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    • Let Go - Avril Lavigne / Music Album / 16 Readings / 16 Ratings
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      13.12.2010 17:10
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth another listen

      Avril Lavigne burst onto the scene, and the stereos of mild angst-ridden teens back in 2002 with her debut album Let Go. At the time she was an 18 year old part emo, part angsty teen and part skater chick - all rolled into 1 package producing albums which were surprisingly easy to listen to!

      Let Go was released to, largely, critical and consumer acclaim - going 6x platinum in the US and going multiple* platinum in Countries worldwide. With estimated worldwide sales of 16m plus it was, according to Billboard magazine the 7th top selling album of the decade.

      The track listing runs as follows:
      1. Losing Grip
      2. Complicated
      3. Sk8er Boi
      4. I'm With You
      5. Mobile
      6. Unwanted
      7. Tomorrow
      8. Anything, But Ordinary
      9. Things I'll Never Say
      10. My World
      11. Nobody's Fool
      12. Too Much To Ask
      13. Naked

      Obviously Complicated and Sk8er Boi are the too most recognizable names on that list as they are the 2 that got masses of airplay - in fact, I can almost guarantee that you started humming one of them when you saw this review pop up - they are good quality pop songs, sung by a surprisingly talented vocalist, with a definite emotional charge.

      Losing Grip is a good quality opening track with a great semi-explosive chorus, which wouldn't seem out of place on an album of a much more experienced artist while songs like My World are pretty disappointing and definitely skippable..... The rest of the tracks vary between good album filler and 'skippers'.

      One of my other gripes is her naïve/inexperienced lyrics, "Sometimes I get so weird I even freak myself out" is never going to win her any awards but please let's remember how young she was when writing this album. We all hoped her writing style would mature and, let's give credit where it's due, it really has over the past 8 years.

      Overall I would probably give the album 3/5 - it's by no means a classic but, considering it's written by a girl who was 16/17 when writing it, I think it's very good. As mentioned above the tracks range from instantly forgettable garbage to good quality songs filled with great hooks and emotion such as Losing Grip.

      Considering how cheap you buy this on CD now (from £1.13 New on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/38utcu ) I would urge anyone who hasn't heard Let Go to at least give it a chance - if you don't like it, what have you really lost?


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      • Sainsbury's Red Label Tea Bags / Tea / 41 Readings / 38 Ratings
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        17.11.2009 12:11
        Very helpful
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        Definitely recommended, great value for money

        I love tea! Hi, my name's Dave and I'm a tea-aholic......

        At home I drink Yorkshire tea which, in my opinion, is by far and away the best - I put 2 teabags in my pint mug pour the boiling water, leave to stew for 20 minutes and then drink - it tastes superb and I do it 7 or 8 times a day....... I also set up a Tea Lovers group on Facebook, however that is probably another matter for another day!

        I know none of this is applicable to Sainsbury Red Label Tea Bags, however I hope I am establishing my credentials as somebody who knows, likes and enjoys tea and is therefore qualified to review teabags!

        At work we also buy teabags, because the machine stuff is awful, however we tend to go for quantity over quality - with 6 of us drinking tea it can quickly get expensive if you buy expensive brands every time! Yesterday it was my turn to pop out and buy them so I went to the local Sainsburys to check for offers, unfortunately there were no 2 for 1s or the like however I did spot these Sainsbury Red Label bags and at £2.40 per box of 160 there are pretty much half the price of the major brands.

        **The Flavour**
        Although not as strong as Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips etc these bags are surprisingly nice and definitely not half the quality (as the price would imply). They certainly have a more mild flavour, however I would still rate them higher than the likes of Typhoo which in my opinion are a waste of time and money.

        **The Packaging**
        The bags come in a red box with a perforated lid which you can easily remove to access them. When first purchased, the box is wrapped in cellophane and has an easily accessible tab which removes a strip round the top and makes it easy to slide the rest off.

