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Member since: 28.06.2010

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      28.06.2010 15:44
      Very helpful



      great place to end your night in liverpool

      the krazy house is a 3 floor club located on the popular wood street in central liverpool.
      Its open thursday friday and saturday nights
      ht etop floor (k3) is the most popular getting really full on saturday nights and at these times it could take an hour to get served at the bar, so its recommended you go down to k2 or k1 to buy your drinks
      the k3 play a mix of popular chart music, popular indie, cheesy pop and some dance music.
      k2 plays mostly indie music the likes of red hot chilli peppers and limb bizkit etc.
      k1 play mostly metal and rock and 'mosher' music like slipknot and Nine ince nails
      drinks are fairly cheap and on offer nights (which i tink is all nights now) they have an ALL DRINKS 241 promo, which actually isnt all drinks its just most bottles and beers, for example sambuca is £1.50 for one
      Door prices can be expencive ranging from £3.50 a massive £10+ on event nights but if you get there before 11pm or you sign up to their facebook page you have a chance of getting in for much cheaper.
      the bouncers can be strict but they're on and off, sometimes underage people do slip through the net but there is always bouncers walking around the club to make sure there no trouble.
      the toilets are horrible - alright for lads but girls you might want to hold it in.
      Whats annoying though is that they play the same music week in week out and they also sometimes play the same song numerous times in one night and even the same song on different floors!
      alot of people are intimidated by 'the kray' but its fun and nobody is gunna judge you there.
      the dress code is most of the time - where whatever you want, you see some people on the k1 dressed in full gothic gear but you can turn up in fancy dress, or just casual clothes and there shouldnt be a problem, unless of course it an event night e.g. halloween when fancy dress is required to get in.
      age group is mostly young 18-20s but you do see people in theree 30's and 40s in there and theres no problem there
      once a month they do an all nighter until 6am
      most nights they close at about 4am


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      28.06.2010 15:31
      Very helpful



      no 1 dance club in the world

      Sankeys manchester
      this was orginally a soap factory.
      Its located about a 15 minute walk from picadilly train station or victoria train station, you can also get a taxi which shouldnt cost too much.
      Before visiting i had read many reviews that the dorr men were really strict howvere when i visited the super club ( i have been twice now) they were fine both times, however in terms of the dress code, your going to dance - dont come all dressed up smart wear what your comfortable dancing in.
      recently Sankyes got voted number one club in the world by dj magazine.
      sankeys has three main rooms, the bar - when you walk in there is a small bar with a coulerful lighted wall and a dj booth, this is also where the toilets are.
      there is the main room and then there is a room upstairs called spektrum which isnt always open
      they also have an outdoor terrace so you dont need to leave the club to smoke.
      there was 5 bars which i counted and the prices wernt too bad - a around £2 a bottle of water.
      the first time i visited was a sold out night to see Fake Blood, we arrived at midnight and didnt get into the club until 1am however being open until 6am this didnt bother us.
      dont visit this club on busy nights if you dont like being squashed into big crowdes and pushed around, this club has the tightest crowd iv even been in and people are contantly trying to push past.
      In terms of drugs, its bound to happen in a dance club, on both visits it looked as if a fair few people were on drugs - we even got offered some in the outdoor terrace, but you just say no if your not into that.
      prices start form about £10-£20 depending on the names.


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