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    • The Blair Witch Project (DVD) / DVD / 28 Readings / 26 Ratings
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      07.02.2007 19:43
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      Mysterious dissapearances and stories from the past haunt and terrify three student film makers.

      A small town sets in the shadows of the black hills and the secrets that it hides are haunting. Three young film makers set out to discover the truth beneath the tales of mysterious disappearances and The Blair Witch. The residents apprehensively repeat the stories told to them as children and recall recent events involving an old hermit.

      1785 several children accuse Elly Kedward of being a witch and she is banished to the black hills and assumed dead by the unusually harsh winter. Shortly after, her accusers and several of the towns children disappear. Fearing a curse the town of Blair is abandoned and the name Elly Kedward never uttered again.

      1809 a book is published, The Blair Witch Cult, it tells of a town cursed by a witch and abandoned by the residents, though believed to be a work of fiction it’s similarities are hard to ignore.

      !824 a new town is founded on the site of Blair, Burkittsville , Maryland.

      1825 Eileen Treacle disappears, witnesses claim to have seen a pale hand pull her into the Tappy creek. Her body is never found and the creek is clogged with sticks covered in an oily substance for days.

      1886 another child disappears, 8 year old Robin Weaver returns but one of the search parties sent to find her does not.. Weeks later the search party is found on coffin rock, bodies tied together and mutilated. But when an attempt to recover the bodies is made, they are gone.

      1940 children once again start disappearing from the town, seven in all.

      1941, An old hermit Rustin Parr emerges from the woods declaring that he is finally finished, the bodies of the seven missing children are found in the cellar of his house, disembowel and appear to have been killed in a ritual. Rustin Parr admits to the slaying’s and claims a woman ghost living in the woods near his house told him to do it. He is convicted and hung.

      In the fall of 1994 the three film makers are reported missing and an exhaustive search reveals nothing. The police deem the case unsolved.

      1995 a group of anthropology students discover a duffel bag buried in the foundation of an old cabin, the contents are discovered to be the recordings of the missing film makers.

      1997 the families turn over the footage to a production company hoping to find answers, what they find is alarming.

      After hearing the tales of the town residents the three film makers start their journey into the woods. Heather Donohue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams begin their filming at locations they have been told about. The cemetery where an unusually high number of children seem to be buried, and coffin rock. The sites are eerie and a dark presence seems to be looming over them. The trip is meant to last three days but strange sounds surround the group at night as they try to sleep. Spooked and unable to explain the source of the sounds they apprehensively continue. As the nights come the sounds get closer and the panic stricken group is frozen in fear. There discoveries in the daylight are forbidding and the attacks at night become sinister and threatening. Strange symbols formed out of sticks and their belongings scattered when they are forced from their tent at night encourage them to abandon their project and return home. They attempt to walkout but find themselves circling the same area over and over, and as day turns to night once again they are confused and hysteria sets in.. Will they ever make it out of the black hills alive, or has the truth of the Blair Witch been realized.

      In all a horrifying and mysterious film. The style of the film is indeed a true work of art, magnificent and terrifying. The acting is believable and you truly feel scared for the group and their impending fate. The odd camera angles and shaky movements add to the feeling of the film although some find it hard to watch. I myself was pulled into the movie and watched every possible extra I could find, vowing to discover the truth. It is indeed a fictional work but can easily fool. you into believing otherwise. The amount of time creating news clips, and supposed real footage for the stories background feeds the belief and makes the story substantial. I recommend every horror buff looking for a real scare watch the movie and search out the extras that can be found on the DVD as well as on the website.. Blairwitch.com This is not a movie for children, the scares are realistic and the language a bit vulgar.

      Production information obtained from Amazon.com

      US Theatrical Release Date: July 30, 1999
      MPAA: for language.
      Production Company: Haxan Films
      Available for purchase at retailers world wide and on amazon.com
      This movie and the second, Book of Shadows, are available for purchase as a set on blairwitch.com for approximately $15.00.


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        07.02.2007 08:30
        Very helpful



        With the many advantages of legalization surely the government must have something they are gaining

        This is a debate that has gone on for many years and yet the government can not seem to grasp the basic idea. Everyone who has a job is in fact prostituting, they may not call it that but if a mechanic can sell his hands for a paycheck and a business man his mind, then why is it that a prostitute can not sell her body.

        With legalization, laws protecting the prostitutes and the interested johns could be put in place. For instance, a card deeming the prostitute free of disease and drug use. Providing the prostitute with the availability of a clean and stable work environment would also be a plus. Crime would indeed be cut and the jail system freed of unnecessary clogs that are allowing rapists and murderers to be set free.

        Who are we to tell these women they can not sell their bodies, after all it is theirs. With legalization protection for these women could also be available. Many prostitutes every year are murdered, raped and robbed with no where to turn but to their local pimp who more than likely punishes them for it.

        Prostitutes have families to raise just like the rest of us, and if that is the best way they can manage then I say go for it. Better that they are out working for their own support as opposed to living off of a government check. Most of these women are not qualified in the eyes of the business world to obtain a job paying them any where close to the amount of money they receive from prostitution, and we all know the demand is there..

        I do believe that with legalization our youth would have to be taken into consideration. Legalization is one thing but parading around scantly clad in front of children is not a subject to be taken lightly. Boundaries and limitations would have to be set, but I can not imagine the working girls not agreeing as I am sure many of them are mothers. Not to mention the exchange of the restrictions for legalization would be greatly in their favour.

        So the question then is what is the government gaining by continuing to persecute the women of the night. Inability to tax, loss of funds from fines, surely not. The demand is great and the supply is ample, so allow these women to work and provide them with the protection to do so.


