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    • George by Asda / Clothing / 14 Readings / 12 Ratings
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      30.06.2007 23:30
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      highly recommended

      George of Asda. What a good way to kit all the family out and still have cash to spare.

      The stores are very good with the quality and quantity of ranges, they even cater for the larger person upto a size 24 in women's clothing.

      I have 3 children of diferent ges and it ideal to go there and kit them all out for under £30.
      Childrens jeans start at £1.25 for toddlers, and £2.50 for kids sizes from 4 yrs to 13 yrs. Packs of t-shirts starting at a pound. kids grow so fast they never wear any clothes out fully so why pay a fortune.

      And now that time of year for getting school uniform for after the summer break.
      White shirts start fromn 95p
      TRousers from £2.50
      Skirts from £1.75
      JUmpers from £3
      and all the little extras soks knickers and pants.
      school shoes and trainers, everything you could possibly need.

      Men section they also have a wide variety of t-shirts shirts trousers jeans all starting at reasonable prices, My husband loves the Jeans and at £3 a pair it doesnt matter if he gets oil on them from working on the car.

      I love the womens clothes and now summer here the hats and Bags they have makes up a wonderful summer outfit for a fraction of high street prices, i am a supermarket junkie when it comes to a bargain.

      No need to break the bank


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      • Hama Bluetrek E2 / Headset / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
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        30.06.2007 01:29



        Once you have it sorted never the worry of getting cught out.

        Not the easiest bluetooth i have had to set up.

        If you follow the instructions that are included you will possibly fling the little thing across the room as e tried for 15 minutes and was undetected.

        The instruction include s the usual english, french, dutch, italian, spanish, and netherlands language.

        it starts at the basic form of charging it up before you use it. once it is charged that is where the instructions go awol. we had to check up on the internet and the instructions there went thru set by set and it was done within a minute.

        the handsfree has a comfy ear piece and as it is lightweight at 13g is doesnt pull on your ear.

        statistic wise you have
        upto 10 hour of talk time
        21 days on standby

        The little thing has a talk button so easily answer call whether driving or walking etc. also it has 2 volume buttons to turn it up and down.
        when i used mine the sound quality was very good and no crackiling.
        You also have the choice of features in muting the microphone trnsfering the calls, also doing a call waiting and putting someone on hold while someone else calling

        so for a small package you have a load of features


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        30.06.2007 01:09



        Dont judge unless you try

        Yes a perfume i smelt first in the eighties, but like most things they have a revival. I find this perfume has a lovely aroma without being to powerful.

        It is still quite expensive but it does last awhile so no need to spray throughout the day. My husband bought me a first bottle of 30ml and it cost around £8.00.
        I bought one through a friend and for 100ml i paid £20.00.

        I find it fragrant and i have always been ask whats that lovely perfume you wearing.

        We all have different tastes and that comes to perfume as well. You neer know whether you like something til you try it.

        Best to do a tester before you buy.


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        27.06.2007 19:36
        Very helpful



        I think most of us have done some of this book at sometime

        The story is about a single 34 year old woman named Jess Monroe, working behind the scenes on a daytime TV show. After a run of hopeless relationships Jess has decided that she is happy single, until her friend Kara decides to buy her an ad on an Internet dating site for her 34th birthday. Jess at first is annoyed and embarrassed, but after thinking about it for a while she decides to give it a go.

        The story continues with her having a string of predictably disastrous dates, with all sorts of strange men – most of which have not told her the truth. maybe sending Jess a photo that was taken 10 years ago or maybe not telling her the fact that they are actually married! Will Jess ever find the guy she looking for.

        then in the book she also finds out that her sister livvy has breat cancer. so you see hows she deals with this as well as the dating

        I found the book a definate snuggle and rea in bed book. it was enjoyable, it was quite funny in parts,

        the part where Jess found out that her sister had breast cancer was quite touching, as it dealt with the way a relative feels when they find out someone close to them is ill.
        As we all would possibly go through the thoughts of how we would cope with the loss of a sister and the way she felt she couldn’t talk to anyone about it, as her sister dealing ith an illness and her thoughts would be so irelavant in perspective. It makes the problems of her love life look tiny compared, and makes her realise what’s really important in life.

