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    • Pedigree Jumbone / Dog Food / 57 Readings / 56 Ratings
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      16.03.2014 02:53
      Very helpful



      A tasty dog treat from a good brand name.

      I'm reviewing our Pedigree Jumbones .
      These cost me £1.50 for a pack of 4 in Tesco and are available in all supermarkets and pet stores at around a similar price.

      ***WHY THESE***

      I'm really not a pampering pet owner as regards spoiling our pets, and treats are picked up as and when I think of them, rather than as a very regular thing.
      The smaller bite size treats have been excellent for training purposes , but I have to admit to finding them rather lacking in something. I just feel they are too miniature as a treat, and standing feeding them to our pets one by one seems a bit boring if not in training or used as a bribe. We like to teach our dog new tricks every so often and I prefer to keep the tiny treats for that (and general bribing).
      For a change I wanted something that was a (as in singular) treat that I could offer Kizzy and leave with her for her to enjoy over HER time. Much like when I buy the children a packet of sweets that can last them a fair time . When I looked in the pets aisle in Tesco these Jumbones looked like they would fulfill my needs...... and Kizzy's.

      ***USING and OUR OPINION***

      These are packaged in the very familiar Pedigree brand colours of yellow and red , with the Pedigree logo prominent.
      They come as single, doubles or packs of four, and in three sizes suitable for small, medium or large breeds.

      The treat itself is simply a hard outer bone style shell covering a softer inner content .
      We buy the chicken and rice variety since our Kizzy is a chicken freak.
      The packaging lists the ingredients, so you can read this in-store or even online if your pet has issues that might be aggravated by certain ingredients.
      The recommended amounts are ,
      Adult Dogs 25 - 50 lbs........ 1-2 per week
      Adult Dogs 50 - 100 lbs....... 2-3 per week
      Adult Dogs 100 lbs....... 3-4 per week

      These smell fine. Not quite as pleasant as the tiny softer treats, but the outer coating on these is constructed more robustly and is akin to a raw hide chew (slightly), so there will of course be an odd smell there.
      The inner core is softer and smells much nicer . It is a nice consistency where it breaks up easily and often crumbles so that the dog has the pleasure of finding tiny bits after the main treat has been finished off .

      These are simply unwrap and serve, not complicated at all. When our dog sees the pack come out she literally freezes in her tracks and almost quivers with excitement . Once she is given the treat she shoots off to a quiet corner and becomes totally engrossed in the business of getting it demolished .
      There is no mess with these, so that's a plus. Any tiny bits left just need pointed out and are promptly eaten.
      Kizzy can eat this in about 10-15 mins. It varies for some reason .

      I understand some breeds have digestive problems and feel sorry for them, and their owners trying to keep them on a healthy track
      I'm also aware that there are pet experts and owners out there who will not agree with Pedigree products(among other names) and decry them as bad for your pet, but I go with our vet advice, which was "Try one tin/treat and then wait a few days. If dog/cat has no vomiting or runny stools or any other symptoms of the product not agreeing with him/her then use it". Simple as that.
      We have been fortunate having pets with no special needs and nothing seems to upset their digestive system. Well, nothing WE feed them anyway....and this treat is similarly perfectly fine for our little dog.

      One thing to remember is that these can be filling, especially for a small dog . That being the case I give kizzy hers around tea time/early evening , and then reduce the amount of dry food in her late night top up of her food bowl. Just like us humans, too many treats on top of full meals will cause weight issues or health issues, so downscale accordingly on treat days.

      Kizzy loves these, and Freddy cat looks on longingly when Kizzy is eating one, so I really think she'd love to try them too , but I think not.

      So are there any negatives ? Only the price. The larger ones cost £1+ for just one, and four Kizzy size (mini) ones cost anything up to £2 . That means I restrict these to one a week .
      At present they are 2 pks for £3 in Tesco, which is a reduction, but not by much and still expensive for a treat in my opinion.
      These come in Beef flavour or Chicken and rice, both of which we've tried and enjoyed.

      In my opinion they are a more satisfying treat due to the time spent enjoying one, and the fact that our pet finds them exciting and presumably tasty.
      It feels like I'm giving her a treat AND a toy and she utterly adores them.

      Would I recommend Pedigree Jumbones ? Yes .

      Thank you for reading ~~myloh.


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        11.03.2014 00:03
        Very helpful



        A nice little treat if bought on offer.

        I'm reviewing my MaltEaster Chocolate bunny.
        It costs 60p but can be found on offer in big supermarkets .

        I'd seen this around and had not been that interested because I assumed it was solid chocolate.
        I know, that seems irrational when Maltesers themselves are NOT solid chocolate, so I've no idea why I assumed that.
        However after reading reviews on it making it clear they AREN'T solid chocolate I decided it sounded rather to my taste .

        The wrapper is similar in colour to the Bags of Maltesers (bright red) and the slightly altered Malteser logo is prominent.
        So rather easy to spot on a shelf .

        Now to the product within.
        The bunny itself is really rather small at just over 3" in length.
        This is what I'd class as a minimalist bunny. He/she is just composed of an X shape representing the torso of the bunny , topped by a round head and huge ears.Very simplistic, with no detail other than a bit of a bump where the nose would be.

        Once you break the bunny in two you can see that the interior is composed of a creamy filling which is not solid, nor runny but somewhere in between. For me the consistency is very similar to fudge.....so semi solid .
        Similar to fudge in consistency but NOT in flavour. This is a very milky style 'fudge', and not buttery in the way true fudge is.
        Within the cream there are tiny beads of cream coloured honeycomb and I thought "OH NO, NOT THE HONEYCOMB BALLS !"......because I've come across those in so-called honeycomb ice cream and they are solid, like plastic , and simply refuse to break up. Awful things that have to be sucked to infinity . But I needn't have worried, because these little tiny beads in this bunny are precisely like miniature maltesers , but without the chocolate covering, so they melted satisfyingly in the mouth .
        The outer chocolate is the same Mars product type that covers Maltesers and is not sickeningly sweet.It blends nicely with the filling .
        The creamy interior is solid enough not to cause issues other than that some of the little honeycomb beads dropped out. But the cream itself is very nice and , as I said previously, not buttery or sickly sweet. And of course the honeycomb beads give it depth and a minor amount of crunch .

        So did I enjoy my bunny ? Yes I did. It was tasty and very true to the Malteser ethos , which I like.
        The only thing that might mark this down in my opinion is the simplistic design. Yes it was fine for me but if you buy this for a little child they will probably expect bunny eyes and a bit more detail. Holly (age 4) was disappointed and thought it should at least have a bunny bobbly tail and I tend to agree with her . If they can give him a tiny nobbly/dimply nose then a tiny bump where his scut would be should be do-able.
        But that's just me (and Holly) being pedantic really .

        Would I buy it again ? I might if it is on offer, but I wouldn't pay 60p for such a tiny treat that is gone in 3 or 4 bites .
        Thankfully I got these in Tesco on offer at 3 for £1 .20 , so that price suited me. At 60p each I would still be wondering what they taste like to be honest because I just wouldn't pay that for one .

        There is no mention of nuts, vegan issues or allergy info on the wrapper, but there IS a full list of ingredients on there should you need to check for something in particular regarding allergies or preferences.

        Would I recommend these bunnies ? Yes, of course. They are from a reliable brand name , taste really nice and look cute (if somewhat bare).

