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    • Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic / Mixer / 5 Readings / 4 Ratings
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      25.01.2015 04:38
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use"
      • "Great value"


      Nice looking, well built, sturdy mixer. Easy to use and great value!

      I was given this product by my mother in law with the instructions that I needed to learn to bake. My whole family watch the Great British bake off and I am forced to watch this too. I have grown to enjoy it and thus has inspired me to want to at least learn the basics and produce some reasonably well baked and tasty cakes.

      It is worth noting that my wife has a kitchen aid as featured on the Great British Bake Off but I am strictly prohibited from using this unless under close supervision.

      The Kenwoid mixer is really nice looking and comes with a clear and easy to follow instruction manual which is translated into several languages. It takes no time to get it out of the box and get it going. It comes with an astray of add ons that can be used forcall diets of baking activities such as a bread hook for bread making etc. It has a 4.6L bowl which is a great size and more than adequate for the cast majority of cakes. The machine has a great motor with multiple speeds and I have had no problems whatsoever with it.

      I love the way it looks and it is really well built and sturdy. It does not look as ornate as my wife's kitchen aid but I believe that it us as good a mixer if not better and it only costs around galf the price of the kitchen aid mixer.

      I fully recommend this product and it will give you hours of fun and lots of delicious cakes.


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      09.06.2014 13:58
      Very helpful


      • "Convenient bottle"
      • Affordable
      • "Even coverage with no patches"
      • Mattee
      • "Long lasting"
      • Hypoallergenic
      • SPF15
      • "Medium to thick cooverage"


      • "Sometimes the pump of the bottle stops working before the foundation ends"

      Recommended for any one with oily,blemish prone skin!Fabolous Foundation!

      The bottle of the foundation is very compact and easy to use. It is made of plastic so I don''t have to worry about breaking it, if I drop it. It has a pump dispenser on top which makes it very easy to take out and use the foundation. A lot of foundations I have use before come in tubes or bottle that require you to squeeze out the foundation for use. I find that highly inconvenient, especially when the tube is about to end. With this foundation you just have to pump it out and conveniently use it. Another brilliant feature of the bottle is that it is transparent and I can see how much foundation I have in the bottle and know clearly when it is about to run out. This provides a lot of peace of mind and convenience. The texture and consistency of the foundation is ideal for me. It is neither too runny, making it hard to stay on my face nor is it too thick, making it hard to apply and sticky. In fact I find the consistency quite similar to heavier moisturizers. I apply foundation with my hands and it just glides on my skin very easily and comfortably. It gives you enough time to spread it all over my face evenly before it settles down. I just apply it on my face comfortably with my fingers, almost like applying my moisturizer and have never ended up with uneven patches on my face. It does not stick to my eye brows or my hair line. The coverage it gives is from medium to heavy which is perfect. This ensures that my face is almost fully covered but still looking natural. When I initially bought it I had a bad case of acne on my face and had a lot of spots and marks. Even in that bad condition the foundations covered my imperfection completely and made all my face look even and neat by hiding all the spots. Sometimes when I am after heavier coverage I apply two coats of the foundation with at least a 2 minute interval between applications. Meaning I apply foundation fully on my face, let it settle down fully and then apply another coat. This ensures more coverage and I find this look perfect for parties and functions. I love how I can get two different looks or two different types of coverage from just one foundation. The Foundation is Hypo allergenic making it perfect for sensitive skin, like mine. Even with my acne prone skin I don''t have to worry about my foundation further damaging my face. Also the foundation provides sun protection and is SPF 15.This provides me further peace of my mind. As this means that my face is safe from the harmful rays of the sun when I am out and about. *MY RATING FOR THE NO7 BEAUTIFULLY MATTE FOUNDATION IS 4.5 OUT OF 5*


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        18.03.2014 10:50
        Very helpful



        Highly recommended! (except to people with very sensitive skin)

        My problem skin has made me almost an expert in skin care products. I have gone through product after product to find a solution for my oily and acne prone skin. I am currently using Clearasil daily clear skin perfecting wash for cleansing my skin. Clearasil is a tried and trusted brand for skin care products and they are always coming up with brilliant products to suit all skin types. The Clearasil daily clear skin perfecting wash comes in two different versions, one designed for normal skin and the other for sensitive skin. The one I bought is the Clearasil daily clear skin perfecting wash for normal skin.

        The Clearasil daily clear skin perfecting wash is available in Superdrug, Tesco, Boots, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrison's etc. It is also available online on Amazon and Ocado. It's price varies in different stores, but you can buy it for £4 or under from most of them. I purchased mine from Boots for £3.79.

        **** PACKAGING****
        The Clearasil daily clear skin perfecting wash comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser on top. One bottle contains 150 ml of the wash. The bottle is very simply designed and has the blue and white theme of the Clearasil skin perfecting range. The label at the front of the bottle claims that the wash Cleanses and gently exfoliates, with a moisturizer complex for cleaner skin every day. At the back of the bottle you can find the directions for use of the wash and a list of ingredients.

        ****HOW TO USE THE WASH****
        The wash is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is to wet your face. Then pump a small amount of the wash on your hands. Apply it on your face and then massage gently. Like most similar washes you need to avoid the eye area as it is very delicate. Then simply wash it off by rinsing with warm water.
        You can use the wash every day, two times daily; in the morning and then in the evening.


        The wash is quite different from the other face washes, I have used before. When you pump it out of the bottle you notice that it is white in color, instead of being clear like most face washes. Also its texture is creamy and it looks more like a moisturizer than a face wash. Its consistency is neither too thick nor runny. And it is very easy to use .It has a very pleasant, fresh smell. Its smell is not too strong.

        Although the wash looks very smooth but when I rub it between my fingers I feel tiny particles or beads in it. Applying the wash on my face is easy. It becomes a bit soapy when I rub it on my face, I was a bit skeptical about the exfoliating particles in the wash when first bought it, since I have acne prone skin and almost always have one or two pimples on my face. I was worried that the beads would be too harsh for my skin and they might end up making my acne worse. But upon actual use I found that the exfoliation is very soft and gentle. The beads don't feel abrasive or rough on my skin. Rather they make my skin feel more cleansed.

        Another thing I always worry about is the texture of face washes and cleansers. I don't like washes that are too thick and creamy. A lot of washes I have used are much heavy and thick. I hate washes that take ages to come off my face, but with this one washing off is quick and super easy.

        The wash comes in a very nice and convenient bottle with a pump dispenser on top. When I want to use the face wash, instead of having to use tubes or tubs with fiddly caps I can just very quickly and easily pump the wash out of the bottle and use it.

        The wash is dermatologically tested and is from a brand famous for fantastic skin care products. This provides me a lot of peace of mind while using this product on my problem and acne prone skin. It also contains Salicylic Acid, which helps in clearing out acne from the skin.

        The wash has a very nice and smooth consistency. It feels very nice while being used on the face. It is very easy to apply and use. I only require half a pump for one use, so one bottle goes a long way. This makes the wash quite economical as well.

        I also like fact that the wash is very lightly scented. Its smell is not over the top and over powering. A lot of washes I have previously used are either too foamy or too creamy. The foamy ones feel like cheap products and to me it feels that I am just using a soap or shower gel on my face and not giving my skin a special treatment. On the other side heavier or creamier face washes I have used are very hard to take off. I usually end up with the wash stuck to the sides of my face, in my hair line and in my eye brows. I find such washes very inconvenient. Face wash is something that I use at least twice a day and most of the times after coming back from a hard day at work. So it should be something that is not only very effective but also very easy to use, enabling me to quickly wash my face, without any hassle and still get brilliant results. One of the best things about the Clearasil skin perfecting wash is its perfect consistency. Although it has a creamy texture, almost similar to a moisturizer, it is still very easy to wash off after use and does not stick to the face. This makes it perfect for me.

        The wash has exfoliating beads inside it. As I cleanse the beads also exfoliate the skin, resulting in a deeper clean. Because of my acne I don't usually go for scrubbing or exfoliating products as I worry about their reaction on my skin. But with the Clearasil wash the exfoliation is very gentle and soft. While using, the exfoliating beads do not feel rough or abrasive on the skin. Instead they produce a massage like effect on the skin, which feels really good. After using the wash my face feels cleansed and fresh.

        The wash does not make the skin feel dried out or stretched after use. It moisturizes the skin while usage, but does not make the skin feel heavy or oily. As a result my skin feels clean, smooth and pampered. After 3 weeks of using the wash I feel that my skin looks fresher and cleaner. It is also helping me with reducing my acne, and I have noticed a decrease in my pimples and spots.

        ****NO DISADVANTAGES****
        So far I really love this wash and have not found any disadvantages in it. The only thing is that if you have sensitive skin you might want to try try the other other version of this wash that has been specifically designed for that skin type.As the exfoliation might up damaging very sensitive skin.

        I think that the Clearasil Skin Perfecting Wash is a brilliant face wash for daily use. Even thought it has exfoliating particles in it, the wash is still gentle enough for daily use. It makes me feel like I am giving my skin a special treat each time I use it. But if you have sensitive skin the exfoliation may be too much for.I advice people with oversensitive skin to do a patch test first, if they want to use this wash.Try a bit of the wash at the back of your hand or on the under side of your neck and see if it suits you. If it doesn't you can try the other version of the wash that has been specifically designed for sensitive skin.

        Here's a list of the ingredients of the wash, if anyone is curious:
        PPG-15 Stearyl Ether,
        Stearyl Alcohol,
        Cetyl Betaine,
        Salicylic Acid,
        Distearyldimonium Chloride,
        Oxidized Polyethylene,
        Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,
        Cetyl Alcohol,
        Sodium Chloride,
        Sodium Hydroxide,
        Behenyl Alcohol,
        PPG-30, Steareth-2,
        Benzyl Salicylate,
        Disodium EDTA,




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        13.03.2014 20:10
        Very helpful




        I bought 4 packs of the Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera & Willow Blemish Mud a month ago from Primark and I am down to my last pack. The three packets I have already used gave really good results and left my skin feeling soft and cleansed. And now all I have left is the 4th and last packet. As I was applying this on my face I suddenly had a fun idea! Why not review the mask while actually using it! So I have just put the mask on and am writing this review as it does its magic on my face. My reviews are always longish, so I will, of course have to get up and wash it off half way through my review. But then I can put down what it feels straight after using. So this review is kind of like a LIVE review, where I am putting down my view of the product as and when I am using it. (So stay tuned for the live transmission!)

        Montagne Jeunesse do a large range of face masks and face tonics that mostly contain natural ingredients and are really good for the skin. Some of their masks are wash off, while some are peel off. I bought my packs of Montagne Jeunesse masks form Primark for just 90 p each. These are also available in Boot, Tesco, Super drug and several other stores mostly costing £1 or less.

        The Montagne Jeunesse face masks all come in very thin long packs with very colorful pictures on top. These pictures usually have the face of a woman with a Montagne Jeunesse mask on her face. The Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera & Willow Blemish Mud also has the similar colorful theme. The most dominant color of the packet is a bright yellow. The girl in the picture is wearing a bright green mask and is very cheerful (rather too cheerful if you ask me). Her eyes are covered with yellow flowers and green leaves, which I am guessing represent the ingredients in the mask. On top of the packaging you can read what type of mask it is and what it's more important ingredients are. At the back of the packet you get a detailed list of ingredients in the mask. The packet does not have very detailed instructions about how to use the mask. Instead the different stages of using the mask are depicted by four pictures, in which a girl is shown while she goes through the 4 different steps of using the mask. The packet contains 20 g of the mask. The packet dos not say whether the amount of product in it is just for one use or more. But I think they have designed it for one application only.

