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      28.06.2009 22:19
      Very helpful



      there are probably better novelty money boxes about

      I bought this chocolate machine money box for my son as a stocking filler last christmas. It cost £4.99 when i bought it. Included in the box was 20 mini dairy milk chocolate bars. It is made by Hornby and the company logo is printed on the back of the money box.
      The money box itself is quite slim and doesn't take up much room at all. It is in the shape of a house come chimney breast and is a dull red in colour. There are stickers across the front with the Cadbury logo on.
      To use the machine, you need to put the chocolate into the slot at the top. The machine accepts 10ps in exchange for a chocolate. There is a slot towards the bottom to put the 10ps in. You need to push down on the 10p and at the same time push it towards the back of the slot, which should then release the chocolate. However this is not always the case. My son would put a 10p in the machine and nothing would come out, which he found very annoying. As an experiment the one time we had a pounds worth of 10ps and it was only when we got to 90p that a chocolate dropped out. As the months have gone on the release mechanism has become a little looser and the chocolate drops down almost every time now. The money collects in a small compartment at the back of the machine, right at the bottom. There is a little door with a dial on that turns to either open or lock the door. We have collected just over £5.00 in there with very little room left to fit any more coins in. So when we get to £5.00 the money gets put into my sons bank account.
      When the chocolates had run out, i wasn't really sure where to buy anymore but have since found packs of them in a Cadbury's outlet shop in a designer outlet and also my mum found some in a pound shop. So i stock up on them when i see them cheap enough.


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        24.01.2009 22:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a very charming story with lovely characters and pictures

        I discovered Zigby a little while ago when i picked out one of the books for my youngest son. Since finding Zigby and the Monster,(see my other review on this) I have been on the lookout for more books in this collection. I am glad to say that on a recent trip to Asda i found 2 more titles in this series and they were only a pound each. The price on the back of the book is for £4.99.

        This review is about the book Zigby Hunts For Treasure.

        The Zigby series is by Brian Paterson. I have the paperback version of this book, although i am not sure whether or not you are able to get a hardback copy of this.

        Both the front and the back cover are mainly blue in colour. The title of the book is printed at the top of the front cover, with pictures of Zigby and his friends holding a map underneath. The slogan at the bottom of each of the books reads-
        'The zebra who trots into trouble.'
        Before the story starts, on the first page there is a brief introduction to Zigby and a couple of his friends.

        Zigby and his friends, Bertie Bird and McMeer, plan a day out on his boat. They set off and when travelling along, they come across a bottle floating in the water. They discover a map inside the bottle.
        A place called Parrot Island is marked out on the map, with a few different markers along the way that leads to an X.
        They decide that they should go on a treasure hunt as they believe the X marks where treasure is buried.
        They travel further than ever before and Bertie becomes scared. Suddenly, as they are travelling along the wind blows the map into Zigby's face and as he can't see where they are going, te boat crashes and Bertie falls overboard. Zigby has to jump in to save him as he can't swim.
        They soon discover that they have crashed close to a beach, which turns out to be Parrot Island. So off they go in search of treasure. Still following the map they cross a bridge and come to a cave but tey get to close and end up sliding down what appears to be a tunnel.
        After ending up where they started, they end up arguing and the map is ripped. They follow the parrots that are flying overhead to a clearing and find- 'the most amazing site'.
        They find what they believe to be the treasure( i will not spoil the story by saying what it is).
        They fill their boat with the treasure and make their way home, tired after their big and exciting adventure.

        The story is told over 14 double pages and a single page as the last. The pictures are very simple, but very bold and bright. The book is coverd from cover to cover with colour. There are lots of opportunities throughout the book for discussion with your child, whether it be the actual story, the colours or whats going on in the background pictures.

        The Zigby books come highly recommended by me. My son, almost 2, loves these stories, they hold his attention very well.


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          12.01.2009 21:17
          Very helpful



          2 short but enjoyable stories in 1 book

          I am always on the look out fo books for my almost 2 year old son. He loves trying to read books by himself but most of all, he loves to have stories read to him throughout the day and before he goes to bed.

          'Good Baby, Bad Baby' is a book i picked up for him as part of an offer, so i didn't pay full price for it- the rrp is £4.99. As described on the front/back of the book, there are two complete stories in one back-to-back book. Once you have read Good/Bad baby, you just flip the book over to reveal the other story. The book is by Nanette Newman and is illustrated by Jonathan Langley. I have a paperback edition but i am not sure whether or not you can get it in a hardback version.