        **Good value for money?**
        Yes definitely! Although these are around half the price of major brands, as I previously mentioned I do not think they are half the quality. They provide a nice, simple cup of tea which, although weak for my tastes, may be ideal for others.

        I would have absolutely no hesitations in recommending these to people - they are affordable, reasonable quality and Fair Trade which, in these days of going green and goodwill to all men etc, is becoming more and more important.

        Great value.


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        • Football Focus / TV Programme / 22 Readings / 21 Ratings
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          16.11.2009 15:53
          Very helpful



          A great Saturday lunchtime show!

          It's Saturday, it's 12:15pm which means only 1 thing........................it's Football Focus time!

          Where Big Brother has Big Brother's Little Brother (and many other shows!!) and X Factor has Xtra Factor, Football Focus is like a condensed add-on to Match Of The Day - however instead of occurring after the main show like the earlier ones mentioned Football Focus is on before MotD and acts like a fluffer, preparing you for the goodness that lays ahead.......

          **The Presenters**
          Presented, from the beginning of this season, by Dan Walker he is joined by a variety of different pundits. Changing week by week, these include Mark Lawrenson, Alan Hansen, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, Garth Crooks, Steve Claridge and many others.

          **The Format**
          Based on the 'round table' discussion, Focus has the presenter on 1 sofa and the week's pundits on another with a television screen between them. As the week's subjects are discussed and the games are previewed you find that this format encourages a good conversation between all participants and you find yourself feeling like you are in a pub/bar/café with your friends discussing the same matters. The television is used to speak to commentators, managers or players who are already at the ground and is an excellent way to build the anticipation and excitement of the forthcoming game.

          **Worth a watch?**
          Overall, I have to say yes. The rotating line up and the nature of football providing ever changing story lines Football Focus is a must watch in my house! Plus the 12:15 time slot gives my wife 15 minutes of peace between Soccer AM and FF!.........

          Dan Walker is a very good presenter (and blogger if you visit the BBC Sport website!) and the experience and football knowledge of Hansen, Lawrenson etc compliment him well. The conversation is articulate yet still amusing and, I believe, would appeal to all football fans.

          For the hardcore fan who can't get to the game, Football Focus continues on the red button with a constant commentary and score updates on all the days games - much like Jeff Stelling's Soccer Saturday but in my opinion not of the same standard. Definitely recommended by me!


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            13.11.2009 13:06
            Very helpful



            A definite purchase!

            Wow, where should I begin? Well the beginning is usually a good place!

            15 years ago following the death of Nirvana's singer and front man Kurt Cobain their drummer Dave Grohl went on to form a new band by the name of Foo Fighters. In moving out from behind the drums and becoming singer and guitarist Grohl became the front man of a group which went on to be one of the best rock bands of all time, one which will go down in history and one which has been very influential in my life. I'm happily married but my wife is well aware that if Dave Grohl phoned me out of the blue and asked me to run away with him I would be there like a shot - I would 'turn' for Dave!

            6 studio albums followed and 1 live CD (Skin and Bones), all of which have been or will be reviewed by me on Dooyoo, and various hits, anthems and legends were created.

            Fast forward to 2009 and the Foos have now released their greatest hits CD. Many fans believe that this is their farewell album, that after 15 years the Foo Fighters road has come to an end, this has been exacerbated by the huge excitement being generated by Grohl's new supergroup Them Crooked Vultures (containing DG, John Paul Jones from Led Zep and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age) however it is worth noting that Grohl has 'strayed' before - he produced the excellent Probot CD which brought together various legends from 80/90s rock and metal and was truly superb, he also played drums on a couple of QotSA live performances but has always returned to the Foo Fighters. The band have publically stated that this Greatest Hits CD was written into the contract and that is the only reason behind it.

            Having said that, I DO believe that this will be the last we see of them - their last couple of albums, although critically acclaimed, haven't been as warmly received by the fans and the latest single, Wheels, barely caused a ripple of excitement.

            However, now that the negative aspect is over and done with I will focus on the positives, namely the awesome records that the Foos have released over the years!!