        I'm removing a star for the lack of detail(and price) because I really think kids would like detail to admire before chomping the bunny's head off.

        Thank you for reading~~~myloh.


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          02.03.2014 02:16
          Very helpful



          A good face mask that works

          I'm reviewing my Montagne Jeunesse Passion peel off face mask .
          These cost around £1 and are available in many outlets ,even in Primark and Pound shops.

          This mask was one of three I got in a Christmas goody bag from the toddlers I look after.
          Each item was chosen by the children themselves so there was rather an eclectic/unusual/interesting collection, but these masks piqued my interest since I haven't used a face mask in quite some time .

          This one is the Passion Peel off mask and it comes in a neat little sachet which contains 10g ( 0.3fl oz) which is just enough for one use .
          Before using this you cleanse your face area, and then dry thoroughly.

          Once you open the sachet you immediately get a really deep fruity fragrance from the product which I personally found more pleasant than the musky floral fragrance some manufacturers tend to prefer for grooming and skin care items .
          The lotion itself is pale pink and rather more loose or runny than I was expecting it to be.An odd texture.
          With past masks I could squeeze some onto my finger tips and work that onto my face in sections , but this being runny meant the best method seemed to be to squeeze a good amount onto the palm of one hand, set the sachet aside (making sure to stand it upright) and then quickly apply the product onto my face.
          After using about half the sachet to get a thin layer I used the remainder and built up a thicker layer .
          It smooths on easily and the fragrance alters slightly from the initial deep fruitiness to a more gentle fruitiness where the less obvious leafy/flora aromas came through.More subtle and cosmetic smelling.
          There is a fair amount in this sachet and I actually used it for a good distance down onto my neck. It could have gone further but I decided that too thin a layer (from eking it out) would make it less inclined to peel away properly.
          Of course it stands to reason you don't apply this TOO close to your eye area , or too close to your hairline .
          Once it was all applied I washed the residue from my hands and went off to read while the mask dried out.
          20 mins later (the recommended time) I felt that it was still a bit tacky feeling against my skin so I gave it another 5 mins.
          It dries slightly shiny and remains pink .


          This is definitely the best part of using this.
          I unpicked an edge in my neck area and gently peeled the nicely set mask back and was really surprised to find it actually came away pretty much in one piece.
          Yes, there were a few tiny bits that needed removed after the main one was gone, but they were minimal and came away with a gentle scrape/unpicking with my nail.
          There was just something very satisfying (for me) in peeling this off and I found it a nicer experience than washing off a non-peel mask.
          I finished off the procedure by splashing my face with lukewarm water while feeling around for any stray remnants, then patted my skin dry .

          Once it was all removed my skin felt great....tightened up, but not 'tight', and really smooth.
          The slightly dry areas had softened and there was no sign of the dry skin or rough patches I tend to have on occasion .
          I experienced no redness, itchiness or irritation when using this, either during use or after removing it .
          I used this in the evening and simply added my usual cocoa butter cream to my skin at bed time.....and that seemed to glide on nicely and didn't have an adverse reaction to the mask use from earlier .
          The 'new skin' feeling lasted for at least 24-48 hours, which I found reasonable .
          Holly(who bought me this) approves too. Her comment next day was "Oh mummy myloh, we made you just BEAUTIFUL !".
          Yes I know, I'm sure she meant to say "more beautiful"....... obviously.

          ***MY OPINION***

          I was very happy with this product. Application was easy , the smell was nice and the results on my skin were good.
          I'm trying to find a fault but other than it being a bit runny and possibly the smell not suiting everyone it seems to tick all the pro boxes.
          Yes, I suppose the fruit smell was a bit fake, but then mixing fruit smells with floral can give you a rather odd slightly 'off' fragrance and it is still pleasant enough and only lasts the length of the procedure then dissipates entirely.
          I prefer this peel off style to sloshing water around, and in my opinion it is less messy in that respect .
          The peeling off still makes me smile thinking of it actually, and I think it is possibly a psychological thing , like shedding the old you and finding the fresh new one underneath. Whatever the reason, I found it incredibly satisfying and for that experience alone I'd buy this mask again .
          The fact that the nice effect of this lasts a good 24-48 hours means I'd be happy to use it prior to a special occasion to give my skin a nice boost, but of course I'd advise anyone buying this to try it out well before any 'special occasion' use , just in case you get an adverse reaction.

          This contains chemicals, but rather than overload the review with the full ingredients I'd advise that if you have special preferences or things you choose/need to avoid then check the product contents online carefully.
          This mask claims to be
          *Gluten Free*
          * Nut Derivative Free*
          * No Added Parabens*
          The manufacturers also claim ,
          "All Montagne Jeunesse products are bursting with natural ingredients and goodness and are as eco-friendly as possible. Montagne Jeunesse are vegetarian and animals are our friends - that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals."

          ..............good to know .

          Would I recommend this . Yes, and I'll pick this one up occasionally when I see it on offer.
          I did see these in POUNDWORLD at 3 for £1, but this one was not among the selection (sad face).
          Regarding stars. I was going to give 5, but in truth the initial texture is odd and the fruity smell might not be to everyone's taste so on that basis it isn't 100% perfect, and 4 stars seems fair.

          Thank you for reading and I hope this was useful.~~myloh


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            24.02.2014 02:35
            Very helpful



            A dull story padded out far FAR too much.

            I'm reviewing a book called LOVE HER TO DEATH , by M William Phelps .
            This is the paperback format.
            The book contains 481 pages and a number of pictures.37 to be precise.
            ISBN 0786022019
            This costs £10.50 new....or 1p +£2.80 P&P used from amazon.
            It is also available in many bookstores and online dealers.

            Usually I tend to outline the story at the start of reviews and I know I often tell rather a lot of the story while doing so, but in my defence that only occurs for books that are incredibly detailed, have a few twists and have loads more within the pages than my review reveals . It is simply my personal preference to read detailed reviews before a purchase .
            In this case I can sum this book up in one sentence. If you dislike spoilers please stop reading now.


            A guy had an affair, then killed his wife rather than simply divorce her.


            ***This book was infuriating and was one of the few times I nearly refused to finish a book. But I persevered and this is my verdict .***

            The author , M William Phelps, is terribly frustrating to deal with when choosing a book from his collection. I've read a few fantastic ones from him that kept me enthralled from start to finish, and some less interesting . But this one was an absolute dud.
            The husband in this story was having an affair. He and the woman involved were exchanging emails. A lot of emails....loads, all day long. These were the usual lover emails, but not racy for this day and age. More like teenagers pledging undying love and talking of "when we are together forever..." and planning a beach wedding at sunset (literally). Now that is all very juvenile and worth a snigger or two or some eye-rolling when quoted, but Phelps goes overboard. Reams and reams of quotes from those emails and always in ".........."s, just in case you doubt he really REALLY read them and is actually quoting from them.
            And that's it. The whole book could have been done in 20 pages.
            He calls cops on finding body, they investigate, cherchez la femme , and find reams of slushy emails. There's a trial ,he is found guilty and appeals. The end.

