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    • VW Tiguan / Car / 30 Readings / 24 Ratings
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      23.12.2009 13:49
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      steer (or roll in this example!) clear!

      I purchased a Tiguan about 4 months after they were released. I initially wanted to go for the Touareg but decided I didn't need something that big and went for the smaller Tiguan instead.

      This is on the whole a well built car with the usual standard of quality you would expect from a VW. Not top end but nowhere near bottom. However, after owning the car for a couple of months I became less impressed with it. The car has very average handling and rolls around corners pretty badly. The interior is ok if not a bit bland. Fuel consumption isn't great either, I had a 2.0 Tdi and it was averaging about 27 mg, which I didn't think was great for a modern diesel CSUV.

      The power from the engine is also very poor. It offers little pull for a small 4x4 and was quite noisy too. As usual all the fittings and the mechanics were pretty reliable ( I had a recall and my starter motor broke after 2 months from brand new!?), although any problems I had didn't surprise me as having owned Audi's and vw's in the past I know they can spend a bit of time in the garage due to niggly problems.

      The 'build quality' people tend to rave about it the general build, e.g seats, door clunk, plastics etc etc and these were never a problem and so they shouldn't be, the mechanics with VW/Audi are a little different though. They do go wrong, consistently....

      Interior space in the Tiguan is very good but the boot is lacking massively. It is tiny for a car this size. It is nice and high but has no depth what so ever. A good weekly shop will leave it full for a family of four.

      Overall I wouldn't recommend this car. It didn't do anything wrong but then again I can't see it's purpose. It is too small to accomodate a large family and offers poor MPG. The boot is woefully inadequate and there is little luxury to compensate for the bad stuff. Engine choice is poor as is trim selection. I would say go for an A4 estate instead which offers loads more practicality, mpg, model choice, style and power.


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