            The Greatest Hits album runs 15 songs long, these being:

            All My Life - A classic rock song, 4 minutes of (in my opinion) pure brilliance. Starts slow, builds fast and hard and in the middle has Dave Grohl screaming pure emotion into the mic.
            Best Of You - One of the better songs from the In Your Honour album. This got a lot of press and radio coverage when released and will probably be the most well know single to people not familiar with Foos
            Everlong - I don't know where to begin with this song. It is a work of pure genius and has to be heard to be believed
            The Pretender - The first release from the last studio album. The Pretender is old-school Foos - loud, rock and fantastic!
            My Hero - One of the many songs which people claim is about Kurt Cobain - which is rubbish, Grohl has confirmed many times that although he misses Cobain he has never written a song in his name. Slower than the first few songs on the CD but still very, VERY good!
            Learn To Fly - A bit more commercial and 'pop' than some other songs. This is still a good song but perhaps more famous for the fantastic video that accompanies it.
            Times Like These - A beautiful song, again slightly slower than others, but still hair-on-your-arm-stand-up good!
            Monkey Wrench - Another of the songs which may be familiar to non fans. Managing to mix rock and commercial success well, a top track!
            Big Me - The third song on the debut album (which was recorded almost entirely by Grohl - he played every note!), this is a raw track which has stood the test of time well and more than holds it own against some of the newer tracks.
            Breakout - From the third album, There Is Nothing Left To Lose. This is not my favourite FF song but has had commercial success, featuring in the movie Me, Myself and Irene and is playable in LEGO Rock Band (thanks to Wikipedia)
            Long Road To Ruin - Another song from the latest album, this probably falls into the driving song category and would be brilliant blasting out of your speakers while flying round the M25.
            This Is A Call - Absolutely amazing! A top, top track! Loud, rocky with a bad attitude - absolutely superb!
            Skin and Bones - A ballad. A very slow song written especially for their acoustic shows, I'm not the biggest fan of this track but it is performed very well.
            Wheels - The latest single. Very commercial and 'pop', not my favourite release. Passable.
            Word Forward - The other new song. Also very commercial, a lot more rocky than Wheels but (in my opinion) not up to their old songs.
            Everlong (Acoustic) - This WILL make the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck stand up. Absolutely superb! 10/10.

            Digital download of this album is available for £7.99 from Amazon and various other online stores and the CD can be found easily for £9.99 - at these prices it is a definite purchase.


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              10.11.2009 11:19
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Well worth a purchase!

              It's the Summer of 2006, I'm in Hyde Park for the Foo Fighters gig - the support acts were Motorhead, a very forgettable Angels and Airwaves, and a band I had never heard of: Juliette & The Licks.

              From the moment they walk out on stage it is obvious that Juliette is in fact Juliette Lewis, the star of movies such as Natural Born Killers and From Dusk Till Dawn. The Licks, and JL in particular, completely rocked the stage and for me a lifelong love affair was born. Loud, Quirky, Rock(y) - this band contained everything I look for in a group and boy could Lewis own the stage when performing, she may not be classically beautiful but when I saw her performing her songs with such passion I fell deeply in lust!

              2 years and 2 LPs (You're Speaking My Language and Four On The Floor) and The Licks decided to split and pursue other projects. Out of these ashes rose the album Terra Incognita from her new band The New Romantiques.

              Produced by Omar Rodriguez Lopez of The Mars Volta fame, this is a definite change in style for JL and Lopez' influence can definitely be heard - there is a definite Mars Volta vibe about a few of the songs and some of them have a slight Latin feel. The track listing runs as follows:

              Intro (this runs into the next song)
              Noche Sin Fin
              Terra Incognita
              Hard Lovin Woman
              Fantasy Bar
              All Is For Good
              Female Persecution
              Uh Huh
              Junkyard Heart
              Suicide Dive Bombers

              Highlights for me include Noche Sin Fin (very Licks-esque) and Hard Lovin Woman which in my opinion is a musical triumph - very mid-West, old school Blues and shows off her voice fantastically. Romeo did nothing for me but if I was to compare it to anything then I would suggest that the track would not seem out of place on a Bjork album.