          One side of the cover is mainly yellow with horizontal stripes going down the spine of the book. There is a picture of 'Good Baby' with her hair tied up nice and neat and a picture of 'Bad Baby' upside down with her hair hanging freely and not so neat. The other side of the cover, 'Bad Baby, Good Baby' is mainly blue, again with the stripes but this time 'Bad Baby' is stood the right way up and 'Good Baby' is upside down.

          'Good Baby' acts like a perfect little angel. She is always polite an does as she is told and she is very kind to others including family, friends and even her pets. When you reach the last but one page, the sentence at the bottom says-
          'I think that this baby just has to be.......'
          On the last page then, in big capital letters, the word 'YOU' is printed.

          Next we move onto 'Bad Baby'.

          'Bad Baby' is naughty and very unkind to everyone around her. She is always making a mess and doing things that she is not allowed to do. She is very noisy all the time. On the last but one page the sentence reads-
          'I'm sure this baby isn't like........'
          Again on the last page the word 'YOU' Is printed in capital letters.

          Each story spans across 7 double pages with a single page as the last for each one. The pictures in the book are very simple but cute. They are full of bright colours and compliments the words perfectly. There are 3 or 4 short sentences on each double page. The sentences rhyme and there is a small picture illustrating each sentence which help make it easier for a young child to understand whats going on in the story.

          My son enjoys this story and sits all the way through it, it holds his attention from start to finish. I would never describe any baby as being bad and so i don't think the title is the best for the book. Having said that the story is quite lighthearted and is a nice little story to read so i don't think anything is meant by the title.

          Overall i would recommend this book as the stories are short but enjoyable and the pictures are very charming and definately make the book more interesting.


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            30.12.2008 13:52
            Very helpful



            a cute bouncy interactive toy

            My son recieved the Turbo Tail Tigger as a gift for Christmas. It has not been put in his toy box once and continuosly goes back to it throughout the day, he absolutely loves it.

            This toy is recommended from ages 18 months up to 4 years old.

            Tigger stands at a little over 13 inches. He stands on his coiled tail which is coiled round three times. There is a short strip of orange ribbon attatched to the base of Tigger and joins onto the end of the tail, this i believe is what helps give Tigger his bounce as it only stretches so far then stops. He is orange in colour with black stripes all over him.

            Before giving Tigger to your children to play with, there is a small tab to pull out at the back.

            To start him off you need to gently squeeze his left paw. My almost 2 year old is able to do this himself, which is great as he can go off and play with it whenever he likes and does not have to depend on me to do it for him.

            When Tigger gets going, he sings his well known song 'The wonderful thing about Tiggers'. He also uses a number of different phrases such as-
            'Come on, bounce with me'
            'Ready, steady, bounce'
            'You are a tiggerific bouncer'
            'Woohoohoohoo, my tail never fails' and
            'Let's bounce again'.
            As Tigger bounces around on his coiled tail, he moves slightly to the side at each bounce and his arm bounces up and down as he goes along.

            It actually sounds like Tigger sounds on the tele, which was a nice surprise as i wasn't sure how true to Tigger it would sound.

            My almost 2 year old son finds this lots of fun and it keeps him entertained for ages. Although he can't jump properly yet he constantly tries to jump and imitate Tigger by lifting up his one leg off the floor(this is his way of jumping).

            It requires 4 AA batteries which are actually included when you buy the toy. There is an on/off switch at the back which is accessable through a velcro opening in the material. This is where you replace the batteries as well, the flap is screwed down on top of the batteries so there is no risk of your little ones gaining access to them.

            The recommended retail price at the time of buying this toy was £24.99 but i paid only £14.99 as it was offer.

            This is a toy that i would definately recommend for people with young children as it is lots of fun and is something that my son keeps going back to even though he has only had it a short time. We have definately had our moneys worth already and a lot more.


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              10.12.2008 20:38
              Very helpful



              nice selection of crisps

              I bought these crisps as a cheaper alternative to the crisps i normally buy, just like most other people i am feeling the strain of the credit crunch. I paid £1.57 for a 16 pack selection. There are four different flavours in each pack-
              bacon rashers, cheese puffs, cheese curls and prawn cocktail shells. There are four of each flavour in the pack. They are in a big blue pack, with a picture of each of the individual flavour packs on the front.

              Cheese puffs
              This flavour is a 20 g bag. This pack is a two tone orange pack, it is covered in coloured squares each in an alternate orange colour. There is a picture in each of the squares of a cheese puff. These crisps are a maize snack. There is a generous amount of crisps in the bag. They are quite crispy to bite into but almost melt in the mouth when chewing them. They are a nice and cheesy flavour, but are not covered in flavour like Wotsits are and so are a lot less messy to eat. They do stick in your teeth when you are eating them.
              Tesco cheese puffs contain 110 calories and 6.5g fat per 20g bag, where as Wotsits contain 95 calories and 5.8g fat per 18 g bag. I would definately choose the Tesco variety over Wotsits even though they are slightly higher in calories and fat as they are just as nice but are less messy and cheaper.
              Tesco cheese puffs contains milk!