            Just to irritate even further Mr Phelps gets all prissy regarding the dalliance of the murderer and his paramour. He seems, in my opinion, more outraged at the affair than at the poor wife being murdered and dunked in the swimming pool. He has climbed on an exceedingly high morality horse and flings barbs at the lovers from there . He even keeps making stupid little comments on what the mistress is wearing at trial. Calls her 'prideful' and likens her to a peacock in one sentence, while then saying a few lines later that she looks like a librarian without the glasses ! So, a peacock librarian without glasses, odd visualisation there . In actual fact the woman looks quite attractive and glowing (for a mistress. Joke!) . Seriously, if a woman had written such stuff she'd be labeled 'bitchy' and rightly so. He really seems to take the whole thing terribly personally and is overly judgemental rather than telling the story as an outsider .
            But there again, quite frankly the story is only around 10% of this book anyway . The other 90% is padding . And not even the usual padding you often get.........no, it is those quotes from those darned emails ! Over and over in a way that will drive a reader crazy.
            This is definitely the first time I ever groaned aloud " Oh for goodness sake give it a rest and change the record !" at a book. (blushing).
            OK, pictures. 37 of those. Sounds impressive huh?
            Well not really. They include..... a WELCOME TO DENVER sign, an Amish horse drawn carriage, a picture of the courthouse, a downtown street, a church (no relevance WHATSOEVER !), where SHE lived, where HE lived,where HE worked, the jail, a pretty night sky over Denver, and my favourite , a picture of a cell. Whether the perpetrator was ever in THAT cell is not specified and the commentary under 'A cell' merely wibbles on about the perp's high life to low life lifestyle. Talk about reaching (rolls eyes dramatically).

            Now on amazon this has 5 stars. I'm astonished and baffled by that. In fact gobsmacked .

            Mostly great reviews , but this one (below) sums up my feelings, (I hope it is OK to quote an extract from another review)........

            ".........The first few chapters were fairly good. Then something happened - Mr. Phelps inserted his comments into everything. The murderer, Michael Roseboro, carried on an extensive e-mail relationship with his paramour. Believe me, you will get every little detail of every conversation (and it's not even interesting). It's clearly not written the way a typical true crime book is written. Now maybe you will like it - I did not. "
            BRAVO ! I was so relieved to read that because I thought I was going mad, or was checking out a different book from all those 5 stars people. PHEW !

            So I'm sorry M William, but this was not one of your best efforts by a long shot.
            Sorry for the hatchet job, but really , it deserves the chop.

            If I could I'd give it no stars whatsoever , but that isn't possible, so it grudgingly gets one star.
            But honestly , definitely not a good read or even a decent one. I would advise dodging this one,even at 1p .

            * I should say that there is another book of the same name in the true crime genre (by John Glatt). Not read that one so I can't comment if they are similar.*

            Thank you for reading and I hope my review was helpful in letting you avoid a boring tome.~~~myloh


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              14.02.2014 23:32
              Very helpful



              A great value item for those on a budget.

              I'm reviewing our Tesco everyday Value rice pudding.
              It costs 15p for generous 400g tin.
              This contains milk ,but for all other allergy info please read the tin carefully or check online.
              Suitable for vegetarians.

              ***WHY THIS ONE***
              When I first took on responsibility for the two children that I look after daily, their mother would drop off shopping bags of their favourite foods etc and, while this was a great idea and very helpful, I found it rather repetitive and decided to add to their boring menus, introducing things their mother didn't usually buy. One of these things was tinned rice pudding and bearing in mind that they might not like it I opted to try them out initially with a cheaper brand . Seeing this in Tesco at just 15p I picked up a tin to experiment with. If they didn't like it then not a great loss financially.

              ***WHAT IT IS , USING and MY OPINION.***

              The tin has the everyday value logos on, and it contains 400g of rice pudding.
              The can does NOT have a ring pull , so a tin opener is needed for this one.
              This can be served cold OR heated and is suitable for heating via microwave.
              Not suitable for freezing at all.

              I have to admit I was wary of this one because I use rice puddings occasionally, but only the more expensive Ambrosia one ,so I was unsure if this Tesco Value one would match up to the dearer one as regards quality.
              In all honesty it doesn't but I found it satisfactory.

              Before opening the tin you should give it a really good shaking. Think shaking Maracas and really give the tin a good workout because if you don't you will find the rice coming out of the tin in a solid dollop of congealed rice with some vaguely creamy liquid floating on top, and while this might be no big deal it does look a bit off-putting.
              You heat this through for 4 to 5 mins in a pan on the hob/gas ring but don't allow it to come to the boil.
              Alternatively you can microwave it in a non-metal microwaveable container. This takes between 3 and 4 mins, depending on the power of your microwave. The guidelines are on the tin, but do remember to stir the rice roughly midway through .

              The first time I offered this to the toddlers they were eager to try it out , and I think the addition of sliced banana and apple made it look much more appealing to them . I suspected a rather simplistic bland looking offering might put them off and first impressions count a lot, so I let them cut some banana into slices (with a plastic knife obviously) while I sliced an apple . Once the rice was heated and dished up I added the fruit to it and gave it a very light stir/fold through.
              I needn't have worried, they loved it and cleared their dishes.
              Since then it is a regular on my shopping list and on the toddlers lunch table and their mother is very impressed to find them trying something different yet inexpensive .
              During the summer this was also served cold as a lunch for the toddlers and us two adults (two tins needed for this). Again I added fruit but also would add a spoonful of strawberry jam to the children's dishes . The jam added more flavour AND turned the rice a nice appealing pink which tickled Holly a lot.

              So how does it taste ? As far as I'm concerned not bad at all .
              It isn't as richly creamy as the more expensive tinned rice , but then it isn't advertised as creamed rice, but a more simple "rice pudding" . And in reality that might be a plus for those watching their weight .
              The rice itself is fine too. The rice grains seem just a bit less plump and tasty than Ambrosia, however I only noticed this because I was mentally comparing them, but it wasn't that obvious in my opinion, and adding fruit or jam adds to the over all flavour and takes the 3 star rice up a little notch .
              Would I recommend it ? Yes I would actually. Especially if you are feeding little children. It is inexpensive, reasonably healthy and can be a way to get more fruit into their diet.
              For adults on a tight budget it is filling and really inexpensive served as a lunch .

              This costs an amazingly low price. Just 15p, while the more expensive variations cost from 50p to just under £1.
              I've never noticed this on offer , but at 15p I really don't think it needs to be put on special offer.

              I think 3 stars fair for this product. It won't blow your taste buds or your budget, and can be upgraded easily by adding fruit or jam.

              So I'm happy to give this product 3 stars, and I hope my review was helpful.~~~myloh.


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              • Sanrio Hello Kitty Bowl / Nursing / 74 Readings / 74 Ratings
                More +
                10.02.2014 02:35
                Very helpful



                A cute sturdy little bowl for children.

                I'm reviewing our Hello Kitty bowl.
                It was bought in Poundworld last summer.

                ***WHY WE BOUGHT THIS ***
                I bought this for little Holly to use .

                Holly spotted this in Poundworld and set her heart on it .I thought it rather too light to use for children, but reckoned it would be OK for cold summer foods and treats if for nothing else.
                It cost just £1 ,so wasn't going to break the bank.

