not located at my gym though which does not really make it that easy. But I guess it is nice to have the option. I am not really into gentle exercise I am more of the aggressive type, I like to feel the burn, and I want the sweat to be dripping off me by the time I have left the place.

                      When I joined the gym I also had to pay £15 for them to show me how to use all the equipment they call this an induction, think it is more a health and safety thing more than anything.

                      Also you will find that most gyms want you to sign up to a membership, I could pay as you go for mine but its £5 a session so if I go 2x a week I am more than paying for my £24 membership fee a month. I am also in a 6 month contract which means even if I decide I want to leave I have to pay the £24 a month for the next 6 months. I think this is quite a light contract as most want 12 months membership contract. I also have to put it in writing if I wish to leave a month before doing so. I can see why they do this as they have to make sure they have enough people attending the gym, which in my case my gym is busy! It's annoying and also frustrating when you can't get on a piece of equipment that you want to use.

                      Alot of the more expensive gyms have better equiptment such as tvs above all the individual machines. Mine is quite a simple gym and we have 2 big screens on the wall with subtitles and they normally have Sky news on but to be honest I dont think there would be anything I wanted to watch on the tv although I guess its nice to have your own screen.


                      I have not been to the gym for the last month, my children got ill and I was feeling pretty rough, I lost all motivation to do anything let alone exercise I also found I was making excuses as " I will have this week off but go next week". You have to organise your life to fit the gym in, everyone has the same amount of time. I work full time hours and have 2 small kids etc etc but a couple of hours out of your week is always obtainable, so when people say to me "I don't have the time for the gym" it seems that I surely must have bags of time! When in fact they are just making excuses for not wanting to go, its fine if you don't want to go to the gym don't. I must admit it's boring too but I like to eat cake so must go so i can stay the same size.

                      ***What to wear and take with you***

                      Invest in some good sport clothes, I wear some Adidas climate tracksuit pants they stop the fabric sticking to my legs when I am sweating, also if you are a woman no matter what size bust get a good sports bra they cost around £20-30 but you only need one and they really are needed. Also a couple of vests, I find t-shirts are too baggy but it's all down to the individual and most importantly get some good trainers with good support. I have some Nike Air Max and I got mine in the sale for £59 which is a bargain.


                      I find my IPod shuffle is just the job for the gym, it cost £30 and I can store a few hundred songs on it. It's very small and gives me the motivation to keep going.


                      If you are serious about sweating it out at the gym you need a towel! Just a small hand towel is adequate


                      Another must is water, I tend to buy the multipacks when I am in Asda as it saves money as most gyms charge £1 for a bottle of water, My gym also has a water machine which you can use and fill up your water bottle if you need too for free.


                      If you are looking to join a gym you want one local to you, as there is no point in having one 20 miles or so away as you wont be bothered to go, So a small local gym is better then nothing. Also alot of gyms always tend to have on some special offers for new members and if you are paying per month for your gym membership it will motivate you to go more!

                      I feel so much happier now I am excercising and its nice to know i can still enjoy that yummy food without the guilt.


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                      25.10.2009 15:00
                      Very helpful



                      Very Tasty!

                      I first got into eating this when I was pregnant with my first child, I had cravings for the taste of bread and raisins and when I was looking upon the shelf's this looked the most appealing.

                      I am a bit of a Warburton's fan, and tend to buy standard white bread, occasionally the toastie loaf, seeded batch and then this Raisin loaf although I don't tend to buy them all the time, I switch between the 4.

                      ***About Raisin Loaf***

                      This is so tasty and consists of raisins with cinnamon. The crust is glazed and it is very sweet and is great for a snack or to have as lunch or even breakfast.

                      If you have kids, you may find they can be a little fussy when it comes to eating fruit, maybe give this a go as it is in the form of toast but has that little extra.

                      Because this is naturally sweet too if you are having a bit of a sweetie craving this does just the trick in keeping you full as well as curbing any sweet cravings.

                      Kcal 96 per slice
                      Fat (g) 1.3g per slice
                      Contains Wheat Gluten Yes
                      Contains Soya Yes


                      Wheat Flour, Raisins (24%), Water, Cinnamon Pieces (5%) (Sugar, Cinnamon (0.5%), Wheat Flour, Sunflower Oil, Dextrose) , Banana Powder , Yeast , Vegetable Oil , Sugar , Salt , Glazing Agent (Water, Potato Dextrin, Preservative E202, Stabiliser Guar Gum) , Wheat Gluten , Gelling Agent E466 , Emulsifiers E472e, E471 , Soya Flour , Dextrose , Preservative Calcium Propionate (added to inhibit mould growth) , Flour Treatment Agent Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) .

                      This is very high in sugar 10% of your daily allowance from 1 slice!

                      Also if you are watching your salt intake its 5% of your daily allowance from 1 slice also

                      I find this very disappointing that so many foods have so much sugar and salts in them but at the same time this does offer some sort of healthy option, I mean its better then eating a donut!

                      ***Overall Opinion***

                      After reading the sugar and salt contents of this product I am not as happy eating it as regular as I have been doing, maybe every couple of weeks, It's all about moderation and it is healthier then eating a cake I guess. But everything that tastes nice seems to have so much sugar and salt in.

                      I give this 4/5 as it is tasty and filling and it's somewhat healthy I think!

                      Be expected to pay around £0.94 for 400grams, it doesn't last too long if you are feeding a family of four either!


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