              As per usual, this album is available on CD or as a digital download from various outlets - HMV, Play.com, iTunes etc and with a CD available for around £9 I would definitely recommend this to anyone familiar with The Licks or Mars Volta and to anyone looking to discover a new band. It is by no means the perfect album but it has enough highlights to make it worthwhile.


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                20.07.2009 10:54
                Very helpful



                Definitely Recommended

                Lungs is the debut album from Florence and the Machine. FatM is the recording name of female singer Florence Welch and her backing group Robert Ackroyd, Christopher Lloyd Hayden, Isabella Summers and Tom Monger (backing names 'lifted' from Wiki!). The group's rise to prominence was helped greatly by the BBC and their BBC Introducing scheme which led to performances at Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading festivals.

                I class their style of music as Folk but it could easily also be considered as Soul or even Indie, Welch has a great, very natural, singing voice - the type of voice which makes me wish I could sing - and is backed up superbly by the band.

                The track listing runs as follows:

                Dog Days Are Over
                Rabbit Heart
                I'm Not Calling You A Liar
                Kiss With A Fist
                Girl With One Eye
                Drumming Song
                Between Two Lungs
                Cosmic Love
                My Boy Builds Coffins
                Hurricane Drunk
                You Got The Love

                Dog Days Are Over and Kiss With A Fist have both been released in the charts and Dog Days is a real album highlight and is, still, my favourite song at the moment. The rest of the album continues in a very laidback manner and is perfect post-BBQ, lazing round in the garden music.

                If I was forced to find one criticism I would say that the album can get quite repetitive with one song sounding much like another, however if like me you are a fan of great singing voices, or appreciate wonderful instrument playing then this won't bother you for long.

                Overall, I would recommend this album to all. If you have a spare tenner today then go out and buy a copy, I don't think you will be disappointed.


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                • dpreview.com / Internet Site / 44 Readings / 43 Ratings
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                  14.07.2009 16:58
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Recommended to all!

                  I'm an amateur photographer..............or at least that's what I proudly tell people! The truth is I'm a young bloke who loves taking pictures and recently bought his first dSLR camera - I'm very much a novice when it comes to the technical terms, the ideal photo composition, best lenses etc etc etc. This is where www.dpreview.com is becoming very handy.

                  **The origin**
                  JJJJ appears to be a much better photographer than me - at the moment anyway! :-)..... - and wrote an outstanding review (here http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/internet-sites/dpreview-com/1226806/) which details that the site was started in 1998 etc. Please refer to (and rate!) that review if you want those details, I will base my review on the sections of the site that I have used, namely the news, reviews, challenges and forums.

                  The dpreview.com homepage is also their News section - as the name suggests this is where all the latest photography news can be found, as well as links to recent reviews on newer products.

                  This is where all the site's reviews can be found - the default listing is in recent chronological order with the most recent reviews listed first. I found this a great resource when I recently bought my camera and it covers both SLRs and Compact cameras. You can also

                  **Lens Reviews**
                  As you would imagine, this is where new Lenses are reviewed. You can search by Manufacturer, by Lens Type or by the date it was reviewed. I have spent some time in this section and it is very helpful and I imagine I will spend even more time here in the future when I come to buy further lenses.

                  **Camera Database**
                  This is a fantastic resource as the database contains full specs for (at the time of writing) almost 1400 digital cameras - including images, reviews and links to the manufacturers website.

                  This is a fantastic tool if you have an interest in digital photography - going back to 1995 it lists the releases of digital cameras and lists some basic spec.

                  **Buying Guide**
                  This is a big help when buying a new camera as it allows you to choose your requirements from various drop down menus, I won't list them all because there are a LOT but they include effective pixels, aperture range, manual focus and so on and so forth.

