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    • Boxer / Pet / Animal / 123 Readings / 112 Ratings
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      04.02.2010 18:32
      Very helpful



      Wonderful breed of dog

      In the year 2006 my wife and I decided that we were going to get a puppy, we were looking on the internet to read up on some breeds. Looking through we came across the Boxer.

      Our minds were made up after reading up on them, so decided to start looking for Boxer puppies, we looked on the internet but couldn't find any nearby, so we bought the yellow free ad paper, and came across some pups that were in Brecon. We phoned the lady and told her that we were interested, she said that she only had the one left and that he was a boy. We were delighted as it was a boy we were after, we asked her if we could come and see him that night, she said yes.

      We were told that he was a brindle boy and was £450, money was no object , we wanted a lovely dog for the children as I have four boys, but one of them has cerabal palsey and he loves animals.
      We set off in the car and on our way to Brecon, we were very excited.
      We finally got there, and we got to meet the pups mother, she had the same markings. Finally we got to meet the puppy he was so wrinkley and gorgeous, he is brindle with black streaks on his body with a white chest, and a white stripe going down in between his eyes and nose.

      We were so pleased that we said yes and paid the lady for him, and off we went back home.
      We named him Rocky as we thought it suited him well, and he got used to the name very quickly.

      He was a really good puppy and has grown up to be a beautiful boy. He is 4 yrs old now and huge, not too fat and not too thin just right, he has to have high protein food so the rear of his stomach doesn't go too thin, but he loves the food and loves a roast dinner on a sunday bless him. That is his weekly treat.

      He loves to play with the boys,and loves going for walks although he don't like the lead, he likes to walk beside me, but will go on a lead when other dogs are around.

      He is a brilliant guard dog and is very protective over the whole family,especially Brandon. Every morning he comes down the stairs to check Brandon is ok, Brandon has cerabal Palsey and has weak bones.
      Im not allowed to cuddle the missus as Rocky will come between us wanting a cuddle bless him, he is a proper big baby.

      He loves people and fuss and is just like a human being, he will say please if he wants something by raising his paw, he will give the children kisses, but is very rare if he will give the adults a kiss.

      He likes to eat money too lol, this is because my youngest went into my purse and gave it too him, he was only little at the time. Its been £80 so far.

      Rocky however does not like to be left alone, sometimes you can't always take your animals with you, and tends to chew things, i have bought him toys but he goes through them like nobodys buisness.

      Rocky comes to bed with us everynight, and will even sleep on the bed with us. We wouldn't be without him even if he does slobber. He is part of our life and will be to the end. Rocky is really a valuable member of our family.

      I hope that people will read this and realise that Boxer's are not viscious dog's.
      These dogs should not be classed as dangerous dogs, as some people think that they are.

      Rocky was definately worth every penny and wouldn't swap him for the world and he is brilliant with children.


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      • The Crow (DVD) / DVD / 107 Readings / 102 Ratings
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        31.01.2010 23:38
        Very helpful



        Such a brilliant movie

        This film was the last film that Brandon Lee ever appeared in. On the 31st of March 1993 at Eve Screen Gems Studio's in Wilmington North Carolina, Brandon Lee was killed in the making of The Crow.

        Sadly when the Crow was being filmed, Brandon was shot accidentlly. The gun that he was shot with should of been loaded with dummy bullets but instead it was loaded with real ones, the bullet lodged into his abdomen and stuck into his spine causing severe blood loss, he was taken to the hospital, but 12 hours later he died.

        Brandon Lee was 28 years old when he died, he was the son of the famous actor, Martial Arts expert Bruce Lee.

        The Crow was almost finished when Brandon Lee lost his life, but was finished using computer graphics.

        The Crow was first released in the United States on May 13th 1994, then in the United Kingdom on June 20th 1994 and finally in Australia on July 21st 1994.

        The Crow is an amazing action fantasy film, one not to miss, it's full of special effects and brilliant graphics. Is's a film that needs to be watched carefully as you could easy miss parts of the story. Brandon had the main role in this film and played his role fantastically.
        In my opinion this film beats the rest of the Crow films that were made after this one, but that is due to the fact that Brandon Lee is not starred in them. Im sure had Brandon not lost his life in the making of this one the other's would of been as amazing as the first.

        The Crow is 18 certificate and should not be shown to younger viewer's as there are strong scenes and violence.

        Now to the story, Im only going to give you an insight into the story as I wouldn't want to spoil it for viewers that have never experienced this fantastic film.

        Brandon plays the role of a Rockstar called Eric Draven, he is in a relationship with a women called Shelley, their relationship is strong until she is murdered by a brutal attack from a gang.
        Brandon was also murdered on the same day by being shot, he falls through a huge glass window and stumbles to his death.

        Moving on into the story, Eric returns from the grave with superhuman powers. He really isn't happy. He is under the guidence of a mysterious crow who helps him to get his revenge, and revenge it will be, believe me he doesn't stop until he gets it. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

        Directed by Alex Proyas
        Produced by Jeff Most, Edward R Pressman
        Written by screen play
        David J Schow
        John Shirley
        Characters by
        James O'barr.

