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    • Samsung ES28 / Digital Camera / 19 Readings / 15 Ratings
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      16.02.2013 09:47



      Good camera

      Easy to use. Good auto mode. Good minimum focus distance of 5cm- great for close up shots.
      Lightweight and easy to use. Batteries lasted a full 7 day holiday with lots of pictures being taken and reviewed. Despite it not having all the bells and whistles that many think are needed for use as a memory box, it returns very good images. The video is not as good as one would like but for the price there are no real complaints. Heartily recommend as an introductory camera for anyone.As I'm a student, studying photography, this camera is just used for photos while partying and does it's job beautifully. The colours are very true to life compared to many cameras I've used in the past and the image quality is pretty good for a compact camera especially for it's price. Wouldn't suggest as a camera for enthusiasts but definitely useful as a compact, personal camera and very good value.


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