        However, on the subject of the breast cancer storyline, I thought perhaps it was a bit glossed over (if that’s the right expression!). What I’m trying to say (without giving away too much of the plot) is that it probably wouldn’t be much help or comfort to anyone who was actually suffering from cancer, as it was written almost as if she just had flu or something.


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        27.06.2007 00:06



        i myself have heard they good on price but my son doesn't have to pay yet,

        Well i think we all suffer good and bad experiences from time to time with any company.
        but i must admit I like this company as they are sensitive to my childs needs as he is disabled and hates having any examination done.
        I first went to this company when he was 3 as another high street store charged me for hi specs as he needed special frames as he has a wide skull.

        One thing with specsavers, they did his glasses for free and as he needed thick lenses they even did him lightweight ones that cost more and still kept the price at nil.

        also as children do my son no exception when rough and tumbling his glasses can get bent out of shape and even arms broken of them, and each time they repair or replace with no cost, and rcently i was in and out within an hour with new pair of glasses for him on same day.
        I know i havent given any prices and i have mainly said about the service but i would highly recommend them on that and there never a long wait to have a eye examination. for a high street store i would chose this everytime.


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      • Beach 103.4 / Music Radio Station / 17 Readings / 15 Ratings
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        16.06.2007 08:48
        Very helpful



        fun funky a good listen

        The beach what a great local station to listen to. Filled with competitions and great music. This station has been on air since September 29th 1996

        At easter they send out the beach bunny to give eggs to the children at the james paget hospital, and near christmas they Have a charity auction and all the monies raised go to the Help an East Coast Child Appeal.

        they have a website which has all this on it.On Air this feature tells you how is on air and what song playing. News local and national keeping you upto date every day| Local Info any local events and things to do in the local area| Gallery this feature on the website shows you events things thats The Beach has attended | Advertising for all local companies | Careers when i have a job vancancy

        for the second consecutive time
        after celebrating there 10th birthday they were celebrating again by being named 'Radio Academy Regional Station of the Year'

        that means there'd be nominated for consideration at the Sony Awards, later in the year

        This is what the judges had to say:
        “The Beach were able to take the local nature of their programming and take it a step further than other entrants. Their entry demonstrated that the station has high production values and a sense of fun that other more staid local stations lack. This made is a genuinely infectious listen and imparted local information without being either boring or preaching it."

        this a typical saturdays programs
        Breakfast On The Beach with Paul Carter Kate McCabe Tim Lindon Simon Jone Hit 40 UK Bride of the Week The Beach Summer 100

        Contact The Beach

        The Beach
        PO Box 1034 Lowestoft or PO Box 974 Great Yarmouth and Southwold

        Call the Studio : 0845 345 1034

        Text the studio : Type BEACH, then your message to 64477
        Each text costs 25p and your standard rate applies, but we will text you something back for free!

        Reception: 0845 345 1035

        Fax: 0845 345 1036


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      • Canon MV800 / Digital Camcorder / 14 Readings / 14 Ratings
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        14.06.2007 20:07


        • "Ease of use"
        • "Ease of use"


        a camera for the non techno brain

        Smart little camcorder light and easy to use.

        Accessories camera came with

        compact power adaptor
        battery pack
        lithium button battery
        lens cap and cord
        stereo video cable
        scart adaptor

        It was brought for me as a present i think it cost around £200. I use this very often and it is nigh on a point and video camera no difficult features to set up. but the manual i easy to read for anything you do need.

        It include features using digital effects so you can alter your videoing without to much hassle i not used this feature as of yet.
        I have done night vision and the camera is good on that mode, the battery last quite a while so not always having to be charged and i do alot of turning off and on, which discharges the battery quicker but i still able to use for a couple on days without any worry. and as it comes with power charger when at home i can keep that lead in so not using battery at all.

        The tapes that it uses are the mini dv ones and they record for 60 minutes.

        My only gripe is it doesnt have long play you need the mv800i for that feature. but if you not technicology minded this would be a sweet little camera to have, as you can just trail and error, instead of trawling through long drawn out books.
        Even my kids find it easy to use.


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        14.06.2007 18:18
        Very helpful



        buy it once you'll be hooked

        A good magazine to read and to give you a preview into what the healthy eating plan involves.

        The mgazine comes out bi-monthly at a price of £2.45 or if you attend a class you can get it at the reduced price of £1.50.

        In every issue of the magazine there are regular features.
        The Readers Write- send in your opinions and views and stories of the diet.