        Starring- Brandon Lee
        Ernie Hudson
        Rochelle Davis
        Michael Wincott
        Tony Todd.

        Music by- Graeme Revell
        Editing by - M. Scott Smith.

        Language- English

        Running time- 102 mins.


        I love this film, it's an all time favourite which i could watch time and time again and not get bored with it. I originally bought mine on video, but have recently bought it on dvd from Play.com for the great price of £4.99.
        If you have never watched this brilliant film before, its a must. I promise you won't be disappointed, top quality, never boring.


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        • H2O Mop / Homeware / 84 Readings / 75 Ratings
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          28.01.2010 17:50
          Very helpful



          Well designed, Top marks for this item.

          Since our best friend kimbles mentioned to us about the H20 Mop and how fab it was, my wife has been nagging me constantly to buy one, so the other day i put my wife out of her misery and ordered one. My wife was so excited about this H20 Mop she was like a kid with a new toy lol. Yesterday morning it arrived. I wasnt quite sure what she was getting so ecxited for as it is only something that cleans the floor, but I was actually very impressed last night when i saw it working for the first time.
          My wife was so chuffed with her new toy lol, there are certainly no excuses now for her not to wash the floor.

          --Bought From--

          Thane Direct.


          £68.04 + P&P £8.47 = total = £76.51.

          ---Included With The H20 Mop---

          H20 steam cleaner
          Carpet glider
          Microfiber cloth
          Removable water tank
          Measuring cloth
          Disposable pads (optional)
          Comes with a lifetime guarantee.


          This wonderful equipment has an ergonomically designed handle for easy grip and comfort.

          It looks abit like an upright hoover, and is white in colour with a blue watertank.

          Removable water tank 800ml capicity which is easy removed.

          Has a water filter function, which helps remove bacteria and dust mites.

          Triangular shaped head with a flexible pivoting head joint that reaches every corner.

          ---What The H20 Mop Does---

          This runs off electric.

          With the power of steam it cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemicals.

          It is environmentally friendly.

          Guaranteed upto 30 minutes of powerful continuous steam.

          Cleans all floors:-

          Ceramic Tiles

          Removes grease and dirt without harsh chemicals or detergent, although you can mix a little fabric conditioner if you wish in the water.

          Will Glide across carpet easily using the carpet glider.

          ---Places You Can Use The H20---

          Living room
          Dining room
          Pet places.

          The H20 mop is very lightweight and easy to use. It is very powerful and will have your floor sparkling in minutes, no more getting down on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor to remove tough grease and stains. No more mop and buckets that dont last five minutes. I can now see why Kimbles was soo enthusiastic about this machine.


          I would highly recommend this to everyone, affordable reliable and cheap to run, believe me im very careful with my money, but this was well worth dipping my hand in my pocket for.


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          • Sony PSP Slim & Lite / Games Console / 76 Readings / 71 Ratings
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            20.01.2010 22:49
            Very helpful



            I prefer this version to the new.

            For months I knew what I wanted for Christmas and couldn't wait to have my present. I am not sure who was more excited, me or the kids. As soon as Mrs Phillip asked what I wanted I didn't think twice about asking for the Sony PSP.

            What is a PSP -
            Originally released in December 2004 the PSP is the first Sony hand held games console. Using Optical Disc Format for it's games it boasted game graphics higher than any other on the market.

            What does the PSP look like -
            The one that I have is in a vibrant red colour. Whilst holding the console as if to play the height is 3 inches, the length is 7 inches and the depth is almost an inch so it is really small. The size of the screen itself is 4 inches in length and 2 inches in height.
            On the left hand side of the front is your arrow keys which control your left, right, up and down movements during a game with just below that the Analogue stick you would find on a Playstation control. Then on the right hand side of the front is your action buttons which control your actions during the game. Just below the screen also is your on/off switch, volume, sound on/off and start and select buttons.
            On the back then is the part where you insert your discs. All you need to do to is just pull the top of the opening slightly and it will pop open to insert the disc.

            Availability -
            You can pick these up from most game retail outlets, Argos and electrical shops.

            Price -
            The console currently retails for £129.99 in PC World. Sony do offer package deal on this also for example it comes with 2 games and the console for about £159.99.

            Games -
            All the games that the Sony playstation offer are also available for the PSP but range from £14.99 onwards.

            My opinion -
            The graphics on the console are amazing and with the sound affects aswell it does create a fantastic game senario. The games range is fantastic and with the ones I have played so far I can honestly say the play is amazing.
            It is such a light weight console and it really doesn't feel as though you are playing a game at all. I would say that a Playstation control or Xbox control are heavier. Even with holding the console it doesn't get hot or even make the palms of my hands sweat. I hate playing an Xbox and getting sweaty hands.

            Even though the console is mostly for kids I would highely recommend it to any gamer and for the £129.99 Mrs Phillip paid for it I will get lots of use out of it.


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