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    • General / Discussion / 40 Readings / 39 Ratings
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      15.12.2008 14:12
      Very helpful



      hey...go for your answers as mine..

      I dont know what people get of reading these but After reading reviews on this topic i enjoyed so I also felt to write something about myself...so here it is.

      Gender: female

      Birthday: September 6th

      Eye colour: Deep Brown

      Hair colour: Dark Brown

      Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches

      Current job: Student


      Food: Indian Chlole Bhature

      Colour: Blue and Green

      Season: present,,that is christmas time,,love the mild winters with cup of coffee and santa movies

      Drink: a lots of water for necessity, fresh juices, cholcate shake and coffee..

      Chocolate bar: Toblerone..

      Restaurant: Any good Indian and Chinese and Pizza Hut


      Bedtime: 12 noon after going through some good book

      Weaknesses: Addiction to TV Shows...lazyness

      Fears: God , lies, fights and not gaining what i wish/want however it happens very less..:)

      First Thought Waking Up: after delaying for an hour everyday, I wish the clock stops hear and let me sleep for 10 more minutes...:)

      This or That...

      Orange or Apple juice: Orange

      Dog or Cat: Dog

      Pepsi or Coke: none..

      Scary Movie or Funny Movies: funny,,,,,i love comedies and i am scared of scary movies

      Chocolate or Vanilla: choclate...

      Black or White: White

      Truth or Dare: depends who is sitting in front :)

      Live Forever or Die Young: Live Forever life kingsize

      Mud or Dirt: mud,,,,,,for playing and remembering childhood days

      Gold or Silver: hmm,.,gold but also depends on dress for a good match

      Have You Ever...

      Drunk: no,,

      Smoked: nooo

      Taken drugs: Noooo

      Broken the law: hmm,,sometimes when i park my vehicle wrong

      Been arrested: No

      Shoplifted: haha ,, to be honest,,have stolen small things like choclates , icecreams, guava , many times in childhood but never got caught..but now from many years...no..:)

      Cut your own hair: yes,,when my comb got stuck in my hair,,was not able to take it out and i had to cut some of my hair then

      Danced in the rain: yes ,many times , i love rains

      Had a long distance relationship: Nope

      Been stalked: hmm.. no..

      Broken a bone: no...i am scared of getting arrested :)

      Been in an Accident: yes ,,small accidents many times..

      Do You...

      Shower Daily: yes,,

      Sing in the Shower: yes,,actually, most of teh time singing is natural with shower i think..

      Sing Well: no that good,,.but i enjoy my singing

      Swear: hmm,,. yes ,,but with myself only , when i decide something..

      Believe in Yourself: yes i do..but sometimes not and that i too dont like

      Want to go to College: yes i have been to and would like going again for some more higher degree

      Get Along With Your Parents: yes...obviously..

      Get Along With Your Siblings: yes all three big b's

      Like Thunderstorms: why would one like thunderstorm?

      Play an Instrument: yes sometimes a piano,,,however i dont play very well

      Speak a Foreign Language: Little bit of spanish

      Sleep with Stuffed Animals: No way

      Keep a Diary/Journal: no...but im fond of reading

      Can You...

      Roll Your Tongue in a Circle: i have tried just now,,but not happened perfectly..

      Both Ways: a little more imperfectly than before..:)

      Do the Splits: Nope

      Say the Alphabet Backwards: yes , i just tried and i was good at it

      Write With Both Hands: no ,, but u know i write an the back of the paper .. the mirror image ..and it appears perfect on the front side..however its long i have tried..


      Is Your Window Open: yea,, just now as at prayer time mom says some of windows should be opened

      What Colour is Your Toothbrush: pink

      Do You Believe In Love At First Sight: Not personally

      Did You Have Long Hair as a Kid: yes i do have

      What Cell Phone Provider Do You Have: nokia and vodaphone

      Do You Know All The Words to the National Anthem: yes

      whom do u go to when you are sad : mom n temple

      whom do u go to when ur happy : hmm,, everybody at home, friends..all my brothers

      If You Were a Crayon What Colour Would You Be: yellow

      Ever caught a Fish: I've never been fishing

      Can You Stick Your Fist In Your Mouth: Never tried

      Thanks For Reading

      Summary: Hope you enjoyed my answers. thanks


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      • Panasonic NN-ST477SBPQ / Microwave / 37 Readings / 32 Ratings
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        29.11.2008 13:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        a very nice microwave worth its price..

