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Member since: 13.01.2005

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    • Adelphi (Liverpool) / Hotel National / 11 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      13.01.2005 13:17
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      • "management and staff"

      As a foreigner and a former student of Liverpool University it was my dream to visit Liverpool again and show my beloved city to my best friend. I took this trip but with a difference. My 4 years sweetest dream became my worst nightmare, because of choosing staying at Adelphi Hotel, which by the way is the worst hotel in the whole world ever.
      When we checked in, the receptionist- while sucking his caramel- asked for my card to swipe for security, and he asked me to sign for ₤490, money that the room was about to cost for a 7- nights stay. I did so, and I got the key for our room, which was on the 7th floor. When the door of the lift opened I couldn’t believe in my eyes. The scene was scary, like the long, dark corridor we were walking on, in order to reach our room. We opened the door and what? A very old furnished room, with a very old and dirty bathroom from which black water was leaking, a glassed door playing the role of the main door of the room, with no security at all except our “ancient” key, dirty carpets and pillowcases as we saw and last but not least no central lighting.
      Our next move was to go downstairs and ask for another room hoping to be cleaner first of all and secondly closer to the lifts, because we were afraid to walk to the dark corridors for about 3 minutes in order to reach our room. We were two girls alone you see!
      The receptionist had to ask for the manager on duty to come in order to change us room because he “couldn’t understand” as he said, why our room was dirty and we did not like it.
      After some efforts he changed us room and gave us one on the 5th floor. We were relieved until we were there. The room was near the lifts but everything else was exactly the same. The same unhoovered carpet (imagine that I found an earring and some used napkins under my bed), the same filthy bathroom with some blood on the curtain, the same darkness (no central lighting but just two table lamps), and very cold inside because the radiators were off, and we had to open them, because someone thought that our hands could also be pincers!!!
      Anyway, we decided to stay and not leave immediately because we were very tired after being to an airplane for about 5 hours which landed to Manchester airport.
      The next day we decided to visit some friends in Liverpool and we were the most of the time out looking also for another hotel-something difficult because it was the 2nd of January and most of the hotels would have available rooms after the 3rd of the month. So, we were “trapped” to this disgusting hotel.
      On the 3rd of January we made a small journey around Liverpool and before going back to Adelphi we stopped by a hotel and ask for a room. The nice and polite there told us that the room would be available next morning, but unfortunately was very late. When we returned to our room in Adelphi at approximately 10 o’clock our nightmare began.
      When we unlocked our door we tried to switch on a light but nothing. All switches were off including the main switch. To switch on a light took us about one to two minutes and then was the time that we realized that something was not going well. When the lights were on we realized that our floor was full of some cotton buds, our window (and to be precise both windows the one behind the other) was opened and our ₤ 500 that we put aside to pay the room along with € 800 was gone from our locked suitcase since the room had not a safety deposit. We felt very lucky that we found our tickets and passports that were in the same place with the money.
      You can imagine how upset we were especially when I called the reception and the “lady” there told me not to shout because she was going to hung up to me. After a while, the manager came up and guess what? Instead of knocking the door he tried to get in with his key!! I asked him to see what happened and try to find a solution and he told us calmly… “It is your problem solve it”. And not only that; he and the reception stuff were so rude that made me and my friends question the honesty and integrity of them.
      When the police came assured us that nobody can get in the room from the outside using the window but only from the door and also that there was no evidence of forced entry. Everything was showing that the person who did it was in a hurry, because he hung only the one towel in the bathroom and the other was forgotten on the bed. Imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The best part of the whole story is that when we said that we want to leave immediately the manager told us that we were going to pay for three nights despite the fact that we have stayed two nights. Eventually we paid for two nights 140 pounds.....So, ladies and gentlemen keep away from this hotel. STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE. I hope to find this website BEFORE you book, unlike me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please if anyone has some information and such stories please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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