                ***THE BOWL***
                This is a cute little item actually, and because it is melamine it is sturdy and I knew it was likely to take the occasional bounce off the floor that little children do so well.
                It is about 7" (17cms)in diameter, but because it has a broad rim the actual well that holds the food is only around 5"(13cms) in diameter.
                There was a choice of these as regards pattern, with a couple of different Hello Kitty poses, but Holly had her heart set on this one which is quite simplistic, with just the Hello Kitty head in the well of the bowl and the words Hello Kitty interspersed with flowers around the rim.
                This is NOT suitable for use in microwave ovens and is NOT dish washer safe .
                The pattern is embedded into the melamine rather than being just barely on the surface as some of these dishes can be.

                We used this a lot in the summer for ice cream and cold lunches and it has had lots of abuse from dropping and getting battered around in play in the garden.
                I have served baked beans in it because I just warm those slightly for the children rather than serve them hot ,and the dish hasn't retained any staining . But I prefer not to use this for hot food like soups as I'm very aware that it is not the most stable of dishes because of the wide rim .
                This has endured well and while it has a few slight scratches from over enthusiastic spooning of ice cream etc it actually still looks quite good and I expect to get a lot more use from it.
                It takes lots of abuse, washes nicely and retains it's pretty pattern really well .
                The well of the dish, at just 5" in diameter, might seem small, but in my opinion it is perfect for childrens portions .

                Would I recommend it ? Yes, but I would point out that, due to it's lightness and instability, usage for hot foods would need supervision.

                Regarding stars, again the light weight of the dish is a slight concern in some ways , but for cooler foods it is fine and very attractive to children . And Holly loves it .
                So I think 4 stars is fair.

                Thank you for reading ~~~myloh.


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                  05.02.2014 03:56
                  Very helpful



                  A basic solution to storage that didn't work for me.

                  I'm reviewing our under sink storage rack.
                  It was bought about a year ago from B&M and cost around £10.


                  ===WHY THIS UNIT ===

                  We saw this on sale in B&M and my husband thought it would be an ideal solution to storage in our rather small shower room.
                  It was reduced from £19 because the packaging was damaged , but we were assured everything was included in the box. It was indeed.

                  ===USING and MY OPINION===

                  This is a chrome unit which is sold as self assembly rather than as a completed/built solid unit.
                  The assembly is very easy as far as I'm concerned, but then I DO like the challenge of self assembly things. Even so, yes, I would say assembly is easy.
                  Once completely constructed the unit consists of four 'pillars' which support two shelves.
                  The shelves are not solid. They are simply more (thinner) chrome strands with about an inch gap between each strand.
                  The shelves are located as follows.....one around 4" from floor level , and one around 12" above that .
                  Access to each shelf is easy, because there is just one strand of wire on the outer edge around 4" above each shelf to stop bottles etc falling off, but above that there is nothing barring access to items.
                  There is no shelf toward the top since this part is designed to hold towels draped over the uppermost rail.

                  This was bought to replace our white melamine vanity unit, which my husband thought looked wrong and didn't suit our shower room.
                  I disagreed, but I was willing to give this a go, so he paid for the new chrome unit and I stashed the white vanity unit in the spare room and stored blankets in it. Luckily .
                  One year on and the chrome under sink storage rail was recycled on Freegle ( our local recycle site) and my white vanity unit was back in place.

                  So, what went wrong ?
                  Well, in my opinion several things really.
                  First I hated all our shower and hygiene products out on display. I thought it was just something I'd get used to, but I never did. The four or five items and pretty jars on it on the box picture looked ever so neat, but the reality is a hodge podge of half used bottles and tubes and it really grated on me, but I bit my tongue .

                  Next were the rickety shelves. Slimmer bottles will wobble because of the gaps between the wire. Not every time, but often enough to irritate . Tubes of course slip into the gaps and lodge there if not placed carefully (and I don't always have time for 'carefully') and as for small tubes ? ..... forget it . They won't be secure on this. I was resetting bottles etc more often than I wanted to, and while my other half said this was a small price to pay for such a nice looking unit, the fact remained HE never did the tidying of it but blithely ignored any avalanches that occurred.

                  Then the towel rail part at the top became redundant because grabbing a towel hurriedly from it causes the unit to wobble and bottles etc get dislodged and fall over. So the hand towels ended up back on the wall rail beside the bigger towel .

                  Next there is no 'stop' at the end of each shelf. Yes, there is a wire 'wall' to stop items falling into the CENTRAL well of the unit , but if you knock against the unit causing it to shift from the wall things fall off the dislodged edge (where there ought to be a wire in place) onto the floor.

                  The actual quality of the unit has been fine for us, no rusting and no pitting of the surfaces and in that respect it is well made, but I just think it poorly DESIGNED .

                  The final death knell for our unit came with the arrival of the two toddlers that we now look after on a daily basis. Believe me, wobbly wire constructions and little children flolopping around do not mix. I spent every visit to the shower room loo picking items off the floor, rearranging bottles and pushing the unit back in place. My husband suggested fixing the unit to the wall permanently. I laughed a humourless laugh and left him lying there. There is NO way I was drilling my lovely tiles to accommodate a £10 wobbly unit.
                  So the PROPER vanity unit/under sink cabinet was put back in place and the chrome unit was passed along to a grateful freegler (with no small children).

                  So in summary, this is a really nice LOOKING unit and in the right circumstances I am sure customers will adore it, but it just didn't suit me aesthetically or in a practical way.

                  Again , I stress, the quality is VERY good.....but the engineering side of things leaves a lot to be desired .
                  This just didn't work for me at all and in fact irritated me in so many ways. In my opinion bottles and tubes and all things bathroom should be either behind little cabinet doors or sat firmly on solid shelving .This was neither fish nor fowl in that regard, but a stop gap solution .

                  Two and a half stars would be perfect for it. I'm settling for three because while it didn't suit MY needs I believe others will probably think it ideal and in fairness when passed on after around 14 months of use it was pristine with no rust or pitting on the chrome finish.

                  Thank you for reading and I hope this was useful~~~myloh.


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                    02.02.2014 04:17
                    Very helpful



                    A handy kitchen and surface wipe that smells wonderful.

                    I'm reviewing my Dettol Anti Bacterial Lime & Mint Surface Wipes .
                    These cost me £3 in Tesco and are available in most big supermarkets for around that price .


                    ===WHY THESE===

                    I suffer from slight health issues and during flare ups of the symptoms I become more aware than usual of the need for careful and thorough hygiene practices. My personal habits are totally ingrained by now, but with two children now in our household I find myself getting mildly paranoid that I might cause them to catch something nasty simply from contact of surfaces toys etc that I've handled while in the midst of being ill, so I started buying anti bacterial wipes. These Dettol ones caught my eye in Tesco right away with their bright packaging, and with Dettol being such a trusted brand I popped these in my shopping basket .

                    ===WHAT THEY ARE, USING , and MY OPINION===

                    These are wipes similar to baby wipes.
                    They come in a plastic packaging with the standard resealable flap at the top.
                    The pack I bought is a larger sized pack and contains 72 wipes rather than the standard 36, hence the higher price.
                    Once opened you immediately get the tangy fresh lime aroma, backed up lightly by the slightly less evident mint fragrance .
                    The wipes pull out easily . You simply feel for the folded over edge and pull the wipe out.

                    I used to think buying Dettol wipes would mean buying wipes reeking of the standard Dettol antiseptic and, while this wouldn't bother me in the bathroom in the least, I was happily surprised to find that the same Dettol protection is available in really pleasantly fragranced wipes, including ones aimed for use in the kitchen.
                    These Lime and Mint wipes are suitable for use in all kitchen areas and on all surfaces there, and are deemed perfectly safe to use around even food preparation areas and on food preparation tools.