                  **Sample Galleries**
                  Here you can view some sample pictures from the camera you may be considering purchasing.

                  There are always a number of challenges in progress on the site. These are generally a week or so long and encourage site members to submit photos on a certain theme - i.e. nature, or night time - and other members vote on them. This encourages people to really think about their photos and therefore (hopefully) take better shots.

                  **Discussion Forums**
                  The dpreview forums have been a big help to me, they have forums dedicated to beginners, others based purely on recent news, many on the specific camera brands and yet others on post editing etc. Unlike many camera forums these are heavily populated with posts being made every couple of minutes in the most popular threads.

                  This is another feature which is great for newcomers, it has specific sections explaining the slightly more detailed terms which you may see or hear when you look into SLR cameras.

                  These are obviously common to many sites and do exactly as they sound.

                  Yes! Whether an experienced photographer or a total newcomer this is the site for you - it has something for absolutely everyone. The buying guide is amazing, the timeline is interesting (for us geeks!!) and the discussion forums are a huge source of useful information.

                  I would have no hesitations in recommending this to all!


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                  • cokezone.co.uk / Internet Site / 29 Readings / 27 Ratings
                    More +
                    14.07.2009 15:17
                    Very helpful



                    Go for it, what have you got to lose?

                    I love Coke, in fact more correctly I love Diet Coke, I have at least one 500ml bottle a day - there are many downsides to this but one of the positives is Coke Zone......

                    **What is Coke Zone?**
                    Coke Zone (which is accessed at www.cokezone.co.uk) is Coca Cola's reward scheme, each 500ml bottle carries 2 points with a 2 litre bottle worth 3 points. Each bottle is printed with a 12 digit code under the label which can be entered on the site and then exchanged for 'rewards'.

                    **What rewards?**
                    There are hundreds of rewards on the site, ranging from small key rings etc worth just a couple of points all the way up to random special offers worth 600 points - the latest one is an iPod speaker/DAB system. These sell out very quickly so you have to get in quickly if you want one - that is of course assuming that you collect enough points.

                    **Is it easy to build up points?**
                    In a word?..................No. At 2 points per small bottle and 3 per 2 litre bottle, you need to have a hardcore addiction before you build up any serious amount of points. I previously saved enough points for a PS3 game (250 points) which I sold on eBay and, in the 4 or 5 months since, my sister (who also has a big Coke addiction) and I have saved around 650 points - unfortunately I keep missing out on the big prizes though!....

                    Yes! Although it can take a while to build up a big points total, you are still getting something for nothing so you may as well make the most of it.


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                    • Mars Maltesers / Chocolate / 50 Readings / 47 Ratings
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                      13.07.2009 10:49
                      Very helpful



                      A great sweet which I love

                      Do you like honeycomb? Do you like chocolate? Of course you do who doesn't?!..... Then you are bound to love Maltesers!

                      Maltesers, manufactured by Mars since 1936, are small honeycomb balls with a thin chocolate covering. They are without doubt one of the most addictive sweets on the market today - once a pack is opened in my house they will be finished VERY soon!

                      The age old Malteser question is: How Do You Eat Them? Personally, I like to put one in my mouth, bite the chocolate covering off and then suck the honeycomb, however my wife is a biter and starts crunching the second it hits her mouth.

                      You can get various pack sizes nowadays ranging from fun-size small bags all the way up to giant boxes (which I have been known to eat myself!!), but this is a review on the standard size 37g pack and the Nutritional Information below is based on this size.

                      Fat: 9.1g
                      Protein: 2.9g
                      Calories: 187

                      **Overall opinion**
                      These are great sweets and, dependent on the pack size, can serve many purposes - the fun-size packs are a nice treat for kids between meals (although your doctor/dentist may recommend you don't do this too often!!), the standard pack is a nice ending to a lunch and the bigger boxes are ideal to sit and nibble on while watching a movie etc. A definite 5 star sweet.


