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Member since: 26.08.2000

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    • BMW 320d / Car / 3 Readings / 6 Ratings
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      26.08.2000 20:33
      Very helpful
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      One of the reasons I bought this car was that I had owned a BMW in the past and loved it.Furthermore I had a huge amount of respect for the brand and the backup if things went wrong. However all that has disappeared.This car is a complete dog when you consider what it costs.I have covered only 10000 miles so far.But have had problems with ,the clutch,the flywheel,water leaks,the electric windows and general squeaks and rattles.BMW UKs attitude has been indifferent. On the driving front,the pedals are offset which makes the already heavy clutch feel heavier. Between 0 and 1500 rpm the engine lacks all power, making the car extremely easy to stall (usual or what for a diesel car) Once on the open road it is a lovely drive and very economical. I ,for one, would not buy another


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