        Recipe index- Showing some lovely recipes so you can vary your diet.

        your amazing- true account of peoples successes.

        the a feature called time for tina- feature from someone famous.

        but there is so much in each magazine once you pick it up you will find it hard to put down.

        generally 8 success stories from people that had done the plan and reached the target they want to be, these provide inspiration to all.

        food news telling of new products out in the shop just so you an have different things in diet so you never get bored, recipes and ideas

        Helth and fitness this month it covered diabetes and bust.
        beauty and fashion gives you lovely ideas to make you feel good as you slim down.

        Also one main feature i like is the weekly food plan as it gives you the food you will be eating and the shopping list o if you followed that you wouldnt have the naughty bits around that can be tempting.

        I cant wait for the next one to come out as the recipes are so simple and quick and there always something different to try, and the stories are a fab read as it just proves these people had done it so can we.

        As I havent reached my target this year i know with the aid of my group and the aid of this magazine i will get there as there so much support out there. It such an easy plan. i would recommend this whole heartedly.


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          14.06.2007 16:51



          to delicous for there own good

          What a great smooth ice cream on a stick. less than 1% fat, typically 71 calories each.
          you get 4 in a box for the price of £1.99 so if you trying to cut the calories but still want a delicous treat, these are lovely and refreshing.

          they come in all flavours from mint double chocolate, also double chocolate and now even a smoothies range of berry blush and tropical whirl. Also they also have a variety of ice cream tubs.

          nutrition information

          typical values per 100g per110ml stick
          energy 436kj/103kcal 303kj/71kcal
          protein 1.5g 1.0g
          carbohydrates 23.9g 16.6g
          of which sugars 23.3g 16.2g
          fat 0.1g 0.1g
          of which saturates nil nil
          fibre 3.0g 3.0g
          sodium 0.03g 0.02g
          salt equivalent 0.1g 0.1g

          so if you trying to shape up for the summer or just want be watch what you eat. Feel that you dont have to miss out and buy these Skinny cows as they are Yummy.

          Just hide from kids all they'll be none left when you want your treat.


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          • Samsung SGH-D500 / Mobile Phone / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
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            13.06.2007 01:16



            what a cracker

            I had the d500 on contract a few years ago and this was the first contract phone i had, It was the best out at the time with all features you could want, 1.3 mega pixel camera, gprs, messaging, email, games and more.
            also a nice little slide phone.

            Ok if you wanted to update the cover you need a special tool to do it and i have heard it quite fiddly. so i hve now found a snapon cover that is just push on push off, it has revamped the phone nicley as i have now handed it down to my daughter, as it such a simple phone to use.

            Also the battery life of the phone seemed endless and the bright coloured screen just was so clear to view messages etc, with no glare from external things.
            they came ith a dongle , earphones and charger, and in a fancy box, made it look expensive, but back hen i got mine you where talking to buy one around £400.00.

            Even now it a few years old i never have had a fault with it and if you could pick up a second hand one, i would say you could choose worse.

            main fault nowadays ould be it doesnt have an expanable memory


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          • SizeUp / Highstreet Shopping / 12 Readings / 8 Ratings
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            13.06.2007 00:48



            never have the excuse you have nothing to wear ever again

            Formerly Size Up now renamed as Yours.

            this is a brilliant shop for the now expanding nation of woman, we cant all have the hour glass figure it just not in our genes.

            Sizes ranging from 14-32 this shop has a marvellous selection of fashion, and at prices that most can afford, but just becasue they not highly priced it doesn't mean they have skimped on the quality and standard of the clothes.
            after every season they sell off the items for a majorly reduced price.
            formal to casual, and delightful underear that still can be sexy and big. this is the first high street shop i could actully buy a big in my size , before i had always had to mail order them.

            thumbs up to Yours. no need to hide in t-shirts and joggers, now go get the fitted trousers and shapely cut top to flatter. big does mean beautiful.

            only problem is there have not got shops uk wide, so would be nice to go to most cities nd find the store.


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          • Tesco Clubcard / Credit Card / 20 Readings / 15 Ratings
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            13.06.2007 00:30



            give yourself a treat get the card

            This loyalty card is one o the good guys. firstly you don't have to pay out to get it and then whether you buying from the tesco store, petrol station or online you an use it, other companys except the card so you can earn more points, register it with powwergen to get points for the electric you use.
            If you spend £1 you get one point that i converted to a penny. collect points over 3 months and then you receive a statement with vouchers to spend in store, or you could convert them for vouchers for days out o you and kids can get a day out somewhere for a fraction of the cost.
            they also include extra point vouchers to collect when you buy certain items that you usually buy.

