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Member since: 05.03.2004

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      05.03.2004 23:24



      I booked a room for Easter through laterooms and all prices etc were confirmed to me by email. The hotel was advertised for £40 per room per night. Laterooms confirmed the price with the hotel and myself and booked it for me. An hour later, the owner of the hotel, whose name i will not mention called. He informed me that the room is actually £40 per person per nigth. I informed of the deal that had been offered. He questioned me as to whether I knew the prices of accomodation in this country and also for £40 you could not even rent a garden shed. He continued to be rude and patronising. When I explained that the offer of the room price was not my fault. He continued to be rude and arrogant. Conatcted Laterooms who said that the hotel was not committing to the prices that they were offering and will be thrown off their wesbite. Am disgusted by the rudeness and certainly would never stay there.


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