        Panasonic as many of us know is a nice manufacturer in all its products. Its microwave Panasonic NN-ST$&&SBPQ has also got nice operating functions and ease of use with a nice service it provides.
        Microwave is basically used to reheat the food in a very short period of time(mainly in seconds) or to defrost the food if it is just taken out of the refrigerator.The thing that must be kept in the mind is never to use any metallic thin
        This panasonic microwave has cooking power of 900 watts which is enough needed for routine cooking purposes.
        There are 7 touch power levels available by which we can set the time to treat the food according to our need. Its main features include Inverter technology and automatic progamming having an electric sensor that guides us for setting the temperature and time according to the food type and its cooking. This is of great help for new users.
        It has a nice stainless steel finish available in both light and dark colour having decent look contributing to the smartness of the kitchen..
        It could hold 27 litres of weight and has nice defrosting and reheating quality that treats the food uniformly and quickly. The physical appearence includes height of 12.35 inches, width of 20.08 inches and depth of 12.01 inches that is a medium size to be set in any kitchen. T
        The price ranges from about 112 pounds to 150 pounds.

        I am using this microwave from an year and satisfied with the results and now it takes only seconds to reheat my food as and when needed and there is no headache of reheating on the flame..


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          26.11.2008 17:02
          Very helpful



          very good lotion for any type of skin..

          For knowing the product, its comapny is the main thing,,Lacoste is a company that originates from France in 1933. It has a logo of Green crocodile on its products. Its qulaity is superb and the well known company Proctor and Gamble is the license holder for its fragrant products.
          For body lotion Lacoste introduced its touch of pink range in 2004., the scent strength of this lotion is moderate which can be most suitable to youths or those who are looking for a average smell lotion.
          The lotion is good enough to suit for any skin type like normal, those having dry skin and oily too as it does not leave any oil after application, and the good part is it has no side effects so that it can be suitable to sensitive skins also. It gives a very smooth touch after application and a little amount is enough to use.
          As the name indiactes pink is for a very delicate and softer feeling., that lasts for about 5-6 hours.
          It fragrance notes are that of sandal wood, coriander leaf, touch of vanilla, blood orange, cardamom seed, jasmine , etc...much similar to the touch of pink perfume., so it can perfectly suitable to those who use its the perfume also.
          150ml pack of the this body lotion ranges from about 10 to 12 pounds which is worth buying for its quality.

          thanks for going through..


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        • Orly Nail Polish / Make Up / 29 Readings / 27 Ratings
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          25.11.2008 14:49
          Very helpful



          a fine nail polish..to be used

          Nail Polish is a very important part of a female make-up for her hands to make them look shiny and beautiful. For such kinds of make ups which last for long their should be no compromise on quality as low grade nail polishes could harm the nails.

          Orly is one of such kind of brand that gives a superb quality in its products. It has a special kind of resin which gives a proper adherence with nails. It has a high level of pigmentation that provides an easy and full coverage to the nails.

          It has a wide range of varieties and colour for various choices, moods and ocassions including all lights and darks of pinks , reds, browns etc..

          You may find it a little expensive but when it comes to quality its balancing,
          One of the reason for its price is natural pearl mixed in it which gives a very softer flow when applied and also lasts for long ( for about 2 weeks) without fading down and shining also maintains for long.

          The price is about 6 pounds for each of 18 ml bottle available as single, a pack of three, six or as demanded.

          Overall , if you have not tried it , you must buy it and see the goodness...thanks for going through..


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        • Acer Aspire 5315 / Laptop / 21 Readings / 20 Ratings
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          24.11.2008 16:32
          Very helpful



          a good one for students

          This Laptop is good for people who dont have much use of laptop, who need it for simple works like web browsing, ms office work like preparing worksheets, powerpoint etc.., for watching movies etc..

          The Acer Aspire 5215- Celeron M550 has Random access memory(RAM) of 2 GB with Hard disk driver(HDD) of 160 GB. Once charged, its battery runs for about 2 hours only so it is not recommendable for long time proffesional use. Howsoever it is good for students and for those who have a low budget and people looking for it for general use. Its price is about 300 pounds.
          The operation of keyboard is very comfortable and ruff-tuff type. It is very good for movie watching as the clarity of the Liquid crytal display (LCD) is too good with a Dynamic Video memory Technology and Wide Local Area Network(Wlan) of 802.11 b/g that uses high radio signals for transmission.
          The display screen measures 15.4 inches diagonally and other facilities available are nice video conferencing, Intel Celeron mobile processor and Graphics media accelerator.
          Overall a nice laptop to buy for its general use price, you would not regret.