              Cheese curls
              This flavour is a 14g bag. Again it is a two tone orange pack, covered in squares with a picture of the cheese curls in each of the squares. These are quite crunchy but melt in the mouth when eating them. They have a lovely cheese flavour which is very similar to a real cheese flavour. They have a lot of flavour but they are not overpowering. There are a lot of crisps in the bag which i found to be the right amount to satisfy me. These are just as nice as Quavers.
              Tesco cheese curls contain 80 calories and 4.6 g fat per 14g bag. Quavers contain 103 calories and 5.8g fat per 20g bag. I would choose Tesco cheese curls over Quavers to save on money as i find there to be no difference between the two.
              Tesco cheese curls contain milk, wheat and gluten!

              Prawn cocktail shells
              This flavour comes in a 14g bag. Again the packet has squares all over it but this packet is pink with pictures of the shells in each of the squares. These are a maize, wheat and potato snack. They are quite crunchy but there is not a huge amount of flavour to these. I found that in a couple of the crisps there were a few hard bits that i was unable to chew as they were so hard, i was afraid of breaking my teeth, it seemed like they had been overcooked. These were very tiny pieces and only in a couple of the crisps so it didn't bother me too much. Having said that these were my least favourite of the pack. They did contain a generous amount of crisps in the bag.
              Tesco prawn cocktail shells contain 75 calories and 3.9g fat per 14g bag and Skips contain 89 calories and 5.1g fat per 17g bag. I would prefer Skips to Tesco shells even though there is more calories and fat as i prefer the texture and taste of them.
              Tesco prawn cocktail shells contains milk, wheat and gluten.

              Bacon rashers
              This flavour comes in a 25g bag. It has a two tone purple packet and is covered in squares and once again there is a picture of these crisps in each square. These crisps are made from maize, rice flour and soya flour amongst other things.
              There are lots in the bag and i am always satisfied once i have eaten them. They are very crunchy and very full of flavour, they taste vey much like bacon. They are also made so that they resemble a rasher of bacon. These stick in your teeth when eating them. They are just as good as Frazzles(these are exactly the same as Tesco bacon rashers) in quality and taste.
              Tesco bacon rashers contain 125 calories and 6.6g fat per 25g bag and Frazzles contain 116 calories and 5.3g fat per 23g bag.
              Although they contain more calories i would prefer Tescos variety, for me there is no difference between the two except for the price.
              Tesco bacon rashers contains wheat, gluten and soya!

              It states on the packet that all of these crisps contain no msg, artificial colours and flavours.

              My overall opinion of these crisps are that they are of high quality and very tasty. Apart from the prawn cocktail shells i would say that these crisps are just as good as the leading brands and would recommend them.


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              • Nestle Quality Street / Chocolate / 64 Readings / 62 Ratings
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                06.12.2008 22:21
                Very helpful



                Lots of lovely chocolates

                You can always tell when Christmas is coming in my house. We take our annual trip to the supermarket ( whichever has the best offer at the time) to buy our tin of quality street.

                Quality Street are avaliable all year round but i only buy them for Christmas. They are an assortment of toffees, chocolates and caramels.

                Milk choc block
                This has a green wrapper. It is a nice, generous sized chunk of chocolate with really creamy chocolate.

                Toffee penny
                This has an orangey/ yellow wrapper. It is a round plain toffee which is quite thin but it is nice and creamy and it's chewy.

                The purple one
                This has a purple wrapper. It is a whole hazelnut surrounded by smooth caramel, encased in a chocolate shell.

                Toffee finger
                This has a yellow wrapper. It is a long shaped toffee, this is a softer toffee than the others in the tin and is covered in milk chocolate.

                The green triangle
                This has a green wrapper. It is a triangle shaped chocolate filled with a hazelnut noisette, it is covered in milk chocolate.

                Caramel swirl
                This one has a gold wrapper. It has a smooth and creamy caramel which is encased in a milk chocolate cup.

                Coconut eclair
                This has a blue wrapper. It is a generous sized cocnut block that is covered in milk chocolate.

                Toffee deluxe
                This one has a brown wrapper. It is a chewy, buttery toffee that is covered in milk chocolate.

                Orange crunch
                This one has an orange wrapper. This is an orange flavoured truffle with little orange crunchy bits throughout and is covered in milk chocolate.

