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Member since: 20.09.2012

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      20.09.2012 00:13



      Good book, well worth the money.

      I took the AQA AS exam last year, and until about six weeks before the dreaded date, my understanding of the subject was flimsy.
      The problem was that the law lecturer at the adult education college I attended couldn't spell, and the only textbook he recommended was the offputtingly enormous 'Law for AQA' by Elliott and Quinn. It's very difficult trying to search on Google for the details on a key case like Tuberville v Savage 1669 when your lecturer has spelt it 'Tubbyfill v Savidge'.
      Then I came across this wonderful book, and gradually my understanding of Law became much more organised. It tells you everything you need to know for AQA Law AS, and not much more. It is absolutely excellent for the essay papers -- Modules 1 and 2 -- but my only advice would be to spend a disproportionate amount of time revising the pages (and doing the questions) on Module 3 (Offences against the Person and Tort/Damages). Both myself and a colleague got an overall 'B' on the AS, with very similar splits by module: A-A-C and A-A-D.
      Naturally this year I'm trying to do the A2 Law, and my big regret is that Jacqueline Martin's book on the subject won't be ready until a month after the exam!


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