        The Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera & Willow Blemish Mud is a wash off mask. It is mud based and very smooth (I take a bit of it and feel it between my fingers finding it very smooth and creamy).It's consistency is well balanced. It is neither too thick nor too thin. It's consistency makes it very easy to apply on the face and it is not runny at all. Although the picture on the mask shows the girl wearing a bright green mask my packet has a very light coffee color mask it in, with may be a slight hint of green (I check date thinking maybe I have ended up with an outdated piece, but it is well within its best before date).The mask smells a bit weird. It reminds me of Vicks Vapor rub! It's smell is a bit medicinal and not very feminine. The directions on the packet are rather vague. It just has a picture of a girl who's cleansing her face first, then massaging the mask on it, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes and then washing it off. So I follow the directions and after cleansing, apply the mask on my face. I massage it a bit (since the directions give no clue as to how long am I supposed to massage, I massage a bit more for extra measure).After applying the mask on all of my face I notice that there is still enough product left in the packet for another use. So I thriftily seal the packet and put it away for next week. Now all we need to do is to wait for 15 minutes and I spend that time writing this review. After 5 minutes of use the masks start to grow drier and starts feeling hard. The color of the mask is becoming whiter and the smell of the mask is becoming lighter. I don't feel any itching, burning or tingling. Although my face feels quite cold and refreshed. After 10 minutes my face is quite hard and the mask is totally dry. But the feeling is not uncomfortable. The mask stays on the face even after its fully dry and does not go flaky, or fall off my face. It has been 15 minutes since I applied the mask on my face and now I am going to wash it off. Let's see what results I get from it.

        Washing off the mask is a bit tricky. Most of the mask washes off pretty easily, but like always I get bits stuck on my hair line and eye brows, that require further washing. This is one of the reasons why I like peel off masks bettter because they are so easy to take off after use. After a few more attempts the mask is finally off my face (except for a few bits stuck in my hair).Looking in the mirror I can already see a slight glow in my skin. My pores look clean and my face looks refreshed. After pat drying my face I notice that my skin feels very soft and smooth. The mask leaves no residue or extra moisture on my face, nor does it over dry my skin. I don't feel any tightening or discomfort on my face. My face feels cleansed, soft and pampered. I love the luxurious pampered feeling the mask has given me.As far as blemish control is concerned I know I would need to keep using the masks for at least another 2 months to decide if it is any good in that department.

        The mask is of a perfect consistency. It is neither runny nor too thick to apply on the face. It feels very smooth and can easily be applied on the face with fingers.

        The mask does not have any exfoliating beads or harsher ingredients in it. It is smooth and plain. This gives me a lot of peace of mind when I am massaging it around the delicate eye area or around any acne on my face.
        The masks consist of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Evening Primrose, Mediterranean Clay, Rosemary, Willow and Witch Hazel. This is one of the main reasons I bought it. I have problem skin, that is prone to open pores and pimples. I want to cleanse it but am wary of using harsher ingredients and chemicals on it. So natural ingredients are the best for me, as they don't have any side effects and they have no chance of damaging my skin or activating my acne.

        While wearing the mast I don't feel any discomfort, stinging or irritation. It gives you a very soothing and pampered feeling. I use the masks when I want to relax and give myself a treat. It cleanses and soothes my face as well as help me relax when I am enjoying a bit of ME TIME.
        These masks are not very pricey. This is one of the best features of Montagne Jeunesse masks. You can buy a packed for a just around a pound and check whether it suits you or not. Even if it is not the one for you,It doesn't feel that you have wasted a lot of money. I think 1 pound is not a very bad price for that special ME TIME at home.

        The mask is easy to rinse off. It leaves the skin very soft, clean and glowing. Even after all the cleansing it does not dry out the skin and there is no tightening or discomfort after use.

        The main issue I have with the mask is that the packaging does not have a lot of information about the usage of the mask. Firstly it does not state whether the amount of product in a pack is for one use or more. Also there are no detailed instructions written on the back about using the mask. There are the pictures as I mention before but they just advise you to cleanse, massage, leave on for 10-15 minute and rinse. There is no detailed information like how long should I massage? Can I do the sensitive area around my eyes? Should I just wash it after 10-15 minutes even if it is not completely dry? Should I use cold or warm water for washing it off? Furthermore the packet does not state how often the mask should be used for better results?I had to resort to Google in order to understand how to get the best results out of the mask.So I think that the manufacturers should add more detailed instructions about the usage of the mask on it's packet.

        The smell of the mask is not very feminine.It smells more like Vicks Vapo Rub.I think a mask made especially for relaxing should have a soothing aroma to help relax while the it works on your face.

        I think that the mask is fantastic. It is cheap and cheerful. From now on I will be treating myself to one of these masks every week. After using it my skin feels smooth, soft and pampered.

        ***************THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING MY REVIEW*********************


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          12.03.2014 20:18
          Very helpful



          Better to buy it only with a £5 off voucher.Not recommended to people with oily skin

          I bought the The Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Quick thinking wipes on an impulse during a visit to my nearby Boots store for some cosmetic shopping. I normally buy the Boots Essentials cucumber wipes and find them very good. The only issue I have with them is that the seal tab at the top of the wipes sometimes loses its stickiness and I end up with an open packet, without any seal, resulting in dried out wipes. So when I saw the Boots Beautiful skin Quick thinking wipes I decided to give then a go, as they came with a proper solid plastic lid on top, that looked very convenient to use.I also had a £5 off voucher for no7 skin care,so I decided to use that on these wipes and grab myself a bargain.

          ****PRICE AND AVAILABILITY****
          The No7 beautiful skin quick thinking wipes are a part of the Boots own, premium skin care products range called no 7. Most No7 products are more premium, more attractive looking and more expensive than the normal boots own brand products. The No7 Quick thinking wipes can be bought from any Boots store or from the Boots website i.e. boots.com. Their normal price is £7.00 .On and off, Boots do discount vouchers for No7 products,that you get when you spend more than £5 on shopping in the store. These vouchers give you £5 off on No 7 skin care products. So if you use these vouchers you can get these wipes for £2. Sometimes there are also 3 for 2 or other price bargains on Boots skin care as well, making it possible to get these wipes at a lower price.

          The No7 beautiful skin quick thinking wipes come in a white plastic packet with a pale blue plastic lid on top. This lid ensures that the wipes stay moist inside. Beneath the lid there is a plastic seal for keeping the wipes further air tight, before first use. There is a total of 30 wipes in each packet. The packaging is rather plain, in contrast to the other no 7 skin care products, that have far more premium looking and fancy packaging. The packaging states the wipes are hypo allergenic and suitable for all skin types. You can also see the instructions for using the wipes and also a list of ingredients at the back of the packet.

          The wipes are plain, without any texture or ridges. There color is plain white. When you unfold a wipe you notice that they are bigger than most facial wipes available in the market. In fact their size reminds me of baby wipes. They are nice and thick. Also they are quite flexible and don't rip or tear easily on stretching. Although the packaging says that they are fragrance free but I do smell a very faint, subtle and nice fragrance when I use them. The wipes are very soft and smooth. They feel very luxurious and silky while wiping your face. They moisturize your skin while using. After using the wipes the face feels cold, fresh and clean. I do feel that after using the wipes my face feels a bit heavy and full of product. Especially in summer, after using these wipes I feel as if I am wearing a lot of thick moisturizer on my face. This is most probably because my skin is oily and does not require any product that further moisturizes it.

          The best thing about these wipes is the packaging. They come with a plastic lid on top which is very easy to open and close. This makes it easier to use the wipes and ensure that they are totally sealed when not in use. Also the size of the packet is very compact and small, making it possible for me to carry the wipes around with me when I am out and about.

          These wipes are fragrance free and hypo allergenic. I have acne prone skin and don't use products with heavy fragrance with fear of activating another acne attack. The hypo allergenic feature gives me further peace of mind.
          The size of the wipes is nice and big making them convenient to use. Also they are plain and not textured like some other wipes I have used. Because of their softness I can use them even on my acne affected area and also the sensitive area around my eyes, without any worry.

          The wipes can be used where ever and whenever I need them. Especially while travelling they are very convenient for removing make up and cleansing. Instead of packing and carrying a pouch full of cotton rolls, pads, cleansers etc, I can just carry these wipes with me and travel light.

          The wipes remove makeup very brilliantly. Even if I am wearing heavy makeup they work quite well, removing both foundation and eye makeup very easily. For heavier eye makeup I sometimes have to use 2 or 3 wipes for a perfect clean. But the eye makeup is removed very softly and doesn't require any rubbing. The wipes don't sting the eyes as well. The packaging of the wipes promises that they can be used to remove water proof mascara as well. But I don't wear water proof mascara so I can't say for sure if there is any truth in that claim.

          The biggest downside of these wipes is obviously their price! Is it just me or is £7 for just a pack of face wipes is way over the top? The wipes are of great quality and the plastic lid on top is very convenient but, both of these features do not justify the unreasonably high £7 price ticket. These wipes are much more affordable when you buy them just for £2 with the £5 off voucher. I seriously doubt if any one actually buys them on their full price. Looking at the quality of the wipes and packaging, I think that it would have been more reasonable if £2 was the actual price of these wipes . This makes me wonder if the wipes have been designed to sell at only £2 and the £7 pound price, with a discount voucher of £5 is just a selling gimmick by the company designed to attract more sales. Come to think of it aren't they almost always giving those £5 off vouchers throughout the year? This raises some serious questions about the sales ethics of these retail stores.

          Another problem I have with these wipes is that, I think they leave the skin feeling really heavy and over moisturized. I have oily skin and like using wipes that remove the oil and make my skin feel light after use. But after using these wipes my skin feels full of product and heavy. Especially during summer, I end up with having to wash my face after using the wipes just to get rid of the uncomfortable oily feeling they give. I think that, although they are advertised as being suitable for all skin types, they are not very good for oily skin, especially in summer.

          The No7 beautiful skin Wipes cleanse the skin very well and are brilliant at removing make up. But on the down side they are too expensive to buy at full price. Also I think that they are not suitable for oil skin especially for summer use.




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            11.03.2014 12:46
            Very helpful



            Cheap and cheerful wipes that I would definetly recommend

            There is a huge variety of skin care products in the market and it's hard to find something that is perfect for you. Sometimes we are so attracted by the more eye catching and premium looking products that we fail to notice some really good products that might not be as fancy, but still give fantastic results. The boots essentials cucumber cleansing wipes are a good example of such fabulous products. They are fairly inexpensive and are not advertised as much but they give great results. I have been using the boots cucumber wipes for a long while now and they are brilliant for everyday use.

            ****PRICE AND AVAILABILITY****
            The Boots Cucumber wipes are the Boots store's own brand wipes. Boots does a whole range of products under their cucumber range. You can buy these from any Boots store or from the Boots website i.e boots.com. Their normal price is £1.50 .But they are often on price bargains. I usually buy them when they are 3 for £3 .Making them cost only £1 a pack.

            T he Boots essential cucumber wipes come in a light green packaging made of plastic, similar to the packaging of baby wipes. You can take the wipes out from a hole on the top of the packet. When not in use, the hole can be covered by a see-through plastic tab or sticker. The packaging is very simple. At the back of the pack there are the basic instruction for using the wipes and also a list of ingredients. One pack contains 25 wipes, lying on top of each other.

            The wipes are white in color. When you unfold a wipe you see that they are of reasonable size, measuring approximately 6 inches by 7.5 inches. The wipes feel very soft and smooth. They are of medium thickness and if you stretch or pull them you notice they are quite flexible. They don't rip or tear easily. The wipes have a faint cucumber smell. The smell is fairly mild and subtle. The wipes are not overly wet or dry. The moisture is perfectly balanced for a clean and fresh feeling after wiping. When you wipe your face with these wipes you feel that they are very gentle and soft. They don't rub your skin at all. The wipes leave the skin feeling clean, refreshed and soft. The skin does not dry or feel stretched after using these wipes.

            ****WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THESE WIPES****
            Firstly the packaging is simple and hassle free. The small, light-weight pouch allows me to take the wipes with me everywhere. Also since the wipes are very neatly packed, lying on top of each other if, at times I forget to reseal the packet after usage, they don't dry out quickly.
            Secondly the smell of the wipes is very mild and nice. I dislike facial care products that come with heavy fragrances, as I feel that they are too cosmetic and can harm the skin. These wipes are perfect as the fragrance is not over the top.