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        • Saw III (DVD) / DVD / 30 Readings / 27 Ratings
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          06.02.2007 21:17
          Very helpful



          A thrilling chapter in the saw series, new players and old come together to create a horrifying tale

          A thrilling chapter in the saw series. This movie was as terrifying and captivating as the first two. Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) provides an ever looming figure of fear as the puppet master once again. In a world of mistakes and misjudgements he has chosen the players and the games begin.

          The film begins with Detective Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) where we left him the last time, caught in one of jigsaws games, testing his mind and his will to be free. Will he escape or fail the test to be later discovered by his co-workers, as he himself found many of jigsaws subjects, dead.

          Amanda (Shawnee Smith) once again appears as Jigsaws apprentice, assisting him in carrying out his horrifying tests on the human mind. She has an ever increasing attachment to jigsaw who has shown her the attention she so desperately craves. But his life is slipping away and she is unable to help. A doctor is kidnaped and forced to keep Jigsaw alive, but Jigsaw has developed a strange affection for the Dr. leaving Amanda feeling cast out of his world. Can she withstand the test being presented to her or will it prove to much for her fragile mind?

          Jeff (Angus Macfayden) has suffered terrible tragedy in his past. The death of his son and the constant revenge he seeks on those involved has taken over his life. He is now being forced to face his sons death and deal with those who he believes to have caused it. Will he forgive and let go as he is tested over and over again in jigsaws game, or will he fail? But there is a final test that he does not expect, will he pass, or will it become another tragedy?

          Dr. Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh) is at a point in her life where all things are unsure and her marriage is at it's breaking point. Constant thoughts distract her from her work and threaten the lives of her patients. She then finds herself caught in a game dependant on the success of Jeff, and on the life of jigsaw. She must keep him alive until Jeff has passed his tests using only the tools in jigsaws lair. If she fails the results will be explosive. Can she handle the pressure and the ever watching eyes of Amanda?

          The Actors:

          Shawnee Smith, (Amanda) provides a character that we are unsure of. Her motives questionable and her mind altered, a wonderful performance that leaves you feeling sorry for Amanda and the terrible path she has chosen.

          Tobin Bell as the ever recognizable Jigsaw is the ultimate puppet master, pulling the strings at every turn.
          An eerie representation of the feared butcher that in the end leaves you with some understanding of how jigsaw came to be.

          Angus Macfayden (Jeff) portrays the destroyed father with emotion and fear, convincing and compelling throughout the movie. You can feel his loss as if it were your own.

          Bahar Soomekh,( Dr. Lynn Denlon) struggles a bit with the believability, but in all gives a good performance, although I did not feel as absorbed in her character as I did the others in the film.

          Donnie Wahlberg, (Det. Eric Matthews,) has brief but important role in the movie, his pain becomes yours as he is tortured and struggles to survive.

          Running time is 113 minutes and it is rating of R, it should, the gore is realistic and there is a lot of it. Not a movie for the weak of heart or stomach.

          Lions gate films have moved to the top of the horror and gore production companies. They consistently deliver horrifying scares and disgustingly realistic butchery and blood baths.

          This movie proved to be as thrilling and graphic and the previous. Wonderfully written and directed, it continues to make you question the decisions in your own life. Would you be chosen as one of jigsaws subjects and could you survive the test?

          The ending leaves you wanting more and waiting for the next piece of the puzzle.


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            06.02.2007 17:04



            This book pulls you into the story and leaves you with all your questions answered.

            A widow for one year is a compelling story of love, loss and resolution. This is the first John Irving book I have read and it is the best book I have read in a while. His ability to paint a picture, as it were, is remarkable, and his humorous and awkward approach to the sexual encounters in the book makes you feel akin to Eddie, we have all had those moments. Each of the characters in the book are irresistible in their own unique way and in some way we relate to them all.

            Ted Cole is a man slowly losing all that is important to him. He is an accomplished writer of children’s books who seems detached from his true reality. The tragedy of his twin sons death has proven to much for his wife Marion to cope with. His daughter Ruth, meant to help ease the pain, is lost somewhere between the ever present pictures of her brothers and a mother who can not love her. Eddie comes along as a summer assistant to Ted, although the need for one is not apparent to him. Lack of work causes Eddies mind to wander and stray where every teenage boys mind strays to at that age, to sex. A somewhat humorous all be it embarrassing moment brings Marion and Eddie together. At the end of the summer Marion is gone and Ruth is left confused and insecure. Where is her mother and more importantly where are the pictures of Timothy and Thomas.

            The story spans many years and we find Eddie a middle aged novelist suddenly invited to introduce Ruth at a public reading of her own work. As he and Ruth reflect on the past together a new found admiration for her develops. She has become an accomplished writer and a woman, but inside the confused and insecure little girl still hides. Over time there paths cross many times and they both find themselves contemplating Marion and looking around every corner for her to appear. The years spent together as friends has created a strong but sometimes strained bond between Eddie and Ruth. She is discovering love for the first time even though she is a widow and a mother, and Eddie is still searching for something he lost long ago.

            In the end, thru Ruth’s tears, will it be okay?

            John Irving has definitely captured my attention and loyalty as a reader. Throughout this book I profoundly felt the sentiment and struggles of each character. The authors ability to provoke such emotion and realization is uncanny. Amateur writers such as myself can only dream of capturing the readers mind as he does. He gives the reader the opportunity to explore their own youth and remember those awkward years of youth when we were all first examining our sexual being and produces with that a chance at laughter.

            The most amazing thing about this book to me is that it has an actual end. So many books leave the reader wondering whether a chapter was left out, and this one leaves you with a conclusion.

            Publishing information from Amazon.com
            Hardcover: 537 pages
            Publisher: Random House; 1st trade ed edition (May 5, 1998)
            Language: English
            ISBN-10: 0375501371
            ISBN-13: 978-0375501371


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