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Member since: 24.09.2000

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      24.09.2000 21:39



      I visited Live 2000 yesterday with my partner and 2 friends. I have to say that we were all disappointed by what we saw. The event was smaller than we were expecting. There were a large number of mobile phone companies there, but there were few audio and home-cinema stands, which were our main reasons for gong. We felt that the £12 entrance fee was poor value. However, the beer was nice, and not too badly priced at £2,65 a pint. There was a good range of car stereos and accessories on show, which were very impressive, so if you're a bit of a Kev who likes nothing better than to drive around town every night with an amplifier and sub-woofer in your boot that are worth more than the car itself, then this is the place for you!


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