            The wipes are soft and smooth. I have used these even when I had a very bad attack of acne on my face. Even with pimples and spots on my face, these wipes did not cause any burning, itching or discomfort to my skin. They did not have any negative effects on my blemished skin.

            Their soft formula and smooth texture also makes it possible to use them around the eye area. They don't sting the eyes as well. They contain aloe Vera, cucumber and vitamin E, which are all fantastic for the skin.

            The wipes are good for both detailed cleaning of the face or just a quick wipe to refresh the skin. They also are very good at removing make up. I find it very easy to remove my foundation. Eye makeup removal sometimes proves to be a challenge for these wipes, especially if I am wearing a gel eye liner or mascara. In that case I usually use multiple wipes at a time, which enables me to remove all my heavy eye makeup completely.

            After using the wipes the skin does not feel heavy or full of product. They leave the skin feeling light and fresh. Because of this these wipes are perfect for use in summer or when you are really sweaty after running or a gym session. My skin is very oily and I dislike wipes that are full of too much moisture and make your skin very heavy after use. The light nature of these wipes makes them perfect for my skin.

            Probably the best thing about these wipes is that they are very inexpensive. I usually buy them when they are on offer for a pound each which is a fantastic price for such good quality wipes. This saves me from having to worry about spending a lot of money on face wipes or using the wipes thriftily. I use multiple wipes at a time, without a second though and in emergency situations use them as hand wipes as well.

            The only slight issue I have with these wipes is the the plastic tab at the top for sealing the wipes. I find that after a while the plastic tab loses a bit of it stickiness and it is hard to keep the wipes sealed. But this does not cause a lot of inconvenience to me, because the wipes don't dry out too quickly, even after being left open for a while.

            All in all I think that the Boots Cucumber wipes are a fantastic product to get at such a low price. They can be used on any skin type. They are cheap and cheerful. And do their job really well.



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              09.03.2014 20:42
              Very helpful



              Great moisturisor for blemish prone and oily skin

              When I first bought the Neutrogena visibly clear oil free moisturizer my skin was going through a very bad patch. I had a severe acne attack on my chin and forehead area. My GP advised me to use an ointment that, ended up over drying my skin. I had dried out spots on my skin and a lot of the areas of my skin were cracking and peeling off. Covering my face with a foundation was impossible as well, because my dry skin was not cooperating at all and the foundation just would not stay on my skin. So it was either look for help for my skin or walk around wearing a paper bag around my head!
              My skin is naturally very oily. I had never needed a moisturizer before. I was not definitely buying a moisturizer with oil in it ,as it would have just made my break out worse,so I decided to give the Neutrogena visibly clear oil free moisturizer a go.

              ****PRICE AND AVAILABILITY****
              The Neutrogena oil free moisturizer is widely available in most stores like Boots, Tesco, Asda, Super drug etc. It's retail price is £4.69. But If you shop around you can always get it on a bargain in one store or the other. I usually buy this from Boots when they do their 3 for 2 on skin products.

              The Neutrogenia oil free moisturizer comes in a rectangular box with the trademark Orange and white theme of the Neutrogena's visibly clear Line of skin care products. You can find a lot of information about the moisturizer just by reading the box. Inside the box there is a smart looking tube that contains 50 ml of the moisturizer. The tube has a rectangular white, screw-on cap. The cap enables the tube to stand upright on your dresser or shelf.

              The moisturizer tube looks very cute and smart. It is slim enough to slip it in to your bag and carry it around with you. The moisturizer itself is white in color and has a medium, well balanced consistency.It is very smooth and easy to apply. You only need a small quantity of it to use it all over your face. It has a very nice and soft fragrance. I don't like skin care products that have a lot of perfume in them, as I think they can harm the skin. The soft fragrance of the Neutrogena oil free moisturizer is perfect and makes me feel refreshed and pampered after use. After using the moisturizer, the skin feels hydrated and soft.The moisturizer does not leave any residue, moisture or oil on the skin. It gives a Matt finish, leaving my skin hydrated and soft. The fact that it is oil free makes it perfect for my skin as it hydrates the skin but does not make it oily. I use the moisturizer by itself or as a base for my foundation.

              The moment I tried the Neutrogena oil free moisturizer I feel in love it with straight away. At that moment I had a a very bad break out, with pimples and spots all over my face. The moisturizer helped me a lot to go through that problematic phase of my skin.It hydrated and soothed my skin, without making it oily.I also used it as a base for my foundation. My acne treatment had made my skin very dry and flaky and no foundation would stay on my face at all. The moisturizer really helped me with this problem a lot. All I needed to do was to apply this on my face, give it two minutes to settle down on my skin and then apply my foundation over it. The moisturizer helped me hydrate my skin and also helped in calming down the blemishes. Even now when my skin has recovered from the break out and is perfectly healthy, the Neutrogena moisturizer is a part of my daily skin care regime. I really love using it.

              One good thing about the moisturizer is its slim and smart tube. It is very light wait and is very easy to carry around with me in my bag, when I am out and about. The design of the tube, with its screw on rectangular cap is very convenient.

              The texture and consistency of the moisturizer is perfect for my skin. It is really light but not runny. It is very easy to apply it on my face and my skin absorbs it quickly. After applying the moisturizer my skin does not feel heavy or uncomfortable. It does not give the greasy, heavy feeling that a lot of moisturizers have a tendency of giving. On the contrary it makes the skin feel fresh and pampered. Even with oily skin such as mine the moisturizer gives a Matt and smooth finish. That is because the moisturizer is totally oil free and is designed for problem skin. I love the light fragrance of the moisturizer as well.

              The packaging of the moisturizer claims that it gives even skin tone . I am not very sure if it has actually helped me in evening out my skin tone, as I have been using this moisturizer with a combination of other skin care products. But the over all health and look of my skin has definitely improved.The most lovable factor about this moisturizer for me is that it did not make my break out worse,on the contrary it helped me in clearing out my pimples and spots.

              I only need a small amount of the moisturizer to cover all my face. I use the moisturizer twice daily and the the 50 ml tube lasts for a month and half for me, which I think is very good.

              ***NO DISADVANTAGES***
              Th Neutrogena visible pure oil free moisturizer is a part of my daily skin care regime.I love every thing about it. It's oil free nature and blemish control formula makes it perfect for my skin type. So there is nothing I dislike about it.

              I love the Neutrogena visible clear oil free moisturizer. It is perfect for oily to normal skin.And I recommend it highly to any one having a blemish prone skin. It is perfect for daily use and good for all almost skin types. Although I feel that if you have exceptionally dry skin you might need to try something a bit heavier.

              ***********THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING MY REVIEW***********


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                09.03.2014 13:13
                Very helpful



                I am not a fan.And would not recommend this product especially to people with sensitive or dry skin.

                My skin still behaves like a teenager's (sadly the rest of me doesn't) and I am regularly getting breakouts and spots. Basically I have combination skin with my t zone area being excessively oily and the cheeks area being normal to dry . I have spent a good part of my life, going through product after product to find something that would help me with my problematic skin. I wanted something that would cleanse my skin and help me with the spots and open pores. I was recommended the Clearasil Stay clear cleansing pads from a staff member at my local boots store. Since they seemed to address all my problems , I decided to give them a try. Clearasil is from the tried and trusted brand Reckitt & Benckiser.I had used other skin care products from Clearasil before. So I was very hopeful that wipes would work for me.

                ****PRICE AND AVAILABILITY****
                The Clearasil wipes are widely available in most stores like Boots, Tesco, Asda etc. There retail price is £ 4.07 .But when I bought them they were on a bargain for £2

                The Clearasil pads come in a round, medium sized bottle/tub made of plastic. It has the trademark blue and white theme of the Clearasil brand .The container has a blue lid. Inside the lid there is a foil cover to keep the cleansing pads moist and airtight. The wipes are all stacked on top of each other inside. There are 65 pads in one bottle. The bottle does not come in a box.

                ****WHAT DO CLEANSING PADS LOOK LIKE? ****
                The pads are white in color and are shaped in round discs. One side is textured and the other is plain.

                ****HOW TO USE THE CLEANSING PADS?****
                Usage is simple. All you need to do is to take a pad and clean your face with it. You do not need to rinse it off afterwards. Although it does not say in the instructions but I do feel that if you are wearing heavy makeup you might need to wash your face first, otherwise you will go through the whole stack of wipes, to get detailed cleaning. The label at the back suggests that the pads should be used two times in a day; in the morning and at night.

                ****HOW DO THEY SMELL?****
                The pads have a slightly medicinal smell. The first time I used the wipes I guessed just by smelling that the wipes had a lot of alcohol in them. I am personally not a big fan of their smell.

                ****HOW DO THEY FEEL?****
                The first thing you notice about the pads when you use it is that it is cold and wet. As you wipe your face you can feel tiny beads or particles that rub on your skin. The pads don't feel soft while using. They have exfoliating beads in them, which you can feel while cleaning your face. After using them the face feels clean and refreshed. They leave the skin clean and fresh. My skin is very oily and after using these wipes I feel that my skin gets a very Matt ,oil free finish. The skin feels a bit dry and stretched after use.

                ****WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE CLEANSING PADS****

                1. The first thing I like about these pads is the packaging and the bottle. They come in a very compact bottle with a screw on lid. The small size of the bottles makes it convenient to carry the wipes everywhere with you. And the screw on lid ensures that the pads don't come in contact with any air and hence do not dry out.

                2. The second thing I like about the pads is that they are neither over dry or overly wet. The moisture in them is perfect. This makes cleaning very comfortable and convenient.

                3. Since the pads don't require any washing off afterwards they are very convenient to use any where.You don't have to use them around your bathroom sink. In fact you can use them at your leisure any where.I usually cleanse while sitting in front of the telly or in my bed room
                4. The pads are plain from one side and textured on the other. So if I am doing sensitive areas I can use the plain softer side on them and can use the slightly rougher side on other parts of my skin. I like the flexibility this gives in the usage of the pads.

                5. The pads have tiny exfoliating beads in them that you can feel while using them on your face. I enjoy the deep clean feel these give and my skin feels refreshed after use.

                6. The pads are antibacterial and help remove a lot of dirt from my face. They leave my skin dry and oil free. I enjoy using them more for exfoliating, rather than cleaning.


                1. Firstly I am not very happy with the smell of these pads. They smell very medicinal to me. I know fragrance is bad for skin but I facial products should, at least smell a bit nice to get that freshly clean and pampered feel.

                2. I also have an issue with the size of the pads. To me it seems that one pad is too small for my face and I end up using two, or sometimes three at a time for more detailed cleaning. I think that to get the best result from these it is better to use a face wash on your face to get rid of make up or surface dirt first and then use these for deep cleansing.

                3.Since the pads are stacked on top of each other in the bottle,sometimes I find it hard to take single pad out of the narrow bottle.Most of the times I end up taking 3 or 4 pads out together while trying to get a single pad out.

                4.The pads dry the skin a lot after use. Since my skin is very oily ,this does not bother me a lot but I am quite sure these would not suit any one with dry skin.

                5.I am also very skeptical about the texture of the pads. They are not soft and gently. due to the exfoliating beads in them, they have a somewhat abrasive effect on the skin. This makes me unsure about using them on my problem areas, because I have noticed that they peel the skin off the spots.


                I have mixed emotions about these pads. They did not damage or hurt my skin but neither did they do anything great for my skin. Since I get break outs and spots quite often, I steer clear of harsher products, with the fear of further damage to my skin. The exfoliating nature of these pads has put me off using them. I don't advise these to any one with sensitive or dry skin. These will almost certainly cause reddening for sensitive skin and over dry your skin as well.



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                  07.03.2014 10:43
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  I love it and would happily recommend it

                  Before purchasing this KitSound mini buddy bee speaker I was already a proud and happy owner of another KitSound mini buddy speaker that looked like a penguin. Since the penguin speaker was fantastic and I loved everything about it, I decided to get him a playmate. These mini speakers come with a buddy feature, which enables you to pair two or more speakers in a daisy chain and get bigger sound. I really wanted to try that feature, plus the bee speaker looked very cute. So I just HAD to buy it! I found an amazing bargain on it on amazon and bought it only for £3 ,which is 1/3 of it's original price. YAY ME!


