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    • myfootballclub.co.uk / Internet Site / 50 Readings / 46 Ratings
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      19.11.2007 18:07
      Very helpful



      Good idea but I dont know if this will work lets find out ..

      Myfootballclub.co.uk is a site on the internet where you can get involved in your football team by becoming a member for £35 pound each.

      How it works ...

      for the very first time in football history theres been a chance for fans to get involved in there football teams and have their say on there beloved football teams, they can do this by taking the opportunity and buying there football club meaning they can have their say and input on and off the field.
      Every indervidual MyFootballClub member will have an equal say in team selection for example the formation and who plays, player transfers for example who they want at their club and who they do not want and the running of the club.

      How to buy the club ...

      the club that is the most popular through voting on myfootballclub.co.uk and has the correct criteria to be baught will be baught but ... only 51% or higher of the football club can be baught and no less then 51% , the club you vote highest could be because they have a hugh debt and you want to help them out or maybe they have no debt atall you just like that football club, most people vote for lower teams that have the potential to aybe play in the premiership one day or atleast reach the championship, aswell you cant buy a club which cannot be baught so you need to vote for one that can be baught by the fans and one of the most important is that the ground is easy to get to because people who own the club would want to watch there football team maybe week in week out. all theese factors come into what team you vote for.
      after you have all voted for the team you want to manage the memebers of the myfootball club trust with own the club and will all try to get the best out of their football club and get some sucess with them for aslong as they can.

      To own the football club and when ...

      after you pay your membership fee on the myfootballclub.co.uk website you are then a full member of the MyFootballClub Trust. Your Trust and money for your membership fee will purchase a controlling percentage and intrest in the football club you are willing to buy , this will then make you a joint owner of your football club aswell as othe deticated fans across the world.

      prices on the website ...

      the membership fee to become a member of the MyFootballClub trust is £35.
      But only £27.50 will go towards purchasing / buying the actual football club aswel as buying new players and other club expenditure that may be needed.
      This is because the rest of the money you have paid will go towards the administration of the MyFootballClub Trust and the building and management of the MyFootballClub website the price that will go to this is £7.50 of the membership fee.

      My opinion on the myfootballclub.co.uk site ...

      I believe for many clubs this site is very useful because they may need to money for their club to stay as a proffesional football club , but i believe they should maybe help out with the money if there really intrested in the football club but i believe they should stay out of the club affairs because i can only see this site causing arguments between fellow fans and clashes between the club and the fans. the people at the club are their because there experienced at what they do if it be the manager of club chairman , and i belive that no matter how passionate fans are towards there clubs they have not got the experience to guide them to better things .. this may work and other clubs may want to be born by there fans but in my opinion i believe that something bad will happen to the football club they buy.

      well anyway i wont be buying a membership because theres so many other fans that have baught memberships so how do i know i would get an indervidual say in how the club runs ....


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        16.11.2007 21:59
        Very helpful



        Amazing i would advise anyone to have a look at this item

        I love hot chocolate and have tasted many different hot chocolates but Cadburys instant hot chocolate is the best one I have ever had the pleasure to taste.

        The taste of Chocolate Cadburys Instant Hot Chocolates ...

        the taste is amazing, the chocolate is perfect it is not to sickly or to dry it has the perfect rich chocolate taste, It also tastes very creamy and milky which adds to the whole overall heavenly taste , its also sweet aswell and all theese vary of taste make my tongue tingle with joy , theres no other way to put it the taste is perfect.

        Other Range of flavours ...

        - Dark Chocolate
        - Mint
        - Fudge
        - Cafe Latte
        - Orange
        - Espresso
        - Toffee

        History of cadburs ...

        in 1824 John Cadbury opened up a shop on Bull Street in Birmingham where he sold tea, coffee , mutard , cocoa and his own product which was chocolate drink ( hot chocolate ) , his dads buisness was very close to his also in birmingham.
        John Cadbury soon started to get all the big names in his shop , all the important people and from them on it kept getting bigger and bigger, John Cadbury was very good at using the media and this helped him make a massive buisness to what it is now and i thank John Cadbury because without him I wouldnt of been able to taste this amazing Cadburys Instant hot chocolate.

        Appearance ...

        The appearane of the Cadburs instant hot chocolate is the reason I was drawn to It in the first place , Its not like all the other hot chocolates i have had because they all have average cube shapes or cylinder shapes but cadburys instant hot chocolate has a long iregular shape, The colours are very bright .. purple , pink and white , theese colours work together to make a great disign on the packaging and they also have there cadburys icon very well shown on the top left of the tup of cadburys instant hot chocolate.

        How to make ...

        THe steps to make this hot chocolate is very simple even i understand it !

        STEP 1 - boil the kettle.

        STEP 2 - Put 4 teaspoons of Cadburys instant hot chocolate into a mug / cup.

        STEP 3 - Add the boilin water into your mug / cup and stir well with a spoon.

        STEP 4 - Just injoy your hot chocolate " i did " and if you want to you could even add a little bit of milk to make it even milker.

        How much is it ...

        Cadburys instant hot chocolate is £1.48 for a 500g tub and this to me is great value for mone because this tub will last you for weeks and weeks .
        " unless you drink cup after cup because you love it so much "

        Look and texture ...
        the powder seems very nice and even smooth there are no lups init atall which is good. the drink isnt to watery or to thick its perfect and when u addthe water to the powder you get like a foamy base on the top of your mug / cup which i like some other may not.

        Some useful information ...

        a 28gramme serving of caburys instant hot chocolate will provide you with
        119kcal of which 3.9g is fat.
        18g is carbohydrates
        3.1g is protein
        0.6g of fibre
        0.2g of salt

        Cadburys instant hot chocolate is suitable for vegetarians.

        My opinion ...

        I believe ths is a great product and the best hot chocolate i have ever tasted in my life and i love hot chocoate !! .. i advise everyone to buy who also loves hot chocolate or want totry something new because this item is heavenly aaahhh ...


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