                Strawberry cream
                This one has a red wrapper. It has a sweet, sticky, strawberry flavoured fondant. It is covered in dark chocolate.

                Orange cream
                This one has an orange wrapper. It is filled with a tangy orange flavour fondant and is covered in dark chocolate.

                Vanilla fudge
                This one has a pink wrapper. It is a creamy, vanilla fudge covered in milk chocolate.

                I really like all of these but my favourites are the strawberry cream, the orange cream and the fudge. They are really sweet and very satisfying although very moreish. There is always a fight in my house to see who gets these ones first.

                There are lots of different selections and sized boxes of these chocolates-

                A 275g box
                A 480g box
                A 900g jar
                A 1.2kg tin
                A 165g toffee sharing bag
                A 740g tin of caramels, toffees and fudge
                151g boxes of Quality Street matchmakers in a cool mint and a zingy orange flavour and
                My favourites in three different flavours, green triangle, the purple one and caramel swirl. These are twice the size of the ones you get in the boxes.

                I have not included any prices in my review as they change hugely from year to year and are forever getting cheaper. The four biggest supermarkets compete fiercly to make sure they have the best offers on the large tins in the run up to Christmas.


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                  05.12.2008 14:08
                  Very helpful



                  A few games that i play with the children in work at party time

                  I work in an after school club and during the last week of term before Christmas we have a party each day. This is because we have different children on different days of the week, so everybody gets to have a party day. There is lots of food and pop and then lots of party games, by Christmas day i feel all partied out.

                  We have to make sure that we have lots of different games to play so that the children do not get bored. Here are some of the games that we like to play.

                  Hot Potato
                  All the children stand in a circle and we have a cuddly toy christmas tree, this is the hot potato, we do not use a real one! The children must then pass it around the circle as fast as they can passing to the person next to them in the circle. They have to pretend it is hot and so the faster they pass the better. If someone drops it they must run round the circle and back to their space before the potato gets back to them. If they fail to do this they are out and must sit to the side. This carries on until there are two children left. The first person to drop the potato is the loser.

                  Balloon game
                  Every child has a blown up balloon which is tied loosely to their ankles, it has to be tight enough to stay on but not too tight that it will dig in to them. When everyone has their balloon tied on the game can start. You need quite a bit of space for this as the cildren run round the room trying to pop each others balloons. When a balloon is popped that child must sit down. The winner is the last child to have their balloon popped.

                  Musical chairs
                  Chairs are lined up next to each other they must face alternate ways to the chair next to it. To start with make sure that yo have one chair for each child. When the music starts the children must dance around the chairs, a chair is taken away, the must keep going until the music stops. When the music has stopped the children must sit down on a chair, they are not allowed to go back they have to carry on going forward until they find a chair. One child will be left with out a chair and so are out. Each time a chair is taken away and the game carries on until there are just two children and one chair left. The winner is the child who sits on the chair when the music has stopped.

                  Musical bumps
                  The children all stand in a space and wait for the music to start, they just dance around and wait for the music to stop. When the music has stopped everyone must sit down on the floor as fast as they can. The last person to sit down is out. The game continues in the same way until you are down to two children andthen the person to sit down first is the winner.

                  The paper game
                  This game is very similar to musical chairs but instead of putting chairs out, a piece of paper per person is placed on the floor. The childrn dance around these, each time the music is stopped a child is out and a piece of paper is taken away. The winner is the child to stand on the last piece of paper.

                  Colour game
                  Pick out four different coloured pieces of paper and place one in each of the four corners of the room. An adult leaves the room and the children has to dance around the room. When the music stops the children must decide which colour corner they want to stand in, they must stay there. The person who went out of the room then shouts out a colour eg red, the children who have stood in the corner by the red piece of paper are out and must go out of the room. This continues until you have a winner, the winner is the last child who is stood in the corner that doesn't get the colour called out.

                  Hide the lolly sticks
                  Each child has a lolly stick and they give this to the adult. All children must leave the room with another adult and the sticks are then hidden all around the room. Te children must come in and find one stick each, each time one stick is taken away which means one child will be out each time. The winner is the child to find the last lolly stick.

                  Musical statues
                  Each child stands in a space and waits for the music to start. They must all dance around and wait for the music to stop, when it stops the children must stand still like statues. Each time the adults look for children that are moving, they are out and must sit down at the side. The game continues until you are left with two children, the winner is the person who doesn't move at all.

                  Pass the parcel
                  In this game everyone sits in a circle and a parcel is passed around the circle to the music. When the music has stopped the child holding the parcel at the time takes off one layer, this continues until the last layer is taken off to reveal a prize.