                    I really don't consider it necessary to over-use these if one is washing surfaces and appliances regularly.However I like wiping surfaces and anything within toddler reach last thing at night with one of these. This reassures me that when the little guys arrive first thing in the morning I'll have done my best to ensure they will be breakfasting and tootling around in a relatively germ free environment .

                    I also use them on the toys every so often, especially with both children having had recent cold weather sniffles that meant random sneezing and lots of runny noses .
                    These claim to kill------- E.coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Rotavirus, flu virus (H1 N1), Listeria, Campylobacter and other viruses.

                    I'm really not into believing these type of claims whole heartedly, but the Dettol brand has been around since Adam was a lad and is something that was always in our cupboard in the past and was trustworthy. So between that excellent record and up to date advances in their products I'm happy to put my trust in the brand.

                    They really do smell rather good and leave a nice fresh aroma after use. This lingers nicely without being over powering in my opinion . I dislike perfumed products in my kitchen, so a fruit and herb fragranced product suits me well and lends itself nicely to a kitchen ambiance as far as I'm concerned.
                    They also do a good job of removing any little spills and stains, which is really useful when you don't want to be bothered using a dishcloth and needing to add cleanser and then rinse. Dettol wipes can be used and that's the job done, no need to rinse because these are designed to banish the need for that completely.

                    You are advised that you can , and indeed should, use both sides of these because using one side does NOT negate the efficiency of the flip side, which is good to know.That gives better value than the cheaper wipes that can be used one side only and is more environmentally friendly.

                    This product has The British Allergy Foundation seal of approval, is non bleach, and has no taint.

                    Would I recommend this ? Yes. There is no way of gauging the true efficiency of these wipes, but in my opinion they are an easy method of using a tried and trusted brand name in family hygiene, and since I started using them around a month ago we have had no major health issues and no attack of the 'Dreaded Lurgy' .

                    I'm happy to rate this product 5 star quality.

                    Thank you for reading~~~myloh


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                      26.01.2014 23:09
                      Very helpful



                      A disappointing novelty item.

                      I'm reviewing my Lush Bubble Wand .
                      It costs around £5 and is usually a Christmas item.


                      I'm a woman of a certain age and to be frank I just wouldn't ever think of buying myself something like this, but it was part of a selection given to me as a Christmas gift.
                      It's part of the Snow Fairy range of products that is popular around Christmas time .
                      I feel listing reams of ingredients in a review like this unnecessary , but if content/ingredients is important for ethical or health reasons then the Lush site provides those for you .

                      The item itself is a mid-pink star shaped bar of solid bubble bath.
                      It has a stick embedded into it , which is why it is a bubble WAND rather than a bubble bar.
                      It also has pink strings embedded in it dangling down around the stick and one of the strings has a cute little bell tied onto it.
                      The over all look is one of something aimed at children or teenagers and is rather cute .

                      ***USING and MY OPINION***

                      The idea of this is that you wave it around , just like a magic wand , within your bath water.
                      I started doing this but I'm an adult and I got bored, so I just held it under the running tap instead .
                      The bubbles from this are actually rather scant with just the odd little flurry of bubbles .
                      I had expected it to turn the water a pretty shade of pink but it was more of a sludgy looking unattractive pink.
                      This really wasn't getting off to a good start for me , and the fragrance didn't help. It smells of bubble gum, or those sickly little bubble gum flavoured drinks that children love. Not my taste at all , but to be fair I can see it's appeal to others who like this kind of thing.
                      Once I climbed in the bath I could feel gritty bits lying on the bottom of the bath (or more precisely my bottom did) but again , to be fair, these did eventually melt away.
                      I thought maybe I hadn't given the bubble making method (waving it in the water) a fair try so I used the wand again while lying in the bath, swishing it around in the water, and yes it produced some more bubbles , but really not anything exciting. Lots of little islands of bubbles , but just as many bare areas of surface too.
                      I'm sorry to be picky but if it is lauded as a bubble bar/wand there really should be FAR more bubbles than this offered .
                      I really gave this a good workout and if I had paid £5 for this I'd be sorely disappointed in the result.
                      I found it does give the water a nice silky feel, once the little gritty bits dissolve, and it did leave my skin feeling nice . Not as good as other products, but nice anyway.
                      The stick stayed firmly in place .

                      As you can gather I wasn't enamoured of this product at all and was sorely tempted to use some other bath product with it to counteract the bubblegum smell and produce proper bubbles, but since I needed this review to be accurate I kept to the Bubble Wand only.
                      I used it once only and wouldn't do so again . Little Holly has used it up for her baths and she approves of the smell and the whole concept, so in fairness it DOES appeal to little girls and possibly some bigger girls...... just not me.
                      I appreciate some adults will like this but it really isn't to my taste , and lord knows I'm not that fussy regarding bath products.

                      In summary ,
                      It didn't make very many bubbles.
                      It smells of cheap bubble gum or candy floss .
                      It can be a bit gritty.
                      Makes the bath water an odd grubby looking pink.
                      It leaves skin feeling clean and nice. Just nice.

                      Based on those results I can only honestly give this 2 stars. One for novelty/look and one for how it leaves my skin feeling .
                      The high price should elicit something special. In my opinion it just doesn't .
                      So , sorry to the many Snow Fairy fans out there for being so negative, but 2 stars it is from me for what is basically an over priced novelty item that doesn't deliver the goods as promised regarding bubbles.

                      I should mention that this was used for around 4 or 5 baths before disintegrating entirely .
                      Really not worth £1 per bath.

                      Thank you for reading~~~myloh.


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                        23.01.2014 18:42
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        Decent tweezers at a fair price .

                        I'm reviewing my Boots brand slanted tweezers.
                        They cost £1.80 .

                        Tweezers have been the bane of my life for years. I have around 5 pairs lurking in drawers around my home and generally only one pair will be actually worth using . Most of them just won't grab hairs at all and one pair (part of a set) has such finely pointed tips that they are simply too dangerous to use.
                        Then around last summer my niece let me borrow hers and I found them ideal for me. I presumed they were expensive ones but they were actually Boots own brand ones and she said they cost around £2 .Excellent ! I am a bit of a cheapskate and dislike handing over big money for small items ,especially ones that tend to get lost.

                        In boots these can be found among eyelash curlers, nail files etc on the rack where beauty aids are.
                        They cost £1.80 ,but on the day I bought mine they were on an offer of two pairs for £3 so I took advantage of that .
                        They come in a basic simple plastic bag which is not reusable .But it is strong enough that I use it for storing some of my dodgy old tweezers .
                        The finish on these is similar to brushed steel and the arms are ridged to assist grip.