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                        08.07.2009 15:16
                        Very helpful



                        Recommended for all

                        I'm a man (allegedly!!), I'm 27 years old and I know that 10-15 years ago a large chunk of my days were spent playing the Championship Manager series on our old PC. I generally try to steer clear of generalisations but I think it would be a safe assumption to suggest that a large proportion of my peers nowadays did the same and would probably raise a smile if I mentioned the names Cherno Samba, Freddy Adu or Ibrahim Bakayoko.......

                        Nowadays as a father, husband, and City worker those days of buying/selling players and winning the Premier League with your favourite team are behind me. Or are they?.....

                        Football Manager (the new name for CM) Handheld 2009 is a football management game on the Sony PSP - it is a watered down version (but still as addictive) of the recent PC versions, in fact it is very reminiscent of earlier Championship Managers.

                        The premise is you pick your team, from 33 leagues spread over 10 countries, wheel and deal your players, win games and then win leagues and cups. I don't know the exact figure but there are thousands of players in the database for you to sign, train and sell. To keep your games fresh the database loads a different set of players dependent on which leagues you have loaded - this way the young superstar you found in your last game may not be available in your next game if you load a different set of nations and/or leagues and you will have to scout the world again for the next Adu.

                        As the PC database would not be able to fit on a PSP's UMD disc FMH uses a smaller database which lives upto the developers promises of a more 'pick up, put down' feel. This means that instead of wasting entire days playing half a season (as we used to in the 90s) you can now switch your PSP on during a commute, play through a few games then switch it off and do it all over again on the way home.

                        There are a few other differences between the PSP game and the full version, these include:

                        Interaction - You know longer have to take part in press conferences after each game. You occasionally get to respond to the media's criticism or praise of a player but that is it.

                        Training - You get 6 or so training schedules and although you can amend these, that is all you get - you know longer need to set up individual training schemes for certain player.

                        As I hope I have shown during this review, FMH is nowhere near as in-depth as the PC version but keeps it's addictive nature and should be viewed as a quick play game rather than a full replacement.

                        I love my copy and it really makes my commute fly by and I would recommend it to anyone - especially as it can now be picked up for around £15.


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                          08.07.2009 12:47
                          Very helpful



                          Great for Michael Jackson fans

                          Like a lot of people I used to be a huge Michael Jackson fan in the 80s and 90s, and following the recent media coverage of his unfortunate passing I have dusted off all my old CDs and given them another listen - also like a lot of people, although I found his lifestyle choice bizarre and some of his decisions wrong/mis-judged (Please note that I do not believe that he was a paedophile) I think that some of his music was out of this world and listening to Michael Jackson: Essential I realise that almost every song invokes memories from certain times of my life.

                          The ability to make music which causes such feelings is a very rare talent and I think a large percentage of performing artists today still look up to Jackson as their idol/inspiration etc.

                          Essential is a 2 CD collection which contains 38 tracks ranging from some early Jackson 5 tracks (I Want You Back, ABC etc) all the way through his golden years where, musically, he could do no wrong (Bad, Billie Jean, Thriller etc etc etc) to Earth Song and They Don't Care About Us which, I believe, were both from his HIStory album.

                          The full track listing follows below but I can guarantee that even the most hardened anti-MJ listener will be singing along by the end as they follow his career and plot it along their own lives and remember what they were doing at the time of each song.

                          CD 1
                          I Want You Back
                          The Love You Save
                          Got To Be There
                          Rockin' Robin
                          Blame It On The Boogie
                          Shake Your Body Down
                          Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
                          Off The Wall
                          Rock With You
                          She's Out Of My Life
                          Can You Feel It
                          The Girl Is Mine
                          Billie Jean
                          Beat It
                          Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
                          Human Nature
                          PYT (Pretty Young Thing)
                          I Just Can't Stop Loving You

                          CD 2
                          The Way You Make Me Feel
                          Man In The Mirror
                          Dirty Diana
                          Another Part Of Me
                          Smooth Criminal
                          Leave Me Alone
                          Black or White
                          Remember The Time
                          In The Closet
                          Who Is It
                          Heal The World
                          Will You Be There
                          You Are Not Alone
                          Earth Song
                          They Don't Care About Us
                          You Rock My World

                          Although you will already have all of these songs if you own every album it is nice to have them all in 1 place and as a Jackson fan it is nice to own the CD.