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        • Speedy Meals / Recipe / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
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          23.11.2008 16:10
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          you should try once..

          This is a review about an instant semolina bread recipe...we can eat it in breakfast or evening snack.The good thing about this is anyone who is not in habit to cook can also prepare it perfectly,,its soo easy..


          SEMOLINA (1 cup)
          CURD (3/4 cup)
          WHOLE MUSTARD SEEDS(half tbs ) for each piece of bread
          SALT TO TASTE
          BLACK PEPPER
          Curry leaves
          Coriander Leaves
          Tomato and Onion


          Beat semolina in the curd properly, add a little water to make it a semi thick paste , add salt, pepper to taste, tomato and onion (properly cut), curry and the coriander leaves. Keep it aside.

          Spread the semolina paste over the bread pieces at one side. Now heat fry pan at high flame , add butter and after heating add msutard seeds and put one bread piece over it lightly so that the semolina side is on lower side. it would be brownish after a while...eat and serve hot with any kind of green or tomato sauce.
          Note : the same activity can be performed from the other side after pouring a little butter on the same pan..


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            22.11.2008 17:25
            Very helpful



            a nice camera

            I am writing this review as i own this camera from last 2 years and i am satisfied from its results.
            The model is very sleek and comfortable to carry anywhere, also the functions can be easily understood by any new person using it. The LCD Screen is 2.4 inch wide and the there is 3x optical lens provided with zoom facility at top right from where near or far away pictures could be easily set viewing them onscreen.
            The model is of 7.2 megapixel( megapixel is term from computer science used to signify the discrete component of any picture by its resolution, the higher the resolution the clearer would be the picture). The battery life is also good, once charged runs for enough time.
            The memory is of 22 Mega bytes which is enough to store routine memorable pictures and videos and also a code for USB is given with it so that it can be esaily transfered to computers and pendrives and then its memory could be again used initially. There is a faclility to quickly delete an unwanted or blurr picture to save the memory.
            There are different mode sets given which could be adjusted according to low, medium or high light available.
            Overall a good digital camera to buy


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          • Adidas Shoes in general / Shoes / 11 Readings / 11 Ratings
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            20.11.2008 14:55
            Very helpful



            you should have one..

            When a talk of shoes initiates, generally people looks for its quality and comfort. Basically for sportswear where running, jogging is of main concern, it is of much importance to wear shoes with durability, good-fit and quality with good sole, cushion and grip.

            Adidas is one of the very good brands which gives all of the above qualities on which anyone can trust blindly, although they are a little expensive but these characters balance its high price.

            The name Adidas comes from the founder company person named Herr Adolf Dassler, having nickname adi..and the slogan is Impossible is nothing.

            Adidas , as I personally think is worth buying, i was also gifted a pair from my brother last year and its too good still..The price starts from around 50 $ to 200 $ and more depending upon the quality we take..

            Some of them are:

            Samba Classic - 50-60$
            Rod laver- 48-65$
            Super Nova Cushion- 50$
            Gazella casual soccer - 60- 65$
            Adistar Control 5 - 130 $
            Megabounce + 2008 - 120 $
            Boston Running - 65 $

            There are many more which could be taken according to our need and budget.

            One great thing I got to learn is that for proffesional runners, adidas first provided shoes with microprocessers.. the use of which is given a battery in the shoes, these microprocessors can do very fast calculations which could adjust the cushion temperature and fit according to the atmosphere giving a great comfort to the runner..

            Over all, persons looking for some good sneakers could buy them,,,they would not complain..thanks for going through.


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          • Denon AH-D501 / Headphones / 16 Readings / 15 Ratings
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            19.11.2008 17:02
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            if looking for buying them,,just go on..

            Headphones are of a great use for today's technosavy routine where they could be easliy used for audio study purpose, listening to music or to voice chat with somebody.

            The Denon AH-D501 with model ID AHDBKEM is of good qulity and precision in reproducing its input signal of sound.
            Its drivers are of size 35mm and given a very sofisticated look by round and soft envelopments which has soft and smooth leather material preventing the user from any type of outer sound disturbance and we can use it for long because of its light weight.