                        ***USING and MY OPINION.***

                        These are really easy to use for various reasons.
                        First they are a nice compact size that lends itself nicely to small hands like mine. I've used bigger tweezers and aside from any issues with how they actually tweeze I found that chunky tweezers are awkward for me to handle.
                        Then they are nicely ridged down each side and that gives you a good grip.
                        Next the working end, the slanted tips, are just pointed enough to aid gripping tiny hairs without being like surgeons scalpels taking out chunks of flesh .
                        The spring effect on these is really good, nice and easy. I've used tweezers that needed rather too much force needed to grip the hair and after using them for just a few minutes you can feel the ache in your fingers. These aren't like that. A gentle squeeze is all that's needed and no strain on the digits whatsoever.If you have mobility issues in your hands then you SHOULD find using these at least OK if not actually easy.
                        Of course it hardly matters, but they look nice. I do like brushed steel rather than shiny chrome effect in metal things and the look of these pleases that side of me.
                        Once you get the angle of holding these just right to suit you then the rest is plain sailing. They grip even fine hairs and retain their grip till the hair is pulled out .
                        I've also used these to remove splinters from fingers , but only for the finer ones. For bigger splinters I use one of my old pairs of tweezers rather than potentially damage the finer hair tweezing ability of my good Boots tweezers.

                        I've stashed a pair of these in my bedside drawer and the other pair in my make-up bag so that I'll always have access to one or other of them. Best to keep these out of sight of men who grab tweezers and mess them up using them for purposes other than what they are intended for (you know who you are) .
                        I suppose these might benefit from a little case to store them in and protect the points, but that would add to the price and isn't a 'must-have ' accessory really.

                        I'm really very pleased with these and feel rather smug to have found tweezers that actually work for me at a really decent price. Yes I know there are fabulous creme de la creme tweezers out there , but I would balk at paying £18 for such a small item that lives mostly in my make-up bag or drawer.
                        These Boots slanted tweezers fulfill all my tweezing needs and are easy to use and that's all I ask of them. So I have no hesitation in giving these the full 5 stars.

                        Thank you for reading and I hope this review was useful to someone~~~myloh


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                        • Britvic Pepsi / Soft Drink / 83 Readings / 83 Ratings
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                          19.01.2014 01:35
                          Very helpful
                          1 Comment



                          A refreshing soft drink for adults .

                          I'm reviewing my pepsi soft drink
                          It cost me £1 for a pk of 4 x 250ml bottles.

                          I've not tasted pepsi in years but recently spotted this bargain pack in a pound store and decided to give it a try again.

                          As stated, there are 4 little bottles in the pack I bought and each one contains 250ml of the product .
                          The bottles are plastic and are recyclable.
                          I won't waste words listing content , because precise ingredients/content is/are readily available to view online if you are someone with strict dietary needs.
                          But what I can say is that it doesn't contain 'aspartame' which has had a nasty reputation and is an ingredient of many soft drinks.
                          Also it contains no fat....or fibre....or sodium/salt.
                          It does contain caffeine .

                          I must say this tastes pretty much as I remembered it, which surprised me. Many soft drinks seem to be unrecognisable if you haven't tasted them for a few years. But in my opinion this one is pretty much the same and the variations and messing around with various sweeteners over the years seems not to have affected the current version of pepsi adversely .

                          Yes it is sweet, undoubtedly, but with that recognisable cola kick that manages to blend nicely with the sweetness to prevent the sweetness being sickly or overwhelming.
                          The ingredients also list caramel as one of the flavouring agents . This isn't instantly noticable, but I can sort of get a caramel aroma from it now that I'm aware it is in the drink.
                          There is a slight after-taste with this, but much less so than some drinks in my opinion, and while tasting a bit 'chemical' it is still not unpleasant.

                          I'm very pleased to have found this again and doubly so because it has been one of the few soft drinks I've found that doesn't react negatively to my IBS, while most other soft drinks aggravate it in varying degrees. Of course IBS sufferers all react differently to different things, so this drink might not suit everyone dealing with IBS issues, but I can just give my experience, which is positive regarding this product used at just 250mls of an evening.
                          It contains caffeine , so it will give you a slight energy boost if needed . This is not something I need from it, as I tend to drink it in the evening while relaxing, and for me it just refreshes me without making me feel a need to jump up and start hoovering and changing beds .But it's nice to know that if I did feel like going on a cleaning binge I could rely on something like this to keep me fueled.
                          Another positive is that this 250ml version is just the right quantity if you want just one large glass of pepsi (which is my personal preference). With the large bottle, no matter how you store the opened bottle, it loses fizz . This won't happen with this version because one full bottle equals one glass with no leftovers in the bottle going flat.
                          I daresay children will like this too, but in my experience they prefer fruitier drinks or bubblegum style flavours, so I'd class this one as an adult drink.

                          As you will have gathered I am happy to recommend pepsi. I'll be buying it regularly from now on and preferably in this format .

                          I'm happy to give this product 5 stars.

                          Thank you for reading~~~myloh.


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                            16.01.2014 02:16
                            Very helpful



                            A really useful kitchen item at a great price.

                            I'm reviewing my LEGITIM chopping boards.
                            These were bought from IKEA .
                            They cost 80p each.

                            IKEA, you either love it or hate it. I love it, but probably because I visit so rarely, about once or twice a year, because it is a bit of a distance from us and a trip there uses up most of the day. So maybe absence makes my heart grow fonder, so to speak . Anyway, we generally go with a purpose to buy something large that we've carefully researched online, or in the IKEA catalogue, but once the big item has been chosen I really like wandering around the areas selling smaller things for around the house and garden, and I usually come away with a few such items. These Legitim chopping boards were picked up on such a trip.

                            ***THE PRODUCT***

                            The board itself is white and there was no choice of colour with this product.
                            It measures a rather decent 34cms X 24cms and is around 1cm thick/deep.
                            It is made from plastic .
                            Dishwasher safe.

                            These can be used for basically anything that you need a chopping board for in the kitchen.
                            I bought two, and I use one for cutting raw meat and one for vegetables. We already have a marble bread board that stays in situ .
                            These don't move around on my work surfaces when I'm using them, but to be honest that might be because my surfaces are quite matt and very vaguely dimpled rather than glossy or very smooth.
                            There is a long slot cut out of each board at one end which serves as a grip assist when lifting the board to transfer chopped up items over to the cooker . This slot would also allow the board to be hung up when not in use, but the easiest way to store these is to simply slot them in against the side wall of a kitchen cupboard.
                            They are light as a feather (well almost).
                            I drew a tiny green flower with a permanent marker on the back of the one to be used for vegetables as soon as I brought them home. That way there is no mixing them up.

                            They can be washed in a dishwasher or in a kitchen sink with the other dishes etc.
                            I generally run them under the tap to remove the excess blood or juices immediately after using, and then wash them with my dishes in hotter soapy water later .
                            Knives don't slip or skid dangerously for me during chopping sessions on these.

                            After almost a year I admit these need replaced soon, due to the many cuts on the surface, plus the vegetable one has retained a very slight orange hue from chopping carrots etc on it and the meat one is no longer perfectly white either. Unfortunately that is unavoidable with plastic boards but it doesn't affect their usefulness ,nor their hygiene. If you wash them thoroughly they are perfectly safe to continue using.

                            I really can't fault these boards at all. They have given me excellent service for nearly a full year ,which is great for 80p each.
                            The only minor niggle for me was that I'd have preferred a choice of colours to distinguish what each board gets used for. However ,checking online to see if these are still available I see coloured ones available in a set of two different sized boards for £2. I'll watch out for those.

                            The more expensive wood or marble boards have their place , but for something really light that you can easily lift with one hand (even when it is loaded with veg etc) this is ideal and I have no hesitation recommending it and giving it 5 stars.

