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Member since: 02.09.2012

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    • HTC Wildfire S / Smartphone / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
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      02.09.2012 17:41



      Decent phone but beware of storage issue!

      I bought my HTC Wildfire S for my birthday in October 2011, and sadly will be stuck with it for the foreseeable future. My biggest problem with this phone is the internal storage, or lack of, which is present. There is only 150mb worth of internal storage which barely covers the essentials which cannot be erased from the phone, and in addition to this, several apps such as facebook and twitter cannot be moved to an SD card. I regularly wipe my contacts in order to use my phone and have access to my text messages.
      Due to the low price, you also do not get as much choice in the Play Store, and it is unlikely to receive many system updated, yet this is expected.
      There are, however, many positives in this small but powerful smartphone which are great (when the phone is working)- the touchscreen is very responsive, the 5 megapixel camera is very good quality (with an LED flash as an added bonus), and the charge generally lasts a full day.
      The Wildfire S can be a very good entry level smartphone, if the storage is managed carefully and you aren't really into pones, however a higher range HTC, Samsung or iPhone is definitely worth the extra money.


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