                  The kit sound mini buddy bee speaker comes in a transparent see through box, which allows you to have a look at the speaker inside. The speaker itself looks like a round (fat) honey bee. It is black and yellow, with translucent white wings. Its dimensions are 3.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches and it weighs 1.8 ounces. On the top of the speaker there is a key ring attachment and also a 3 inch cable. This cable has a 3.5 mm dock for connecting the speaker to various devices. At the bottom of the speaker you get the On/off and the volume buttons. And a light that glows when the speaker is turned on. There is also a charging port for connecting it to the USB cable provided. The actual speaker is at the back of the little bee. On one side the speaker also has an input option, which is for connecting it with other speakers. The design of the speaker is very cute and funky.

                  ****ITEMS IN THE BOX****
                  The box contains:
                  1. Kit sound bee speaker.
                  2. USB cable for charging.

                  ****HOW TO USE THE SPEAKER****
                  The speaker is very easy to use .All you need to do is to charge it with the USB cable provided. After charging you can just plug in to the device you are using and turn it on from the button at the bottom. The light will tell you when it is turned on. Then you can just set the volume and enjoy the fantastic sound.

                  ****HOW TO CHARGE AND THE CHARGING TIME****
                  The speaker comes with a USB charger that makes it very easy to charge. You can charge it from your laptop, your PC or from the mains using a charging socket or even from a car charger. It is charged fully in 1 to 2 hours .And the charge lasts for 4 hours, sometimes even 5. I think this charging time is fantastic.

                  ****DEVICES THAT IT WORKS WITH****
                  The speaker has a 3.5 mm jack, which makes it compatible with a wide range of devices. So far I have used with my Ipod, Ipad, Iphone4, Sony Xperia S and even with my laptop. It makes it very easy to listen to music or watch videos. It is compatible with IPod, Ipad 2/3/4/mini, Iphone 3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C and android devices.

                  ****FEATURES THAT I LOVE****
                  I really love the speaker and use it all the time. Here is list of features that I find really fantastic.

                  ⦁ SIZE AND PORTABILITY:
                  The first thing I love about this speaker is that it is very compact and small. This makes it easy to use. Also this makes it possible for me to carry it around with me even if I am out and about. I can take it with me in my bag on my days out and easily carry it with me on holidays as well. There is a key ring attachment as well, which makes it even easier to carry it around with me.

                  ⦁ LOOK AND DESIGN:
                  I love how Kit sound has designed the speaker to look like a bee. It is very adorable and cute. Instead of having a boring black speaker to use, I have a funky looking bee with me all the time. When I am not using it I keep it on my table beside my KitSound penguin mini speaker and they both work as very cute decoration pieces as well.

                  ⦁ GREAT SOUND:
                  Despite the small size the speaker does pack a punch. Its sound quality is surprisingly good as well. It is amazing how such a tiny speaker can give such a loud and good quality sound. This makes it very practical while listening to music or watching videos and movies on my phone, Ipad or even my laptop. The sound quality of the speaker is brilliant as well. And it remains clear, without any distortion, even on the highest volume.

                  ⦁ WORKS ON A WIDE RANGE OF DEVICES:
                  One of the best things about this speaker is that it is compatible with a wide range of devices. Its 3.5 mm jack makes it possible to work with almost any device that has a headphone/speaker input. It works with Ipod, Ipad 2/3/4/mini, Iphone 3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C, Android phones/devices and even with my laptop. So I don't need separate speakers for my various devices.

                  ⦁ ON/OFF LIGHT:
                  There is a tiny light at the bottom of the speaker than glows when you turn it on. So I always know when it is turned on and can save the charging when not using it.

                  ⦁ BUDDY JACK FEATURE:
                  A really fun and cool feature of this mini speaker is the buddy jack option available. The speaker can be connected with another Kit sound mini buddy speaker for louder and bigger sound. So if you have another buddy speaker or just any other speaker, you can connect it with this mini speaker in a daisy chain and enjoy better sound. This is one of the main reasons I bought this Bee speaker. I already had a KitSound penguin mini speaker and wanted to pair it with another mini speaker. I just connect the two speakers together and they work brilliantly, by producing really big sound. This just doubles the fun of the speaker.

                  ⦁ RECHARGEABLE:
                  Another good thing about the mini speaker is that it is rechargeable and does not require any batteries. The charging time is fantastic as well. This makes the speaker very economical and convenient to use.

                  ****NO DISADVANTAGE****
                  So far I am finding the Kit sound Mini buddy bee speaker a lot of fun and easy to use. And there is nothing I dislike about it. It works perfectly well by itself or when I pair it with the KitSound mini buddy penguin speaker.

                  ****OTHER DESIGNS AVAILABLE****
                  A great thing about KIT sound mini buddy speakers is that they are all shaped in to cute looking animals or different other funky shapes. If you don't like the bee shape, the same speaker is also available in many other cute designs like penguin, frog, pig, monkey, bear, panda, bomb, owl, bunny, devil, etc.



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                    04.03.2014 20:36
                    Very helpful


                    • Reliability


                    Love it and would definitely recommend it to people.

                    I bought the Kit Sound Mini buddy Penguin on an impulse, during a grocery shopping trip to Tesco. Its price was £9.99.It looked cute and interesting. To be honest I had never seen a mini speaker like this before and was curious to know how it would work. The fact that it looked like a tiny penguin, with such a cute face and those big eyes, did not help at all. And I just had to buy the speaker. To my utter surprise my impulse purchase turned out to be a fantastic product which I use regularly now and enjoy using it very much.

                    ****DESCRIPTION ****

                    The Kit sound mini buddy comes in a transparent box, which allows you to have a peek inside at the speaker. The box has information about the speaker and which devices you can use it with. The speaker itself is in the shape of the most adorable penguin ever! It is approximately 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches high. It only weights 82 gms .The penguin is black and white with an orange beak and feet. The flippers at its sides are made of rubber but its feet are plastic. The speaker cover is at the back of the penguin. From the top of her head comes out a small cord about 3 inches long that has a 3.5 mm jack. On the same spot there is also attached a key ring loop on a cord. On the base of the penguin there is the On/Off button, volume control and a light that glows when the speaker is turned on. There is also the charging port where you plug in the USB charging cable.

                    ****ITEMS IN THE BOX****

                    1. Kit Sound Mini Buddy Speaker
                    2. USB charge cable


                    Here is a list of the main features of the Kit sound mini buddy speaker:
                    * The speaker has a compact design and small size that makes it easy to carry around and take any where.
                    * The speaker is very stylish and funky.
                    * Irrespective of the small size the speaker has a great, big and punchy sound.
                    * The speaker is rechargeable, which saves you from buying batteries again and again. You can charge it with the USB cord ,included with the speaker
                    * The speaker is compatible with a variety of devices. It works with iPod, iPad 2/3/4/Mini, iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C and Android Devices
                    * The speaker also has a buddy jack feature, which enables you to connect it with other speakers to create even louder sound.
                    * The speaker has a key ring attachment, so you can always have it with you.

                    ****MY VIEW OF THE SPEAKER****

                    When I first bought the speaker I was not expecting it to be this good. I just bought it on a spur of the moment and thought it would be a cute gadget to try. I really liked the cute packing and loved the adorable penguin shape. Holding the penguin in my hand I realized that it is very light weight. I charged and plugged it into and my iPod. I got the shock of my life when I played my first song on it. I had never expected such a tiny speaker to give such a loud and clear sound. Since that moment my penguin is always with me .I use it to play music from my iPod, watch videos on my Iphone 4 or my iPad even use it with my laptop. I really enjoy how convenient it is to use.

                    ****DEVICES IT WORKS WITH****

                    I have tried the speaker with a variety of devices and it works perfectly well with all of them. The 3.5 mm jack gives it the flexibility to be used with almost any device. I use it in a lot of ways. I use it
                    * With my iPod to play music
                    * With my two phones; iPhone 5 and Sony Xperia S ,while watching videos, playing music or even doing web chatting on Skype
                    * With my Ipad, both at home and when I am out and about.
                    * With my laptop. I love watching movies on my laptop. But earlier I had to attach my bigger speakers to my laptop, before watching a movie on it and I (being seriously lazy) used to find this very inconvenient. With the mini speaker I can watch movies or do other stuff on my laptop any where, very conveniently.

                    ****HOW TO USE IT****

                    The speaker is very easy to use .All I need to do is to charge it to charge it by simply plugging the supplied USB cable into a PC, laptop, USB mains charger or USB car charger. When it is fully charged I connect it to which ever device I am using. Then I simply turn it on from the button on the bottom of the speaker. The volume can also be controlled from here. The speaker can also be connected to other speakers in a daisy chain for a bigger sound.

                    ****CHARGING TIME****

                    The charging time for the speaker is between 2 to 3 hours. After a full charge my speaker can be used for about 5 hours. I find this charging time very convenient and fantastic.

                    ****ADVANTAGES ****

                    I love my mini buddy. In fact it is, almost my best buddy. Here are a few reasons why

                    1. The first thing I love about this speaker is how small, compact and light weight it is. It is so easy to carry and use. I can carry it around with me in my pocket or my bag. It is almost always with me. I can just take it out and use it any where and every where.
                    2. The look of the speaker is very funky and cute. The penguin shape of it is very eye catching and my friends are always asking me about it.
                    3. The best feature of the mini speaker is the huge sound you get from such a small speaker. It certainly is loud and perfect for listening to music or watching videos. The sound remains clear without any distortion, even on its loudest.
                    4. I like the light on the back as well, because it stays on when using the speaker. This prevents me from forgetting to turn it off after use. Otherwise I would just waste the battery.
                    5. Another brilliant feature of the speaker is the fact that it is compatible with almost all devices I have. This means I don't need to have a separate speaker for my IPod, my phones, my IPad or my laptop. All I need is to have this speaker with me and I am done.
                    6. I also like the key ring option on the top as well. This makes it much easier to carry around with me.
                    7. The speaker also has a buddy jack feature, which means you can connect it to other speakers to get bigger sound. This is fantastic because I have bought another Kit sound mini speaker buddy (the yellow and black bee) and I just pair them together for more sound. Occasionally I also pair the mini speaker with other speakers, and it works perfectly with them as well
                    8. Last but not the least I love the fact that the speaker is rechargeable. This prevents me from having to spend money on buying batteries. This is fantastic and makes the speaker more economical. Also I can charge it with my laptop or even with a car charger if I am on the go, how convenient!

                    ****NO DISADVANTAGES****

                    So far I have not found any disadvantages with my kit sound mini speaker. It is perfect!

                    ****OTHER DESIGNS AVAILABLE****

                    If you are not into penguins (how can any one not be in to penguins?) the same speaker is also available in many other cute designs like bee, frog, pig, monkey, bear, panda, bomb, owl, bunny, devil and cat. All of these have the same features and benefits.


                    ****THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING MY REVIEW****


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                      03.03.2014 20:05
                      Very helpful



                      Fantastic styler,with a great price,I would definitely recommend it!

                      I have dead straight and very (annoying) silky hair. I have always dreamed of having gorgeous and shiny (fairy tale princess-like) waves in them. I have gone through styler after styler to create, natural looking luxurious waves that stay in the hair for a long time. Most wavers don't work on my hair. If by some miracle of God a styler does curl my hair, it does not hold the curl and the curl just drops with in less an hour of styling. So I was on the look out for a styler that styles quickly and gives waves that last as well. My quest for the perfect waver led me to buy the Babyliss boutique styler and I was not disappointed with my purchase.