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                          • Quidco.co.uk / Internet Site / 44 Readings / 43 Ratings
                            More +
                            08.07.2009 12:06
                            Very helpful



                            One of the best ideas for a website I have seen in a while!

                            Quidco is one of the many Cashback sites available on the web these days, I believe it is one of the original and is certainly the first one I signed up to.

                            As you would imagine from something called a cashback site, the premise is that the user (you) gets some money back from any online transactions you make - these could be fixed amounts ie £20 if you get Mobile Phone A from provider B or a percentage ie 6% cashback on all CDs and DVDs bought from a certain retailer.

                            Although not every retailer is on Quidco they have set up deals with many of the top companies, some of the thousands include:

                            Electrical retailers such as HMV and Play.com
                            Auction sites like eBay
                            Home/Contents/Car Insurers like Sheila's Wheels
                            Online supermarkets such as Tesco

                            And many, many more.

                            There are also a couple of search engines on there that will pay you 2p for every product search you do (max. 2 per day). These are never going to make you a fortune but if, like me, you are always looking up the price of certain items and believe that every little helps then a few pence per day will soon stack up.

                            Quidco 'charges' each user £5 per year to provide these deals, I have highlighted the word charges like that because you do not actually pay anything to the site - the £5 is subtracted from your total cashback annually (not charged if you do not earn £5) and to be honest if you shop online as often as I do then you will soon have earned £5 to cover it.

                            Payment is made by BACS straight into your bank account each quarter (I'm not sure of this fact, I will look into it) and the amount you get is linked to your transactions from earlier in the year. At the time of writing (July 09) a payment had recently been issued but I did not receive anything because all of my transaction lately have come in the past week or 2 and will be included in the next batch of payments.

                            There is also a growing community aspect to Quidco with many 'clans' forming each week so that people with common hobbies, views etc can get together and chat.

                            All in all I think this is a great site which is based on a fantastic idea and is carried out perfectly. I would have no hesitations in recommending this to people and I have in fact already persuade 3 friends to join up and 2 of them have already earned more than me!! :-(


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                            • flickr.com / Internet Site / 31 Readings / 30 Ratings
                              More +
                              02.07.2009 17:40
                              Very helpful



                              See headline!!! :-)

                              Flickr is the main/most mainstream photo storing and sharing website on the market today. Having recently been bought out by Yahoo, you do now need a Yahoo ID before you can sign up but registration is very quick and painless.

                              Once signed up you are presented with 2 membership options - Free and Pro. The free account imposes certain limitations on, for example you are given an upload limit of 100mb per month which is fine if you are an amateur who is only uploading small pictures of a few kb each, if however you are taking big pictures which are 5mb+ each then this may not be enough. The free account also limits you to 3 photo sets only, Flickr sets are, as they sound, like photo albums which you can use to organise your photo collections, upgrading to the Pro does not impose a limit on the sets you can create which is a big bonus if you are planning on using the site for a long time.

                              Once you have uploaded your photos and moved them into a set you invited 'tag' them, this involves labelling the various aspects of the shot and helps to power the search function - for example if you take a picture of Big Ben and tag it Clock, Big Ben and London your snap will show up in search results for these words.

                              One of the most appealing aspects of the site is the interactivity between photographers - everyone can comments on each other's pictures and provide advice, critiques, opinions etc. This is a big help if, like me, you are a (very!!) amateur photographer and are looking to improve your technique.

                              There is a large Group community on Flickr, there are groups for just about any and everything you could think of - if you are a fan of nature photographs or prefer Urban landscapes etc you will find a group of like minded people. These allow you to share your photos with like minded people as well as communicating on message boards to gain advice, opinions etc.