                  Duck, duck, goose
                  All the children must sit in a circle and one child is choosen to be 'it'. That person then walks around the circle tapping the childrens heads saying duck, when they decide who they would like to chase them they say goose and start running round the circle back to the space where the other child was sat. If they say goose that child must get up and chase the other child. This child is then 'it' and then does the same but picks a different child to chase them.

                  Wink murder
                  All the children sit in a circle, one child is picked to be the detecive, they must leave the room and a murderer is chosen. The detective comes back into the room and stands in the circle. The murderer must then wink at the other children sat in the circle without the detective seeing. The children who are winked at must then lay down and play dead. The detective has to workmout who the murderer is before everybody is winked at.

                  The chocolate game
                  The children sit in a line and take it in turns to roll the dice, they must try to roll a six. If they do they have to run up to the table and put on the dressing up clothes set out, once they have done this they are able to start cutting the chocolate bar with the plastic knife and fork. The can put one piece of chocolate in their mouths at one time and are not allowed to use their hands. Whilst this is going on the other children are still rolling the dice, if another child rolls a six they must then get the clothes of the other child and try to get some chocolate. They don't always get to the chocolate as somebody else could roll a six. This continues until all the chocolate has been eaten. Clean forks and knives are given to each child for hygiene reasons.

                  We also have dancing competitions for the best dancer or for the best girl/boy dancer.

                  These are just a few of the games that we play but these always seem to be the childrens favourite that they continuously ask to play.


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                  • Quaker Sugar Puffs / Breakfast / 34 Readings / 32 Ratings
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                    05.12.2008 11:12
                    Very helpful



                    A cereal enjoyed by both adults and children

                    Until 2006, Sugar Puffs were made by Quaker Oats Company, it was then sold to Big Bear Ltd who are the owners of Fox's confectionary.

                    The box is mainly coloured blue with a big picture of the Honey Monster in the middle pouring milk over a bowl of Sugar Puffs. The Sugar Puffs logo is printed on the box in large red writing.

                    The cereal itself is small and slightly mishapen round/oval puffs of wheat. These are glazed in honey and brown sugar, giving them a lovely sweet taste, but not too sickly. They are a very pale brown in colour with patches of darker brown on them, i think that this must be the honey and the brown sugar coating.

                    If you eat these without milk they are crunchy but are not hard, they almost melt in the mouth. When you put milk on them they do soften very quickly and can become quite mushy if left in the milk for too long.

                    These have to be wrapped up quite tightly because if the air gets to them they become very sticky and they all stick together in lumps inside the packet. They then become quite chewy and for me they are inedible and have to be thrown away.

                    On the front of the box there is a red circle with a thumbs up sign in the middle. It claims on the box that there are 'no artificial anything' in this cereal, no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.

                    I have seen these selling in the shops in a 320g box for around £1.55 and a 625g box for around £2.65, although i just picked up the larger sized box for £1.27 in tesco whilst it was on offer.

                    A 30g serving contains 114 calories, 10.6g sugar, 0.5g fat, 0.1g saturates and no salt. Apart from the sugar content this is quite a healthy breakfast as it is low in fat and calories and contains no salt, although there are plenty of cereals that are a lot healthier than this one and so probably is not the best to eat every day.


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                    • Dentyl pH Mouthwash / Oral Care / 30 Readings / 29 Ratings
                      More +
                      04.12.2008 22:38
                      Very helpful



                      A really nice mouthwash

                      I have used many different mouthwashes over the years but have never found one that i was really happy with, until that is i discovered Dentyl PH. Over the years this has become my firm favourite and the one that i always buy now.

                      There are two original flavours- smooth mint and refreshing clove and two new flavours icy fresh cherry and icy fresh mint. I have only ever bought the smooth mint flavour and so this is the one that i will be reviewing.

                      The bottle is see through with a screw top lid, which also doubles up as a safety cap. You need to squeeze in at both sides whilst turning the lid to open it. The bottle is wider at the bottom and gets more slimmer as it gets closer to the top. There are two labels on the bottle, one on the front and one on the back and both are jam packed with all the information you need to know about this mouthwash.

                      This mouthwash is totally different to any other mouthwash that i have seen as it is made up of two different colours. The bottom three quarters of the liquid is green in colour and the top quarter is blue and this sits on top of the green liquid until you shake it up.

                      When you open the bottle you are hit by a strong smell of mint, but it is a very nice smell. When you use this for the first time the strong minty smell might be a bit of a put off. I was a bit unsure about using it at first as i thought that it would be too strong a flavour and burn my mouth, i soon changed my mind as i found this too be a very refreshing and cool mouthwash. It doesn't have a very strong mint flavour at all.