                      Babyliss do a complete line of stylers under their boutique range. All of these stylers have a very premium look and come in gorgeous boxes that just beg you to buy them. It was the box of Babyliss Boutique waver styler that first caught my eye. It is a lovely rectangular box with a picture of a girl, with the most gorgeous hair in the world ever! That girl in the picture, with her gorgeous, shiny waves, literally hypnotised me to buy the waver.
                      The box has detailed information about the features of the wavers and the items that come with it. Inside the box I found the styler packed inside a cream coloured draw string pouch. The styler itself looks very elegant. It has a gorgeous dull gold and black coloured theme. The handle part of it is black with the words ''Babyliss'' and ''Boutique'' written on it in gold. On the handle there is a small screen that shows the different heat settings. A light goes on inside this window when you turn on the styler and then this light glows against the heat setting you choose. You can choose between 5 different heat settings ,these are 150°C ,165°C, 180°C, 195°C and 210°C.Below the screen are the buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. And below that is the on off button.
                      The styling barrel itself is of a very lovely dull gold colour. It is a 34mm thick barrel and has a very smooth feel. It also has a cool tip on top. The cord of the styler is very long and looks very practical. The styler has a swivel cord. The styler looks easy to use.

                      **** ITEMS IN THE BOX****

                      The box contains:
                      * 1 BaByliss Boutique Soft Waves Tong
                      * 1 Heat proof mat
                      * 1 Heat glove
                      * 1 Draw string pouch for storing the styler
                      * 1 Information booklet

                      ****PRICE OF THE WAVER****

                      I bought the waver for only ‎£24.99 from Boots. Its original price was ‎£29.99 and it was on a special offer. I think that it is a fantastic styler to get at this price. It is far better than many other stylers that have similar feature but are much more expensive

                      ****FEATURES OF THE WAVER****

                      * The waver has a thick 34 mm barrel.
                      * The waver has a longer length barrel.
                      * The waver barrel is nano-ceramic.
                      * The waver goes up to 210°C.
                      * The waver has 5 digital temperature settings; 150°C, 165°C, 180°C, 195°C and 210°C.
                      * The waver has Ultra-fast heat up which makes it ready to use in 30 seconds.
                      * The waver has ultra fast heat recovery during using because of its advanced ceramics.
                      * The waver has a cool tip.
                      * The waver has an integrated heat rest.
                      * The waver has a 2.5 m swivel cord
                      * The waver comes with a 5 year guarantee
                      * The waver has a heat protection mat and a protective glove.

                      ****HOW TO USE THE WAVER****

                      The Babyliss boutique waver is very easy to use. All you need to do is to set it to the heat setting that suits your hair. Thin hair requires less heat than thick hair. Also straight hair requires more heat than natural wavy or curly hair. The waver has a 30 seconds heat up so it will be ready fairly quickly. Now just wrap your hair around the barrel hold for 5 to 10 seconds depending on your hair type (my hair requires at least 15 seconds). Then release the tong from the hair and let the wave cool before styling further.

                      ****TYPES OF LOOKS THE WAVER CREATES***
                      The waver can be used to create different kinds of looks. You can wave all of your hair or leave the roots straight and just curl the ends. Also you can create different other looks.

                      * LOOSE TUMBLING WAVES: For loose waves you need to take large sections of you hair ,wrap them around the barrel and hold for 5 to 10 seconds
                      * TIGHTER WAVES: For tighter waves you need to divide your hair in to smaller sections and style each lock separately.
                      * A TOUSLED LOOK: Curl the hair first and then let it cool. Then run your fingers through the waves to break them up to get really soft waves and natural movement.

                      ****ADVANTAGES OF THE WAVER****

                      I love this styler and the different looks it helps me create. Here are some of the things I find fantastic about it.

                      1. First of all the look of the waver is amazing. I love the dull gold and black colour theme. I am very happy to have this as a part of my hair stylers collection (and yes I have a big collection, since I am crazy about hair styling)

                      2. Secondly the choice of heat settings is a really good feature. This makes me able to control how much heat I am putting in my hair. There is a little screen on the styler that shows the heat settings and I enjoy the peace of mind this gives me. My hair is very straight, silky and hard to curl ,so I am very happy that this waver goes as high as 210°C.The high heat gives waves quickly and the waves stay for longer in my ,normally very hard to curl, hair.

                      3. The barrel f the waver is long which is very good for my long hair. This ensures that I don't over lap the hair while styling, so all my hair gets wrapped around the barrel properly, ensuring even curling.

                      4. When I use this waver it gives very shiny, even and frizz free waves. This is due to the nano ceramic, smooth barrel.

                      5. The waver comes with a cool tip as well, this is fantastic for holding the barrel while the waver is turned on and hot.

                      6. I don't have to wait a lot for the waver to get hot. It is ready to use with in 30 seconds of being turned on. Also you don't find the styler losing any heat between styling as it has a fast heat recovery. So the barrel stays at the heat it is set and does not go cooler while styling.

                      7. The cord of the waver is very long. This makes it very convenient to use.

                      8. I also love the heat rest at the bottom of the waver. I am always worrying about burning things around my stylers when it's really hot. The heat rest ensures that the waver is at a safe distance away from the surface I am using it on and also does not just roll away.

                      9. The waver comes with a heat protection glove, this ensures I don't burn my hand while wrapping my hand around the barrel.

                      10. The waver does not have a clamp and you style by just wrapping your hair around it to style. I really like this feature of the waver, as I feel the clamps some times leave a crimp on the hair and the waves are less even with them


                      The only disadvantage I find with this waver is that it does not come with a heat protection pouch. There is a draw string pouch for storing the styler and a heat protection mat to use while styling. But some times when I am in a hurry a heat protection pouch comes really handy and you can just put your hot styler in it and store it away, straight after styling. With this waver I have to wait for the styler to cool then and then store it. I would have given this waver the rating of a perfect 5 if it had a heat proof pouch to store the styler, instead of just the draw string pouch made of cloth.

                      ****MY TIPS FOR USING THE STYLER****

                      I have used this waver for a while and think that it works brilliantly if you follow a few of these handy tips of mine.

                      1. A lot of people don't know that, although hair needs heat to curl or wave, but it needs to be cooled down for the wave or style to actually stay in the hair for longer. Many times it happens that we use a styler and it does give gorgeous waves but the waves drop out of the hair straight after styling. This happens because people don't realize that after styling you need to cool the wave or curl down to freeze the style in its place. The best way to do this is to use the cool shot of your hair dryer on your hair straight after styling, using a diffuser. This is the reasons most hair dryers come with a cool shot and a diffuser. Simply put all of your freshly curled or waved hair in the cup of the diffuser and give then a cool shot. This will cool them down and make sure that the curls or waves stay in the hair. If you don't have a hair dryer with a diffuser, then what you can to is to hold the curl for a few seconds in your hand after styling and then let it go after it has cooled down.

                      2. When using this waver point the barrel downwards towards your shoulder and wrap the hair around the barrel in a spiral motion. Also make sure that the hair does not overlap around the barrel. This will ensure even and gorgeous waves.

                      3. When you buy this waver don't just start styling your hair at the highest heat available. Not all hair needs 210°C to curl. You may end up burning or damaging your hair. Start from the lowest heat and style your hair on it. See if your hair waves and if the wave stays in the hair on not. If it does stay in the hair than this is the perfect heat setting for you. If not try the next heat setting. This will ensure you find the perfect heat setting for yourself and don't end up damaging (frying) your hair.

                      4. If your hair is dead straight and very hard to curl, like mine, don't style freshly washed hair. Wash your hair the night before or at least 6 hours before you want to style and then when the hair has dried 60 % plait your hair. This will ensure your hair is slightly wavy before styling and you can get better and more long lasting waves.

                      5. Always and I repeat always use heat protection for styling. Especially when you are using higher heat settings and styling your hair frequently. This will protect your hair from heat damage and ensure your hair stays healthy.

                      ****WHO SHOULD BUT THIS WAVER***

                      If you have medium to long hair and want loose waves or a tousled wavy look then this styler is for you.

                      ****WHO SHOULD NOT BUY THIS WAVER***

                      If you have very short hair than don't buy this styler. This styler has a very thick barrel and it will not be possible to wrap short hair around it. Also don't buy this styler if you are interested in more defined and tighter curls. Instead of this waver you should go for a styler with a thinner barrel. Also if your previous styler had a clamp on it and your more used to a styler with a clamp, think twice before buying this waver as you will have to adjust to just wrapping your hair around the waver and holding it with your hand.

                      ****FINAL OVERVIEW****

                      The Babyliss Boutique Waver is a fantastic styler for all types and lengths of hair, except for very short hair as the barrel is too thick to curl them. It has a fantastic design and is very easy to use. Plus if it works on MY hair, it will work on any hair, take my word for it. Its price is amazingly good, considering its quality and style. So all in all, it is a great styler, if you want gorgeous waves in your hair.

                      *******THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING MY REVIEW*******


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                        28.02.2014 21:06
                        Very helpful



                        Good product that helps in hair reduction

                        I cannot believe this is my third review, in a month, about a hair removal product! Any one going through all my reviews would think I am obsessed with hair removal items, well to be honest who isn't?
                        I have had some very annoying facial hair since my teens and hate! hate! hate! them. I can never imagine shaving them, so I had to resort to waxing or threading. But that requires letting the hair grow to a suitable length until they can be removed and lets face it who wants to walk around with a lady-beard? Yikes!
                        I tried epilating them for a while but that left me with a lot of ingrown hair. And more often than not I would end up with spots and marks on the area I had epilated. So I was totally at loss about what to do with my facial hair. It was then I decided to try IPL as everyone around me was talking about it and how it gave permanent hair reduction.
                        So I visited the Boots store near my home and consulted a staff member for help. She checked my skin tone and showed me different IPL products. I discovered that getting rid of my hair with IPL was not easy as I had thought. I mean I had just imagined myself holding the IPL gadget like a gun and zapping the hair away. The hair sizzling away, as I shout DIE! DIE! DIE! again and again (it's quite obvious that I seriously hate my facial hair isn't it?)
                        There was a range of different IPL products available in the store, designed for different skin tones and different requirements. I just left it to the consultant and asked her to recommend me the best and most popular product. And she told me that the Gillette Venus Naked skin would be really good for my skin tone and also it can be used on the face. I decided to go with her advice and was now a proud owner of the Gillette Venus Naked skin IPL system and an empty bank account (sigh!)

                        I loved the look of the product straight away. I had spent a fortune on it, so I was quite glad to see that it looked very premium. The IPL system comes in a fantastic big case with a zipper and a handle on top. On the opening the zip you find the IPL system on one side and its adapter on the other. Also included in the box are 2 tubes of Venus activating gel and the instruction manual, hidden in a cute compartment below the adapter.
                        The IPL system itself is a white unit with the IPL handset on one side and the skin tone sensor on the other. The skin tone sensor looks like a very small and slim TV remote control. At the back of the sensor there is a small glass window for reading the skin tone. On the front the sensor has the numbers 1 to 4 written on it in. On top of the numbers there is a light that goes green if you are between skin tones 1 to 4,or red if you are higher. Trying it on my skin I find that it reads my hands as skin tone 2 and my face as skin tone 3.
                        The hand set of the unit it attached to the unit with a cord. It has a big grey button on top of it and a 3 inch treatment window in its front. It's shape kind of reminds me of an ultrasound device.

                        ****ITEMS IN THE BOX****
                        The Gillette naked skin comes with
                        * A big case with a zipper for storage
                        * The IPL unit
                        * An adapter and cable
                        * 2X100 ml bottles of the Venus Activating gel
                        * Instruction manual

                        ****HOW TO USE IT****

                        STEP 1: SHAVING
                        Before using the Gillette naked skin you need to shave the hair off. You must not wax, thread, epilate or use any hair removal method that takes hair out of the root. The machine needs tiny bits of hair inside your skin to work properly. So shaving is a must before use.

                        STEP 2: USING THE SKIN TONE SENSOR
                        Now you need to use the skin tone sensor. You need to take it out of the IPL device and put it against that part of the body you want to treat. It reads which skin tone you are and automatically sets the IPL intensity according to your skin type. Just hold the device to your skin and press the button on the front. Your skin tone number will glow in white on the sensor. The light on top of the skin tone sensor will glow as green if you can use the device and are skin tones 1to4.A red light will turn on if you cannot use the device and have a skin tone higher than 4.Incase of the first option the machine will now be set and ready to treat you according to your skin tone. You can now place the skin tone sensor back on the IPL unit and start treating the area you tested.