                              As well as the storing/sharing aspects mentioned above Flickr also allows you some basic editing functions - cropping, red eye reduction etc. You can also order prints and the various other products these sites offer, mouse mats, mugs etc.

                              I have only been member for a while (feel free to check me out at www.flickr.com/photos/dp_photog) but I am very impressed so far and I would say that Flickr definitely deserves it's status as market leader.


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                              • Twitter.com / Internet Site / 38 Readings / 35 Ratings
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                                02.07.2009 11:49
                                Very helpful



                                Great site which possibly needs to update it's servers

                                The creators of Twitter claim that it was based on just one question: What are you doing now?

                                To be honest the above question does sum it up perfectly, Twitter has taken the status update function of Facebook and somehow made it even more addictive. Basically, you get 140 characters to write a short comment on what you are doing/feeling/seeing etc at that moment in time, when you click Update your 'followers' get updated on your status. Although I'm sure Twitter was originally designed with the purpose in mind of keeping friends, contacts etc in touch more and more celebrities are getting bitten by the bug and I think you now get a whole group of people 'Tweeting' purely to follow Philip Schofield (@schofe) day to day goings on or to see what Boris Johnson (@MayorOfLondon) is up to today.

                                The site itself is well designed and laid out - your status update box is at the top so you can easily send an update and underneath that are the updates from the people you are following. You can customise your background image but that is it, unlike Facebook, Myspace etc you don't have to waste time clicking through and accepting or rejecting the various Application/Game/Group invites etc you get each day - Twitter is purely about the updates and I love it.

                                A fairly recent development in the Twit world is that several companies are running competitions and advertising purely through the site, for example a web hosting site recently gave away a new iPhone every day for a month and to enter the competition all you had to do was mention that site in your tweet. I think this is great advertising because it takes the entrant just a few seconds to type a hash and the company name plus the company is getting heard of by thousands of new people.

                                There is a downside: due to the recent surge in popularity the Twitter servers can't always cope with the workload and you may find yourself struggling to log in or send updates.

                                I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Twitter to people, in fact I have convinced a number of people to sign up already. Although it may sound like a weird concept initially you will be surprised by how quickly you get drawn into the world of Tweets, Trends, Followers and those all important 140 characters.

                                A definite 5 star idea.

                                My username on Twitter is the same as on Dooyoo (@Phillipsdj) feel free to follow me


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                                  02.07.2009 10:58
                                  Very helpful



                                  Great value at £5.99

                                  If you asked whether I liked this album, I would have to say: Yes
                                  If you asked me why I liked it, I would have to say: I've got no idea!

                                  Although she is lovely to look at, Katy Perry's brand of bubbly pop music certainly doesn't appear on my musical radar - I like Metallica, Foo Fighters, Rise Against etc along with slightly more 'poppier' sounds like Pulp, Michael Jackson and people with genuinely stunning voices (Florence and the Machine) or groups whose music have the potential to take you on an emotional rollercoaster - yet I keep listening to One Of The Boys and, more disturbingly, enjoying it! Plus, as a 27 year old, married, father of one I'm pretty sure I'm not her target audience!

                                  We've all heard I Kissed A Girl by now (and I'm pretty sure we've all hummed it far too many times!) and like most first releases this is probably the catchiest song on the album, however other highlights include Waking Up In Vegas where her voice switches between sounding like Alanis Morissette doing acoustic, to Pink to someone else whose name I can't quite remember - possibly Avril Lavigne.

                                  There are also a couple of ballads such as Thinking Of You which prove that Katy Perry isn't just a pretty face and stunning figure, she can actually sing a note or 2.

                                  Although I'm pretty sure this CD is aimed at younger teeny boppers (God, I really am getting old if I'm using terms like that!!) or (according to my gay friend) gay men who love the 'kitsch factor' I would genuinely recommend this to anyone looking for a light hearted, fun album. Plus at £5.99 on HMV.com at the moment, even if you hate it you've not wasted a fortune.


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