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Member since: 05.07.2012

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      06.07.2012 21:38



      This toothpaste does exactly what it says and can be a bargain!

      Being a poor student the local 99p store is usually my first port of call for non essentials like food/ toiletries (anything which isn't clothes pretty much) and this was the only branded toothpaste I could find so I thought I would give it a go.

      I wouldn't normally get excited about toothpaste but I really love it! It tastes really nice as normally I find toothpastes can be overpoweringly minty, but this toothpaste is quite mild which I really liked.

      I have definitely noticed my teeth becoming whiter and brighter, which is a major plus as I am a smoker :/

      I love the consistency of this toothpaste as it really feels as if it is thoroughly cleaning my teeth.

      The main reason I bought this toothpaste was because I love a bargain, however I would definitely buy it again even if I had to pay a higher price! :)


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    • HP Pavilion g6-113sa / Laptop / 12 Readings / 10 Ratings
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      05.07.2012 18:11
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      Overall I think this computer is great value for money

      I started Uni last year, and choosing a laptop was essential for me as I had only previously had desktops. This laptop stood out straight away as it was a lovely blue/turquiose colour. It was on offer for £349 and I couldn't find another laptop (with the same specifications) to rival it at the same price, so it seemed like a bargain!

      Main specifications:

      500 GB hard drive
      4 GB of RAM
      1.6 GHz dual core AMD processor
      15.6 inche LED with HD capabilities screen
      Windows 7 Home Premium pre installed
      built in wifi adaptor
      3 USB sockets
      1 HDMI socket
      SD card reader
      DVD-RW drive
      built in webcam and microphone

      I have now had this laptop for nearly a year and it has not disappointed me yet!

      Lovely colour!
      large screen- good for watching DVD's
      Built in webcam- good quality for a webcam and useful for skyping my firnds whilst at uni also the sound quality of the microphone can't be faulted.
      Speed- Only takes a few seconds to load, and I never have a problem whilst using it, even when I have Multiple tabs open (most of the time!)
      I have thousands of photos saved and a lot of Uni assignments etc. and I still have loads of room left, also I havent noticed that it has slowed it down at all
      Battery life- last about 3 or more hours, which is plenty of time for me
      Super easy to use (I don't know that much about computers)

      Can get very hot (usually when I have a lot of tabs open) This doesn't happen regularly though.

      Overall I think this computer is great value for money and I wouldn;t hesitate in recommending it to pretty much anyone! For me, using it for University assignments, watching films and storing (a lot) of photos it is perfect


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