                        STEP 3: THE ACTIVATING GEL
                        After shaving the next step is applying a layer of the activator gel. The unit comes with two tubes of this gel. And you need to buy new ones for continuous usage. It is only required to apply a thick layer of the gel on the area before treatment. I only use the IPL device on my face and neck, so I go through the tube fairly slowly. I only need to buy one after at least 10 to 12 sessions. The instruction manual claims that the activator gel is a must for the process. And it makes it easier for the user to know which area they have treated and which to do next as you leave marks or smudges in the gel after treating it.

                        STEP 4: THE TREATMENT
                        Now all you need to do is to put the treatment window of the handset on the part of the skin you want to treat. A light will go on at the back of the handset. Look away from the light and press the button on the back of the handset. The light will be just like the flash of a camera. This means that part of the area has been treated and you now need to move to the next part. Just put the device on the next bit of skin and press the button on the handset, when the light goes on again, this is usually with in 4 seconds. If the light does not go on that means you are not placing the device correctly and fully on your skin and some part of the window at the back is not in contact with your skin.

                        STEP 5: REPEAT SESSIONS
                        The most crucial part of the IPL usage is to repeat the sessions every two weeks for the about 10 weeks. This time period varies with what part of the body you are treating as some areas may require more treatments. After your first sessions are done you just need to do sessions every other month to make sure the hair doesn't come back.

                        ****HOW DOES IT WORK?****
                        IPL stands for intense pulse light. When you shave an area you leave tiny bits of hair inside the skin. When you treat that area with an IPL device, it uses intense pulses of light to treat the skin. These flashes of intense light react with the dark bits of hair left in your follicles and put the hair to sleep. Repeated sessions result in less and less hair after each use.

                        ****WHAT IT FEELS LIKE?****
                        The IPL session does not hurt at all. You might feel a very brief moment of a sensation similar to a ting of a rubber band hitting your skin after being stretched. During longer sessions, after the bulb has been used for more than 10 flashes the procedure does become a bit more uncomfortable, and the flashes start to give you a slight burning sensation. The best thing to do then is to just take a break for about 5 minutes so that the bulb cools down a bit and then it works just fine.

                        ****WHO CAN US IT?****
                        The Gillette naked skin works on skin type 1 to 4.Any one darker than that can actually burn their skin if they use the device. But the skin tone sensor prevents any one darker than skin tone 4 to use the device.
                        Men can also use this product on their body, but not on their faces.

                        ****WHERE TO USE IT?****
                        The Naked Skin IPL system is suitable for use on:
                        * Legs
                        * Underarms
                        * Arms
                        * Bikini
                        * Face (excluding scalp, eyebrows and eye area)
                        * Neck
                        * Back
                        * Stomach

                        WHERE AND WHEN NOT TO USE IT?

                        1. You should not use the device if you are expecting or breast feeding.
                        2. You should not use the device if you suffer from diabetes or have epilepsy
                        3. You should not use the device if you have white, red, grey or very blonde hair
                        4. You should not use the device on areas where you have moles or freckles. You can cover the moles with a white card.
                        5. You should not use the device if your skin is tanned.
                        6. While doing a treatment you should not treat the same area twice.
                        7. Men should not use the device on their face.

                        Please note that these are just the basic dos and don'ts, that I know of and you must read the manual fully and do your own research, if you have any confusions about the usage of the product.

                        ****FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT****

                        Main Operated and Corded
                        Flash repetition rate: Manually pulsed after 4 to 6 seconds on average
                        Power input: 100V-240V, 1.3-0.55 A
                        Operating temperature: between 15 degree C to 30 degree C
                        Treatment Area: 3cm square

                        Please note that the bulb inside the device has a limited number of flashes. The manufacturer's promise a bulb life of 5 years if one person uses it on arms, legs and face. After the flashes run out you will need to have the whole unit refurbished and have a new bulb put in it, which I found out , costs almost half the original price of the IPL system. My bulb would probably last longer as I am just using it only on my face(fingers and toes crossed)

                        ****MY FIRST SESSION****
                        When /I first started using the device I had mixed feelings about it. I really wanted to find a solution to my facial hair problem but was quite worried /intimidated by the IPL system and using it at home. One of things that bothered me the most was having to shave my face area. YIKES! I was scared that shaving will result it more or thicker hair on my face. I was also worried about how IPL would feel and how much it will hurt. But as they say, no pain no gain. I mustered up all of courage and did my first IPL treatment. The treatment felt very easy. I used the skin tone sensor on my hands firsts and then my face. My hands showed skin tone 2 and face skin tone 3.I did my chin and neck area. After that I did my under arms as well which were skin tone 2.I felt absolutely no pain or discomfort while using it and did my chin and neck in 10 minutes. My under arms area just required five minutes sessions for each side.
                        After doing my face and going through half of my under arms, I felt the flashes start to go a bit hotter .So I took a break and did the rest of the treatment after a 5 minutes break and did not feel any discomfort.
                        Now came the wait and see part. I was to repeat similar treatments every two weeks, for about 10 weeks or until my hair were totally gone. For the first three sessions I was vey worried about the results. As I was shaving and the device had only just stared working, my hair started coming back really thick and really fast. Thankfully the instructions did allow one to shave in between sessions as well. So I found myself shaving the areas after every 3 days or so. But right after my 4th session I started seeing the results of the treatment. The hair started to come back really thin and I could see patches of missing hair as well. Treatments became really tricky at this stage, as I just wanted to treat the hairy areas and skip the patches. One of my friends advised me to use a white eye pencil to mark areas that require treatment. This idea worked brilliantly. After doing the sessions every fortnight for 10 weeks most of my chin hair was gone. There were some bits and bobs left but they were very thin as compared to my original hair. My underarms were totally hairless except for 3 or 4 (very annoying) hair left.

                        ****I DEMAND A REFUND! ****
                        I had imagined his device to give me the miracle of hair free skin that would last forever. Since it was so pricey I had thought that its usage will get rid of my hair permanently and I would never have to remove any hair again. So I was quite disappointed by the results of my first session. After 5 to 6 months the hair started to come back as well. But that was kind of my fault, since I became lazy and started to skip the top up sessions. Eight months of having the product I started to think it was not working for me and I should return it and get a refund. I then read more detailed information about the product online and went in to boots again and had a talk with their electrical consultant. She explained to me that these IPL devices promise hair REDUCTION not REMIOVAL.A machine cannot control our hormones and our bodies tendency to grow hair. The hair is always going to try to come back and I need to keep on treating it. I was also told that there are always some hair dormant and sleeping in our skin and when we treat the other hair around them ,sometimes these hair get activated as well, resulting in new hair growth on a an area being treated.
                        I then decided that I had set my hopes too high and have to be realistic about this machine. I also decided to be more particular and strict about the timings and dates of the sessions.

                        ****MY SECOND SESSION****
                        I then started the 10 weeks treatment on my face again. The instruction manual actual comes with a little chart or timetable, where you can keep noting down the dates of your sessions. This makes it easier to keep a track of your sessions.
                        Now I just treat my face once every other month. I have had the device for a year and a half now. Most of my facial hair is gone. I do get some very thin bits and bobs of hair every other month but I zap it away. But I make sure not to skip the sessions. I just use the device on my face as it is the most critical region for me.

                        1. The first advantage of the product is the ease of use. It is not very complicated and you can treat your hair at your comfort, in your home, instead of going to the salon. The process of the treatment is fairly simple as well.
                        2. The best feature of the Gillette naked skin is the skin tone sensor. This promises both safety and ease of use. A person new to the device might find it difficult to decide her skin tone and what intensity of IPL to use. They might end up choosing an intensity that is too low to treat their skin or intensity so high that it burns their skin. The skin tone sensor solves that problem. It detects the skin tone and then automatically sets the IPL unit according to that skin tone.
                        3. The device is mains activated so you don't have to wait for it to be charged. This comes in really handy if some one is treating larger areas like legs, as you don't have to stop and charge the unit.
                        4. The treatment window of this unit is large and you can do sessions really quickly. It uses a square pulse technology which is strong and gives good results.
                        5. The shape of the handset is brilliantly designed, making it comfortable to use any where.
                        6. I love the fantastic storage case as well. As you can just zip it up and store your device neatly away.

                        1. Firstly you have to be very particular and strict about the sessions. In the beginning I even had to plan my holidays around the dates of the sessions.
                        2. Secondly the size of the unit is very big, so it is very impractical to carry it around with you if you are going on holidays or travelling.
                        3. Thirdly the unit is corded so you can use it only around a power socket. This can be a bit annoying (especially for a lazy bone like me)
                        4. The activating gel is a constant expenditure with this IPL system, as you have to keep on buying it to continue treatments. Also I have a funny feeling about the gel itself, as I feel that it is kind of unnecessary and have been just put in the package to make users spend money every other month. A lot of other IPL devices work perfectly well without any gels or creams
                        5. You need to shave before using it and I seriously hate shaving my face.
                        6. The IPL device like many others is too pricey.

                        ****MY TIPS FOR USING THE IPL SYSTEM****
                        I have used the product for a year and a half now and want to include some tips of my own for its usage.( I wish I knew these things when I first bought the IPL system)

                        ****WHAT YOU MUST DO****
                        1. The most important thing to do if you want to but the Gillette IPL system is to figure out your skin tone BEFORE buying the product. This device would not work at all if you are more than skin tone 4.Just imagine having to spend a huge amount on this device and then upon opening it and trying the skin tone sensor you find out that it is not working on your skin at all. It is always a good idea to research online and go in stores like to talk to experts before buying an IPL system.
                        2. When using the product for the first time you must do a patch test. Treat a small area at the back of your arm. See how your skin reacts to it for a day. If all goes well start treating wherever you like.
                        3. Keep a record of the dates of your sessions. This way you can ensure that you do your sessions on the right time and date.

                        ****WHAT YOU MUST NOT DO****
                        You must not use the device on dark areas, moles, tanned or dark skin. I found this out the hard way. I wanted to treat a particular area and used a pink lip liner to make a circle around it before treatment. The dark colour of the pencil absorbed too much light and I ended up with a red circular burn mark on my skin which took days to fade away.

                        ****FURTHER HELPFUL IDEAS****
                        1. Sometimes while treating it becomes difficult to decide which part you have done and which to do next, especially if your doing larger areas like legs or arms. A very handy tip is to use a white eye liner to make lines or grids on your skin and then just follow these lines. Make sure to use a white pencil as it will not absorb any light.
                        2. Use a white card or paper to cover any moles or dark areas. If for example you are doing your upper lips. Cover you lips with a white card so that you don't burn them.
                        3. Another very handy tip is to put the put the activating gel in the fridge for a couple of hours before using. This way it will be cold when using for treatments and will make the treatments more comfortable.

                        ****FINAL VERDICT****
                        I think that, although the Gillette naked skin is not the 'Magic Miraculous Device' that removes all my hair permanently, it is indeed a fantastic IPL system to permanently reduce hair. It is easy to understand and use. And I have ended up with almost no hair. The hair that does com back is very fine and thin. And hopefully it will become lesser and lesser if I keep on using the device regularly.

                        ******MY RATING FOR THIS PRODUCT IS 3.5 OUT OF 5******

                        *******THANK YOU FOR READING MY REVIEW*******


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                          25.02.2014 18:43
                          Very helpful
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                          A good shaver but only recommended to any one who wants to shave only legs and arms

                          I would like to begin this review with a moment of silence for the day us females were "blessed" with body hair.....Argh! I cannot find the right words to describe my hatred for them and how many thousand methods and machines I have tried to get rid of them quickly, easily and most importantly painlessly.
                          My favorite means of depilation so far is an epilator ,since it gives more long lasting and smoother results. But it is of course painful and takes a while to use. Especially if you have let your hair grow fully epilation becomes a nightmare. So I wanted a shaver as well, just for those times when I am in a hurry and want quick and painless results. This is what made me buy and try the Philips wet and dry shaver.