            The good thing about these headphone is there is no timbre
            disturbance in the sound pitch.
            Also, there is a differentiated design in the head band which is very cmforatable to use and easy to adjust.
            An important thing provided in the headphone is it can also be use for DJ purpose because of its one ear monitoring facility.

            There is an extension cable which is 1.7 meter long easy to be connected anywhere
            A gold plated plug of size 3.5mm with a metal barrel is provided along with oxygen free copper wiring (this type of wire is considered to be free from oxygen with high conductivity.

            Therefore, with these qualities we can enjoy the full use of this headphone for any type of purpose...


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          • Potato / Recipe / 18 Readings / 17 Ratings
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            19.11.2008 15:03
            Very helpful



            superb taste

            Potato is an easily available and frequently eaten vegetable, so I would like to share one of its recipes with you.

            Name : Goanese Potato


            Potato , small sized ( 1 kg)
            Tomato, grated (1/2 kg)
            Half coconut , grated
            whole coriander seeds (2 tbs)
            whole poppy seeds (2 tbs)
            3-4 whole red chilly
            2 grated onion
            7-8 garlic cloves
            oil 200 gms
            cream, a little grated cheese and coriander leaves for garnishing


            Salt to taste
            red chilly powder( 2 tbs)
            turmeric( 1/2 tbs)
            cumin seeds (1/2 tbs)
            3-4 whole pepper
            garam masala for spicyness


            Cut potato in 2 pieces and fry them in needed amount of oil. Keep them aside.
            For puree, heat another amount of oil and add cumin seeds, whole pepper, whole red chilly, garlic, grated onion , grated coconut along with all the spices and let it fry for 5 minutes.
            Add grated tomato an poppy seeds and cook for 10 minutes.
            Then add fried poptato and cook for another 10 minutes or bake for 5- 10 minutes.
            Garnish with cream, grated cheese and coriander leaves and serve and eat hot with chappatis.....


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          • Nivea Creme / Skin Care / 19 Readings / 19 Ratings
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            19.11.2008 13:20
            Very helpful



            my cosmetic box is incomplete without it

            Nivea is brand from German comapany named Beiersdorf that most of the people trust because of its real good quality. The Nivea creme is mainly available in blue metal tin box varying from sizes 5oml to 400 ml. Now a days it is available in white box also which is a little more greecy.

            For normal skin type which is neither much dry nor much oily would like the blue pack Nivea as the white one is for extra dry skin.
            Since childhood I am using this creme and I feel it is superb. It is white in colour with a very light and unique fragrance unlike those high fragrant cremes available now a days in the market. The white colour and low fragrance gives a real natural and smooth touch after applicatiopn on the skin.
            The most important good thing about this creme is it also avoids pimples and has no side effects

            Besides having general ingredients like aqua, parrafin, lanoloin etc, nivea contains a good amount of glycerine which makes the skin moisterised and smooth.

            It is basically face creme but for those who do not want to expand much on cosmestics can use it as a multipurpose creme also depending on the skin type, and if you like it much , you can also buy many other products available like body lotion, spray etc..

            The cost of its 50 ml pack is about 99p.

            I would recommend those who have oily skin to use a very little amount after chilling it in refrigerator as they may have complain that it is oily,,but i do not feel so..

            Ovearll it is a very satisfactory creme to be used daily.....


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          • More +
            16.11.2008 18:09
            Very helpful



            worth webpage for business concerns

            This is my rewritten review on Center of Buisness...

            The Center for business is basically an internet website named www.tcfb.com where you could find a web page which is useful for people looking for studies relevant to various business terms assisting them in the fields accountancy, finance, science and technology, human resources, industrial goods and services, media and entertainment and many more..

            There is a seperate column of blog where a common on-line record of personal experiences, observations and hobbies are shared that might be useful for others going through them.
            If someone has to discuss particular topics in open, there is also a faciltiy of forum provided on the webpage.

            Just like many other business sites, we have to first register ourselves it it by our individual mail id and then we could get the updates of different articles and newsletters.Near about 7000 people are community members on this website.

            Under the term classifieds listed on the webpage, there is an option to search for particular shopping. Both seling and buying could be done through it as all the product details are mentioned over there.

            It is overall a nice webwage for those who are in business or business studies so that they can know and discuss about latest market trends.......

            ..thanks for going through..