                      It claims on the bottle that this mouth wash is alcohol free and provides up to 18 hours fresh breath. I always clean my teeth and use mouthwash twice within twelve hours and my mouth always feels fresh and clean. It also says that you need to 'shake to activate' and this is a 'visibly active mouthwash'.

                      To use this mouthwash you need to shake the bottle well to mix the two different coloured liquids together. The reaction of the two liquids mixing together helps to attract, lift and absorb any food or bacteria left behind after cleaning your teeth. You need to fill the cap half way, there is a line around the inside of the cap, this is for you to use as a measurement guide. You then rinse your mouth for 30 seconds before gargling with the mouthwash for a further 30 seconds and then spit into the sink. This is the disgusting part as you really can see results in the sink. At first i wasn't a hundred percent convinced that what i was seeing in the sink was the causes of bad breath, i thought that it was just where i had been swishing it around in my mouth. But i do keep buying it and for me it is the only one that i will ever buy as it keeps my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

                      It is not recommended for children under the age of 6 years old.

                      A definate winner and one that i would recommend.


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                      • Avon Jelly Body Wash / Bath & Shower / 40 Readings / 38 Ratings
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                        03.12.2008 21:20
                        Very helpful



                        nice product but not a nice smell

                        Avon jelly body wash is part of the Avon Naturals range. I bought two tubs of this a few brochures ago as they were on offer. I paid a pound each for them instead of the usual price of £2.50. I have only just used it for the first time just recently.

                        I bought the Honey and Lemon variety. It comes in a 200ml tub. It is a see through tub with a wide neck and a screw top lid. You can see the product through the tub and it is a lovely yellow colour.

                        When i opened the lid i was hit with a very unpleasant smell, almost to the point where i actually felt quite sick. The smell of honey stood out the most with a subtle smell of lemon that came through as an after smell.

                        To look at the product it looked slightly more orange in colour when looking at it without the lid on. It is very thick and actually looks like real jelly that has set in the fridge. A tub of this would last a long time as you don't need to use a lot. I found the easiest way to apply this to my skin was to use a bath scrunchy. I found that just applying directly to my skin it didn't really lather up and didn't break down it just stayed quite lumpy. To get this product out of the tub you need to scoop it out with your fingers, it feels like a set jelly and has a totally different texture to any other, it can be quite messy. The smell lessens as you lather it up and it doesn't smell as bad as it does in the tub. It does lather up quite well. After i had got out of the bath and dried off my skin felt quite tacky, it almost felt as though i had some product left on my skin that hadn't been washed off properly.

                        I haven't seen these in the Avon brochure for a while now, which is a shame as i did like this product, except for the smell, but would have liked to try it in one of the other varieties.


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                          30.11.2008 21:02
                          Very helpful



                          a lovely book that can be enjoyed again and again

                          This book is one we had from a Surestart Books pack from the library. Being from Wales, the text in this book is in Welsh as well as English. The more prominent text is actually in Welsh, it is larger writing and more bold that the English. I have to admit, shamefully, that i don't speak Welsh and always struggled in school to understand it. So when we read this book it is always in English.

                          This book is by Jo Lodge and retails at £4.99. It is a hardback book with thick card for pages, so is suitable for little hands that can be a little rough with books. It is very brightly coloured with very simple pictures. There are pop-ups and flaps to turn in this book and tabs that you move up and down to move parts of Mr. Croc and his clothing around.

                          On every other page the following question is asked each time-

                          'Mr. Croc are you ready or not?'

                          The following page then shows Mr.Croc saying he isn't ready and he is just putting on another item of clothing on. This continues over the next few pages until Mr. Croc has all his clothes on and is ready to go. When the question is asked for the last time, you turn the last page and Mr. Croc jumps out at you saying that he is coming to get you.

                          My son really loves this story and laughs each time the question is asked and then laughs even harder when you move the tab up and down to make Mr. Croc move around. The only thing that he didn't like was Mr. Croc jumping out on the last page, i think it frightened him slightly when he was a little younger. As he has got older and we have read the story more, it seems to bother him less each time and he really seems to enjoy the story.

                          This is a very short story and should keep the attention of your child very easily as it is a very interactive book, it even has a mirror half way through the book for your child to look in to.

                          The only thing to look out for is the pop-ups and moving parts, young children could break these quite easily but if they are supervised then this is a story that can be enjoyed over and over.


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                          • Pampers Baby-Dry Maxi / Baby Care / 45 Readings / 43 Ratings
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                            30.11.2008 13:31
                            Very helpful



                            An excellent nappy that is worth paying a little extra for

                            Pampers Baby Dry nappies are one of my prefered nappies to use on my son. I use Huggies as well and have never had a complaint with either of them. At the moment i am using Pampers as i had money off vouchers for them.