                          ****INITIAL IMPRESSION****
                          The Philips wet and dry shaver comes in a beautiful box, which has a see through part, that makes the shaver visible from inside the box. This is a fantastic idea as it makes it very easy to look at the shaver before buying and decide if it is the one for you. The box itself has a lot of information about the shaver. It is easy to understand most the features of the shaver just by reading the box. On opening the box I found the shaver packed inside along with a storage pouch, a charger cable and an instruction manual. The shaver itself looked very impressive and lady like. It is easy to hold and is not heavy at all. It has a lovely white and purple colored theme. On top of the shaver is the head with two foils which are golden in color and you can see the green aloe Vera strip below the foil.I charged it for 10 hours,following the instructions on the manual.And used it first time in my bath.I found it very easy to use.The hair removal was painless and I felt no discomfort at all.After wards my skin felt smooth and soft ,with no signs of dryness or irritation.I loved it instantly.

                          ****ITEMS IN THE BOX****
                          The box for this shaver has the following items in it.
                          * Philips Lady shaver
                          * 1 Charger cord
                          * 1 Storage Pouch
                          * 1 Cleaning Brush
                          * 1 Instruction Manual

                          ****PRICE AND AVAILABILITY****
                          The Philips HP6368 was originally for £39.99 at Boots but I got it on a special bargain for £29.99.It is also available at Argos, Tesco, John Lewis ,Sainsbury's etc.

                          * It is Wet and Dry
                          * It is rechargeable and provides the comfort of cordless use.
                          * It has a double foil Shaving head for a close and comfortable shave.
                          * It has Gold foils that are fantastic for sensitive skin.
                          * It also has a an aloe Vera strip for conditioning and moisturizing the skin.
                          * It is water proof ,which makes it fully washable and very hygienic.
                          * It has a pivoting head that catches all the hairs, on those difficult parts of the body such as ankles.

                          ****FURTHER INFORMATION****
                          The Philips HP6368 has two shaving foils that are nickel based and gold plated. The shaver has 35 guard teeth and 23 cutter teeth. The shaver weights 120 g.It's power source is a pair of rechargeable batteries.

                          ****MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE****
                          I use the shaver very often and it provides very neat, easy and quick shaving. It is especially helpful if I have longer hair and want to get rid of it quickly.

                          1. Firstly the shaver is wet and dry. This is a fantastic feature as this enables me to use the shaver in the shower or bath. I find that shaving after a hot bath is much more comfortable and easier. It is also a cleaner way to shave as I keep running water over my legs while shaving. Because of the wet feature I can also apply a foamy shaving gel or cream which makes the shaving experience much smoother and gives better results.
                          2. The wet feature also ensures that the shaver is also fully washable. It is 100% water proof so I can wash and clean it fully. I love the peace of mind this provides as, I find this very hygienic and easy.
                          3. The shaver is fully chargeable and I can use it cordless anywhere. So I don't have to sit by a power socket while shaving. I can ,literally use it anywhere in the house.
                          4. The shaver has two foils ,in contrast to my previous one that had only one foil. I noticed that this gives much quicker shave, as compared to my previous one.
                          5. The HP 6368 has some fantastic features like gold foils and an added aloe Vera strip that are there to decrease any irritation after shaving and leave the skin hydrated. My skin is not very sensitive and I have never felt any irritation during or after shaving, even with my previous shaver or epilator. So I cannot say for sure if the aloe Vera strip or the gold foil helps at all. I don't feel any irritation or dryness during or after shaving but I am not sure whether or not this is because of the special features of the shaver.
                          6. The head of the shaver is very flexible and pivots. I love how this helps in shaving angular or hard to shave areas like legs and arms. My previous shaver had a fixed head which made this very difficult and I usually ended up with a cut or two especially while doing my knees.
                          7. There is also a small brush included to clean the shaver which comes in very handy while cleaning.
                          8.The instruction manual says that the charge lasts for 40 minutes but I have noticed that once I charge it fully for 10 hours I can even use it for a whole hour without charging.. There is a low battery indicator light so you are aware when this needs to be recharged.


                          1.Firstly the storage pouch that comes with shaver is rather flimsy. Philips should include a better quality pouch, to keep the shaver better protected ,when not in use.
                          2.The shaver does not have any accessory for use on face and sensitive areas .That restricts its usage a bit.
                          3.This shaver ,unlike some other shavers does not offer corded use and is only for cordless shaving. This tends to be a bit inconvenient if I have forgotten to charge and am in a hurry to shave.

                          ****OVERALL VIEW****
                          I think that this is a really good shaver for doing arms and legs. It's wet and dry and cordless feature enable smooth, easy and quick shaving. But it does not come with accessories for doing face or sensitive areas.


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                          • Nikon D5200 / Digital Camera / 51 Readings / 48 Ratings
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                            24.02.2014 18:43
                            Very helpful


                            • Reliability
                            • Reliability


                            Fantastic camera,easy to use with alot of features and modes.

                            The popularity of the DSLR camera has increased greatly in the past two years. It does not matter if you are a professional photographer or novice at photography, it has become a trend or even a craze to own and use one of these pricey but very nifty and stylish cameras. A while ago I decided to go with a flow and bought myself a Nikon D3200, which I have reviewed earlier. It was a fantastic camera and introduced me to the world of DSLR photography, but I wanted a camera with a movable screen and better features than the D3200.This led me to buy the D5200.

                            ****INITIAL IMPRESSIONS****
                            The D5200 also comes in black, brown or red metallic colors for the ladies. I bought the black one as I think it looks very classic and professional. The camera came in a large rectangular box with the trademark brown and black coloring of Nikon and the yellow Nikon logo on it. The box has some basic features of the camera printed on it. When I opened the box I found my fantastic D5200 packed inside it. The camera itself looked very professional and stylish. It weighted fairly light as well. When I held the camera I found that its superb design makes it very easy to hold and use it. It is easy to understand most of the buttons and their usage just by looking at the camera. And of course there is the instruction manual to guide me further. The lens is at the front and the LCD screen is at the back. The LCD is fully movable. When I open it I find that I can tilt, turn or rotate it as well.

                            ****BOX INCLUDES****

                            The D3200 box included:

                            * D5200 CAMERA

                            * BS-1 Hot Shoe Cover

                            * BF-1B Body Cap

                            * DK-5 Eyepiece Cap

                            * DK-20 Rubber Eyecup

                            * AN-DC3 Strap

                            * EN-EL14 Battery

                            * MH-24 charger

                            * UC-E17 USB cable

                            * CP16 Audio video cable

                            * ViewNX 2 CD-ROM


                            I am not a very techy person but am posting the main specs of this camera just for people who are interested in knowing these details. I am copying these from the following link.

                            Lens 18-55mm

                            BODY TYPE:
                            Compact SLR

                            Max resolution 6000 x 4000
                            Other resolutions 4496 x 3000, 2992 x 2000
                            Image ratio w:h 3:2
                            Effective pixels 24 megapixels
                            Sensor photo detectors 25 megapixels
                            Sensor size APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)
                            Sensor type CMOS
                            Processor Expeed 3
                            Color space sRGB, Adobe RGB

                            ISO Auto, 100 - 6400 (25600 with boost)
                            White balance presets 12
                            Custom white balance Yes (5)
                            Image stabilization No
                            Uncompressed format RAW
                            JPEG quality levels Fine, Normal, Basic

                            OPTICS AND FOCUS:
                            * Autofocus
                            * Contrast Detect (sensor)
                            * Phase Detect
                            * Multi-area
                            * Selective single-point
                            * Tracking
                            * Single
                            * Continuous
                            * Face Detection
                            * Live View
                            Autofocus assist lamp Yes
                            Digital zoom No
                            Manual focus Yes
                            Number of focus points 39
                            Lens mount Nikon F
                            Focal length multiplier 1.5×

                            SCREEN/VIEW FINDER:
                            Articulated LCD Fully articulated
                            Screen size 3″
                            Screen dots 921,000
                            Touch screen No
                            Screen type TFT LCD monitor
                            Live view Yes (With contrast-detect AF, face detection and subject tracking)
                            Viewfinder type Optical (pentamirror)
                            Viewfinder coverage 95%
                            Viewfinder magnification 0.78×

                            PHOTOGRAPHY FEATURES:
                            Minimum shutter speed 30 sec
                            Maximum shutter speed 1/4000 sec
                            Exposure modes:
                            * Programmed auto with flexible program (P)
                            * Shutter-priority (S)
                            * Aperture priority (A)
                            * Manual (M)
                            Scene modes:
                            * Auto
                            * Portrait
                            * Child
                            * Close up
                            * Night Portrait
                            * Party/indoor
                            * Pet Portrait
                            * Color Sketch
                            Built-in flash Yes (Pop-up)
                            Flash range 12.00 m (at ISO 100)
                            External flash Yes (Hot-shoe)
                            Flash modes Auto, On, Off, Red-eye, Slow sync, Rear curtain
                            Flash X sync speed 1/200 sec
                            Drive modes
                            * Single frame
                            * Continuous
                            * Self-timer
                            * 2s Delayed remote
                            * Quick-response remote
                            * Quiet shutter release
                            Continuous drive 3 fps
                            Self-timer Yes (2, 5, 10 or 20 sec)
                            Metering modes
                            * Multi
                            * Center-weighted
                            * Spot
                            Exposure compensation ±5 (at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps)
                            AE Bracketing ±2 (3 frames at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps)
                            WB Bracketing yes (3 frames in either blue/amber or magenta/green axis)

                            VIDEO GRAPHY FEATURES:
                            Resolutions 1920 x 1080 (60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps), 1280 x 720 (60, 50 fps), 640 x 424 (30, 25 fps)
                            Format MPEG-4, H.264
                            Videography notes 1920 x 1080, 60i (59.94 fields/s)/ 50i (50 fields/s), high/normal 1920 x 1080, 30 p (progressive)/25p/24p, high/normal
                            Microphone Stereo
                            Speaker Mono

                            Storage types SD/SDHC/SDXC

                            USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)
                            HDMI Yes (Mini Type C)
                            Wireless Optional
                            Remote control Yes (Optional ML-L3 or WR-R10)

                            Environmentally sealed No
                            Battery Pack
                            Battery description Lithium-Ion EN-EL14 rechargeable battery & charger
                            Weight (inc. batteries) 555 g (1.22 lb / 19.58 oz)
                            Dimensions 129 x 98 x 78 mm (5.08 x 3.86 x 3.07″)

                            FURTHER SPECS:
                            Orientation sensor Yes
                            Time lapse recording Yes
                            GPS Optional
                            GPS notes GP-1

                            ****MOST PROMINENT FEATURES OF THE CAMERA****
                            * The camera has 24.1-MP DX-format CMOS sensor renders details of the subject minutely and delivers images with great definition and depth.
                            * Vari-angle monitor
                            * D-Movie
                            * Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a
                            * EXPEED 3
                            * High ISO (100-6400, extendable to 25600 equivalent)
                            * 39-point AF system
                            * 2,016-pixel RGB metering sensor
                            * Effects mode
                            * 5 fps continuous shooting
                            * D-Movie AF modes
                            * HDR (High Dynamic Range)
                            * Active D-Lighting
                            * 16 scene modes
                            * High-resolution LCD
                            * Intelligent design
                            * Wireless remote control

                            Because of its fantastic features this camera is absolutely amazing. The more I use it the more I fall in love with it. Here is a list of some of its advantages.
                            1. Firstly the camera is 24+ MP which is the reason of it gives brilliant pictures. The pictures always come out perfect with so much definition and beauty. The camera captures everything in detail. It does not matter if I am photographing people, scenes, landscapes. The result is brilliant and looks almost 3D.
                            2. The camera is relatively not very heavy. It is very easy to hold and use. Another thing I find very helpful is that the camera is the smart design of the camera provides ease of use. When you hold the camera most of the key controls fall readily in to hand, how convenient!
                            3. A brilliant feature of the camera is its 3.0 inch LCD screen. This screen is brilliant in each step of the photo taking. You can use it to take pictures, focus, switch modes, zoom in and out, look at pictures, edit or delete them etc. Also this LCD screen is not fixed. It is a side-hinged swivel-and-tilt screen. This is fantastic for both picture taking and video making. It is also very easy for me to take pictures of myself. I just switch on the Live view on the camera, face the camera towards me and turn the screen around. This enables me to take perfect pictures of myself.
                            4. The camera takes brilliant pictures in any light and works equally good in darker conditions. It has a built in flash that pops up and enables me to take perfect pictures even in darkness.
                            5. The camera can also be used to make videos in HD. It makes fantastic movies even if the subjects are moving very fast or in the dark. It also has an option of making slow motion movies although I have never used it. The D5200 has a built-in stereo mic for real stereo sound
                            6. The camera's WU-1a Wi-Fi unit can be plugged into its accessory terminal. This makes it very easy to send the pictures to a smart phone or tablet without any wire. I can then just save them on my devices or upload them on my Facebook or twitter. This is one of my favorite features as this enables me to quickly upload pictures online and make sure my family and friends are involved in all of my life events.
                            7. When I first started using the camera the auto focus function came in really handy. The default settings are great, the D5200 figures out what sensors I need for a particular picture and how to use them, and just focuses. This makes it easier for a new user to understand the camera and take good pictures.
                            8. I really enjoy using the different modes in the camera and the flexibility they give in taking different pictures .Initially I just used the Auto mode and let the camera do everything for me. But now I have started to play around and use other modes in the camera. I am finding the different modes to be very easy to understand and get used to.
                            9. There is also a help button that works brilliantly when I am stuck and guides me between the different modes.