                            Thank you for reading.~~~myloh


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                              09.01.2014 19:08
                              Very helpful



                              A great glue for larger projects .

                              I'm reviewing my Ultratape Adhesive Spray.Heavy duty version.
                              It comes in a 500ml can .
                              Mine cost me just £2 in a local variety store.
                              Suitable for ,laying foam backed carpet....securing underfelts.....spot fixing carpet tiles.....dust sealing concrete floors.....fitting vehicle interior trimmings.....fixing insulation materials.
                              Not suitable for use on plasticised PVC.
                              ***WHY I BOUGHT THIS***
                              I'm rather a fan of DIY and minor crafting and while shopping in variety stores I tend to have a radar for homing in on items that MIGHT be useful to me at some point for projects, so when I spotted this in a local mom and pop style variety store I put it in my basket on a " might come in useful" basis.Some of my best buys are "might come in useful"s .

                              ***THE PRODUCT***
                              This is a spray glue in an aerosol can. It is just that simple .
                              It contains 500ml and the can is rather large and akin in size to a really large can of de-icer.

                              ***USING and MY OPINION***
                              I never knew there was such a thing as a spray glue. Had anyone told me there was I'd have laughed at them. The whole idea seemed alien to me. I mean, we've all had those tubes of glue where the glue solidifies in the nozzle ,so wouldn't a spray be similar ?
                              Well no actually, it isn't.
                              I fully expected this to be something I'd get to use once only and then it would clog up and need dumped, but incredibly I've used this quite a few times and despite not adhering to the instructions on the tin advising how to clear the nozzle after each use it has been ready to go every time I use it.
                              The first time I used this was on a heat reflecting backing board I was making for placing behind a radiator in our rather large front bedroom. I felt that too much heat was getting lost into the brickwork when I really wanted and needed it to be going into the room . I had picked up a small roll of lightly quilted specialised reflector foil in a DIY Shop sale ages ago, and the only thing putting me off doing the job was the lack of a necessary length of cardboard (I needed 66" x 20") and the thought of messing around with glue on such a large surface. Then we got a new kitchen radiator in.....a fabulous tall pillar one which of course came in a lovely long box , HOORAY ! Just the glue to sort out, and I remembered I had this Ultratape among my craft supplies. Time to try it out.
                              Using this is an absolute doddle. There is no mention of shaking the can,which you usually do with aerosols,so I didn't do that. I spread an old sheet on the floor to protect the bedroom carpet from excess glue and left the windows wide open as advised on the instructions, and which is logical when using any glue . Having cut the foil to a very rough size slightly larger than the pre-cut cardboard and rolled it up ready to unroll onto the card I simply held the can about 10 inches from the card and sprayed one half of the cardboard.....set the can quickly aside and unrolled the foil onto the glued area smoothing it firmly into place. The glue took more or less immediately and after about one minute I sprayed the other half of the board and rolled and smoothed the rest of the foil into place. After another minute or two I trimmed off the excess foil and the job was finished.Literally in 10 mins The backboard now fits nicely behind the radiator held up by resting on the wall brackets supporting the rad, and all that was needed was a few small dots of Blue Tack putty to hold the board tight to the wall.
                              Yes I know, I could've just stuck the foil to the wall , but I'm a rather picky person with my own ideas on how I want things done. Nor did I want to mess up my wallpaper .
                              (No facility for pictures here, but I'm using two elsewhere)

                              The glue itself comes out in a spider web fashion (think Spiderman) so don't get too close to the spray area with your free hand, and DEF not with your face or swishy long hair !

                              I've also used this to bond two thin pieces of foam together to give me a thicker foam when I was upholstering a long bench stool....then to fix the foam to the bench . Then finally to hold the fabric firmly glued to the foam on top while I flipped the bench over and fitted and tacked everything in place on the underside.

                              We also used it to glue some vinyl off cuts onto the disintegrating floors of my sister's garage storage cupboards. They'd had all sorts spilled on them and were disgusting, so we scrubbed them clean, dried them thoroughly and cut the vinyl to fit. A quick spray of Ultratape spray glue and drop the vinyl in place, job done, spanking new cupboard floors firmly held in place.
                              Regarding lining cupboards etc, most carpet and vinyl stores will sell small rolls of offcuts/end-of-rolls for anything from £5 to £10 and these are very useful for lots of things from lining cupboards to fitting in tiny hallways or ulitity areas.

                              My Ultratape Spray Glue has also glued a piece of roofing felt to a leaking dog kennel roof.(the roof was leaking, not the dog I hasten to add).

                              The uses are endless really. If you need to cover a large area with glue I'd recommend you use this to save time and stress.

                              Regarding durability. Well the radiator backboard is still doing just fine , no gaps around the edges ,so despite the prolonged heat the glue is holding firm .
                              The dog kennel roof which, being outside, has taken a battering from the damp and cold is also holding firm.
                              Garage cupboards and upholstery all surviving nicely as well with no shifting issues whatsoever.
                              All these jobs were within the past 18 months or so.

                              One thing though, re the upholstery...... I used proper thick velour/moquette for the upholstery jobs and to be honest I wouldn't attempt this glue on finer everyday fabrics as I deeply suspect it would stain and show through the fabric .
                              And of course be sensible and safe. Always have lots of air circulating when using this. The smell dissipates surprisingly quickly but fumes are fumes and always need aired out thoroughly even after the job is completed.
                              Always use an old sheet or curtain behind the item being glued, to protect the surrounding area, or use the product outside on grass .
                              On the can they advise you hold the can upside down after use and press the button to clear the nozzle. I didn't notice this advice (oops) ,so I haven't ever done that ,yet the nozzle has stayed clear. Magic.
                              Also this is an immediate contact glue and you CANNOT move the glued objects around once contact is made, so bear this in mind and plan carefully ahead before ACTUALLY spraying it. You get about a minute between spraying it and needing to press the surfaces together.
                              For tougher jobs you can spray BOTH surfaces to get better grip.
                              If the immediate contact thing worries you then don't be put off entirely, because there is another version of this available which allows a short time for you to move things to your needs once you use the spray.You will find that on amazon alongside this one, or in DIY stores.

                              The version I'm reviewing costs around £5 once P&P is included on amazon.
                              The re-positionable one costs just a few pence more.
                              Checking online prices I'm puzzled that there a few bad reviews of this on amazon, but I can only give my own honest experience with it, which I've done .

                              Would I recommend this ? Absolutely.Does what it says on the tin and saves time and fussing around with small tubes or large heavy tubes in sealant guns.

                              I have no hesitation in giving this product a 5 star rating and will be watching out for it again at this price.

                              Thank you for reading~~~myloh


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                              • Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint / Make Up / 80 Readings / 76 Ratings
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                                05.01.2014 22:34
                                Very helpful



                                A rather nice lip tint,but over priced.

                                I'm reviewing my Snow Fairy lip tint.

                                Lip balms are something I use regularly but I've never really ventured into using tinted ones . However this one was in a box of Snow Fairy items I got last Christmas and which I have only recently got round to trying out.

                                ***THE PRODUCT***

                                This comes in a tiny circular tin . The lid needs a slight twist to remove it .
                                The lip tint itself is quite a startling pink (in the tin) and there is a fair amount of it. Some tinned lip balms can be a bit skimpy regarding product , but this one isn't. Tiny tin, but full to the brim.
                                It smells really sweet ,but in a foody way rather than floral or perfumed. The smell is similar to bubble gum or candy floss and quite pleasant.