            At present they have started an xmas saver insted of getting the stamps you pay into thi scheme and that and your points total can be saved up til christmas so you have a nice lump sum to spend at that expensive time of year.

            well orth acquiring a card, either from signing up in store or online.


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            12.06.2007 17:33



            for a relaxing time

            Southwold what a quaint little seaside town. Known for the adnams brewery. Full of tiny little cottages and clean beach.

            Used to have a horse drawn dray that delivered beer to the numerous amount of public houses in the town a good place for a pub crawl. A must to try the beer, you haven't been to Southwold if you don't

            It not gone commercialised like many seaside towns so the quieter view of the sea is ensured here.

            the spectacular hotels and numerous little shops keep this town a little haven by the sea.
            One of the best features is the wonderous church in the town, it was part of the inspector morse series.
            Thats the other thing about this town there is always one film or other wanting the use the greens or houses in there production.
            PD James was from southwold along with michael palin.

            each year they have there fair at the top end of the town and the switching on of the christmas lights by someone famous.

            they have also renovated the pier and there is some fastinating items located on it. Especially the large water clock it's a must to see.

            Southwold is situated of the main A12 road from great yarmouth to london. So easy to get to.


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          • Slimming World / Other Service / 30 Readings / 22 Ratings
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            12.06.2007 16:47
            Very helpful



            do it at your pace, just visualise the new you

            This healthy eating plan is very good.

            It consists of days classed as red or green
            red is meat and limited carbohydrates
            green is pasta , potato's and rice, but only a small amount of meat.

            The free food is all fruits and vegetables , except for peas, sweetcorn on a red day they are syns.
            you also have a section that is classed as healthy extras which includes your milk cheese, bread and cereals.

            there is so much you can eat but the best bit is the SYNS and they can be used on anything that is a treat chocolate , ice cream extra bread whatever you fancy,

            There is so many meals you could have
            for example

            Breakfast, Bolied egg, 57g of wholemeal bread( that a healthy extra) banana,

            lunch chicken salad, apple, mullerlight yoghurt.

            Tea Spaghetti bolognese, count the spaghetti as a healthy extra.

            have as much fruit as you like.
            they have a bi-monthly magazine that gives you a weeks typical diet in it so you could actually try before going to a class.

            The classes involve going in and being weighed all done so your weight is keep confidental. then there is image therapy where the consultant will go through people to see how they done in the past week, discussing any problems or questions they need answered. if you stay to class it a good way to pick up ideas and make friends with people that have the same issue as you , To lose weight. No one judges, you they to achieve your goal and with the aid of others it less daunting.

            They give out awards for every 7lb you lose so thats a boost also they now have a body magic scheme that if you exercise they give you awards as you become more active.

            As i said at beginning this a healthy eating plan NOT a diet as nothing is not allowed, it just has to be allowed for.

            Why not see the new you, it is achieveable with slimming world.

            my own story is i lost 4 stone in one year then i found out i was expecting but i continued to go all through my pregnancy and i only gained a fraction of the weight i had gained in my previou 2 pregnancies, but the week after i had my daughter i returned to find that actually i was only 4lb more than when i firt found out i as pregnant, so that was good. As maybe if i had continued to go i would have possibly undone all the good work i did.


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            • Lord of the Rings Tarot / Card Games / 13 Readings / 8 Ratings
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              12.06.2007 16:00



              get as a gift to yourself you wouldnt regret it

              Fantastic Artwork.

              What a set this is. comprises of a book, map, ring and cards.
              If you like anything to do with lord of the rings then this is good, possibly not ideal for a beginner, but we all need to start somewhere.

              Right the set s brought out in 1998, by Terry Donaldson. so nearly 10 years old. There are 40 cards with wonderful designs on them.

              There choice in how to use this set, you can lay a card down and use the ring as a pendulum to get the yes/no answer .

              Most people over time would devise there own way of reading these cards
              The book is hardback so of good quality, i brought my set unused second hand so i didnt pay the £19.99 it would have cost from th shop, but it is well worth the money.


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