                            My son is currently in the maxi size, size 4 the weight range on this size is 7-18 kg. These nappies are unisex and so are suitable for both boys and girls.

                            The packets on these nappies are mainly green and they have the Pampers logo across the top of the pack.

                            When you take the nappies out of the pack they are very deceiving to look at. They are very thin and look like they will be of no use and will not be very absorbent but i soon found that this was not true and they were actually a very good nappy to use.

                            Each nappy has one of the cute Little People animals printed on them at the top by the waist band, also printed all over the nappy are little pictures of clouds, butterflies, kites and the sun.

                            The waistband is not particularly stretchy on this nappy but i have never found this to be a problem. My son can move with ease and the nappy never gapes at all. The nappies are very stretchy around the legs with a leak proof strip on both sides just inside to hold in anything that is meant to be inside the nappy. As they are stretchy around the legs this allows your child to move around with ease. They are very generous sized nappies with plenty of room in them, i have never had any problems with them rubbing against my sons skin. We have never had any problems with them leaking either.

                            There is an extra sleep layer added to the inside of these nappies as it claims on the pack that these give up to 12 hour protection. I would have to agree with this as my son generally sleeps between 10 and a half and 12 hours a night and they have never leaked once. There is balm and aloe added to the inside of the nappies and this helps to keep babies skin soft and protects against nappy rash which my son has never suffered with.

                            As well as the size 4 nappy, it also is avaliable in the following sizes-
                            SIZE 2- 3-6kg
                            SIZE 3- 4-9kg
                            SIZE 4+- 9-20kg
                            SIZE 5- 11-25kg
                            SIZE 5+ 13-27kg
                            SIZE 6- 16+kg

                            Baby Dry nappies are avaliable in a few different size packs.
                            A 34 nappy pack retails around £5.96
                            A 58 nappy pack retails around £8.98
                            An 88 nappy pack retails around £11.00
                            I have seen a large box with 132 nappies in for £18.99 in Mothercare but this is the only place that i have seen this box.
                            These are very often on offer and so i very rarely pay full price for them. Although they are more expensive than supermarkets own, the extra money is definately well spent as you know that you are getting quality for your child.


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                            29.11.2008 23:03
                            Very helpful



                            a nice story for any young child

                            This book is recommended for ages 3-7 years old. My son is only just under 2 but i picked out this book for him as i love the bright, bold pictures. It is by Brian Paterson and normally retails for £5.99, i got this book from a shop called The Works, it had a sticker for £1.99 on it or it was part of an offer - 4 books for

                            The pictures instantly drew me to this book, although i did have a good look at others that were recommended for my sons age.

                            On the first page there is a little introduction which tells you about Zigby and some of his friends of Mudwater Creek.

                            Zigby is a rather charming and cute zebra. He loves to be outside but always seems to end up getting into trouble.

                            Zara is also a very cute zebra, she is Zigby's younger cousin. She always gets just what she wants.

                            Bertie Bird is Zigby's African guinea fowl friend. He's very easily scared but is always in on the action.

                            Mcmeer is a meercat. He is very cheeky and always showing off. He knows how to have lots of fun but sometimes he can cause problems too.

                            Zigby is always waiting for a new adventure to come his way, so when his little cousin Zara comes to him and says that she has seen a monster, he can't wait to go exploring to find out who the monster is. She tries to describe the monster she saw and with each extra bit that she tells Zigby he takes her to different creatures round the jungle to find out that he has not found the monster. They eventually decide to lay a trap to catch the monster. Out of the bushes enters the monster just as Zara hass described it, but it turns out to be his friends dressed up for the Mudwater carnival.

                            The story is not too long, there is a small paragraph on each page, made up of one or two sentences. My son will sit and listen to the whole story, it keeps his attention well. The words are quite large on each page, this is great for children who are learning to read or have just started to read as they don't have to struggle with seeing the words. The pictures in this book remind me very much of Maisy Mouse, they are of very similar style. They are very animated and all pictures have bold, black outlines around them, this helps the pictures to stand out on the page. I also find that the pictures are quite simple and not too busy, theres not a lot on each picture but they are all brightly coloured.

                            Other titles in the series are-
                            Zigby Camps Out
                            Zigby Hunts For Treasure
                            Zigby and the Ant Invaders
                            Zigby Dives In

                            There are books aimed at younger readers also, i've not seen any of these but will definately look out for them. These are recommended for ages 0-3 years old. Some of the titles are-
                            Zigby- The Birthday Party
                            Zigby-The Go-Kart
                            Zigby-THE Picnic
                            Zigby-The Toy Box.