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            • Rice & Pasta Dishes / Recipe / 21 Readings / 21 Ratings
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              16.11.2008 09:30
              Very helpful



              a tasty and helthy recipe of rice,,,must try

              Here is a recipe of veg- spanish rice whose most of the ingredients are like that of the fried rice except that sauces are not used in it ,,it is very easy to cook, most of the ingredients are available at home only,,and tastes yummyy..


              For 3 normal diets

              Semi Boiled rice: 1.5 cup(boiled and kept aside before 2 hours)
              Butter/Ghee : 100 gm
              French beans: 100 gm
              Potato: 100 gm
              Carrot : 100 gm
              Peas: 100 gm
              Cabbage : 200 gms
              Capsicum : 1
              Other seasonal vegetables could also be taken
              Curd : 2 tablespoon
              Grated cheese : half cup
              garlic : 2-3 cloves
              salt : to taste and garam masala 2 pinch for spicyness

              For garnishing: coriander and mint leaves, 2 tablespoon cream

              Cut all the vegetables in small pieces.
              Heat butter and fry onion till they are golden brown. Then add tomato. After 5 minutes add curd and let it cook for 2- 3 minutes
              Add all the vegetables, salt and garam masala. Mix teh rice well. After 2 minutes, Greese the baking dish with a little butter and pour rice in it, cover it with grated cheese.
              Bake it for 15- 20 minutes. Garnish with coriander and mint leaves and a little cream and serve hot..........


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            • Astrology / Discussion / 25 Readings / 20 Ratings
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              15.11.2008 13:41
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              you would enjoy if you learn once..

              I know a little about Indian astrology and that is :
              There are twelve signs named: Aries, Tauras , Gemini, Cancer, Leo , Virgo, Libra, , Scorpio, Saggitarius,Cancer, Aquarius, Pices.
              Our horoscope is basically divided into twelve houses. The first house is the main house which is known as the lagn house which decides the sign and god of that particular house.

              For example, if your birth time has decided Virgo to be in your lagn or main house , then your horoscope will be known as horoscope of virgo lagn and first house will be numbered 6 as Virgo is the sixth sign in our sign numbering (see the above written signs).
              Then whole the horoscope will be numbered like the second house 7th, third house 8th and so on.
              Just like this the lord of all houses would be decided.
              For example in a Virgo lagn horoscope, lord of 1st house would be Mercury as Mercury is lord of Virgo and virgo is there in first house. The lord of second house would be Venus then because second house is owned by 7 number and 7 means Libra and Libra is owned by Venus....and so on..

              Now if in this horoscope, mercury is in 1st house, it is said that mercury is there in its self house and considered good and so on...

              there are some particular signs in which particular planet gives there best effects like that of sun gives its best effect when it is in Aries, Moon in cancer etc..

              Something about houses:

              The importance of houses are always the same:

              1st house : for health , intellect,mind, nature, personality
              2nd : finance, family
              3rd: hard work, brothers
              4th: mother, land, balance of mind
              5th : education, wisdom, children
              6th: loan, liablities, enemies, maternals
              7th: life partner
              8th:life, hidden problems, long journeys
              9th: luck, teachers, reincarnation
              10th: service, business, father
              11th: earning(permanent source of earning)
              12th: life, expediture, foreign tours

              This is something I knew about Indian horoscopy and liked to share with you,,,thanks for going through..


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              • Puzzles / Discussion / 15 Readings / 11 Ratings
                More +
                15.11.2008 12:54
                Very helpful



                i really like them ........

                I love solving many kinds of puzzles..

                Puzzles are really a great help for brain excercise and entertainment too..whether they are direct questions, crossawards, general knowledge puzzles , sudoku etc..all of them are very interesting to play and simultaneously they increases our day to day knowledge about many things, vocabulary and keep us update. They are available in many newspapers, magazines, internet sites and in many books of children around us..

                If we go through any sort of puzzles regularly, they can benefit us anyday anytime like in many competitions, game shows like that of uk's who wants to be a millionaire, india's kaun banega crorepati..etc..everybody know they all won because of there updation of knowledge..

                Another important thing is children around us also learn to create theie self interest when they see us doing that for example, after watching me, my 3 years old nephew also makes himself busy solving his toy puzzle so many times, so for kids also it is a good work to play along with learning..

                And the most important thing is after we have solved,,,it really gives a great satisfaction and we really enjoy,,,,,,so pls start solving puzzles who are not involved uptill now........and thanks for going through..


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