                            Although this is a fantastic camera I have a couple of issues with it:
                            1. Firstly the LCD has no touch. Most of the gadgets I use are touch so I find it a bit inconvenient to use the buttons and not operate via touch.
                            2. The camera lens has a tendency of being a bit noisy, especially when taking pictures in darkness.
                            3.There previous model to this one the D5100 has almost the same features and look but it is much less expensive.So some people might prefer that over the D5200.

                            FINAL OVER VIEW:
                            I think that the advantages of this camera surpass its disadvantages by far.I love taking pictures with it and it makes even the simple pictures look like they have been by a professional photographer.I think that this is a fantastic camera and although it has cost me an arm and leg but it is worth every penny.


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                            • Nikon D3200 Body / Digital Camera / 52 Readings / 50 Ratings
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                              19.02.2014 21:18
                              Very helpful


                              • Reliability
                              • Reliability


                              A fantastic easy to use camera for new and seasoned photographers alike.

                              A while ago I started noticing the dramatic changes in people's display pictures and other images on social networking websites. My not so pretty (really ugly) friends started to post quite good (gorgeous) pictures of themselves on their Facebook and twitter pages. I was quite intrigued by what magic potion/device has transformed my regular looking friends, whose pictures under normal circumstances I would just scroll by without a glance, into such eye catching divas. It was then that one of my friend hushed the word DSLR in to my ear. I normally take a lot of pictures and like to document and safe keep almost every moment of my life but earlier I used to just keep on clicking with my mobile. Those pictures although turned out good most of time but could I get better even better results if I try a DSLR??? This was the question that pushed me to buy and try a DSLR for myself. After reading reviews online, talking to a few of my friends and several Nikon vs Canon discussions (wars) ,I finally decided to get a Nikon D3200. Luckily.Luckily enough I found a really good deal on it online. It was available in two colours; Black and Red. I chose the classic black colour, and I was now a proud owner of a DSLR and an empty bank account.

                              INITIAL IMPRESSION:
                              I had never used a DSLR before and had only played around with one owned by a friend. The camera arrived in a big rectangular box with black and brown coloring of Nikon camera boxes and the yellow Nikon logo .On opening the box I took out my brand new camera hidden in its packaging. The camera looked very impressive and easy to handle. I could understand most of the functions and buttons just by looking at them. And there was obviously the instruction manual to help me understand everything in detail
                              When you first look at the camera you see a big dial on the top of the camera that can be rotated to change the different modes. And to the right is the On/off and picture taking button. Just after that there are the three small buttons for info, video recording and zoom. The camera has a high resolution rear screen, with different buttons on both sides of it. It has several other buttons at the front and back. And finally of course there is the lens right at the front f the camera(where else would it be!).The lens is detachable and you can take it out and replace it with more heavy duty lens, so to say.

                              I am not a very techy person but I suppose real camera fans (fanatics) would like to know the specs of the camera .So I am copying some specs here from the following website.

                              24 MP DX (23.2 x 15.4 mm) CMOS.
                              6,016 × 4,000 pixels native (LARGE, 24MP).
                              4,512 × 3,000 (MEDIUM, 13.5MP).
                              3,008 × 2,000 (SMALL, 6MP).
                              White Balance modes: Auto, incandescent, fluorescent (7 types), direct sunlight, flash, cloudy, shade, preset manual, all except preset manual with fine-tuning.
                              Active D-Lighting.
                              Live View.
                              Sensor cleaner.
                              No crop modes.

                              100 ~ 6,400, expandable to ISO 12,800 (HI+1).
                              AUTO ISO.

                              11 points: Single-point AF, dynamic-area AF, auto-area AF, 3D-tracking (11 points).
                              AF-S (focus and lock), AF-C (continuous AF) and AF-A (automatic selection depending on if subject moves or not.)

                              Lightweight pentamirror.
                              95% coverage.
                              0.80x magnification with 50mm lens (smaller than FX cameras because it's 80% of a smaller area).
                              18 mm eyepoint.
                              -1.7 to + 0.5 diopters.
                              Type B BriteView Clear Matte Mark VII screen.

                              3D Color Matrix Meter II, 420 RGB pixels.
                              Spot on any of the 11 AF points.
                              i-TTL flash metering for use with SB-910, SB-900, SB-800, SB-700, SB-600 and SB-400.

                              Built-in Flash
                              GN 39/12 (Feet/meters at ISO 100).
                              Does not control wireless flash, you'll have to buy the SU-800 to work as commander.

                              1/4,000 ~ 30 seconds in third-stop steps.
                              Time exposures with optional ML-L3 remote control.
                              Front and rear receivers for use with the optional ML-L3 remote control.
                              Flash Sync: 1/200.

                              Frame Rates
                              4 FPS, in manual focus and at 1/250 second or faster.
                              Slower shutter speeds or expecting auto focus to focus for each frame will slow it down.

                              Picture Controls
                              Standard Gen 2 Picture Controls (Standard, Neutral,Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, Landscape).
                              You can modify them.

                              1080p video with claimed full time AFISO 200 - 12,800.
                              Manual exposure control and mono microphone. (Stereo microphone input jack.)
                              (No 720/29.97p or 720/25p.)
                              640 × 424 @ 29.97p.
                              640 × 424 @ 25p.
                              High or Low compression.
                              H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding.
                              Linear PCM audio.
                              .MOV file format.
                              HDMI (type C) and analog outputs.

                              Built-in mono mic.
                              3.5mm stereo mic jack.
                              Manual or auto recording gain control.
                              Linear PCM only as part of video recording.

                              File Formats
                              JPG, NEF, or NEF+JPG.
                              NEF (raw) in 12-bit compressed.
                              JPG in BASIC, NORMAL or FINE.

                              File Sizes
                              20.4 MB NEF.
                              11.9 MB LARGE JPG FINE.
                              6.2 MB LARGE JPG NORMAL.
                              3.0 MB LARGE JPG BASIC.
                              1.9 MB MEDIUM JPG BASIC.
                              1.0 MB MEDIUM JPG BASIC.

                              Data Storage
                              One SD, SDHC or SDXC card, 2 GB to at least 64 GB.

                              Exquisite 3," 921,000 dots.

                              Data Communication
                              HDMI, type-C connector.

                              Power EN-EL14 Li-ion battery: 7.4V 1,030 mAh, 7.7Wh.
                              Rated 540 shots, CIPA, which is 50% with flash.
                              MH-24 Battery Charger.

                              Size 3.8 x 5.0 × 3.1 inches, HWD.
                              96 × 125 x 76.5 millimeters, HWD.

                              17.550 oz./497.5g with card and battery (no lens), measured.
                              26.938 oz./763.65g with lens, card and battery, actual measured.
                              Nikon rates it at 17.8 oz. (505g) with battery and SD card.
                              Nikon rates it at 16.0 oz. (455g) stripped.

                              Made in Thailand (camera and lens).
                              Battery cells made in China, and then assembled into batteries in Indonesia.
                              Charger made in China.

                              0 - 40ºC (32-104ºF) operating.
                              < 85% RH, no condensation.

                              WHY I LOVE THIS CAMERA (ADVANTAGES):
                              The more I use the camera the more advantages I find in it and the more I fall in love with it. Here are some of iy numerous advantages I would like to point out.
                              1. Firstly the camera is 24 MP, which is very high definition. That is why it takes pictures that are very clear and beautiful. It is so easy to take a good picture now and the camera makes even the simplest pictures look like they have been taken by a professional photographer. It also makes it easy to zoom and crop pictures without sacrificing the quality of the picture.
                              2. For me one of the best feature of this camera is the Guide Mode on it. This is brilliant for a newbie like me as you don't require any previous experience in taking excellent photos if you use this mode. Switching the dial to guide mode opens up a menu on the rear display that gives you step wise instruction regarding shooting, reviewing pictures or configuring the camera. Along with guide mode there are other easy to understand and use scene modes that help me take the best picture without having extensive knowledge of photography. This Guide mode was excessively helpful to me when I fist got the camera and was just learning how to operate it. Also there is the Auto mode that is the easiest to use.
                              3. The camera is compact as compared to other similar DSLR cameras and I find it easy to hold and use. Around the lens there is an indented area which is really wide and ensures reliable holding. Because the camera is held securely, there is minimal chance of me shaking the camera and hence I get really good pictures.
                              4. It has a photo retouch menu. So after taking a picture if I want to change some colors ,size or add some effects I can just do it just on the camera and do not have to transfer the pictures in my laptop first to edit them. This is really handy feature.
                              5. A really good feature of the camera is that I can make videos with it as well and that too in HD. So at tames, when I decide to make a video instead of taking pictures of an event I don't require separate equipment for it. The video has a continuous auto focus. And the camera also has a mic input as well.
                              6.I have always found it hard to take good pictures of moving objects and people, including my (not born with ability to ever stand still) twin nieces. But with this camera I can take fantastic pictures of my naughty little angels with the manually adjustable and incredibly high ISO of up to 12,800 available in his camera.
                              7. The camera takes fantastic pictures even in dark conditions. and has a built in flash.
                              8. There is a crisp 3 inch LCD screen at the back. On this you can change modes. Zoom in or out before or after taking the picture. See, edit or delete pictures etc.
                              9. The info button on the camera is also a very handy feature. By pressing it I am able to see all of the camera's main settings on the HD LCD rear screen.
                              The list of this camera's amazing features and benefit just goes on and on and on..

                              DISADVANTAGES (which to be honest I ma not really very bothered by):

                              1. The only issue I have with this camera is that the LCD does not move. In Nikon's higher up models the back LCD can be moved and even rotated. Some times I want to take pictures of myself and with those cameras you can just hold the camera in front of you and turn the screen around which enables you to take a perfect shot of yourself. With D3200 the screen is fixed. This is probably the only reason I eventually got myself the higher up D5100 which I am going to review soon as well.
                              2. Secondly the camera does not have the best quality pit lens. There are much better and advanced lens available. But these fact does not bother me as much since I am not a professional photographer.

                              FINAL OVERVIEW:
                              This is a fantastic camera for a beginner who wants to have a first go at photography. It's guide mode and auto mode make it very easy for a new bee like me to start taking good photos. Along with that it has a lot of manual options swell that can satisfy any photographer novice or professional.


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