                            These books are really lovely with great pictures and fun stories. I would recommend them and will definately be on the look out for more of these books for my son.


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                              29.11.2008 21:47
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                              Great product for when your child is full up with a cold

                              I bought this product for my son not long after he was 3 months old. He had been suffering with a nasty cold, chesty cough and a blocked nose. Being so young there is not a lot that you can give a baby and as he wasn't fussed on calpol i had to find an alternative. After searching the shelves in Boots i eventually come across the vapour rubs. Having used Vicks vapour rub myself i knew how strong it was and was a bit worried that it would be too strong for a baby. I was pleased to find that Boots had a range of their own and they had one that was suitable from the age of 3 months.

                              I paid slightly over a pound for it and it was a 45g tub, so value wise , i was definately pleased with the price. The box had a picture of a baby on the front with the Boots logo on the front. The actual tub is white with a white screw lid, there is a bright green label going around the middle. I bought it around a year and a half ago so im not sure if the packaging has changed at all.

                              The actual vapour rub is clear in colour and is quite thick. When you open the tub straight away you can smell the product, it has quite a strong smell. It contains Eucalyptus oil, Levomenthol and Racemc Camphor and white soft paraffin. You can definately smell the Eucalyptus and menthol. This product works exactly the same way as Vicks vapour rub would, with it being milder it doesnt work any less so that is not something that you need to worry about. Although it is quite strong smelling it is not too overpowering and didnt seem to cause my son any discomfort. It has a very long shelf life and as you dont need to use a lot a tub lasts a very long time, i still have 3 quarters of a tub left and i bought this about a year and a half ago.

                              This product helps you baby with its breathing. It helps to clear blocked noses and clear congestion caused by colds. It also helps with all symptons of colds and coughs.

                              For babies and younger children this is to be used sparingly by rubbing into their chest and back. For older children and adults a generous amount can be applied in the same way. This is especially good to use at bed time to help with symptoms and discomfort.

                              The vapour rub can sometimes cause skin irritations or in some cases an allergic reaction, it can cause red, itchy skin or a rash. Monitoring your child and checking their skin after use will help to decide whether or not this is suitable for your child.

                              I would recommend this to any parent with a young baby, for me this product is essential to keep in the cupboard for when your child is ill.


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                                28.11.2008 09:52
                                Very helpful



                                My favourite wet wipes

                                The Tesco my baby's ultra soft wipes are my first choice of wet wipes. I buy the scented pack. I will only buy the leading brands if they are on special offer and work out cheaper than the Tesco ones.

                                The packet is a pastel coloured green. There is a white plastic dispenser with lid attatched to the middle of the pack. I find this to be very good as with some wipes there is only a sticky tab to keep the wipes fresh, but having a lid to shut tight definately stops the wipes from drying out. The Tesco logo is printed on the pack. There is a cartoon type picture of a baby holding a wetwipe printed on the lid and the pack. All over the pack there are small pictures printed of a heart, flower and a babys face like the one on the lid.

                                There are 80 wipes in a pack. The wipes are white in colour and are of a fair size, i have seen leading brand wipes smaller than these. The wipes are very strong and stretch quite a bit too. To look at the wipes you can see a slight shimmer on the surface of them. There is added moisturising baby lotion to these wipes so im not sure if the shimmer is the lotion or not. They are very soft to touch and although they feel a little wet they are not too wet, for me they are just right. There are added extracts of aloe vera and camomile this reflects in the smell, they smell very fresh and very much of babies. These wipes always leaves my sons skin very soft and they also leave his skin dry after use, there is no excess water to be left on the skin. I use these to wipe his face and hands as well as using them at nappy changing time as they are soft and gentle enough to clean his skin without causing any irritation. The wipes have been consultant dermatologist tested. The wipes are not as thick as some wipes that you can buy but they are definately not thin.

                                When you take a wipe out of the pack, the next wipe pops up just enough to sit in line with the top of the dispenser so when you go to use them again you don't have to rummage around in the pack looking for the wipe.

                                These are also avaliable in a fragrance free variety, they come in a blue pack. I have tried these and the quality is still the same and they still do exactly the same as the scented ones. I prefer the scented ones to the fragrance free ones but that is just because i do like fragranced wet wipes rather than the fragrance free ones.

                                I always buy these in a pack of 4 and the last time i bought them i paid £3.80. They do sell them individually and they retail for a little over a pound, occasionally you can get the individual ones on offer.

                                I would recommened anyone to try these as they are just as good as all the leading brand wipes but only a fraction of the price.


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