                                ***USING and MY OPINION***

                                I started using this about two months ago and have found it rather nice to use.
                                Personally I apply this with a finger tip and for some reason I always use my pinky (smallest) finger . It can be applied with a brush but I've never seen the point of using a brush for a simple daytime lip tint or balm.
                                The smell of this might be off putting for some, but personally I prefer this type of foody/sweet/bubblegum fragrance for anything used on my mouth, rather than a perfumed or medicinal smell .....and the smell fades when it's on for a while anyway .
                                Should you be a lip licker (I'm not) it tastes nice too. And so it should since it contains sherbet, icing sugar, and dried raspberries !

                                So far the lid has never worked loose in my handbag, unlike some tin balms.

                                So, does it work ? Yes ,for me it does. I've found my lips are nicely protected if I use this in the colder weather and the slight pink hue means I can look a bit like I've made an effort with my daily make up . These tints suit my routine which revolves around a bare but fresh look. I rarely wear lipstick at all but when I do it goes on easily because I look after basic lip care by moisturising regularly with lip balms and this one has been doing rather a good job for me.
                                According to my Lush leaflet this contains quite a few different moisturising elements, including Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Japan Wax, Shea Butter, Carnauba Wax, Cupuacu Butter, Murumuru Butter.

                                Colour wise it is perfect for me. I use just a very light glossing of this product and spread it evenly, and it means my lips don't look entirely bare and also have a very slight gloss as well as the subtle tinge of colour .
                                You can of course vary the colour or glossiness by adding a thicker layer, but I prefer to use lip tints as just a hint of colour and if I want a stronger colour I'll use a lipstick.

                                The only down side is that it contains parabens and that might be a deal breaker for some consumers.

                                Pricewise this is around the £5 mark, which has shocked me. Personally I would never pay that for a lip tint/balm, no matter how good, but as this was part of a present I can't complain really.

                                This Snow Fairy range is generally a Christmas product and not available during the rest of the year, although if they do a new year sale you might find it on offer there or even on ebay .

                                Rating this I'd be happy to rate it 5 stars, but the frugal side of me balks at the price tag and I should think most people might feel the same. So on the basis that the price is a bit exclusive I'm removing one star.


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                                • Jacob's Family Circle / Snacks / 95 Readings / 92 Ratings
                                  More +
                                  31.12.2013 22:26
                                  Very helpful



                                  OK as a present or stand by,but not good value.

                                  I'm reviewing our Crawfords (used to be Jacobs) Family Circle biscuit selection.
                                  I won't list all the ingredients since they are easily accessed on the box or online, but they DO contain milk and gluten and may possibly contain sesame seeds or eggs.

                                  ***WHY THESE ?***
                                  Every year in the run up to Christmas I buy 4 or 5 of these for pensioner neighbours who just don't buy treats like this for themselves.Crawfords biscuits are good quality and this selection suits all tastes.
                                  Usually they cost £4+ so I was delighted to see Tesco doing them for just £3 and I picked up 5 boxes.

                                  ***THE PRODUCT***

                                  These come in a red plastic box measuring 24cms by 25cms (so not quite square) and the box is 9cms high.
                                  The box has a snap-off corner piece which when removed means the lid can be removed.
                                  Inside the are two layers of biscuits on two separate moulded plastic trays .
                                  There is no indication on whether the box is recyclable or not.

                                  The biscuits.
                                  There are 10 varieties in the box ,so I'll list them with a brief opinion on each.

                                  Jam Sandwich Creams,
                                  These are two rather basic biscuits joined together with cream and jam. Nice little biscuits with their plainness elevated slightly by the sweeter content.

                                  Milk Chocolate Finger.
                                  A simple finger of biscuit covered in chocolate .Nice enough but nothing special.

                                  Romany Vanilla Creams.
                                  These are two chocolate flavoured biscuits joined together with white cream . They look disgusting because the biscuits are as dark a colour of brown as is possible without actually being black. But they taste nice. Not gorgeous ,but nice.

                                  Milk Chocolate Digestive.
                                  Again a very basic digestive covered in milk chocolate . One of the nicest in the box I think.

                                  Happy Faces.
                                  Another variation of the Jam sandwich biscuit ,but with a happy face cut into the top biscuit. Nice when dunked in tea or coffee.

                                  Choc Chip Cookie.
                                  Definitely my favourite. Lovely crumbly textured biscuit with little bits of chocolate scattered through it.

                                  Bourbon Creams.
                                  Run of the mill Bourbon biscuits . Two dark biscuits joined by chocolate cream. Just OK .

                                  Custard Creams.
                                  A nice version of the traditional favourite, two biscuits joined together with custard flavoured cream. Nice little dunkable biscuit.

                                  Circular wheel style shortcake biscuit. Frankly I wouldn't call this shortcake at all. It is barely different from the biscuit used in the jam sandwich and Happy faces.

                                  Rich Highland Shortie.
                                  This is more like a shortbread biscuit in taste, but I think calling it 'rich' a bit of an exaggeration . It's a rather ordinary shortbread in my opinion and far removed from the true scottish shortbread .

                                  ***MY FULL OPINION***

                                  OK, reading that back it looks like I'm not too enamoured of the selection, but the fact is that these have disappointed me this year. I can't imagine the formula as such has changed ,yet something is amiss for me. There seems too much sameness in the biscuit dough and I feel less selection and more concentration on getting what they offer to differ from one another is in order.
                                  I really think less would be more here, as regards variation.

                                  Another thing is that in the two layers many of the sections have just two biscuits . TWO BISCUITS ! I thought I had a rogue box to be honest . Four of the varieties on each tray have just two biscuits and I'm rather annoyed that the moulded tray has clearly been remodeled to give the impression that there are more than two in those sections.
                                  This lessens the value and explains the £3 price. Last year these were only £3 after Christmas (I bought some) , and they had more biscuits. Personally I'd rather pay the extra £1 and get more biscuits ,especially when they are little gifts. So I feel decidedly cheated .
                                  I counted the biscuits because I'm sad like that......29 biscuits per tray .So 58 biscuits in total, roughly 5p per biscuit That isn't great value in my book.

                                  And another thing......I saved a box from last year to store my tree lights in and THAT box says it contained 800g, while this year's contains only 700g .
                                  So don't go thinking the £3 price tag is a bargain. It isn't. They simply stabilised the price and reduced the number of biscuits accordingly. Big whoopy-doo .
                                  To put this in context , the simple supermarket Biscuit barrel selection costs just £1.30 for 900g .......200g more than this box ! The Family Circle selection at £3 for 700g is not great value in my opinion.
                                  Luckily I had opened a box for unexpected visitors ,so I bought a simple pack of Tesco biscuit Barrel selection to add to the bags for my neighbours.

                                  To be fair to the actual biscuits ,they are indeed nice, even though the biscuit dough seems a bit 'samey', and the selection is good. However they are not worth £3 for a mere 700g of biscuits , and the packaging really doesn't justify the price in my opinion.

                                  I daresay these might be on offer and might be worth picking up now that Christmas is over, but really, just buy a few ordinary packets for better value.

                                  Regarding stars. Well the biscuits are nice and a good selection, but the packaging and value is less impressive so I'm removing two stars .


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